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  03x05 - Indian Summer
 Posted: 11/14/99 17:35
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Episode 305 - Indian Summer

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Pacey and Dawson are there. Pacey is talking into a fan.]

Pacey: [imitating Darth Vader] Luke, I am your father.

Dawson: Pacey? You're monopolizing what's passing for a breeze.

Pacey: Ahh. Dawson, this is gonna go down as one of the most abysmal movie nights ever.

Dawson: [Laughs] care to elaborate?

Pacey: Well, look around you, my friend. We're 2 happening young guys in the prime of our lives, who can't find anything better to do than sit in some dark room on the middle of an armpit-staining indian summer and watch old movies. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, Dawson, but didn't we used to have a couple of really cute girlfriends?

Dawson: It was a long time ago, Pacey, in a galaxy far, far away. [Sighs] God... I can't wrap my head around this film noir stuff. It's making it really difficult to turn out a paper on it.

Pacey: Well, of course you can't wrap your head around it, Dawson.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Pacey: Well, what we're watching here is the cinema of cynicism. No self-respecting son of Spielberg would feel comfortable in a morally ambiguous world populated with hard-boiled antiheroes and duplicitous femme fatales.

Dawson: You know what? Could we just reschedule this verbal joust, pace? It's a little too hot for spiky repartee.

Pacey: [Laughs] Mmm. But this, right here? This is celluloid a fellow like me can relate to. Pacey Witter is nothing if not the walking, talking embodiment of the fallible protagonist.

Dawson: Ok, Johnny anti-hero, explain to me this, how can this guy not know that this woman is setting him up for a fall of epic proportions?

Pacey: Because, Dawson, not all of us are as immune to the lure of sex as you are. I mean, not all of us would opt for the warm and fuzzy emnal connections over those of, let's say, a more physical nature. You know what I mean? Most of us are just big, dumb guys happy to sell our souls for the slimmest chance of gettin' some.

Dawson: Can I quote you on that?

Pacey: Oh, yeah. Witter, 2 "t's." Fun time's over. All this rapid-fire deconstruction is making me weary, Leery. I think I shall retire to cooler climes, namely, the air-conditioned interior of my pop's squad car.

Dawson: Good night, Pacey.

Pacey: Mm-hmm.

[Dawson looks out his window, and notices some light coming from inside the Lindley house. He picks up the phone and calls the police.]

Dawson: Yeah, I'd like to report a possible robbery.

[He goes outside and discovers someone climbing out the window, and when he gets to her, he finds out that it is Eve.]

Eve: Hi, Dawson.

[Opening Credits.]

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson is dragging Even inside.]

Dawson: Ok, explanation.

Eve: Ouch! Thanks to your nosy neighbor antics out there, Dawson, I fell down and went boom. Kiss and make better?

Dawson: Eve, I just called the police. They're gonna be here any minute.

Eve: Ok, I'll spill. We didn't want you to find out this way, Dawson, but me and Jen? We're having ourselves quite the torrid little affair. Sleep-overs, late night pillow fights, brushing each other's hair, tickling each other's arms, all that groovy stuff we girls do in pretty pink rooms, behind closed doors.

Dawson: There was a breaking, there was an entering, and there was a flashlight. All that's missing is a ski mask.

Eve: Good god, not even he suggestion of teen lesbianism can get you off my case. Can we just, like, make out or something? Let me kiss all your queries away.

Dawson: Eve, either you tell me your version, or I tell the police mine.

Eve: Fine. Do what your big, bleeding heart wants, Dawson, but here a filthy 4-letter word for you, and don't you dare blush. P-S-A-T, baby. Don't you remember where you were when the cataclysmic PSAT scandal of '99 went down? I for sure do.

Dawson: Is that some sort of threat, Eve, because if I may remind you, you're the one that actually stole the test.

Eve: And may I remind you thaw you're the one who gladly accepted the offer? So feel free to get all boy-scouty on me, Dawson, but you should know I get quite the perverse little thrill out of making things profoundly uncomfortable for you and the rest of the "sweet valley high" extras you call your friends?


[Dawson answers the door and Deputy Doug is ther.]

Dawson: Doug, hi. Uh, my sincerest apologies. I--I thought I saw something next door, but it was actually just, uh, Jen, uh, sneaking in the window so as not to disturb Grams.

Doug: You sure about that, Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, just...

Doug: Ok, then.

[Scene: In an open field. Jack and Jen are lying down on a blanket staring up into the sky.]

Jack: I saw this article in this magazine once, they put this thing up in the sky, so that the kids studying astronomy could track something during the night, and I think that is it, or maybe that's it.

Jen: Wait. You, you expect me to believe there's some sort of giant disco ball orbiting the earth?

Jack: Ok, when you put it like that, it sounds kind of stupid. Maybe we should start thinking about getting out of here.

Jen: I don't think so. Not before the main event. Come on, we've got the stars, we've got the moonlight, it's perfect.

Jack: Yeah. Lying in the grass, on a hot indian summer night with your gay best friend. That's your definition of perfect?

Jen: A girl could do a lot worse.

Jack: Come on, Jen, I know you too well. You can't tell me there isn't someone else that you'd rather be stargazing with.

Jen: Ok, you got me. Matt Damon.

Jack: Yeah right.

Jen: What, you don't approve? All right, I'll have to go with Ben Affleck, then. Well, he's got that scruffy, indie credit appeal. Well?

Jack: No comment. Besides, I was talking more about the realm of the, oh, say possible? Henry, for instance?

Jen: The freshman?

Jack: Yeah, the guy paid $500 bucks just to kiss you. You've got to admit, that's kind of sweet.

Jen: Jack, Jack, Jack, my naive little pet, it the sweet ones that you have to watch out for. They'll run over you like a mack truck.

Jack: Yeah, well, Henry's harmless. Besides, he worships you.

Jen: Come on, he's a teenage boy. He'd worship anything in a wonder bra. Besides, I'm already sleeping with the best looking guy on the football team. And best friends are nothing to sneeze at. God, I remember when first met Joey and Dawson. I was so envious of what they had, all that history. Then that whole boyfriend- girlfriend thing kicked in. See, that's what's so great about us. Sex will never come you and me.

[It starts to rain.]

Jen: Oh, no! Oh, god, no! No! Get the shoes! Get the shoes! No, wait, wait get the shoes!

Jack: I got them. Not so tough now, are you, homecoming queen?

Jen: Aah!

Jen: Look a you. And you said that this wasn't perfect.

[Scene: At the marina. Joey is working on the dock, when Rob comes up to her.]

Rob: Come on, Potter, take a break. Hydrate yourself.

Joey: No thanks, I'm fine.

Rob: I insist. It would look very bad for the Logan family if you got heatstroke and died on them.

Joey: It's nice to know you care.

Rob: How can it possibly be this hot at 7:30 in the morning? He goes to take off his shirt] Is this gonna offend your delicate sensibilities?

Joey: I'll probably swoon with excitement, but seeing as though I need this job to support my sister and nephew, I will just choose to look the other way.

Rob: So, uh, Potter, what do you say? You and me, m vies tonight?

Joey: Oh, joy. Is this the part of our workday where you get inappropriate?

Rob: That depends on what your answer is.

Joey: My answer is, ask me again in 2 years, when I am legal.

Rob: You watch, Potter. Some other lucky little lady's gonna take me up on this offer, and you're gonna be green with envy.

Joey: I think I can live with that possibility.

[He sprays her with the hose.]

Joey: Stop it! Stop!

Rob: Why, it's just water.

Joey: Stop it! Stop it!

Rob: Come on. What, are all teenage girls as uptight you?

Joey: No, just the ones with half a brain.

[Scene: School office. Dawson is trying to get some information from the secretary there.]

Secretary: You say this girl is a very close friend?

Dawson: Uh, very close, yes.

Secretary: And yet, you don't have the slightest idea where she lives?

[Scene: The Strip Club. Dawson is there talking to the bartender.]

Bartender: Oh, I'm sorry, kid. We're closed.

Dawson: I'm not here for the titillations, sir. I'm actually looking for a girl I go to school with. She used to work here.

Bartender: What's the name?

Dawson: h, Whitman. Eve Whitman. She's, a tall, leggy blonde genetically engineered to corrupt the male species?

Bartender: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, young man, but I think somebody's playing games with you.

Dawson: What do you mean?

Bartender: Kid, how old are you, 16?

Dawson: Yeah.

Bartender: Now, if you're 16, that means you're underage, and if you're underage, you would never be permitted into my establishment. And if you're going to school with one of my girls, that means she would be under age as well. So, what can we take away from today's tutorial, huh?

[Scene: School Office. The secretary is talking with Dawson.]

Secretary: There is not, there was not, there never has been an eve Whitman enrolled at Capeside high.

[Scene: School Hallway. Henry and Jack are walking down the hall. Henry is trying to hurry Jack.]

Henry: Come on, come on. Let's go, already.

Jack: I don't see why we have to practice in this heat. It's gotta violate, like, a thousand child endangerment laws.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Talk to the hand. Listen, we're late. Big, bad Mitch is gonna kick our--

[Henry see's Jen walking towards them.]

Jack: Our what?

Henry: Don't look. She's coming. She's coming this way. Just act normal.

Jack: Henry, when she comes over here, just ask her out already, ok, because this is ridiculous.

Henry: It's not that easy, ok? You don't know how hard it is for me to talk to her. I mean, look at her. Look, she's, like, this perfect thing.

Jack: You think she looks good in that, you should see her in a towel.

[Jen comes up eating an ice cream.]

Jen: Mmm, boys, do I have good news.

Jack: The ice cream man?

Jen: Right outside. You want a lick?

Jack: Uh, no thanks.

Jen: Henry?

Henry: H...Uh... Mmm-mmm, no?

Jen: Ok, suit yourself. I'll see you later?

Jack: Later.

Jen: Bye, Henry.

Henry: Um...

[Jen leaves.]

Henry: Oh. You see? You see what happens to me? Why I can't ask her out? She gets within 3 feet of me, and it's like my hard Drive crashes. I go pre-verbal. Probably if I ask her out, I'd hurl all over her like that little kid in south park.

Jack: Ok, so what if you didn't have to ask her out?

Henry: You mean, like, you could get her to ask me out? I'm so down with that feminist stuff.

Jack: Henry, I'm good, but I'm not that good. No, what if your first date was like, um, was like kismet? You know, like fate? 2 people just happening to be at the exact same place, at the exact same time.

[Scene: Along a street. Deputy Doug is walking and Dawson comes up to him.]

Doug: Dawson Leery. How are things that go bump in the night?

Dawson: Deputy Witter. I was wondering if I could pose a hypothetical?

Doug: Pose away.

Dawson: Well, I'm working on a screenplay. It's a film noir piece with a cop protagonist. I was wondering if I could pick your brain on a few story points.

Doug: How can I help?

Dawson: Uh, well, I could use some help with procedure, actually, um, I'm stuck on the part where the hero is trying to track down the femme fatale who's all but disappeared at this point. Now, how would a law enforcement professional such as yourself, go about finding someone who doesn't want to be found?

Doug: Well, that's a good question, Dawson. Now, part of police work is knowing who your enemy is. So, let me ask you this, who is this girl?

Dawson: She's kind of a lost soul. I mean, she comes off like sort of a wild child, but I think there's something really sweet and vulnerable underneath all her posturing.

Doug: Laundromat.

Dawson: Come again

Doug: Laundromat.

Dawson: Uh, laundromat.

Doug: Uh-huh.

Dawson: Really?

Doug: Yeah, you know, you see, Dawson. In a small town such as Capeside, everybody, except for those with questionable hygiene sensibilities, of course, has to do their laundry at some point.

Dawson: So, you're saying you would stake out the laundromat.

Doug: Exactly.

[Scene: A park bench. Dawson and Pacey are sitting and talking to each other.]

Pacey: Obsession is not a pretty thing, my friend.

Dawson: Come on, doesn't it bother you?

Pacey: What, that we don't know all about Eve?

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Let me give you a little life lesson from the Witter vault, Dawson.

Dawson: Oh, god.

Pacey: There are some women who will come onto the movie set that is your life, and function solely as day players. They'll show up, know their dialogue, they'll hit their marks, they'll occasionally steal a scene or 2 from you, but they will remain always and forever an impenetrable mystery.

Dawson: But Eve barged in on my life, and stirred things up for her own amusement.

Pacey: Correct me if I'm wrong, Dawson, but didn't she try to go where no girl has gone before?

Dawson: Synopsize with me. She works in a strip club, but she doesn't, all right? She says she goes to our school, but she doesn't. She appears, she disappears. She reappears without rhyme or reason, who the hell is this girl?

Pacey: Ok, simmer down, Dawson. This girl is giving you a melt-down, god. All right, here's what I propose. You and I take a little trip down to the video store, you want uh, film noir, right? How about that one with Matt Dillon where he has that really outstanding threesome with Neve Campbell and that chick from Starship troopers? Yeah. Oh, hey, one more thing. My brother. He, uh, he gave you the laundromat speech, didn't he?

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: [Laughs]

Dawson: [grunts] yo.

[He se's Eve getting a hotdog from a nearby stand.]

Pacey: Well, Deputy Doug's laundromat theory may be all well and good, but it's a tad too Andy of Mayberry for my taste. Given my druthers, I much prefer sheriff dad's dissertation on how to pin a tail on the suspect. Watch and learn, my friend.

[Scene: At the Marina. Joey is working, and Rob comes up and rings the bell.]

Rob: Uh, miss? A little service here, please?

Joey: Very funny.

Rob: I'm serious. I've got my father's sea ray cruiser over there. Could you fill it up for me? I don't want to get gas all over myself. I'm on a date here.

Joey: So I smell. Um, you may have gone a little overboard on the CK One.

Rob: Wait till you see her, Potter, she's a cutie. About your age, too. Better dresser, though. Not so uptight about showing off a little skin. I'm gonna get so lucky tonight.

Joey: Don't tell me you actually found some high school girl so riddled with insecurities that she would actually fall for your minor league Humbert Humbert impersonations?

[They get to the boat and Andie is on it.]

Andie: Hey, Joey. Isn't this great? I was at the country club today with my dad, 'cause he's thinking about joining, and I ran into Rob.

Joey: I didn't know you 2 knew each other.

Andie: Oh, sure. He went to prep school with my brother Tim. [to Rob] So, did you know that Joey and I were friends?

Rob: Oh, I had a sneaking suspicion. After all, it is a small town.

Joey: So, Andie, where's money bags taking you tonight? All the way down to the Bahamas and back?

Andie: No, you know, we're just going to the movies. It's too hot to do anything else.

Rob: Well, almost anything else.

Andie: That wasn't a sexual overture, was it?

Rob: Shh, Andie. Not in front of the K-I-D.

Joey: I'm all finished here.

Rob: Great. Here you go, Potter. Buy yourself something pretty.

Joey: Save it for bail money.

Andie: Ok. Let's see what this puppy can do. Bye, Joey!

[Scene: At Jack and Jen,s spot in the field. Jen is lying on a blanket looking up into the sky. Henry see's her and starts to make his way to her. He is looking at some notes written on his hand.]

Henry: [To himself] What a coincidence. Moonlight. Tell her how nice she looks. What a beautiful spot this is. Don't puke, don't puke, don't puke, don't puke, don't puke.

Jen: Henry?

Henry: Uh...

Jen: You ok?

Henry: Uh...

Jen: Uh, gulp once for yes, twice for no.

Henry: [Gulps once]

Jen: Once. Good, ok. What's on your hand?

Henry: Uh, nothing. Jen?

Jen: Yeah?

Henry: You, you're awesome. You look awesome, you smell awesome , everything about you is awesome. I, I just, I wanted you to know that.

Jen: [Laughs] Uh, good to know. So, what are you doing here?

Henry: Hanging... Out, you know? The same thing you are, just, just hanging out.

Jen: Actually, I'm just waiting for Jack.

Henry: Oh, well, Jack couldn't be here tonight, see, because he had these other plans. Important plans, so, so he sent me instead.

Jen: Ok, I think I know where this is going. Continue.

Henry: Um, that's, that's it.

Jen: Out with it, Henry.

Henry: Well, I, I guess he thought if you were here and I were here, and we were both... Here. Here. Together. Then it would sort of be like a date, you know, like our first date?

Jen: Look, Henry, I know that you're new at this being all of, uh, I don't know, what, 14?

Henry: 15.

Jen: Ok, 15. Dating is a consensual activity that usually involves some sort of pre-arrangement. Next time, don't skip the part where you ask me.

[Scene: On the docks later that night. They see Eve inside a boat. She changes her shirt then leaves the boat again.]

Pacey: And the plot thickens, my friend. Phoo...

Dawson: [Clears throat] where're you go n'?

Pacey: What, are you daft, ma I'm goin' after her. That girl is in dire need of following. Come on. All right. Good.

Dawson: No, you can go follow her around. I'm gonna stay here and check out that boat.

Pacey: Sure, now you're thinkin', butch.

[He goes into the boat, and looks around. He finds some of her clothes and a picture, which he picks up and puts into his pocket. He starts to leave the boat, when there is a flashlight in his face.]

Doug: Hands up! You're under arrest.

[Commercial Break]

Doug: Dawson leery. Why am I not surprised? Let me guess: Research for your screenplay?

Dawson: No, a friend of mine lives here.

Doug: This friend wouldn't, by any chance, be your mysterious femme fatale, would she?

Dawson: No. Nothing as lurid as that, I'm afraid...Just a friend.

Doug: Aw, funny. Never figured you to be the type to be, uh, pals with octogenaria.

Dawson: Come again?

Doug: That boat, on which you were very much a trespasser, belongs to a Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stepmuck. Sweet little couple. Somewhere in their late eighties.

Dawson: Oh. Yeah. Oh.

Doug: Dawson, the Stepmucks are big fans of Capeside, but only in the summertime. They spend the rest of their golden year in New York City.

Dawson: Heh, well, I... Must have clambered aboard the wrong boat then.

Doug: Maybe you did clamber wrong. Then again, maybe your friend is the one we've been looking for.

Dawson: What do you mean?

Doug: A couple of weeks ago, somebody stole a speedboat from the marina and took it for a little joyride.

Dawson: A speedboat, really?

Doug: You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Dawson?

Dawson: No. Heh. I mean, why would I?

Doug: Look Dawson... I know that you're a good kid, but something is going on with you. All of a sudden, you're the boy who cried 911, you pose thinly veiled hypotheticals to an officer of the law, and all of this revolves around some mysterious femme fatale. Which, of course, begs the question... Is there something you have to tell me, Dawson?

[Pacey returns to them.]

Pacey: Deputy Doug in the house!

Doug: Ha ha ha! Oh, I should have known. Wherever there's smoke, there's my imbecilic little brother.

Pacey: Doug, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times, despite his dapper, appearance, my friend Dawson does not play for your team, ok? You're just gonna have to find another date to the policeman's ball.

Doug: Little brother, your obsession with my sexuality is just plain weird. Look, do I have to talk to dad again, huh?

Pacey: Doug... it may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, and it might not even be the day after that, but one of these days, you're gonna go to your mailbox, you're gonna open it up, and that advocate story will be yours... And the copy's gonna read: Good cop, gay cop... The Dougie Witter story. And I'm tellin' ya, Doug, we are gonna be so proud of you. Really, truly. [Chuckling]

Doug: Oh. I am not gay! Now, both of you, of these dock now! I mean it.

[They leave Doug by the boat.]

Dawson: Well?

Pacey: Uh, she's squirrelly, that one. Lost me like that.

[Scene: The Rialto Theater lobby. Andie is there and Joey enters and walks up to her.]

Andie: Oh, my god, Joey! What are you doing here?

Joey: Oh, it doesn't matter.

Andie: Come here. Isn't this amazing? Me on a date with Rob Logan, Senator Logan's son. His parents are loaded. Not that that matters, but it doesn't hurt either, and he's so cute.

Joey: Slow down, Andie, ok? Rob Logan is not a nice guy. Since I started working for him, my life has become one gigantic leer fest. He's a creep to an exponential degree.

Andie: Ok, Joey, this may come as a surprise to you, but not everybody minds being looked at as a sexual object.

Joey: The guy hits on me daily in a wide variety of creative and not-so-creative ways. My first day, he walked in on me while I was changing my clothes.

Andie: Why are you trying to ruin this for me?

Joey: Look, I--I'm not trying to ruin anything. I just thought you should know what kind of a guy Rob Logan really is.

Andie: Uh, Joey, guys is hardly your area of expertise. I mean, between Dawson and my gay brother... I'm sorry, but it's true. You're not exactly sophisticated when it comes to dealing with guys. Get a grip, ok?

Joey: It's--it's not about me.

Andie: Yeah, it is, Joey. I mean, you're still fixated on Dawson, and you're so closed off to any new experience, that a guy so much as looks at you and you freak out. Joey, staying home every Friday night isn't gonna bring him back.

Joey: Going out with a nimrod like Rob Logan is a recipe for recovery? Andie, if you think this little escapade is going to help you get over Pacey—

Andie: Joey, I'm moving on with my life. Somehow I thought you, of all people would understand that and be happy for me. I guess I was wrong.

[Scene: Inside the theater. Andie is going to sit down by Rob.]

Andie: Excuse me. Sorry.

Rob: I was getting worried. You missed the previews and the dancing candy.

Andie: Sorry, long line. This is gonna be great. Heh heh.

[Joey comes into the theater and makes her way over to sit next to them.]

Joey: Excuse me. Comin' through. Sorry. Sorry.

Andie: Joey, what are you doing?

Joey: These are great seats. Regular or diet? I couldn't remember, so I got both.

Andie: No, get out of here. Now.

Joey: Mmm. Andie, in the light of the day you can psychoanalyze me all you want, but I am not leaving you alone with this guy.

Rob: What the hell's going on here, Potter?

Joey: Do you like nachos? Personally, I find them to be one of the more disgusting innovations in movie food. I mean, all this congealed stuff. It's not even... Cheese. You know, it's kind of cheese food. Here. Try 'em. I'm sorry. I didn't know. [Crackling candy box] Oh, this is comic good... This stuff. Goober?

[Scene: Inside Gram's Kitchen. Grams is in the kitchen when Jack enters.]

Grams: There's ice cream in the freezer.

Jack: Oh, yeah. Ever since I started playing football, I've been eating you out of house and home, huh?

Grams: No problem.

Jack: I just wish I felt a little more, like I was earning my keep around here.

Grams: But you are. You are making my granddaughter happy. Happier than I've seen her in quite a long while.

[Slamming door]

Grams: Oh, Jennifer, you scared me half to death.

Jen: I'm sorry, grams. Getting surprised really sucks, doesn't it, Jack?

Grams: Jennifer—

Jen: This is between Jack and I. So, how does it work? Do you take cash or credit card? And is it just Henry or am I gonna have to service the entire football team?

Jack: Jen, calm down. You're overreacting.

Grams: Which one of you is going to tell me what's going on here?

Jack: I--I just thought I'd do a favor for a friend. So, I set 'em up. I thought it would be romantic.

Jen: About as romantic as a car-jacking.

Jack: Jen, he's just a kid, all right? He's a nice kid, he likes you.

Jen: Yeah, he's a real nice kid. He stares at me like I'm a pornographic fantasy come to life.

Jack: That's because he's infatuated with you.

Jen: Well, I'm not infatuated with him. And I told you that a thousand times, and you didn't listen to me. You took his side.

Jack: I didn't take anybody's side. I--I—

Jen: You just want to get your little football buddy lucky. Well, sorry.

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. He enters his room to find Eve there going through stuff.]

Dawson: What the hell are you doing in my room?

Eve: I want my picture back.

Dawson: And I want some answers.

Eve: Fine, Dawson. What would you like to know?

Dawson: I'd like to know why every single word out of your mouth has been a lie. Why you claim to be a high school student when you're not. Why you're living in a yacht that doesn't belong to you. I want to know, once and for all, who you are.

Eve: You have every right to ask those questions, Dawson. And I promise you, the answers are forthcoming.

Dawson: Eve, I'm sick and tired of being toyed with. Ever since you slam-danced your way into my life, I've wrecked my father's boat—

Eve: That was so worth every penny and you know it.

Dawson: It's been one disaster after another.

Eve: I turn a dork into a stud in a matter of weeks, and this is my thank you note? Where's the love?

Dawson: Eve, the gee-aren't-I-so-hip-and-amoral routine is really old.

Eve: Is that what you think I am, amoral?

Dawson: Either that or a criminal.

Eve: Sticks and stones, Dawson. Now, give me back my picture.

Dawson: Eve, for the last time, what were you doing in grams' house?

Eve: Looking for something to steal... To get bus money out of here. There satisfied? Now, give it to me.

Dawson: Not until you tell me how a faded, old snapshot could mean so much to someone as cold and detached as you.

Eve: You're right, Dawson. I never was a student. The yacht... Not mine. I was just sort of squatting. And that girl's my mother, Dawson... Whom I've never met. Whom I'm trying to find. And that picture is my only clue.

[Commercial Break.]

Dawson: Talk. I'll listen.

Eve: Ok, let's see... Where to begin? How 'bout last Christmas as I was rummaging around in the attic looking for some wrapping paper? I found the photo in question... Of the girl that bears me an uncanny resemblance.

Dawson: What did you do?

Eve: I asked my folks, of course.

Dawson: And?

Eve: Painted into a corner, mom and major dad finally told me the truth.

Dawson: That you were adopted?

Eve: That's right. No more calls, we have a winner.

Dawson: What did you do?

Eve: Nothing. Very strangely, no angst whatsoever. It's only after that it kind of crept up on me that I... Had this estrogen-charged urge to seek out the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Dawson: Which brings you to Capeside. Why?

Eve: All I know about my birth mother is that she lived somewhere in this part of the country... Near the ocean. So, I've been traveling up and down the eastern seaboard, asking questions along the way, hoping to get lucky.

Dawson: And have you?

Eve: Depends on what you mean. No, Dawson, I haven't found her. Not yet, anyway, and not here. Which mean's time for me to move on...

Dawson: And so ends another installment in my melodrama. It's more movie-of-the-week than film noir. With an edge.

Eve: With a lot of edge. Heh. Oh, I don't know.

Dawson: Eve, call me gullible, but... This time I actually believe you.

[He gives her back the picture.]

Eve: Thanks, Dawson. You're a hugely sweet boy. And you're right, I played with you. I do that, I guess. I move into a new town, and chances are I'm not staying forever, so I play a role. That way no one can get close to me. And believe me, most guys are content with me, the actress. But you dug at me... You wanted to see inside of my screwed-up little soul.

Dawson: Well, I mean... Once you get past the lying, and the stealing, and the using sex as a weapon. Ha... There's a lot of good stuff in there.

Eve: I hope I haven't done anything irredeemable. Because I'd like to think you would remember me once in a while and smile.

Dawson: Well, the ride in my father's boat alone will always elicit at least a giddy grin or 3.

Eve: See, there you go. Maybe I'll even get a footnote in the unauthorized biography.

Dawson: You just might warrant a whole chapter.

Eve: I'll be checking the credits for you, Dawson.

Dawson: Take care, Eve.

[Scene: Jack and Jen's Spot. Jen is sitting there thinking and Jack comes up to sit down next to her.]

Jack: Should I just fall on my sword now or wait until the battle's over?

Jen: What do I care? Either way you're a dead man.

Jack: Look, uh... This whole Henry thing... You got it all wrong, ok? I didn't do it for him. I did it for you. I'm serious. I--I--I just wanted to show you that the things that you want are there for the taking, if you just, you know, believe you deserve them.

Jen: You don't get it. This was our place. Yours and mine. Doesn't that mean something to you?

Jack: Yeah of course it does.. But... don't you want more?

Jen: No. Not from this. Jack... I've had lovers, I've had boyfriends, but--but what I've never had is a boy who is, first and last, a friend... Who wasn't secretly trying to get in my pants or wouldn't walk away from me the second I said I didn't want to sleep with him... Who liked me...For me. Unless you've recently decided to be bisexual.

Jack: [Laughs]

Jen: You know, I think that you setting me up was a lot more about you than it was me.

Jack: Come on, give me a break. I do not have a secret crush on Henry Parker.

Jen: Neither do I, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean, maybe it's you who's lonely for the relationship.

Jack: Well, maybe I am. But this isn't exactly New York, where gay kids are tripping over each other comin' out of the closet. This is Capeside. Gay population is one. It's me. I'm it.

Jen: Jack... You're gonna have a love life. Gonna have a fantastic love life, and it's gonna be... Awesome and terrifying and-- and when it happens it's gonna change your whole life.

Jack: Yeah, it's easy for you to say.

Jen: I know it is. You just-- you have to have faith... That sometimes things happen when they're least expected.

[It starts to rain again.]

Jen: Pfftt! What did I tell you? [Laughing] whoo! Whaa!

[Scene: At the marina. Joey is working and Andie comes up to talk to her.]

Andie: Hey.

Joey: Hi. Uh, stud puppy's not here yet. You must have kept him out pretty late last night.

Andie: Ok, nothing happened. And not that you deserve an explanation, but right after the movie, he walked me to my front door, and he was a perfect gentleman.

Joey: Yeah, he's a prince... Prince of darkness.

[Rob comes up to them.]

Andie: Hey, rob.

Rob: Slackin' off on the job again, Potter?

Andie: Uh, you know, Joey and I just...Girl talk.

Rob: Yeah, I know. So, last night, quite a threesome... only next time I want to be in the middle. It was kind of an unexpected pleasure though. I mean, I assumed you were working. Don't we usually stay open till 8:00 on Fridays?

Joey: Nobody ever comes in after 7:00. You know that, rob.

Rob: Just answer the question, Potter.

Joey: Uh... We usually stay open until 8:00 on Fridays.

Rob: You're fired.

Joey: What?!

Rob: You heard me. I'm in charge here, and it's unacceptable for an employee to close early without my permission.

Joey: Oh, yeah, and that's really why you're firing me, Rob.

Rob: Spare me the adolescent mini-drama, Potter. You're fired because you closed early. End of story.

Andie: No, wait, Joey. Um, she can explain. I mean, this is all just a really big misunderstanding.

Joey: Look, don't bother, Andie.

Rob: Nice workin' with ya, Potter.

Joey: You know what, rob? The day your out-of whack libido lands you in so deep that not even daddy can save your ass, don't call me as a character witness. Rot in hell.

[Scene: Gram's house. Dawson is coming up to the door carrying a window air conditioner]

[Doorbell rings]

Grams: Oh, my word. Beware of heretics bearing air conditioners.

Dawson: [Sigh] My father's orders. He wanted me to take this extra of ours over to you.

[He goes to put it into the window and notices a woman in a picture, and it's the same as Eve's picture.]

Dawson: Mrs. Ryan, who is that in that picture?

Grams: Well, that's our lord, Jesus Christ, as interpreted by one of our gifted, young Sunday school students.

Dawson: I meant the one below it.

Grams: Oh... That's my daughter, Helen. She can't be more than 18 there. As I recall, it was right before she went away to college.

Dawson: So, that's Jen's mom?

Grams: I have only one Daughter, Dawson Leery.

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