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  04x13 - Hopeless
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Episode 413 - Hopeless

[Scene: The Leery Fish House. Gretchen is talking on the phone to one of her friends while working behind the bar.]

Gretchen: Ok. I'll ask him. Ok. Tara, I gotta go. I'll talk to you.

[Gale comes up to her, not looking too happy.]

Gretchen: Sorry. She's a talker.

Gale: Where is table 9's cabernet? I asked you for it 10 minutes ago.

Gretchen: Oh. Friday night frenzy. We've already gone through 10 bottles of the Cakebread preserve, which means you're having an amazing night.

Gale: Which means nothing if we can't put the orders on the tables. You know, maybe if you weren't taking personal calls, you'd have time to get the other case.

[Gale leaves and Dawson comes up carrying a case of wine.]

Dawson: Hey. Took me a while to find it.

Gretchen: Great. Ah. Thank you. [She hands the bottle to the waitress] Table 9, A.S.A.P. Thanks. Ok. So please tell me that your mother is this edgy at home, too, that it's not just something about me that gets her knickers in a twist.

Dawson: No. It's called hormones. In case you haven't noticed, she's seriously close to poppin' out number 2.

Gretchen: Right. So it's not like it has anything to do... With...Well, us?

Dawson: No. You kidding? My mom loves you.

Gretchen: Yeah, me as Pacey's sister and her ever-trusty barkeep, maybe. Me as Mrs. Robinson, maybe not.

Dawson: Come on. 3 years does not make you Mrs. Robinson.

Gretchen: So that incredibly hostile vibe I just felt is not about us. Because... We're good. And...We're good together.

Dawson: I like to think so.

Gretchen: Right. Solid.

Dawson: [Chuckles]

Gretchen: so, I was thinking... Maybe it's time that you and I progressed to the next stage. You know, after a few weeks coupling, it's time that we actually go out amongst others and meet the friends.

Dawson: As in your friends?

Gretchen: Yeah. Aren't you a little curious to meet my friends?

Dawson: Yeah. Definitely. Someday.

Gretchen: How's tomorrow? Two of my best pals from college are swinging through to see this band, and I told them if it was ok with you that we'd go.

Dawson: Tomorrow?

Gretchen: Ok. Hey, I know that meet-the-friends night can be incredibly scary for the new guy.

Dawson: You actually refer to me as the new guy.

Gretchen: Oh, not me. Them. But that's why you need to meet them-- so they can get to know you. And then you can invariably wow and impress them.

Dawson: And if I only variably wow and impress?

Gretchen: Oh, then I dump you.

Dawson: Well. Very kind of you.

Gretchen: [Chuckles] Just be yourself. They'll love you.

[She bends over the counter to kiss him, when Gale comes walking up to them]

Gale: [Clears throat]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Drue is in the office talking with his mother when Joey comes up to it.]

Drue: Thank you.

Mrs. Valentine: I give you a lot of leeway around here, Drue. You want that to continue, you will do as I say.

Drue: You ever noticed the pushier you get, the more you resemble a Disney villainess?

[Joey walks into the room as Drue leaves.]

Mrs. Valentine: You want something, miss potter?

Joey: Uh... No. Actually, I'm good. I just stopped by to let you know that I was here.

Mrs. Valentine: This wouldn't, by any chance, be about that quaint, upcoming senior trip... Would it... The one where if you have any hope in hell of going, you're gonna need a Friday and Saturday off?

Joey: I'D...Really rather, uh, come back another time and maybe catch you in a rare moment of open-minded generosity.

Mrs. Valentine: This is it, princess. Grab it while you can.

Joey: You mean you'd actually consider giving me the time off?

Mrs. Valentine: Giving? No. Trading...Perhaps. There is this date tonight that Drue is going on with Anna Evans.

Joey: As in Dr. Evans, president of the club's board?

Mrs. Valentine: Anna is his daughter. You probably wouldn't know her. She's your age, but she goes to a much better school.

Joey: She's rich and important, so you're having Drue take her out.

Mrs. Valentine: Precisely. And I want you and that boyfriend of yours to go with them. You two are the perfect couple.

Joey: Thank you.

Mrs. Valentine: It's important that Anna have a nice time tonight. And if she does, the days off are yours. If not, you'll be working Friday and Saturday shifts for the rest of the year.

Joey: When should we be ready?

[Scene: Mr. Brooks' House. Dawson and Mr. Brooks are working on the movie, on Dawson's laptop computer.]

Mr. Brooks: How come you chose that clip instead of the Tuesday interview?

Dawson: You were more concise here.

Mr. Brooks: [Chuckles uncertainly] Well, whatever you like best. They're both fine.

[Grams comes into the room with a tray.]

Grams: You two have been at that all morning. Why don't you take a break?

Dawson: Well, I've actually got lunch plans, so... As much as I hate to stop...

Grams: I have to go get another bottle of Percoset. I'll be right back.

[Grams Leaves.]

Mr. Brooks: Before you go, kid, there's somethin' I want to ask you.

Dawson: Yeah. What's up?

Mr. Brooks: Uh, I can't get to the store to get my pills, and, um, Evelyn's been takin' me, and I hate it.

Dawson: Yeah, whatever I can do to help.

Mr. Brooks: Here. [He takes some documents out of his sweater and hands them to Dawson to sign.] Sign these. It's just lawyer talk... Legalese. Gobbledygook. Here.

Dawson: Saying what, exactly?

Mr. Brooks: Well, I designate you as my, uh, gofer.

Dawson: Oh.

Mr. Brooks: Gives you the right to go get my medicines for me... If you, uh... If you want.

Dawson: I'm flattered you ask. Yeah.

Mr. Brooks: Hurry up and sign 'em before Evelyn gets back. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Dawson: All right.

Mr. Brooks: All right.

[Mr. Brooks quickly hides the documents as Grams comes into the room.]

Dawson: Be back in about an hour.

Mr. Brooks: Yeah.

Grams: Have a good time, Dawson.

Dawson: Ok.

[Dawson Leaves]

Mr. Brooks: [Sighs] Ohhh...God.

Grams: Mmm. Nursing agency called. They said they haven't received a check yet for next month.

Mr. Brooks: Well, I remember sending it! Damn post office. Enough to make anybody sick.

[He fakes taking the pills and hides them in his pocket.]

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Pacey is sitting on the couch, when Gretchen comes into the living room wearing a tight sweater.]

Pacey: Oh, no, no, no.

Gretchen: Are you offering a fashion opinion here, Pace? 'Cause you'll have to excuse me if I find your credibility in that department somewhat lacking.

Pacey: I'm offering a brother's opinion. Ok? And as a brother, I can tell you that that... Is not going-out-of- the-house outfit. It's better the bottom layer of something that could become a going-out-of- the-house outfit, but not until you put on a sweater or somethin'.

Gretchen: This is a sweater.

Pacey: No, it's not. A sweater is a big, baggy, shapeless thing that hides the human form. They're specifically designed for sisters about to go out on dates.

Gretchen: This isn't even a date. It's a group activity. Keira and Jessica are gonna pick me up any second. And what are you still doin' here, anyway?

Pacey: Well, I was just getting mentally prepared for yet another night of being the perfect boyfriend. It's a thankless job. Long hours, very few rewards. Not that I'm in it for the rewards, of course.

Gretchen: No. Of course not. True love waits.

Pacey: And waits and waits.

Gretchen: Is something up?

Pacey: No.

Gretchen: Because if something were up—

Pacey: But nothing's up.

Gretchen: Well, if something were up and you wanted to talk about it---

Pacey: Then I would. I absolutely would. But I'm not going to because guess what's up.

Gretchen: Something.

Pacey: Nothing.

[Horn honks]

Gretchen: [chuckles] You are so saved by the horn.

Pacey: [Sighs] Have fun workin' the boulevard.

[Scene: Outside the Mcphee House. Tobey is staring at the door trying to get the courage to go up and knock, when Jack comes jogging up from behind him.]

Toby: I should've known you're the type that jogs.

Jack: What type is that, exactly?

Toby: The country club family type. You probably play a mean game of tennis, right?

Jack: Huh. Golf, actually. Tobey, what are you doin' here?

Toby: I've, uh...Uh, come to proposition you. Relax. It's merely a turn of phrase. You see, I--I'm doing this thing tutoring kids with the Boston Inner City Reading Cunsel. We're desperate for anybody who can read.

Jack: Yeah, that makes me feel special.

Toby: Come on. Check your attitude at the door, and let's get serious for a minute. I mean, Jen told me you liked working with kids. Well, here are some kids who need you to teach them. You interested or not? It's that simple.

Jack: Tell you what I'm not interested in is a repeat of the soccer incident.

Toby: Well, hey, everybody at the counsel knows I'm gay. Nobody cares. It--it's not an issue.

Jack: Uh...I don't know. I don't think I want to get into somethin' like that right now.

Toby: Well, uh, if you change your mind, we tutor 'em in the library at Jordan Junior High. Uh, weekend nights, after 7:00.

[Door opens and closes]

[Scene: Outside the Capeside Yacht Club. Joey and Pacey are waiting for Drue and Anna to get there.]

Pacey: I know that you work for Satan's handmaiden and all, but does that really have to involve double-dating with her evil spawn?

Joey: You want me on the senior trip, don't you?

Pacey: Well, of course. You know me. I mean, I want you on a boat, ski resort, parking lot. I'm not choosy.

Joey: Look, Pace, just remember, we're not here to have a good time. Ok?

Pacey: I wouldn't even dream of it.

Joey: And this Anna person, whoever she is, she's the one having a good time. And no matter how high she registers on the over privileged bitch-o-meter, just promise you'll be nice.

Pacey: When am I ever not nice?

Joey: Pace... []

Pacey: What a good boy.

Joey: Mmm...

[Anna and Drue pull up and get out of the car.]

Anna: I don't understand why people are always honking their horns. Like, I don't know they're behind me?

Drue: Could it be 'cause you're camped out in the middle of the intersection rethinking your eye makeup?

Anna: Well, it could've been smudged. Is--is it smudged?

Drue: Relax. Potter here knows about as much about makeup as I do. Besides, no one's had quite the heart to tell her the natural look went out before she was born.

Joey: Oh, poor me.

Anna: Don't listen to him. The natural look is so in. I totally read about it in the new allure. [To Pacey] You must be Joey.

Pacey: Nice to meet you. Anna. Hi. [Chuckling]

Joey: You're not Joey. I'm Joey. Nice to meet you, Anna.

Drue: Pacey, guy. Joey, girl. I told you a thousand times in the car.

Anna: Who's potter?

Drue: Right. So much for the polite chitchat. Let's get this disaster on the road.

[Pacey goes over and opens the door for Anna.]

Pacey: Let me get that for you. [She gets in and Joey looks over at him from the other side of the car and smiles.] Be nice.

Joey: Mm-hmm.

[Scene: Mr. Brooks' House. Mr. Brooks is watching the finished video on Dawson's Laptop as Dawson sits back and watches.]

Video: My passion for pictures... Is gone. Hard as I tried, as far into my soul as I searched, I... Couldn't find it.

Dawson: Well...I think that section's pretty much done.

Mr. Brooks: It's all done... 93 minutes of the life and filmic times of A.I. Brooks.

Dawson: I was thinking a little work in the Columbia years could help it move along a little faster.

Mr. Brooks: Lock the picture, do your credits, and run it for an audience.

Dawson: You don't think a tweak here, an edit there, would make it better?

Mr. Brooks: Could be better, could be worse. Could be just... Different.

Dawson: [Chuckles]

Mr. Brooks: The thing to do now is, uh... Let it go.

Dawson: Right. At least for tonight, anyway. All right, let's get you in the living room for some of that music you love to blare.

[Dawson pushes Mr. Brooks' Wheelchair into the Living Room.]

Mr. Brooks: Hey, when are you gonna tell me more about your girl?

Dawson: Oh, Gretchen? The one you refer to as the local ditz?

Mr. Brooks: Ah, that was said with great affection.

Dawson: [Chuckling] yeah, right. She's, uh... She's pretty terrific. But, uh, you know, we're takin' it easy.

Mr. Brooks: Don't take it too easy. You're not my age. You hear me?

Dawson: [Chuckles] I hear you.

Mr. Brooks: You're still young enough to fall in and out of love a few more times before you get it right.

Dawson: That doesn't sound like... A lot of fun.

Mr. Brooks: It isn't. And it is. And it isn't. It's worth it every damn time.

Dawson: Someone's on a prophetic roll this evening.

Mr. Brooks: Pancreatic cancer will make a prophet out of anybody.

Dawson: [Chuckles] well, um... I guess I'll... Cut out, unless there's anything else you want me to do.

Mr. Brooks: Yeah. I, uh... It's hard for me to get out of this chair. Give me a hand, will you? Give me your hand.

Dawson: Sure.

[Dawson helps him up, and over to the chair and while Mr. Brooks is leaning on him, he gives Dawson a hug with a tear in his eye, and Dawson hugs him back before lowering him down into the chair.]

Dawson: Well... There you go.

Mr. Brooks: Yeah. Picture's not half-bad. [Chuckles] not just because it's about me, either.

Dawson: We should make another one sometime.

Mr. Brooks: Anytime, kid. Anytime.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson goes up to the front door and opens it to find Gretchen and her two friends outside.]

Dawson: Here you are! Hey. I started to think you forgot about me.

Gretchen: Sorry. We just, uh... We started talking, and we totally lost track of time. [Chuckles] Dawson, this is Keira and Jessica my 2 suitemates from freshman year.

Keira: Which means we're friends basically due to random computer assignment. Great house. Rental?

Dawson: Uh, no. This is my parents' house. Uh, speaking of whom, there's, uh, one of 'em now. Mom, this is Keira and Jessica.

Gale: Hello.

Keira: Nice to meet you.

Dawson: Are we gonna make it?

Gretchen: Uh, yeah. The show doesn't start till 9-ish, so we have more than enough time to get there.

Dawson: Great.

Gale: Uh, what show you going to?

Dawson: Some club up in Bingham bay. We'll be back late. I'll see you in the morning.

Gale: Wait a second, Dawson. I'm not sure I like the idea of you going to a club. I mean, do they serve alcohol there?

Dawson: You serve alcohol in the restaurant. Doesn't seem to bother you when I'm there, so why should this be a problem?

Gale: You're my son and I worry about you, that's why. And, uh, since when do you go...Clubbing?

Dawson: It's--well, we're not dropping in on Studio 54. We're having dinner and seeing a band.

Gale: Still, I would feel better if I at least knew you were gonna be home at a certain time, say, by 1:00.

Dawson: [Chuckles] that sounds like a curfew, um... Which I've never had before in... My life. You know, I-- can I just put you guys outside? All right?

Dawson: Ok. Thank you. See you in the car.

[They go outside]

Dawson: Ok. Thanks. If you're trying to embarrass me, consider it a job very well done. I'm completely humiliated.

Gale: I am trying to protect you.

Dawson: From what? The dangers of having a good time with my girlfriend? Come on.

Gale: No. The dangers of getting hurt by a woman whom, as perfect a person as she seems right now, might actually be in a different place in her life.

Dawson: Mom, it's not like that with Gretchen.

Gale: Honey... I'm not so sure.

Dawson: Well, I am. And you know what? It really doesn't matter what you think, 'cause it's my life and it's my relationship. If you want to express a little last-minute maternal control, you're gonna have to wait for the next one to come along, 'cause I really don't want that from you anymore.

[Scene: The Mini Golf range. Anna is trying to line up a put, but she is visibly disturbed by the windmill as the others wait for her to take her shot.]

Drue: [Sighs] just...Hit... The ball...Already. At this rate, we're gonna be here all night.

Joey: Well, it's a date. We're supposed to be here all night. Take your time, Anna.

Pacey: You know what? Let me give you a hand with this. [He goes over to the windmill and stops it from spinning.] And, uh, can I give you a friendly word of advice?

Anna: Thanks.

Pacey: It's not really about power. It's all finesse. So you just loosen up on your grip and swing through.

Anna: All right.

Drue: You know what? Just because you skeeves have nothin' better to do doesn't mean I'm planning on spending my entire night among the socially challenged. I've got a date later with the honey I want to be with.

[Drue takes his mobile phone out of his pocket and Joey grabs it from him.]

Drue: What exactly is your problem with mobile technology?

Joey: It's invasive and irritating, like you. You are on a date, and unless you want a repeat of the bodily damage I did to you in the storage room, you start being nice to her.

Drue: I get it. You'd like me to be a little more like Pacey.

Joey: Well...Now that you mention it, it definitely wouldn't hurt.

Drue: Mm-hmm. And he does seem to be enjoying himself, doesn't he? But then, why wouldn't he be?

[Anna eventually sinks the putt and she runs over and hugs Pacey for the help.]

Anna: Oh! Oh, my god! I did it! Aah! I did it! Ha ha! [Chuckles]

Drue: Nice work, you two. Very nice.

[Scene: Junior High Library. Jack enters the library to find several children sitting at the tables learning to read from various people. He looks over to see Tobey helping a young child.]

Toby: And you use all file groups, right?

Kid: Mm-hmm.

Toby: Hey, I'll-- I'll be right back. [Chuckles] Well, well. Look who's slummin'. Little Jack sprat.

Jack: [Chuckles] I did not come down here to be your whipping boy, Tobey, so, uh, check the attitude at the door, please, and let's get serious for a second.

Toby: Clever. [Chuckles] All that and sass, too. Maybe you are one of the tribe after all.

Jack: [Chuckles coolly] all right. So, uh... Tell me how this tutoring thing works, exactly.

Toby: Uh, you read with them. Encourage them to sound out a word, and them, uh, help them if they can't. Mostly, though, just be nice to 'em.

Jack: I can do that.

Toby: I know. That's why I asked you down here.

Jack: Mmm.

[Scene: Gretchen's Car. Gretchen and Jessica are sitting in the front seats, while Dawson and Keira are sitting in the back seats.]

Keira: After the impromptu kitchen counter event, which, by the way, I do not recommend if you've left any sharp implements lying around... And the chill factor... Definitely! Just remember that tile is very cold.

[All chuckle]

Keira: Well, we're in the living room heading for the bedroom, and the next thing I know...Mmmtt! Round 2! The guy needed, like, no recovery time. Oh...Is this too much for you?

Dawson: No. [Stammers] it's--it's fascinating.

Gretchen: [Chuckling] Keira's... Keira's love life is always a little fascinating.

[Both giggling]

Jessica: Oh, god. You guys remember this song?

Keira: Turn it up!

Gretchen: To Jack! There was this guy on our floor-- total Dionne Farris freak! He used to play this on his keyboard to try to impress us. You know it?

Dawson: Now it's time for me to be strong vaguely, yeah.

Girls: Hello, morning ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Sure missed you last night last night, last night, last night sing it, Dionne! Ha ha ha!

[Scene: Inside the Mini Golf House. Joey and Anna are sitting at the table while Pacey and Drue return the equipment.]

Anna: So this whole myth that certain girls can't wear red lipstick is a total lie, and it only makes people with yellowish skin tones feel bad about themselves, which is so mean.

[Pacey and Drue join them.]

Pacey: What's mean?

Joey: Uh, we're... Just discussing the beauty industry and how it, uh, manipulates and contorts the perception of ourselves in service of a capitalistic economy.

Pacey: Oh.

Drue: See what we've been missin', Pacey? An intellectual conversation. Hey, perhaps Anna here can grace us with her opinion on that whole electoral college controversy.

Joey: Drue...Lay off.

Anna: No, that's ok. I think people should be allowed to go to whatever college they want to. I mean, as long as their parents can afford it, what's the big deal?

Drue: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the marveling, idiotic mental feats of Anna Evans. Warning-- do not try this at home or with more than 2 brain cells.

Anna: You're such a jerk.

Drue: You're the one who ordered your daddy to arrange this whole night for you. You happy now? See, unlike your nose job, I can't be bought.

Pacey: Ok. [Snickers] With that happy little anecdote, I think this sick and twisted evening is now over.

Drue: It's sweet, isn't it... The way he always rises to the defense of damsels in distress, especially the blonder ones?

Pacey: Are we in agreement here that punching him in the face has now completely entered the appropriate zone?

Drue: Before you do, answer me one question, Witter. Guy to guy, ok? How come beautiful girls who are dumb as a box of rocks will only put out if you tell 'em they're smart, while the ones who actually are smart will only perform sexual favors if you tell 'em they're beautiful?

Anna: This is all my fault.

Joey: No, it's not. Nothing is your fault.

Anna: Yes, it is. Oh, I can't believe I was so stupid! I feel like such an idiot. Oh! I can't believe I slept with you!

[She storms off.]

Pacey: I gotta admit I didn't see that one comin'.

[Scene: Outside the Club. Gretchen, Dawson, Jessica and Keira pull up and get into line to get into the club.]

Gretchen: How you doin'?

Dawson: [Chuckling] well... It's been an interesting evening so far. I've been humiliated by my mother. I've learned more about Keira than I think I want to. And, uh... Honestly, I've never felt so 17 in my entire life.

Gretchen: My god. Are you really 17? What am I doin' with you? [Chuckles] I'm kidding.

Dawson: Ha, ha.

Gretchen: Look, Keir, jess, and I are just catching up. It'll be over soon. So the worst of the night is already behind you.

Bouncer: How're y'all doin' this evenin'?

Gretchen: Good.

Bouncer: All right. Drink safe and designate a driver.

Dawson: That will be me. I'm not drinking.

Bouncer: Are you under 21.

Dawson: Yeah.

Bouncer: Ok. Let me see your left hand.

[He stamps “Under 21” on Dawson's hand.]

Dawson: [Chuckles] you have no idea how perfectly this encapsulates my life right now.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Docks outside. Anna is standing at the end of one of the piers looking into the water, when Pacey comes walking up to join her.]

Pacey: Please tell me that you're not shedding so much as one tear over Drue valentine. The man is a world-class moron.

Anna: Yeah, well, if that's the case, shouldn't we be perfect for each other?

Pacey: You know how some people are good at books? I'm not at all good with books. People like you and I, we just... We have to figure out what our thing is and then become good at it.

Anna: I know what I'm good at. Men.

Pacey: [Chuckles] Well, I suppose it's a good thing that you've already figured that out. But there has to be something else that you're good at.

Anna: Not really. It's always been the easiest thing for me. But with Drue... I wanted him to like me for more than the way I look.

Pacey: You don't know that he doesn't.

Anna: Yeah, but… Now I'll never know. I blew it. I fell into bed too easily. If I hadn't… Do you think he might've liked me?

Pacey: I can't answer that. But I can answer you this-- I have only just met you, Anna, and I can already tell that there are a lot of nice things about you... Besides the way you look. And if Drue valentine can't see that, well, that's his loss, not yours.

[Scene: Inside the Club. Dawson, Gretchen, and Jessica are sitting at a table when Keira walks up to join them.]

Jessica: Ok, so not only does the creep have another girl, but he has another apartment across town that she's living in.

Gretchen: Oh! Bastard. That's terrible.

Jessica: One more for my loser list, which means I edge past you with 7.

Keira: Ah, but I'm still the leader with 9.

Dawson: What, you--you guys keep a running count of all the losers you've dated?

Keira: Well, only the ones we've slept with.

Jessica: Yeah, if we'd included the ones we'd also dated, we'd be in the triple digits by now.

Gretchen: [All chuckle] But don't worry, Dawson. You're way too nice of a guy to ever end up on my loser list.

Keira: Oh, wait. How often have I heard that before? Look, for all of Gretchen's strong points, she's not the best judge of men. But I'm sure that doesn't include you. You--you seem nice.

Dawson: Why does everybody keep saying that? I'm not really that nice.

Gretchen: [Gretchen chuckles] Well, Dawson, I think she just means you're not the kind of a guy who would take me to a concert, meet another girl in line, then dump me, leaving me to find my own ride back to school.

Dawson: That actually happened to you?

Keira: Oh, yeah. Loser number 2.

Jessica: Well, he's probably no number 6, either.

Gretchen: Ok, you know what? Let's not do this. I'm really not drunk enough to sit here and go through the entire list of my life's most embarrassing choices.

Jessica: Come on, he doesn't know about lucky.

Gretchen: Jess.

Dawson: Lucky? Which loser is he?

Keira: Lucky is a leprechaun that Gretch had tattooed on her hip to impress... Loser number 5.

Jessica: He's a total rocker.

Gretchen: But at least it's there to remind me to never, ever date a musician again, no matter how hot or sexy he might be, girl.

[The girls chuckle]

Gretchen: but that's why I'm so happy to have Dawson. You know, at least I know you won't shred my heart.

[Mary Beth Maziarz goes up on stage and begins to play some romantic music, and Gretchen snuggles up close to Dawson as they listen to the music]

[Scene: Junior High Library. Jack is working with Will, as he tries to learn to read better.]

Will: "And...Then... "They... Took the me-a-su-ra--" ohh, I don't like this story!

Jack: [Clears throat] Um... We could read another one. You have to have somethin' ready for class, right?

Will: There's nothing good in here!

Jack: You know...I used to have the same problem. School stories? Bored me. I mean, where did they come up with this stuff? You know, I bet you, you and I, we could make up a better story. Have you ever done that? You just sit around in your room, and just think up your own story?

Will: Sometimes... I guess.

Jack: Yeah? Ok. Will... Tell me about a story you thought up.

Will: I had this...Idea about...[Chuckles]... About aliens takin' me to the moon.

Jack: See, that's perfect. I love that. That's great. Ok. See, what we're gonna do, you're gonna tell me a story, I'm gonna write it down. Monday you tell it to your class.

Will: Can I do that?

Jack: Yeah. Sure. I mean, the assignment was to read "a story." It can be whatever you want. Except there's one rule. You can only use words that you can spell. Deal?

Will: Ok.

Jack: Ok. Gimme a title.

Will: Beam me to the moon... A story about a spaceship that—

Jack: Well, hold on, hold oooonnnn. How do you spell "beam"?

Will: B-E... E-M?

Jack: Close. Close. Very close. Look it up, buddy.

[Jack hands him a Children's Dictionary.]

Will: "B-e-a-m"? Oh, yeah. And "spaceship..." S-p-a-c-e-s-h-i-p. Is that right?

Jack: Absolutely. And that's a tough one to spell. I'm very impressed. Keep goin'.

[Tobey looks on from out of sight.]

[Scene: The Mini Golf house. Drue is hitting on two girls when Joey comes walking up to join him.]

Drue: Anytime. Come to the yacht club. I'll take you out on one of my boats. Ok?

Joey: Drue, I think it's time we talk about the baby. I think you need to take responsibility and marry me.

[The two girls leave.]

Drue: You know, everyone here thinks you're so sweet, but I know better. You're really a minion from the deep, sent here to make my life a living hell.

Joey: Mmm. Hell would be too good for you. Think you could try to explain to me how you can sleep with her and then treat her like that? Have you no capacity for human kindness?

Drue: Very little.

Joey: How does someone like you end up so—

Drue: Damaged?

Joey: Completely.

Drue: Just lucky, I guess.

Joey: You have this whole witty Drue routine you do. But it's just a front for some really scared kid who's desperate for people to love him and desperately trying to keep any sort of intimacy away.

Drue: Mmm. How insightful.

Joey: It doesn't take a PhD. To interpret your behavior. It's classic first grade. You know what? You keep acting like this, and your worst fear's gonna come true-- you're gonna walk through life alone.

Drue: I'm not really good with girls. I'm actually incredibly bad with them.

[Joey is quite shocked at this.]

Joey: How come?

Drue: My guess? Uh... Spending my formative years in all-boys institutions. Pretty much all I know how to do is pick on women or sleep with them. I was never around them much longer to get good at doing anything else.

Joey: You're doing something else right now. I mean... You're being honest and...And real. You should work on that.

[Drue looks over Joey's shoulder to see Anna and Pacey enter.]

Drue: They look kinda cute together, don't they? Yeah. They have that warm, wondrous glow of 2 people who've had sex. Not...With each other... Of course. Seperat--oh, you get my drift. Oh, whoops. I forgot. That's a subject you know absolutely nothing about.

[Pacey and Anna walk over to join them.]

Anna: I can't believe you spent the whole summer on a boat. My dad could totally use someone like you. He's always looking for help, and I'm, like, "sailing? No way."

[Pacey puts his hand affectionately onto Joey's shoulder then takes her hand.]

Pacey: Well, you just haven't done it with the right person yet.

[Scene: Junior High Library. Jack is finishing up with Will and he is getting ready to go.]

Jack: All right. Next week have another one ready.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Good job, buddy.

[Will meets his mother at the door and they leave.]

Toby: It's the first time I've seen will excited about comin' back.

Jack: Yeah, well, he's a good kid. He just needed to be interested in somethin'.

Toby: And you got him there. That must feel good.

Jack: Feels great, actually. I'm all wired from it.

[Both chuckle]

Toby: Good. Hey, I'm, um, meetin' some friends for coffee around the corner. Why don't you come? Um... I promise not to keep you out too late.

Jack: Ok. Yeah. Just-- just for a little bit, though.

[Scene: Outside the Club Dawson, Gretchen and her friends are leaving the club after listening to the band.]

Jessica: Wow! I do not want to get in a car and drive back yet.

Gretchen: I know. It went so fast. I feel like we've barely talked.

Keira: I know what this group needs-- some French fries and some black-and-tans.

Gretchen: Dex's!

Jessica: Dex's!

Gretchen: Oh, you'll love Dex's. It's one of our favorite places.

Dawson: Uh, I probably can't get in.

Keira: Oh, they never used to card. They probably still don't.

[Dawson hold up his hand with “Under 21” still on it.]

Jessica: Oh. Right. That.

Dawson: Yeah. So...You-- you guys go.

Gretchen: Without you?

Dawson: Yeah. Just 'cause I can't get in doesn't mean the evening should end for everybody. So you guys go. Have a great time. And I'll--I'll take a cab back.

Gretchen: No. Don't be ridiculous. No. We've been drinking. You take the car. We'll get the cab.

Dawson: Ok. Ah.

Gretchen: God, I have the best boyfriend. [She Kisses him.] I'll call you tomorrow.

Dawson: Ok.

Gretchen: Ok.

[Gretchen gives him her keys.]

Jessica: Bye, Dawson.

Keira: It was great to meet you. Bye.

Dawson: Bye.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside the Yacht Club. Joey, Pacey, Drue and Anna all get out of the car after she has pulled up.]

Anna: Guess this is it. Sorry about that whole left turn from the right lane thing.

Drue: You know what? These--these lanes, they aren't even really marked right on this part of Market Street.

Anna: It was nice meeting you, Joey.

Joey: You, too.

Anna: Oh, I almost forgot. I feel really weird keeping this.

[Anna hands him a stuffed Bear.]

Pacey: Ahh, it was your quarter. Well, I think Joey would like it.

Joey: Thank you.

Anna: Good night.

Joey: Good night.

Pacey: Good night.

[Joey and Pacey leave]

Drue: Um... If you ever want to go out...Again sometime... You don't have to get my mother to coerce me. You know?

Anna: I won't. I promise.

Drue: And thanks for letting me off the hook about not calling. Most girls would consider that completely unforgivable.

Anna: Well, I don't, but... I'm easy.

Drue: [Chuckles] That's cute... The way you sort of make fun of yourself.

Anna: Cute--likable or cute--annoying ditz?

Drue: No. Likable. Definitely. Definitely.

[Scene: Mr. Brook's House. Grams and Mr. Brooks are playing Scrabble by the fireplace.]

Grams: If I'd only had an "s," I could have bingos. [Chuckles] you all right, Arthur?

Mr. Brooks: Oh, just a little tired.

Grams: Well, why don't we stop, then? I should be getting home, anyway. [She notices him smiling]What?

Mr. Brooks: I'm kinda glad that leery kid stole my boat.

Grams: [Chuckles] we'd met before. Barbara Seibertz brought you to the church bazaar. And you purchased 2 of my apple pies... After complaining bitterly that they were highly overpriced.

Mr. Brooks: They were peach and worth every penny.

Grams: Mmm. A compliment. 10 years late, but nice to have, all the same.

[Grams starts to put away the scrabble Grams, and notices a box filled with the pills that Mr. Brooks has been hiding.]

Mr. Brooks: [Chuckles] I have to stay alert if I'm gonna play scrabble with you.

Grams: This is not funny, Arthur. You've been hoarding your medication for weeks. Arthur--

Mr. Brooks: Please. [Sighs] I knew you'd understand.

Grams: How could I possibly understand something like this?

Mr. Brooks: Because you know that living without dignity is not living.

Grams: Now, this is in god's hands, Arthur. There is a natural course of events.

Mr. Brooks: [Sighs] as long as I can think for myself, I determine them. I mean, this doesn't belong in god's hands or in yours. It belongs in mine. Look, with all your faith, do you really want any less for yourself? Hmm? [She bends down and gives him a kiss on the cheek.] [Clears throat] good night.

Grams: Good night, Arthur.

[Scene: The Coffee House. Jack and Tobey come in and see a table with 2 guys sitting at it, as they wave over to them Jack realizes that they are a couple.]

Toby: So, pick your poison. Regular or decaf?

Jack: Can I talk to you? You didn't tell me we were meeting another couple.

Toby: Uh, I--I--I didn't think it was important.

Jack: Yeah. It kind of is, Tobey. It's Saturday night, late. You want me to meet your friends. I'm beginning to think this is more than just coffee to you. Is it?

Toby: Actually, uh, I'd really like it if it were.

Jack: The tutoring thing. You start that because of me?

Toby: It--it's possible that maybe part of the reason... Well, a big part. I thought it was something that we could do together.

Jack: So everything you said about being friends is-- was just a set-up to be with me.

Toby: No. Jen said that if I wanted to get to know you I should try to be your friend, so I'm trying. That's all.

Jack: Friends, yeah. That--that's fine... But I want to make something clear that there's not gonna be anything more, ever.

Toby: Why not?

Jack: Tobey, we don't click, and even if you wanted to change that, you--you couldn't. I mean, that's just the way it is. Look, I know this isn't gonna make you feel any better, but I really do wish we had something. [Sighs] I don't know-- I don't know if this is such a good idea for us to do this tutoring thing together.

Toby: Jack, you're great at it. You've got to keep going. I'll, um, I'll find something else.

Jack: Yeah. That--that's-- forget I said that. That--that's crazy. There's no reason for either one of us to--to quit... As long as you have no problem with us just being—

Toby: No. I'm fine. That's fine.

Jack: I'll see you next Saturday.

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson comes into the house to find his mother sitting on the house half asleep.]

Dawson: Waiting up for me?

Gale: I'm a mother. That's what we do. [Sighs] Did you have a good time?

Dawson: Uh...No. [Laughs] no. I didn't, actually. Figure I'll end up number 7 on the loser list.

Gale: And what does that mean?

Dawson: It means that... As much as I hate to admit it, I think you were right about Gretchen and me.

Gale: No, honey. I'm not. I was wrong... And I have been sitting here all night long regretting what I said to you earlier. Like it or not, I'm gonna have to let my first baby go.

Dawson: But I probably will get hurt. I mean, Gretchen's just got a lot more life experience than I do.

Gale: All of her experiences make her the person that she is.

Dawson: I know.

Gale: Someone who is clearly crazy about you. That's why it's important to just see where it goes and not be afraid to put your heart at risk. That's the only way that you will ever find love... Again.

[Knock on door]

Gretchen: I hope it's not too late.

Dawson: No. Come on in.

Gretchen: Hi.

Gale: Hi, Gretchen, and, uh, good night. I think I should get off to bed.

Dawson: Good night, mom.

Gale: Good night, honey.[Dawson goes back into the living room.] Uh, Gretchen. I don't know what happened tonight, but I hope we both agree that Dawson will never be number 7 on any list.

[Gale goes up to bed and Gretchen joins Dawson in the living room.]

Gretchen: If it makes you feel any better, as soon as I got to Dex's, I felt bad, and I had the cab bring me here instead.

Dawson: Actually, it does.

Gretchen: And the good part was that I got the uncensored new guy evaluation, and they were invariably wowed and impressed.

Dawson: And the age thing didn't bother them?

Gretchen: No, and even if it did, I don't really care what they think about your age. I mean, it doesn't bother me.

Dawson: It bothers me... All right? There are things that I want to do with you, like take you to a little club, or order a bottle of wine at dinner. You know, go to a bar with your friends. I don't want to be some guy who's holding you back from what you want to do.

Gretchen: I'm doing exactly what I wanna do. I'm with you.

Dawson: Earlier tonight, you said that I would never be the kind of guy who would shred your heart. You're right. I would never intentionally hurt you, but... I can't be the nice guy that you date after a bad relationship because there's no risk involved. I need to know that I've made some sort of impression.

Gretchen: It's already done.

Dawson: Really?

Gretchen: Oh, yeah.

[They begin to kiss.]

Dawson: So, when do I get to see lucky?

Gretchen: [Laughs] We'll see.

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's place. Pacey and Joey are sitting on the couch talking.]

Joey: So, in his own like-like way, he was just freaked out because she liked him back.

Pacey: Well, that kind of freaks me out, too, though. Why on earth would she give him another chance? She seemed like a perfectly reasonable girl, you know? It kinda makes you wonder.

Joey: [Laughs] yeah.

Pacey: Sleeping with somebody you just met is totally reasonable. Well, you know, maybe it's a little rash, but to be perfectly honest, 2 people do something that they both want to do that's completely natural, I don't exactly think that's crazy.

Joey: Unlike what we're doing?

Pacey: What are you talking about?

Joey: The thing that we don't talk about, Pace. We have a problem.

Pacey: Yes, we do. I mean, it used to be this little problem that we could easily ignore, but by doing that, all we really did was make it bigger, and now, unfortunately, it's so damn big it's starting to obscure my view of you.

Joey: So, basically you're saying that if I don't sleep with you soon, we're gonna break up, and it's gonna be all my fault?

Pacey: No. No. Not at all. I'm agreeing with you. I'm saying that we have a problem, and this is something that we need to talk about. I'm not saying in any way that it is your fault somehow that we have--

Joey: Because it's not. I mean, we talked about this, Pacey, and--and you were fine with waiting.

Pacey: I have been fine with waiting. I have been too scared to sleep with you too soon. I don't want to do anything that is gonna jeopardize the most amazing relationship that I've ever had. Jo, I am happy that you and I took the time to really fall in love with each other, but we're here now, Jo. This is 8 months and counting. So, I just--I-- I want... I need for you to know that if our relationship is not gonna be progressing onto that next level... It's not because of me.

Joey: Pacey... I want you... I really do.

Pacey: I need to know that.

Joey: Know it. I don't really know what's wrong, but, um... I just keep holding back. I'm sorry, but I'm scared.

Pacey: Well, good.

Joey: What?

Pacey: Do you think I'm not scared? I'm terrified, Jo.

Joey: You are?

Pacey: Yeah.

Joey: [Laughs] so then, can we just be scared together?

[Scene: Mr. Brooks' House. Dawson comes up to the door and begins to knock on it.]

Dawson: Mr. Brooks.

[Sighs, and goes inside]

Dawson: Mr. Brooks. Mr. Brooks? Where is he?

[He looks around the house and he goes into the living room to find Mr. Brooks unconscious on the floor.]

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