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  04x14 - A Winter Tale
 Posted: 02/25/01 20:33
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Episode 414 - A Winter's Tale

[Scene: Outside Capeside High. Students are getting ready to get on to a bus for the Senior Ski trip and Gretchen has just dropped off Joey and Pacey at the Bus.]

Gretchen: Senior ski trip is a Capeside rite of passage, absolutely guaranteed to be chock-full of the cruel and unusual.

Joey: Well, knowing our class, I highly doubt it.

Gretchen: Well, let's just say when I went, somebody got pregnant, somebody got arrested, and this one girl's hair caught on fire.

Pacey: Joey'll probably keep me out of jail and Lamaze, and I guess I'll watch out for your hair.

Gretchen: Well, have fun. You've earned it.

Pacey: Bye.

Joey: Bye.

Gretchen: Bye. Um...Joey? You might want to give Dawson a call sometime this weekend. With everything that's going on, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Joey: Thank you.

[Jen and Jack come walking to the bus carrying their bags.]

Jen: You know, I really shouldn't even be going on this trip. With brooks the way he is, I should be back in the hospital with Grams.

Jack: Dawson's with Grams. I mean, they'll take care of one another. Don't worry about it. You're gonna have some fun this weekend.

Jen: Ha!

Jack: That's what they'd want.

Jen: Fun. That's not likely. Oh, come on, senior trips are notoriously awful. And as a rule of thumb, anything that you look forward to for too long is invariably a disappointment.

Pacey: The eternal optimist speaks.

Jen: I promise to make an effort, but...

Pacey: Hey. Everything cool?

Joey: Absolutely.

Pacey: You know, this is exactly what we need.

Joey: What do we need?

Pacey: Well, it's good for people to get out of town.

Joey: People like us?

Pacey: Well, just... People who need to... Get out of town.

Joey: Are we those types of people?

Pacey: Well, I don't know. Do you think we're those types of people?

[One of the boys on the bus opens the windows and shouts.]

Boy: Everyone who plans on getting laid this weekend, get on board!

[Shouting and cheering]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: On the bus. Mr. Kasdan is doing roll call to make sure they are ready to leave for the trip.]

Kasdan: roll call! Berger!

Girl: Here.

Kasdan: Brown!

Boy: Here.

Kasdan: Holmes.

Jen: It just occurred to me... Not only do I have no desire to ski, I also haven't the faintest clue how. This could be a very dangerous weekend for me.

Jack: Well, I could teach you a few things.

Jen: [Chuckles] well, in that case, it could be a very dangerous weekend for both of us.

Jack: Whether or not you choose to ski is irrelevant. You know, it's common knowledge that these senior trips are not really about what goes on during the day.

Jen: Tch. You don't say!

Kasdan: Potter!

Joey: Um...Here.

Kasdan: Price! Price! Penelope price!

[From the seat behind them, Anna from last week calls out.]

Anna: Here!

Drue: Lucy, Ricky... We've gotta stop meetin' like this. Remember Anna?

Anna: Hey, guys.

[Up in the front seats, Jack and Jen are sitting together.]

Jack: If sexual misadventures were an option for me, I'd be all over it... So to speak.

Jen: One word: Tobey.

Jack: Oh, god, Jen, come on. You're like a broken record.

Jen: But I just don't understand. You still haven't given me one good reason. Uh... Is he--is he too cute? Is he-- is he too intelligent?

Jack: No, no. It's just-- he's very...You know, he's very--he's—

Jen: blond?

Jack: Not blond. He's gay. All right? He's very gay. It's just when it's that obvious... You know... It's a bit of a turnoff, that's all.

Jen: How about...Too straight? Is too straight a turnoff?

[Pacey and Joey turn around to look at Drue and Anna.]

Pacey: You really think you're gonna get away with this?

Drue: Please. By the time our absentminded professor notices the difference, we're gonna be halfway up the mountain. And, uh... You know what would really suck? [He leans over to Pacey.] Bein' the only guy not chalkin' one up this weekend. Right?

[Scene: The Capeside Hospital. Grams is sitting in Mr. Brooks' room when Dawson comes in to join her.]

Grams: Glad you came. Good to have some company.

Dawson: So what do the doctors say?

Grams: What can they say? More bad news delivered in even tones. He remains in a coma brought on by pills. The machines they've attached to him are keeping him with us, but...Even with all the best modern technology can offer... It's still cancer.

Dawson: Doesn't make sense. I mean, he's... Well, look at him. He's stuck between dying and dead.

Grams: You know, I was sitting here... Before you came in, trying to... Picture this whole thing through Arthur's eyes... Find the...Perfect biting last word... [Chuckles softly] watching the nurses and doctors come and go, taking blood, checking the monitors, but... At the end of the day, no matter what they do... It's in god's hands.

[Scene: The Ski Resort. They are all getting off the bus and getting their luggage together. Joey grabs her enormous bags, while Pacey is carrying his grocery bag luggage. Joey is obviously overburdened with her luggage.]

Pacey: Ok, missy self-reliance, please let me give you a hand.

Joey: I carried it to the bus. I can carry 'em from the bus.

Pacey: Oh, this is ridiculous. Come on.

[Everyone gathers around Mr. Kasdan, as he prepares to tell everyone about the rooms.]

Kasdan: Everyone! Purdon here is gonna be handing out the room keys. And before you get all excited, I want you to know the sleeping arrangements tonight are gonna be same sex. Also, all the keys to the mini-bar have been duly confiscated. [He hands the keys to his aid and turns to walk away.] Which way to that bar?

[After he leaves. Drue walks over to his aide and grabs the container full of keys.]

Drue: You look like you could use a little help there, Purdon. Joey and Pacey, one for you. It's got a king, comes with a roll-away in case things don't work out.[Throws a key to Pacey.] Jack. Jen. Obviously no sexual complications there. Any room should do. [Throws a key to Jack.] This one's mine. [Takes a key for himself, then gives the keys back to the aide.] That's for you. Good luck.

Jack: Since when did obnoxiousness become an adequate substitute for wit?

Jen: Ignore him. We're making an effort not to complain this weekend. We're just gonna have fun—

[Jen slips on the ice and falls down.]

[Scene: Outside the Capeside Hospital. The doctor comes out to stop Dawson before he leaves.]

Doctor: Mr. Leery.

Dawson: Dr. Bronin.

Doctor: There's something pressing I need to talk to you about.

Dawson: Uh, about brooks?

Doctor: Would--would you feel more comfortable in my office?

Dawson: No. I'm fine.

Doctor: Well, our files indicate that you signed what's called a health care proxy for Mr. Brooks. Is--is that correct?

Dawson: Yeah. That was just so I could help him out with his medications.

Doctor: Oh, I'm sure. Um...But the situation has changed, and given he has no immediate family, so have your responsibilities.

Dawson: Meaning?

Doctor: Dawson... Maybe you want to call your parents.

[Scene: The Doctor's office. Mitch, gale and Grams have joined Dawson in the office with the Doctor. They are talking about the situations at hand.]

Mitch: He signed the papers so that he could pick up the guy's medicine.

Doctor: I know why he signed it.

Gale: That piece of paper should not give a teenage boy the responsibility to decide when and how a man should die.

Doctor: It is state law.

Gale: It shouldn't be his choice.

Doctor: You're right. It shouldn't be, Mrs. Leery, but it is. It's probably best if I leave for you to discuss this amongst yourselves.

Dawson: What are the chances that he's gonna wake up before he dies?

Doctor: I don't know. But trust me, even if I did, it would not make your decision any easier. I'm sorry.

[The doctor leaves.]

Mitch: Well, uh... I guess given the situation we're in here, it would seem to me the only humane thing to do—

Gale: Mitch.

Mitch: Gale, I don't want to talk about it either, but here we are.

Gale: Dawson, you don't have to make any decisions.

Dawson: Mom, I do. But how do I know what's best?

Mitch: You won't know, son. It's not that kind of choice.

[Scene: Cuts of scenes of all the high school students having fun in the snow.]

Boy: Run! Run! Run!

[Everyone shouting]

[Cut to inside Joey and Pacey's room. Where they are unpacking their stuff and Joey is visually cold.]

Pacey: just like last summer. Minus the water and the hammocks.

Joey: And the boat.

Pacey: Yeah. That, too. But it does have the 2 most important ingredients-- you and I. I mean, just toss a "do not disturb" sign on the door and pretend like we're anchored off the coast of—

Joey: Greenland? It's freezing in here.

Pacey: What do you say? A little junk food? A little television?

Joey: In other words, just a... Typical Friday night in Capeside?

Pacey: No, not a typical Friday night in Capeside. This place has way more channels.

[Pacey turns on the TV and there is a soft-core porn movie playing on TV]

Pacey: how do you suppose they got in that position?

[Turns off TV]

Pacey: come on, please tell me we can laugh about this now.

Joey: Laugh about what?

Pacey: Sex. Tell me that we can laugh about sex now, 'cause it seems to me that's the only rational thing to do. You can't enshrine it. You can't run from it 'cause it's everywhere. It's like food and water and air.

Joey: Well, can't we just... Breathe something else?

Pacey: You realize how ridiculous that sounds, right?

Joey: Pace, it's just a weekend, and I really don't want to spend it like we spent the past week.

Pacey: Which is how?

Joey: Having this incredible tension between us every time we get within 3 feet of each other.

Pacey: Well, I'm not feeling tense. I'm feeling relaxed. I'm on vacation, Jo.

Joey: Really?

Pacey: Yes, really.

Joey: So we're in complete agreement here?

Pacey: I don't know what we're agreeing about, but I'm sure we're in complete agreement about it.

Joey: We're agreeing that this weekend does not have to be about sex.

Pacey: This weekend doesn't have to be about sex.

[Scene: Jen and Jack's Room. Jen is lying on the bed rubbing her sore ankle. While Jack is unpacking some of his stuff.]

Jen: What if it needs to be amputated?

Jack: You want to go find a doctor right now?

Jen: No, 'cause it's probably just bruised.

Jack: That's what I thought. You know what else?

Jen: What?

Jack: I'm not gonna let this interfere with our vacation in any way, because you and I are gonna have some serious fun, even if I have to carry you around on my shoulders for the next 3 days.

Jen: Well, the fun's gonna start with you taking off my pants. I want to take a bath before dinner. [She gets ready to stand up.] Ow!

Jack: Actually, I can't do that.

Jen: Why?

Jack: 'Cause you're a girl and I'm a boy, and, you know, there's, like, boundaries and rules.

Jen: Jack, I hardly think they're gonna kick you off the team for helping me into the tub. Please?

Jack: It's inappropriate.

Jen: You know, you're gonna have to stop clinging to these ridiculous macho conventions about what is and is not appropriate. Ok, fine. Don't help. When I attach my wooden foot every morning for the rest of my life, I'm gonna remember this.

Jack: Yeah. Well, whatever.

[Jen begins to undo her shirt and pants.]

Jack: Whoa! Yo, that's enough, right there.

Jen: What?

Jack: Would you want me taking my clothes off in front of you? [] Ok, that's withdrawn.

Jen: Ooh!

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson is looking at scenes of his and Mr. Brooks' movie trying to figure out what shots to use, when Gretchen comes in carrying a basket.]

Gretchen: Hungry?

Dawson: Oh, hey. Uh, yeah. I'm just-- I'm kind of busy, actually.

Gretchen: Well, you gotta eat sometime, right?

Dawson: Uh, yeah. I'm looking for some clips to add to the final sequence.

Gretchen: You've been over that movie at least a thousand times. Come on, Dawson. You've got a lot going on in your head right now. I think some cheese and crackers might help.

Dawson: Ok. Please tell me that you only brought one kind of cracker, 'cause I honestly don't think I can handle any more decisions right now.

[Dawson goes and sits down at the table, while Gretchen reaches across the table and holds his hand.]

Dawson: [Groans] how did I end up here? I mean, one minute, I'm painting the guy's fence, the next... [Sighs] you know, I'm 17 years old. I should be on my senior class trip right now, making decisions like glasses or goggles. Who do I room with? Is it safe to ski with a hangover?

Gretchen: Well, it's never very nice.

Dawson: [Sighs] what's that?

Gretchen: When adulthood encroaches on your life.

Dawson: I wish I could appreciate this on some sort of philosophical level right now.

Gretchen: I know, but nobody expects you to.

Dawson: Who was the first family member that you knew who died?

Gretchen: My grandpa. He was absolutely the sweetest and funniest man alive, and he passed away on my eighth birthday. You?

Dawson: My grandfather died when I was 2, but I've never lost a family member I was close to... And that's what I don't understand. I've had so little experience with death. How could brooks have been so sure that I would do what he wanted?

Gretchen: You have better judgment than anyone I know, Dawson-- probably better than anybody that brooks knew, and that's why he chose you. I don't think he saw how young you were and figured that you would be more likely to contribute to his end. I think he saw how old your heart is, and he knew that whatever choice you made, it would be the right one.

[Scene: Outside a fancy restaurant. Joey and Pacey are looking in the window at the place, trying to decide where to eat.]

Pacey: This looks kind of quaint.

[Jack and Jen come walking up.]

Jack: Make way for the cripple.

Jen: It's just a bruise. You guys going to Grecco's?

Jack: It's a pizza place. Suppose to be right up the street here, actually. Red-checkered tablecloths, high school prices.

Joey: Sounds fun. You sure you're ok?

Jen: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just gonna put my best foot forward.

Jack: After you.

Joey: Thank you.

[They start walking up the street, and Jen slips on the ice a second time and falls straight on her back.]

[Scene: Inside Grecco's Pizza House. Anna is telling everyone at the table about her sex life, as Joey and Pacey sit across from her trying to ignore her. Drue is just egging her on.]

Anna: Oh! So, then I was like, "no way! That is so not possible in a dodge neon."

Drue: Oh, what's the matter, potter? No personal experiences to contribute on the girls-just-wanna-have-fun front?

Joey: The amount of sexual pleasure the average teenage girl gets from the average teenage guy in some random keg party hook-up is negligible at best.

Anna: Unless you're doing it with a man who knows what he's doing.

Drue: See? I rest my case. Girls have it way easier than guys do, right? There's no performance anxiety, and once they decide to do it, all they have to do is ask. They should be the ones carrying the condoms around in their wallets.

[Guys cheer]

Drue: thank you.

Joey: Not every guy walks around with a condom in his wallet, Drue.

Anna: Well, there's only one way to find out. Guys, let's go. Wallet.

[All the boys take out their wallets and remove their condoms. Pacey just looks down at the table.]

Anna: Pacey, I don't see your wallet. I forgot it back at the lodge.

[Scene: Out side the restaurant. Joey and Pacey are on their way back to their room, when Joey stops him.]

Joey: Hey, Pace, why didn't you want to show your wallet in there?

Pacey: I told you, it's back at the lodge.

Joey: It's in your pocket.

[He hands her his wallet and she opens it to find a condom inside it.]

[Scene: The Chaplet at the hospital. Grams is in praying when Dawson walks in and takes a seat next to her.]

Dawson: I don't know why I'm here.

Grams: That's as good a reason as any.

Dawson: Did you come here to pray?

Grams: Oh, yes, and also for the quiet.

Dawson: What do you pray for, when you do?

Grams: It depends. I pray for those who I love, for those who are no longer with me. What about you?

Dawson: I don't know. I haven't done it since I was a kid, and then it was, you know, more of a wish, something I wanted but couldn't say out loud.

Grams: If you could say it out loud, what would you want?

Dawson: That's the thing. I have no idea. I mean... Do I pray for him to make it, to sit up in his bed and tell us that we've all been here long enough and it's time to go home, or do I pray for him to die, to ease his suffering? And I keep looking for some kind of sign. You know, something to confirm my instincts.

Grams: What do your instincts tell you?

Dawson: To keep waiting.

Grams: Then that's what we'll do... Together.

[Scene: Outside the Ski Resort. There are people ice skating while Joey sits on a table just watching them and thinking, when Jack comes over to join her.]

Jack: It is just me, or does this place have a real strong John Hughes eighties vibe?

Joey: You mean the slightly tacky quality?

Jack: Sort of. No. I mean that authentic Americana youth stuff. You know, ice skating, mini golf, arcades. Nostalgia for a time we never really experienced.

Joey: You're right. I'm sorry. I just-- I guess I'm just in a funk.

Jack: What's your problem?

Joey: Sex. Sex is my problem. Sex is always my problem. I have so much conviction about waiting until the right moment, not feeling guilty or obligated, and I don't.

Jack: Has it ever occurred to you that you might be so caught up in trying to find the right choice that you never really stopped to think about the possibility that there may not be a right choice or a wrong choice, just a bunch of choices?

Joey: You're a real help.

Jack: You don't need help. There's nothing to figure out here. It's only what you feel.

Joey: Well, I feel fear.

Jack: Well... The only really exciting things in life require more courage than we currently have. You know, deep breath and a leap. That kind of fear that you're talking about... Sometimes, it's how you know what's worthwhile.

[Scene: Mr. Brooks' Hospital room. He is lying in bed on life support, while Dawson has fallen asleep sitting in a chair by the bed. Mr. Brooks' old friend (who took his girl) comes in, played by Andy Griffith.]

Griffith: Well... You won, you old bastard. You get to see her first. [Dawson wakes up, and looks over at him and recognizes him.] What's the matter with you, kid? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Dawson: You're—

Griffith: oh, not many people remember those old pictures, especially not young people. You must be Arthur's grandson. The doctor said—

Dawson: I--I'm-- I'm not his grandson, actually. I'm, uh, I'm just a fan.

Griffith: Oh.

Dawson: He said he hadn't spoken to you in—

Griffith: 40 years. He wrote me last month, said he'd been a fool, asked for forgiveness. Forgive him for what? The only person he ever hurt was himself. I thought about calling after she passed away-- my wife Ellie. I figured he'd be the only one who would understand.

Dawson: What stopped you?

Griffith: Oh, I realized how much greater his hurt would be than mine, how many oceans bigger. All the years I had with Ellie-- 3 children, a home, a good life. Still, all that time, he had that part of her soul you give your first love. When he goes, he'll be with her. I suppose that's the way it should have always been. Well... Good-bye, Arthur. Thanks for writing and for staying till I could say good-bye.

Dawson: Wait a minute. Please, don't leave. I... I don't know what to do. I'm not qualified to decide when a man should die.

Griffith: In a situation like this, son, all that's required is a little faith.

Dawson: I don't have that. I don't even know what that is.

Griffith: Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to. Miracle on 34th street. Arthur always believed that the best answers for life's questions could be found in the movies. Crazy idea, huh?

Dawson: Not so crazy.

Griffith: A kindred spirit.

[Scene: Jack and Jen's room. Jen is sitting on the floor by the open refrigerator, with several empty tiny liquor bottles lying on the floor, when Jack comes in.]

Jen: [Laughs] forgive me. I was in all kinds of discomfort, and in lieu of sedatives and painkillers, I sought refuge in the next best medicine.

Jack: How'd you get the mini-bar open?

Jen: [Giggles] you'd be amazed what a girl can do with a hair clip and a little bit of time.

Jack: [Chuckles] I wish you could see how pathetic this looks. [Sighs]

Jen: tired?

Jack: No. Actually, I'm very, very awake.

Jen: Me, too.

Jack: Tell you what I am tired of, though. I'm tired of feeling so numbed. You know, I always play everything so safe and harmless. I want to be dangerous, you know? I want to do something reckless and stupid tonight.

Jen: Like what?

Jack: I don't know. Get wasted, get in a fight, something.

Jen: Tell you what. Have a drink with me now, and I'll fight you later.

Jack: Sounds good. So, you're the expert on wild abandon and risky business? Isn't there something you really want to do?

Jen: Yes.

Jack: What is it?

Jen: I want to sit here with you.

[Scene: Joey and Pacey's room. There is a knock on the door and Joey opens it to see Anna outside in a bikini top.]

Anna: Sorry. Hope I'm not interrupting. I just wanted to remind you guys about the hot tubs.

Joey: We get the picture.

Anna: I just wasn't sure if it was clear.

Joey: Crystal.

Anna: Ok. Well, see ya.

[Anna leaves and Joey closes the door.]

Joey: No comment?

Pacey: Not really.

Joey: Really? Virtually topless female comes knocking on our door, asking if Pacey can come out to play, and you don't have any comment?

Pacey: Well, no matter what I say, you're just gonna take it wrong.

Joey: Ok. So, uh, keep me posted should you form any thoughts that you're willing to put on record.

Pacey: Oh, god, I sure am glad we tabled that whole sex discussion. You know, we've been having such a relaxing weekend so far, I'd hate to ruin it with a bunch of passive- aggressive insinuations.

Joey: I'm really sorry, Pace, that all of my hang-ups and neuroses are putting a crimp in your social life. You know what? Why don't you just go join your friend in the hot tub and feel free—

Pacey: and give you something to be really pissed off about, right? That's what you want, is it?

Joey: No. She's what you want, isn't she? Someone who's a little bit more fun? A little bit more experienced? A little bit more eager to help to make this a truly memorable weekend?

Pacey: I want you, Jo, but there's no sense in me arguing the point if you're so eager to refute it.

Joey: Look, I don't-- I don't doubt that you want me, Pacey. I just-- I don't know why or for what reason.

Pacey: Ok. Please, just stop right there. You and I both know that if I was in this relationship for sex and sex alone, I would not have lasted for 9 months.

Joey: No. No, you wouldn't have.

Pacey: Look, Jo, I refuse to feel guilty about this, because the fact of the matter is, it's not a bad thing when you want to sleep with somebody when you love 'em as much as I love you.

Joey: But there is something wrong with not wanting to.

Pacey: No. No. I just wish I knew what that something was. I mean, I know that you're scared. I get it. You tell me that you want to be scared together, but then, you won't tell me what you're scared of, and I think you know exactly what it is. You're just too afraid to say his name.

Joey: Dawson? That is not fair, Pacey. You can't bring his name up every single time our relationship—

Pacey: ok. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. Look, look, look. I'll tell you what. Do you want to know what I'm scared of? 'Cause I'm not scared of whether or not we sleep together. If and when you and I decide to do that, it will be right. What I am scared of is that little piece of your heart that will always belong to Dawson leery. Ok? I'm scared of that piece of your heart that always envisioned your first time being with him. I'm scared of that part of you that just doesn't want it to be me. That's what I'm scared of.

Joey: That's how you feel?

Pacey: [Laughs]

Joey: oh. Well, um... Well, if that's how you feel, then... Then why did you stay? Why stick around for 9 months if that's what you believe, Pacey?

Pacey: I'm just a glutton for punishment, I guess.

[He grabs his coat and leaves the room.]

[Scene: Jack and Jen's Room. Jack and Jen are sitting in front of each other, in front of the fire, both really drunk.]

Jen: Whoo! Yes.

Jack: Ha. I'm a lousy drunk.

Jen: Oh, baby, you're a great drunk.

Jack: No. The great drunk becomes... Hysterically entertaining once inebriated. I become solemn and introspective.

Jen: Hey, don't knock solid and introspective. Those can be 2 very sexy qualities.

Jack: Sexy...Is the ability to have a little bit of fun... You know, lighten up. It's like you're always telling me— Jack, you--you can't close yourself off to See, you-- you're a sexy drunk. possibilities.

Jen: Ha ha ha!

Jack: You are. You get brave and crazy.

Jen: No, you're much braver than I am.

Jack: No, I'm not.

Jen: Yeah.

Jack: I'm--I'm-- scared.

Jen: What are you scared of?

Jack: I'm, um... I'm scared that I'm gonna end up alone. I'm scared that I'm always gonna be somebody's friend or brother or confidante but never quite... Somebody's everything. Mostly I'm, uh... I'm scared that I'm never gonna find a guy... That I love as much as I love you.

[Jack leans in and give Jen a kiss, then another and another.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Cut between Joey in her room, and Dawson in his bedroom talking on the phone to each other.]

Joey: I'm really sorry, Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah, me, too. You know what? I feel like I'm doing the right thing. That's the strangest part.

Joey: What do you mean?

Dawson: I mean...At some point it...Ha... The whole thing just becomes too much for your brain to process, you know, and all you have to rely on is your heart and natural human instincts. And it's liberating. I mean, it's terrifying at first, but... I guess that's the point, isn't it?

Joey: What's that?

Dawson: If we weren't so afraid to let go, we wouldn't feel so free when we finally did.

Joey: You make it sound so simple.

Dawson: Ha. It's anything but that. But I think that's what brooks is waiting for. You know, even in his state, I think he was... He was waiting for his friend.

Joey: To say good-bye?

Dawson: Something like that.

Joey: That can be really hard.

Dawson: Yeah.

[Long Pause]

Dawson: Good-bye, Joey.

Joey: Good night, Dawson.

[Dawson hands up the phone and they both think about what they have just said.]

[Scene: Outside by the hot tub. Pacey is walking by it, when Anna and a couple of her friends get out.]

Anna: Hey, you! We were just getting out! Didn't think you'd make it.

Pacey: I'm not making it, actually. I was just taking a walk.

Anna: Hey, you look down. You know, since you were there for me in the not-so-distant past, it's only fair I reciprocate, right? [ Turns to her friends.] I'll catch up with you guys later.

[Scene: Jen and Jack's Room. Jen and Jack are making out in front of the fireplace. Jack has his sweater off, and Jen's shirt is unbuttoned.]

Jen: God, what are we doing?

Jack: I don't know.

Jen: We can't. We can't do this.

Jack: Says who?

Jen: Me. Um... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jack. You're drunk. You're drunk and lonely and... And gay. And as good as this seems right now, and, I mean, it does seem really, really good, it...Won't when the feelings pass.

Jack: How do you know that the feelings will—

Jen: jack.

Jack: My head is spinning.

Jen: Tell you what... I'm gonna go get some ice and fix us a couple of tall glasses of water.

Jack: Ahh, that sounds good.

[Jen gets up and grabs the ice bucket.]

Jack: Jen?

Jen: Yeah.

Jack: I'm sorry.

[Scene: Mr. Brooks' Hospital room. The camera is focused on his heart monitor and it slows and then stops and the alarms go off. The doctor slowly goes over to it and turns it off, and Dawson just looks down at Mr. Brook's lifeless body. Gretchen, Mitch and Gale are there with him. The doctor leaves and then the others leave Dawson to be alone with Mr. Brooks.]

Dawson: See you, Mr. Brooks.

[Scene: Outside the Ski Resort. It is now night, and Jen comes out to empty the Ice bucket and spills some of the empty liquor bottles on the ground and Mr. Kasdan sees them ,and she quickly picks them up and puts them in the trash.]

Kasdan: What...The...Hell?

Jen: Ha... Um... Recycling. [She goes back to her room.] Night.

[Mr. Kasdan just looks on shocked.]

[Scene: In the common room at the Ski Resort. Anna and Pacey are sitting in front of the fire talking to each other.]

Anna: Look, I know you're not ready to break up with her yet. That's ok. I get it. That doesn't bother me. But I think it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.

Pacey: No, Anna, you obviously don't get it at all. This is not going to happen.

Anna: I don't understand. It's just sex. It's not that big of a deal. We're all adults, so—

Pacey: [laughs] no, we're not adults. We're not even close to being adults, and it is that big a deal. I have someone that I want to be with for more than just one night. So...The thought of losing her or hurting her... It's not even a consideration. For me it's not about wanting to have sex. It's about wanting to share the most intimate thing that you can possibly share with someone... No matter how long you have to wait. So I'm really sorry if I gave you the wrong idea.

[He gets up and turns to leave to see Joey standing behind them.]

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: Hey. How long have you been—

Joey: long enough to remember why it is that I love you. Why every part of me loves you. [She kisses him] Hey, Pace.

Pacey: Yeah?

Joey: You can still be upset. You can still be angry. You earned it.

Pacey: I'm not angry with you.

Joey: You are. It's ok. You have a right to be. You don't have to be perfect all the time. And me...I, uh... I don't have to be so afraid.

[She kisses him again]

Pacey: What do you say you and I go in there, lock the door, cuddle up together, and then I read you a story?

Joey: Mmm... We didn't bring our book.

Pacey: That's all right. I'll make one up.

Joey: I like that idea.

[Scene: Dawson's living room. Dawson is setting up the screen for his projector while Gretchen is helping him. Grams is sitting in a chair, while Mitch is sitting on the couch. Gale comes into the room carrying a large bowl of popcorn.]

Gretchen: A little to the right.

Gale: Popcorn.

Grams: And what, may I ask, gave you the idea to do this?

Dawson: Um...Actually, you did. You had mentioned to me that you'd never seen one of his films-- pictures.

Grams: That would indeed be the case.

Dawson: Well, not for long. Lights.

[Gretchen turns off the lights]

Dawson: I think... This is how he would have liked to be remembered.

Grams: I think you're right. Let's have some popcorn.

[The all sit down to watch the show. Gretchen sits down in front of Dawson and he leans over and wraps his arms around her and rests his chin on the top of her head. Mitch and Gale just look at him and admire the man he has become.]

[Scene: Joey and Pacey's room. Joey is brushing her hair for bed in front of the mirror, when Pacey comes out of the bathroom.]

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: Hi. May I?

Joey: Sure.

[He takes the brush from her and begins brushing her hair.]

Joey: Hey, Pace...

Pacey: Mm-hmm?

Joey: Do you--do you still have your wallet?

Pacey: I thought we were done talking about that.

Joey: We are.

Pacey: Ok.

[Pacey takes out his wallet and opens it up, and takes out the condom and hands it to her.]

Pacey: [Laughs] you gonna throw it away?

Joey: I wanna throw the wrapper away.

Pacey: [Laughs] if this is about what I was—

Joey: Pacey... This is about how you carried my bag off the bus yesterday. This is about how... When we go to the movies and you go and you buy a popcorn you always make sure you bring back a napkin so I don't wipe all the grease on my jeans. And this is about how just last week when we were at miniature golf you took all of the shots first so I would know the correct path.

Pacey: Well, that's just—

Joey: you taught me how to drive. And last year at prom... You knew that the bracelet I was wearing was my mom's. You kissed me first, sweetheart. The second time... [She removes his shirt] You counted to 10 before doing it again just in case I wanted to stop you. You bought me a wall.

Pacey: [Ahem] I didn't buy it so much as I—

Joey: we were alone on a boat for 3 months and you understood without a word why I wasn't ready. Do you have to ask me now why I am? Pace. I'm gonna count to 10... And then I'm going to start kissing you. If you don't want me to... [She removes his under shirt] Then you're just gonna have to stop me. He leans in to kiss him] 10, my love.

[They begin kissing and making out and slowly make their way over to the bed, and fade out.]

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