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  04x07 - You Had Me At Good-bye
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Episode 407 - You Had Me At Goodbye

[Scene: College Advisor's Office. Joey is sitting in the chair while the advisor gets some files from the cabinet then sits down at her desk.]

Advisor: It suits you.

Joey: What's that?

Advisor: The look-- deer standing in the road of senior year, caught in the headlights of college indecision.

Joey: I'm seriously considering just running away and joining the circus.

Advisor: Well...What do you say we keep that one as a fallback? Ok? I know this college application process can be pretty daunting, Joey, but you... Are well ahead of the game. Except for... Williams College. I'm missing your peer recommendation from "the person who knows you best."

Joey: Right. [Clears throat]

Advisor: you've got the easy part. You just have to pick someone.

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Advisor: Is that gonna be a problem?

Joey: No. I was just kind of hoping to take a vacation from large choices that carry even larger consequences.

Advisor: Hmm. Ok. Try this. Close your eyes. Just...Humor me.

Joey: [Chuckles uncomfortably]

Advisor: Ok... Clear your mind of everything. It's just air up there.

Joey: [Chuckles]

Advisor: Ok. Now picture the question... Who is the person that knows you... Joey potter... The best? Ok. Open your eyes. Who'd you see?

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Andie's Bedroom. Andie is going through some stuff in her room, when Pacey comes in carrying some books.]

Pacey: Lugging your literature to and fro is getting tiresome, Mcphee.

Andie: Oh, well, pardon me if I'm not in a rush to hit those high school halls and be stared at like some kind of social leper.

Pacey: It won't be like that.

Andie: Oh, come on! I mean, can't you hear it? "Ooh, there's that really smart girl who almost chemed herself to death inside the inflatable fun house."

Pacey: Andie, if our high school didn't have a history of forgiving stupidity, how do you think I'd be able to walk down the halls, huh?

Andie: You know, you guys have been really good about coming to visit me. But, uh, you've all been alone. Nobody's talkin' about the other night, and no one's talking to each other.

Pacey: Well, yeah, we're not the most huggy of groups right now. I mean, our previously fractured circle of friends has just gone and fractured itself again.

Andie: You mean Jen and Jack.

Pacey: No, I mean everybody.

Andie: That's ridiculous, because we all talked about this.

Pacey: Well, you talked about it. You gave me the whole "two to tango" speech, but so far as I can tell, every tango needs someone to lead.

Andie: And why is everybody so insistent that that person has to be Jen? I told you. It's not her fault. Ok. I'm gonna fix this. I'm just gonna get ahold of her and--

Pacey: Why? Honestly. Why, Andie? I mean... Maybe not all friendships need to be saved. Maybe we're meant to just spend a certain part of our lives with certain people and then move on. Isn't that what this whole year is supposed to be about anyway--movin' on?

Andie: Pacey, we can move on without moving away from each other.

Pacey: Well, maybe we can't.

[Scene: Mr. Brook's Hose. Dawson is cleaning up after finishing painting Mr. Brook's House, when Mr. Brook's Comes out to join him.]

Mr. Brooks: Well, it's about damn time.

Dawson: [Chuckling] please, Mr. Brooks. Your heaping praise for a job well done could swell a young man's head.

Mr. Brooks: Two things about that statement trouble me, Mr. Leery. You used the word "well" and the word "done." "Well" would imply that your brush strokes don't streak all to hell, and "done" would suggest that your work here's complete, neither of which could be further from the truth.

Dawson: What do you—

Mr. Brooks: cheap paint, applied by even cheaper labor, wouldn't even come close to covering the cost to repair what you and your friends did to my boat.

Dawson: I understand that from your point of view what we did was—

Mr. Brooks: illegal.

Dawson: Right. But, look, it was a matter of life and death.

Mr. Brooks: Well, compared to that, what's a little matter of whitewashing my fence?

Dawson: Well, there's... [Chuckles]... The issue of my untouched applications for higher learning.

Mr. Brooks: Ha ha! Believe me, Mr. Leery, from my observations, it isn't gonna be all that high.

Dawson: Look, the thing is, I just don't have the time.

Mr. Brooks: You're a resourceful lad. After all, you found time to steal a boat when you needed to. Now, if you want me to honor my promise not to press charges, you need to honor yours by workin' off your debt. All right?

[Scene: Capeside High Hallway. Jen is opening her locker, when she notices Jack walking down the hall in her direction. When Jack looks up and sees her there, he stops and turns around and heads off in the other direction. Suddenly Drue walks up from behind Jen and cover's her eyes with his hands.]

Drue: Guess who.

Jen: Rough skin. Questionable odor. If I were a betting woman, I'd say my least favorite person on earth.

Drue: Wrong. It's me.

Jen: Drue, I thought that you and I had come to some sort of understanding.

Drue: And what understanding might that be?

Jen: That the best thing that you could do for me and the rest of civilization would be curl up and die.

Drue: Normally, I'd welcome a round of banter, but there's somethin' we need to address. I've been gettin' the vibe from your friends that they think I'm a bad influence on you. We can't have them not wanting to play with me. How will I occupy my time?

Jen: Drue, because of you, my friends aren't even speaking to me.

Drue: Not even the precious Jack?

Jen: [Slams locker] That is none of your business.

Drue: You're right. Never mix business with pleasure. And nothing gives me more pleasure than to see you and the rest of your buddies all conflicted. Frankly, I didn't think it'd actually be this easy. And yet, here you are, avoiding all of them and talking to me. It's startin' to feel just like old times, huh?

Jen: This is nothin' like old times, Drue.

Drue: You know, no matter what or who you did, I've always been there with you, not pretending to be and then judgin' you afterwards. Can you say the same about your new friends?

Jen: I can say this much. I don't care if every friend that I have in Capeside never speaks to me again. I will not look to you for solace or support... Ever.

Drue: Just remember, Jen... That which does not kill me... Makes me more diabolical.

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Pacey pulls up in the family SUV, and goes inside to find Joey sitting on the couch waiting for him, and Gretchen in the kitchen.]

Pacey: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: Andie sends her best.

Joey: I was wondering where you were.

Gretchen: Ahem! Don't mean to interrupt, but, Pacey, what day is it?

Pacey: Thursday.

Gretchen: And Thursday is...

Pacey: The day after Wednesday.

Gretchen: Ha ha! Cute. I'd like to see how cute you are when you find out there's nothing left to eat but junior mints and stale cookie crisps.

Pacey: Because Thursday is the day a certain sibling is supposed to remember he's on grocery duty. [Sighs] Got the keys, boltin' out the door. [He kisses Joey]

Gretchen: You--you want the list?

Pacey: Not right now. Mmm-uhh! [He kisses her again]

Gretchen: The list.

Pacey: Don't believe a word she says. She lies.

Gretchen: Good-bye, Pacey.

[Pacey leaves]

Gretchen: Tell me everything before the enemy returns to camp.

Joey: Actually, Gretchen... There is something that I've been meaning to ask.

Gretchen: What's that?

Joey: How'd you manage it?

Gretchen: What's that?

Joey: Avoid college application dysphoria?

Gretchen: You know, you might be dating one, Joey, but you still can't out-Witter a Witter, especially an older one.

Joey: What do you mean?

Gretchen: Avoidance. You've had something on your mind ever since you waltzed in here. And I've finally got it down to a subject, but I still need the text. So spill.

[They head outside and sit on a bench.]

Joey: Ok. I'm one recommendation short of finishing my application. To Williams.

Gretchen: That's great!

Joey: You haven't heard the punch line yet. Um, it's a peer rec to be written by... The person who knows me best.

Gretchen: Ah. And the plot thickens. So, have you asked him yet?

Joey: Who?

Gretchen: Dawson.

Joey: Dawson? Well, see, uh... If I ask Dawson-- not that I'm going to-- but if I do ask him...

Gretchen: What about Pacey?

Joey: Exactly. What about Pacey? I mean, no matter which one I ask, somebody's gonna get hurt.

Gretchen: But that person shouldn't be you by default. You've gotta be a little selfish here. They want the person who knows you the best, not the person you happen to be dating.

Joey: So you're saying I should ask Dawson?

Gretchen: I'm saying you should answer the question.

[Scene: The Mcphee living room. Andie and Mr. Mcphee are sitting on the couches watching TV. Actually Mr. Mcphee is spending more time looking at her than the TV.]

Andie: I--I could flip to something else, something you might actually want to watch.

Mr. Mcphee: I'm pretty obvious, aren't I?

Andie: Unhh. Fact of the matter is, I'm not really watching it, either. [notices him staring] What? What is it?

Mr. Mcphee: I've been watchin' you this past week. And thinking. I've made a lot of mistakes with this family. I want to fix that.

Andie: You don't have to—

Mr. Mcphee: I spoke to Principal Peskin this afternoon. You have more than enough credits to graduate. And now with your early acceptance to university, all that you really need to do is walk come June. So...What would you think about taking the rest of the school year off?

Andie: To do what? Uh, get a job?

Mr. Mcphee: You know, that's not exactly what I had in mind. I was trying to remember the last time I saw you relax. No responsibilities. No burden, no worries. And then... I remembered your face that summer in Florence with, uh, aunt Georgia? There was this market.

Andie: Yeah, in that square by her flat?

Mr. Mcphee: I mean, you were running from cart to cart... Charming everyone.

Andie: Come on, dad. I was 11.

Mr. Mcphee: It was more than that, Andie. You were free.

Andie: Are you saying that I should go to Italy?

Mr. Mcphee: Georgia says she'd be delighted to have some company. And you're always talking about spending time in Europe.

Andie: Uh...I don't know if I sh—

Mr. Mcphee: Andie. The next 4 years are gonna be even more intense than the last 4. Trust me. This might be your only chance... In your whole life... For an opportunity like this. Think about it.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Mcphee House. Jack is sitting at the table working on the laptop computer, on AOL, when he gets the “You've Got Mail” sound. Andie looks over his shoulder to see that it is an email from Jen, that he deletes without reading.]

Jack: [disgruntled sigh]

Andie: you can't keep avoiding her.

Jack: I can try.

Andie: This is Jen Lindley that we're talking about.

Jack: I know. And I know what you're trying to do, Andie, but right now, I'm not willing to have this conversation.

Andie: Ok. So, dad wants me to take the rest of the year off. How's that for a conversation?

Jack: Oh, off of what?

Andie: Off of everything. I mean... We haven't made any final decisions yet.

Jack: H-hold on. So you get all the perks of senior year at Capeside with no homework Where do I sign up?.

Andie: Actually, I wouldn't be...In Capeside. I'd be in Italy. [Chuckles] in Florence, to be exact.

Jack: You'd live with aunt g? Wow. We haven't-- we haven't seen her since, um...

Andie: Forever. I know. But remember how much I loved it?

Jack: I'm sorry, Andie. It just-- it just sounds like you'd be running away.

Andie: From what?

Jack: You tell me. I mean, you've been looking forward to senior year with anticipation that often borders on frightening, and then here it is and you want to leave. And you stay, and you have 6 months of zero responsibility, surrounded by family and friends.

Andie: Yeah, friends who can't even stand to be in the same room with one another.

Jack: That's exactly my point. Do you really want to leave when you're the only one that everyone's still talking to?

Andie: Jack, you make it sound like there's no valid reason for me to go.

Jack: Yeah, I always pictured you as the girl... Who didn't just go to the last party of senior year... But threw it. You'd leave and miss the end of this? All of it? That's not somethin' I thought you'd ever do. But then again... [Chuckles]... I guess I've been, uh... Makin' that mistake about a lot of people these days.

[Scene: Capeside High Councilor's Office. Jen walks in to see Mitch, Grams, and officer, and Ms. Valentine there waiting for her.]

Mitch: Jen. Thanks for comin' down.

Jen: Yeah. No problem.

Mitch: This is officer Morris from juvenile correction.

Jen: What's up?

Drue: I had to tell them.

[Jen didn't notice him and is startled]

Drue: We've been naughty, naughty kids, Jen, and frankly, we need help.

Jen: Drue, what are you doin'?

Drue: What's best. I told 'em all about our mutual experience with ecstasy... And how we both contributed to the delinquency of poor Andie Mcphee.

Mitch: Have a seat, Jen.

Jen: Listen. You can't believe a word that this guy says. He's just—

Ms. Valentine: A victim. Drue had finally cleaned up his act.

Jen: Does anybody want to hear my side of the story before handing down a sentence?

Drue: It's not about punishment, Jen. It's about prevention.

Jen: Are you guys actually buying this crap?

Grams: Jennifer.

Drue: Are you saying that we don't have a past speckled with recreational drug use?

Jen: I'm saying that I don't have a present. Grams, please. You know me. Ask.

Drue: Jen. I've admitted to my part. I mean... I admit that I gave you the drugs. And somehow they got from your hands to... Andie's nervous system. I--I mean, do I fib?

Ms. Valentine: If I may point out? That by coming forward with this information, my son has clearly demonstrated that he is ready to tackle his past indiscretions.

Mitch: I think we all appreciate Drue's forthcoming nature.

Officer: And...In recognition of that, I think this can all be handled with 100 hours of community service.

Grams: Excuse me.

[Grams leaves]

Drue: Wait—so we'll meet up later... Discuss which part of the community is most in need of servicing?

[Outside the school, Jen runs after Grams who is walking very quickly.]

Jen: So, do I start packing my bags immediately, or should I wait until after dinner? Grams, will you listen to me, please? I am so, so sorry.

Grams: No. I--I do not... Want to have this conversation, Jennifer. I thought we had a relationship based on honesty and truth. I will not yell. I will not punish. Scolding is for children, and, Jennifer, you are no longer a child. I wish to god you were. Maybe then there'd still be time to right whatever it is that's wrong with you. I have never... In all my life... Been so deeply disappointed in anything or anyone. I don't even... I don't even have the words.

[Grams walks away without her.]

[Scene: The outside of the Mcphee House. Jen comes up to the front door and rings the door bell and Jack answers the door.]

Jen: Hey. I got your e-mail. I was surprised. I wasn't sure if you were ever gonna write back.

Jack: I didn't.

Jen: Well, if you didn't, then—

Jack: Andie.

Jen: Probably figured it was the only way to get the two of us to break our code of silence.

Jack: Well, that would require both of us wanting it broken. Look, I didn't e-mail you. I don't have anything to say to you.

Jen: Come on, Jack, what do you want? You want to just be angry, fine. But...I mean, at some point, you're gonna have to tell me how to fix this. You want me to say "sorry"? I have. I've apologized for making a mistake... For--for poor judgment. I've apologized for things that I don't even think were really my fault. I'm 17, and...I... I just--I did something stupid. But when you--when you're close to somebody and they do something unexplained or out of character... You don't--you don't just abandon them. You, of all people, should understand. It's killing me what you're doing. You may not ever do what I did, but what you're doing right now, I can tell you, I would never do to anybody, e-especially you.

[Jen closes the door and leaves, and Andie who has watched this from behind Jack is just looking at him]

Jack: There. We talked. Now do you get it, Andie? Nothin' you can do is ever gonna fix this.

[Scene: The Leery Front Porch. Joey is about to knock on the door, when she has second thoughts and stops herself. She turns to leave and walk down the steps when she notices Dawson coming out of the Garage carrying a lot of painting supplies.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey. Need some help with that?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah. Something tells me you didn't come all the way over here just to help me carry paint, so... Did you finally realize how wrong it is I've been working off our debt to Mr. Brooks all by myself?

Joey: Me and my yacht club employment are forever in your debt, Dawson.

Dawson: Right. Right. I'll put it on your tab. So, um... Are you...Gonna ask me?

Joey: Ask what?

Dawson: You've got your favor face on.

Joey: I do not.

Dawson: Oh, now you've got your "I'm lying" face on.

Joey: Ok. Um... It's, uh... Here.

[She hands him the Peer Recommendation.]

Dawson: "The person who knows you best." Wow. Wow.

Joey: You said that already.

Dawson: Yeah. I... Thought it had more impact the second time.

Joey: So, what do you think?

Dawson: What do you think?

Joey: I think that... I want you to say that you'll write it for me.

Dawson: Are you sure that I'm the right person? I mean, does Pacey know about this?

Joey: No. Uh...But if you say yes, he will. Are you the right person, Dawson? Well, you're the only person who knows that I have a favor face. I'm just asking that you ponder the possibility, ok? And...If you do decide to write it, then... You're the right person.

Dawson: Ok.

[Commercial Break.]

[Scene: Mr. Brooks House. Dawson is painting the fence around his house, when Mr. Brooks pops his head out and calls to Dawson.]

Mr. Brooks: Mr. Leery! Unless you'd like to starve to death, you better get in here!

Dawson: [Sighs]

[Inside the house Dawson notices several pictures of different people all over the walls. He goes to the table and sits down and takes a bite of the dinner.]

Mr. Brooks: Food's in here!

Dawson: Mr. Brooks, this is really good.

Mr. Brooks: Oh, you're not one of them.

Dawson: One of who?

Mr. Brooks: One of those teenagers who can't stand a moment of good old-fashioned silence. If the dinner table was meant for talking, they'd call it the talking table.

Dawson: You know what? I'm gonna take this outside.

Mr. Brooks: Oh, yeah, well, that's why your friends never come over here and help you. You don't face your issues, leery. You just take 'em outside. You keep doin' that, you're gonna end up doin' a hell of a lot more than just painting alone.

Dawson: [Snickers] well, what about you? You got a whole wall full of photographs, full of people who I've never seen before. Who--who are they? You once critiqued my photography, saying I didn't have enough life in my pictures. I would say you've got the opposite problem. Where are these pictures in your life?

[Mr. Brooks stands up and walks over to where Dawson is holding the picture.]

Mr. Brooks: My brothers. 30 years ago, they came to me asking for money to start their own business. My gut was screaming no. Didn't feel right. Timing was not the best, but they needed me. And even though your gut said no... I invested a lot. The business lost a lot, and so did I. As you take on years, Mr. Leery, you'll come to realize that you don't always lose people from your life by choice. Sometimes it, uh... Just happens... When you make the wrong ones.

[Scene: Andie's Bedroom. Andie is sitting on the bed writing some stuff down, when there is a knock on her door and Pacey walks in carrying more books.]

[Knock on door]

Andie: hey!

Pacey: Hey. I got some A.P. English here with a side of calc.

Andie: Ooh. Thanks. [Chuckles] uh... Pacey... Nggghh! I have a secret. And...I know that we haven't shared one of these in a long time, but...I really need to tell you, or I'm gonna burst.

Pacey: Sure, thing... What's goin' on?

Andie: Ok. Um... My dad suggested that I take the rest of the school year off. Yeah. That I go to Italy for 6 months and see my aunt.

Pacey: Well, that's... Quite an offer.

Andie: Yeah. And I know why he's making it. I mean, obviously, because of last week, he's worried, but... Also we talked about it. You know? I mean we really talked about this, and... It's just different this time.

Pacey: So, what does Jack have to say about all this?

Andie: I thought he was gonna be the first one to volunteer to help me pack up. Right? But instead, he... He gives me all these sound arguments and reasons for why I should stay. You know, he left once, too.

Pacey: Yeah, but he moved across town, not across the world.

Andie: So my father wants what's best for my health, my brother is being selfish out of love.

Pacey: And you want a tiebreaker.

Andie: Come on, Pacey. You've done it before. In fact, you almost made a hobby out of saving this damsel in distress.

Pacey: I didn't save you. You saved yourself. You just took me along for the ride.

Andie: Well, then why can't I save myself now? Why is making this decision so hard? You know, maybe Jack is right. Maybe going to Italy is running away.

Pacey: From what?

Andie: From everything! Taking the easy way out. Packing up when life hits a rough patch.

Pacey: Or...Maybe this is exactly what you need... To have the strength, the will, to take off the training wheels and...Try riding on your own for a while.

Andie: I don't know if I can do that, Pacey. I mean, a lot of what's been happening is because of me. And what are people gonna think if?

Pacey: Andie. You can. You spend way too much time worryin' about everybody else. We all do. But at the end of the day, it's your life. It's not your dad's, it's not Jack's, it's not mine. It's yours, and you get to live it. So you're the tiebreaker, Andie.

[Scene: The Capeside Community Center. Jen and Drue are sitting on a couch, while Drue flips through a binder.]

Drue: Hey. We can help build a new community center for kids.

Jen: Just shut up, Drue.

Drue: Jenny... This little rift of ours troubles me so. I mean, I felt that we were growing apart, and we need to spend some quality time together. And I could only help but dream of us pickin' up pieces of trash on the roadside and how that city-provided orange jumpsuit would just hug you in all the right places.

Jen: Drue, you forget that I know you. You did this to look better to everybody else, to protect that inner iago of yours. But I think that you'll find that no amount of apologizing is good enough for these people once they've made up their minds about who you are.

Drue: These people have no idea who we are, Jen. That's what I've been tryin' to tell you. These are not your people. I am your people. And all that Capeside will ever be for you... Is your past.

[Scene: The Mcphee Kitchen. Andie is sitting at the counter working on some school work, when Mr. Mcphee walks into the house.]

Andie: Hey.

Mr. Mcphee: Hey. Oh, you look like you're getting your color back.

Andie: Yeah, I think I am. Everything seems to be going ok around here now, huh?

Mr. Mcphee: What do you mean?

Andie: Like...You and Jack. Things are... Ok between you guys now, huh?

Mr. Mcphee: Yeah. Yeah, they are.

Andie: I mean... If you and Jack can work things out, then...Why can't Jen and Jack, right? Or Pacey and Dawson, or any of us, really?

Mr. Mcphee: Well, all it takes is realizing what you risk losing by letting someone go.

[Scene: The pier at the Potter B&B. Joey is sitting on the end of it doing some reading when Dawson comes walking up behind her.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Plowing through tonight's reading, as per usual.

Joey: Try last night's. I thought I'd catch up. But Mr. Copeland in room 3, he has a tendency to break out in song while bathing. [Chuckles] this seat's not taken.

Dawson: Uh, it's ok. I can't stay.

[He hands her back the Peer Recommendation.]

Joey: Um... Um... Well... Either you're a very fast writer, which I know not to be the case, or... You come bearing bad news.

Dawson: I just--I be-- I've...Been... [Sighs] thinking about it since the minute you asked me, and... The answer just keeps on coming back the same. I'm not the right person... To write this. Not anymore.

Joey: You did what I asked. You, um... You thought about it, and... I thank you for that.

Dawson: Sorry. Ok.

[Dawson turns and leaves, running into Pacey as he goes.]

Dawson: Pacey.

Pacey: Dawson. So. Play date?

Joey: Look, not exactly. Uh... Pace, I asked Dawson to write a peer recommendation for me. He said no, so it's really nothing.

Pacey: Well, that's not nothing. The nothings you tell me about. It's the somethings that you keep secret.

Joey: I know this tone, and it signifies the start of a really nasty conversation, but you know what? It takes two to have one, and I'm not up for sparring. Not over this.

Pacey: Ah. So. Now you get to decide what it is that we talk through, but you also get to decide what it is that we let slide, huh? Were you ever gonna tell me about this?

Joey: It's been hard to tell you much of anything this week. You're never around.

Pacey: Ok. Look. [Chuckles] if you're angry with me for how much time I was spending with Andie-- look.

Joey: Pacey-- that's not it. Ok? I was just waiting to see if he'd agree to do it in the first place before world war-- where are we now? 15? And if you're upset that I asked him, Pacey... It's because it was the question. You know, third grade, Dawson was there when I broke my left arm jumping off Peter Masik's backyard swing. He was there the night I came home early from Lake Emandal because I was homesick. And he was there the day that I had to wear that horrific training bra for the first time, and... The day that my mom passed away, you know, he was the first one to come through the door, and he sat with me the whole day, and he never once asked me how I was doing because he, unlike everyone else, he knew me well enough to know that there weren't words to describe how I was doing. So you...Really, pace... You can't be angry with me for asking him.

Pacey: I'm not angry that you asked Dawson to do something for you. It's the question. "The person who knows you best." When do I get to be that person?

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside the Leery Fish House. Dawson is walking up to it, when he runs into Joey walking the same direction.]

Joey: Dawson? You look pretty swank for fish duty tonight.

Dawson: Uh...Thank you.

Joey: Did your mom enlist your services for this evening?

Dawson: No. Actually, I'm a paying customer tonight. I'm having dinner with Andie.

Joey: That's strange, 'cause... I'm having dinner with Andie.

Dawson: Really.

[Jack comes up to join them.]

Jack: Hey, guys.

Dawson: Let me guess. Dinner with Andie?

Jack: Yeah. How'd you know?

[They go inside to find Pacey sitting at a table.]

Dawson: [Chuckles uncertainly] Pacey.

Joey: What's goin' on? Where's Andie?

Pacey: She's in the bathroom perfecting the answer to your first question.

Jack: Wh-what's this all about?

Pacey: I don't know. Don't shoot the diner. I'm a guest, just like you.

[Andie comes out of the bathroom]

Andie: Hey, guys. Thanks for coming.

Pacey: So...Now that we're all here, why are we here?

Andie: You'll find out shortly. We're just waiting for one person.

Pacey: Andie, come on, this is...

[Jen enters from behind them]

Andie: [Chuckles] oh, wait. Here she is. Hey, Jen.

Jen: Hi. We saved a seat for you.

Jack: You know what? I'm, uh... I'm not that hungry. Andie, can you bring me home a doggie bag?

Jen: It's obvious that I'm the one crashing the party. I'll go.

Jack: I just said I was goin'.

Andie: No. I am. I'm leaving Capeside. And, uh...That's why I asked you all to come here tonight... To say good-bye, and also there's something that I need to say to you guys... All of you, before I go. So...So, Jen, Jack, please stay.

[They all sit down]

Andie: You know what? It shouldn't have taken a scheme to get you all here tonight. When my dad first made me the offer to take the rest of the year off, I sat down with my trusty number 2... [Chuckling] and made my list of pros and cons. The pros were pretty obvious. Opportunity of a lifetime, right? And then came those nasty cons. You know what got top billing? You guys. The thought of leaving all of my friends... I mean, you guys are the ones who have supported and consoled and...Understood, unconditionally. But look at us now. We are a mess. And let's talk about why, starting with last week's fiasco. Ok, enough with the blame Jen game. If I don't, you shouldn't. Yes, she had them. But I took them. It was my fault. And Pacey, Joey, Dawson... You guys are so lucky. Do you have any idea how rare it is to have friends that you've known your entire life? So please don't underestimate that. Because in the end, you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning. And in the beginning, there were the three of you. And...You two.

[She turns to Jen and Jack]

Andie: You know what? This is just... It's really inexcusable. The biggest reason that was keeping me here was the thought that if I left, you wouldn't have a sister around. But then I realized that you would. When I, uh... First met you... I didn't know much about love... Or friendship. And each of you taught me a lot about both. So maybe by my leaving I can return the favor. Because the thought of it ending like this... [Andie sniffles] the way things are right now... It's just... It's not how I want to remember us. Do you? [Andie sniffles]

[The camera pans from face to face and you can see the emotion in all of their eyes. Jen gets up and hugs Andie.]

[Scene: By the bathroom door. Pacey is knocking on the door, when Joey comes up to him.]

[knock knock]

Joey: is anybody in there?

Pacey: Uh, yeah. And there's only room for one. Oh. Which, I guess, is kind of a recurring theme these days.

Joey: [Sighs] pace, I'm really sorry?

Pacey: hold on a second. Let me go first this time. [Chuckles] Ohh...Jo, I'm sorry for how I reacted to the whole peer rec thing. I think it was just kind of a left hook to the hot button, and... I reacted... Like Pacey.

Joey: You know who that guy you reacted like is gonna be in 10 years, pace? The person who knows me best. Dawson knows my past. My future lies with you. If you think about it, you know, you didn't even like me a few years ago.

Pacey: Well, you always tease the ones you love.

Joey: And you do always have to deal with the ones that you used to love.

[Pacey sighs and looks over at the table where Dawson and Andie are sitting and talking.]

[Scene: Outside the Fish House. Jen is leaving when Jack comes running up to stop her.]

Jack: Hey.

Jen: Ohh... Hi.

[She wipes the tears from her eyes.]

Jack: [Chuckles] is, uh... Is that the girl that used to tell me everything?

Jen: Is that the boy who used to listen?

Jack: I never stopped listening, Jen. I--I just... Didn't particularly like what I was hearing. Look, what-- what Andie said in there, um... You--you are such an important part of my life, and I... I thought maybe you were changin' on me.

Jen: I haven't changed, Jack. Still me... Jen Lindley, a girl who screws up every now and again.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Jen: I don't need an apology. I just need somebody who'll stand by me. You willing to do that?

Jack: You willin' to keep standin'?

Jen: Uhhhh... [Chuckles]

[They Hug]

[Scene: The Waterfront outside the Restaurant. Joey is standing at the edge looking over the water, when Dawson comes up to join her.]

Dawson: [chuckling] I knew I'd find you here.

Joey: Thought you didn't know me anymore, Dawson.

Dawson: The truth is, I never doubted how well I knew you, Joey. I was just afraid of what would happen if I had to put it all down on paper. Before, you told me... That, if I decided to write the recommendation, that I was the right person for the job. If the offer still stands, I would really like to do that for you.

Joey: I'd like that, too. Thank you.

Dawson: That's nice to see.

[They look over to see Andie and Pacey sitting on a bench]

Joey: Gives them something to hold onto.

Dawson: Well, what do you say you come inside and help me give us all somethin' to hold onto?

[Scene: The Bench. Andie and Pacey are sitting together talking to one another.]

Andie: You know, uh... This could potentially be the last time?

Pacey: oh, don't say that. There's no need for that. You'll be back, you know? There's...Prom, and there's graduation.

Andie: And a whole 'nother world out there. Pacey, you said it yourself.

Pacey: Is that why you're doin' this? Because of what I said?

Andie: [Sighs] whoa. Pacey, you gave me my strength. You know? The strength to do things that I always needed to do, but was too afraid to do.

Pacey: [Chuckles] no. No. I'm sorry. I don't think that you get to use the adjective "afraid" anymore while being self-referential. You can now use "brave" and perhaps occasionally "stalwart."

Andie: "Stalwart." No. I hate "stalwart."

Pacey: Well, that's too bad. You're stuck with "stalwart." You know, I think what we're gonna miss the most about you, Mcphee, is just your overwhelming optimism... [Chuckles] your ardent belief that everything in the world is wonderful until proven crap. Do you think maybe you could just... Leave us a little bit of that when you go?

Andie: Oh, it's the least I could do.

[They Hug.]

Pacey: I'm gonna miss you, Andie.

Andie: Me, too.

[Scene: Inside the restaurant. Everyone is gathering while Dawson sets up the camera.]

Jack: Hey.

Andie: Hey.

Jack: Hey. Look, Andie, I just-- the only reason that I said that you shouldn't go is 'cause... I'm gonna miss you more than anything.

Andie: Good.

Jack: The thought of not havin' you around, of--of havin' to say good-bye...

Andie: Jack... You're my brother. There are no good-byes.

Jack: I love you.

Andie: I love you, too.

[He sets the timer and runs over to join them.]

Dawson: Ok, everybody. Let's do this. And we are... On the clock.

[Dawson goes up next to Andie, but she moves out of between him and Pacey and puts Pacey's arm over Dawson's shoulder. They look at each other and smile and Dawson puts his arm over Pacey's shoulder. Andie goes over to stand on the other end next to Jack. The order from left to right goes: Andie, Jack, Jen, Joey, Pacey, and Dawson.]

In Loving Memory

David Dukes


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