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  03x02 - Homecoming
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Episode 302
Original Airdate: October 6, 1999

In this episode: Eve tells Dawson that she is a senior at Capeside High and challenges him to get over Joey…her way. Unsure of Eve's next move, Dawson prepares for that special moment as he puts his filmmaking skills to use for the school's football team for homecoming. Meanwhile, Pacey and Joey go to bring Andie home, only to find her with another man in her room. Although it was innocent situation, Andie avoids being completely alone with Pacey, which he doesn't understand. Jack joins the football team and with the new quarterback, Henry Parker, becomes the star wide receiver. Jen, as the unlikely and reluctant head cheerleader, leads the homecoming pep rally for Capeside High.

(Pacey and Dawson are outside of Capeside High School.)

Pacey: I'm gonna explode, man. I mean, my insides are gurgling. Who gurgles at 16 unless they're going to explode, huh

Dawson: You're not going to explode

Pacey: Really? How do you know that, huh? I mean, some guy in Norway blew up in the middle of a supermarket last year

Dawson: Nervous anticipation doesn't cause spontaneous combustion

Pacey: Who said I was nervous

Dawson: It's natural that you're nervous, man, you see Andie in what? Less than six hours

Pacey: Five hours, twenty minutes if the traffic's right. (Holds his stomach) I guess I'm a little nervous but what do you expect

Dawson: Is your dad still letting you pick her up

Pacey: Absolutely. This train cuts at lunch

Dawson: Need some company

Pacey: Actually, Joey's going to come with me. She wanted to see Andie and per our conversation last week-

Dawson: Absolutely. Nobody welcomes a Potter-Witter détente more than me. I'm glad she has somebody. It'll only help as Joey and I weave our separate ways through these pathless woods we call life

Pacey: Speaking of wood, Dawson, whatever happened with a certain busgirl

Dawson: Don't ask. She vanished. Disappeared. Jonathan Krakauer-ed into thin air

Pacey: You let her get away?

Dawson: I had a slightly irate father to answer to, Pacey. It's my life, you know

Pacey: So what's happened since

Dawson: With Eve? I haven't been able to find her

Pacey: Did you check down at the strip joint

Dawson: Embarrassingly, yes. Turns out she doesn't even work there anymore. She was a temp

Pacey: Strip joints have temps

(By now, Dawson and Pacey have entered the school and are walking down a hallway.)

Dawson: The only information I have about her is her first name and who knows if that's for real

Pacey: Well, that's too bad, Dawson because Eve was the ultimate transitional woman

Dawson: How do you figure

Pacey: Well, you are coming off of a emotionally traumatic, life-altering relationship and the last thing you need to do is get emotionally involved again, right? But since you are a young, virile, increasingly buff teenage male, you have certain wants and desires. Enter Eve. A gift from the gods of rebound high. A curvaceous vixen who is meant for you to be explored in only a sexual manner..

(An arm reaches out and pulls Dawson into a closet, yet remaining unnoticed by Pacey who continues to walk caught up in his speech.)

Pacey: ...a femme fatale who's entire genetic coding screams objectify me. I'm telling you, Dawson, if you ever find her again, do not let her out of your sight

(Pacey turns around to look at Dawson, finding he's nowhere to be found.)

Pacey: Dawson

(Cut to Dawson and Eve making out in a janitor's closet. They pull away.)

Dawson: Eve

Eve: Morning, Dawson. Welcome to school

(Cue opening credits. Cut back to Dawson and Eve in the janitor's closet.)

Dawson: What are you doing here

Eve: At eleven I'm popping out of a cake for Mr. Sax in AP History. (pauses) Duh, I'm, like, a student

Dawson: You are not

Eve: What? You've never seen a senior girl up close before

Dawson: I've seen plenty of senior girls but none of them look like you. Plus, you must be at least-

Eve: Watch it

Dawson: ...Older than I am

Eve: I thought you'd be more excited about my sudden appearance

Dawson: I am excited. It's just they're usually followed by an equally sudden disappearance. I mean, Who are you, Eve? First you're this stunning passenger on my bus, striking up conversation, then you're wearing a wig, serving cocktails at the strip club -- now you're a senior at my high school

Eve: You've got it all wrong, Dawson. I'm none of those things. I'm just a girl...standing in a janitor's closet...asking you to kiss her

(They start kissing then the bell rings.)

Eve: Late for bio. See ya

(She leaves and Dawson tries to follow after her, tripping over a mop.)

Dawson: Wait! Can I get a last name this time

(He stumbles out of the closet right into Principal Green and his father.)

Mitch: Hey! It's 'Leery' but you can call me 'Dad.' The principal and I were just talking about you. We are in need of an honest student

Dawson: Okay

Principal: The pep rally is tomorrow and in our view's a critical event in setting the home for this football season

Mitch: And in light of the Minutemen having such bad luck the past few years and in light of me being the coach-

Principal: We thought we would revolutionize this. Set this pep rally apart from all the other ones

Mitch: So what do you think

Dawson: Sounds good

Principal: I'll need your help. I'll see you in my office at three

Dawson: Wait, but

Mitch: Very wise of you to help out, son, in light of the fact that you owe me

(They walk away leaving Dawson in the halls.)

Dawson: This is so not my day

(Cut to Grams, Jack, and Mr. McPhee on Grams' porch.)

Mr.McPhee: I can't thank you enough

Grams: After a year with Jennifer, having Jack was like boarding Saint Francis

Jack: When does Andie get in

Mr.McPhee: Tonight. Pacey wanted to surprise her and bring her home early

Grams: She's made a full recovery, then

Mr.McPhee: That's what the doctors say, but they like to remind you that with mental illness, you're never out of the woods

Grams: Well, you've given her an excellent chance by moving your business this way so that she can stay in Capeside

Jack: Yeah, about that, Dad. I was wondering if we could wait til the weekend to move all my stuff back into the house...

Mr.McPhee: Actually, that's what I've come to talk to you about

Grams: Why don't I leave you two alone

(She leaves.)

Mr.McPhee: I was...thinking...that would be better for you to stay here for long as it's alright for Mrs. Ryan..

Jack: You don't want me home

Mr.McPhee: You have a situation that works for you. I don't think it's wise to disturb that

Jack: What you mean is that you have a situation that works for you..

Mr.McPhee: The changes that you are going to make in your life now, the changes you have every right to make, would be too difficult with me around

Jack: Why can't you just admit that you're afraid? You can't deal with having a gay son and me doing that around would be just that

Mr.McPhee: Must you assume that every decision I make is based upon my lack of character

Jack: No, just the ones that concern me. Well, since this is still my home I suggest that you leave

(Cut to Pacey at psychiactric facility Andie has been all summer. He's talking to the nurse at the front desk.)

Nurse: Andie McPhee is scheduled to be released tomorrow not today

Pacey: That's why it's a surprise

Nurse: We try to avoid surprises. The only way she leaves today is with her own written consent

Pacey: Which I will get if you let me walk in through the door and talk to her

Nurse: And that will be tomorrow at 9am when visiting hours resume and not a minute earlier

Pacey: You've gotta be kidding me

Nurse: Does this look like a face that kids

(Cut to Pacey walking towards Joey sitting on the truck.)

Pacey: This is ridiculous

Joey: What happened

Pacey: Well, the clinic doesn't allow visitors after hours so subsequently I can't talk to Andie subsequently I can't get her permission to take her home

(Joey nods. Then holds out her hand motioning for Pacey to grab it and help her down.)

Pacey: What

Joey: Follow me

(Cut to Joey talking to the Nurse.)

Joey: You don't understand. I have to see a doctor immediately

Nurse: This is a private care facility. Unless it is a medical emergency, we do not take walk-ins

Joey: This is a moral injustice -- I have psychiatric concerns

Nurse: Well, obviously

Joey: Fine, if that's the way it is, then you'll just have to do

Nurse: Excuse me

(Joey moves her stuff and sits up on her desk, leaning against a wall.)

Joey: Well, somebody's got to listen to me. I've had a tough life, lady and I have a lot to talk about. It all started when I fell in love with this boy down the creek, that was after my mother died of cancer but before my father went to jail for the second time. (With her other hand, she motions Pacey to crawl by the receptionist) The boy's name was Dawson. He was your typical, overanalytical, adorable teenager who happened to be my best friend..

(Cut to Dawson sitting in Principal Green's office.)

Dawson: That's propaganda

Principal: In a word, yes. But it's the only choice we have of getting people into those seats. Listen, all I need right now is for someone to recut this footage and put it into some kind of promotional film for tomorrow. Now, your father says that you're the man for the job

Dawson: Footage of what

Principal: Our Minutemen. Fieldish champions of the turf. Ambassadors of the sport. Paragons of athletic prowlice

Dawson: They haven't had a win in three years running

Principal: Look, I know what the reality is, but the footage wouldn't emphasize what is, but what could be

Dawson: The Leni Riefenstahl approach. You know, the Nazis did this too

Principal: (sighs) Dawson, throughout history, film has been a very effective medium. Capra used film to get recruits for World War II, Annie Hall..

(Dawson loses interest as he notices Eve outside. The principal continues until Dawson interrupts.)

Dawson: I'll do it, I'll do it -- can I go now

(He grabs his books and stuff and runs out the door to catch up to Eve.)

Eve: Slow down, Mr. Brown

Dawson: I'm warning you -- this is the last time I'm going to chase you, I spent a year chasing after a woman and it's a very bad habit and I don't plan on getting into it again

Eve: Oh, so you're one of those, are you

Dawson: One of whom

Eve: You know, one of those guys who spend the rest of their life comparing every relationship to their first one

Dawson: That isn't--- not entirely true

Eve: Oh, so you're completely over her

Dawson: Over who

Eve: Nice try -- the brunette it took you all of five minutes to bring up on the bus

Dawson: Okay, I motion for a change of subject

Eve: Motion denied. Are you or are you not over your ex-flame

Dawson: Yes. I'm over her

Eve: Nope. Don't buy it

Dawson: Then why did you even ask

Eve: To see if you'd be honest with me, you weren't. I like that

Dawson: You like dishonesty? What else turns you on? Greed and corruption

Eve: Sex. Sex turns me on, Dawson

Dawson: It tends to do that to people

Eve: And you would

Dawson: I'll choose to ignore that slight

Eve: Maybe it wasn't a slight...maybe it was an invitation

Dawson: What are you suggesting

Eve: Only the obvious. A night of scorching hot, unbridled, mind-altering sex

Dawson: Just like that? No first date, no months of getting to know each other

Eve: Those are small town rituals for small town girls. Face it, Dawson. We're hot for each other. It would be a lot of fun. Who knows? Maybe it'll even help you get over that certain brunette

Dawson: You're on

Eve: Good. Now I'll take care of the time and just take care of being prepared

Dawson: How do I find you in the meantime

Eve: You don't find me, Dawson. I find you

(She walks off.)

Dawson: This is so my day

(Cut to Pacey walking upstairs in search of Andie's room. He finds it and opens the door to reveal Andie laying on a bed talking to a guy in khakis, I believe his name is Marc.)

Andie: Pacey, oh my God, what are you doing here

(Pacey runs and picks her up.)

Pacey: I came to surprise ya

Andie: Yeah, okay! Yeah. (She notices Marc still there.) Oh, um, Pacey this is Marc, Marc this is a big surprise...

(They shake hands and greet each other.)

Andie: I thought my dad said he was going to pick me up tomorrow

Pacey: Yeah, I know but we thought, well, I thought-

(Andie shrugs it off and nervously laughs.)

Marc: Well, it's dinner time. I'll come back..

Andie: Bye Marc

Marc: We'll talk soon, though

Andie: Yeah, we will

(Marc leaves and Joey's in the doorway.)

Joey: Andie

Andie: Oh! Joey! You came, too

Joey: Yeah, but if we don't leave soon they're going to make me stay

(Andie's confused.)

Pacey: Yeah, guess we should get you packed up, huh

Andie: Right..

(She moves to start getting her things and Pacey gives Joey a look to signal that he knows something is up. Cut to cheerleading practice.)

Cheerleaders: 1, 2, 3, 4, we don't care if we don't score, 5, 6, 7, 8, a few points would be really great, that's alright, that's okay, you're going to work for us someday. Gooooo Capeside

(Jack and Jen have been watching.)

Jen: What do you think

Jack: Jen, this is for a pep rally, don't you think they should be slightly more..

Jen: Peppy

Jack: Well, optimistic

Jen: I've tried. Believe me, I've tried. Do you think I want to be held responsible for killing off the last vestiges of Capeside's school spirit? I mean, ever since they elected me leader of their little junta, all they've wanted to do are these nasty, sardonic, self-aware cheers. What's worse is they've even started to dress like me. It's like they're genetically predisposed to having any unique identity

Jack: That's a blonde gene

Jen: Not funny

(Suddenly, a football flies over by them.)

Jen: Watch it

(Jack catches it.)

Mitch : eld)

(Cut to Henry, a freshman, begging to get in.)

Henry: C'mon, coach! Let me in. His arm blows out there

Mitch: Power down, Henry

Henry: They're killing us out there

Mitch: We're running play-action patterns against ourselves! No one is killing us

(Cut back to Jen and Jack.)

Jen: I thought you weren't sure yet about whether or not you wanted to go home..

Jack: I know, but the point is, he should have asked me

(Another football comes flying their way.)

Jen: Look out

(Jack catches it again and throws it back.)

Jack: Besides, what kind of father doesn't want his son to live with him anyway

Jen: Trust me, been there

Jack: At least you have Grams

Jen: So do you, and me

(Cut back to Mitch and Henry arguing.)

Henry: C'mon, Coach

Mitch: For the last time, Henry, you're a second string freshman who's lucky he's not on JV

Henry: We don't have a JV-

Mitch: IN the instance, Full gets injured, that's when you start

Henry: What about in the instance that he sucks


(Henry starts running laps. Cut back to Jack and Jen. Yet another football spirals towards them.)

Jen: Ahh! Look out

(Jack catches it once again and tosses it back. Mitch stares at him. Cut to Dawson in the line at a supermarket.)

Dawson: Powerbars, advil, Polaroid film, (missed word), ah, what else am I forgetting? Oh, condoms

Clerk: What was that

Dawson: The condoms. A pack of....condoms

Clerk: You gotta speak up, son

Dawson: Condoms

(Girls behind him giggle.)

Clerk: We don't keep them behind the counter anymore. CONDOMS, AISLE 6

(Cut to Dawson staring at a wall of different kinds of condoms. A man walks up beside him.)

Dawson: This is worse than breakfast cereals

Man: Big night or are you just stocking up

Dawson: Um, a little of both

Man: Well, your prophylactic purchases have never been more difficult. It used to be that they just had two kinds. Regular, and for those of us who needed it, the magnum

Dawson: (very uncomfortable) Huh

Man: These days (places his arm around Dawson) you got your ribbed, your non-ribbed, your lubricated, your non-lubricated, your thin, your extra thin, sheepskin, extra sensitive, and now you've got your glow in the darks

(Another man joins them.)

Man #2: Glow in the darks don't work

Man: No kidding

Man #2: Nah, you got to hold them up to the light for 20 minutes. Who's got time for that

(A woman joins them.)

Woman: And if you really want to blow her mind, try the Brown Betty

(Each of the men grab a pack of those as Dawson stares in disbelief at the situation.)

Dawson: This is not happening

(Cut to Pacey, Joey, and Andie carrying her boxes out to the car.)

Pacey: Marc seems like a pretty nice guy. What's he in here for anyway

Andie: That's private, Pacey

Pacey: Come on, it's just us

Andie: Let's not talk about Marc, please

Pacey: Well, it just seems a little odd. I mean, you guys seem to be so close yet you never mentioned him in any of your letters or your emails..

Joey: Pacey, drop the male jealousy thing

Pacey: It's a long walk home, Potter

Andie: Is that what this is about? You're jealous

Pacey: How can I not be Andie? I've spent months counting the moments until I'd get to see you again, and the thought of some other guy getting to see you every day, and hear your stories, and eat dinner with you just kills me

(They kiss.)

Joey: Finally, the reunion kiss we've all been waiting for so....let's go

(Cut to Mitch with the football team.)

Mitch: Listen up! We're going to play a touch game. Now touch does not mean half ass. I want you to run hard, keep your patterns sharp. Ready? BREAK

Henry: Coach

Mitch: Yes, Henry

Henry: I'm second string

Mitch: Yes, Henry

Henry: So that means I get to play

Mitch: Yes, Henry

Henry: So seeing as this is my one shot at impressing you I'd like to tip the odds in my favor. Call in a ringer

Mitch: Well, the team's are divided, Henry. There's nobody left

Henry: Sure, there is

(Cut to Henry in the huddle. Jack is in the huddle, too.)

Henry: Tailbacks slant right, z-post on 1, Jack, you run ten yards out. Cut to the right, flat, look over your shoulder, the ball will be there. Ready? BREAK

Jack: Okay

(Cut to shots of Henry passing the football perfectly to Jack, etc. The football team is looking great. Mitch is impressed. Jack seems to be having a good time. Cut to Pacey and Andie and Joey getting into the car.)

Pacey: We shall be arriving at Capeside around 10 so place your station requests now

Joey: Alternative

Pacey: Classic rock, it is

(He looks over at Andie who's staring glumly out the window.)

Pacey: You okay, Andie

Andie: Yeah, I'm just happy to be with you and to be going home

(She turns back towards the window as Pacey looks at her, knowing something is definitely up. Cut to Andie opening her locker at school the next day. Jack walks up.)

Jack: How's the first day of classes going there, gorgeous

Andie: Very well, I must say

Jack: I missed you so much

(Andie hugs him.)

Andie: I missed you, too

(Pacey comes up, pulling Jack away.)

Pacey: Hey hey hey, get your hands off my girlfriend

Jack: Get your hands off my sister

Pacey: (to Andie) About tonight

Andie: What about it

Pacey: Well, since it's your first Friday back in town I was thinking you and I could go catch a movie and stroll right on down to our little spot.

Andie: Oh, well, I was thinking we could all grab dinner tonight, you know, as a group

Jack: Sorry, I promised Jen I'd go to that...pep rally thing with her tonight

Andie: That could be fun

Pacey: Well, in case you forgot, we're a very non-spirited group and pep rallies are all about spirit. What about you and me

Andie: Well, there's plenty of time for us to be alone, I just want to be around normal people right now, it's been a long time..

Pacey: Well, what am I

Jack: Well, she actually said 'normal people.

Pacey: You know, McPhee, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to avoid being alone with me

Andie: No, I mean, we can be alone after, or tomorrow! Okay? (she kisses him on the cheek) Bye

(Cut to Jack talking to Mitch out on the football field.)

Jack: I got a message you wanted to see me

Mitch: You did a great job yesterday

Jack: Thanks, Mr. Leery

Mitch: I usually have my players call me Coach

Jack: Oh, no. No way, no

Mitch: I want you to join the team, Jack. You and Henry were amazing together

Jack: I don't play football

Mitch: Well, you fooled me

Jack: Look, do I have to spell it out for you

Mitch: Yes

Jack: A gay kid on the football team. Now if that isn't a written invitation for ridicule, what is

Mitch: C'mon, Jack. One thing has nothing to do with the other

Jack: In a perfect world, maybe. But that's not Capeside

Mitch: Look, I got this team on a (missed word), Jack. Nobody wanted to coach a team that had been so bad for so long. I thought, what the hell? It couldn't be any tougher than the last year of my life and who knows? I might even like it. But the chance of actually winning? That's something I could really use right now, and Jack? I think you could, too

(Cut to Dawson loading stuff into his father's car. Jen walks over.)

Jen: Not bad for a sherpa(????) invitation, but whatcha doing

Dawson: Setting up for tonight, or trying to

(He drops a bag and Jen picks it up and starts looking in it.)

Jen: Dawson? Praytell condoms? (Dawson grabs them away.) Sorry it's just in the list of things I'd expect to find in your bag, condoms fall somewhere in between nuclear plans and crack cocaine. Curiosity begs, who is the lucky girl

Dawson: Privacy begs I ignore you

Jen: Ever since Philly, somebody's been whistling a very different tune

Dawson: It's the Dawson Leery for the new millenium. The guy who's not afraid to use the words "good" and "time" in close proximity

Jen: Well, Dawson 2000, are you ready for this good time? And I don't mean in a Trojan kind of way

Dawson: What do you mean

Jen: Sex isn't a one way street. There are going to be some expectations where you're concerned

Dawson: Okay...any hot tips

Jen: I thought that you'd never ask. It's all about one word, Dawson. Pace. Now, most virgins either go too slow or too fast. Which one do you think you are

Dawson: How would I know

Jen: Let's say that you have an ice cream sundae right in front of you and you have no spoon. Now, it's a hundred degrees out and you're starving. Now, do you lick the ice cream or do you bite right in

Dawson: Bite right in

Jen: Too fast. See, first you have to watch the sundae, admire the sundae, then, just before it's about to drip, you let your lips lick around the exterior, savoring every inch. You want that sundae to last a long time... ...but not too long, because then the sundae ends up all over the table instead of in your mouth. But Dawson, if you remember one thing, let it be this...If you don't get the whipped cream all over your face, you're not doing it right. You see what I'm saying

(Cut to the pep rally. The band is playing, there's signs up reading 'Hope You Score This Year'. Cut to the cheerleaders doing their cheer at the rally. Jen is wearing her cheerleader's uniform with fishnet stockings and high boots.)

Jen: I don't know but I've been told..

Cheerleaders: I don't know but I've been told..

Jen: Capeside Minutemen break the mold..

Cheerleaders: Capeside Minutemen break the mold..

Jen: We've got style, we've got class

Cheerleaders: We've got style, we've got class

Jen: So what if those other guys kick our ass

Cheerleaders: So what if those other guys kick our ass

Jen: Go Capeside. Go Capeside

Principal: Thank you...Minutegirls for your....candid enthusiasm. Now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, the most integral part of the Minutemen team. He's the new coach, a substitute here at Capeside, Mitch Leery

Mitch: Thank you, Principal Green and thank you everyone for showing up tonight. We have a great team this season so I'll waste no time introducing them

(He starts introducing them and Pacey, Andie, and Joey show up and take a seat.)

Pacey: Personally, I think I've seen enough. What do you say we get out of here

Joey: I agree

Andie: Nope, we're here. We're staying put

(They notice Jack in a football jersey.)

Joey: Do you see what I see

Mitch: Wide receiver, Jack McPhee

(The crowd cheers.)

Pacey: When did this happen

Joey: News to me

Andie: Jen's a cheerleader? Jack's on the football team? I got sane and everyone else went crazy

(Cut back up to the stage on Mitch.)

Mitch: And now for a first in Capeside history, starting quarterback, freshman Henry Parker

(Henry runs up on stage as the crowd cheers and he trips and drops the football and knocks into Jen. He backs up looking at her. It's obvious he likes her.)

Henry: I'm sorry

Jen: It's okay. It's's's cool

(Henry bends down to grab the football and grabs her pom-pons by mistake.)

Jen: You got my pom-pons, though

(He gives them back and gets with the rest of the team.)

Mitch: Capeside, meet this year's Minutemen

(The band starts playing, explosions go off, confetti is everywhere. Cut to where Pacey, Andie, and Joey are sitting. Pacey puts his arm around Andie.)

Andie: Frisky much

Pacey: What can I say? Listening to (missed word) just really gets the best of me. What do you say we scram for a little bit

Andie: In a little while

Pacey: Come on, McPhee

Andie: I said in a little bit

(Pacey stands up, pulling her.)

Andie: What are you doing

Pacey: I want to talk to you and I'd really rather not do it in front of the whole school

(Andie follows Pacey to the hall as Joey stares after, knowing something is going to happen.)

Mitch: And now a little something different to end tonight's program, a closer look at the Capeside Minutemen

(The screen comes down as Dawson's video starts playing. Cut to Dawson behind the screen, listening and watching when Eve comes up behind him.)

Eve: "'The time has come,' the walrus said.

Dawson: You don't mean now

Eve: I pick the time and place, remember

Dawson: Here? Right now? My video's playing

Eve: Which is like the lamest of the lamest excuses

Dawson: Good point

Eve: Dawson, let's go

Dawson: They say that girls like you don't exist

Eve: They lie

(She pulls him offscreen and we see his arm reach out and grab the bag of condoms. Cut to Andie and Pacey out in the hallway.)

Pacey: Okay, Andie, what the hell is going on? And don't tell me that it's nothing because you've been acting strange from the second I picked you up from that clinic, and now I have to beg you to spend some free time with me. So what is happening

Andie: We shouldn't talk about this here, Pacey

Pacey: So, I'm right

Andie: Look, this is not the time, okay

Pacey: Is it me? Are you trying to end things with me? Is that what this is about

Andie: No! That's the last thing I want

Pacey: Fine. Then, what is so awful that you've waited so long to tell me about, Andie

Andie: A lot happened to me this summer, Pacey, a lot

Pacey: What are you trying to say

Andie: Okay, if we are going to talk about this now then you have to promise me that you will not say one word until I'm done

Pacey: Okay, go on

Andie: No, promise me, Pacey

Pacey: Okay, I promise. Just tell me what's wrong with you

Andie: (starts crying) When I went to Mayfield to get better, I was someone else. I wasn't the same person that came to Capeside. I wasn't the girl you fell in love with. My first week, I met Marc. He had been through everything I had went through and more. In and out of facilities, three times, on and off medication since he was nine. I didn't write to you about him, because I didn't want you to get jealous -- we were just friends. We'd spend our free time together, just talking endlessly, mostly about our fears. I was so afraid, Pacey, afraid of everything. I was scared that they were never gonna let me out of there, or that whatever was broken inside of me wouldn't be fixable. Marc -- he understood these things like nobody else could because they were his fears too. He even had a girlfriend that he was anxious to get back to

Pacey: You slept with him

Andie: We knew immediately afterwards that it was wrong, for both of us

Pacey: You slept with him, Andie

Andie: We both agreed to just be friends and not tell our significant others but, Pacey, when I saw you-- It was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. And all I keep thinking right now is what if you can't forgive me. Pacey, you have to forgive me. You have to forgive me

(Pacey makes a disgusted noise and turns and walks out of the building leaving Andie alone, crying. Cut to Dawson and Eve making out behind the screen.)

Dawson: There's hundreds of people on the other side of this screen

Eve: I know, isn't it great

Dawson: Isn't there a janitor's closet somewhere that we can sneak into

Eve: Possibly

(They lean against a button panel and the screen raises slightly and the crowd is shown the feet of Eve and Dawson but the screen lowers back down to normal.)

Dawson: What was that

Eve: What

Dawson: That click

Eve: Nothing

(They continue and they set it off again this time raising the screen completely revealing Eve in only pants and a bra and Dawson with his shirt unbuttoned.)

Dawson: That was definitely not nothing

Eve: Dawson, relax

(She relizes the screen is going up.)

Eve: Whatever you do, don't turn around

Dawson: Why

(They turn and look at the crowd, which breaks out into wild applause. The band breaks into the theme from ROCKY and Dawson and Eve stand up and bow before Dawson notices Joey's pained expression. Cut to Eve and Dawson after the pep rally.)

Eve: You're ready?

Dawson: I think I want to catch a ride home with my father.

Eve: You don't wanna... hang out?

Dawson: Part of me really, really wants to.

Eve: Just part of you

Dawson: Eve, I don't know anything about you! I don't know where you come from, I don't know why you're here, I don't even know your last name. All you are to me is sex, and if I slept with you that would be the reason.

Eve: We don't have a reason for sleeping with someone, Dawson. Either it's their body or their personality, their money or their sense of humour. What's the difference?

Dawson: I guess the difference is the first time I sleep with somebody I don't want it to be for just any reason. I want it to be for every reason.

Eve: (long pause) Your eyes.

Dawson: What about them

Eve: That was my reason. When I first met you, I looked into your eyes and I saw such an old soul

Dawson: Thank you, Eve.

Eve: Whitman. Thank you, Eve Whitman.

Dawson: I don't suppose there's any chance you'd give me your phone number.

Eve: That one you'll have to earn.

(Cut to Pacey driving Joey to her house.)

Joey: Well, I don't think we'll be attending any more pep rallies any time soon.

Pacey: Probably not.

Joey: Thanks for the ride.

Pacey: No problem.

Joey: Pacey, you probably don't want to hear this right now, and I'm sure you don't want to hear it from me, but you have to talk to her.

Pacey: No, not right now. I couldn't even look at her right now.

Joey: You have to, Pacey. You have to hear her out.

Pacey: Why? What's the difference, Joey, huh? No matter what she says the ending's still the same. She slept with somebody else.

Joey: You think that just because the two of you were together what she did hurts more? It doesn't. There's no difference, Pacey, I mean... Look, she's sixteen years old and so are you. We talk like we know what's going on, but we don't. We don't have any idea. Look, we're really young and we're gonna screw up a lot! You know, we're going to keep changing our minds and ... and sometimes even our hearts. And through all of that, the only real thing we can offer each other is forgiveness. And I couldn't do that. Or at least I did it too late. Don't let yourself get so angry that you stop loving because one day you wake up from that anger and the person you love will be gone.

(Cut to Jen and Jack in the halls after the pep rally.)

Jen: I tell you, these fishnets itch.

Jack: I don't believe you wear them. (Jack spots Mr. McPhee) Dad!

Mr McPhee: Hi Jack. Jen.

Jen: Jack, I'll see you home.

Jack: Yeah.

Mr McPhee: Jen's grandmother called me, said I should make my way down here tonight. I wasn't sure why 'til saw you up there. Congratulations!

Jack: Thanks

Mr McPhee: Seeing you on that stage made me realise I was wrong.

Jack: How do you mean?

Mr McPhee: Jack, I honestly thought I was doing what was best for you. I thought living under my care would be too hard. That there were too many differences between us. And when I saw you in that jersey, at the first time in a while, I saw myself in you.

Jack: Dad, it shouldn't take a football jersey to make you see that.

Mr McPhee: You're right. I would like very much for you to...

Jack: Sorry, but no.

Mr McPhee: No, I figured that would be a response. But I needed to ask.

Jack: Thanks.

Mr McPhee: 'Night.

Jack: Night, Dad. Dad?

Mr McPhee: Yeah?

Jack: Ask me again some time?

(Cut to Pacey walking towards Andie at their spot.)

Andie: I was hoping you'd find me here.

Pacey: To be honest, I told myself a thousand times not to come.

Andie: So why did you?

Pacey: 'Cause I owe you that much

Andie: I've already told you how sorry I am. What else can I say?

Pacey: There's nothing else to say.

Andie: So you don't think that you can forgive me?

Pacey: Whether or not I can forgive you, Andie, is not going to be what keeps us apart. What you did... Our relationship was like this beautiful thing, and I don't think you ever realized how powerful it was. You changed my life, Andie, you were that person for me. You inspired me to be a man that I'd only ever dreamt about being. When you first started to get sick, it dawned on me that I might not be that person for you. I can never go back to loving you the way I did knowing that my love wasn't strong enough the first time around. I could always forgive you, Andie, but I will never forget.

Andie: But I still love you, Pacey.

Pacey: Goodbye, Andie.

(Cut to Mitch and Dawson arriving home. Mitch signals Dawson towards Joey on the docks. He goes up to her.)

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: What are you doing here?

Joey: I'm not sure. Your house is like magnetic north. Certain nights, it just.. it draws me in. While you were gone this summer, there were days I would just get in my boat and come riding past your dock. For old times sake, I guess.

Dawson: We can't go back, Joey.

Joey: I know. It's like that phrase, isn't it? Can't go home again. I realized that for a while. Earlier tonight...

Dawson: I'm sorry you had to see that.

Joey: Don't be. I think I was meant to. In some weird way it helped me. I mean, seeing you on that stage something inside of me clicked, and for the first time I felt how wrong it would be. I mean we... we really do need to... to move on and to meet new people and to have new relationships.

Dawson: It's weird as it happens, isn't it? You still love the person, you just stop needing them like you used to

Joey: Yeah. It's weird and it's kinda sad. So we're friends, and then we are a couple, then friends again, then a couple. So, what are we now?

Dawson: We're Dawson and Joey.

(He takes off his necklace and puts it on her neck.)

Joey: You think every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson has a Joey?

Dawson: I hope so -- for their sake.

(The camera zooms out. Cue ending credits.)


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