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  03x11 - Barefoot at Capefest
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(Capeside High School - Dawson and Joey are walking down the hallway talking.)

Joey: Correct me if I'm wrong Dawson, but don't you already own a camera?

Dawson: A video camera, yeah.

Joey: And the difference is?

Dawson: Well, imagine Schindler's List shot on a family camcorder. Alright, I mean, it... video is a great format to learn on, but the look and the feel is strictly amateur. Film is key, and if we can find her we can give it another spin.

Joey: "Her"?

(They enter a room, not noticing Nikki, who is messing with a film camera.)

Dawson: The Aeroflex. Capeside High's one and only 16mm camera.

Nikki: She is a beauty, Dawson.

Dawson: Nikki! Hey, what are you doing here?

Nikki: Extra credit for joining this film class. Plus, I get to be near all the equipment.

Dawson: Ah, how very earnest of you.

Nikki: Joey, right?

Joey: Right. Hey. I heard wonderful things about your film.

Nikki: Really? From who?

Dawson: Um, speaking of equipment, hand her over.

Nikki: Sorry, Dawson, she's checked out.

Dawson: That's highly unlikely...

Nikki: Yet completely true.

Dawson: Well, how long has it been checked out for?

Nikki: About seven days.

Dawson: Then it's due back today.

Nikki: Nope. She's checked out for the next four weeks straight.

Dawson: There's a one week maximum.

Nikki: I cleared it with Mr Jordan.

Dawson: You did.

Nikki: Hmm-mmm.

Dawson: You checked out the camera?

Nikki: Me checked out the camera, yes.

Dawson: Well, there's a project I want to start working on.

Nikki: There's a project that I AM working on.

Dawson: OK. Well then when can I have the camera back, exactly?

Nikki: When I'm done.

Dawson: And when will that be?

Nikki: (rolling the camera out the door) Filmmaking is not fast food, Dawson. You can't rush it.

(Commercial break. Grocery Store - Jack and Jen push a cart through the store, tossing items in as they walk down the aisle.)

Jen: Wait a minute. Three boxes of cereal, Jack? You're gonna need an explanation before you put those in the cart.

Jack: OK, fine. First, we have our Grape Nuts; combination of taste and sufficient nutrients to make the perfect day-starter. (tossing it in the cart) From there we move onto the premier afternoon snack. The, well, underrated, but, uh, ever-tasty, Cocoa Pebbles. (tossing it in the cart) And then, we round out the, uh, cereal lovers perfect day with a yummy, late-night staple... Captain Crunch! (tossing last box in)

Jen: (removing the last two boxes) If there was ever a concern that you are not Andie McPhee's brother, it's been solved.

Jack: Whoa! What are you...? Come on!

Jen: You're a good man, Jackie Brown, but as a grocery shopper, you blow. I'm afraid I must leave you with the Grape Nuts.

Jack: Fascist.

Jen: (walking off to return the cereal) Pig.

Ethan: (walking up) At least you fought the good fight. Hey Jack.

Jack: Uh, Ethan. From the... from the train Ethan.

Ethan: I prefer just plain Ethan.

Jack: Wow, uh, what are you doing here?

Ethan: Food shopping. I hear it's pretty standard in one of these places.

Jack: Uh, I meant, I thought you were going back to school last weekend?

Ethan: I did. I came back for Capefest.

Jack: Oh. Uh... what is that, I mean, is... is it like a, uh, a feed the poor type of thing?

Ethan: Which one of us lives here year 'round? It's a concert. A free concert in the park.

Jack: Oh, OK, so it's like a Lala Palooza type deal?

Ethan: Moshing, stage diving, overpriced bottled water. Anyway, umm, there's a camp site outside the concert where everyone hangs out. I'm going down to get a spot tomorrow.

Jack: Oh, well cool, that sounds like a blast.

Ethan: Well if you're a fan, you should come.

Jack: Uh, yeah, I'm a total fan.

Ethan: Telltale fan quiz: Who's your favourite Foo Fighter?

Jack: Courtney Love.

Ethan: You're in the alternative nation, just not quite in the right zipcode. (seeing Jack's dissapointment) You should come anyway.

(As Ethan leaves, Jen walks up.)

Jen: Cute!

Jack: Yeah.

Jen: Aren't they all.

(Capeside High school - Andie walks up to a teacher who is closing up his classroom.)

Andie: Excuse me, Mr. Broderick, can I speak with you for a minute?

Mr Broderick: (rudely) And you are?

Andie: Andie McPhee.

Mr Broderick: And you want to waste my time about?

Andie: The school play.

Mr Broderick: I see. Auditions are after school, so if you don't mind...

Andie: No, but if you can just give me a minute...

Mr Broderick: I am not auditioning at this time, comprende? I am eating lunch. I assume you eat lunch on your planet, do you not?

Andie: But I'm not here to audition.

Mr Broderick: I know, you want to star in the show.

Andie: (showing him the play flyer) Assistant Director.

Mr Broderick: I'm very familiar with the scenario.

Andie: Look, Mr Broderick, I want to be Assistant Director. I'm smart, bossy, and super efficient. And the truth is, you need me.

Mr Broderick: Why didn't you just say so?

(Leery Residence - Dawson and Joey walk into the house.)

Dawson: (acting like Nikki) Filmmaking is not fast food, Dawson.

Joey: She's entitled to the equipment too.

Dawson: Look, if you check out a camera, you return the camera in a timely fashion, that's all I'm asking.

(Joey follows Dawson into a family room empty of furniture. Gale is there picking up a box.)

Dawson: Uh, mom? What's going on?

Gale: Hey. Uh, look, honey, I'm going to be taking some furniture over to my place.

Dawson: Oh, OK.

Gale: Just from the family room and the guest room. It's part of the settlement. I asked your dad not to say anything because I wanted to explain myself.

Dawson: Mom, you don't have to explain yourself, that's how it works.

Gale: I need you to keep being as positive as you can be about this, honey. It's going to make it so much easier on all of us.

Dawson: Well, I aim to please.


Thank you for understanding.

(Gale walks off with the box. Joey looks at Dawson, knowing he's very affected by this.)

Joey: Do you want to talk?

Dawson: (shrugs) What's there to say?

Joey: About what you're feeling.

Dawson: I'm thinking my parents are divorced and I'm glad it's finally over.

Joey: Dawson, I said what you're feeling.

Dawson: (walking away) I'm still working on that one.

(Cape Fest - Jack and Jen are carrying their stuff, looking for a spot to camp out. Actually, Jack is just looking for Ethan.)

Jack: This is gonna be great, I mean, sleeping out under the stars, fresh breeze off the ocean, call of the wild...

Jen: It's the call of nature I'm worried about. Jack, where are the chemical toilets?

Jack: I dunno. What do you say we set up here?

Jen: God, I thought I'd go to extreme measures to get into some guy's pants.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I am not trying to get into his pants. For crying out loud, this is the first gay guy that I've actually conversed with, excuse me for wanting to get to know him.

Jen: Jack, I know. Just be aware that you're venturing into new territory here. And that before you take this great big emotional leap, Jack, you should be willing to admit that you're taking it. Don't just try and brush it off as simply wanting to get to know somebody.

Jack: I'm telling you, it's all it is.

Jen: OK. Even still, take my advice - play it cool. Let him come to you.

Jack: I think I'm gonna see if I can find him.

(He walks off, leaving Jen with all the equipment.) (Capeside High Auditorium - The audtions have started, and quite frankly, they are terrible. Mr. Broderick and Andie make faces as the camera goes through various people reading lines off the script.)

Student 1: (passionately) Okay Cory, maybe you're right, maybe love isn't enough, maybe two people should have to take more than a blood test...

Student 2: (monotone) ...maybe love isn't enough...

Student 3: Okay Cory, maybe you're right, maybe love isn't enough... Student 1: (passionately)...maybe two people should have to take more than a blood test, maybe they should be checked for common sense...

Student 2: ...maybe they should be checked for common...

Student 3: ...common sense, understanding...

Student 1: ...maybe they should be checked for common sense, understanding, and emotional maturity.

Student 4: (this one isn't nearly bad as the rest) Okay Cory, maybe you're right, maybe love isn't enough, maybe two people should have to take more than a blood test, maybe they should be checked for common sense, understanding and emotional maturity.

Andie: (to Mr. Broderick) I like him. What do you think?

Mr Broderick: I think I'm getting a migraine.

Andie: I think he's got a certain dramatic flair.

Mr Broderick: I've got someone else in mind.

Andie: Who 'someone else'? We are out of someone else's.

Mr Broderick: Granted, the boy I know is a deplorable student and he has the ethics of a billy goat.

Andie: We've already cast our Cory and Valasgo, please don't let our only Paul slip away.

Mr Broderick: Have no fear, Miss McPhee. I cut a deal with one of my students. The kid is a natural with comedy.

Andie: Okay, Mr Broderick, if I may be so bold. From my limited perspective, I see but two kinds of actors - those with talent... and those with the ability to expand on that talent. Which requires maturity, which requires a sense of responsibility, which requires the ability to come both prepared and on time.

Pacey: Hey you guys, I'm sorry I'm late. I'm here to read for the role of Paul. Pacey Witter.

Mr Broderick: That's him, that's our Paul.

(Andie has this, 'you gotta be kidding' look on her face. Nikki's House - she is sitting on a porch swing reading when Dawson walks up.)

Nikki: Dawson, tell me this isn't an attempt to repossess the camera.

Dawson: I just want to reiterate something.

Nikki: Reiterate away.

Dawson: Okay, I get this little ego trip. I know you're the principal's daughter, but that does not give you the right to be selfish or rude...

Nikki: Dawson. I didn't know you wanted to use the camera. But... you're just gonna have to get used to it.

Principal Greene: I thought I heard a familiar sounding voice. If it isn't my second favourite student filmmaker. How are you, Dawson?

Dawson: Principal Greene. Good.

Principal Greene: So I understand you and Nikki have become fast friends.

Dawson: Yeah, yeah.

Principal Greene: I had a feeling you two would hit it off. Hey listen, why don't you stay and join us for supper?

Dawson: I couldn't, I gotta...

Nikki: Oh, Daddy, I'm sure Dawson has other plans.

Principal Greene: Now wait a minute. As your father and as your principal, I think I'm gonna have to pull rank here. Besides, how often do I get a chance to have a nice meal with one of my students? And I promise not to talk too much about my lovely little daughter. Come on.

(Dawson follows the two inside. Cape Fest - Jack is looking for Ethan.)

Ethan: (up in a tree, what is now a hippy?) Hey there. So you decided to show.

Jack: One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Ethan: You here by yourself, or with?

Jack: Um, with... a girl. She's, uh, a friend of mine. She's setting up our tent. What about you?

Ethan: All by my lonesome.

Jack: Umm, ah...

Ethan: So, you want to go grab a bite to eat, take a walk, what?

Jack: Yeah. Uh, to both. Whatever.

Ethan: Come on, I'll lead the way.

(Scene cuts to Jack and Ethan walking on the beach talking.)

Ethan: After the train ride I thought for sure you'd ask for my number.

Jack: Yeah well, typical paranoia set in. Hey, what can I say?

Ethan: I figured as much.

Jack: How come you didn't ask for mine?

Ethan: Because I could. It's more important that you learn to ask. You're the newbie, remember?

Jack: Yeah, newbie. Barely 'outed' gay kid soon to have his heart broken, right?

Ethan: Good recall!

Jack: Well there's not much I'm gonna forget about that conversation, it was a first for me.

Ethan: It was your first time talking to another gay kid?

Jack: Yeah, well, unless you count the Internet.

Ethan: I... I don't.

(Cape Fest - Jen is wrestling with the tent when a kid walks by eating a burger. Jen looks hungrily at him.)

Jen: Hey man, where'd you get that?

Guy: (pointing behind him) Over there. This guy's like a genius with a veggie burger.

(Jack walks up to a crowd of people, someone yelling "Veggie burgers! Get 'em while they're hot!". As the crowd parts, Henry is seen behind a BBQ grill, making burgers. He doesn't notice Jen.)

Henry: (not looking up) You want your bun toasted?

Jen: I thought you'd never ask.

(Hearing Jen's voice, he looks up at her.)

Jen: Hey. Henry: (softly) Hey.

Jen: It's quite a crowd you have here.

Henry: Listen, I... I really don't have time for small talk at the moment. Did... did you want a burger, or not?

Jen: Yes. (pause) You know, I was wondering if you could give me a hand with my tent. I was never much of a girl scout.

(Jen smiles at him, but Henry doesn't return one.)

Henry: Stanley? Take over here for a minute, will you?

(He follows Jen as she walks back to her tent.)

Jen: So you never told me you were a vegetarian.

Henry: You never asked.

Jen: Do I detect a note of ambivalence in seeing me?

Henry: That would be correct.

Jen: Any particular reason?

Henry: You... you mean besides the fact that you led me on for the sole purpose of crushing me underfoot?

Jen: That's not true Henry, and you know it.

Henry: Well, you could have fooled me.

Jen: What are you talking about?

Henry: Don't tell me that you're not taking some small satisfaction in...

Jen: In what?

Henry: Being on the requited side of unrequited love.

Jen: Henry, I thought that you and I agreed to be friends?

Henry: Friends? You haven't even noticed, have you?

Jen: What? Noticed what...

Henry: That we haven't even spoken in over a month. For the past four weeks I've been giving you the silent treatment, and it hasn't even registered on your radar screen. Hell, I could have fallen off a cliff ten thousand feet for all you care...

Jen: That's not true... Henry: You know what? You can put up your own damned tent.

(Henry walks off, leaving Jen quite confused. Principal Green's House - the three are sitting at the table eating.)

Principal Greene: Dawson, you're looking at possibly the only little girl in America who wanted a super eight camera for her tenth birthday. Nikki, should I tell him the name of your first cinematic achievement?

Nikki: Oh, don't you dare!

Principal Greene: 'A Day in the Life of Daddy'. She followed we around all day long.

Nikki: James Cameron of third grade.

Principal Greene: So tell me, has she enlisted your for her new film?

Dawson: Uh, no, she hasn't. I don't even know what it's about.

Nikki: That's between me and my crew.

Dawson: So in order to bask in the glory of this mind-bending idea of yours, I have to offer my services?

Nikki: Is that an offer?

Dawson: Are you asking for my help?

Nikki: I don't need any help, Dawson.

Principal Greene: I think it would be a great idea for you two to work together.

Nikki: Forget it.

Dawson: I don't think that...

Principal Greene: Sorry I mentioned it.

Dawson: Yep.

(Cape Fest - Jack and Ethan are walking off the beach back into the camp sites.)

Jack: You knew that young you were attracted to men?

Ethan: No, I knew that young that I was different. Being gay isn't about what sex you're attracted to, it forms so much of what and who you are.

Jack: You lost me.

Ethan: I'll make it simple. You haven't talked to another gay kid, so you definitely haven't kissed one, right?

Jack: No.

Ethan: But you still know you're gay.

Jack: Sure.

Ethan: How?

Jack: I just know, I guess.

Ethan: Everyone always wants to define gay and straight by who you sleep with. It's not about that. It... it's about moments, it's about being too nervous to ask for my number. It's about conversations like this, alright? It's about who and what you love, and that's why you can't erase it, because it's not just a part of your life... it's everywhere. (look at his camp site) Unlike my stuff.

Jack: What?

Ethan: My camping gear. It's gone.

(Capeside High Hallway- They both come around different corners, about to walk up the stairs.)

Pacey: Well, after you.

Andie: I want you to quit.

Pacey: Listen, he saw my potential, okay?

Andie: No, no, no, no, no. This was my after school activity.

Pacey: But I'm the lead in the play.

Andie: I want you to quit!

Pacey: Listen, the guy said he'd give me a C in English, what do you want?

Andie: Oh, and that's what it's come to? Anything for a C? What's happened to you?

Pacey: OK. Not that any of this is your concern, but Mr Broderick says he thinks I might actually be good at this and so do I.

Andie: OK, listen. Mr Broderick may be a lousy English teacher, but as a theatre director, he is probing new lows, Pacey. Rumour has it that he has botched every school play for the past five years. And, it's only been by sheer force of will that the past student theatre geeks have managed to sandbag his bi-hourly nervous breakdowns.

Pacey: So what's your point?

Andie: My point is, I got into this to get over you, okay? To give myself a new focus, and instead your presence is giving me perpetual myopia.

Pacey: What? We haven't even done one rehearsal yet. You want me to throw my whole theatre career to the wind?

Andie: Ooh. OK, listen, Sir Barrymore, our director is irrational. And your lack of ability, though not apparent to him yet, is enough to send him over the proverbial edge, and me with him.

Pacey: Fine. You quit then.

Andie: I most certainly will not...

Pacey: I'm not going to quit. Witter's aren't quitters.

Andie: Oh, oh that's really cute. You know what? Fine, just... don't.

Pacey: Fine. I won't. (Principal Green's house - Dawson enters Nikki's bedroom to get his coat, but then stops to notice the decor. Nikki enters.)

Nikki: Dawson?

Dawson: Hey. I must say, film-geekdom is definitely not evident in your bedroom decor.

Nikki: Your room, let me guess? Wall-to-wall Spielberg film sheets?

Dawson: Ahhh, yeah. More or less a shrine.

Nikki: I figured as much.

Dawson: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Nikki: Oh, it's not, it's just... there's so much to be passionate about, it seems kind of silly to focus on just one.

Dawson: Yeah, but if you're lucky enough to find that one thing, why not immerse yourself in it?

Nikki: Don't get me wrong, Dawson, I love film. But I love it because it allows me to explore all of the other subjects that interest me. If all you care about is film, then you're just going to end up making movies about other movies. What good is that? I'm really sorry about my father. Um, ever since the divorce, he does this really aggressive thing when it comes to me making friends. It's so weird. But, you know, I try to cut him some slack.

Dawson: So, so you're cool with it? The... the divorce?

Nikki: Ummm, constant shuttling between living quarters? The continually veiled and not so veiled comments my parents make about each other? The, umm, never-ending expectation that I look on the bright side of things? Oh, sure, I'm just dandy.

Dawson: That's the oddest thing. I mean, judging from how well put-together you come off, I would have just assumed that you were not affected by it all.

Nikki: It's a well crafted disguise, Dawson. Inside, I'm just another angry kid.

Dawson: How angry?

Nikki: Angry enough to make a film about it.

Dawson: So that's what your movie's about?

Nikki: More or less. It's about the, ummm, "American Family". What makes them functional, or as more often seems to be the case, dysfunctional.

Dawson: That should provide you with a healthy supply of material there.

Nikki: What about you? Your parents are divorced. How do you feel about it?

Dawson: Ummm...

Nikki: I, ummm, I didn't mean to probe. I'm sorry.

Dawson: No, no. I mean, you... you were honest with me, right? Ummm, truth is, most of the time I'm fine with them not being together. You know, I mean, maybe I'm just... self-obsessed, but I... I just don't think about it that much, you know? And then, ummm, other times it... it just kinda sneaks up on you, you know? I mean, it's... like a disappointment of being the product of something that didn't work out. Because that's what our parents are. They're our... our primary examples of love, and... in my example it just wasn't I guess, strong enough to... Umm... (he stands to leave)

Nikki: Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah, I should keep going. Ummm, tell you dad thanks.

(Cape Fest - Jen sits on the tent which she obviously had no success with. Jack walks up.)

Jen: Oh, Jack, thank God you're back from your stalk... walk. You're never going to guess who I ran into here of all... (she sees Ethan behind Jack) Hi.

Ethan: Hello.

Jack: Ethan, Jen. Jen, Ethan.

Jen: Nice to meet you.

Ethan: It's nice to meet you. Looks like you could use a little help with this tent.

Jen: Yes. Please. Relieve me of all of my feminist delusions about the equality of the sexes concerning spatial relations.

Jack: Uh, listen (he pulls Jen off a bit, out of hearing range of Ethan) All of his stuff got stolen, okay, all his gear. So, uhh, he needs a place to stay tonight.

Jen: And you, being the kind-hearted soul that you are, offered him a spot in our tent.

Jack: Yeah, so could you, uhhh, go take a walk for a couple of hours? Come back around, say, midnight?

Jen: You're kidding me?

Jack: No. Go mix, mingle. Write a few letters for Amnesty International. You'll probably make a lot of nice new friends.

Jen: You know what, I got a better idea. How about me and the car, we go back to Grams' house and we pick you up in the morning? Besides Jack, I thought that you two were just getting to know each other.

Jack: Hmm-mm.

(Disgusted, Jen walks off. Suddenly she hears music and she walks over to a camp fire where people are listening to someone play the guitar. Jen finally realizes it's Henry.)

Henry: (singing)

Well we busted out of class.

had to get away from those feelings,

we learned more from a three-minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school

Tonight I hear the neighbourhood drummer sound,

I can feel my heart begin to pound,

you say you're tired and you just want to close your eyes, and follow your dreams down


well we made a promise

we swore we'd always remember

no retreat, baby, no retreat

(Jen watches with a smile on her face. Capeside High Auditorium - Play rehearsal has begun. Pacey is sitting at a table, opposite another actress.)

Pacey: (reading script very monotone) It's not that kind of club. It's a locker room and a hand-ball court, and to sleep there I'd have to keep winning the serve...

Mr Broderick: No, stop, right there. Pacey, in theory your character may deliver his lines like that, but in concept, no.

Pacey: In concept, no?

Mr Broderick: Yes.

Pacey: Well, what precisely is the difference between 'in theory; and 'in concept'?

Andie: Well, I think what Mr Broderick means is...

Mr Broderick: What Mr Broderick means is that he can speak for himself. You see, Paul desires his young bride to know she knows nothing of the real world.

Pacey: Right. Which practically speaking, means what?

Mr Broderick: Louder, and angrier.

Pacey: Louder and angrier?

Mr Broderick: Yes. Let's do it again, right now. Louder, and angrier.

Pacey: (yelling, very angry, totally not right) It's not that kind of club! It's a handball court with a locker room, and to stay there I'd have to keep winning the serve!

Mr Broderick: Good. I liked it.

Pacey: (surprised) You liked that?

Mr Broderick: Well, except for the hand stuff. (to Pacey) You were gesticulating.

Pacey: (Pacey leans back in his chair with his feet up on the table) Whoa, hey, gesticulating? Me, never. I mean, sometimes in the privacy of my own home...

Andie: Wh.. wait, Pacey. That, just now, that's it. You nailed it.

Pacey: What 'just now'?

Andie: The joke. The dry, smug delivery. That's the character.

Mr Broderick: Wha... Miss McPhee? Am I, or am I not the director here? You're confusing my actors.

Andie: Well, I just thought that...

Mr Broderick: Don't think. Ever. (to the actors) Let's do it again. Louder, and angrier.

Pacey: (extremely angry and pounding the table) It's not that kind of club! It's a hand-ball court with a locker room attached to it, and to stay there I'd have to keep winning the serve!

(Cape Fest - Jack and Ethan stand outside the finally put up tent.)

Ethan: This is really cool of you guys. I... you're sure Jen's not going to mind if I take her sleeping bag?

Jack: Definitely not. She's, uh, she's a bit of a night owl.

Ethan: Old girlfriend?

Jack: Nah, not exactly. (they go inside the tent) But we did get set-up once.

Ethan: Let me guess? School dance?

Jack: Yeah. How'd you know?

Ethan: The punchbowl, wrist corsage, all the trappings of straight-dom. Until you realise you both like boys. Oldest story in the world.

(Ethan gets into Jen's sleeping bag.)

Ethan: Well, goodnight.

Jack: (disappointed) Ah, goodnight.

Ethan: (looking at the lantern) Aren't you going to turn off the light?

Jack: Look, I... I was thinking, maybe, um, you know, we could talk... some more.

Ethan: You know what? I'm really beat. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Twenty bands starting at daybreak.

(Jack, still disappointed, turns the light off and lays his head down. Outside, Jen walks over to Henry who is packing his guitar up.)

Jen: Hey. Ummm, that was really beautiful. I mean, that was more than beautiful, it was... it was awesome.

Henry: Whatever.

Jen: I didn't know that you could sing?

Henry: I thought we established that there's a lot you don't know about me. (walking off)

Jen: Henry, Henry wait up for me.

Henry: Why?

Jen: Because I wanted to talk to you.

Henry: Look, you can't... you can't keep doing this to me.

Jen: Doing what?

Henry: Trying to be my friend and then pushing me away wh... when my feelings scare you.

Jen: OK, I admit it. I miss you. I miss the goofy way that you used to look at me with all that passion and intensity. It made me feel that I was actually worth the fuss.

Henry: You know, I used to spend every day thinking about you, and dreaming about you. And every time you walked by, I lost myself. Do you know what that feels like? Do you?

Jen: No.

Henry: Then you couldn't possibly know what it feels like to have that person not have the same feelings back. Look, I'm sorry you miss how I looked at you. But I don't miss how you never looked at me.

(He walks off, leaving Jen there alone. Dawson's Bedroom - He is taking his posters down when Joey enters through the window.)

Joey: Have I stepped into some parallel universe? Say it isn't so, Dawson.

Dawson: It's very so, Jo.

Joey: Is this about your parents?

Dawson: Truth me told... I don't know what it's about. All I know, is I was at Nikki's house today and we were talking, and it hit me. The kid who hung these posters up... I'm not him any more. I don't see the world the same way. My viewpoint was so limited, and now I... I don't know what I see, but I don't see this.

Joey: So you were at Nikki's house? Your worst enemy?

Dawson: Hey, she's not my worst enemy. Have you missed everything that I've just told you?

Joey: I never thought that I'd say this about you Dawson, but, you're such a sell out.

Dawson: What?

Joey: I mean, first Eve practically tugs you around town by a dog collar, and now this new film girl breezes into town and you're tossing your identity out the window.

Dawson: I'm not tossing my identity out the window. If anything, for the first time in my life, I'm actually getting closer to discovering what my identity is, alright? I talked to Nikki; she helped me sort through all the crap with my parents.

Joey: Dawson, I wanted to talk to you about that and you didn't want to talk.

Dawson: No, I didn't. How did this become all about you?

Joey: Because you ran to her!

Dawson: (yelling) I did not!

Joey: (yelling also) What did you do then?

Dawson: Look, you want to site this for a friendship, try this on for size, Joey? Every time I express one iota of interest, or even respect, for anyone else of the opposite sex, you attack me like I'm some sort of criminal.

Joey: And you don't attack me?

Dawson: No, I don't. As you've noticed, I have not once asked about Mr. Ivy League.

Joey: Yeah, that's noted. His name is A.J, okay? And maybe you're not asking about him is worse than my attacking you, okay?

Dawson: No, it's not. My choice is civil.

Joey: And I'm not civil?

Dawson: No, you're yelling. That's not civil.

Joey: You're yelling too!

(Dawson realises he is and stops.)

Joey: Out with the old, in with the new, huh? Have fun.

(Joey crawls out the window and Dawson goes over and slams it shut. Cape Fest - the following day, Jack and Ethan climb out of the tent.)

Jack: Well, I'm gonna go grab some breakfast before the music starts.

Ethan: Thanks again for letting me crash here.

Jack: Sure.

Ethan: Aren't you forgetting something you're supposed to ask me for?

Jack: I don't think so.

Ethan: My number, Jack. You know, so you can call me sometime, we can talk, get together.

Jack: I don't get this. I mean, last night, you didn't seem interested enough to want to talk to me, and now all of a sudden you want me to have your number?

Ethan: I was tired. I wanted to sleep. That's got nothing to do with us being friends.

Jack: Friends?

Ethan: I figured you were probably interested.

Jack: You're not?

Ethan: Even if I was, I would never go there with you, you're so not ready.

Jack: How could you possibly know what I'm ready for?

Ethan: It doesn't mean that I'm not interested in you, Jack. It just means that if I'm gonna stay in your life, and I want to, then I'm a lot more likely to stick around this way.

Jack: So, you are interested?

Ethan: (smiles) No comment.

Jack: Wow, this is, uh, this is sort of funny. I mean, as much as I didn't want to admit it, you were the first guy that I was ready to take that... that next step with, and you said no. I guess I should be somewhat discouraged. I don't know, I mean, I keeps me really optimistic just to know that there's someone like you out there.

(Ethan writes his number on a pad.)

Ethan: (giving Jack the pad) Take care, Jack.

(Capeside High Auditorium - All the actors sit around, waiting for the director.)

Girl: I had a date. I ditched a perfectly good date for a non-rehearsal.

Andie: Okay, be patient. He'll show.

Guy: Oh, joy, then we can do more "louder, angrier!"

Pacey: Well, why not just start without the grand poo-bah? I mean, Andie's here, she can direct us.

Andie: How about not. I've been in the dungeon enough, thank you.

Pacey: What? All we're gonna do is run through a few lines. Besides, wasn't it you who said this is actually your after-school activity? Hmm?

Andie: Okay, fine. Pacey, do your dead-pan thing. Cory, when the phone rings I want you to do just like the stage directions, you know, confidential, umm, laughing at times, provocative, okay? Okay, on my direction. Okay. And... begin.

(Cape Fest - Jen walks around when she notices Henry drinking coffee on the back of a truck bed.)

Henry: (pointing) The stage is over there. You lost or something?

Jen: Kinda. Actually, I came here to apologise.

Henry: For what?

Jen: For being callous with your heart. For thinking that just because I'm older, I knew better. Last night, I stayed up all night thinking about what you said, and... you're right. I don't know what it's like to be in love like that. I don't know what it's like to completely lose yourself in somebody else. But I'd like to. And if one of us is younger than the other here, I don't think that it's you, Henry. Henry: You got that right. Now... (holding up the coffee pot) how do you like your coffee?

(Capeside High Auditorium - Rehearsel is still going on. Everything looks clean and well acted.)

Girl/Cory: You can't say that we didn't try.

Pacey/Paul: Yeah, almost two whole weeks.

Girl/Cory: It's better than finding out in two years.

(Mr. Broderick, who is standing at the back, begins clapping.) Mr Broderick: I like it. I like where this is going.

Pacey: Yeah, we started running it with Andie, and...

Mr Broderick: All those exercises I've been throwing out at you to stretch you range, they're paying off beautifully.

Girl/Cory: Mr Broderick, we ran through those with Andie...

Mr Broderick: I like the pacing, I like the funny, I like the energy. Andie, get me the set designs, would you please.

Pacey: I'm telling you, all those things were Andie's ideas.

Mr Broderick: Yes, sir. I mean, I... I was beginning to doubt myself there for a moment, but you guys are definitely in the groove. The rest is just grunt work, memorisation, pacing... the easy stuff.

(He looks at the designs that Andie has returned with.)

Mr Broderick: Andie, these aren't the set designs that we discussed.

Andie: They are. I told Lauren you wanted a completely simplistic set. Freestanding doorways, hanging windows, and minimal props.

Mr Broderick: Well then I changed my mind, didn't I? I mean, the... the actors will send this stuff flying around like a trapeze.

Andie: No, no, no, Mr Broderick, we don't...

Mr Broderick: Andie, don't argue, just follow orders. (to the actors) Alright. Let's run the scene again. Same way, no changes.

(Andie walks off, slamming the designs on a table before exiting the theatre. Pacey follows her.)

Pacey: Andie, you can't leave like this, alright? You said yourself that this guy thinks he's God's gift. He's just terrified that someone's going to find out that that he's not.

Andie: No, I can't work under these conditions, okay, it's hard enough as it is.

Pacey: Okay, alright, if it's hard, I'll quit.

Andie: You can't do that. I mean, you're... you're actually good.

Pacey: (smiles) Thank you. But the fact still remains that you're better, alright? We need you in there even if that guy's a jerk. You gotta stick it out. I mean, I need you, McPhee.

Andie: What am I supposed to do? Resume kissing his ass?

Pacey: Yeah, basically.

Andie: Well, is he going to stay out of my way?

Pacey: Who Broderick? You're talking crazy talk, he'd never do anything like that. It'd be too easy.

Andie: Alright then, what's in it for me?

Pacey: Well that depends. I mean, are we talking in concept or in theory?

(She smiles at him.)

Pacey: Alright, what's the verdict, yes or no?

Andie: I thiiinnnkkkk... no.

Pacey: Alright, good. I mean, you know actually, that's kinda what I expected you to say, so, umÂ… (he walks up the stairs) I'll see you at rehearsal then.

Andie: What? No, Pacey, I said no.

Pacey: I'm sorry, what did you... I can't hear you. It's good to hear you're so fired up about this project.

Andie: Pacey, I said no.

Pacey:'s good.

Andie: Oh, Pacey, I said no.

(Cape Fest - Jen and Jack are in final stages of packing the tent up.)

Jen: So all your efforts to secure some major scam time with the new beau backfired?

Jack: Yeah, well, it turns out that the gay version of the 'let's be friends' speech is basically the same as the straight version.

Jen: Hmm. So would that mean that the part when you were rude and insensitive, and sent me off into the cold dark night unescorted... that was all for nothing?

Jack: 'Rude' is such a... a strong word. I... I prefer something more like, uh, momentarily self-involved?

Jen: Now that does have a certain ring to it.

Jack: Am I forgiven?

Jen: Yes, Jack, you are forgiven. You know, it's a happy turning point in a girls life when her gay best friend finally dumps her for another boy. They should make some sort of greeting card for that.

Jack: Wh... hold on, what happened?

Jen: What?

Jack: You're good attitude. I mean, you're wigging me out here. Explain. What did I miss?

Jen: Well, remember when you sent me off into the night and told me to make new friends?

Jack: Yes! I thought we already established that was not my finest hour.

Jen: I know. Well, let's just say that... that while I was wondering around I may have... inadvertently stumbled upon somebody.

Jack: A, uhh... friend?

Jen: Yep.

Jack: Anyone I know?

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, most definitely someone that you know.

Jack: Well who is it?

Jen: I'm not telling.

Jack: Who is it?

Jen: Uh-uh.

(Jack tickles Jen, trying to force it out of her.)

Jen: You're not getting it out of me!

(Dawson's Bedroom - Dawson lays on his bed when a knock is heard at the window.)

Joey: Do I still have ladder privileges?

Dawson: I suppose so.

(Joey climbs inside holding a rolled up sheet.)

Joey: I come bearing gifts.

(She unrolls the poster. It is a John Lennon "Imagine" poster.)

Joey: Do you remember? Do you remember that summer we came across a pile of Mitch and Gale's old Beatles albums, and listened to them on the porch everyday for hours?

Dawson: Grams kept on yelling for us to turn down that hippy music.

Joey: Yeah... and you wanted to be John Lennon. You wanted to write songs and change the world with your music.

Dawson: I did?

Joey: You did. You weren't just about Spielberg. You weren't limited. You... you were about so many things. I just wanted to remind you of that.(hands the poster to Dawson) I also wanted to remind you that, even though sometimes my emotions, particularly jealousy, uhh, sometimes get the best of me, I still hear you. No matter how much we yell, or, no matter how quiet you are. I hear you, Dawson.

Dawson: I hear you too, Joey.

Joey: Listen, I know what's going inside of you is huge. It's okay if you don't share it with me. Just promise me you'll keep trying to share it with someone?

Dawson: (gesturing the poster) Do you want to give me a hand?

(They both climb on the bed and hang it up.)

Dawson: Hmm. So what do you think? You think John here will inspire me to walk my own path?

Joey: You've always walked your own path, Dawson. You just needed to widen it a little. And be on the look out for your Yoko.

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