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  03x17 - Cinderella Story
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Episode 317 - Cinderella Story

[Scene: Inside Pacey's Father's Car. Pacey is driving Joey to the train station for her trip to visit A.J.] Joey: I mean, you never know how things are going to turn out.

Pacey: Very true, Potter.

Joey: I mean, who would have thought that I'd actually be able to use those dance lessons.

Pacey: There's going to be dancing at this thing?

Joey: Yeah.

Pacey: I thought you said it was just self congratulatory award giving?

Joey: This is a big deal. A.J. is going to be reading his work in front of several very important Alumni. He's the youngest person in his department to win…

[Reading from the invitation]

Pacey: Creative writing award?

Joey: Creative writing.

Pacey: I'll say.

Joey: It's calligraphy.

Pacey: It's pretentious… You know what, don't mind me. Just have a good time this weekend.

Joey: [confused] I will. You know, this could be the most romantic night of my life. I mean, it's not every day that I get invited to elegant dinners with distinguished guests, accompanied by a friend who…

Pacey: Friend? Is that what you and A.J. are?

Joey: What? A.J. and I are… It's none of your business what A.J. and I are.

Pacey: A.J. and you are friends who kiss.

Joey: Pacey, look… long distance relationships don't necessarily follow the same rules and definitions as regular relationships.

Pacey: No, they don't and that's why they're perfect for you. Cause they are not real.

Joey: What does that suppose to mean?

[They arrive at the train station and get out of the car. Pacey gets Joey's bag out of the back for her.]

Pacey: Don't you see? Little scrubber girl Joey gets to put on a pretty dress and go to the ball with college prince charming. That's not real. It's a fairy tale.

Joey: Say what you will, but fairy tale or not, I still feel what I feel.

Pacey: What I'm saying is, all you have here is an eyes closed wish.

Joey: Sometimes wishes come true.

Pacey: Yes, sometimes wishes do come true. Sometimes even in unexpected places. But reality always finds a way of creeping back in, Jo. The clock inevitably strikes midnight. There's pumpkin city. The fantasy fades.

Joey: Try to have a good weekend, Pacey. Thanks for the ride.

[Joey walks into the train station as Pacey just watches her go.]

Pacey: Have a good time.

[Scene: Inside the New Restaurant. There are a lot of people running around trying to get everything done before the restaurant opens next week. Dawson is sitting at the bar working on something when Gail comes up from behind him.]

Gail: We could have a winner here.

Dawson: I certainly hope you're right.

Gail: Why, just because my restaurant opens in less than a week and I still haven't found a chef?

Dawson: Or waiters, or menus.

Gail: What, the menus still haven't arrived from the printers?

Dawson: We sent them back yesterday, remember? We were selling $2200 over price for scampi.

Gail: Alright, you just keep screening applicants for my wait staff. Hopefully we have found out kitchen talent. This chowder smells amazing. [They both sample some of the chowder, and both make a face] What do you think?

Dawson: Look, I don't know fine food, but I know enough to tell you that this… sucks.

Gail: Mmm, are you sure we just don't want to steal Bodie from the Potter's?

Dawson: Not unless we decide that Bessie and Alexander don't need a home and that I don't need Joey as a friend.

Gail: Chowder isn't easy to master. Here, try his breaded [missed word]. It looks great. I gotta get off to the printer. Oh, and honey… don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. [She leaves. Andie and Jack walk into the restaurant and up to Dawson]

Andie: Hey.

Dawson: Hey, thanks so much for picking up the sign. I really appreciate it.

[He holds up the sign, but it has no name on it, only a fish painted on it.]

Jack: Yeah well, unfortunately this may exasperate the insanity.

Andie: Unless of course you wanna keep the place a secret.

Dawson: What happened?

Jack: Well, the guy told your mom he had to have the name by today. He's already got another job.

Dawson: I thought it was 'The Fish Bistro'?

Andie: Dawson, a woman has the right to change her mind.

Dawson: Yeah, but not this late in the game.

Andie: Well, uh, okay, so the restaurant could be like one of those hip, no name clubs. You know, too cool to have a name.

Chef: Excuse please? I look for restaurant of fish. I am trying out for chowder man.

Dawson: [to Jack and Andie] You guys hungry?

[Scene: Inside the Mentor Office. Pacey is there talking with the councelor that is setting him up with his new mentor child. ]

Pacey: So who is this kid worthy of being a Witter mentee?

Councilor: Someone your school administration and I thought would be appropriate.

Pacey: How exactly do you guys go about making that determination?

Councilor: You'll see. If there are any problems I can always assign you to someone else.

Pacey: I think I'll probably be able to handle a 9-year-old, thanks.

Councilor: [opening a door to a room. A short, blonde kid with an 8 pound head sits inside] Buzz Thompson? Meet Pacey Witter.

[They exit the office and enter a room where a Buzz is sitting at a table playing. Pacey goes over to sit with


Pacey: Hey, how ya doin' kid?

Buzz: How old are you?

Pacey: 16. How old are you?

Buzz: You have a 5 o'clock shadow.

Pacey: Well, I'm mature.

Buzz: Is that what you call it?

Pacey: I get it, you're a smart ass. That's why they put us together, they think I'm a smart ass, too.

Buzz: But when they really get to know you, they discover under the rough exterior, lies a vulnerable beating heart. Get real. I'm not like one of those kids on 7th Heaven. And I'm not like you, Pissy.

Pacey: Pacey.

Buzz: Whatever, Pissy.

Pacey: Pacey. And you don't know anything about me, kid.

Buzz: I know you think you don't want to be here, but you're just dying to throw your arm around me and have a warm and fuzzy. Well, don't bother, cause you're gonna be back here trying to get rid of me. I give you 48 hours, kid.

[Scene: Inside the Boston train station. Joey has just gotten off the train and is looking for AJ, when she noptices someone holding up a sign that says “Potter, Joseph.” She goes over to the person holding the sign, but is surprised to find it is a woman holding it.]

Joey: Hi, I'm Joey Potter.

Morgan: Of course you are.

Joey: And you are?

Morgan: I'm Morgan. I am A.J.'s oldest friend.

Joey: Oh. Where's A.J.?

Morgan: The jumpy boy is still trying to decide on what to read for tomorrow night.

Joey: Why do I feel like I fell asleep on the train and suddenly woke up the protagonist in a Kafka story.

Morgan: Well, there's the wit just like he said.

Joey: The wit?

Morgan: The famous Potter wit. He's told me all about you. Artist, political agitator. And a size 8 foot. [hands her a pair of rollerblades] Put these one, we're going to go blading.

Joey: Thanks.

[Scene: Inside the Capeside Arcade. Buzz and Pacey are walking through it.]

Buzz: Is this the fun part? Is this the part where we're having fun? Or did I blink and miss it?

Pacey: You know, you got me, man. I don't want to be here anymore than you do. I got stuck with you, but this still doesn't have to be so horrible.

Buzz: Here comes the honesty. Next is the intimacy.

Pacey: What exactly do you want?

Buzz: Let me make this easy for you. Read my lips. Pikachu!

Pacey: You want something that has to be treated with antibiotics.

Buzz: Man, your generation is so out of it. Pokemon, you putz.

Pacey: I knew that.

Buzz: I got Alacazam through Menapaws, but I'm in serious in need of Appalrapter. There's a vendor right over there.

Pacey: You gotta be kidding me, man. There is no way I'm spending 20 bucks on a Japanese trading card.

Buzz: You have a serious problem with anger. I hope the Capeside mentoring program knows who I'm dealing with here.

Pacey: Okay, if I buy you the stupid card, would you shut up for two seconds? Please?

Buzz: Mmm-hmm

Pacey: Okay, here [handing him some coins] take these, go whack some moles and stay out of trouble.

Buzz: Whatever, Pissy. [to some kids in front of the 'Whack-a-Mole' game] You guys playing?

[A little later, pacey hears a commotion coming from the area he left Buzz. He runs over to find Buzz trying to hit some of the kids with the mallet from the “Whack-a-Mole” game.]

Pacey: Hey! Hey! What the hell's going on over here? What are you doing?

Boy1: He hit me in the head with the mallet!

Boy2: He poked me right in the nose.

Buzz: They tried to push me on my game.

Pacey: Okay, that's it. [Pacey picks Buzz up and carries him off] You're done. No more decisions for you…

[Scene: Inside a Boston Restaurant. A.J. sits at a table writing when Morgan approaches and sits.]

Morgan: Hey.

A.J.: Hey. Where's Joey?

Morgan: I showed her around town, just like you asked.

A.J.: You didn't…

[Joey comes rolling in, still on her blades. A.J. helps her to sit down next to him.]

A.J.: Joey, good to see you.

Joey: Hey…

A.J.: How was your trip?

Joey: It was a trip.

A.J.: I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to meet you, but I still haven't picked a reading for tomorrow. Do you hate me?

Joey: [mockingly] Completely.

A.J.: Hi.

[A.J. leans over and kisses her]

Morgan: Good God, get a room.

A.J.: I hope she didn't totally wear you out.

Joey: No, it was actually very informative. I had no idea that the Charles river ran through so much of the city.

A.J.: You took her on the Charles river circuit?

Morgan: She did better than you!

A.J.: I'm sorry, I asked her to pick you up, not take you on an endurance test.

Morgan: Oh, you're threatened. He can't blade to save his life and if any time a girl shows greater skill than him, he gets totally threatened.

A.J.: What?!

Joey: How long have you guys known each other?

Morgan: Pretty much since we were Zygotes.

A.J.: Morgan and I grew up together, same time, same high school…

Joey: Same college?

Morgan: Actually, I got bored with this geek and I decided to make some new friends. So I went to school last semester at .

Joey: I've always wanted to study in Paris.

[Morgan and A.J. talk to each other in French.]

Joey: Sorry, my French isn't very good.

A.J.: Morgan likes to embarrass me, so I'm not letting you two hang out together anymore.

Morgan: See, threatened.

A.J.: Don't let the friendly banter fool you, Joey. We really can't stand each other.

Morgan: You know, you were all he wrote about in his letters to me.

Joey: Really?

Morgan: I bet he never told you a thing about me. Well, I can see that you two need some time together.

[she gets up to leave]

A.J.: Thank you. At least you can take a hint.

Morgan: Joey, I'm glad that you're here. I was beginning to think that you were one of his fantasies.

A.J.: Nope, she's real. Told you.

Morgan: Yeah, flesh and blood.

Joey: That's me. Joey Potter, flesh and blood.

[Scene: Inside the new Restaurant. Andie and Jack are sitting at a table testing all the food from the various chefs who are trying out for the position. Dawson walks up to the table with another tray.]

Dawson: Here's another one. He says his Spanish mackerel quiche is world famous. Does anybody have any idea what that is?

Andie: You don't want to know.

Jack: The lady who did the cod flambé, that was my favorite.

Dawson: Yeah, she was a gem, huh? You should see the kitchen ceiling, it's covered in tiny, burnt fish bones.

Jack: Your mom needs some serious help, man.

Andie: I want to know what rock these people have been cooking under.

[Jen enters the restaurant and walks up to them.]

Jen: Hi guys.

Andie: Hey!

Jack: Hey, Jen.

Dawson: Dude, I know you. You, you were at a rally, right? No, or was it the hacki-sack circuit of Capefest?

Jen: Very funny. Yeah, I know I've been a little out of circulation lately. Spending most of my time with Henry.

Andie: Ooh!

[Dawson walks over to sign a delivery slip and Jen follows him.]

Dawson: That's understandable. I think there's a 6 week Honeymoon period you go through whenever you get into a new relationship.

Jen: Well, yeah, but then you wake up one day, you realize you got the relationship, but not much else.

Dawson: Well, if you're need of sustenance, you've come to the right place.

Jen: Actually, I was thinking about serving said sustenance.

Dawson: Jen Lindley wants to be a waitress?

Jen: Yeah, I think it would be a great way to meet new people, I could earn enough tip money to occasionally take Henry out, and I'm tired of living off my Grams.

Dawson: Okay. As you can see my mom is in immediate need of assistance. [a loud crash comes from the kitchen] How soon could you start?

[Scene: Inside A.J.'s Dorm Room. Joey is sitting on the bed while A.J. is trying to clean the cut on her knee, which she got during her blading escapade.]

A.J.: Can you believe that I haven't been able to decide on a reading for tomorrow? I mean, it's only the most important opportunity of my lifetime. What's wrong with me?

Joey: She's pretty?

A.J.: Who?

Joey: Morgan? She's really pretty and so smart.

A.J.: Yeah, real smart.

[A.J. put's some medication on her knee.]

Joey: Oww.

A.J.: Sorry.

Joey: A.J, why didn't you tell me about her?

A.J.: I don't know, I mean I guess we have so little time together, I'd just concentrate on the big things.

Joey: You don't think one of your oldest friends is big enough thing to tell me about?

A.J.: Yeah, but I mean, how much do you talk to me about your friends?

Joey: I guess you're right.

A.J.: So, I'm trying to decide on something I did more recently, or maybe one of my older pieces. I don't know.

Joey: Did you two ever date?

A.J.: Joey, look, I promise you, you have nothing to worry about.

Joey: Oww.

A.J.: Sorry, damn this stuff. I just want to make sure that no foreign elements get into your hemoglobin. Because that's the part of the blood that transports your…

Joey: I know what that is.

A.J.: Sorry. You know, I know something that might work better than this. [he kisses her knee] Is that better? [he kisses her knee again]

Joey: Well, see now I'm feeling a little light headed.

A.J.: Really?

Joey: Yeah, I don't think my hemoglobin is transporting enough oxygen through my body.

A.J.: Well, that could be a problem.

[They kiss. Suddenly Morgan Comes bursting into the room.]

Morgan: I was thinking… [seeing that they were kissing] Oh, I guess you guys got that room.

[Morgan goes to leave]

A.J.: No, wait, what were you thinking?

Morgan: I was thinking, 'Arthur'. You know, go with the nature of [missed word, love?]

A.J.: You don't think it's too old?

Joey: Arthur?

Morgan: They already know your new stuff. They want to know where it comes from. I say be honest and show them your roots.

A.J.: You're right. Yeah, that's a great idea.

Morgan: [noticing his clothes hanging] What's up with the double-breasted jacket and the bow tie? You win an award and suddenly you turn Ralph Lauren on us?

A.J.: No, I just want to look respectful, what's wrong with that?

Morgan: It'll take a lot more than a boring jacket. Why not just be yourself? Khaki's, sweater, loafers, that's you. [to Joey] Oh, and I have something for you.

[She grabs Joey's hand and drags her after her out of the room]

Joey: [to A.J.] Oh, be right back. [to Morgan] Who's Arthur?

[Scene: By Pacey's Boat. Pacey and Buzz are here, where Pacey has brought Buzz to see his boat. Pacey is carrying a bucket and a brush.]

Buzz: You can't make me do this.

Pacey: The hell I can.

Buzz: This is slave labor.

Pacey: Can you do anything besides whine, kid?

Buzz: I can write letters.

Pacey: You can paint. Watch and learn, alright? It's up, and then down, and then up, and then down. You got it?

Buzz: You ever heard the expression 'don't go against the grain'?

Pacey: Who on earth got you to sit still long enough to teach you how to paint?

Buzz: My dad.

Pacey: Really? Where's your dad now?

Buzz: Somewhere in the Atlantic.

Pacey: Oh yeah? Your dad's a sailor?

Buzz: Nope, fish food. Scattered his ashes off Nantucket. Where's yours?

Pacey: Uh, my dad? He's probably hanging up his holster right about now.

Buzz: A cop! That explains your authority issues.

Pacey: I don't have authority issues.

Buzz: Issues, issues, issues.

Pacey: I don't have issues, okay?

Buzz: Look at how you handed me at the arcade.

Pacey: You got into a fight. You're gonna have to learn that there are better ways to handle confrontation like that than playing 'Whack a kid'.

Buzz: Okay, mentor. How'd you get into this stupid program?

Pacey: [whispering] I hit a guy.

Buzz: What?

Pacey: I hit a guy.

Buzz: That's it, I'm out of here.

Pacey: Hey, come back here. HEY! Come back here!

Buzz: Or what, you'll whack me upside the head?

[He runs away from Pacey and Pacey chases after him.]

Pacey: You little…rat!

Buzz: Help! Help! Child abuse! Let go of me you hypocritical maniac!

[Scene: Inside Morgan's Dorm Room. Joey is sitting on Morgan's bed while Morgan is looking through some boxes of clothes.]

Morgan: His father's name is Arthur, so they named him Arthur Jr. That's what the A.J. stands for.

Joey: I can't believe he never told me.

Morgan: You would have gotten it eventually.

Joey: [pointing to a picture on the wall] Who's that?

Morgan: A friend.

Joey: He's gorgeous. Wow, these drawings are incredible. I can't believe that people just draw these on the sidewalk.

Morgan: Actually, sidewalk chalk drawings are a classic Parisian tradition.

Joey: Yeah, but who does that kind of work?

Morgan: Me. Umm, that one took me 3 days. People just respectfully walked around while I worked. This semester I'm studying photography. I guess I was wanting something more substantial in my life. [hands Joey a coat] Here, take this.

Joey: It's beautiful.

Morgan: Yeah, well, he may chicken out and not even show up tomorrow night. You know, sometimes you really have to kick his butt. I mean, once I gave him some thick gray crayon paper. Told him he had to fill it up with words before he talked to me. And he didn't talk to me for two weeks!

Joey: Wow, there are so many things that I'm learning about him everyday.

Morgan: Did you know he likes to eat all the peanuts out of Chex mix?

Joey: Really?

Morgan: Yeah, he's been banned from social gatherings in over 20 states.

Joey: Well, I have been witness to his pasta slurping.

Morgan: Oh! Does he still conjugate Latin verbs under his breath when he gets nervous?

Joey: Yeah, [Joey speaks some Latin verbs and they both crack up].

Morgan: He's such a mess!

Joey: Yeah, but he can kiss.

Morgan: Yeah…

Joey: We don't have to…

Morgan: Once. Afterwards we felt really weird and silly and, uh, well we just know each other too well. And we have way too many fights. But there's just no mystery. So umm, there's absolutely and positively nothing there.

Joey: Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?

Morgan: Actually, one of my favorite activities - I'm gonna get the early Sunday times…

Joey: Come with us.

Morgan: That's your thing.

Joey: No, you're A.J.'s oldest friend. You should be there.

Morgan: Yeah, but you're his girlfriend.

Joey: Isn't it possible for the both of us to be a part of A.J.'s life?

Morgan: You're alright, Joey Potter.

[Scene: Inside the new restaurant. Andie and Jack are getting their coats when Dawson walks in. They look as if they've gone through hell.]

Dawson: Hey, you guys are leaving already?

Andie: Uh, Dawson, I have eaten so much over the last few hours, I just can't…

Dawson: Are you sure you don't want to stay, though? We've got a really good feeling about the guys back there now.

Jack: Yeah, well, I can still be objective. If this guy is half as bad as the dozen before him…

Dawson: But he says that…

Andie: Nope! No, no, no, no! Don't even mention anything that comes from the sea.

[Jen walks in with dishes and immediately drops them all to the floor]

Jen: Ohhh!

Andie: Oh, thank you.

Jen: I promise to stop doing this before you guys open.

Dawson: Don't worry about it.

Gail: Is everything okay? Oh, God, what happened?

[Mitch enters the restaurant.]

Mitch: Your wait staff is just experiencing the difficulties of proper serving.

Gail: Hi.

Mitch: Jen, I'd be happy to demonstrate the standard way of carrying a stack.

Jen: Oh, thank you, God.

Gail: Thanks for the offer, but I think we got it covered.

Mitch: Well, okay then, what can I do.

Gail: What do you mean?

Mitch: Well, I'm here. Reporting for work, as requested.

Gail: Who requested that you come to work? [they both look at Dawson]

[Scene: On Pacey's Boat. Buzz is on top of the boat cleaning down some rails. Pacey is sitting on a chair by the grill.]

Buzz: You know you can't keep treating me this way. There are laws. You have to feed me.

[Pacey grabs a hot dog off the little grill and puts it in a bun for him.]

Pacey: Here.

Buzz: Wiener?

Pacey: It's all beef.

Buzz: Want to know what part of the beef?

Pacey: Come here.

Buzz: When are you taking me home? My mother is cooking a meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight.

Pacey: You want to wait for meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Wait.

[Pacey continues to clean the True Love plaque]

Buzz: Who's the girl?

Pacey: What girl?

Buzz: The one you named your boat after.

Pacey: True Love isn't a person, it's an idea. An unattainable idea.

Buzz: Who's the unattainable girl?

Pacey: You just love getting under my skin, don't you? Buzz: Have you kissed her?

Pacey: I told you, there's no girl.

Buzz: Why don't you just kiss her?

Pacey: And why don't you just shut your mouth?

Buzz: You have no problem taking a swing at a guy, you can't tell a girl how you feel about her. Man, you're pathetic.

Pacey: You wanna go home?

Buzz: You're bluffing. You need me to finish your boat.

Pacey: I don't need you, let's go.

Buzz: Bluffing coward!

Pacey: Let's go.

Buzz: Fine. But tomorrow you better find something creative for me to do, cause I'm not working on your pitiful raft anymore.

Pacey: Well, maybe tomorrow I just won't show up.

Buzz: Make my day! Loser.

[Scene: At the Award Banquet. A.J., Joey and Morgan sit at a table before the ceremony waiting for the ceremony to begin.]

A.J.: What am I doing here? I had a good life, good friends. Modest, promising little future teaching at a junior college in a pleasant, suburban town.

Announcer: At this time, it is my honor to introduce the young man who made this institution so proud. Tonight he will share with us, his imaginative mind and distinctive voice.

A.J.: [to Joey] There's still time, you wanna make a break for the back door with me?

Announcer: A.J, come up and share with us.

Joey: Too late.

A.J.: [at the podium] Greetings. Tonight I'm reminded of F.D.R.'s immortal words, "The only thing we have to fear is fear himself." Of course, F.D.R. never stood up here. [laughter; reading] Silent Dream. It had always seem like a silent dream to her. The many meaningless passings in the hallway. The sense of disconnection from those she supposedly knew so well. When she met him, the boy she'd already known all her life, she realized that love unspoken is the loudest sound of all. And she awoke. [he glances at Morgan, which Joey notices.] Her name was Mary. More than anything, she'd love to read the Sunday Times on Saturday night. [Joey is beginning to realize that the story is about Morgan She starts to feel a little uncomfortable, because it has a deep meaning for both of them.] Mary dated frequently, but sadly, felt her time spent alone was her only shelter from the rain. It seemed no one else noticed… [As he reads, his voice gets softer and softer as all this sinks in for Joey.] Her silent dreams gave me courage. Her dance is my freedom…

[Scene: Inside the Mentoring Office. Pacey is in the office talking to the councilor.]

Pacey: The kid hates me.

Councilor: Don't take it personally. He's been through 4 mentors in the last year.

Pacey: You've been expecting this conversation?

Councilor: I had hoped not to have it with you. But I'm not surprised. His mother works all hours. The program isn't really designed to be a cheap babysitting service.

Pacey: I tried to do more with that kid than just baby-sit him.

Councilor: He has the highest IQ in his class, but he's constantly failing. Can't seem to finish anything he starts.

Pacey: Guess that thing with his father really screwed him up.

Councilor: Wouldn't it screw you up if your father ran off with a young woman?

Pacey: Ran off?

Councilor: Started a whole new family.

Pacey: In Nantucket.

Councilor: Mmm-hmm. That's why he behaves the way he does. He feels rejected.

Pacey: Well, I know that feeling.

Councilor: So, he tests the people in his life, just to see if they'll come back to him…If you'd like, we can reassign you immediately.

Pacey: Reassign? You thought I came in here because I couldn't handle the kid? I don't know what kind of problems those other four guys had, but there's not a kid on earth that Pacey Witter can't handle. The only reason I came in here was to ask if I could pick him up early tomorrow.

Councilor: Sure. I think we can arrange that.

[Scene: Inside the new restaurant. Dawson comes out of the kitchen to the hallway where his mom is working. She comes over to him to talk.]

Gail: I'm really angry with you, Dawson. You had no business telling your father that I needed help.

Dawson: Mom, you do,

Gail: Where did you get a ridiculous idea like that?

Dawson: Ridiculous? You mean like the state this place is in right now? Mom, you open in less than a week, and I can't do it all.

Gail: I only asked you to screen applicants for my wait staff, oversee some tastings.

Dawson: Yeah, things I know nothing about.

Gail: Yeah, bringing in my ex-husband certainly isn't the solution.

Dawson: Okay, Mom, you and Dad have made it very clear how much you want to be a part of each other's lives. I thought I was confused before.

Gail: Dawson, do you want people to tell you how to direct your movies? No, you need people to act in them, light them, take direction. This is my career now, Dawson. I thought of all people you'd understand that.

Dawson: Well, excuse me for not wanting to see you fail, Mom. You know, if there's one thing that you've taught me, it's that you should never be ashamed to ask for help, right? I don't see why you can't take your own advice. [he walks off]

[Scene: On the Boston School sidewalk. Joey, Morgan and A.J. are walking together after the ceremony, talking as they go. A.J. is carrying a bottle of champagne.]

A.J.: Can you believe the dean look alike gave me a bottle of Dom?

Morgan: It's definitely your night. You have no idea how lucky he is that you broke your heel. The guy can't dance to save his life.

A.J.: Well, here we are.

Joey: Here we are.

Morgan: Have you guys thought about heading down to the arboretum? I bet it's amazing down there tonight.

Joey: I want to go back to your room.

A.J.: Okay.

Morgan: Good. I'll have the arboretum all to myself. Catch you guys later.

Joey: Oh, this is yours. [takes the coat off and hands it to Morgan] Thank you, Morgan.

Morgan: You're welcome.

[Morgan leaves. Joey and A.J. walk into the dorm.]

A.J.: What's a matter?

Joey: You tell me. You're feeling guilty right now, aren't you?

A.J.: Guilty? No. I don't like the idea of Morgan hanging out by herself at night, that's all.

Joey: Go join her. I want to go back to your room alone.

A.J.: What?

Joey: Tonight is one of the most memorable experiences of your life, A.J. And you should share it with Morgan.

A.J.: I don't understand.

Joey: You've got to be the thickest mensa member around. A.J., Morgan is your muse.

A.J.: No, Joey, she's just my friend, that's all.

Joey: No, she's more than just a friend. She picks out paper for you, and she encourages you write and she demands that you be yourself. And she does this in such a selfless way that you can't even begin to comprehend and…

A.J.: Wait, wait, did she tell you something - did she say that she wants more than friendship?

Joey: No…

A.J.: Well than where is this coming from?

Joey: I know what it's like to harbor feelings for somebody that you deny. I know how horrible it is to realize those feelings way too late. And this is coming from my own experience, my own life, which honestly, you know very little about.

A.J.: Well, God, Joey, give me a chance. Let me get to know more about you. Isn't that the fun part?

Joey: Yes, it's fun, and it's romantic and exciting and unbelievable, but it's not real.

A.J.: Well, then let's make it real.

Joey: See, you already have something that is real. And Morgan is just recently realized it. Why do you think she came back from France? Can't you hear it, too?

A.J.: Hear what?

Joey: The loudest sound of all? Love unspoken. The feelings between you and Morgan.

A.J.: Joey, you are reading way too much into this.

Joey: Am I?

A.J.: Yes.

Joey: A.J., then why the look?

A.J.: What look? What are you talking about?

Joey: In the reading. You paused and you looked at her.

A.J.: I don't know, I was reading something. Okay, I guess it made me think of her.

Joey: Because it's about her.

A.J.: No, it's a made up character, Joey.

Joey: A.J., I want you to go to her. And I want you to look into her eyes and look deep. A see just how made up that character is.

A.J.: Is that what you really want?

Joey: Yes.

A.J.: So that's it? What about us?

Joey: Us is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. But see, us is a memory. You and Morgan are reality.

A.J.: I used to think a broken heart was just [missed word]. Now I know the truth.

Joey: A.J., there are worse things than a broken heart. Like the love that you don't explore.

A.J.: Guess I'll see you around, Potter-comma-Joseph.

[Joey gives him a kiss on the cheek. A.J. leaves.]

[Scene: Inside Buzz's house. Pacey knocks at the door and Buzz answer's it. Pacey is carrying several bags of groceries.]

Buzz: I give at the office.

[Buzz goes to close the door, but Pacey sticks his foot in to stop him.]

Pacey: I just wanted to come by and tell you something about your work on the boat.

Buzz: Yeah?

Pacey: Yeah. It ain't half bad, kid.

Buzz: Pay attention. I'll show you a thing or two.

Pacey: What do you know about making meatloaf and mashed potatoes?

[Later, they are trying to make some meatloaf.]

Buzz: You have to work it with your hands.

Pacey: Like this?

Buzz: You're getting the hang of it.

Pacey: It's a good thing your mom had to work late tonight, huh?

Buzz: Yeah… I'm sorry, you know. My father isn't entirely dead.

Pacey: Her name is Joey.

Buzz: Is she a hotty?

Pacey: I'm not answering that.

Buzz: Come on, I'm 9. I have years before I get there. The least you can do is cough up a description.

Pacey: Okay. She's so beautiful, that every time you look at her, your knees tremble, your heart just melts, and you know right then and there, without any reservation, that there is order and meaning to the universe.

Buzz: She's a hotty. Where is she?

Pacey: Well, she's probably out having the time of her life.

[Scene: Inside the Boston train station. Joey check's out the time for the next train to Capeside and sees that it isn't until 9am. After some debate she goes to the payphone.]

[Scene: Outside along the shoreline. Dawson is out there thinking when Jen comes up to him.]

Jen: Looks like you've been out here for awhile. Bet you could use a friend.

Dawson: For someone who's been so rapped up in her whole little world, you're pretty perceptive.

Jen: Well that's just the kind of the girl I am. Thoughtful, empathetic. And I can see pretty much everything that happens out here from the restaurant.

Dawson: So you heard the fight I had with my mom.

Jen: Yeah. And then I caught a mini version of her wrath myself. Just after I broke a few more plates.

Dawson: I think the pressure of the restaurant has finally gotten to her. You saw, all I was trying to do was help her out. She completely unloaded on me.

Jen: I think you were trying to do a little more than just help her. You were trying to help yourself, too.

Dawson: How so?

Jen: You're trying to put your family back together, Dawson.

Dawson: No, I'm not. You saw how angry I was at the B&B when they tried to pose as husband and wife.

Jen: Exactly, because it was a façade, a lie. Of course that upset you. What's going on at the restaurant is real.

Dawson: What's going on in the restaurant is chaos.

Jen: We invariably return to what we know, Dawson. What's in our bones. Your family, that's in your bones.

Dawson: Yeah, but I know that they're not getting back together. So, so what am I doing?

Jen: Remember a couple of years ago, at that spot right over there, you asked me to dance. And you said that you wanted to be my boy adventure.

Dawson: Did I really say that? God, I was so naïve.

Jen: And sweet, and honest. On the outside you're not that same naïve, little boy anymore. You've been through too much recently. But deep down at your core, there's always gonna be a part of you that rejects reality. And that's eternally hopeful. And just wants his parents back together.

[Scene: Inside the Boston train station. Joey is sitting on a bench, and she has been crying, when Pacey enters and walks up to her.]

Pacey: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: So what happened?

Joey: Nothing happened.

Pacey: You got bored? You got homesick? He finally ripped off his rubber mask and revealed his true alien features? What?

Joey: I don't want to talk about it.

Pacey: Oh, well, forgive me if I'm having a little bit of trouble with the 'no questions asked' part.

[Scene: Inside the new restaurant. Dawson enters and walks over to his mother. He notices that a lot has been done since he left the night before. He is actually quite surprised.]

Gail: Good morning.

Dawson: Good morning. I came here to apologize for undercutting your authority and offer my service, but it looks like you're doing just fine without me. [He takes the cup that Gail offers him.] This coffee tastes like clam chowder.

Gail: Oh, that's good.

Dawson: This is good.

Gail: Uh huh!

Dawson: This is not the place I left last night.

Gail: Oh, you mean you weren't at Leery's Fresh Fish?

Dawson: I thought Leery's Fresh Fish was…

[Mitch is on the end of the bar hanging the sign that Jack and Andie brought in, now with the name on it.]

Mitch: It's her name, too, Dawson.

Dawson: Okay, so what's going on?

Gail: You know, you were right about what you said, honey. I do need a partner, I was just too proud to admit it.

Mitch: Well, don't be so hard on yourself. Running a restaurant takes many talents. You've got the most important one. You know how to delegate.

Dawson: So you made Dad a partner after all?

Mitch: No, that would never work. She hired me as a General Manager.

Gail: Oh, 'hired' being the operative word.

Mitch: My first order of business was to strongly suggest she make Bodie her partner.

Dawson: Bodie? Well, wait…

Gail: Yeah, well he's going to own 20% of the business and in return he's going to provide me with all his recipes, over see the kitchen, work only nights that way it won't take him away from his B&B. Oh, and we're going to have to fire Jen from the wait staff.

Dawson: But…

Gail: Honey, as a waitress she's going to put me out of business in a week.

Mitch: But she'd make a charming hostess.

Dawson: I think she would like that. Apparently you guys work well together.

[Scene: Inside Pacey's Car. Pacey and Joey are driving back to Capeside. They are both quiet, and Joey is looking out the window still drying a little.]

Pacey: So, you ever gonna speak again? Come on, Jo, say something.

Joey: What do you want me to say, Pacey? You were right? You were right, okay? Right as always. Pacey Witter, the only person in my life who ever speaks the truth.

Pacey: That's not entirely accurate.

Joey: Well, you told me what was going to happen.

Pacey: Which was what, Joey? What happened up there?

Joey: There was another girl.

Pacey: Oh. I'm sorry, Jo.

Joey: You know the whole time that I was watching them, I just kept thinking, 'This is it. This is real. Just like Pacey said. This is the real thing.' And it reminded me once again, what exactly I don't have.

Pacey: Keeping looking, you'll find it.

Joey: No I won't. Isn't it obvious by now, I'm not meant to.

Pacey: Why? Cause you're 16 and alone? Come on…

Joey: No, because I'm 16, and in my entire life there's been 2 people who actually know me, Pacey.

Pacey: Dawson and… This A.J. guy didn't know you. I don't care how you felt about him, Jo, he didn't know you, cause if he did, he never would have walked away.

Joey: I was going to say you, Pacey.

Pacey: Okay.

[Pacey pulls the car off the road and comes to a stop.]

Joey: Have you totally lost it?

Pacey: Not totally… yet.

[They both get out of the car and and walk around to the side of it away from the road. ]

Pacey: Alright, what did you mean by that?

Joey: By what?

Pacey: About me knowing you better than anybody else.

Joey: Exactly what I said, Pacey. You know me, okay? In a way that nobody else besides Dawson ever had…

Pacey: I'm not talking about Dawson, right now. We're talking about me. You can't keep on doing this to me, Potter.

Joey: Doing what? So I count on you and I tell you secrets and…

Pacey: And you call me in the middle of the night to pick you up. Why?

Joey: I'm sorry that I called. I thought that I…

Pacey: I'm not mad that you called me, I just want to know why you called me.

Joey: You were the first person that I thought of, Pacey.

Pacey: What does that mean, Jo?

Joey: It means that… I guess it… It means that I can talk to you, and that you're there for me…

Pacey: Don't you ever get tired of talking?

Joey: No. I don't…

Pacey: Well I get tired of talking…

Joey: I don't get tired. I don't…

Pacey: I don't want to talk anymore.

Joey: What are you trying to say? Why are we standing…

[Pacey goes over to Joey and takes her face in her hands and kisses her. Her eyes open wide in shock, and then fade to black.]

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