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  04x16 - Mind Games
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Episode 416 - Mind Games

[Scene: Capeside High School Cafeteria. Joey and Pacey are sitting next to each other at one of the table holding hands talking.]

Pacey: I got it. We check ourselves into the b and b, we use assumed names, Bessie's none the wiser, and we finally get to spend an entire night together for the first time in 2 weeks. What do you say?

Joey: There are no vacancies. There's some... Winter arts festival over on Wellfleet.

Pacey: Well, what do you think about you and me, the boiler room, right now?

Joey: No. Pacey...

Pacey: You considered that, didn't you? You did. I saw it in your eyes. You, Josephine potter, actually considered skipping A.P. Bio and engaging in illicit sexual activities with your boyfriend... On school grounds, no less. Naughty girl. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Joey: Well, it is second semester senior year. I guess these grades don't really count for anything.

[Drue comes into the cafeteria and grabs a chair and stands up on it.]

Drue: Clearing through here. People, coming through. Excuse me. [Sees Joey and Pacey kissing.] Ok, the two of you need to break that up or charge admission. Everyone, everyone, can I have a little attention here, please? A little attention. As most of you know, voting ended yesterday in the hotly contested Capeside high class of 2001 senior polls. And right here, I have, in my hand, fully certified for publication in this year's yearbook, results of said election. Now, uh, I can see that you're all dying of curiosity. But... Before we get to all that "most likely to eke out a miserable and mind-numbing existence on the edge of suburbia" crap, I just thought we'd start with class couple. You know, it's not much of a contest here, folks. Yes, it's those 2 people so in love they make the rest of us want to puke on a daily basis... Joey potter... And Dawson leery.

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Capeside High hallway. Joey throws Drue up against the wall and grabs the lapels of his jacket, while Pacey sits back and watches.]

Drue: Ok. Now, how is this a fair fight? What do you want me to do, hit her back? She's a girl.

Joey: Sucks, doesn't it? One of the few cultural advantages of being female.

Pacey: Well, you seem to have this situation firmly in hand. I think I'm gonna skedaddle off to class, ok?

Joey: Bye.

[Pacey leaves the two of them.]

Drue: Hey, thanks for your help, pal. Remind me to tell him about the dimpled chads for him and some ms. Jacobs chick. Whoa! Hey. Chill. Have you no sense of humor about this? I mean, personally, I think it's kind of funny that a majority of our classmates still care so much after all this time. I mean, you and Dawson went out for what? About as long as the spice girls were popular?

Joey: Please. Majority, my ass, Drue. It's obvious you rigged this thing.

Drue: Ok. I see. Uh, did you vote?

Joey: Did I vote? No, of course not. Most popular, best-looking. Who cares?

Drue: Obviously, you do.

Joey: You know what? This isn't a joke. This is my life, ok? And Dawson and I are not a couple. We're not anything resembling a couple. We're just friends. And you know what? It's taken us a long time to get back to that place, and I refuse to let you hurt him or Pacey by dredging up the past. So, I suggest that you fix this—

[Dawson comes walking up to them.]

Drue: Oh, look. It's your friend, Dawson.

Dawson: Hey, is this mugging by invitation only?

Joey: You want to tell him, or should I?

Dawson: About your latest pathetic attempt at a practical joke? I heard.

Joey: And?

Dawson: Pretty funny, actually.

Joey: You think this is funny?

Dawson: How could it be anything else? It's so patently absurd. How can we be class couple if we're not even a couple? We're just friends.

Drue: That word again. Friends—

Dawson: He's just trying to get a rise out of us, Jo, and we're late for fifth period.

[Drue takes this opportunity to escape from Joey.]

Drue: Later, kids.

[Scene: The Leery fish house. Gretchen is working behind the bar, while Pacey is sitting at it trying to talk to his sister.]

Gretchen: You want me to go drinking with Doug?

Pacey: Yeah. Why not? It would be fun, you know? And you don't have to feel like you gotta be home at any specific time just 'cause of me. In fact, you know, you could crash on Doug's couch if you wanted.

Gretchen: You know, I'm beginning to see where you're going with this.

Pacey: Going? I'm not going anywhere with this. Drinking and driving is a big no-no. And that couch is primo. That thing is goose-down. You'll sleep like a baby.

Gretchen: You did it, didn't you? You and Joey.

Pacey: What? No. Heh heh heh. I didn't say that.

Gretchen: You didn't have to. You did it, and now you want to do it again, which is why you're asking me to stay the night at Doug's and why you've been in such a good mood ever since you got back from the ski trip.

Pacey: Yeah. Is there some law that says Pacey can't be in good mood? I just want you and Dougie to reconnect—

Gretchen: I can't believe I didn't notice this before. You know, there are only 2 things that make a man this happy, and the other one is free beer.

Pacey: Oh, god. This is not why I came over here, Gretchen.

Gretchen: Oh, come on. I think it's sweet.

Pacey: No, I think sweet would probably be doing it and then not telling anyone.

Gretchen: Well, if that's the only thing you're worried about, then buck up there, stud, because you didn't tell me. I pried it out of your cold, dead hands. And, uh, you have my solemn word I won't tell anyone.

Pacey: Anyone?

Gretchen: Anyone. Hey, I used to be a high-school girl, too, you know? And in the spirit of those days, how about I just conveniently fail to come home tonight?

Pacey: You'd do that?

Gretchen: Sure. And if Doug won't have me, I'll just crash at mom and dad's.

Pacey: You sure?

Gretchen: Sure. But you owe me, big time.

Pacey: I always do, Gretch. You're the best.

Gretchen: [Laughs] Freak.

[Scene: The Therapist office. Jen is sitting on a couch while Tom is sitting in a chair taking notes during their session.]

Tom: So, what makes your relationship with jack so ideal?

Jen: I don't know. He, um... He listens to me, we have fun together, and... A-and I feel like I can really trust him.

Tom: And if he were straight, you couldn't trust him?

Jen: I didn't say that.

Tom: What about girls?

Jen: What, you mean sleeping with them?

Tom: Trusting them.

Jen: Oh.

Tom: You said before that you find it easier to be friends with guys than with girls.

Jen: Right. Um, girls suck. [Laughs] I mean, it's like they get a lobotomy the day they hit puberty. I mean, one day, you're all milling around F.A.O. Schwartz in the rainbow brite section. The next day, somebody gets breasts and... After that, it's all about getting boys to like you, and whoever dies thinnest wins.

Tom: Is that what happened to you? You wanted boys to like you?

Jen: Teenage sluts aren't born. They're made. That kind of thing?

Tom: You said before that you made some bad decisions when you were younger, some decisions you regret...

Jen: Yeah. The whole... Sex before the 13th birthday not a good idea.

Tom: You told me you were drunk the first time you had sex.

Jen: And the second and the third, but I think we've already been over this. Unless, of course, you would like to share some embarrassing details of your first sexual experience, huh? [He just looks at her.] Oh, come on. Aren't you gonna ask me why that's important to me?

Tom: Do you want me to?

Jen: No. It's just every time that I ask you a personal question, you always want to know why it's important to me.

Tom: Not this time.

Jen: Why, is time up or something?

Tom: I'm not asking, because I don't have to. I know why it's important to you. I'm much better at this than you think I am. Also, it's time.

Jen: Right. Ok, then.

Tom: See you Tuesday?

Jen: See you Tuesday.

[Scene: The Leery Fish House. Gretchen is busily working when Dawson comes into the restaurant, and she turns and hands him something and sees the coffee he is carrying.]

Gretchen: There you go. Oh, hey.

Dawson: Is that for me?

[Takes his coffee]

Gretchen: Nope. One of the waitresses flaked, and I'm so not working tonight, but I told them I'd wait until they find someone or until your mom gets here.

Dawson: Oh.

[Telephone rings]

[Gretchen takes Dawson's coffee from his hands and takes a drink.]

Gretchen: mmm! What's in here? There's never enough coffee in your coffee. [Takes another sip.] Mmm.

[She picks up the phone.]

Gretchen: Leery's fresh fish. Oh, hi, gale. Yeah, I know what you mean. Traffic on 95 is always a bitch. Uh, sure. Yeah, I'll tell Bodie. No problem. Ok, have fun. Monday. Bye. [She hangs the phone back up.] That was your mom.

Dawson: How is mom?

Gretchen: Dawson? Did you forget to tell me something? Something, perhaps, about your parents going out of town this weekend?

Dawson: Uh, oh, hey, guess what? My parents are going out of town this weekend.

Gretchen: How is it I'm the last person to get this information?

Dawson: My mom didn't tell you?

Gretchen: Uh, no.

Dawson: That's odd.

Gretchen: Of course, you never mentioned it, either.

Dawson: Ok. Busted. [Laughs] What was I supposed to say?

Gretchen: How about "my parents are going out of town this weekend?"

Dawson: All right. See, you say it, it sounds like normal conversation. I say it, it sounds like the world's worst come-on.

Gretchen: [Laughs] Ok. Well, um, I guess I shouldn't come over later with a couple of videos and some microwave popcorn?

Dawson: Well, I didn't say that.

[Scene: Gretchen and Pacey's place. Joey is knocking on the door when Pacey opens the door. She starts kissing him and pushes him down onto the couch and jumps on top of him still kissing him.]

Pacey: Good god, woman. It's not even nighttime yet. Oh. There's not even a "hello. How are you doing? How was your day after school today, Pacey?"

Joey: Hi.

[She continues kissing him.]

Pacey: Yeah, hi. You know, I don't think I like this turn that our relationship has taken here. You have no respect for my feelings. We never talk anymore...

Joey: Pace?

Pacey: Hmm?

Joey: We spent 9 months talking. We've been doing this for 2 weeks.

Pacey: Wait, that still doesn't mean that you get to treat me as a sex object.

Joey: Aww, I can tell you're all broken up about it.

Pacey: Yes, I am.

Joey: Mm-hmm. [Se finally pushes back from him for a second and looks around.] When's Gretchen coming home?

Pacey: Never.

Joey: Get serious, Pacey. She lives here. She'll come home eventually.

Pacey: Yes, to pick up a couple things, and then...

Joey: And then...

Pacey: And then she's going to crash somewhere else so that we can have the whole place to ourselves for the entire night. Which is exactly what we wanted, right? It's great.

Joey: So, she knows?

Pacey: Gretchen? Yeah. She knows, but it wasn't me that told her, you know, she figured it out for herself. Are you mad?

Joey: No, I'm not mad. I'm just... I'm a little embarrassed, but it'll pass.

Pacey: But this isn't a problem. Right? 'Cause, you know, if this is a problem, I'm pretty much willing to do anything in the universe to make sure that this isn't a problem any more.

Joey: It's not a problem.

Pacey: Ok.

[The hug each other and we can see that it is a problem to her.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Coffee House. Jen and Jack are sitting at a table next to the window, and Jen is staring out it.]

Jack: I take it you like this whole therapy thing?

Jen: What makes you say that?

Jack: You started going 3 times a week.

Jen: Oh, yeah, right.

Jack: You know, isn't his office around here or something?

Jen: Yeah, something-- something like that, yeah.

Jack: Yeah. It's possibly right across the street, that building you keep staring at.

Jen: What? I'm not--I'm not-- I'm not--I'm not staring.

Jack: Yeah, right. Come on, and I wasn't lured here under false pretenses.

Jen: What false pretenses?

Jack: What--what are you, kidding me? The window seat, the 16 refills... We're stalking your therapist.

Jen: We're not stalking anybody. We're sitting. We're having coffee and conversation. We're completely immobile.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jen: If dr. Frost should happen to walk out of his anally retentive, Scandinavian-designed office—

Jack: You might be able to find out something about his personal life. Now, how is that not stalking?

Jen: Jack, this guy knows everything about me, I mean, things that I haven't even told you, and I don't know anything about him. I don't know what kind of car he drives, where he lives... For all I know, the guy could be a promise keeper or a Christina Aguilera fan.

Jack: And we're gonna find all that out by sitting here in this window?

Jen: Well, not exactly. [Tom walks out of his office.] Whoo! Wow, there he is.

Jack: So...

Jen: So, up you go.

Jack: Up I go--no, whoa! No, see, you said we're sitting, ok, we're gonna remain immobile.

Jen: Yeah, but... Jack, if we don't follow him how are we gonna find out anything about him?

Jack: That's very simple: We're not.

Jen: Please, you're my friend. This is exactly what friends do for each other. I've seen it in the movies.

Jack: Yeah, on what planet? Come on.

Jen: You know, you're always saying I should have a hobby.

Jack: Right, right. All right. I think I liked you better as a matchmaking nudge.

[Jen drags him out of the coffee house.]

[Scene: Gretchen and Pacey's Place. Pacey is on the phone trying to order some pizza for him and Joey.]

Pacey: I'd like to order a large pizza, please.

[Gretchen comes into the house.]

Gretchen: Hi. I'm not really here, I'm just picking up some stuff.

Pacey: Uh, large, dude, grande. Hey, how do you say "cheese" in Portuguese?

Gretchen: Uh, try fromage.

Pacey: Fromage grande.

[As Pacey is ordering Joey walks over to Gretchen and quietly talks to him.]

Joey: Gretchen, can I talk to you for a second?

Gretchen: Yeah.

Pacey: That's not it. [He turns and walks towards the kitchen to order.] How about queso? No? Le dairy?

[Joey and Gretchen walk into the living room.]

Joey: I know that Pacey told you... Well, that you know, and, I was just hoping that you could...

Gretchen: I can keep my big, fat mouth shut? Don't look so serious, Joey. Who am I gonna tell?

Joey: Well, it's just that certain people have no need to know this information because it would only hurt them, and bring back painful memories, and it's not what I wanted this to be about.

Gretchen: You guys are just friends.

Joey: We are. We're just not the type of friends who tell each other everything the second it happens, and if he were to hear something like that, you know, something about me, I would want it to be from—

Gretchen: Joey, I think we're in complete and total agreement here.

Joey: We are?

Gretchen: Yeah. I am not gonna say anything to Dawson on the subject of you and Pacey. But I gotta warn you-- I mean as a friend and as a vaguely older and wiser sister-type figure-- this kind of information, it's not all that hard to guess.

Joey: I know.

Gretchen: I mean you look happy, Joey.

[Pacey comes into the living room to join them.]

Pacey: Uh, so the guy tells me it's gonna be here in 45 minutes, but I have no idea what's gonna be on it. It could be dried insects for all I know.

Joey: Great.

Gretchen: Ok, I am out of here.

Pacey: All right, then. Hi and bye. Where are you going, anyway?

Gretchen: Dawson's. See ya.

[Scene: The book store. Jen and Jack are there spying on Tom who is browsing through the books.]

Jen: Ok. There he is. Just don't look up. Look down.

Jack: One of us has to look up, Jen. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of this whole stalking thing.

Jen: All right, you look up.

Jack: Ok.

Jen: What's he doing?

Jack: Uh, well, he's in a bookstore. He's looking at books.

Jen: Uh-huh. What's he looking at?

Jack: At the moment, looks like interview with the vampire. So, he's, uh, he's obviously gay. Can we go now?

Jen: No. Wait a minute. What do you mean, "obviously gay"? Straight people read Anne rice.

Jack: Well, hello? You party all night with eternal youth and a great wardrobe. What other segment of the population does that appeal to?

Jen: Huh? How did you manage to surpass me in the knowledge of all things gay?

Jack: Sex and the city. [He sees Tom start to walk away.] He's moving.

Jen: Which way?

Jack: Uh, he's going... He's going that way, so go this way. No, no!

[They turn the corner and run right into Tom.]

Jen: Oh! Jeez! Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.

Tom: Oh, no problem.

Jen: Hi...It's so... This is my friend Jack. Jack, this is-- this is my th—

Tom: Friend. Tom frost.

Jack: How are you?

Jen: Just browsing for books.

Tom: Well, they seem to have those here.

Jen: Hmm. Any recommendations?

Tom: In poetry?

Jen: What?

Tom: That's where you're browsing.

Jen: In poetry? Right. Yeah, I love poetry.

[Tom reaches down and picks up a flyer.]

Tom: Well, I'm, uh, quite fond of this person...

Jen: Right, Robinson Ellsworth. I love him.

Tom: Her. Um, she's reading tomorrow at the arts festival over in Wellfleet.

Jen: Wow.

Tom: Maybe I'll see you there. Well, take care.

Jen: You, too.

Jen: I do like poetry. [Jack laughs at her] Where the sidewalk ends.

Jack: Yeah, right.

[Scene: Pacey and Gretchen's Place. Pacey and Joey are eating their pizza while talking to each other on the couch.]

Joey: So, I'm sure she's just stopping by Dawson's, and then they're gonna go out, and then she's gonna go back to Doug's, spend the night, just like she said. So what if Mitch and gale are out of town?

Pacey: Mitch and gale are out of town?

Joey: Last pre-baby trip. At least according to Bodie. I'm sure it's nothing.

Pacey: Well, it has to be nothing, because frankly, the alternative is just too horrifying to contemplate.

Joey: She's your sister. He's our friend. Any way you look at it, it's weird.

Pacey: Hmm. How weird would you say it is?

Joey: Out of 4 stars, or on a scale from one to 10?

Pacey: I'm being serious here for a second. Do you care?

Joey: No. You?

Pacey: No. Are you sure?

Joey: Of course I'm sure. It's entirely none of our business, Pace. And besides, it ruins the mood. And I, for one, am not gonna let that happen after we've waited so long for this night.

[Scene: Dawson's House. Gretchen and Dawson are sitting on the couch watching some movies snuggled up with each other.]

Gretchen: Come on. It was sweet. I mean, look, she loved the guy so much she made the same mistakes all over again. And she got to sleep with the motorcycle guy.

Dawson: Yeah, but all that crap about her and nick cage being soul mates? Come on. Jim Carrey was good, though.

Gretchen: Yeah.

Dawson: Ok. Next.

Gretchen: Ok. Let's think. I have an American movie classic. Ok. It's somewhere in here.

[Gretchen starts going through her purse and pulls out a night shirt and a toothbrush.]

Dawson: You go out every Friday night with pajamas and a toothbrush?

Gretchen: No. Heh heh, no. I just like to be prepared, you know, for whatever possibility might come up.

Dawson: And you spending the night is a possibility?

Gretchen: Do you want it to be? Uh... This is really awkward.

Dawson: Ha ha ha! A little. Yeah.

Gretchen: So, you know, hell, let's just talk about it. Sex. You know, we'll talk about it, we'll get it out in the open, and then we're gonna feel a lot better.

Dawson: Ok.

Gretchen: Ok. [neither one talks] You're not talking.

Dawson: And neither are you.

Gretchen: This is ridiculous.

Dawson: What do you want me to say?

Gretchen: Ok, fine. Be that way. I'll start. Um... The first time I had sex was with my high-school boyfriend.

Dawson: Not that moronic basketball player.

Gretchen: You remember him?

Dawson: Oh, god, yes I remember him. I hated him. Oh, now I hate him even more.

Gretchen: Ok, this is good. See, we're laughing, yeah. Which is a lot better than sitting here not talking to each other.

Dawson: Right.

Gretchen: Your turn.

Dawson: I... This is totally unfair.

Gretchen: Why?

Dawson: Because I've never had sex.

Gretchen: So? I've never been to the middle east, but I still have feelings on the topic. You've obviously thought about it.

Dawson: Yeah, obviously.

Gretchen: And...

Dawson: Um... With Jen... Uh, I mean, I was 15 years old. I don't think it would have occurred to me to ask, really. Um...Joey I...Kind of thought everything was perfect. But she wanted to wait, which is fine. And then everything that happened, happened. And then, uh... When they got back, at first, I... God, I was relieved, which is lame, I know. It's just...I don't know. A part of me was still clinging to the insane notion that Joey and I were destined to lose our virginity together.

Gretchen: Well, I guess it's not all that insane, I mean, she was your first serious girlfriend.

Dawson: Yeah, but... Now I just kind of wished they'd done it on the boat. You know, I mean I just... Or just, they'd do it now and get it over with, you know, put the final nail in the coffin of Dawson and Joey.

Gretchen: How do you know they haven't?

Dawson: She told me. Pretty adult, huh? Especially for us. I asked her, and she told me.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's House. Gretchen and Dawson are now sitting on separate ends of the couch not necessarily watching the movie that is playing on the TV.]

Dawson: [Sighs]

Gretchen: [Sighs] What's this movie about, anyway?

Dawson: Uh, I have no idea. All I know is every time you get up to get a drink of water, you move further away from me on the couch.

Gretchen: You're right. Which is why I should go.

Dawson: I—don't you think that's kind of a drastic solution to our problem?

Gretchen: Dawson, don't, ok?

Dawson: Don't what?

Gretchen: This is not why I came here tonight. I gotta go.

Dawson: Wha--wait a minute. Gretchen, hold on. This is silly. This is obviously some kind of misunderstanding.

Gretchen: You know what? I know it is, but I have to go. I was really wrong about something. Very wrong. So just don't ask me any more questions, ok? Just let me go.

[She turns and walks out of the house leaving Dawson confused.]

[Scene: Gretchen and Pacey's house. Joey is in the kitchen when Pacey comes down and wraps his arms around her.]

Pacey: You know, ever since they invented the cartoon network, there's really no reason for humans to get up this early on Saturday morning.

Joey: I wanted to make you breakfast.

Pacey: You'd do that for me?

Joey: Well, I don't make breakfast for just anyone, pace. I mean, in the past year, I've made it for, like, what? 200-300 strangers.

Pacey: That's very funny. Ooh. You know, you should wear my clothes more often.

Joey: You like it?

Pacey: Yep.

Joey: When was the last time you washed it?

Pacey: Hmm, I don't know. When was the last time you came over here to do my laundry?

Joey: That would be never.

Pacey: Never. Well, then, I think you have your answer. [They kiss and then she hands him a sheet of paper.] You know, when I told you that whole thing about telling me what you want, I didn't really expect a request to come in writing.

Joey: Milk, eggs, syrup.

Pacey: I know what this really is. You're trying to get rid of me. You had your way with me, my conversation has grown tiresome, and now you're giving me the boot.

Joey: Go. I'm gonna get in the shower or something.

[They Kiss]

Pacey: Ok. But only as long as you promise me you'll be wearing that when I come back.

Joey: Bye-bye.

[Pacey grabs his coat and goes outside to run into Dawson walking up to the house.]

Pacey: Hey.

Dawson: Hey. Hey, uh, sorry to drop by so early. I'm just looking for Gretchen.

Pacey: She's not with you?

Dawson: Uh, she was last night. She never came home?

Pacey: No. But that's no big deal. She's probably just over at Doug's.

Dawson: All right. Uh, you know what? You're probably right. She's probably fine. I just really would like to know if she got home ok.

Pacey: Well, sure. I'll give her a call and then I'll call you, ok?

Dawson: Can you do it now?

Pacey: You wanna call?

Dawson: Yeah, just borrow your phone. It'll take 2 seconds.

[He looks back at the house for a second]

Pacey: Yeah, sure thing.

Dawson: Thanks.

[The go inside the house and Joey hears them and quickly heads into the hallway.]

Dawson: So, dude, since when do you get up before noon on the weekends?

Pacey: Heh heh. Well, you know, a man's gotta eat.

[Joey goes into the bathroom and quietly closes the door.]

[Scene: The Poetry Reading house. Jen and Jack are there looking around for Tom, waiting for him to get there.]

Jack: Ok, I don't see him.

Jen: He's just late. All right?

Jack: How do you know that?

Jen: Well, obviously because he invited me.

Jack: He didn't invite you, ok? He was just making polite conversation. At least, I hope he was.

Jen: I'm starting to sense that you don't have the highest opinion of psychiatrists.

Jack: With my family history? Forgive me for not thinking that psychiatry is foolproof. Look, not all therapists know what they're doing, you know? They're just as fallible as auto mechanics, probably even more so. And for starters, any therapist that's gonna date one of his patients is just not worth having around.

Jen: Jack, shh! God, I am not trying to date him. All right? I mean, you've seen the guy. He's obviously not my type.

Jack: So, you absolutely, positively, do not have a crush on this guy?

Jen: No, I don't have a crush on him. God, I... I don't know why you're asking me all this.

Jack: Well, it's fairly common for people to develop a thing for their shrinks.

Jen: Well, that's not what's happening here, all right?

Jack: Forgive me for asking, then what the hell are we doing here? Why do you need this guy to like you so much?

Jen: I don't need him to like me.

Jack: Right. Yeah, I forgot. You love poetry.

Jen: Right.

[Scene: Gretchen and Pacey's place. Pacey is on the phone with Doug, while Dawson is waiting to hear what he found out.]

Pacey: That's what I thought, Doug. Ok. Thanks. Bye. Problem solved?

Dawson: Yeah, great. Thank you. I really appreciate this.

Pacey: Hey, better safe than sorry. Right?

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Yeah.

Dawson: So, uh... Just let her know I stopped by. Actually, you know what? On second thought, don't tell her I stopped by. Don't tell her, and I'll see if she calls.

Pacey: Dawson, look... If you guys had a fight and you want me to say something...

Dawson: [Sighs] We didn't have a fight. It's just I... I just think she's seen the light. But, uh, thanks.

[Dawson leaves, and Joey comes out of the bathroom, and watches as he leaves, and Pacey turns back to her.]

Pacey: I'll be right back.

Joey: Great.

[Scene: The Poetry Reading. Jen and Jack are sitting on one of the couches waiting for Tom to get there.]

Jack: Well... He's not here. He's not gonna be here. Yeah, never was gonna be here.

Jen: Ok, you win. Happy?

Jack: Yeah. Can we go? Please?

Jen: You know, would it kill you to sit and listen to some poetry?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, it would.

Jen: Ok, you're right. Come on.

[They stand up to leave and Tom walks up to them.]

Tom: You saved me a seat.

Robin: Welcome, everyone, and thank you so much for getting up this early.

[Scene: The Coffee House. Dawson is sitting alone at a table reading the paper when Drue comes up and takes a seat.]

Drue: Thank god. These places can be so lonely.

Dawson: That's one of the attractions.

Drue: You're mad about my little practical joke, aren't you?

Dawson: Actually, no, I'd forgotten about that in the wake of greater personal tragedies. But since you insist on invading my space—

Drue: You want me to unfix the election? Let Joey and Pacey win as class couple?

Dawson: Mm-mmm.

Drue: Sorry. I can't do that. It's too boring. Where's the conflict? Where's the drama?

Dawson: There isn't supposed to be any drama.

Drue: You see? It's thinking like that that keeps high-school yearbooks mired in mediocrity.

Dawson: Are you suggesting they should be fiction rather than fact?

Drue: Personally, I've always found the truth to be a slippery little devil and somewhat lacking in the fun department.

Dawson: And you don't care who gets hurt?

Drue: It's downright sweet, all this concern you seem to have for Joey, but I should probably warn you, all it really does is prove my point.

Dawson: I wasn't aware that you had one.

Drue: Oh, god, please. This whole friend dance that you guys do, as if you were actually over each other? As if you hadn't fatally wounded each other's psyches and doomed all your future relationships? I mean... I'm sorry. This is great stuff. It's what makes you and Joey far and away the more compelling couple.

Dawson: Well, much as I appreciate having my life explained to me by you, this sounds like you have no intention of unfixing this problem.

Drue: My hands are tied.

Dawson: I guess mine are, too.

[Scene: Outside Gretchen and Pacey's Place. Gretchen is sitting on the porch when Joey comes outside. Gretchen is sitting there just looking out into the waters off the coast.]

Joey: Hey. You're back.

Gretchen: I am.

Joey: So, what's the deal?

Gretchen: Meaning?

Joey: I don't know. I kinda got the impression that everyone was worried about you.

Gretchen: And by everybody you mean Pacey and Dawson. 'Cause that would pretty much be everybody, now, wouldn't it? Sometimes I wish I'd been here last year, because I would really like to know how you guys got into this mess to begin with. You're all so worried about hurting each other. Everybody's trying to be so nice all the time...

Joey: Except you?

Gretchen: Yeah. Except me. I'm really not feeling too nice at the moment.

Joey: Look, Gretchen, I know that you and Dawson had a fight or something, and I know that you didn't spend the night at his house last night.

Gretchen: Did you want me to? You know, all these lies, these lies that you're all telling to protect each other, they're not gonna solve anything.

Joey: What lies?

Gretchen: You lied to Dawson about you and Pacey having sex.

Joey: I made a decision, a very private decision about my life, and I really don't want the whole world to know about that.

Gretchen: You really don't want Dawson to know about.

Joey: Well, it's the same thing.

Gretchen: No, it's not, Joey. I don't wanna be the ogre here, but lying to Dawson isn't gonna solve anything. It's not fair to him. And it's not fair to somebody who's trying to have a relationship with him.

Joey: Meaning you. You know, Gretchen, you're right about one thing. You weren't here last year, and you don't know what it's like, so there's no way that you could possibly understand.

Gretchen: You have to tell Dawson the truth. There's no other choice here. And if you won't do it for him or for me, then just do it for Pacey.

[Pacey comes up carrying a bag of groceries.]

Pacey: What's up, you guys?

Joey: Uh, Bessie had some sort of a meltdown. I gotta go. I'll see you later.

Pacey: Uh, right. Give me a call.

Joey: Yeah.

[Joey leaves, and Pacey just looks at her and Gretchen really confused.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside Gretchen and Pacey's place. Gretchen is still sitting outside when Pacey comes back outside to join her.]

Pacey: All right, so what'd I miss?

Gretchen: Nothing.

Pacey: You and Dawson had some sort of fight, didn't you?

Gretchen: Since when do you care, Pacey?

Pacey: What? I can't take an interest in your life?

Gretchen: No.

Pacey: Ok, well, if you and Dawson didn't have a fight, then what were you and Joey talking about? And why was he here at the crack of dawn this morning?

Gretchen: Dawson was here?

Pacey: Yeah. Dawson was here, but I'm not supposed to tell you that, so you didn't hear it from me. And unlike you, he does seem to be under the impression that you had a fight last night. He just doesn't know what it's about.

Gretchen: Pacey, you don't want to hear about me and Dawson, so just stop, ok?

Pacey: Stop what?

Gretchen: Stop asking.

Pacey: Ok, now I really want to know, Gretchen.

Gretchen: No, you don't. Believe me. You don't.

Pacey: Yes, I do, because I'm starting to have this horrifying feeling that it somehow involves me. Ah, no comment.

Gretchen: Why don't you just ask Joey about this?

Pacey: You want me to ask Joey about the problem that you and Dawson are having?

Gretchen: Yeah. No. No, look. Pacey, I'm just really not in the best of moods right now, ok? I mean, let's just say that you were right about me and Dawson. Maybe he's too young for me.

Pacey: My goal is not to be right. My goal is to figure out what's going on, especially if it involves me and Joey, so I think that you should just tell me what's going on, whatever it is. And I won't mention it to Dawson and Joey.

Gretchen: Great. More lies. That's really gonna help.

Pacey: More lies? What lies? 'Cause the only lie that I can see that's being perpetrated right now is you, my own sister, lying to me.

Gretchen: Joey lied to Dawson. I don't know why, I don't know what it meant, but he asked her flat-out whether you guys were sleeping together, and she lied. And that's the truth, Pacey.

[Scene: The Poetry Reading. The reading has finished and Jack and Jen are at the refreshment table.]

Jen: Hi.

Tom: So, which one was your favorite?

Jen: Which one?

Tom: Which poem?

Jen: Which poem.

Jack: Which poem, um...

Jen: God, they were so good.

Jack: I'd say, probably the last one would be good.

Jen: Yeah. Definitely. You're right. It was, you know, it has this really, um... This really surreal quality to it, which--all the same, it was very deep and--and totally original, but really great imagery.

Tom: Yeah.

[Robin comes up to then and puts her arm around Tom.]

Robin: Don't ditch me, ok? I still have to do this linger-and-talk thing.

Tom: Robin, this is Jen and jack.

Robin: Oh, hi. Thanks for coming.

Jen: Sure.

Tom: Jen was just telling us how much she liked the last one.

Robin: Oh. That's his favorite, too. Not that he gets it. [Laughs] You guys high-school students?

Jack: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah.

Robin: I told you all hope was not lost for the youth of America. You know, when we were high-school students, the things that we used to—

Tom: shouldn't you be mixing?

Robin: Well, only if you mix with me. It was nice meeting you both.

Jack and Jen: You, too.

[Tom and Robin walk away from them.]

Jack: Definitely not gay.

Jen: No.

[Scene: Capeside High Computer room. Dawson is sitting in front of one of the computers when Joey comes walking up to join him.]

Joey: This is by far the strangest place you've ever asked me to meet you.

Dawson: Ah, yeah. I decided to, uh, you know, pitch in, make sure the right people ended up on the right pages. Not buying it?

Joey: We both know that yearbook is a shameful, squalid waste of time.

Dawson: All will be revealed in good time. Would you like some coffee?

Joey: You drink black coffee?

Dawson: Oh, yeah. I drink it. I don't like it, but I drink it. Figure everybody's got to have at least one vice, right?

Joey: I guess there's a lot we don't know about each other. That's not how it used to be. I mean, we... We used to be able to tell each other everything.

Dawson: Yeah. I'm not sure that was such a good thing.

Joey: Not a very Dawson leery-like thing to say.

Dawson: Which brings me to something else that I want to say to you. Um... I want to apologize.

Joey: For what?

Dawson: For that question that I asked you a couple of weeks ago, that very personal question. I should never have asked you that. I... I don't even know why I did. It's some masochistic side of me that I haven't explored yet. Probably the same side of me that's sabotaging my relationship with Gretchen.

Joey: You think you're sabotaging your relationship?

Dawson: Well, mentioning you every 30 seconds, I'm sure, doesn't help. I'm just--I don't know, I'm so terrified of making the same mistakes that I made in the past that every minute I'm with her turns into this pitched battle in my head. I mean, do I show her the confused mess that I really am? Or, you know, do I attempt to act cool, be the kind of guy who gets the girl?

Joey: Maybe you are the guy that gets the girl.

Dawson: I didn't get you. Anyway...

[He turns back to the computer he was working on.]

Joey: Senior polls?

Dawson: It occurred to me that Drue is kind of like one of the more lame TV batman villains-- evil with a short attention span. He went through all the trouble of rigging the election and then quit the yearbook staff before his plan could be fully realized.

Joey: So, you're volunteering your services to yearbook.

Dawson: Yeah, I figured I'd follow through for him. You know? For posterity's sake if nothing else. At least let the record reflect the truth this senior year.

[He drags a picture of Joey and Pacey onto the page with the words “Best Couple” on it.]

[Scene: The Poetry reading. Tom and Jen are there talking to each other.]

Jen: She seems really nice, your girlfriend.

Tom: She is nice.

Jen: So, she's your girlfriend?

Tom: Like I said, I am glad you came.

Jen: So I could make a total idiot of myself?

Tom: No, because you like poetry. And sitting in coffeehouse windows and browsing in independent bookstores. We have a lot in common, you and I.

Jen: Well, if you knew what I was doing, why didn't you just stop me?

Tom: Because it was obviously important to you. What's less obvious is why, and we will talk about that on Tuesday.

Jen: Why? Can't I just want to know things about you? I can't just be curious?

Tom: About me? I'm not really all that interesting. I think there's some bigger question you needed answered.

Jen: What--what big question?

Tom: Tuesday.

Jen: A clue.

Tom: What? Like 5 letters, starts and ends with the same consonant? It's not a crossword puzzle. It's what we were talking about on Friday. You were there, weren't you? In body, if not in spirit?

Jen: Trust. Is that the question?

Tom: And what's the answer?

Jen: Yeah. Yes, that I can trust you.

[Scene: The piers by the water front. Gretchen is staring off into the water, when Dawson comes walking up and joins her.]

Dawson: You know, this probably isn't the best place for you to hang out if you're trying to avoid me. Of course, if you're trying to break up with me...

Gretchen: That's not what I'm planning.

Dawson: But you have been avoiding me.

Gretchen: Yeah.

Dawson: If I in any way gave you the impression that I'm not over Joey or made you feel like you're unimportant to me or that I don't want this to work--

Gretchen: That's not what I think. You didn't do anything wrong last night, Dawson. All you were was honest with me.

Dawson: So, then what's the problem? Is this about sex?

Gretchen: No, it's not. Look, just promise me something.

Dawson: Anything.

Gretchen: That you'll always be as honest with me as you were last night. Because that's the hardest part about having a relationship. I mean, it's so much harder than sex. You know, trusting someone is like this gigantic act of faith. You know, you put it out there and you can never really be sure that you're gonna get it back. And sex... Sex is just mechanical. It's like... I don't know, like brushing your teeth.

Dawson: Ah, funny you should mention that, actually.

Gretchen: Why?

Dawson: Because I got you something... In case you were dumping me. Although, given the recent turn in conversation, it does seem a little ridiculous.

Gretchen: Wait. In case I was dumping you, you got me a present?

Dawson: Yeah. Well, you changed my life. I didn't want you to leave without some small token of my affection.

Gretchen: So, it's sort of like a parting gift.

Dawson: Yeah, exactly. [He pulls a toothbrush out of his coat.] You left your old one at my house, and it was really disgusting. You know, you're supposed to get a new one, like, every millennium.

Gretchen: I know.

Dawson: That's why they put the color on the bristles.

Gretchen: Ok, I get it. Shut up.

[Se snuggles up to him and they walk along the waterfront together.]

Gretchen: Thank you.

Dawson: You're welcome.

[Scene: on the shores of the water. Pacey and Joey are walking hand in hand enjoying the view and the weather. Even though it is a little foggy.]

Pacey: It's a nice thing that Dawson just did for you.

Joey: Why just for me?

Pacey: Well, you're the one who was so upset by the whole thing.

Joey: You know, I'm glad we walked. It's really nice out here.

Pacey: Yeah. It's not too cold.

Joey: It's kind of freaky, isn't it, the way the snow's all melted? Like it's gonna be spring soon and we didn't realize.

Pacey: Well, our new pastime is much more of an indoor sport.

Joey: Sometimes I wonder if we should have done it on the boat, you know? We were alone.

Pacey: Nah. We would've missed all the scenery.

Joey: Do you miss it?

Pacey: The scenery?

Joey: No. When we weren't having sex. When everything and every moment wasn't about sex.

Pacey: I don't know that that time ever really existed.

Joey: I guess you're right. I mean, before... When we hadn't had sex... Everything was about sex, and now that we have had sex--

Pacey: Everything is still about sex. Do you think we're doing something wrong?

Joey: No. Do you?

Pacey: No. If you don't think that we did anything wrong, I was just-- I mean, I don't know why that you would...

Joey: Pacey, did Gretchen say something to you after I left this morning?

Pacey: No. Why?

Joey: No reason.

[They arrive back at Pacey's place but stop and Joey turns to Pacey.]

Joey: You know, let's just walk some more. I mean... We never do that anymore.

[They walk off into the scenery hand in hand.]

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