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  04x17 - Admissions
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Episode 417 - Admissions

[Scene: The School Cafeteria. Joey is sitting at a table alone when she notices Jen walking in carrying some books. She waves to Jen. Jen sees her and begins walking over to her.]

Jen: Ugh.

Joey: Uhh. Nice dramatic entrance.

Jen: I aim to please. Thanks.

Joey: Wow... are these all the colleges you got into?

Jen: Well, the colleges that Jack and I both got accepted to. Now, all we have to do is narrow down the choices.

Joey: There's, like, 5 colleges there.

Jen: What can I say? He's really good at the application process, which means he can always resort to a career in civil service or education. So, how about you? You hear anything?

Joey: No. Which means I can always resort to a career in waitressing.

Jen: Hardly.

[Someone walks up and hand Joey a note that says come to the administration office and call home.]

Jen: Hmm. Something tells me you're wrong.

[Scene: Inside a classroom. Dawson has just received the same kind of note that Joey received, and Jack looks over from the desk next to him and reads it.]

Jack: Something tells me it's a sign.

Dawson: You think?

Jack: Well, would there be another reason to pull the respectable Dawson leery out of class? I think not.

[Scene: The Administration office. Joey is in there waiting for the secretary when Dawson walks in. There is a boy on the phone and he hangs up and walks out of the office with a disappointed look on his face.]

Dawson: Hey. This is a coincidence.

Joey: Hopefully a good one.

Secretary: I'll be glad when April's over. Parents should let you kids open your own college mail instead of torturing you over the phone. [The secretary pushes a phone over to each of them] Dial 9 to get out.

Dawson: Well, I guess this is it. Another life-altering moment. Good luck.

Joey: Same to you.

[The both pick up the phone in front of them and dial home.]

Dawson: Mom. Hey. Yeah, that's why I called. N.Y.U. Film? Open it.

Joey: Hey, Bessie. No, I'm glad that you called. Finally came. Well, I don't think I can wait till I get home. Do you think you can read it to me?

Dawson: Mom, could you read that again? I don't think I understood.

Joey: No, it doesn't. It really says that? Oh, my god. Yeah.

Dawson: No, I heard you. Yeah. I understand. All right. Gotta go.

[Joey is on the phone with a smile on her face, but Dawson doesn't look to happy when he hangs up the phone..]

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: The School Hallway. Joey and Dawson are walking out of the Admin office together.]

Joey: Are you sure there's nothing I can do?

Dawson: Joey, stop it. I'm ok.

Joey: Well, it's just if the circumstances were reversed, I know how I'd feel.

Dawson: You'd be happy for me, like I am for you.

[Pacey comes up to them.]

Pacey: Hey, what's up, campers? Ok, we got some weird chi going on here.

Dawson: Yeah, well I'll let her give you the good news. I gotta get to class. Promise me you'll celebrate.

[Dawson leaves them.]

Pacey: So, what's the good news?

Joey: Well, we both just called home, and while he found out he got rejected by N.Y.U., I found out that I got accepted to worthy.

Pacey: Worthington. Oh, you got in! Ha ha ha! Congratulations, sweetheart. This is fantastic news. Oh, come on. Be happy. You heard the man. You got nothing to feel guilty about here.

Joey: Well, it's just so surreal. I mean, stuff like this doesn't happen to me.

Pacey: Come on.

[He grabs her arm and begins leading her down the hall.]

Joey: Where are we going? We still have sixth period.

Pacey: Well, with all due respect to Mr. Ringler's history class, today is about the future, your future. And I have this funny feeling you're not gonna believe that letter until you see it.

Joey: Pacey, I can't just cut class.

Pacey: Oh, you're not gonna get into college? Please.

[Scene: School AV room. Jack is sitting at a table with tons of College Pamphlets and videos on it and Jen stands up and holds one of the videos in her hand.]

Jack: No. No, no, no, no. I'm not watching that video again, Jen. It's too handheld. It's gonna make me hurl. But I do like the one with the queeny professor that's talking about the history of the statue of Liberty.

Jen: You laughed through the whole thing. Jack, come on, be serious. All right. We've got a lot of schools to cover, and we need to make an informed decision here, so... ok. So, why don't we do this systematically?

Jack: Jen, I don't even know why we're wasting our time with this. We both know there is only one choice, right? The University of New York. What? It's a great school, and you're the one that's always saying that New York is the only city worth living in. So, please can we just do this?

Jen: Well, what would you say if I said that I... that I wasn't so sure anymore?

Jack: I'd say... someone needs to deal with their issues.

[Scene: The Potter B&B. Bodie is at the refrigerator calling out a list of items to Bessie who is trying to write it all down.]

Bodie: 20 pounds of chicken, fresh rosemary, honey, orange juice—

Bessie: Bodie, slow down. You're talking too fast.

[Joey and Pacey some into the B&B.]

Joey: What are you guys doing?

Bessie: Jo, I am so proud of you. And mom would be, too.

Bodie: Do I get a hug from the college girl?

[Joey goes over and gives him a hug.]

Bessie: Hey, what are you doing home so early?

Pacey: Well, she's having a bit of trouble with the believing part. You wouldn't happen to have a certain letter handy, would you?

Bodie: I think I can dig that up.

[Bodie leaves to get the letter.]

Joey: So, uh... did we interrupt something?

Bessie: Only the barbecue we're planning for tomorrow to celebrate the first Potter to get into college. Could I actually be more excited than you are?

Joey: Not possible.

Bessie: Ok, then. So, who do you want to invite?

Joey: You're really serious.

Bessie: It's not every day that a Potter gets accepted to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Or any college for that matter.

[Bodie returns and hands her the letter.]

Pacey: Well, what are you waiting for?

Joey: Well, Bessie already read it to me. I know what it says already. Don't know why I'm so nervous.

Pacey: You're nervous because this makes it real.

Joey: [Clears throat] "Dear Josephine Potter..." "Congratulations. "Worthington College is pleased to offer you admittance for the fall semester of 2001."

[Scene: The Dawson House. The Doorbell rings and Dawson comes down the stairs and tries to stop his very pregnant mother from straining herself and answering the door.]

[Doorbell rings]

Dawson: I got it. I said I've got it. You shouldn't be running around answering doors anyway in your condition. Relax. Go knit something. And stop giving me the pitying-mom look, like the worst thing in the world has happened to me. It's one school.

Gale: Honey, I just wish there was something I could do to take the sting off the disappointment.

Dawson: Mom, I'm fine. Really.

[Dawson opens the door and Gretchen is outside.]

Dawson: Hey.

Gretchen: Hey.

[Gretchen Kisses him and then notices Gale after a couple of seconds.]

Gretchen: Hey. Hi, gale.

Gale: Hi. I'm glad the two of you are going out. He needs to get his mind—

Dawson: God, mom. Just stop it. You're killing me here.

Gale: Ok.

[Gale goes back into the kitchen.]

Dawson: [Small groan]

Gretchen: So, how are you holding up? Honestly?

Dawson: The truth? It sucks. It absolutely sucks. I mean, if N.Y.U. Doesn't want me, U.S.C.'S definitely not gonna want me, and where does that leave me?

Gretchen: Whoa. No. First of all, N.Y.U. Has no bearing on U.S.C. Remember that. And secondly, I'd like to point out that a certain A.I. Brooks didn't go to film school. He preferred life as a teacher.

Dawson: You're saying I could use the money he gave me to make my own movies?

Gretchen: Why not? I mean, film school doesn't have to be the be-all, end-all. [Dawson gets a big smile on his face.] What?

Dawson: 10 minutes ago, I was feeling completely lost. I mean, Jack and Jen got into just about everywhere they applied, Joey got into Worthington, and all I wanted to do was wallow. But then somebody reminded me that the world is full of possibilities.

[Scene: Tom Frost's Office. Jen is fidgeting on the Couch while Tom watches her.]

Jen: [Sighs]

Tom: You and that couch have always gotten along well in the past. You want to talk about it?

Jen: I'm having a problem with jack. Um... you see, we both want to go to the same college or at least be in the same city and help each other through freshman angst and all.

Tom: Sounds like a plan. A support system's always good, especially if you're in foreign surroundings.

Jen: See, that's the point. They wouldn't be foreign if we go where he wants to go.

Tom: Which is where?

Jen: New York City.

Tom: Which brings us back to your least favorite topic.

Jen: My parents?

Tom: Why do you think, Jen, that they keep finding their way into this room?

Jen: That sounds suspiciously like a question you already know the answer to.

Tom: I think you do, also.

Jen: You know what? You're very pushy today.

Tom: It's Wednesday. I'm kinda pushy on Wednesdays. Fridays, I'm not so pushy.

Jen: You're trying to make me laugh, aren't you?

Tom: I'm trying to figure out why you don't talk about your parents with the same wry sense of humor you seem to apply to every other topic.

Jen: Why?

Tom: Because maybe then we'll get some real answers in here. When was the last time you actually talked to them?

Jen: My mom came down last Thanksgiving... in a pathetic attempt to resuscitate our relationship.

Tom: And your father?

Jen: I don't know. Um... I don't know. Um... god. I mean, it's not like I ever really talked to the man in the first place. He just sort of... he just kinda talks at you or, um... through you or around you.

Tom: Try to remember, Jen.

Jen: This is stupid.

Tom: Pretend like it's not. For me.

Jen: Why? So, then you'll tell me the point of remembering some ridiculous conversation that obviously meant nothing to me at the time.

Tom: Perhaps it did mean nothing to you at the time, but obviously it means a great deal to you now.

Jen: You know what? I want to leave.

Tom: Do you? Or do you want to stay and find out why this is so hard for you?

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Joey and Pacey are unloading the truck. Joey is holding a bag, as Pacey struggles with 2 large bags of charcoal.]

Pacey: You know, Bodie's gotta stop buying in bulk. You got 11 people coming over. We got enough charcoal here to barbecue through Labor Day.

Joey: You need some help?

Pacey: And risk my bumbling superhero status? No, thank you.

Joey: Pace... look. I know that we haven't really discussed us yet. I'm still trying to process this whole college thing. You know, it's... kinda weird to get your dream.

Pacey: I know it. I say that every time I look at you.

Joey: You always do that. You change the subject.

Pacey: Joey, we're not talking about this today, because we're not talking about anything negative today, because today is your day to celebrate this most amazing accomplishment that you have worked so hard for. Ok. I'm gonna go to the garage and get a dolly before I give myself a hernia. So, I'll see you inside.

[Scene: Inside the Potter B&B. Joey comes in with the bag of groceries and some mail. She notices a letter from the bursars office, and opens it.]

Bessie: You're back. It looks like everyone RSVP'd. [Joey is looking disappointedly at the letter.] Jo, what's wrong?

Joey: I got the financial aid package.

Bessie: And? How much is a full ride?

Joey: I wouldn't know. According to this, Worthington is happy to have me so long as my parents kick in $15,000.

Bessie: $15,000?! That can't be right. We don't have that kind of money.

Joey: I know that. I knew this was too good to be true. It's the universe's way of saying, "Joey Potter, not so fast. You're not going anywhere."

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Bursar's Office. Joey and Bessie are there talking with the Secretary about the financial aide.]

Joey: So, what you're saying is that we're being penalized because our family business is actually making money. If it weren't, then we would qualify for more aid.

Secretary: Unfortunately, yes.

Joey: We turned a profit for the first time, but it wasn't like we won the lottery.

Secretary: But you made substantially more than your 1999 return.

Joey: Yeah, but we have more debt than we did in 1999. I mean, it costs a lot of money to open a B and B. How can they think that we can afford $15,000? Based on one year's income?

Secretary: I didn't say that the system was fair, Joey.

Joey: This is unbelievable. I... should've applied for more scholarships, but it's too late now.

Secretary: Look, I know that we've talked about his before, Joey, but there are student loans. Nearly everyone these days borrows some money to pay for college.

Joey: No, I don't want to graduate and be over $60,000 in debt. I can't start off my life that way. I won't. It doesn't make sense. There are plenty of other places I'm waiting to hear from.

Bessie: But this is your dream, Joey.

Joey: Bessie... sometimes dreams don't always come true. Thank you for your time.

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Joey and Bessie pull up and notice Dawson getting something out of his jeep.]

Bessie: The barbecue? That's the last thing you need. I'll send everyone home.

Joey: No. Look, you're not sending them anywhere.

Bessie: Jo—

Joey: and you're not telling them anything, Bessie. I'm serious. Not a word.

[Joey and Bessie get out of the truck.]

Dawson: Hey, there, stranger. I was starting to think you might miss your own party.

[Dawson shows her a cake he brought that says Congratulations.]

Joey: No such luck.

Dawson: Huh?

Bessie: Hey, Dawson.

Dawson: Hey, Bessie.

Bessie: Why don't I take that from you? I'm going in anyway.

Dawson: Oh, thanks.

Joey: So, where is everybody?

Dawson: They're out back. Gretchen got dragged into the whole New York debate. I would've jumped in, but, you know, since New York didn't want to have anything to do with me... [Joey doesn't react.] Joey, that was a self-deprecating aside. You're still doing it.

Joey: Doing what?

Dawson: Acting weird around me. You've no reason to not be happy right now.

Joey: I know.

Dawson: How'd it go with ms. Watson? Pacey said something about a mix-up.

Joey: Oh, it was nothing. It was... it was great. You know, I'm gonna go inside and see if they need any help, and I'll meet you guys out back.

Dawson: Sure thing.

[Scene: Inside the Potter B&B. Pacey walks into the kitchen and notices Joey there. He walks over to her.]

Pacey: Hey... how'd it go? [Sees the disappointed look on her face.] Oh, it was that good, huh?

Joey: Bessie didn't tell you the cruel irony? This place is making too much money, so I'm screwed.

Pacey: Well, that's ridiculous. There's gotta be something you can do about that.

Joey: There's nothing to be done. Except go out there and celebrate this amazing accomplishment that I worked so hard for.

Pacey: Hey, hold on a second, Jo.

Joey: Why? Pacey, there's nothing that you can say or do that can change what happened. It is what it is. No one can change that.

Pacey: So, what are you gonna tell all them?

Joey: Nothing. Look, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, ok?

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Jack, Jen, Dawson and Gretchen are sitting at the Picnic Table when Joey comes out to join them.]

Jack: Public transportation, come on! Admit that's a huge plus.

Jen: Yeah, spoken like somebody who's never been groped on the subway before.

Gretchen: I hate New York.

Dawson: Ah, spoken like a very loyal girlfriend.

Jen: Oh, this is unbelieva...

[Jen notices Joey.]

Jack: Hey! The guest of honor. Get a drink.

Jen: All right, I'd like to propose a toast. To Joey potter, may Worthington be worthy of her.

Dawson: Cheers.

Jack: So, you're just in time to settle the debate.

Joey: Oh, no, no. I'm not getting in the middle of this.

Gretchen: I should've said that. [Sees Pacey walk by with a weird look on his face.] Um...I'm gonna go help Pacey. Otherwise the food will still be alive when he serves it.

Dawson: Ok.

[Gretchen leaves to join Pacey.]

Jen: All you have to do is tell him that New York sucks.

Jack: No, hold on. You cannot tell me that New York sucks. Especially after telling me how great it is for 2 years.

Jen: Well, if I'm telling you now that it sucks, shouldn't you listen to me? You know, you've really grown insensitive post your college acceptance.

Jack: Insensitive to what?

Jen: To me and my... my... my sensitivities.

Jack: Sensitivities? Are you guys catching this?

Jen: Ok, that's exactly what I'm talking about-- making fun of me in front of everybody. You never used to do that.

Jack: Yeah, well, you never used to act like a lunatic, either.

Jen: This lunatic's getting a burger.

Jack: You don't even eat burgers.

Jen: I said I was gonna get it, not eat it.

[Scene: The Barbeque pit. Pacey is grilling up some burgers when Gretchen joins him.]

Gretchen: You ok? With all this talk about college, I thought you might feel, well...

Pacey: Well-done? Don't worry. I'm very aware of the health hazards of cooking hamburgers.

Gretchen: You're not gonna fool me with that, Pacey.

Pacey: With what?

Gretchen: With that Pacey-ness. Look, I know you're happy for her, but it makes you think about the future, right?

Pacey: Well, no. It makes me think about her future. We don't even have to think about my future, because I don't really have one to think of.

Gretchen: You're the only one that believes that, Pacey, and if you keep saying it, it'll happen. Have you thought about what you're gonna do? I mean, what do you want for the future?

Pacey: What do you want for the future?

Gretchen: Sorry. As your sister, I reserve the right to play the I-asked-you-first card.

Pacey: Hey, look. You promise not to repeat what I'm about to say?

Gretchen: Yeah. Sure. What is it?

Pacey: Joey's not going to Worthington. They denied her financial aid package. She's just to proud to tell anybody about it.

Gretchen: That's awful.

Pacey: Yeah. And it gets worse, actually.

Gretchen: How can it?

Pacey: I think I'm happy about it.

[Scene: The docks outside the Potter B&B. Jen is sitting on it when Jack walks up to join her.]

Jack: [Sighs] Ok. You wanna tell me what this is really about? I think we both know it's more than my alleged lack of sensitivity.

Jen: You know how when you moved in with me and Grams, you said that you didn't want to go home because you didn't feel like there was anything there for you?

Jack: Yeah.

Jen: Well, that's how I feel about New York.

Jack: I know you have problems with your parents, Jen, but it's not like you'd be living with them. Don't let that stop you from going.

Jen: Uhh. I don't know. I wish I could explain this to you, doesn't make any sense. I'm afraid... to go back there.

Jack: I thought you were gonna talk to Frost about this?

Jen: Yeah, he tried. I just changed the subject to one of my other neurosis.

Jack: Well, it's therapy, Jen. I think it's like the one place you're not supposed to change the subject.

Jen: Then can I change it here? Please?

Jack: If you don't wanna go to New York, we don't have to go to New York.

Jen: Jack...

Jack: No, it's more important to me that we go to school together. Look, whatever this old wound of yours is, I mean, don't let it stop us from going. You've come too far for that. Now, be a good little psychologically damaged child, go back to therapy, and work this out.

Jen: See? Insensitive.

Jack: Oh, come on. I'm kidding.

[Scene: The Picnic table. Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Joey, Bodie and Bessie are all sitting at the table when Mitch and Gale come walking up to join them.]

Dawson: Hey, there you are. What's going on?

Mitch: Joey, congratulations.

Gale: Honey, we are so happy for you.

Joey: Thank you.

Gale: And you. I think you've been waiting for this.

[Gale hands Dawson a Large Envelope.]

Dawson: It came. It actually came.

Gretchen: Aren't you gonna open it?

Dawson: Yeah. It's... [Nervous laugh] It's s... it's a fat envelope. That paints a better picture than yesterday, right?

[He opens it and a large smile comes over his face.]

Dawson: I'm in. [Laughing] I'm in!

Gretchen: Congratulations.

Dawson: I can't believe it's happening!

Gretchen: It's what you always wanted.

Gale: Come here.

Dawson: Ohh!

Mitch: We are so proud of you, son.

[Joey gets up and leaves and Pacey stands up and shakes his hand.]

Pacey: Congratulations, Dawson. I'm happy for you, man.

Dawson: Where's Joey?

[Scene: Inside the Potter B&B. Joey is inside sitting in a chair crying when Dawson comes in and notices her crying.]

Dawson: You ok?

[Joey tries to wipe the tears from her eyes.]

Joey: Oh, yeah. Um... congratulations.

Dawson: Congratulations? Jo, you're a wreck.

Joey: It's nothing. I'm fine.

Dawson: Jo, whatever it is, you can tell me.

Joey: Dawson, we're here to celebrate. You got into U.S.C. It's what you've always wanted.

Dawson: That's right, and Worthington is what you always wanted, so why don't you just tell me what's wrong? Did you not get in? Did you get wait-listed?

Joey: I didn't get the money. At least, I didn't get enough of it. I got my financial aid package, and even with grants and work-study, they still want $15,000.

Dawson: $15,000?

Joey: They think that's what Bessie can contribute, which she can't, so...

Dawson: Joey, there's got to be a way around this. Its just money. You can't let that stop you from achieving something you've worked this hard for.

Joey: You make it sound like there's some easy answer.

Dawson: There's got to be.

Joey: There's not. I spent hours doing research even before I applied, and getting the financial aid was as important as me getting accepted. It didn't happen. Just didn't.

[Dawson is silent for a second staring at her, then a small smile comes across his face.]

Dawson: Worthington is what you want, right?

Joey: It doesn't matter what I want, Dawson.

Dawson: Yes or no?

Joey: Yes.

Dawson: Then I want you to have Mr. Brooks' money.

Joey: Dawson, are you insane? I can't—

Dawson: At least enough to get you to school. I know it sounds crazy—

Joey: It's beyond crazy. I mean, I appreciate it, but Mr. Brooks gave you that money for a reason.

Dawson: Yeah, he gave me that money to do something great, and giving it to you would be exactly that.

Joey: I—

Dawson: [Laughs] Look, I know you're gonna say no, and that's fine, but don't say no until you've at least considered the possibility. Joey, this is your entire future we're talking about. Take a day, take longer than a day, take whatever you need, but promise me that you will consider it.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Joey comes walking into the Room but her isn't there. She begins looking around the room at the pictures on the wall, when Dawson comes in.]

Dawson: There are no pictures of us in here. Have to do something about that.

Joey: Yeah. So I thought about it, Dawson. I really did.

Dawson: And what did you decide?

Joey: I'd never be able to pay you back.

Dawson: Wouldn't have to.

Joey: Dawson, I would. And I can't take that much money from you. I mean, even if it were hundreds instead of thousands, just even saying it makes it sound like—

Dawson: Like it would ruin our friendship?

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: Joey, if our friendship can survive last summer, it can survive anything.

Joey: Not this. I can't do this.

Dawson: [Sighing] Joey, stop. Wait. Look, I know how much going to this school means to you. I don't want you to throw away this opportunity.

Joey: Dawson, it's too much. Can't you understand that?

Dawson: No. I can't--I can't understand why you just won't let me help you, Jo. I mean, maybe I'm being naive here, but we've always been there for each other.

Joey: This is different.

Dawson: How? Joey, I-I've watched you go through so much pain in your life. I mean, even before your mom got sick and your dad...

Joey: Don't do this. Don't feel sorry for me, Dawson.

Dawson: I don't. That's not what this is about. Jo, all the pain I've watched you go through, I've never been able to fix it before. And this I can fix. All I need you to do is let me.

Joey: I can't. But...

Dawson: You don't even want to consider it?

Joey: I have. Just let me say thank you and go.

[Scene: Tom Frost's Office. Jen and Tom are there getting ready for another session.]

Tom: Most people don't know it, Jen, but therapy was designed to include a minimum of 4 sessions a week. So, what do you want to talk about?

Jen: Um, I'm ready to talk about my dad and, um, the last time I saw him. This is gonna sound really stupid, but I--I can't remember the last conversation that I had with him. And I'm not sure why, but I feel like I'm gonna cry.

Tom: I know it's difficult, but the key is to keep talking about it.

Jen: But if I can't remember what happened, how am I supposed to talk about it?

Tom: Why don't we try another approach. Was there someone else there who could tell you what happened?

Jen: Like my mom?

Tom: Yes. Or your old boyfriend. Mmm... then perhaps you spend time with someone else who could help fill in the blanks.

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Pacey goes to answer the door and Dawson is there.]

Pacey: Hey, man. You just missed Gretchen.

Dawson: Actually, it's you I want to talk to.

Pacey: Ok.

Dawson: Joey told you, right? About the money?

Pacey: Yep.

Dawson: So what do you think?

Pacey: I think that $15,000 is a lot of money to give somebody with no strings attached.

Dawson: She deserves to go to Worthington, pace. You know that as well as anyone else. She deserves more than...

Pacey: What? More than me?

Dawson: That's not what I said, and it's not what I meant. Pace... she's been fighting for a school like Worthington since the second we got into high school... against enormous odds, against people who have been writing her off simply because of her father, and she did it. I mean, she beat the odds. She got in. And I can't stand to sit back and watch her lose it all over something as stupid as money. And I don't think you can, either. Can you see her being happy anyplace else?

Pacey: No, I can't.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club Marina. Drue is working in the docks when Jen comes walking down to find him.]

Jen: Hey, there.

Drue: To what do I owe this displeasure?

Jen: I need to talk to you, captain a-hole. Over here.

Drue: Well, this can't be a social call, since we've barely spoken in months, which, by the way, has been damaging to my ego.

Jen: God, you are gonna make this so hard. I can't believe that you and I actually used to be friends.

Drue: Well, you know, we were friends because we were a lot alike. We both had an intense desire to feel nothing.

Jen: That's really nice. Look, I gotta ask you a question, and for once in your life, I need you to take me seriously.

Drue: Yeah. I'll see what I can do.

Jen: What happened the last night that we were together in New York?

Drue: Ha ha! You don't remember? You don't, do you.

Jen: That's why I'm here.

Drue: Hmm. Well, you invited me over because your horrible parents were sending you away. We began at my place, where we emptied out my pop's liquor cabinet. Then we picked up some good stuff in Washington Square Park before heading back to your deluxe apartment in the sky. Now, if I remember correctly, we got particularly comfy on the sofa, heard keys in the door, and hid in your room, where you continued to ravage me. It was quite mind-blowing. Especially the part when your mother walked in and joined us.

Jen: You're repulsive, you know that? Why are you doing this?

Drue: Why are you? The past is past, Lindley. Just let it be.

Jen: Well, I'd like to, all right, but I can't. I just need to know what happened. Won't you please tell me?

Drue: You know what? I haven't worked through it yet.

Jen: [Deep sigh] You know, I thought that maybe just once you'd be able to help me out here. I guess I was wrong.

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Joey is sitting on a chair looking out into the horizon when Pacey comes up from behind and joins her.]

Pacey: I could still sell a kidney.

Joey: This isn't a joke, Pacey.

Pacey: I know that.

Joey: I was thinking that, uh, you know, maybe I'll stay here another year, and then, you know, I can declare myself financially independent, and then I can reapply.

Pacey: No, you're not staying another year.

Joey: It's just a year.

Pacey: No, it's not. It never is, especially not in a town like this. The weeks become months. The months become years. The years become decades. Pretty soon, you've lived a fraction of the life that you were meant to. That's not gonna happen to you, Joey. You don't want it to. I don't want it to. And Dawson doesn't want it to, either. What do you want?

[Scene: Outside Gram's House. Jen opens the door to see Drue outside it.]

Drue: Can I come in?

Jen: No.

[Jen goes out onto the porch.]

Drue: You know, you're not gonna make this easy for me, are you? I'm trying to apologize and tell you the truth, ok? The truth about what happened that night, since it means so much to you.

Jen: I'm listening.

Drue: The truth is, you were really wasted that day, and when you brought me back to your place, I was shocked. I mean, you told me about what happened with Billy and how you guys got caught, but you still brought me home. We sat on the sofa, where you waited for me to clumsily make a move. You knew I kind of liked you, but, um, you really didn't seem that into it. Whatever. We didn't get very far before your parents came home.

Jen: And my dad?

Drue: Your dad... your dad was furious. You guys just started going at it. He called you a slut. You called him a hypocrite. Just as it started getting interesting, he tossed my ass.

Jen: So that's it. You don't know what else we were fighting about?

Drue: No. But you made it perfectly clear that it wasn't about us. Nothing that night was about us.

Jen: I used you to provoke him, didn't I? [Deep sigh] Oh, god. That's why you didn't want to talk about it.

Drue: No worries. I just figured you were a lesbian or something.

Jen: Heh heh! I wish. Drue, I'm sorry. I'm real sorry I used you.

Drue: Apology accepted.

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson is working on his computer, and doesn't notice Joey come up to the room and stand in the door way.]

Dawson: How long have you been standing there?

Joey: Not long.

Dawson: [Deep sigh] From the look on your face, I take it Pacey couldn't convince you.

Joey: Dawson, I have to tell you something, and I don't know if I can. [Dawson stands up and walks over to her.] No, please... don't make this harder.

Dawson: Don't make what harder?

Joey: Telling you the truth. The night that I ran into you at the movies, I was trying to make sense of things, too, and when you asked me that very personal question, you were right. I slept with Pacey over the ski trip. I wanted to tell you the truth, Dawson, but after all the time we spent together just walking and talking, I mean... it's like things are right between us again, and it's better than I ever thought it ever could be. So when you asked me that question... I don't know. I thought that you wouldn't understand.

Dawson: So you never gave me a chance to understand?

Joey: I know I should have told you the truth, Dawson. I know it wasn't fair of me to let you go on thinking that things were still the same, that...

Dawson: That I was the most important person in your life.

Joey: All I can say is I never wanted to hurt you.

Dawson: Heh.

Joey: I guess I should go.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Tom Frost's Office. Jen is there sitting on the couch and talking to Tom in another Sessions for this week.]

Jen: I mean, after all my talking and sleuthing and crying, all that I remember is that the last time that I saw my father, we had a really big fight. Which, given our history, is about as obvious as it is predictable, and I still don't even know what we were fighting about. I mean, was it just because I was being sent away?

Tom: You're not ready to find out. When you're ready, it'll come to you.

Jen: You're a real font of wisdom today.

Tom: These things take time, Jen.

Jen: What happens when I do remember? I mean, if I remember. What do you think happens? I suppose I'll have yet another specific reason to hate my parents.

Tom: Do you think you're here to accumulate reasons to hate your parents?

Jen: No.

Tom: So?

Jen: So I'm here to stop hating them? Closer.

Tom: Oh, I don't know.

Jen: Doc, give me a break. One of us in this room has a degree in this.

Tom: You're here to stop hating yourself. See, when you act out at the age that you did, when you have sex in your parent's bed at 12 years old, when you abuse liquor and drugs before you're even old enough to drive, yes, you're doing it as a cry for love. Yes, you're doing it because something robbed you of your childhood in a way that you'll be angry about for a long time. But the reason you keep acting out, the reason you've stayed on a self-destructive path is not because you blame your father for what happened. It's because you blame yourself. That's why you don't want to remember. As long as you don't, you'll keep telling yourself that whatever happened is your fault, and you'll keep acting out, and you'll keep robbing yourself of life's greatest moments until you prove yourself right. But you're wrong. Jennifer, you are a beautiful, innocent young woman who's meant to shine in this world in ways you can't even begin to fathom. And I'm here to help you see that.

Jen: So, can I keep coming, like, 4 times a week?

Tom: Ha ha ha!

[Scene: Outside Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Pacey is sitting on the porch, when Joey comes pulling up to the house in her truck, and joins him.]

Pacey: So, are we going to Worthington?

Joey: No.

Pacey: But you did go and talk to Dawson.

Joey: Yeah. I had to tell him something that I should have told him a long time ago, pace.

Pacey: Something about us? Something about us and sex?

Joey: I don't know why I lied, pace, but I did.

Pacey: It's ok. You told him the truth now. That's what's important. And as long as we're in the season of honesty, there's something else that I probably ought to offer up.

Joey: What's that?

Pacey: Well... as happy as I was for you when I found out that you were going to Worthington, I think that I was... just as happy when I found out that you weren't. It's not that I don't want you to be able to go off and realize your dreams, Joey, because I do. But for the first time, I just--I felt like it wasn't me that was holding you back from it.

Joey: Pacey, you've never held me back. You have to stop thinking like that.

Pacey: You know what? I could stop thinking like that if you'd just promise me one thing, that if the day ever comes, and it may come much sooner than either one of us thinks, but if that day ever comes where you did feel like I was holding you back... promise me that you'd cut me loose, yeah?

Joey: Pacey. Promise me that. I won't promise you that. You're asking me to promise to let you go. I can't do that.

[Scene: At Gram House. Jen and Jack are sitting on the floor staring at a Goldfish in a bowl on the table.]

Jack: Exactly what is it we're doing, again?

Jen: I told you. A memory exercise.

Jack: And why are we doing this?

Jen: My shrink recommended it. It's kind of like self-hypnosis. Supposedly, if you stare at the fish for a half-hour or so, it will help you remember things. It's my hope that by staring at this fish, it'll help me recall why I'm so angry at my father, thus allowing me to forgive both he and myself and enabling us to go to school in New York city if in fact that's where we desire to attend.

Jack: I see. Not for nothing, Jen, but, um... it's only since you started seeing this psychologist that I'm starting to think that you may in fact be crazy.

Jen: Jack, do you want to go to school in New York?

Jack: Yeah. Shut up. Watch the fish.

[Scene: The Docks outside the Potter B&B. Joey comes walking into the back yard and notices Dawson Standing on the docks, and walks down to join him.]

Joey: Dawson?

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Bessie told me I could wait out here. I hope it's ok.

Joey: Yeah, I'm just a little surprised, considering...

Dawson: I think you underestimate me. I think we underestimate each other. What I'm trying to say, Joey, is that... what you felt the other night at the movie theater, that something was finally right between us... I felt that, too. And nothing will ever change that-- not going to school on different coasts. Not meeting people who we're meant to love forever-- nothing. And I want you to have this.

[He hands her an envelope with a check in it.]

Joey: But, Dawson—

Dawson: I don't know how I feel about you sleeping with Pacey. I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow or next week or next year for that matter, but I'm absolutely certain that giving you this is the right thing to do. Because I'm certain about us... and what we mean to each other. And I think you are, too.

Joey: Thank you.

[She gives him a big hug.]

Dawson: You're gonna have some of the best years of your life at Worthington. And I want to hear all about 'em.

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