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  04x03 - The Storm
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Episode 403 - The Storm

[Scene: Capeside High, classroom. Dawson and Joey are in English class and the teacher is discussing Shakespeare.]

Teacher: The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Not one of the bard's best, but an interesting apprentice piece nonetheless. In the high-spirited Silvia, we see the first version of a character we're later going to come to know as Juliet. In the 2 male characters Proteus and Valentine—

[Drue plays with Joey's hair]

Joey: Next time, I draw blood.

Drue: It's your own fault. I'm new here, and you're not being very nice to me.

Joey: I'm not trying to be.

Drue: But then again you don't strike me as very popular, so you can turn around now. You're of no use to me.

Teacher: I hate to interrupt, Miss Potter, but maybe you could tell us what the two gentlemen of Verona is all about.

Joey: Uh, well, it's a—

Teacher: could you raise the volume a notch? I don't speak mumble.

Joey: It's about a girl who comes between 2 guys.

Teacher: Right you are. 2 guys, a girl, and no pizza place. [no one laughs]Uh, how did the play make you feel, Miss Potter?

Joey: I didn't think it was very realistic. I mean, Valentine is this cardboard-cutout hero, and Proteus is unfairly painted as a villain. I just think these scenarios are actually a lot more complicated.

Dawson: [Chuckles]

Teacher: Mr. Leery, do I sense an opposing viewpoint in your little chortle?

Dawson: No, no. It was nothing.

Teacher: Please, please. Elaborate.

Dawson: Well, um, I don't think it's a story about a girl coming between 2 guys. I think it's about the friendship between the 2 guys.

Joey: Which fails when the girl comes between them.

Dawson: It fails because one friend betrays the other. I mean, Proteus is a lousy friend.

Joey: Valentine isn't such a great guy. I mean, he's so fixated on his honor that he totally loses sight of everything else around him.

Dawson: He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. He gave up the girl he loved. You think that's a bad thing?

Joey: I think nothing about this topic is black and white, Dawson.

[Drue raises his hands]

Teacher: Drue.

Drue: Gene and roger here have a fantastic energy, but they're sort of all over the place. Now I for one would love to see them engage in a prepared debate about the merits of the play.

Joey: Would you mind your own business?

Teacher: I think that is a splendid idea. I've never generated so much heat out of what is arguably Shakespeare's worst comedy. And you know what would make it even better? If you teamed up with them, Drue, threw your own viewpoint into the mix. I look forward to a lively debate from the 3 of you... Tomorrow.

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: Inside Gram's kitchen. Jen comes out of her bedroom and walks into the kitchen sher Grams is there holding an umbrella.]

Grams: Jen, look at that. It's almost time for me to be picking you up at school.

Jen: I'm not even an hour late yet. That doesn't break my record.

Grams: Skipping school is no way for a young lady to handle her problems.

Jen: I had a lot of any femme music to weed through this morning, and I happen to resent the interruption.

Grams: Those songs you listen to only exacerbate your sadness.

Jen: Well, then you're missing the point 'cause I'm not sad. No, I've moved on from sad. I am currently in the thick of pissed off.

Grams: Good! Then you'll recognize my attitude if you pull this routine one more time.

Jen: What happened to the kinder, gentler grams? I miss her.

Grams: Oh, Jennifer, I'm not so old that I don't remember how important seeing your fall term is.

Jen: Old enough to call it fall term.

Grams: Much of what your next 4 years will be decided now, Jennifer, and I will not let a momentary heartache squander any opportunities you may have. I'm hereby putting a 48 hour cap on your melancholy.

Jen: You can't cap my melancholy.

Grams: Watch me. Now here. Stay dry.

Jen: Have you looked outside today? 'Cause it happens to be beautiful.

Grams: Today is a red-letter day in the farmer's almanac. Rain is definitely predicted.

[Scene: Capeside High Hallway. Dawson and Joey are walking out of class and stop by her locker.]

Dawson: So, leery manor or the B&B? Where you want to get together?

Joey: Dawson, are you ok with this?

Dawson: Well, rather than debate the awkwardness of the situation, I'd much prefer we just got it over with.

Joey: Ok. Well, um, I have to work. So you're going to have to come down to the yacht club.

Dawson: Ok. Are you going to be able to, uh, focus down there?

Joey: Ha. Yeah. The place is a tomb on Thursday nights. Well, except for one old geezer who always shows up for the prime rib special.

Dawson: All right. Sounds cool. I'll see you later.

[Pacey walks towards them with Jen and upon seeinf him, dawson leaves]

Pacey: Someone couldn't have high-tailed it out of here fast enough.

Joey: And you are in such a race to start conversation with him?

Jen: Mmm. She's right, Pacey. One day one of you is going to have to put an end to this great era of silence.

Pacey: But not me and not today. Today I am celebrating.

Joey: Celebrating?

Jen: Pacey done good.

Pacey: Oh, Pacey done very good. Pacey got his first "A."

Joey: Hmm? Good omen, yeah?

Pacey: And I couldn't have done it without you.

Joey: I was but a mere study aide.

Pacey: Sure you were. So now, you're going to come sailing with me this afternoon, because this afternoon is the absolute last beautiful day of the season, and you have been conscripted to be my deck hand.

Joey: I'd love to, pace, but I have a project to do.

Pacey: Put it off for one day?

Joey: It's due tomorrow. And...

Pacey: Am I missing something here?

Joey: It's with Dawson. It wasn't planned. It was assigned.

Pacey: Well, isn't that cute?

Jen: I'll go with you if you want. I mean, maybe the open horizon will serve to lift my spirits a bit. Huh?

Pacey: Really?

Jen: Yeah.

Joey: There you go. Willing victim.

Jen: Oh, 2 things. First of all, I absolutely refuse to make out with you, and second of all, there's a distinct possibility that I'll puke.

Joey: What do you know? Those are my 2 things.

[Scene: Andie's Bedroom. Andie is there fixing her hair when Jack walks by her door.]

Andie: Hey, wait! Jack, Jack! Come here.

Jack: Ok.

Andie: So. Up like this? Or down?

Jack: Don't ask me hair questions.

Andie: Jack! Eh, you know what? Down. It's more relaxed. You know, I've got that interview today at the yacht club, so...

Jack: I didn't know you were looking for a job.

Andie: Duh, Jack! College interviews.

Jack: Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. It's that time.

Andie: For those of us who started the application process, yes.

Jack: This one for Harvard?

Andie: No. Uh, you know, that guy Drue? Well, his mom, Miss Valentine, she's one of the alums of the backup schools I'm looking at. So, uh, you know it's always crucial to make a good first impression.

[Andie almost falls over.]

Jack: Whoa! Andie! You ok?

Andie: Yeah, yeah. I just got a little dizzy. That's all.

Jack: Here. Why--here. Sit down.

Andie: Yeah.

Jack: It's that new drug you started, isn't it?

Andie: Yeah, Nardil. Yeah, it's actually working pretty well. Better than anything else I've tried.

Jack: I know this is preventative, but are you sure you're ok with it?

Andie: It is a little scary, but it's just like dr. Newman said-- "in times of high stress, it can't hurt to have an extra line of defense."

Jack: You can always try my tactic. Just forget altogether that you're a senior.

Andie: [Laughs] yeah, right. Only, I wasn't born with those genes. Ok. How do I look?

Jack: Like you should be interviewing her.

[Scene: Dawson's living room. Mitch and Gale come downstairs and sit on the couch, wrapped in blankets and carrying tissues. Dawson walks in to the room behind them.]

Dawson: Oh, so you're sick now, too?

Mitch: Uh, I got the sniffly part.

Gale: Oh, I still got that nauseous part.

Dawson: Well, you know, maybe if you two kept your tongues out of each other's throats for 2 seconds, you'd stop passing this thing back and forth.

Gale: Take a good look, honey. This is marriage.

Dawson: All right. I've got to go to the yacht club. I got some homework to do.

Mitch: Mmm. A sociology report on the wealthy?

Dawson: No. I've got a project to do with Joey. Wasn't our idea. We got assigned.

Mitch: Are you ok with that?

Dawson: Why does everybody treat me like my head is going to spontaneously explode every time her name is mentioned?

Gale: Because it did.

Dawson: 3 months ago. Which in teenager time is like a decade. Joey's got her life and I've got mine.

Gale: And Pacey?

Dawson: I see you've joined dad in your great Pacey watch 2000. Sorry I don't have any updates. Oh, except for the fact that he seems to hate me even more since I let Joey know about his grade situation. Thanks for the tip, pop.

Mitch: You did the right thing.

Dawson: Well, I'm all out of right things as far as Pacey's concerned. You guys want me to get you anything before I go?

Mitch: No. On your way out, would you shut the windows back there? The wind's starting up.

Dawson: Will do. All right.

[Scene: On the deck of the True Love. Pacey and Jen are sailing around. Enjoying the beautiful weather.]

Jen: It'll be hard as hell to turn this boat around and come back to reality.

Pacey: That's an understatement.

Jen: Oh, you can just forget about the world out here.

Pacey: Yeah. You could almost forget that your girlfriend's spending the entire afternoon with her ex-soulmate.

Jen: Pacey, you know, I am probably the last person on earth that you should be out here with.

Pacey: Oh, that's not true. Ever seen Dougie in a Speedo?

Jen: I mean, I love you and Joey, but if you're having doubts whether a teenage couple can sustain a relationship, I'm probably not the best person to talk to.

Pacey: Lean over!

Jen: Oh, what's that?

Pacey: That is a gift from the gods.

Jen: Did you check the weather?

Pacey: Yeah, of course. I checked it this morning, and it said that the storm system is headed up the coast, but it's going to pass us right overhead.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Dawson, Joey and Drue are sitting around a table talking about the debate they have to give.]

[Cell phone rings]

Drue: Hello. Hey, gorgeous.

Dawson: Unbelievable.

Joey: Unacceptable. Hello. Gorgeous is it? Hi. Yes. This is Drue's doctor, and he's going to have to get back to you when the syphilis clears up, ok? Bye-bye.

Drue: That was rude.

Joey: Oh, ruder than taking cell phone calls when we're supposed to be working on a project that you got us into? I don't think so.

Drue: Excuse a brother for picking up on the intense, dare I say, sexual vibe between the two of you. Must be the Star Wars thing.

Dawson: Star Wars Thing?

Drue: Star wars thing it's classic. You are obviously Luke to this Pacey guy's Hans Solo. See, you're the stuff of pre-teen daydreams. Cute. Smart. Non-threatening. Which is great and all, but not for princess Joey here who's clearly smack dab in the middle of her bad-boy phase.

Dawson: And where do you fit into this whole scenario, Drue?

Joey: Jabba the Hutt, I think.

[Mr. Brooks comes into the room.]

Mr. Brooks: Hmm. Hmm. Ahem.

Joey: Hello, Mr. Brooks.

Mr. Brooks: My usual table please.

Joey: Mmm. Sorry, it's taken.

Mr. Brooks: If the opening act is over, I'd like to sit down now.

Joey: So will you be having the prime rib special this evening?

Mr. Brooks: Yes, and I'll have it quick. I want to get my boat home before the storm.

Joey: Storm?

Mr. Brooks: A weather phenomenon where the skies darken and rain falls.

Joey: Um, I'll be back with your water.

[Joey goes to get his water and finds Drue at the bar watching TV.]

TV actors: Sorry...Quick. No, no, no. It's my fault. I didn't—

Joey: Mr. Brooks said that there's a storm coming.

Drue: Mr. Brooks lives alone on the edge of town with a 3-legged dog named boo.

Joey: Well, have you seen any storm reports?

Drue: Nope. [Gun shots on TV] you'd think those things would impede her ability to use an Uzi.

Joey: Just let me know if you hear anything.

[Cell phone rings]

Drue: Hello. Hey, gorgeous. Nah. Don't worry about it. She's crazy. What's going on?

[A message about the storm goes by the bottom of the TV]

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club office. Andie is there getting her interview from Mrs. Valentine.]

Mrs. Valentine: Well, Andrea, your academic record is certainly outstanding.

Andie: Thank you. Oh, and Andie's fine.

Mrs. Valentine: Oh, a nickname. How charming. Any idea what you'd like to study in school?

Andie: Well, everything. At least at first. History. Philosophy. English. You can never underestimate the value of a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Mrs. Valentine: If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, whom would you choose?

Andie: Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mrs. Valentine: Ohh. Most students say Jesus. Well, let's see. You worked on the yearbook, the newspaper, you directed a play.

Andie: Yes. Barefoot in the park by Neil Simon. It was completely a pre-feminist, but it held up surprisingly well. We took sort of a—

Mrs. Valentine: I see only one red flag here. At the end of your sophomore year you took a medical leave of absence?

Andie: Yes, I did. Um, but I was able to make up my finals, and none of my grades suffered.

Mrs. Valentine: Nothing serious, I hope. Your illness?

Andie: I was having some emotional problems.

Mrs. Valentine: Emotional problems? So this was a mental illness? Would you like some tea, dear?

Andie: Sure.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Joey and Dawson are sitting at the table trying to go over the debate items.]

Joey: I just think that if Valentine and Proteus came to some mutual understanding... Oh, god. What?

Dawson: Joey, we are trying so hard not to talk about Pacey, he's become the subtext of this whole damn play. What do you say we just get it out in the open once and for all?

Joey: Ok. Let's.

Dawson: Pacey and I are not going to be friends again. End of story. I know everybody seems to think that it's time we made up, but that's not going to happen.

Joey: Well, since you did bring this up, why not?

Dawson: What's done is done.

Joey: After 10 years of friendship, what's done is done?

Dawson: No, after the greatest betrayal of my life, what's done is done.

Joey: Dawson, I was a part of that betrayal.

Dawson: Yes, and you apologized for it. You really showed some sort of remorse for what happened. Pacey could care less. Which is fine. It's just not the kind of person I'm going to race out and be friends with again. And it's time for everyone to just accept that reality and move on with their lives, starting with you and me talking about this play without referencing him. [Thunder] Can we do that?

Joey: Yeah, ok.

Dawson: What?

Joey: I'll be right back.

[Joey goes to the bar, where Drue is still sitting. She grabs the remote and starts changing channels.]

Drue: Oh, anxious much?

Joey: You're supposed to be watching this.

Drue: Whoops, I forgot.

[Mr. Brooks comes up to them.]

Mr. Brooks: Ahem. I want my check. Excuse me.

Joey: Just a second. [Sighs]

Mr. Brooks: I'm leaving for home this instant, and I want my check.

Joey: Drue, can you get him his check?

Drue: Notice my reclining state. That would imply I'm not working.

Joey: Would you get him his check?!

Weatherman: We have not seen a storm like this in over 30 years. We'll have another weather update at the top of the hour.

[Scene: The deck of the True Love. Jen and Pacey are starting to get a little worried about the weather.]

Pacey: Man, this came up out of nowhere!

Jen: I thought you said the storm was heading out to sea!

Pacey: Well, it did.

Jen: It did, but it came back!

Pacey: Well, if someone hadn't used all the batteries on the portable marine band, we could have got the storm report!

Jen: Yeah, well, if somebody owned something other than Zeppelin tapes 1 through 4, we wouldn't have needed the radio.

Pacey: Hold this. Let me grab the jib sheet.

Jen: Got it.

Pacey: Let me set the course, I'll get on the vhf, and then we'll get the weather report.

Jen: You'd never be first to admit it.

Pacey: What? Admit what?

Jen: You'd never be first to admit it's getting scary!

Pacey: This is nothing. I've seen this before.

Jen: Where, in the perfect storm?

Pacey: Nah. I saw something like this off of Nags Head this summer. We'll just get the weather report, find out where the worst of it is, and go around.

[A wave washes over board and some water goes into the boat shorting out the radio.]

Jen: Ok. Oh! Aah!

Pacey: Did that happen in Nags Head?

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club office. Andie is still interviewing for the school with Mrs. Valentine.]

Andie: I guess I would say that my greatest strength is my tenacity. Which is probably my greatest weakness, too. My brother jack is always telling me I don't know when to quit.

Mrs. Valentine: I see. But what about your illness? Isn't that a weakness?

Andie: No. Actually I consider it a strength. It taught me the importance of being able to ask for help when something's too tough to handle on your own. We seem to keep coming back to this topic, don't we?

Mrs. Valentine: Is that a problem?

Andie: No. Not at all. In fact, most teenagers go through similar experiences. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just that I prefer to concentrate on the present and the future. It's just one part of my life. It does not define me as a person.

Mrs. Valentine: Well, although I'm sure you consider yourself recovered, perhaps someone with your background would do better in a less competitive environment.

Andie: Less competitive?

Mrs. Valentine: Perhaps a state school.

Andie: So, you want to disregard all of my accomplishments and achievements because I had a problem in the past?

Mrs. Valentine: Andie, try and understand the position you've put me in. I've been given the task of judging your ability to handle the ardent pressures of one of the most difficult collegiate environments in the country. My name is on the line.

Andie: You know what? You're right. My background does have a bearing on my ability to handle pressure. I had a problem, I recognized that, sought treatment, and recovered. And the fact that I had the courage to face my problems and get help I think only makes me better prepared to face the pressures of college than most of my peers.


Mrs. Valentine: [clears throat] I wish you all the best. And now, if you'll excuse me.

[Scene: The bar at the Capeside Yacht Club. Joey, Drue and Mr. Brooks are watching the TV.]

Weatherman: Folks, this means severe beach erosion, 20 to 30-foot seas, and winds that'll certainly exceed hurricane force in certain areas.

Mr. Brooks: Did he say hurricane force?

Weatherman: With gusts over 100 miles per hour...

Joey: He said exceed hurricane force.

Mr. Brooks: Damn it! I'll never get home now.

[Dawson walks up to them carrying his books.]

Dawson: Joey, I'm outta here, if you actually want to work later, let me know.

Joey: Dawson? They're out there.

Dawson: Who's out there?

Joey: Pacey and Jen are out on the boat.

Dawson: All right, no wonder you've been so out of it. Why didn't you say something like an hour ago?

Joey: Well, it wasn't this bad an hour ago.

[Jack come into the bar from outside.]

Jack: Hey, guys, have you seen Andie? I'm supposed to pick her up here.

Andie: Hey, jack, I'm here.

Jack: Look, I came early. It's really getting ugly out there.

Andie: Not half as ugly as it got back there.

[Bruce enters the bar are from outside]

Bruce: Whew. Drue. Yeah? Where's your mother?

Mrs. Valentine: What's the matter, Bruce?

Bruce: All the boats from the club are secure at the docks except for 3, and those 3 have radioed in their position, and they'll need assistance into the harbor.

Joey: Is one of those boats the True Love?

Andie: The True Love is out there?

Bruce: There's no slip registered under that name.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, Pacey's out there?

Joey: Pacey and Jen. Look, Pacey doesn't have any registration. He always just uses whatever slip is vacant.

Bruce: Well, I haven't heard anything of the True Love on any of the radio bands.

Joey: Look, I know that it's out there. It is definitely out there.

[Window shatters]

[Scene: The deck of the True Love. Pacey is looking at the pump when Jen comes inside to join him.]

Pacey: crap! Well, the radios are definitely blown, but I think I got this bilge pump working. Aren't you supposed to be on watch?

Jen: There's nothing to watch out there but water.

Pacey: Oh, man!

Jen: Damn it, Pacey! The boat's going to capsize!

Pacey: She's not going to capsize, all right?

Jen: Really? Then why am I flat on my ass?!

Pacey: She'll come over. All right? It's what she does. There you go. Just put that on, all right?

Jen: All right.

Pacey: I'm gonna have to reef the main.

Jen: English, please?

Pacey: We're gonna have to trim up the mainsail so that we don't get knocked over again.

Jen: Isn't that just gonna slow us down?

Pacey: No, we're not going back into port. It's too dangerous. We might hit a dock or another boat.

Jen: Wait, so, what--we're just gonna hang out here and catch some rays?

Pacey: No, we'll go to this little cove I know and ride out the storm. It'll give us some protection.

Jen: What cove?

Pacey: I don't know the name of it, but I know where it is.

[They climb out and he begins taking down the sail.]

Jen: Well, how far away is it?

Pacey: Not that far. We'll ride out the storm there. It's the safest thing to do.

Jen: Pacey, what happens if this gets worse?

Pacey: It's not gonna get any worse.

Jen: Pacey!

Pacey: If it gets any worse, they'll send someone for us.

Jen: We have no radio, and we're heading for a cove that you don't know the name of. Who the hell is gonna find us there?

Pacey: Dawson! Dawson will know.

[Scene: The bar of the Capeside Yacht Club. Dawson, Joey, and Bruce are there.]

Bruce: There are 3 boats at the mouth of the port trying to make their way into the harbor.

Joey: But you just said yourself none of those boats are the True Love.

Bruce: Yeah, well, we're escorting them in one at a time. If your friends are out there, we'll get them back safe and sound.

Joey: Pacey wouldn't come into dock in this weather. There's no way he'd risk his boat.

Bruce: No sensible person would stay out there in this.

Dawson: There's a cove right off of Crescent Island. We waited out a storm there once when we were kids. That's where he is.

Bruce: Yeah, but at this point, in this weather, Crescent Island would provide very little protection.

Dawson: Well, he doesn't know that.

Bruce: How could he not know?

Joey: Well, obviously his radio is broken. That's why no one has heard from him.

Bruce: I'm sorry, but I can't send someone miles out to sea in hurricane force winds because you've got a hunch.

Andie: You have to listen to him.

Bruce: All right, let's get these boats in. And if we still haven't heard from them, I'll send someone looking for your friends.

Joey: Well, what if it's too late?

Bruce: I'm sorry. That's the best I can offer at this point.

[He leaves]

Dawson: They're there, Jo.

Joey: Well, what can we do about it?

Dawson: Go get them. Now. Do you know if there's a boat I can borrow around here?

Joey: Uh, I think Mrs. Valentine has a spare set of keys to all the boats at the club.

[Drue enters carrying some keys.]

Drue: Which is why it's always a good idea to be nice to Mrs. Valentine's little boy. Try slip 41, the Artful Dodger. Don't let the old geez see you.

[Scene: The deck of the True Love. Jen and Pacey are trying to handle the boat through the storm.]

Pacey: We rode out a storm together in this cove up here.

Jen: How the hell are we gonna get through intact?

Pacey: You grab the tiller. I'm gonna drop the mainsail.

[Jen begins to take down the main sail.]

Jen: You got it. Oh! Uh, Pacey. Here. Come on.

[Scene: The docks of the Yacht Club. Dawson and Joey are walking down them towards Mr. Brook's boat.]

Dawson: I'll radio in when I know something.

Joey: If you think you're going without me, you're high!

Dawson: Joey, you're not coming with me, and that's not negotiable!

Joey: My boyfriend's out there. Whatever your reason for doing this...

Dawson: ...Is my reason!

Joey: Dawson, you can't solo the open seas-- not in this weather.

Dawson: Joey...

Joey: Look, I can't worry about the both of you!

Dawson: Let's go. Untie the dock line.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Mrs. Valentine is trying to figure out what to do, while Andie, Jack, Drue and Mr. Brooks are with her.]

Mrs. Valentine: Ok, get down. Everybody just get down.

Mr. Brooks: Down on a floor covered with glass? Somebody ought to clean up this mess.

Mrs. Valentine: Well, where's the waitress?

Drue: You didn't know? She and Dawson went after Pacey and Jen in Mr. Brooks' boat.

Mr. Brooks: What, they stole my boat?

Andie: No, no. I'm sure they didn't steal it. They probably just borrowed it.

Mr. Brooks: Semantics. Like the difference between jail and prison.

Andie: Ok, um, um, Jack. Look, I'm gonna go to the marina office and try and get in contact with them. Uh, you, uh, board up the windows. If you can't find any boards, then just shove some tables up against them, ok?

Jack: Yeah, you got it.

Mrs. Valentine: You can't just move the tables.

Jack: Yeah, watch me.

Andie: Yeah, do you have any other suggestions on how to keep the storm out? No, I didn't think so. Um, ok, why don't you write? 555-0154, 555-0130. That's Dawson Leery's parents, Jen Lindsay's grandmother. Call them. Reassure them. Can you do that?

Mrs. Valentine: Yes. Yes. I can do that.

Andie: Ok, um, Mr. Brooks, I need you to come with me. I'm going to need your boat's frequency if I'm going to be able to get in contact with Dawson and Joey, ok? Ok, and, uh, you. You know what? Why don't you find a broom or mop or something and sweep up the glass?

Drue: You want me to sweep? What do I look like to you, huh?

Andie: You know what you look like? A boy with nothing productive to do. Now find a broom.

[Scene: Inside the True Love. Jen and Pacey are trying to stay calm during the storm.]

Jen: Hey, Pacey, tell me something good. I really want to hear something good right now.

Pacey: Well, how 'bout if you're going to have a hole in your hull, it's good to have one up that high. Is that good?

Jen: All right. Unless, of course, the boat does that.

Pacey: The bilge pump'll take care of that.

Jen: How do you know?

Pacey: Jen, I don't know. And I don't know because I'm guessing. Just like I've been guessing about everything else this afternoon. But sooner or later, I gotta be right about something. I mean that's the law of averages, right? I have to get one right.

Jen: Stop making fun. It's not...

Pacey: All right, but, you got any better ideas?

Jen: I got one. We should be doing that, uh, that confession thing. You know, like they do in movies before the...If the plane's about to hit down or the meteor's gonna crash into North America, and all the characters confess the secrets that have been plaguing their mortal souls.

Pacey: Uh--uh, yeah. Unfortunately, those characters rarely survive those confessions.

Jen: All right, so we just step it back a notch. No confessions, just, um...Regrets.

Pacey: Well, unfortunately, I can't help you there 'cause I don't have any regrets. It's not the way that I operate.

Jen: Really? You have no regrets? There's nothing you would want to change? Nothing?

Pacey: No, there's nothing I want to change because it's life's little twists and turns and bumps and bruises that make you who you are, so why regret that?

Jen: All right, well, I have a regret... I regret that I've never been in love.

Pacey: Well, what about Henry?

Jen: Eh, that wasn't love. Couldn't have been. Yep, my big regret is that we may drown before I ever know what love is.

Pacey: Jen, you're not gonna drown.

Jen: I--I don't need the comfort. Just felt good to say. Pacey!

Pacey: You ok?

Jen: [Laughs] yeah.

Pacey: We're good. We're ok. I do have one regret.

Jen: What?

Pacey: I regret the way that things are between me and Dawson right now.

Jen: Have you ever thought about saying something? Aah!

Pacey: What difference would it make to say something? It doesn't change any of our situations.

Jen: Well, it might just feel good to say.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Andie and Mr. Brooks are talking to Joey and Dawson over the Radio.]

Andie: Any sight of the true love, over?

Joey on radio: I can't even see in front of our boat. Over.

Andie: Where are you? Over.

Joey: I think we're-- we are not lost.

Andie: What's your location? Over.

Dawson: We're 142.49 north by 106.19 west.

Mr. Brooks: That's 12 miles north of Kalispell, Montana.

Andie: Repeat your coordinates. Over.

Dawson: We're 10—

Andie: repeat your coordinates. Dawson, Joey, are you there? Come in, Dawson, Joey. Are you still there?

[Cut to Joey and Dawson on the Boat.]

Joey: Andie. Andie? Are you still there? We've lost them!

Dawson: That's all right. We're almost there.

Joey: How can you tell? I can barely even see the tip of my nose out here.

Dawson: Trust me!

Joey: There they are!

Dawson: Yeah, that's them!

Joey: I hope they're all right.

Dawson: I'll pull up alongside, and we'll lash the boats together.

Joey: Careful. We're going to hit!

[They end up running into the True Love trying to get next to it.]


Jen: Jeez, I think we hit something!

Pacey: Or something hit us. You all right?

Jen: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jen: You're right! It's a boat!

Pacey: It has to be Dawson. Come on!

Joey: Pacey, Jen, are you all right?

Pacey: We are now.

Dawson: Pacey, take the line.

Pacey: Got it. You ok?

Joey: Come on.

Pacey: Jen, you're gonna have to jump.

Joey: Watch out!

Pacey: Be careful.

Jen: I can make it.

Pacey: Here, hold on. You ready?

Jen: All right.

[Just then a huge wave washes over the top of the True Love.]

Both: Aah!

Pacey: Now, you gotta time the jump. Ok. Get ready for the wave to break and then you jump over to Dawson. You got it?

Jen: Ok. I'm ready.

Joey: We're right here! Good job. Ok.

Dawson: Now you! Pacey, come on, let's go! Pacey, let's go! Pacey, are you crazy?

Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!

Dawson: You're not gonna make it!

Pacey: I'm not leaving my boat!

Dawson: I'm not leaving you!

Joey: What are you doing?

[Dawson jumps over to the True Love]

Dawson: Aah!

Jen: Aah! Dawson!

[Girl screams]


Joey: Dawson!

Pacey: Dawson... Get off of my boat!

Dawson: I'm not letting you do this!

Pacey: Dawson, go!

Dawson: Pacey!

Pacey: Get off my boat! Go!

Dawson: People care more about you than you care about this damn boat!

Joey: Pacey!

[Pacey just looks at her, and then Dawson and Pacey jump over to the other boat together. Pacey just watches his boat disappear as they sail away.]

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club docks. Dawson is backing Mr. Brook's boat back into the dock, and there are people greeting people as they return to shore. Grams, Mitch and Gale are there waiting for them.]

Woman: Dear.

Woman: Oh, my god, thank god.

Gale: Are you guys ok?

Dawson: Hey.

Gale: Oh, honey, oh. What you did was reckless, dangerous, and completely foolish.

Mitch: And we've never been more proud of you in our entire lives.

Grams: Come, come, Jennifer. Thank god. Thank god.

Jen: Oh. Wrong guy, Grams. It's Dawson you should be thanking.

Mr. Brooks: I know you'll forgive me for not expressing joy and relief at the sight of the gash on my boat's hull.

Dawson: Uh, I'm very sorry about that, sir.

Mr. Brooks: Sorry? You're sorry? Well, the gash is still there, and sorry isn't gonna fix it. What else did you have in mind besides feckless regrets?

Dawson: I have some money from the summer that I was saving for college.

Grams: Which is exactly what you will keep on doing. That boat is a thing. A replaceable thing. This young man risked his life to save my granddaughter, and the fact that you can't appreciate his courage explains to me why you've lived all alone all these years in that god forsaken house, and if I find out that you let him dip into his college fund, I will personally kick your shriveled old butt.

[Scene: Inside the Capeside Yacht Club. Andie and Jack are getting ready to leave when Mrs. Valentine comes up to them.]

Mrs. Valentine: Andie? Andie... I just wanted to tell you i was very impressed with the way you handled yourself today.

Andie: Thank you.

Jack: Yeah, she did more than handle herself. She handled the whole club.

Mrs. Valentine: Indeed. She did a fine job.

Jack: Yeah, she did your job.

Andie: Ok, jack. Come on, let's go.

Mrs. Valentine: The university will be very interested in hearing my impressions of you.

Andie: I'm also pretty sure the university will be very interested in hearing what a bitch they have representing them.

Mrs. Valentine: Yeah, I—

Andie: I'm terribly sorry, but please try to understand the position you've now put me in.

Mrs. Valentine: You wouldn't dare.

Andie: No, you know what? I wouldn't... Because at the end of the day, Mrs. Valentine, I am nothing like you. I don't derive any pleasure in wielding whatever little power i have over others. So, you know what? Just give me the recommendation that you see fit, because if anyone at that university knows you half as well as I've gotten to know you, it's not gonna count for much anyway. Come on, jack, let's go.

[Scene: Outside on the docks. Pacey is just looking at the sea, and Joey comes up to join him.

Joey: Pacey... Do you have any idea how pissed off I am at you right now?

Pacey: No. The best memories of my life are on that sailboat. It represents everything that's good to me in this world, so... You just gotta excuse me if I'm having a bit of a hard time letting all that go right now.

Joey: No, I won't excuse you. I don't think I've ever been so scared for someone in my whole life.

Pacey: I'm sorry that I put you through that. Just...

Joey: Can you do me a favor? You know, in the future when you're dealing with life and death matters, um... Remember that you're thinking for two.

Pacey: I can do that.

Joey: [Sighs] so, you knew he was gonna come for you, didn't you?

Pacey: What makes you say that?

Joey: 'Cause you know him just as well as he knows you. It's the nature of best friends.

Pacey: Mmm, no. Ex-best friends now.

Joey: You know... Whether you guys hang out or not, he's still a part of you, pace. How can you really be whole if you continue to pretend like he doesn't exist?

Pacey: [Sighs] yeah.

[Pacey walks her to her truck, and Camera pans to Dawson just watching them walk together, as his father comes up to join him.]

Mitch: Just doesn't seem fair, does it?

Dawson: [Sighs] what's that?

Mitch: Well, you saved the day. You still don't get the girl. But maybe, just maybe you got something more important.

Dawson: [Sighs] how do you figure that?

Mitch: Well, you had this moment. No matter where your life takes you, you can look back on it and know you did a great thing. That's something that all the girls and all the thank yous in the world can't replace.

Dawson: [Laughs] let's go home.

[Cut to Jen and Grams walking to their car. Grams is shaking while trying to go through her purse to find her keys.]

Jen: Well, way to go, grams. I always knew you had it in you, but-- really? You know what? When we get home, I have got some angry femme music that you are just gonna love. Uh... Grams?

Grams: I can't seem to find my keys anywhere. I must have left them inside—

Jen: grams. Grams.

Grams: Oh, I didn't think I was ever going to see you again.

Jen: It's ok. It's ok.

Grams: No. No, it's not ok. All night, most of my thoughts were about what I was going to tell your mother.

Jen: Well, you handled this much better than my mother ever would have.

Grams: I have never lost... Myself like this before. All my talk of faith, and when i needed it most, I had none.

Jen: That's because you lent it to me. Listen, I was terrified out there tonight... But I still had hope, you know? So, I figured that I must have gotten it from somebody. Here, I got it. I got it.

Grams: Ah. Does that mean I can count on you for church on Sunday?

Jen: Not unless you want that place to fall down.

Grams: Just thought I'd give it a try.

Jen: Come here.

[Scene: Inside the Capeside Yacht Club. Jen finds Gram's keys on a table and turns to see Drue.]

Jen: What are you doing here?

Drue: What are you doing here?

Jen: I--I live here. I have--I have for the last 2 years.

Drue: So, this is where the Lindleys banished their bad seed. It's good to see you, Jen.

Jen: Forgive me if I don't say the same thing.

Drue: Jennifer Lindley. The girl who set New York on fire. I thought moving here was gonna be the most miserable mistake of my life.

Jen: I'm sorry. You live here now?

Drue: You might want to sound a little more upbeat when you say that. A guy could take offense.

Jen: Drue valentine in Capeside. God help us all.

[Scene: Dawson's back yard. Dawson is out cleaning up the yard after the storm, as Pacey comes walking up the pier to join him.]

Pacey: Dawson... Uh, look, I wanted to come by and just—

Dawson: Pacey, you don't owe me anything.

Pacey: Please. You and I both know that what you did yesterday was—

Dawson: was exactly what you would have done.

Pacey: Maybe, maybe not.

Dawson: Trust me, you would have done exactly the same thing.

Pacey: Well, I certainly hope so, but... I just wanted to come by and say thank you.

Dawson: You're welcome.

Pacey: No, hold on a second. That's not it. There's something else i wanted to say to you. Look, I know that things between you and I are pretty much beyond repair right now, and I wouldn't presume to be able to solve everything with a conversation because that's just not the way it works... But... I've been wanting to tell you that I'm sorry, Dawson. I'm really sorry for the way everything went down this spring, for my part in it, and for the pain that it must have caused you, and... [Sighs] I'm really sorry that I ruined our friendship because I miss it badly, and uh, however far off it may be, I do look forward to the day when you and I might be friends again. So, until then, I...

Dawson: Until then.

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