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Episode 304 - Home Movies

[Scene: Dawson's room. Dawson is going through a pile of tapes, and Pacey comes in carrying a piece of equipment.]

Pacey: The commodore 64, the lawn dart, the rock-n-sockem robots, super sugar crisp, the laserdisc, and now, back from the halls of obsolescence, the betamax machine.

Dawson: Hey, man, you are a lifesaver. I got less than 48 hours to become an expert documentarian, and all mom's newsreels are on beta.

Pacey: What? Dawson Leery eschewing the ephemeral world of make believe for the gritty realities of real life? Has the world spun off course? Was the Dalai Lama spotted at Black Angus?

Dawson: More like my mother's been dangling a big fat carrot. Human interest story she was working on at the network fell out at the last minute.

Pacey: And?

Dawson: And she says that if I can edit some raw footage by Friday morning, there's a chance she could whip it into shape and be on the air that night.

Pacey: Hey, it's the chance of a lifetime. That'll make a guy change his vision.

Dawson: Well, it's a temporary change. As soon as I get my foot in that proverbial door, I'll be right back in the magical land of make-believe.

Pacey: I don't know, Dawson. I mean, you got an amazing opportunity here to change your whole genre. Real-life stories are always more compelling than anything you could dream up.

Dawson: Real life is interesting, but it will never be as dramatic as a well-conceived narrative.

Pacey: Look at everything that's been happening in your life lately. Are you honestly telling me that you could conceive of something more thrilling, more sexy, and more far-fetched? Huh? All right, fine. Who's your guinea pig?

Dawson: It's Jack McPhee.

Pacey: Again?

Dawson: Gay kid joins losing high school team, overcomes adversity, battles antiquated stereotypes, an ends up becoming the star.

Pacey: Now, if you're gonna mess with that story, you'd just be gilding the lily, Dawson.

Dawson: It's a great story, but you can't just turn the camera on and let it run.

Pacey: Why not? That's exactly what's happening here. It seems pretty interesting to me.

Dawson: My mom must've taped over her work.

[He turns on one of the tapes. His parents are there and 2 younger kids.]

Mrs. Potter: [On Tape] Honey, this is Dawson. Can you say hi?

Young Joey: [On Tape]Hi. He's my friend.

Pacey: Is that who I think it is?

Mitch: [On Tape] This is Joey, Dawson, can you say hi?

Young Dawson: [On Tape] Hi, Joey.

Pacey: Once a heartbreaker, always a heartbreaker, huh, Dawson?

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: Gram's Kitchen. Grams is at the table when Jen enters wearing Her Cheerleader's outfit, with some ripped up fishnet stocking.]

Jen: Mornin'.

Grams: Why do you insist on degrading your team colors like that?

Jen: Well, Grams, the fishnets only come in black, and the matching leather whip, it's on back order.

Grams: Jennifer.

Jen: Come on, Grams, the entire notion of cheerleading is just a sexist attempt to try and objectify the female body. I'm making a statement.

Grams: You're making a mockery.

Jen: The mockery has been made. I'm simply pointing it out. Although, I got to tell ya, I don't know how many more pep rallies and spirit cookies I can actually stomach.

Grams: Your school has an important game coming up. Right now they need your leadership and verve. Back when I was on the pep squad, we relished the opportunity to show off our team spirit by wearing our uniforms to school.

Jen: Grams, I hate to break it to you, but you were showing off a bit more than just team spirit.

Grams: Jennifer.

[Scene: School Hallway. Joey is walking down the hallway. A Stand Up starts to follow her, and when she turns back to it, it stops. She begins walking again, and it follows her some more, and she stops and turns again, and Pacey comes up behind a stand up.]

Pacey: Like, oh, my god, go team.

Joey: Ha ha. For a minute I thought you'd been possessed by these school spirit creatures from planet overzealous.

Pacey: Not quite yet, but I am thinking about making a run for it before the pods hatch. What do you say, Scully?

Joey: Cut class with you? Sounds delectable. I'll pass.

Pacey: What if I told you that there was a mission to my madness?

Joey: Are you serious?

Pacey: But of course. Ze misseur in the stylish shirt request the presence of the madame for a very pressing appointment, ya?

Joey: What is it?

Pacey: Well, that would be the surprise part.

Joey: Just tell me, Pacey.

Pacey: Lets think about that...Nope.

Joey: Well, fine. You won't tell me, then I'm not going anywhere.

Pacey: Oh, little Jo, you're so cute. But friend to friend, honestly, you should check into some more of those feigning disinterest classes.

Joey: Oh, thanks. But trust me, Pacey. I couldn't care less.

Pacey: Well, ok. Whether or not you're actually interested, you have about 10 seconds to make up your mind after I round that corner. Starting now. One... 2... 3...

[He goes around the corner. Joey, just watches him go, and then follows after him.]

Pacey: 6 seconds?! 6? I mean, come on. Have you no pride? I thought you'd last at least to 8.

Joey: I loathe you.

[Scene: On the Football field. Jack and Dawson are there. Dawson is interviewing Jack on camers.]

Dawson: People have been shocked at how well you've taken to the game. Did you love football as a child?

Jack: Heh. I've only been playing football for a few weeks. I think the only subject I know less about is being gay, actually. I--I don't know. Some things are just instinct maybe.

[Mitch comes up to them.]

Mitch: Well, one thing jack has learned is the importance of starting practice on time. Go stretch out to run your 40s. Yes, sir. And taking a tenth off yesterday doesn't mean you can coast.

Jack: Ok. Gotta go.

Dawson: Uh, no problem. Ahem. We can take care of the coach Leery interview. What do you say, dad?

Mitch: Uh, not now, Dawson.

Dawson: But, dad, it's due tomorrow.

Mitch: Dawson, you can get an extension. Me, I've got a game on Saturday, and I need these guys completely focused on football, ok?

[He walks back to coach the team.]

Mitch: Pick it up!

[Scene: inside a huddle of football players. Henry is there showing everyone a mouth piece.]

Henry: He wore it in the BC/Miami game. Spit it out right after throwing the Hail Mary, when

the whistle blew, my brother, he ran onto the field and grabbed it.

Football player: Well, the dude's got some big molars.

Henry: They're crowns, actually. Check out the number 2 bicuspids. Remind you of anyone?

[pulls his mouth open. Jen walks up to them.]

Jen: Hey, what's everybody looking at?

Jack: Oh, uh, well, apparently we're looking at Doug Flutie's old mouthpiece.

Jen: A mouthpiece? That was actually in his mouth? Well, that's disgusting.

Jack: Henry says it's his good luck charm.

Jen: Henry needs his head examined.

[She leaves them, and Henry goes up to talk to Jack.]

Henry: What am I gonna do, Jack? I gotta do something. Jen Lindley, her voice is the sweetest music. Her very name is fire in my loins.

Jack: Uh, just a thought, Henry, but next time you might want to just start by saying hello.

[Scene: The Cheerleader group. Jen comes up to join them.]

Cheerleader: Hey, we missed you this morning at the spirit table. Where were you? We were worried about you.

Jen: Look, you guys, I stayed really late at that pep rally yesterday, um, I have limits.

Cheerleader: Is this a low-iron day? Yeah, try not to let anyone else see you, 'cause it might hurt the auction.

Jen: Auction?

Cheerleader: The silent auction. Yeah, you should be really proud. It's like the most successful one we've ever had. Like, half the senior guys have already put in their bids

Jen: What are you auctioning off?

Cheerleader: Well, the winner gets to ride in on the minuteman mule at the end of the game.

Jen: Uh-huh..

Cheerleader: And receive a kiss from the head cheerleader.

Jen: Oh, no, they don't.

Cheerleader: Now, Jenny— Jen.

Jen: Ok? It's Jen. You know, this whole thing just started as a bad joke, an excuse to get out some excess energy, but do you see what it's turned into? I have pranced around in front of this entire school at pep rallies without even knowing what the hell pep is. I have listened to clack and prattle about car washes, dance-a-thons, and dog-sitting until I think I'm gonna puke up my homemade spirit cookies.

Cheerleader: Jenny—

Jen: And despite this itch I am getting on my ass from this polyester molest-me skirt, I've done it all with a smile on my face. But you know what ladies, the smile is gone. I'm sorry, but there is no way I'm going to be sold off like some harem girl to the highest bidder. Everyone has a limit, and I've reached mine. I quit.

[Scene: School Hallway. Andie turns the corner and runs into a man carrying a bunch of papers, which he drops, and she tries to help him pick them up.]

Andie: Ohh! Oh, uh, uh... E.T.S.?

Man: Stop. Drop that folder. Back away from the material.

Andie: Yes, sir.

Man: Keep your hands in plain sight.

Andie: Are you with the educational testing service?

Man: That's confidential.

Andie: I just hope nobody at Capeside high has done anything wrong, broken any rules, compromised the integrity of the exam.

Man: Passing along that information would constitute a breach of security.

Andie: Of course.

Man: Do you know where Principal Green is?

Andie: No, sir. But before you go, let me express my regret and recalcitrance at this incident.

Man: Recalcitrance?

Andie: Um, I mean, repentance. Repentance, as in contrition, compunction, you know, contriteness.

Man: Good day, ma'am. Watch yourself.

Andie: [Sigh]

[Scene: On a deserted road. Pacey and Joey are walking down it talking.]

Joey: This isn't a surprise, Pacey. It's a death march on a deserted road.

Pacey: We're almost there.

Joey: Why didn't we just drive?

Pacey: Because, Potter, on occasion, my father actually likes to use his car.

Joey: So I risk my future, to cut class, so I can stand in line at the post office and then traipse 5 miles through the wilderness carrying some stupid package.

Pacey: [Moans] you know, did you ever stop to think about how much hormonally-charged energy you waste on these quick quips and the biting banter? Your life would be considerably more productive if you would just take some more, uh... Oh! What is that? Some more...Action. If you took more action.

Joey: Oh, like voluntary manslaughter?

Pacey: Well, how about like sticking out your thumb, huh?

Joey: Oh, yeah? What else? Maybe hike up my skirt, pout my lips, strike some sexy pose for a

horn dog trucker? Stick out your own thumb, you sexist toad.

Pacey: I am not a sexist. I am a pragmatist, ok? Ever seen the sure thing? That film elegantly portrays one of life's simple truths. That a female, standing on the side of the road, even one with a perpetual scowl such as yourself, has a better chance of flagging down a car than a guy.

Joey: Since I'm the only one here with an opposable thumb, I guess it's up to me to use it.

[A car comes down the road.]

Pacey: And here's your chance.

[She puts her thumb out, and Pacey jumps into the bushes. The car stops and she looks in to see Principal Green.]

Joey: Hi.

Principal Green: Today's your lucky day, Miss Potter. Need a ride back to school?

Joey: Thanks.

[rustling bushes as Pacey climbs out.]

Pacey: Ohh! Oh! Principal Green, hoo! Thank god you are here. In preparing for our botany assignment, it appears that Josephine and I-- we wandered significantly farther away from the school than we had anticipated. Frankly, I was beginning to worry that we weren't going to make it home by nightfall

Principal Green: [laughing] That's a good one, Pacey.

Pacey: Heh heh. Well, you know, let it never be said that I'm lacking in the creativity department.

Principal Green: Let's hope you're not lacking in the calamine lotion department either. Now, put down the poison oak and get your butts in my car.

Pacey: Heh, ah, after you, Josephine.

[Scene: In the locker room. He has been setting up the camera, and is getting ready to interview his father.]

Dawson: All right, dad…Dad.

Mitch: Huh?

Dawson: Look, I know you're busy. I just need 10 minutes of your time. I'll be out of your hair.

Mitch: Can't it just wait till after the game? I promise I'll have plenty of time for ya after Saturday.

Dawson: Dad, I got to fed-ex this thing out.

Mitch: Fed-ex?

Dawson: Yeah, to mom at the station.

Mitch: Station? What are you talkin' about?

Dawson: The story I'm doing on jack.

Mitch: Your mother wants to do a story on jack?

Dawson: I want to do a story on jack. I am doing a story on jack.

Mitch: This is gonna go on television? When?

Dawson: Hopefully tomorrow. Dad, we talked about this.

Mitch: I thought this was one of your school projects.

Dawson: It is a project. Dad, remember last night in your kitchen the blond-haired kid who was moving his lips? That was actually me telling you this.

Mitch: Dawson, this is the last thing that I need right now.

Dawson: Oh, why is that?

Mitch: Because football is a head game, and I can't risk my best player or any player for that matter, losing focus. I've worked too damn hard.

Dawson: Forgive me if my entire future conflicts with your precious football team.

Mitch: Aw, don't be so theatrical. I'm the one with the football-loving principal breathing down my neck. I am trying to build a living here.

Dawson: What do you think I'm doing, dabbling in a hobby? That's the kind of opportunity I've waited for my entire life.

Mitch: All 16 years of it?

Dawson: Oh, so, the importance of a person's dreams is measured by their age?

Mitch: There will be plenty of other opportunities, believe me.

Dawson: Are you telling me not to do this?

Mitch: I don't have to. Because I know you'll make the right choice.

[Scene: at the Marina. Joey is working. Dawson comes up to her.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey. You must be lost. Bimbo cove is up the creek, right past brainless bay.

Dawson: You can save your ammunition, Joey. Eve and I aren't on speaking terms.

Joey: You mean, you guys actually talked?

Dawson: Among other things, yes. I need some advice.

Joey: What else are dumped ex-girlfriends for?

Dawson: It's about my father.

Joey: Your father? What about him?

Dawson: Well, he told me not to do the story on Jack and the football team.

Joey: He did?

Dawson: Well, not in so many words. He thinks it might jeopardize his career. His chances against Woodward.

Joey: No offense, Dawson, but doesn't a nationally televised broadcast, kind of over shadow a high school football rivalry?

Dawson: You'd have thought. I don't know. I mean, look at it from his point of view, you know? The last couple of years his cup hasn't exactly runneth over. He had to give up his dream restaurant idea, his wife stepped out on him with the Capeside equivalent of Ted Knight, and he's not exactly shining as a substitute teacher.

Joey: So if you go ahead with the story, he could lose more than the game. He could lose self-respect.

Dawson: Yeah. What do you think?

Joey: Well, I think that the swords that are the father and son have finally crossed in conflict. I mean, face it, Dawson, this is the stuff of Greek dramas.

Dawson: Yeah, but is this tragedy or comedy?

Joey: Sometimes we fight our fathers, and they respect us, and sometimes... We fight them and... We lose them forever. You have to decide how you want to live your life. You know? What you can tolerate and... And what you're willing to lose.

Dawson: Oh, god, this is so important to me, but if I do it, it's gonna kill him.

Joey: Well... I hate to break it to ya, Dawson, but according to Freud, that's exactly what sons are supposed to do.

[He pulls out a tape from his bag and hands it to Joey.]

Dawson: I dubbed this for ya.

Joey: What's this?

Dawson: Something I found. Made me smile. I guess, now, you could call it a thank you.

[He gives her the tape then leaves.]

Joey: [Sigh]

[Scene: Jen's bedroom. She is asleep, and there are a bunch of cheerleaders and Grams in the room looking at her.]

Cheerleaders: It must be dried saliva. No, it's a zipper mark from the pillow.

[Jen wakes up to see them.]

Grams: Yes, that bright sensation in your eyes is, indeed, sunlight. Rise and shine, dear girl. These lovely young ladies have an urgent matter to discuss with you.

Jen: I told you that I was through with cheerleading. And unless one of you is hiding a very large cup of black coffee under her pompoms, I suggest you leave.

Cheerleader: Oh, no, we respect your decision to resign from the squad, Madison has accepted the leadership challenge but please, you must reconsider the kiss.

Grams: Someone has bid $500.

Cheerleader: But they've specifically stipulated that the kiss must come from you.

Jen: I don't care if they bid the kingdom of Brunei, I'm not for sale.

Cheerleader: What are we gonna tell the children of the CCHPC?

Jen: The what?

Grams: The Capeside County Home for Parentless Children.

Jen: Orphans? That-- that's what the auction is for? Ohh...

[Scene: School hallway. Andie is looking at some pamphlets on a table when Principal Green comes up to her.]

Principal Green: Uh, Miss McPhee. Been looking for you.

Andie: Principal Green.

Principal Green: Yes, listen, uh, a critical problem has been brought to my attention, and I need to talk to you about it.

Andie: [Nervous] What sort of problem, sir?

Principal Green: It's a disciplinary matter.

Andie: [Nervously] Disciplinary?

Principal Green: Yes. Now, I'm unable to discuss it with you at length now, but if you come to my office Monday, we'll sit down and go over all of our options in detail.

Andie: [Nervously] Options...Yes, sir.

Principal Green: Monday morning. Be there.

[Scene: Inside Principal Green's Office. He enters the office and Pacey and Joey are sitting there waiting for him.]

Principal Green: So, since Mr. Witter's attempt at lying to me was so creative, I've come up with a little creative response in kind.

Pacey: Well, coming from a just-minded soul such as yourself, I'm sure your punishment will be nothing but fair, sir.

Joey: Oh, thank you, Eddie Haskell.

Pacey: Where is your school spirit, Josephine?

Joey: I think I left it cowering in the bushes.

Pacey: Now that is a gross misconception. I hurled myself upon the flames of responsibility.

Joey: I hope a deer tick crawled in your ear and laid eggs.

Principal Green: Enough! Honestly. I am not sure how to get through to the two of you, but since you obviously have an affinity for one another, here's what I have in mind.

[He grabs a box from the corner and brings it over to them. Pulls the mule head costume out.]

Joey: No way.

Pacey: Oh, that's not gonna happen.

Principal Green: Oh, I'm glad to see we're all in agreement here.

[Scene: School Stairway. Jack and another football player are talking, and Andie is sitting one of the bottom stairs while students are walking around her.]

Football Player: I can't believe he caught the thing. It was way over his head.

[Jack sees Andie and stops to talk to her.]

Jack: Hey!

Andie: Hey.

Jack: What's wrong?

Andie: Nothing's wrong. Why should anything be wrong?

Jack: Because you're sitting in a stairwell of a public high school. Unless you're smoking or making out, it's cause for concern.

[He gets her up and starts to walk down the hall.]

Jack: Come on, I'm going to meet Dawson. We're gonna check out the footage from my interview.

Andie: You went through with it?

Jack: Yeah. It was cool. It went great.

Andie: Well, it may seem that way today, but anything could happen tomorrow to rock your safe little world.

Jack: What?!

Andie: Jack, maybe you overlooked something. Maybe--maybe you didn't see every angle. Maybe you had a terrible moment of weakness. Maybe without even realizing it, you totally, irreversibly screwed up.

Jack: Andie, it's not that big a deal. Why be so paranoid?

Andie: Jack, you could live your entire life on the straight and narrow driving towards something you believe in, then what? One tiny little mistake, one little error in judgment, and the next thing you know, your car's on the side of the road, flipped over, wheels still spinning, and the radio on.

Jack: What the hell are you talking about?

Andie: I'm talking about being publicly shamed, exposed for what you really are. I'm talking about a life being ruined, cut short, nipped in the bud, I'm talking about breaking dad's heart.

Jack: Dad?

Andie: Think about how he's gonna feel, Jack, his disappointment, his humiliation. We are his pride and joy, Jack. Think about how hard he's worked for us over the years, how much he sacrificed. And now this, out in the open for everyone to see.

Jack: Just calm down, all right? I mean, it's not like I'm still in the closet. Dad already knows I'm gay.

Andie: I know-- yeah, I know. I know. I just want you to be careful, Jack. Every action has a consequence. Be sure you think this thing through.

[Scene: Dawson's living room. Dawson and his father are watching his story on the news. The opposing coaches interview with Dawson.]

Jack voice: No one really seems to care what I may or may not do off the field.

Dawson's Voice: So you have no problem playing against someone who's openly gay?

Coach: If a kid wants to come out wearing lipstick and rouge, we're gonna infringe on him the way we infringe on anybody else. No difference.

[The show is over.]

Dawson: Well...

Mitch: I just lost the first game of my coaching career.

Dawson: If you say so.

Mitch: Dawson, that just went out to 3 million people. Not to mention you interviewed the opposing coach.

Dawson: So?

Mitch: So? So 2 days ago, nobody knew how good jack was or who he is. Now the whole world knows. You might as well have gone out and painted a bull's-eye on his back.

Dawson: You never explained that to me, dad.

Mitch: I didn't think I had to. It's pretty damn obvious!

Dawson: Not to me it isn't! Instead of celebrating my first professional success in the world, we're sitting here worrying about a football game.

Mitch: Don't make me out to be the bad guy here, Dawson. Yes, I'm angry, just like you knew I would be.

Dawson: We're talking about a team that hasn't put a notch on the win column in 3 years.

Mitch: Now what are we saying, that I'm wasting my time?

Dawson: No, but I want you to have some perspective.

Mitch: I can't even discuss this with you right now. You have no idea what you're talkin' about!

Dawson: Thanks to you, I don't. Ever since you took this job, you haven't spoken to me.

Mitch. I talk to you.

Dawson: Not the way you talk to the guys on your team.

Mitch: Well, you know what? They respect me.

Dawson: I respect you, dad. It's just they're more the kind of son you wish you'd had.

Mitch: That is not true. Dawson, I hum the theme from Close Encounters in my sleep! I reach out to you! And when we can't find common ground, I give you your space.

Dawson: And when I take it, you get pissed off at me.

Mitch: No. I'm just trying to break you out of your self-centered, self-righteous fantasy world long enough to look out for other people.

Dawson: Since when is it my responsibility to look out for you?

Mitch: What are you saying?

Dawson: I'm saying I parent you, dad. I walk in on you having sex. I give you advice. I'm the kid around here! Sometimes I might even act like it!

[Scene: Football Game. The game is already going on. Capeside if on offense and They continually show passes to Jack. Who is immediately hit and tackled by several of the opposing team.]

[crowd, chanting] defense! Whoo whoo! Defense!

Opp. Coach: Come on, let's hit him! Hit him! Hit him!

[Jack is on the bottom of a pile of the opposing players.]

Player: Go back to tetherball, you limp-wristed homo!

[Jack gets up with the help of his team mate.]

Henry: This is getting ugly.

Mitch: [On the sideline] Crackback, damn it! Crackback, crackback! Right guard blocks down. Litvack takes out the end! They're keying on Jack. He's getting killed out there. And our running game's DOA. Walk it off, McPhee! [Claps] good man! Walk it off! Walk it off.

Jack: [To himself] I am walkin' it of, you walk it off.

Mitch: You all right? Huddle up! Let's go!

[On the stands. Dawson and Jen are watching the game.]

Dawson: So tell me the truth. Is this all my fault?

Jen: In a word... Yes. Look on the bright side, Dawson. At least when this is all over, win or lose, you won't be on the 50-yard line puckering your lips for some spoiled brat with furry teeth and halitosis.

[Cut to the sideline. Pacey and Joey are there with the box containing the Mascot costume.]

Pacey: Just think of it as method acting.

Joey: Think of it as out of the question.

Pacey: I'll flip you for it.

Joey: Not a chance!

Pacey: Die die bo?

Joey: Forget it.

Pacey: Fine. I'll just cut to the chase for you--please, Joey! Please, please, please! Don't make me go out there.

Joey: Look, I'm supposed to be at work right now making much-needed money, but instead, because of you, I'm standing on a football field fighting over the rear end of a mule.

Pacey: Fine. Fine. I was just giving you fair warning.

Joey: What?

Pacey: I tend to get a little carsick in backseats.

[She just looks at him, and then puts the head on him.]

[Scene: Close up of Andie's Face. She is trying to explain something.]

Andie: Principal green? I made a mistake. Well...A terrible error in judgment, really. I know that there's no excuse for what I've done, so I won't waste your time, but there is an explanation, one that I can only pray you'll find in your heart to understand. See, there this guy... And when I met him, it was like... Like a shade going up in a dark room and light suddenly pouring in. He understood me in a way that no one ever did or could. And then, just as suddenly, the room got dark again. In my mind, I mean. See... Over the summer... I was treated at a psychiatric hospital. I didn't have to stay long, because I got better. But when I came back, I had lost the guy. He was...My soul mate. It was like organ, my heart, literally ripped from my body. And all I could feel was cold and empty, my future slipping away. And I had lost the love... So I was determined not to lose my life, and that's why... I stole the test, and that's why I cheated. Because I wanted to try to keep it from all getting away from me, and...I know that I only made things worse. So... Now all I can ask for is your compassion.

[The camera pulls away, and she is standing in front of a mirror in her bathroom.]

[Scene: In the stands. The first half has just finished. Dawson and Jen are in the stands.]

Dawson: Let's go.

Jen: Where are we going?

Dawson: To even the score.

[Scene: Inside the Locker room. Mitch is giving the team a pep talk.]

Mitch: Come on, guys. You can't let 'em get to ya! They are psyching you out! Taking us out of our game plan. The truth is, we're not moving the ball. We're not firing out on defense! Suck in that gut and go harder. A long time ago... There was a Chinese warrior-philosopher.

Dawson: General Sun-Tzu.

[Dawson has entered the locker room, he's carrying a bucket, and Mitch looks up.]

Dawson: Brilliant military strategist who lived about 2,000 years ago. My dad has been telling me about him ever since I was a kid.

Mitch: What's with the bucket?

Dawson: We're gonna turn our weakness into a strength, just like the general said. We're gonna start by obscuring everyone's number so the other team can't find Jack.

Mitch: That might work for a couple of plays.

Dawson: That's why it's only phase one.

Mitch: So what's phase 2?

Dawson: Jen.

[Dawson opens the door and Jen and the rest of the Cheerleaders come in.]

[Scene: On the football field. The Second Half is just about to begin. The score is 21 to 0 for the Visitors. Capeside is on the Offense.]

Opp. Coach: All right, let's get up there, get up there and hit somebody now! Hit somebody!

Mitch: Here we go. Cross your fingers.

[Back to the huddle. Henry is calling the plays.]

Henry: [To Jack] Ready?

Jack: [nods]

Henry: Break!

[They line up, and the other team lines up in defense, but are confused as the Capeside team members all look up at them, and they are all wearing tons of makeup.]

Henry: 42, blue turk right. Double slot. [To the other team] Try and find the homo now! Set! Hike!

[Scene: On the Football game. It ‘s almost the end of the game, and Capeside is on Offense again.]

Announcer: What an incredible comeback! 21-24! With 7 seconds left, the Minutemen have one last chance.

Henry: Can you get a step on him, Jack? One more time. What do you think?

Jack: I think my mascara's running.


Jack: Just throw me the ball. I'll catch it.

Henry: Consider it done. All right, cradle out. Drill-9 shiver. Broadside option, flow-and-go. On 2. Ready? Break!

[The pass is off, and Jack is running down the field.]

Opp. Coach: Hit him! Hit him!

[The ball comes over his sholder and he makes the catch.]

Announcer: McPhee has it! He has it! Touchdown! It's a touchdown! Capeside wins! Capeside wins!

[On the sideline. Mitch is starting to celebrate, and Principal Green comes over.]

Principal Green: Outstanding! Outstanding! Mitch!

Mitch: Yes, sir.

Principal Green: That was one of the most irreverent and imaginative game plans I've ever seen. Congratulations, coach!

Mitch: Thank you. That's grea—

[The team dumps the water cooler over him.]

Mitch: Aah!

[Cut to the stands. Dawson and Jen are there watching them.]

Jen: One good deed down, one to go. Jennifer Lindley, once again a victim of her own big heart.

Dawson: Don't push it, buddy.

[On the sideline. Principal Green is there and Andie come up trying to catch his attention.]

Andie: [Groans] Uhh... Principal green, I need to talk to you!

Principal Green: Not right now, Andie.

Andie: No, sir, it's important. It cannot wait. We need to clear this up.

Principal Green: Ok, what is it?

Andie: Well, I made mistake. Well, a terrible error in judgment really.

Principal Green: What kind of mistake?

Andie: Well, I know there's no excuse for what I've done—

Principal Green: What are you talking about, Andie?

Andie: Didn't you want to talk to me?

Principal Green: That was Monday. I was gonna discuss it with you on Monday. But if you must know now, I'm forming a new student disciplinary committee, and I want you to be in charge of it.

Andie: Oh! Well... I could do that. I mean, I would be honored to do that!

Principal Green: Ok. Now, what was this mistake you were talking about?

Andie: I shouldn't have interrupted you. It's a mistake to be so...Impatient. But I'm working on it, sir.

Principal Green: [Chuckles] Ok. I'll talk to you later

Andie: [To herself] I'm working on it.

[Cut to the center of the field. Everyone is circling around for the special moment.]


Principal Green: All right! Ok! Ok! And now, ladies ad gentlemen, the moment that you've all been waiting for-- the winner of the silent auction who is entitled to one ride on the Minuteman mule and one heart-stopping kiss from our head cheerleader.

Jen: Ex-head cheerleader.

Principal Green: And here he is!

[The crowd separates and the mule comes in and collapses along the way, and Henry was riding it. He gets up and walks up to Jen.]

Jen: Henry? How the hell did you get $500?

Henry: M-mouthpiece?

Jen: Mouth-- wait a minute. You sold your-- your good luck Doug Flutie memorial mouthpiece just to kiss me? I don't know whether to gag or be incredibly touched.

[Chanting] kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss... Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss...

Henry: You--you don't have to.

[Chanting] Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss...

Henry: If you don't want to.

[Chanting]Kiss, kiss kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss..

Jen: Come here, freshman.

[She gives him a big kiss.]


Jen: Ok, ok, everybody go home! Show's over, folks! Go home!

Principal Green: No, no, no. Not quite yet. We have a little unfinished business yet here. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you your choice for Capeside's 1999 Homecoming Queen, Miss Jennifer Lindley!


Jen: This isn't happening.

[On the sideline. Andie and Jack are there.]

Andie: See? I told you everything would work out fine.

Jack: You did?

Andie: Yeah! Everything usually works out for the best as long as you keep a positive attitude.

Jack: Positive attitude. Ok. Is this before or after I disgraced the family's good name and forever humiliated our father, huh?

Andie: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. I'm sure he's over it. He's probably out sailing or golfing or wherever he is. I wouldn't give it another thought.

Jack: Andie, you're making my head spin.

Andie: Look, Jack, I am just glad it's over. I can't tell you how relieved I am. Hey, so who won the game anyway?

[Cut to the fallen mule. The top of the costume comes off and there are 2 strange students in it.]

Girl: Somebody was so sweaty, I couldn't even breathe!

Guy: Well, somebody wouldn't let me take my shirt off.

Girl: Well, somebody forgot to open the air vent!

Guy: Well, somebody forgot to mention there were air vents in the first place!

Girl: I told you we never should have listened to those two slackers.

[Scene: In the Boat Yards. Joey and Pacey are driving through a lot of boats and Pacey brings Joey up to one in particular.]

Joey: This is it? This is the surprise?

Pacey: Isn't she beautiful?

Joey: Yeah, in a Titanic post iceberg sort of way. Where did you get this?

Pacey: This friend of my brother's. He works down in the marina. He rescued her after the last hurricane. The guy who owned her didn't want her anymore, so I convinced him to sell her to me for, like, 200 bucks. When I finish with this boat, it is going to be sheer perfection.

Joey: Look at that. Pacey, do you know how much money and time it'll take you to even get this boat to float?

Pacey: Yeah. Not a minute more or less than as long as it takes me. You watch, Potter. Couple of months, I'll be sailing this baby around the world.

Joey: Well, I hate to break it to you, Captain Stubing, but you can't sail around the world in a 20-foot boat.

Pacey: Sure, I can!

Joey: Where are you gonna put the supplies?

Pacey: Hey, the U.S.S. Minnow was no bigger than this, and they found room for all of Mr. Howell's money, all of the professor's tools, all of Ginger's clothes— And where do you think you're going?

Joey: Permission to come aboard?

Pacey: Permission granted.

Joey: Thank you. Ah.

Pacey: And now, the purpose for our little foray into truancy...

[He opens the package they got earlier.]

Pacey: What do you say?

Joey: True love"?

Pacey: Yeah. It's my girl's name.

Joey: It's kinda high on the schmaltz factor, huh?

Pacey: Acutely. But sweet. Remember, I told you I needed your help with something.

Joey: With what?

[He hands her a sander.]

Pacey: Start sandin'.

Joey: You are so overboard.

[Scene: The football field sideline bench. It's night and Dawson is sitting on it and Mitch walks up and sits down next to him.]

Mitch: The night you were born, I bawled like a baby.

Dawson: Did you really? I didn't know that.

Mitch: I think I cried for 24 hours straight. Holding you so... Small in my arms. I never knew I could love anything so much... So fast...So utterly. Part of me was terrified. Raising a son is more a matter of faith than most people know.

Dawson: So's being one.

Mitch: You're right. I think I realized something today.

Dawson: What?

Mitch: That my job as a father... Isn't to give you the whole picture, because the truth is, I can't see it myself. My job is to try and help...Every now and then with a piece of the puzzle.

Dawson: You have helped me, dad.

Mitch: I hope so. But your...Future, your expectations, they belong to you. Don't let anybody stand in the way. Not even me.

Dawson: You always push me to be my own person, think for myself. I just did what you taught me.

Mitch: So what do you say we go home, and pop in a little Close Encounters or something, huh?

Dawson: Actually... I was thinking...

[He grabs the football from the bag.]

Dawson: How about a game of catch?

Mitch: Gimme that. Why don't we leave the football here on the field where it belongs?

[He throws the ball out into the empty field. The camera follow the ball flight, and it morphs into a home movie of Dawson and Mitch playing ball when Dawson was a little kid.]

[Scene: Joey's house. Later that evening. She is watching the video that Dawson made for her. It is a compilation of them as kids, and she watches as they play on the swings, and Hide and seek.]

Young Joey: 7, 8, 9, 10.

[Young Dawson taps young Joey on the shoulder and she chases him around and finishes with them walking off together, and then saying good bye to each other.]

[The camera pulls back to her and she is deeply touched by the video.]

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