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  03x13 - Northern Lights
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Episode 313 - Northern Lights

[Scene: Interior of Joey's House. Pace and Joey are there and have been going through the lines of his play together]

Pacey: Tomorrow night will be your night. We'll do whatever you want.

Joey: Something wild, insane, and crazy?

Pacey: I promise.

Joey: Like what?

Pacey: Like I'll come home from work early and we'll wallpaper each other.

Joey: No way. Sorry, we're done.

Pacey: We can't stop now. I don't know this stuff at all.

Joey: Sorry, master thespian, but the whole next page consists solely of cooing, tickling, and lap-sitting, 3 things definitely not in my range as an actress.

Pacey: Ok. Let me tell you, you're gonna be sorry tomorrow night when I get up on that stage, panic, draw a complete blank, then just start ad-libbing obscenities to the crowd.

Joey: Actually, Pacey, I kind of thought I'd go on Saturday.

Pacey: Saturday?

Joey: Yeah.

Pacey: No, no, you don't want to come on Saturday. You gotta come on Friday. It's opening night. Much better chance you'll get to witness some amusing disaster. You know, like scenery falling on my head, or perhaps my co-star hyperventilating from one of my intoxicating stage kisses

Joey: Yeah, you're known for those.

Pacey: So what do you say? Front row center?

Joey: I can't. I kind of have this thing I have to do on Friday night.

Pacey: What thing?

Joey: It's just this thing. This guy.

Pacey: What guy?

Joey: A.J.

Pacey: College guy?

Joey: He's coming out to the cape for a party, and he invited me to go with him.

Pacey: You're going to a frat party?

Joey: He's not that kind of a college guy, Pacey. Have you ever heard of the aurora borealis?

Pacey: The northern lights?

Joey: Yes.

Pacey: Yeah, I've heard of 'em. I mean, I may not be Ivy league material, but if you give me a road map and a remote control, I can probably find my way to the discovery channel and back.

Joey: Yeah, well, there're like 10 nights out of the year when you can actually see the northern lights from this part of the world, and tomorrow may be one of them. And if you factor in the recent sunspot activity--

Pacey: Northern lights, my ass. This guy is obviously just trying to separate you from the Potter pantalonees.

Joey: Pacey, read a newspaper once in a while. You cannot fake geomagnetic activity.

Pacey: Oh, yeah, you can. Sure you can! You can fake anything! Especially if you're some Ivy League egghead, and it's all part of some grand astronomical make-out scam. I'm talking as the voice of reason here, ok? I mean, come on, the chances of the northern lights appearing in the night sky above Capeside are about as good as the chances of me acquitting myself with distinction on that stage tomorrow night.

Joey: Yeah, well, call me crazy, but I'll take those odds any day.

(Opening Credits)

[Scene: Outside School. Joey and Dawson are walking along the sidewalk and talking to each other]

Dawson: So, what do you think?

Joey: What do I think?

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: I think you're going to be pretty bored in study hall, Dawson.

Dawson: Well, it could be a very interesting opportunity, to study some human behavior. At least until I figure out what my move is going to be.

Joey: Just don't go joining the yearbook, ok? I mean, it's bad enough that Pacey's doing this whole play thing.

Dawson: That's right. Tonight's opening night, isn't it?

Joey: Yeah...

[Nicki comes storming up to them]

Nicki: You dropped film class? Are you insane?

Joey: Mm... I can tell you guys have a lot to discuss. So, I'll see you later.

Dawson: Ok.

[Joey leaves Dawson and Nicki alone.]

Nicki: This doesn't have anything to do with the film festival. Does it?

Dawson: No, it doesn't. I just--I need to walk away for a little while. You know? Recharge my batteries.

Nicki: Well, the least you could have done was given me a heads-up. We're partners, Dawson. And in 3 days we're supposed to stand in front of our entire class and pitch a feature film.

Dawson: Nikki, I'm sure Mr. Jordan will be more than happy to give you an extension and get you a new partner.

Nicki: I don't want another partner. I want you.

Dawson: Who are you kidding? You've probably got the entire assignment done already.

Nicki: Well, yeah, but I was gonna ask for your ideas.

Dawson: When you did, you would have realize that I don't have any.

Nicki: You don't have any ideas? Dawson, you are the most creative person in the class.

Dawson: See, that's where you'd be wrong, because, as of 8:15, I'm now the most creative person not in the class.

[Scene: Behind the set of the play. Pacey and his leading actress are trying to run through some lines. Andie is running around wildly in the background.]

Actress: How are we supposed to go up tonight if you keep forgetting your lines?

Pacey: I know the lines, ok? It's just that I got a bit of recall delay, that's all.

Andie: Where's Mr. Broderick? Our play is falling apart at the seams! Pacey, just take it from the top.

Pacey: Sure thing, boss. What's the top again?

Andie: You entrance.

Pacey: Entrance. Right.

Jack: Hey. Andie.

Andie: Not now, Jack. We're trying to do this line read-through, but Pacey has conveniently chosen to leave his memory at home.

Jack: Yeah, well, about 30 minutes ago in English class, it, uh, Mr. Broderick...

Andie: What?

Jack: Just come with me. Come on. Come on.

[Scene: Nurse's office. Mr. Broderick is lying on a caot with a towel on his forehead. Jack and Andie come up to his bedside.]

Mr. Broderick: The nurse thinks it's a kidney stone. My wife's picking me up in 5 minutes.

Andie: No, no, no. The play's going up in less than 8 hours.

Mr. Broderick: I'm sorry Andie. I'm not gonna make it there. You're gonna have to take my place.

Andie: Uh, no, you don't understand. See, I have, um, tickets to sell and the after-party to set up. I can't do everything by myself!

Jack: I can do the tickets and the after-party.

Mr. Broderick: There you go. Jack'll help you. I have faith in you, Andie. I mean, who am I kidding? It's been your show all along. This is your night. Here.

Andie: Your director's binder?

Mr. Broderick: It's yours now. And, as the house lights fall over that magic place we call the theater, all I pause for a fleeting moment... And think of me.

[Scene: Inside the school halways. Jen is trying to get Henry's attention, but he is some distance away. She runs after him.]

Jen: Henry! Hey, wait, Parker! Parker, wait up! Hi, henry.

[She eventually runs into him outside the school doors.]

Henry: Jen...

Jen: Ok, why are you avoiding me?

Henry: Why are you canceling on dinner tonight?

Jen: What makes you think at I'm canceling?

Henry: Ever since you agreed to this little... Dare I call it "date," you don't even make eye contact with me in the hallway. It's like you got this giant blind spot in exactly my shape and size.

Jen: Ok, don't you think that maybe you're just being a little bit paranoid?

Henry: Are you or are you not canceling our date?

Jen: I'm not canceling anything.

Henry: You're not?

Jen: No. No, I'm...just postponing. Look, see, it's Pacey's opening night, and I just figured that maybe I should be there to support him.

Henry: So that's all this is about, the play?

Jen: Yeah, yeah, that's what all this is about.

Henry: Great.

Jen: What do you mean, great?

Henry: I'll go with you... To the play. What time's curtain?

Jen: 7:00.

Henry: 7:00. All right, I'll be there. I mean, if that' all right with you.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, it's fine.

Henry: Ok.

[Scene: Joey's bedroom. Bessie and Joey are there sitting on her bed talking.]

Joey: Don't even think about coming near me with that medieval torture device.

[Knock at the door]

Joey: That can't be him.

Bessie: Just relax. Let Bodie get it. And finish telling me how I'm not supposed to worry about you going out with some much older guy.

Joey: He's not that old, Bessie. He's like 19.

[Knock knock at bedroom door. Bessie opens the door to see Pacey at it. She then slams the door back in his face.]

Bessie: Well, it's a boy. Just not the one we expected.

[ She opens the door again, and lets him in and then leaves.]

Pacey: Ok. So I tanked. I did. I completely tanked.

Joey: Call down, Pacey, you're just nervous.

Pacey: Oh, no, no, no this is way beyond nervous. Do you know that read-through I had today? I couldn't remember a single line.

Joey: I don't know why you're psyching yourself out like this. You know the play, Pacey. We went through it 2 nights ago.

Pacey: No, I know the play when I'm running it with you. When I got to do it with actual man beings, nothing.

Joey: I know I suck for not being there. I'm sorry.

Pacey: You do suck for not being there, don't you? But listen, I'm gonna give you the opportunity to get back in my good books, ok? There's still the after-party I told you about. And, now don't say no too quickly, because you're definitely gonna need a shoulder to cry on after this whole northern lights thing doesn't work out.

Joey: [Laughs] Ok, I'll try, but don't count on it, all right? Current geomagnetic conditions are extremely favorable for auroral activity, actually.

Pacey: Where did all this scientific mumbo-jumbo come from? I thought this A.J. Dude was a poetry geek.

Joey: He's interested in more than just that. He's a renaissance man.

Pacey: Fantastic. He can bore you in 7 languages.

Joey: No, just 3, actually. English, French, and Latin.

Pacey: Latin?

Joey: Mm-hmm!

Pacey: Who speaks Latin? I mean, like Spanish, now, that's the foreign language of the people. But, Latin that's a dead language.

[Bessie open the door to her bedroom.]

Bessie: He's here.

Joey: Ok, thank you.

Pacey: It's not too late to bail, ok? Believe me.

Joey: Why would I want to do that, Pacey?

Pacey: Because this guy's an operator, ok? I can tell. I mean, you know, the first thing he's gonna do when he comes through that door, is he's gonna pay you some lame compliment about how incredible you look tonight.

[They start to leave the room and walk toward the living room.]

Joey: Pacey.

Pacey: I'm looking out for you. And then he'll try something cute, like a negligible but not entirely insignificant amount of physical contact, you know what I mean? Like helping you on with your coat. Mm-hmm.

Joey: It's called being a gentleman, Pacey. I'm surprised you've heard of it.

Pacey: And this party he's supposedly taking you to? I bet it doesn't even exist. And if it does exist, I will lay you money that our boy wonder over there seizes the first possible opportunity to get you alone.

[She stops before getting to the livingroom]

Joey: Stay.

[She leaves pacey in the hallway, and goes to meet AJ.]

AJ: Hey.

Joey: Hey .

AJ: You look, uh, you look amazing.

Joey: I should get my coat.

AJ: Let me help you with that.

Pacey: Hey.

Joey: Thank you.

[Scene: Outside of the party. Joey and AJ are walking by the waterfront, talking.]

Joey: Hey, thank you. So, who are all these people?

AJ: Well, the guy who owns the place is a mathematician. Once upon a time, he was my mentor.

Joey: And everybody else?

AJ: Grad Students, mostly. Some astrophysicists and other left-leaning impoverished academics. Can't you tell?

Joey: And how would I tell?

AJ: Well, the cheap haircuts, and the unfortunate fashion sense. [Takes a sip of his drink, then spills it out] The pretentious taste in beverages. It's mead. It's what Beowulf drank before he slew Grendel. [Joey goes to take a sip, and he stops her, then pours hers out as well] You know, I wouldn't it's...

Joey: Can't I have some?

AJ: No, it's alcoholic.

Joey: Ah. I thought that's what college guys lived for.

AJ: What?

Joey: Opportunities to get high school girls all liquored up.

AJ: Well, only ones with very little imagination. Alcohol isn't exactly the most sophisticated way to seduce a girl. I mean, there are better ways to go about it. N-not that I mean-- we, or anything-- I mean, not-- that that was just..

Joey: Where is everyone going?

AJ: Oh... Cloud cover. Viewing conditions aren't exactly clear.

Joey: Does that me no lights?

AJ: No, not necessarily. It could clear up before midnight.

Joey: Midnight.

AJ: Yeah, for some unknown reason, midnight-- astronomical midnight, to be exact-- is the best time for viewing auroral displays.

Joey: So that means we have quite a wait in store for us.

AJ: You're not gonna turn into a pumpkin if I keep you out that late, are you?

Joey: No. But I might freeze to death, so, uh...Maybe we should go inside. . And mingle with those astrophysicists.

AJ: Let's take a walk first. Do you want to?

Joey: Sure.

[Scene: Outside the theater. Jack is handing out play bills at the door. Dawson is getting a bill when Andie walks up]

Andie: Oh, Dawson, there you are. Where's Pacey?

Dawson: Uh, as his director, shouldn't you have a better idea of that than I do?

Andie: Oh!

Jack: What's going on?

Andie: Um, well, it's only 20 minutes till curtain call, and my lead is nowhere to be found.

Jack: I could swear I saw him come in earlier.

Andie: Ok, so he's gotta be around here somewhere, right?

Dawson: I'll go look for him.

Andie: Ok, Dawson, don't look, just find. Please? And tell him not to worry. I'm not gonna kill him. Till after the show.

[Scene: Inside the Gymnasium. Pacey is shooting some baskets when Dawson walks in just as he makes a shot, and Dawson begins clapping.]

Pacey: How'd you find me?

Dawson: I have the misfortune of knowing how your brain works.

Pacey: Yeah. You know, I seem to recall that the last time you and I were on a basketball court together, I ended up getting my nose broken, didn't I?

Dawson: Pacey, we don't have time for this. You've got a show to do.

Pacey: Oh, just a couple more, you know? It helps. It's part of the whole acting process.

Dawson: So what are you so nervous about? It's not like you've never acted before.

Pacey: Yeah. How many times did it take me to actually get that sea creature thing right?

Dawson: Good point.

Pacey: And at that point, how many people were watching me? And for that matter, how many ex-girlfriends were there, counting on me to do a good job?

Dawson: Let me ask you this. Acting--you like it? You having fun?

Pacey: Well, I kind of got blackmailed into the whole thing, but... Yeah, I have to say it's been fun. Actually, it's been a blast.

Dawson: So then go out on stage tonight and have a blast. It's all that matters man. Find what you love to do and do it.

Pacey: This is coming from a guy who just gave up his life's passion to hang out with the underachievers in fourth period study hall, right?

Dawson: I didn't give it up. I just decided to spread it around a little bit.

Pacey: When did you become all Zen? I thought you of all people would be freaking out big time right now.

Dawson: Why?

Pacey: Well, I don't know. Maybe because of Joey's big date with college guy.

Dawson: I really suck at this game. All right. Come on, Olivier, your public awaits.

Pacey: What if this guy is some big sex maniac?

Dawson: Joey's a big girl. I'm sure she can take care of herself.

Pacey: Take care of herself? That's all you got to say about this? We're talking about Josephine Potter, the girl whose destiny intrinsically linked to your own.

Dawson: Had to happen eventually. You said that yourself. Let's go.

Pacey: [to himself] Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please.

[Scene: inside the theater. Jen is looking at the entrance, when Henry enters.]

Jen: Hey--Henry

Henry: Hey, I thought we were gonna meet out in front.

Jen: Oh, I thought that whoever got here first was supposed to save seats, so I did. Henry, I'd like you to meet my Grams.

Henry: Your grandmother?

Jen: Grams, this is Henry Parker.

Grams: Oh, well, what a pleasant surprise. I've heard so much about you.

Henry: Nice to meet you.

Grams: [To Jen] Jennifer, why didn't you tell me Henry was coming? I would have gladly stayed at home so that you two could be alone.

Jen: You know what? It looks like the show's starting. We should take our seats.

[Scene: the play going on from behind stage.]

Actor: So, how long did you say you'd been married?

Actress: 6 days.

Actor: He won't notice the place is empty till June. Well, Eldorado 58191, have a nice marriage.

Andie: Dawn, we've got to get you buttoned. Ok, you look great. Don't be nervous.

Pacey: Andie.

Andie: Pacey, no! How could you do this to me? I sent your understudy into makeup 15 minutes ago.

Pacey: That's good. I think he should stay there, 'cause, Andie, I can't do this.

Andie: What? You can. Come here. You know what? I gave up on you knowing this word for word a long time ago. So you're just gonna get the general gist of it, and you are gonna be fine! Ok? Come on, let's go! Go, you're up!

Pacey: I don't know...

Andie: Come on. come on! Oh, wait. No, no, no, no! The suitcase! Ok, go!

[On Stage. Pacey enters, the actress is there waiting. She Kisses him.]

Actress: Oh, Paul, darling! Well? Say something!

[Pacey looks out into the audience, and is very nervous. But eventually, be breaks free. Out of breath he says.]

Pacey: It's 6 flights! Did you know that it's 6 flights?

[audience laughs]

Actress: It isn't, it's 5.

Pacey: What about that big thing hanging...


Joey: So you're saying that there's hope for me?

AJ: I'm just saying I wouldn't let my family's finances limit my dream. You think you want to go to an Ivy league school?

Joey: I don't know. I just know that if I don't try, then I'll always wonder.

AJ: Wonder what?

Joey: Well, if I'm good enough. Smart enough to... To do something really important with my life.

AJ: You sound pretty driven.

Joey: Yeah. Driven by fear of failure.

AJ: You know, I think maybe sometimes that happens to girls who lose their mothers when they're really young. They're really driven to succeed.

Joey: Like Madona?

AJ: Well, I was thinking more along the lines of the Bronte sisters, but... ?

Joey: For a while I..I...I thought I liked art.

AJ: But now you don't anymore?

Joey: No, it... I do. It's…I don't know... it's like there's this person that you want to be for other people, you know, and to make them happy and to make them proud of you. And--and then there's yourself. And... Sometimes it's really hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Does that make sense?

AJ: Yeah...Completely. You know, in medieval Europe, they used to think the northern lights were spirits of dead warriors.

Joey: And now?

AJ: Well, now we know that they're just charged particles of the sun interacting with the earth's upper atmosphere.

Joey: Charged particles. Not too romantic.

AJ: Think about it from the particles' point of view. Inexplicably drawn to something. Unable to resist.

[AJ goes in for a kiss]

Joey: Um, you know I just remembered that I'm supposed to meet someone, somewhere.

AJ: Now?

Joey: Yeah. Can we go?

AJ: Yeah, sure.

Joey: Yeah.

[Scene: The Play. Pacey is standing on top of a tall window sill. And the play is still going on.]

Pacey: I'll come down when you've said it again, loud and clear.

Actress: What? Anything, Paul.

Pacey: Paul Bratter...

Actress: Paul Bratter...

Pacey: Rising young attorney...

Actress: [Cries out] Rising young attorney..

Pacey: Is a lousy, stinking drunk.

Actress: Is a lousy, stinking drunk. And I love him.

Pacey: I love you, too, Corie. I mean, even when I didn't like your tv I loved you.

Actress: Then please come down, darling. Please.


[Scene: The After-party, and the place is packed. Jack brings a bunch of flowers up to Andie.]

Jack: [clears throat] For you.

Andie: Oh! You shouldn't have!

Jack: If you don't want 'em, that's ok.

Andie: No, not so fast. I cannot believe that you did this in one afternoon, Jack. I mean, it's… it's amazing.

Jack: Come on, you're the amazing one, sis. And one word about how my people excel at decorating... You're dead.

Andie: Ok.

[Jen walks up to them with Henry and Grams in tow.]

Jen: Hey, congratulations.

Andie: Oh, thank you so much!

[Jen is a little nervous and then notices Pacey at the bar alone. The nto Henry and Grams, says.]

Jen: You know, if you guys want to grab some punch or something, I'm...I'm just gonna be right back.

[She goes over to Pacey.]

Jen: Hey, hey, good-lookin'

Pacey: Now, you better watch out. I think Grams is moving in on your date.

Jen: And I think that you better stick to comedy that's scripted.

Pacey: Fair enough. Thanks for coming tonight.

Jen: Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Opening night, packed house.

Pacey: And not a Witter in attendance. Surprise. But Dawson's here.

Jen: Yeah, I saw him.

Pacey: And Jack.

Jen: That he is.

Pacey: And of course you.

Jen: Yes, I am.

Pacey: Yes.

Jen: But you know who's not here?

Pacey: Uh, the critic from the Capeside Clarion?

Jen: Joey.

Pacey: Yeah, she couldn't make it. You know, big date.

Jen: It's too bad. She missed a great show. And an incredible leading man.

Pacey: Well, thank you muchly.

Jen: Of course, you hardly noticed.

Pacey: Hardly. Barely missed her.

[Joey walks up from behind them.]

Joey: Missed who?

Pacey: Nobody.

[Scene: At a table. Dawson and Nicki are there talking.]

Nicki: I come bearing crudite

Dawson: Well, thank you. I think.

Nicki: You know, Dawson, I think you're taking this whole... Precocious teenager thing a bit too far. I mean, people shouldn't disalusioned and give up the biz until they're at least, I don't know, 25.

Dawson: It's not that big a deal. All I'm doing is dropping an elective.

Nicki: Film. You dropped film. I thought that was who you are.

Dawson: It's part of who I am. Remember at your house. When you were talking about how there's so many different things to be passionate about?

Nicki: Sure.

Dawson: Well, when I got home that day, I took all the movie posters off my walls. Every last one. There's this image that I keep on coming back to. I'm 10 years old. My parents have taken me to see Jurassic Park. I'm sitting there, fourth row center, popcorn in lap, flanked by mom and dad. And these 2 teenagers walk in. A guy and a girl. Probably about our age. They sit in front of us, and they proceed to make out throughout the entire movie. And I remember sitting there, just being shocked that anyone would rather kiss than watch this miraculous fantasy unfold onscreen. And at one-- at one point, I actually tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked him If he wouldn't mind keeping it down. And he looked at me like... "Look, one day, kid, you'll get it." And here I am, all these years later. And I'm still not the kid who goes to the movie theater just to make out. And I'm not the kid who sat between his parents anymore. I'm this third person who's so busy analyzing everything that I can't enjoy anything. I mean, the other 2 guys, at least they were having fun. I'm...just not anymore. And that's why I dropped film.

Nicki: So...Uh...Where are you gonna look for this joy you once had but have now lost?

Dawson: I have absolutely no idea. Any suggestions?

Nicki: Where were you when you had it last?

[Scene: Joey and Pacey talking at the bar.]

Joey: So you're a huge hit. See, I told you everything would work out, Pacey.

Pacey: What are you doing here? Renaissance man bail on you?

Joey: No. It was just that it was getting late, and the clouds were moving in, and once it's over cast, there's really no chance of actually seeing the northern lights from this latitude. And plus, it was getting cold. So we just decided that…

Pacey: He kissed you, didn't he?

Joey: What makes you say that?

Pacey: He have to be a moron not to. And your lipstick is smeared all over your face.

Joey: That's what I get for letting Bessie talk me into very berry, I guess.

Pacey: So are you gonna see this guy again?

Joey: I don't know. I mean, what's the point? I mean, he's older than me, he's--he's smarter than me. And he lives far away. A very not insignificant problem, seeing as how I can't even drive yet. How could I ever feel about him The way that I...

Pacey: Feel about Dawson.

Joey: No, I was--I was actually going to say "felt."

Pacey: You want to know something, Miss Josephine Potter? I think the world may just surprise you yet. I mean, you fall in love and it doesn't work out, and you think that it'll never happen again, but it does. Believe me, it does, in the strangest of places.

Joey: What makes you such an expert, Pacey?

Pacey: Well, I'm an actor. You know, a poor player, strutting and fretting …and all the rest of that Shakespearean stuff. And as such, it is my job to understand the sophisticated inner workings of the human heart.

Joey: I think I liked you better when you were brooding and defeatist.

[Pacey looks over Joey's shoulder and notices AJ has walked in, and is looking around.]

Pacey: Uh-huh.

Joey: What?

Pacey: Well, I think your date may not be over so soon after all. …ah, go on. You know you want to.

Joey: Ok. Thanks.

[Scene: There is a comotion. And everyone is looking up into the rafters. Henry is up there yelling down to Jen.]

Henry: Jen!

Jen: Henry, what the hell?

Crowd: [Crowd murmurs excitedly] There's someone in the rafters. He's crazy. He could fall.

Henry: Jen.

Jen: Henry, get down.

Henry: No.

Jen: I'm not kidding. Get down from there.

Henry: I'll come down when you say it loud and clear.

Jen: What? Say what?

Henry: I, Jen Lindley...

Jen: I, Jen Lindley...

Henry: Am embarrassed to be here on a date with Henry Parker.

Jen: Am embarrassed to be here on a date with Henry Parker. Now get down.

Henry: I've ignored him...

Jen: I've ignored him...

Henry: Taken him for granted...

Jen: Taken him for granted...

Henry: And spent the last 5 months of my life making him miserable, all to disguise the horrifying fact. That I like him.

Jen: Henry, get down.

Henry: Could someone get a ladder?

[Scene: Joey and AJ talking with each other.]

Joey: What made you come back?

AJ: Uh, I never left. Since I dropped you off, I've been sitting in the parking lot. Thinking about how... When someone says something you don't understand, you're suddenly faced with this rather limited window of opportunity in which you can ask the person to explain what they meant, or spend the rest of your life pretending you understood them. I just thought I'd reopen the window. Did I do something wrong?

Joey: No, uh, A.J., I kind of panicked. And, you know that thing called grace under pressure? Well, I don't really have it, not even a smidge.

AJ: Joey, it was just a kiss. It wasn't the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Joey: When you kissed me, I suddenly realized that I was standing there with this person who, you know, has skipped about a zillion grades and knows everything about everything, and… I knew that the minute that you stopped kissing me, you would realize that you'd made terrible mistake, because…

AJ: Because why?

Joey: Most things that you talk about... I don't even know what they are. Things like literature and science and history just pour out of you like you're this... Good Will Hunting impersonator, and ... is there anything that you're not an authority on?

AJ: Girls. Beautiful girls. Their hopes, their dreams, what makes them tick. I wish I knew a little bit more about that.

Joey: Me, too. You might know more about that than you think you do.

AJ: So I guess we never got to see them...The northern lights.

Joey: No. Next time.

AJ: I've seen them before.

Joey: Will you tell me about them?

AJ: It's like the sky you've known your whole life. The one you've looked up at every night as a kid. Only you look up at it, and it's like it's on fire. Flooded with all these brilliant colors.

Joey: Sounds kinda scary.

AJ: Yeah, it is. But beautiful.

[Scene: after the party and Jack and Andie are cleaning up.]

Jack: Not too glamorous, huh? Stuck with clean-up duty on your big night.

Andie: I don't mind.

Jack: I'm sorry dad couldn't be here.

Andie: Oh, don't be sorry. I mean, that actually kind of made it better. You know, being around all these people who don't know me so well, who believe in the person I am today, that don't really know everything I used to be. It was great. The whole night I felt like...

Jack: The belle of the ball?

Andie: No. More like me. Like myself.

Jack: Well, that is some of the best news I've heard in a long time.

Andie: I had this, uh, this mantra in the hospital. You want to hear it?

Jack: Yeah.

Andie: Structure and purpose. I mean, I know it's just a stupid little school play, but that's what it was to me. Structure and purpose. I think when you have something like that in your life, you know, to hold on to that's not another person, but it's more like a part of yourself, you know, like a goal or a dream, the whole world falls apart around you, you'll be ok.

Jack: And you are...Ok?

Andie: Yeah, I'm great.

Jack: You sure you're that great? [Jack notices Pacey]

Andie: There's one way to find out.

[She goes over to sit down by him outside.]

Andie: Hey.

Pacey:: Hey.

Andie: You weren't exactly the life of the party tonight.

Pacey: No, I guess I got a lot stuff on my mind.

Andie: Yeah, it's too bad your parents couldn't come.

Pacey: Well, as it turns out, there are a lot of people who couldn't make it tonight, So .C'est la vie.

Andie: Yeah, but I mean, too bad they couldn't see you being a star and all tonight.

Pacey: I think you and I both know who the real star of that production is. I mean, the actors, all we do is come on at the last moment and grab all the glory, whereas the people who work behind the scenes, you guys are the ones who make everything happen. I mean, nobody ever knows all the work that you guys do.

Andie: They know. So, it looks like you're gonna get that guaranteed "C" in English.

Pacey: You're disappointed, aren't you? About my pathetic return to the depths of academic mediocrity.

Andie: I'm not disappointed. Girls have these idiotic, misguided notions about guys. I mean, we think we can spruce 'em up and turn 'em into something they're not.

Pacey: In your defense, I wasn't exactly what you'd call a luxury model. I did have fixer-upper written all over me.

Andie: Yeah, you pretty much were priced to sell, weren't you?

Pacey: Yes, I was. Damaged goods.

Andie: But, the thing is, Pacey...I was wrong. There was never anything about you that needed fixing up. And there never was, and there never will be. 'Cause you are perfect as is.

Pacey: You, too, Andie.

Andie: [sighs]

Pacey: What?

Andie: I'm trying. So, uh, what do you think my next project should be? It definitely won't be involving you.

Pacey: No.

Andie: My people will certainly not be calling your people.

Pacey: Um, I don't know,

Andie: I was thinking maybe an all-girl cast.

Pacey: Or perhaps puppets. You know, puppets are really good. They're directable, unlike myself.

[Scene: Outside. Jen and Henry are walking along the sidewalk talking to each other.]

Henry: I can't remember when I felt this depressed. Oh, yeah, 10 minutes ago.

Jen: You'll get no sympathy from these quarters.

Henry: I know. For a second there, I thought I saw you smiling.

Jen: You are not like other boys. Has anybody told you that before?

Henry: Yeah, you.

Jen: It's just that you gotta stop it with these grand gestures, these larger-than-life public declarations. They're...You're like the Christo of teenage crushes.

Henry: Who's Christo?

Jen: He's--well, he's kind of like a sculptor. He does these really large...Never mind. It's just that you don't have to try so hard.

Henry: It's just that... I want to know you, Jen Lindley. I want to be honest with you. Totally and completely honest.

Jen: Nobody can ever be completely honest, henry. No one over the age of 6, that is.

Henry: I can.

Jen: You know what? You can, can't you? I don't know what it is or how you managed to keep it for so long, but you've definitely got that thing that children have.

Henry: You have it, too. You've just... Forgotten about it.

Jen: No. Henry, I don't think that I ever had it.

Henry: Then I can teach you. Just say what's ever in your heart right now, right at this instant

Jen: [She kisses him] was that honest enough?

Henry: Almost. I'd say about 70%. [He goes in for another kiss and they kiss even more intensely.]

[Scene: Joey is just getting home, when Bessie stops her at the front door.]

Bessie: Not so fast. A certain boy we both know is waiting to see you.

[She goes into the back yard to see who it is. Dawson is sitting there on one of the benches.]

Joey: Dawson?

Dawson: Hey, I'm sorry to show up like this. I know you just got back from your date.

Joey: Look, if that's what this is about…

Dawson: No, it's not. It's not. I swear.

Joey: How did you know about my date, anyway?

Dawson: Pacey told me. You don't have to explain. If anybody has to explain, it's me, showing up like this.

Joey: So why did you show up like this?

Dawson: I needed to see you. You know? I just… I suddenly felt very lost.

Joey: How did you think you were going to feel after you took down all your posters and suddenly decided to drop film class?

Dawson: Well, I didn't think. I just...did.

Joey: And now you're thinking, and you realize you don't know who you are anymore?

Dawson: Something like that, yeah.

Joey: I think you lost your true north. That fixed point in the night sky, that you guide yourself by.

Dawson: What about you? What's your true north?

Joey: I don't think I have one.

[They look up into the sky and is, is dancing with fiery lights.]

Dawson: What is that?

Joey: The aurora borealis.

Dawson: The northern lights? Aren't we a little too far south for that here in Capeside?

Joey: Apparently not. It's funny. I have been waiting all night for this, and it happens now, with you.

Dawson: Is that a bad thing?

Joey: No. It's, uh...It's just typical.

[They just lay back and watch the skys.]

Joey: I thought they'd be bluer than this.

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