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  04x06 - Great Xpectations
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Episode 406 - Great Xpectations

[Scene: Capeside High Library. Andie is dragging Jen along with her through the rows of shelves until they come to the college book section.]

Andie: But the way I got through it is to take it step by step. So, let's just take a step over to the college-bound reference section and start pulling down a few books.

Jen: Yeah.

Andie: Hey, you know what might be fun?

Jen: Uh, what?

Andie: Start focusing on schools that are in New York since it's your old hood.

Jen: Oh, I don't know. I just spent 3 years trying to flush the big apple out of my system.

Andie: Yeah, but haven't you recently decided you might wanna go back?

Jen: Huh! Well, as you're so fond of pointing out, I--I haven't recently decided anything.

Andie: Well, what about your rush to rejoin the gang at the, uh, haunt?

Jen: Has drew been whispering in your ear?

Andie: Well, actually, we did have a little confab at the yacht club last week. He was telling me all about you and your social set and how you guys used to spend all of your time at the haunt dancing and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. According to him, it was a non-stop ball of fun.

Jen: Mm. Well, "according to him" would be the key phrase. He's the dark prince of revisionist history.

[Jack comes running up to them finally finding them. He is carrying an envelope and is a little out of breath. He is a little excited although he tries to hide it.]

Jack: I found you. Ok, I'm glad you're still here.

Andie: Why? What's going on?

Jack: Oh, nothing much, actually. It's just, uh-- well, there's this one thing-- uh, there's something waiting at the house for you all day, and, uh, actually, you know, it's not really that important. It's just a little letter from a know-nothing nor' eastern school. So, you know, you might wanna take a glance at it. It's from some place called, um, Harvard.

[She drops the books she is holding and Jen manages to catch them.]

Andie: Ohh! Harvard! Oh! Oh, my gosh, ok! Um, this is future in an envelope. Oh, god, or not! If it was a yes, it would be bigger, right? I mean, this is a case where size really does matter, right?

Jen: Well, I think that size only matters when you have a full view of the entire package, really.

[Andie doesn't react to this statement, but Jack smiles and nods approvingly.]

Andie: So, I have to open it in order to find out.

Jen: Uh-huh.

Jack: Come on. They'd be fools not to take you.

Andie: They would, wouldn't they?

Jack: Will you open it?

Andie: Ok. "Dear ms. Mcphee, "Harvard college is pleased to inform you "that your application for early action "for the fall of 2001 has been accepted, "and we are looking forward to having you as a member of the freshmen class."

Jack: Yes! You're in, you're in!

Jen: You're in!

Andie: I'm in!

Jack: Hey, congratulations!

Andie: Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Jack: Hey, everybody! My sister just got in to Harvard!

[Students cheering]

[Opening credits.]

[Scene: The Local Record Store. Dawson is going through some CDs on the shelves, when Gretchen comes into the store. Seeing him, she grabs a CD off the new release section and brings it over to him.]

Gretchen: If you're looking for something new and different, may I suggest Morcheeba?

Dawson: Morcheeba.

Gretchen: They're a little Herbie Hancock, a little Biz Markie, and just a touch of Poe tossed in for good measure.

Dawson: Several more artists not currently represented in my CD collection.

Gretchen: You've at least heard of them.

Dawson: Uh...

Gretchen: Oh, Dawson. [Someone comes by and passes Gretchen a flyer.] Heh heh! Thanks.

Dawson: Is that a party invite?

Gretchen: Oh, not just a party, a rave.

Dawson: A rave in Capeside. Well, I guess even suburban, rhythm-impaired youths need an outlet, right?

Gretchen: Sure. Hey, it does a body good to just let loose once in a while. Besides, raves aren't just an outlet for dancing. They're sort of a declaration of independence.

Dawson: Yeah, right up there with the Boston tea party.

Gretchen: Hey, every generation has its rebel subculture experience, and this is ours. You know, our attempt to define who and what we are and to make a statement about how we're gonna live our lives.

Dawson: And our statement is that we can keep tedium at bay by wearing glitter and jumping around to techno pop?

Gretchen: It's called fun. And I think you need to come with me and check it out.

Dawson: To a rave? Not really my scene.

Gretchen: Well, I'm guessing you haven't actually been to one, so how would you know?

Dawson: Instinct, you know? I've never been two-stepping either, but somehow I know better than to run out and buy a pair of cowboy boots.

Gretchen: Yeah, well, two-stepping isn't all the rage with the nation's youth. But, if you were so inclined, I would love to intro you to something that—

Dawson: is completely foreign to everything I've ever known in my entire life.

Gretchen: Ok, well, consider it one of the terms and conditions of our new friend agreement. You know? "Must challenge and expose other party "to experiences he or she would otherwise not indulge in."

Dawson: Does this agreement have a rain check clause?

Gretchen: Yes, but just this once.

Dawson: Ok, I promise I'll take you up on it next time, if and when I'm ready for you to see how insufferably uncool I can be.

Gretchen: Oh! You don't give yourself enough credit. I mean, at worst, you're just mildly uncool.

Dawson: Well, thank you.

Gretchen: Will you at least give this disc a try?

Dawson: Yeah. Right now?

Gretchen: Mm-hmm. Come on.

Dawson: Ok.

[Scene: Outside the Records Store. Joey and Pacey are walking up the walk, talking and joking with one another.]

Pacey: This town is sorely lacking in post-meridian activities.

Joey: We could always do a Bonnie and Clyde.

Pacey: What, like, hit a bank and go on the lam?

Joey: Well, it's a practical solution to 2 of our biggest problems, you know-- money and boredom.

Pacey: Yeah, that's good, actually. You know, we can get ourselves one of those big honking sedans. I can get myself a fedora. You can get yourself one of those Kodak box cameras. Then we just head out across the heartland. You know, thumb our nose at authorities, stopping occasionally, I guess, to take cute pictures of the loving gangster couple.

[Joey looks into the Record Store window and sees Gretchen and Dawson listening to music together in one of the booths.]

Pacey: Do you wanna burn some time spinning some discs?

Joey: Oh, nah, not right now. Come on.

[Scene: Andie's Bedroom. Andie, Jack, and Mr. Mcphee are there. Mr. Mcphee is putting his old Harvard sweater on Andie and looking very proud.]

Mr. Mcphee: My father gave that to me the summer I got in. And I've been saving it, hoping for this moment. You look perfect in it.

Andie: Daddy, I'm not perfect. Not by a long shot.

Jack: [New England accent] you know, Andie, wearing the crimson signifies excellence. In fact, I remember when the boys and I first got to the yard—

Mr. Mcphee: [laughing] you think this is exciting? You wait till the course book arrives. We're gonna see if some of the old war horses are lecturing this fall. And then, you know, there's a summer session—

Jack: Dad!

Mr. Mcphee: All right, all right, I'm getting ahead of myself. It-it's just-- this is the greatest moment of your life, Andie. I have never been more proud of you than I am right now. \

Jack: Well, just remember I want that same speech when I get into clown college.

[All laugh]

Mr. Mcphee: all right, you have to excuse me. I have a phone book full of calls to make to some of my fellow alum. Heh heh!

[He Leaves.]

Jack: Ohh. It's a big sweater to fill, huh? Well, don't let him get to you, but don't freak yourself out, either.

Andie: I'm not freaked out. I'm not anything. In a way, I wish I were. You heard him. This is supposed to be the greatest moment of my life. You know, I mean, I should feel amazing or happy or something.

Jack: You're telling me you don't feel anything?

Andie: No. One big fat empty. It's probably just the medication, you know. It keeps me from feeling the lows, but the side effect is it keeps me from feeling the highs, too. But you don't have to worry about me. I'm sure I'll be bouncing off the walls in a few days.

Jack: Uh, I totally forgot. Speaking of bouncing off the walls, I got this e-mail invite. There's a rave going on tonight. What better way to celebrate? Right? You just got into Harvard. I think you deserve a night of wild, reckless abandon. What do you say?

[Scene: The School Computer Lab. Jen is sitting at one of the computers and researching some colleges in New York, when she receives an email invitation to the Rave from Drue, who is sitting at a computer behind her.]

Jen: Ahem. Drue, one more time and I'm gonna feel compelled to accidentally smash your fingers in the doorjamb.

Drue: Come on. Think back to your halcyon heyday. You were the uber-raver. Your love for the scene was world-renowned.

Jen: Hmm-hmm! Another part of my reputation I was really proud of.

Drue: You, my dear, are a pod person. The Jen I once knew thrived on that reputation. She personified fun. That Jen is M.I.A. Heh! College seeker.Net? Oh, come on, Jen. How bottom of the ninth is it?

Jen: Oh, it's coming back to me. Yeah, I remember why my skin crawls every time you're around me.

Drue: Your skin crawls because I remind you of what you're missing. Come on, Jen, face it. You need stimuli. Too long without it and the little voices inside start to ask for it. And you've been here for a while, and I bet your little voices are screaming. Oh, by the by, uh, that night I went back for the, uh, ecstasy I gave you-- it's a funny thing. Both you and it were gone. Now, I know where you are—

Jen: you're such a bastard.

Drue: You know, it's not surprising to me that you wavered. I mean, here it is, fall quarter, senior year, and you still don't know what you wanna do with your life, where you wanna go, who you wanna be, it would sure be nice to escape those questions for a little while, wouldn't it?

Jen: Drue, I'm no longer 14 and naive. And if you're gonna try and convince me to screw up my life again, you're gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than that.

Drue: Ok. How's this? You're afraid that if you admit to yourself how much you loved feeling good, you'd have to admit that you wanna feel that good again. If you're gonna take one, tonight's the perfect night.

[Scene: The Leery House. Dawson walks into the Dinning room to find some balloons on the table one saying “Congratulations”, he turns to see his parents dancing with one another.]

Dawson: "Congratulations"? Did, uh, publisher's clearing house stop by today?

Gale: Oh, Dawson, no, uh, honey, I thought you were going to be working at the restaurant tonight.

Dawson: It was a little slow. They said they didn't need me.

Mitch: Well, we're glad you're here because, um, we have something to tell you.

Dawson: Ok.

Gale: Uh, we have spent a lot of time thinking about this. And, uh, despite all the logical reasons why we shouldn't, our, uh, hearts say that we should have this baby.

[All laughing, they hug each other.]

Dawson: I'm so happy for you, this is-- this is amazing.

Mitch: This is really how you feel, huh?

Dawson: Yes, absolutely, completely. But... Wow!

Gale: Yeah. Wow!

Mitch: Wow.

Gale: Oh, honey, we were just gonna sit down and have dinner. Let me get you a plate.

Dawson: Uh, you know what? Don't worry about it. I already ate, and, uh, there's this thing I was invited to, so think I'm gonna go upstairs, change, and then I will be out of your hair. You guys have a good night.

Mitch: You know what I love about that kid?

Gale: Everything.

Mitch: Yeah, well, that and... He can totally take a hint.

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Joey is sitting in front of a mirror fixing her hair, while Gretchen is getting ready herself. Pacey is standing in the Kitchen just watching them.]

Gretchen: I've been to at least a dozen raves, and they've all been great.

Joey: Oh, yeah. Hundreds of sweaty strangers packed together, being blasted with potentially ear-damaging decibels? Oh, sounds great.

Gretchen: Ha! Hey, I thought you were gonna give this a chance.

Joey: I am. I'm actually really excited to check out this new revolution.

Pacey: No. Aren't raves just like high school dances, but 10 times longer?

Gretchen: Oh, I used to love high school dances.

Pacey: Well, duh, you were the queen of every one you ever went to.

Gretchen: Well, duh! Why do you think I loved them? Hey, if you don't wanna come, we are totally fine leaving you here.

Pacey: Did I say I didn't wanna come? All of a sudden, I'm starting to see the upside here.

Gretchen: Good!

[Knock on door]

Gretchen: Dawson? Whoa. You actually decided to come.

Dawson: Uh, yeah. I'm cashing in my rain check.

Gretchen: Come in. Hey, guys, look who's joining us.

Dawson: Heh. All right. The Mitch mobile is gassed and ready to go. Who's coming?

Joey: Let's go, pace.

[Scene: Jen's Bedroom. Andie and Jen are there, and Jen is looking around for a map, through her school bag.]

Andie: We're gonna be late picking up jack. His meeting ends by 10:00.

Jen: I know, I know. I just-- I gotta find directions to the map point.

Andie: What's a map point?

Jen: Um, it's, uh, it's like a buffer zone for undesirables. If they don't like the way that you look, you might not get directions to the actual location.

Andie: But--but how do you know if you're undesirable?

Jen: Andie, it's a rave on the outer banks of civilization. Anybody who shows up with money is desirable. Oh, there we go. Don't worry.

Andie: Heh!

Jen: Within an hour, you will be grooving to the point of exhaustion with the Capeside version of its disenfranchised youth.

Andie: Are you sure you wanna go, because I'm starting to feel really guilty about twisting your arm, and if you don't wanna go, I totally understand.

Jen: Mm-mmm. No, no, I want to celebrate with you.

Andie: Good, because I think we're gonna have so much fun, and I think that is exactly what we need-- is to have fun. But first, the facilities.

[She goes to the bathroom and Jen goes over to her dresser. Jen opens the top drawer and digs around and pulls out the box of Ecstasy that Drue gave her. She opens the box and puts the pills in her hand and is looking at them when Andie comes into her room.]

Andie: figured while I'm in there, I might as well slap on a little bit of that lip-- ahem. Are those some kind of pills?

Jen: Yeah. Um, some kind of pills.

Andie: We're not talking aspirin, are we?

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Driving to the Map Point. The Mitch Mobile is going along the road. Gretchen and Dawson are sitting in the front seats, and Pacey and Joey are in the back seat.]

Gretchen: You know what just went through my mind? That fourth of July in Cohasset. That was the last time all of us were in a car together. God, you guys were such babies. How old were you, Pacey?

Pacey: I don't know, I don't remember.

Dawson: We were 11. You were 14.

Gretchen: And you were wearing something red. Is it possible that I remember that?

Dawson: Unfortunately, yeah.

[Gretchen and Dawson laughing]

[Scene: The Park along the water line. Andie and Jen are walking along the waterfront and walk over to the swing set.]

Andie: ecstasy, wow! So have you done a lot of it?

Jen: Yeah, in New York. I never went to a rave without it, and I went to a lot of raves.

Andie: Mm-hmm! So you must've liked what it did for you. I mean, otherwise, you wouldn't have kept taking it, right?

Jen: Well, yeah, I mean-- first few times, it's amazing. It's hard not to love the x-effect.

Andie: Which is what, exactly?

Jen: Whew. Heh! What's with all the questions?

Andie: I'm just curious. You know, a way to pass the time until jack gets out of that never-ending meeting.

Jen: All right. Um, god. The first time you do X, it's really good. You get this feeling of loving everybody and everything, and everybody loves you and... That can be really powerful. X just made me happy. It just... Provided a pleasant vacation from my usual spot under the bell jar.

Andie: So x makes you happy?

Jen: Heh heh! Mmm, all kinds of wonderful.

Andie: That doesn't sound so bad.

Jen: Yeah, it's not at first. See, it lasts about 6 hours and then it's gone. And afterward, ironically, you're more depressed than when you started. The bad thing, like with any drug, it makes you lose your inhibitions. That's why I stopped. I just-- I just didn't know who I was anymore.

Andie: Can I see it? Come on, I'm just, you know, I'm curious. I wanna see what they look like.

Jen: Heh! Andie, you're way too interested.

[He hands her the box]

Andie: I'm just interested in feeling happy.

Jen: Wait a minute. Didn't you just get in to Harvard?

Andie: Yep. And one would think that finally getting the one thing that you wanted your entire life, you'd experience one moment of sheer joy, but—

Jen: no moment? You wanna talk about what you are feeling?

Andie: Nope. Because that's all I ever do is talk and talk. Tonight, I just wanna have fun. I wanna leave my problems behind in a little field and pick them up tomorrow. I don't know. I-- I'm sure it's just some kind of weird delayed reaction thing, and I'm gonna feel happy soon. Yeah. It's just—

Jen: you will.

[Jen holds her hand out for the box, but at that moment Jack walks up to them, and she quickly pulls her hand back, and Andie hides the box.]

Jack: Oh, my god. Insufferable. I cannot wait to dance this soccer stuff right out of my head! What, did I, uh, interrupt something?

Andie: No. Uh, just girl talk.

Jack: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm glad you stopped when I got here. Shall we, uh, vamanos?

Andie: Yeah.

[Jen tries to get the box back, but Andie puts it in her back pocket.]

[Scene: The Map Point. They finally arrive, to find it a driveway to an dark area, that is blocked off by a chain. They will have to walk the rest of the way.]

Dawson: Could they make this any creepier?

Gretchen: I'll be your map point buddy. Come on.

[Gretchen and Dawson get out of the car.]

Pacey: When did they become going-out-together buddies?

Joey: I believe this is the inaugural event.

Pacey: So, then of all the guys in Capeside that wanna befriend her, she picks Dawson. That doesn't bother you at all?

Joey: Pace, he's the only person close to her age working at the restaurant. Makes perfect sense that they'd become friends.

Pacey: No. I asked if it bothered you.

Joey: No. It doesn't bother me.

Pacey: Tsk! It bothers you.

Joey: Heh! No, it doesn't bother me. It— bothers you. You just want it to bother me, too.

Pacey: So then what's bothering you?

Joey: You.


[Scene: The Map Point. Dawson and Gretchen come walking up to a guy standing alone on the drive.]

Guy: Now, why are you here?

Gretchen: To have a great night?

Guy: Exactly! Right on! All right, um, 5 bucks a body.

Dawson: We'll take 4.

Guy: Follow the yellow brick road.

Gretchen: Now that I have you alone, tell me, is it just a front, or are you really ok with the Joey-Pacey component of the evening?

Dawson: Uh, it's a little awkward, I'm not gonna lie, but you know what? I'm in too good of a mood to let it bother me.

Gretchen: Is that why you changed your mind?

Dawson: Uh...Yeah. Actually, um, my parents decided to have the baby.

Gretchen: Wow! Oh, Dawson, that's incredible.

Dawson: Good, good. I wanted to tell you right away, but in light of-- you know, I--I didn't wanna ruin the evening.

Gretchen: Oh, no. No, you can absolutely talk to me about this. You have to.

Dawson: Ok. Good, because I--I-- I really wanted to share it with somebody, and-- I am so excited about this.

Gretchen: As you should be. I mean, hey, as irritating as they are, younger siblings do have their pluses. You know, they're good for doing chores, and there's always someone to blame if anything gets broken.

[Both laugh]

Dawson: um, thank you. For sharing what you went through. It really helped me understand what my parents were going through from the right perspective.

Gretchen: Yeah, well, if there's anything I'm good for, it's a little attitude adjustment.

[Scene: The Rave Parking lot. Andie, Jack, and Jen pull in to park. Jack gets out of the car first, kind of excited.]

Jack: Heh heh heh! Come on! Aw, man, this is awesome! Rave time has arrived!

Jen: Hey, Andie, um, were we done back there at the park?

Andie: Totally done.

Jen: All right. So, you're ok?

Andie: I am so ok. Actually, I feel really great.

Jen: Well, why don't you give me back the X? Jack won't see.

Andie: Um, Jen? Don't be mad, but I sort of took one.

Jen: Andie, no. W-when?

Andie: Well, before we got back to the car, I just decided-- you know, carpe diem.

Jen: Andie, no, this is so not good for you.

Andie: But you said it was amazing the first few times. And I think I've earned an amazing night, right? I'll pay you back. I mean, whatever it cost. Is it a lot?

Jen: No, Andie, I don't care about the money. I care about you.

Andie: That's so sweet, Jen. But I told you, I'm feeling fine. Um, look, can we not tell jack about this? Because I don't think he'd approve.

Jen: Yeah.

Andie: Ok, come on.

[Scene: The entrance of the Rave. Gretchen, Dawson, Joey and Pacey walk up to find Drue standing there.]

Drue: Ha ha! Right on! You guys are so not the squares I thought you were. Hi there. We haven't met.

Andie: I don't have a problem with that.

Drue: Ho ho ho! Ooh! Ouch!

[Joey and Pacey are hugging, and She laughs at Drue's discomfort.]

Joey: Somebody's out celebrating.

Andie: Yep!

Gretchen: What are we celebrating?

Joey: Andie got into Harvard.

Drue: Which explains your sudden, desperate need to focus on your future.

Jen: I really don't need you tonight.

Pacey: You did it, just like you always said you would.

[He hugs Andie.]

Drue: Wow, Potter. How cool are you? You don't mind that lasted just a split second longer then the ex-guidelines allow?

Gretchen: Who is that guy?

Dawson: Did you ever meet Abby Morgan?

[Scene: Inside the Rave. They all enter. Dawson and Gretchen go off together. Pacey and Joey, Andie, Jack and Jen are following after them.]

Andie: Wow, Jen! This place is so beautiful! [Techno music playing]

[Gretchen and Dawson Walk off. Gretchen starts dancing and walking at the same time.]

Gretchen: Wow. Whoo!

Jen: Ok, um, Andie, petting Joey? Not a good way to maintain a low profile. I want you to enjoy this, but you're gonna have to try and maintain, especially around the people that you're gonna see come Monday morning.

Andie: I'm ok, Jen, really! You don't have to worry about me. I'm feeling fine.

Jen: I'm sure you are. Listen, Andie, I really wanna keep an eye on you tonight, so you're gonna have to work with me and stick by me.

Andie: You're the best, Jen! [Giggles] ooh! I never knew your hair was so soft.

Jen: Ok, Andie. Again, not in the realm of maintaining. You've gotta try harder for me, please?

Jack: There are wild people everywhere. This is exactly the kind of reckless abandonment you need.

Drue: Which of you Mcphees is going to dance?

Andie: Me! I wanna!

Drue: Right on, sister. Come on this way.

Jen: Um, do me a big favor? I want you to keep an eye on Drue and Andie for me, all right?

Jack: Why?

Jen: Just trust me. He's not the kind of guy that you leave your sister with.

[Commercial Break.]

[Scene: Inside the Rave. Joey and Gretchen are at one of the bars talking to one another.]

Gretchen: I'm sorry about the Dawson snafu. When I invited him, he said no. It didn't even occur to me that he would change his mind.

Joey: That's ok. I'm-- I'm kind of glad that we all ended up together. I mean, accidental or not, things have been getting better. Slowly.

Gretchen: I'm glad to hear that. The three of you have so much history. And Dawson's such a great guy.

Joey: Speaking of Dawson, um, and I know this is none of my business, is there possibly, even in the vaguest way, um, well, something happening with you and Dawson?

Gretchen: Heh heh! Where exactly did that come from?

Joey: Well, obviously you're aware of his incredibly infamous crush on you.

Gretchen: Yeah, the one that ended when he was, like, 12.

Joey: Well, um, you see, Gretchen, um, Dawson has this, um, way of hanging on to things since he was, like, 12. You know, I mean, sure he outgrows them, puts them in their proper perspective, but that doesn't always mean that they're gone. Sometimes I think they're just waiting around for the right moment to come out again and... Well, maybe if he thinks there's the slightest chance—

Gretchen: You know what I think? If Dawson is waiting for some childhood crush to come around again, he's not waiting on me.

[Scene: Inside the Rave. Drue and Andie are dancing together.]

Drue: Andie Mcphee, you are so high.

Andie: Me?! No, I'm not.

Drue: Yeah. Really? [He strokes her neck and she totally enjoys it.] Yeah, feels good, don't it?

Andie: No, shh! I'm supposed to be maintaining. Nobody knows except Jen, and she's gonna make sure I'm ok tonight.

Drue: Yeah, Andie, look. Honey, take my word for this, ok? I am a far, far better guide through the looking glass then Jen Lindley could ever be. Ok? Come on, ivy league, let's have fun.

[Scene: Outside the Rave. Pacey is sitting on a couch outside, when Joey comes out finally finding him, and walks over to join him.]

Joey: You know you're violating the sacred buddy system. No one ventures out alone, remember?

Pacey: Yeah, well, I would've stayed in there, but I was really intimidated by all the intricate steps necessary to enjoy the most tuneless music known to man.

Joey: I, too, felt a little out of place, you know, not having dressed in what could only be described as an homage to Japanese animation.

Pacey: So, why are we here?

Joey: We're trying something new.

Pacey: Yeah, which only really serves to let me know how much I enjoyed the old.

Joey: Hmm! Me, too. But I am glad we came. I mean, if nothing else, to witness the wasted youth of America firsthand.

Pacey: And it ain't pretty. But you, Madame, most certainly are. Mmm! Mmm!

[They Kiss]

Joey: Heh heh heh! Remember how we used to play barnacle for your thoughts?

Pacey: Yes.

Joey: Well, I don't exactly have a barnacle on me, but I could offer you this lovely glow necklace.

Pacey: Oh, which I would gladly accept.

[He puts it on his head.]

Joey: Oh! Gives you that whole Caesar look again. So, I did my part, and I think now you're supposed to tell me something deep and profound.

Pacey: You wanna hear something deep and profound, huh? I miss true love, Joey. I mean, right now, sitting under the stars, my arm around you, let me tell you... I miss true love something fierce.

Joey: I miss her, too, Pacey. Hmm.

[Scene: Inside the Rave. Dawson finds Gretchen as she is walking down the stairs. She is deep in thought when he comes up carrying a glow necklace.]

Dawson: Hey. Glow necklace? All the cool kids seem to be wearing them. No? If you don't like the color, I'd be more than happy to exchange it. They've got others.

Gretchen: No, it's great. Thanks.

Dawson: Is something wrong?

Gretchen: Ok. There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just gonna put it out there. Is it possible, even in the vaguest way, that you're here because you think there's a chance something might be happening between us?

Dawson: I think there is something happening between us. It's called friendship.

Gretchen: And that's all you expect?

Dawson: Did I do something to make you think I expected more?

Gretchen: No. No, sorry. This is so out of the blue, I feel ridiculous that I even mentioned it.

Dawson: Don't feel ridiculous. It's no secret that at one point in my life I would have killed for you to even acknowledge that I was in a room, let alone hang out with you. But, uh... I don't think that's where either one of us are at right now.

Gretchen: So where are we at?

Dawson: Um... Well... When that boat sailed last summer, I didn't just lose Joey. I lost my 2 best friends. But, you know, you move on, and... And if you're lucky, you make new friends like you. You're easy to talk to. You give really good advice. But, uh... I don't expect anything, you know? It's just the opposite, really. It's just... God, it's really nice to just be in the present with somebody.

Gretchen: Ok. Ok? Dance or bounce?

Dawson: Bounce?


[Scene: Inside the Rave. Pacey and Joey walk in to find Drue and Andie. Andie goes up and hugs Pacey.]

Andie: oh, my god! Hi! It's you guys! I love you guys! Mmm!

Drue: [Chuckling] she's feeling the love.

Joey: Apparently. [Giggling] yeah, Andie, I think you've done enough hugging tonight.

Andie: I just wanted to show you guys how much I love you both. You guys are so good together! And, Joey, you are so nice! Well, except for the time when you dumped Dawson for Pacey. That was pretty cold. But, really, who can blame you? I mean, it's Pacey. [Giggles] I pretend not to care, but I have to admit, pace, you are the love of my life, and I am so not over you! I hope it's ok that I said that. I mean, we're all really good friends, so it shouldn't be that big of a secret, right?

Joey: It's news to me, Andie.

Andie: You totally don't have to worry. Pacey is so over me and such the faithful type. If only I had been-- maybe we'd still be together.

Pacey: Andie, are you feeling ok?

Andie: Oh, yeah. [Laughs] I feel great. And I just got into Harvard! Oh! We're gonna go bounce. Come with us! It'll be fun. Come on!

Pacey: No. You guys go ahead.

Andie: Ok! Ok. Let's go! [Giggles]

[Scene: Inside the Rave. Jack is dancing with 2 girls when Jen comes up finally finding him.]

Jen: jack. Jack! Jack!

Jack: What, what?

Jen: Hey. Hey, where'd everybody go?

Jack: Jen, I want you to meet Holly and Liz.

Jen: Right. Hi. Listen, can you just point me to where Andie went, general direction?

Jack: I don't know. I lost track of her when I started hanging out with these guys. I don't know where they went.

Jen: I asked you to do one thing-- one little thing.

Jack: I don't know.

Jen: Come on, we're gonna go find her.

Jack: I--[grumbles] see you guys later. [He is dragged away by Jen.] Hey, what, uh, what is with you? I thought you were like this major Raver. All you seem to be doing is monitoring Andie.

Jen: I'm just making sure she's all right.

Jack: Why wouldn't she be?

Jen: Let's just find her.

[Scene: A large Moon Walk at the Rave. Dawson and Gretchen are bouncing around in it together, when They finally fall over. ]

Dawson: Ha ha ha.

Gretchen: Whoa!

Dawson: Whoa!

[Dawson landing on top of Gretchen.]

Gretchen: Hey, this is a no-parking zone, buddy. Move it.

Dawson: Here.

[Dawson gets up and helps her up. Drue and Andie comes up to join them.]

Andie: Hey, you guys, can we come bounce?

Dawson: Yeah. Plenty of room.

Andie: Thanks! Whoo hoo hoo! Hi there. Wow, this is so much fun! It's like a big gang bounce! I'm having so much fun with Drue and you and Dawson!

[They all bounce around. Andie stops bouncing for a minute, because the lights, noise, and everything is starting to get to her. She start to wobble around, and Dawson notices her.]

Dawson: You ok? You don't look so good, Andie.

Andie: I'm getting a little bit of a headache. Let's sit this one out. Drue?

Dawson: Rest for a minute. You'll be fine.

Andie: Dawson, I'm not feeling so—

[Andie Collapses in Dawson's Arms.]

Dawson: Andie? You all right? Andie?

[Jack and Jen come up and see Andie, and Jack runs over to her.]

Jack: God. Andie--Andie! Dawson, what happened?

Dawson: I don't know. She just collapsed.

Jack: Andie, come on! Wake up! Please don't do this! Come on! Please don't do this, Andie! Somebody help us! Andie! Come on! Come on, wake up. Wake up.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: A special section at the Rave. There are several cots lying around with sever people laying in them. Jack comes in carrying Andie and lies her down on one of them. Jen, Dawson, Gretchen, Pacey and Joey come in after them.]

Jack: We need some help here. It's my sister. We were in the moon bounce, and she just collapsed.

Paramedic: What's she on?

Jack: Uh, an antidepressant, Nardil, I think.

Paramedic: No. What is she on?

Jen: X. She took a tab of ecstasy.

Paramedic: With Nardil? How bad is it?

Paramedic2: Temp's 103. Bp 190 over 110.

Paramedic: We gotta get her to the hospital like 10 minutes ago. On my count. 1, 2, 3.

[They carry her out to the Ambulance. They all follow, and Jack walking next to her the whole way.]

Paramedic: If anyone's gonna ride, get in.

Jack: Yeah, that's me.

Jen: Jack—

Jack: not now, Jen.

Jen: Please let me come with you.

Jack: I think you've done enough for tonight.

Jen: No, you don't understand. I didn't know she was on her medication. I—

Jack: what does it matter? You gave my sister drugs, Jen! Should be you in this ambulance.

[The ambulance leaves and Dawson walks up to Jen.]

Dawson: Do you, uh... You need a ride to the hospital?

Jen: No. No, I should probably just go home.

Dawson: Ok. [He turns to the others.] Let's go, guys.

[Drue walks up to Jen.]

Drue: How is she?

Jen: Not good. Really not good.

Drue: Come on. I'll take you home.

[Scene: Outside Jen's House. Jen and Drue are walking up to her porch talking to each other.]

Jen: At the park, all the warning signs were there. I don't know why I didn't see it.

Drue: She took the stuff. It's not your fault.

Jen: Drue, I practically stamped a-m-a approved on it. I should have known better. I mean, forget her medication, she could have gone down for any number of reasons, and it still would have been my fault.

Drue: Andie is responsible for her own choices, even her bad ones. Why are you so interested in playing the martyr here?

Jen: Does nothing faze you? Andie's my friend, and she's in the hospital right now because of something she got from me, and you don't think that I should feel bad?

Drue: You want something to feel bad about? How about the way your "friends" iced you?

Jen: I hate... I hate the way you twist everything.

Drue: Hate it all you want. The truth still is, no matter what Andie tells them, Monday at school they're gonna treat you like this is your fault. You came here the banished bad seed, Jen. That's all you'll ever be to them. You know what? They want you to play that role so that they can feel better about the pathetic, plastic, Mayberry existence they're living.

Jen: And I thought that I was damaged.

Drue: You are. So am I. And that's why we need each other. We're coming from the same place here, Jen.

Jen: No, Drue. We came from the same place, but now we're miles apart, and I intend to keep it that way. I'm gonna call my friend and see how she's doing.

[Scene: In the Hospital outside Andie's Room. Jack walks out to join Dawson, Gretchen, Joey and Pacey sitting outside the door.]

Jack: You get him?

Dawson: Taken care of.

Jack: Thanks.

Gretchen: How's Andie?

Jack: Uh...She's, uh, she's stable now. They said that she went into some kind of hypertensive crisis. See, Andie's on this older type of antidepressant, and it turns out it's, you know, it's a time bomb when it's mixed with the wrong thing. So, uh... In a way I guess, uh, we're pretty lucky the way things turned out, that she didn't, um... God, she could have died. They want to, um, they want to keep her overnight, so...I know she appreciates you guys being here and everything, but... I don't think she's in the mood for visitors right now. So maybe you should just go home, give her a call tomorrow, see how she's feeling.

Gretchen: You're right. I'm sure she needs her rest. I think we do, too.

Jack: Yeah. So...I'll see you guys tomorrow.

[Jack walks back into the room.]

Gretchen: Are you ok, pace?

Pacey: No. No. I should have known that something was wrong. I mean, I knew. I just didn't know how bad it was.

Dawson: Even if you had realized, there's nothing you could have done.

Joey: Yeah.

Pacey: I think I want to stay here tonight... If that's ok.

Joey: Completely. You want company?

[She hugs him.]

Pacey: No, I'll just give you a call when I get home, ok?

Joey: Here. In case you need something to rest on.

[She hands him her Jacket.]

[Scene: Gretchen and Pacey's place. Gretchen and Dawson walk up to the porch stopping before getting to the door.]

Gretchen: Not exactly the evening I had in mind when I invited you.

Dawson: Well, I don't think anybody had this evening in mind. But, uh... I'm glad I went.

Gretchen: Me, too.

Dawson: So, uh... Good night. See you at work.

Gretchen: All right. Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah?

Gretchen: Your friendship means a lot to me, too. Coming back here has been really hard, and somehow you've made the transition a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought it could be.

Dawson: Good. That's what friends are for.

Gretchen: Well, good night.

Dawson: Good night.

[Scene: Standing in front of the Mitch Mobile. Joey is standing there when Dawson comes walking back.]

Dawson: Weird night, huh?

Joey: Yeah. I'm not even tired.

Dawson: How 'bout hungry?

[They hop in the car.]

[Scene: The hospital room. Mr. Mcphee and Jack are sitting on either side of Andie's bed.]

Andie: I'm sorry, daddy. I really am.

Mr. Mcphee: I'm not mad, Andie.

Jack: I am. The--the three of us, we, um... We need each other. You can't do stupid things like this, Andie. You just can't. I mean, think about what our family's been through already.

Andie: I know. I'm sorry. I know it was stupid. It's the stupidest thing I've ever done. I don't know. It's just... I wanted to feel something, you know? Anything.

Mr. Mcphee: It's ok. We'll get through this as long as we can communicate, you know, as... A family. You have to tell us what you're going through. No more secrets.

[Pacey comes in carrying 2 cups of coffee.]

Pacey: Ok. Hey. It's a...25-cent coffee from the machine, so don't get your hopes up.

Mr. Mcphee: Thank you.

Andie: You stayed.

Pacey: Well, you know, I didn't have anything better to do, so I figured I'd just stay and bug you.

Andie: You're not bugging me. About the things that I said, Pacey...

Pacey: Hey, don't worry about what you said. Doesn't matter. What matters now is that you're ok.

Andie: Thanks.

[Scene: A pier on the creek. Joey and Dawson walk to the end of it during the sunrise and stop at the end of it.]

Dawson: It doesn't seem right to have such a beautiful sunrise after the night we just had.

Joey: I can't shake the way that Andie looked when they put her in that ambulance.

Dawson: It's scary how things can turn so bad so fast.

Joey: It's scary how real everything's been this year, you know? Jen and Pacey in the storm, and Andie tonight... Does make you kinda realize that any one of us could go at any moment for the stupidest of reasons.

Dawson: Yeah. I remember when parties used to be bowling and birthday cakes, you know? Now they're high-risk adventures that can actually kill you. Another perk of growing up in the new millennium.

Joey: You know, less than a year, Dawson, and we'll all be outta here.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: It's really sad to think that after 18 years of living down the creek from each other, there's gonna be no one rowing our boats anymore.

Dawson: Well, I wouldn't put our boats in dry-dock just yet.

Joey: You have plans for our boats?

Dawson: I do. I think you should give yours to Alexander, because I'm gonna be giving mine to my new brother or sister.

Joey: That's why gale's been so sick lately? She's pregnant?

Dawson: Mm-hmm.

Joey: Congratulations! Oh, my god! Well, you know, Capeside wouldn't be Capeside without a little leery running around.

Dawson: Or rowing across the creek to get to your house.

Joey: Sounds weird, but hearing that, makes me feel—

Dawson: old?

Joey: How'd you know that?

Dawson: It's the way I felt. Nothing--ha--propels you into adulthood faster than the next generation nipping at your heels.

Joey: You know, Dawson, um... I think about it sometimes, and... Wherever we go next, it's hard to imagine life without you.

Dawson: You did pretty well for 3 months.

Joey: I think you know what I mean.

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, I do. [Sighs]

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