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  05x06 - Use Your Disillusion
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#506 - Use Your Disillusion

[Leery Residence – Gale is folding some blankets when Dawson walks in.]

Dawson: (Dawson holds a clumpy, spidery looking thing up.) I got it. (Gale screams) It's a hairball. Sorry. Just thought you wanted to know the tub is fixed.

Gale: Thanks honey. But for future reference, I do not need to see the offending clogging object.

Dawson: Sorry. Um, so the tub is fixed, I paid all the bills for next month… Uhh… What else? Oh, I could get Lily a new pacifier. She chewed the last one pretty good.

Gale: Sweetie, why don't you take a break?

Dawson: I don't need a break. Just tell me what needs to get done.

Gale: No, nothing needs to get done. That's just it. I don't need you to do anything right now. So, why about taking Joey up on her offer? She's been calling here almost every day asking her to go see her.

Dawson: Yeah, but it's just been so hectic around here. There's something else I've been forgetting to do…

Gale: Honey? I'm okay. You can go away for a couple of days. I will not fall apart. So… go to Boston. See your friends. Lily and I will be right here when you come back. (Gale walks out of the room. Dawson stares at the phone with trepidation.)

[Boston – Joey and Audrey are jogging through the park. Audrey is jogging quite spastically and completely out of breathe. Joey jogs along quite normally.]

Audrey: So, every morning, when you go out for a job, you're actually…

Joey: Jogging. Yes.

Audrey: You're not just ditching me to go have some Iced Cap frappy thing by yourself?

Joey: Nope.

Audrey: Because you realize, I never would have signed on for this little bonding session if I thought that real exercise was involved. (She collapses into a park bench as Joey continues.) Must… sit. (Joey realizes she's jogging alone and turns around to join Audrey.)

Joey: Okay, well let's review. He'll show up around 1, we'll watch movies, we'll order some pizza, it'll just be me and him, no pressure at all. I'll keep everything low key.

Audrey: Low key doesn't generally involve such a carefully planned itinerary, but whatever.

Joey: Yeah, but I'm just planning it out in case things do get weird, you know? I mean, there's a plan there waiting for me, no thinking on my feet required. We should probably order the movies before he gets here just in case he doesn't want to go out, and that's probably a better idea, right?

Audrey: What are you so nervous about? It's just Dawson. You guys have like known each other since you were placenta.

Joey: Exactly. It's Dawson. My best friend in the entire world who needs me right now more than he probably ever has and that's a lot of pressure. You know, what if I mess up and I say all the wrong things and at the end of the day I'm not enough.

Audrey: Okay, so you have a smidge of performance anxiety. No big thing. I've seen it a couple of times myself.

Joey: It's not that. I'm not afraid I'm gonna botch up my lines in some stupid play. I'm afraid I'm gonna botch up my entire future with the only… I'm just… I want him to have a relaxing, good visit.

Audrey: Well, why don't you wait until he gets here. Maybe you can ask him what he wants to do.

Joey: That's putting him on the spot. Making decisions is stressful and I… I just don't want him to feel any stress of any kind.

Audrey: So, you're not planning on bring up the whole…

Joey: No. God, no. I'm not gonna bring up the kiss, I'm not gonna bring up the whole moving to Boston thing. There will be no talking whatsoever.

Audrey: Sounds like a party.

Joey: Parties are stressful.

Wilder: (riding up on a bike) Joey Potter. The girl I was looking for.

Joey: Hey.

Wilder: Quick, Rose Lazare.

Joey: Uh… famous dead writer from the 20s, like Dorothy Parker, but not.

Wilder: Yes. Ding, ding, ding. Rose Lazare's husband?

Joey: Mr. Lazare?

Wilder: Yes, but also dead. Just died in fact. Which means…

Joey: We're very sad?

Wilder: No. I mean, yes, but no. It means that the estate of Rose Lazare no longer belongs to her spouse, but the establishment which it was willed to. Which is?

Joey: Please stop this.

Wilder: Worthington! Did you know she went here? Well she did. Anyway, the real news is, I have been chosen out of all of the department heads to inventory her estate.

Joey: Wow! Congratulations! I have no idea what that means.

Wilder: It means that everything she's ever written, her unpublished works, books she never finished, short stories no one has ever read – we get to go through it all and hopefully find a hidden gem worth publishing.

Joey: We?

Wilder: I'm putting together a team – five students to help with the sifting, the cataloguing, the filing, and you're gonna be part of that team. Say yes.

Audrey: Yes. Yes!

Joey: Yes, absolutely. God, I would love to.

Wilder: Great. Great. I'm gonna have a party at my house tomorrow night to celebrate. You'll meet the rest of the team.

Joey: Oh wait, I can't tomorrow night. I have a friend coming into town.

Wilder: Bring her.

Joey: Him, and I would, but he just had a death in the family and I don't think it would be a good idea.

Wilder: You're off the team.

Joey: What?

Wilder: Kidding, you're still on the team. But try to make it. I'm serving Brie. (he rides off on his bike)

Audrey: I love Brie.

Joey: I'm on a team?

Audrey: (watching Wilder go) You think it's too late to transfer into his class?

Joey: (dragging her to continue jogging) Come on!

Audrey: He's hot!

[Charlie's dorm – Jen is sitting on the edge of the bed strumming on a guitar, while Charlie gives her a massage.]

Jen: Is that your elbow? Because it's… it's kinda digging into me.

Charlie: It's called Rolfing. It's a more intense version of massage. You know, I can stop if you want.

Jen: No, no, it's just that I prefer the traditional Swedish massage. It feels good. No elbows necessary. Hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?

Charlie: I'm working at the station, why?

Jen: I wanted you to go see this play with me. It's a requirement for one of my classes.

Charlie: I'm sorry. But if you want, you can come by afterwards and reenact all the good parts for me. Naked, of course.

Jen: Yeah, of course. I'm sure that Shakespeare always intended to have his work performed in the flesh.

Charlie: Hey, that's right. He knew that was the only way to keep his audience awake during all of those draggy speeches.

Jen: Those draggy speeches, as you call them, actually happen to be quite beautiful.

Charlie: Not half as beautiful as you are. (he kisses her neck)

Jen: Mmm, nice save, cheeseball. (enjoying his attention) That part of the Rolfing, I like that. (he takes the guitar away from her and they begin kissing)

[Restaurant – Kitchen. Pacey and Danny are working hard on something.]

Danny: You're not using your wrist.

Pacey: I am using my wrist. Show me again.

Danny: Me doing it for you is not going to teach you anything.

Pacey: Oh, will you just show me what I'm doing wrong?

Danny: (they finally show what Pacey and Danny are working on – bouncing quarters into a glass) You gotta bounce it. (he bounces the quarter into the glass)

Pacey: You're my hero. You realize that? You are my hero! (Karen comes into the back and Danny tries to cover what they've been doing)

Danny: That's good, Pacey, Pacey, that's right, just keep stirring the sauce. Stir the sauce.

Karen: Save it, because I can smell the male bonding from behind the door. And the odor is pungent.

Pacey: Well, maybe that's just my pheromones calling to you.

Karen: Maybe you need a stronger deodorant. (She bounces a quarter into the glass and walks out. Pacey watches her go.)

Danny: Good luck, my friend. I've seen better men try and fail.

Pacey: Ah yes, but did they have a 50 foot yacht to lure her with? See, that makes me fancy.

Danny: See, I keep hearing about this famous boat. When do I get to see this?

Pacey: Whenever you like, man.

Danny: Cool. How about this? How about you lend me the boat tomorrow night and I'll take the wife out for a romantic evening and I'll give you the night out.

Pacey: Done.

Danny: Great. Great. Emily's gonna love this. She's been wanting a night out.

Pacey: Anytime you want to use it. (Pacey bounces a quarter into the glass and he throws his arms up in victory. Danny picks him up and they cheer.)

[Frat House – Jack and two other guys are playing pool.]

Moskowitz: My older brother told me that during initiation week, his phone rang 32 times in one day.

Jack: Calling to do what?

Moskowitz: To do anything. Call you to clean the pledge master's room. Tie their shoes. Make them breakfast.

Guy #2: What if you're in class.

Moskowitz: Gotta go man. Make up some excuse, like your bowels are going crazy or what not.

Jack: Yo, yo, I heard that if you can guess Polar Bear's real name, you're automatically in.

Moskowitz: Get out?

Jack: It's what I heard.

Moskowitz: Dude, what do you think his name is?

Jack: I don't know, but it's probably something stupid like, “John”.

Moskowitz: Seriously, what about Derrick? He looks like a Derrick.

Jack: He does.

Guy #2: Or maybe his real initials are P.B. Like Perry Bastille. (they both look at him weird) He could be French.

Jack: (shaking his head, laughing) Shut up.

Guy #2: What? (they laugh)

Moskowitz: What about Ryan? Ryan or Eric. (Jack looks out the window and sees Tobey outside)

Jack: Tobey?

Moskowitz: What the hell kind of name is Tobey? (Jack rushes over to Tobey entering the room)

Jack: What are you doing here?

Tobey: Jen said I would find you here. Surprise.

Jack: Yeah! This is amazing. I can't believe you're actually in Boston. Oh my God. Hey, I'd like you to meet some of my pledges. Guys, this is my boyfriend, Tobey.

Tobey: Hey.

Moskowitz: Right on. (a phone rings and they all check theirs.)

Jack: (checking his phone) Not me.

Moskowitz: Me. (answering) What's up? Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Guy #2: Who is it?

Jack: What do they want?

Moskowitz: Which one? Yeah, yeah, I'm out. I'm out. (he hangs up) Later, guys.

Tobey: What's all the excitement?

Jack: I'll explain on the way home. We're gonna get out of here, man.

Guy #2: Alright, later.

Jack: Later.

Guy #2: Take care bro.

Tobey: Nice meeting you.

Guy #2: Nice meeting you.

[Boston – Jack and Tobey are walking back to Grams' house.]

Tobey: Wait, they can't tie their own shoe?

Jack: Ahh, it's just a hazing thing. I mean, compared to what they used to do to pledges, this is a piece of cake.

Tobey: I guess I should take comfort in that. I mean, you could be doing strange things to cattle.

Jack: What?!

Tobey: Whatever! I saw something on HBO.

Jack: No, no, no, it's not like that. Hell week is, hell week is nothing more than a way to bond all the pledges together. I mean, that's the way I look at it.

Tobey: Well, it sounds like you're having fun.

Jack: Oh, I am. I am. It's just that this week is gonna be insane. I just wish I would have known you were going to be here. I mean, I'm psyched that you're here, it's just, you know… I just won't have as much time to spend with you as I'd like.

Tobey: Yeah, but you will have SOME time, right?

Jack: Of course. I will make time. I tell you what. Tomorrow we'll tour Boston, anything you want. I just have one obligation in the morning and then I am all yours.

Tobey: Cool. All right.

[Joey's Dorm – Audrey has her feet up on a desk painting her toes. Joey is using some spray cleaner to clean the desk with.]

Audrey: Jo? You just 409'd my face.

Joey: Sorry.

Audrey: What happened to low-key, no stress?

Joey: What happened to you leaving before he gets here?

Audrey: It's like 12:48. I have plenty of time to finish doing my nails. (a knock on the door) So. I'll be going now. (Joey opens the door and hugs Dawson. Audrey edges past them without even looking at Dawson.) Hi gorgeous. Bye gorgeous.

Dawson: Bye Audrey. (they walk inside and close the door) She still weird?

Joey: Getting weirder every day.

Dawson: So how are you?

Joey: I'm great. I mean, I'm okay.

Dawson: School good?

Joey: Yeah. I mean, my professor told me about this project that sounds, sounds pretty amazing. (pause) Well, it's really, it's not that big a deal. I mean, it's actually kind of confusing to me. Not that you'd be confused by it. It's just, it's hard to explain, but… How are you?

Dawson: I'm okay.

Joey: Before I forget, I have something for you. I got this at the bookstore. Umm… (hands him a book called “How to deal with your parents death”) I dunno, I just thought that I would have liked if somebody had gotten it for me when my Mom…

Dawson: Thank you. It looks… very helpful. (Him and Joey begin to talk at the same time. They both stop.) Have a bunch of what?

Joey: Oh, umm, I got a bunch of movies. I thought that we could watch them and you know, hang out.

Dawson: All day?

Joey: Oh, no, I mean. We don't have to.

Dawson: You know what? That's a great idea. I'm kinda beat.

Joey: I thought you might be.

Dawson: You were right.

Joey: Well, what movie do you want to watch first?

[Grams' House – Jen is on the phone.]

Jen: I'm telling you Pace, you're gonna love it. (pause) Why do you need to know what the play is? If I tell you that you're gonna love it, chances are, you are gonna… (pause) What, you don't trust me? (pause) Fine, it's Shakespeare. (she pulls the phone away from her ear and talks only into the receiver) Okay, great, so I'll pick you up at 7, see you later on tonight, bye! (she hangs up and greets Tobey who just walked in) Men, I swear, you gotta ram culture down their throats. What are you doing here? I thought that you were meeting Jack at Newberry?

Tobey: Yeah, I thought so, too, but he's not there. I figured maybe I messed up and we were supposed to meet back here. But I guess… (he looks around)

Jen: (sighs) I can't believe he flaked on you for those frat morons.

Tobey: He didn't flake. He's just running late. That's all. It's no big deal.

Jen: Tobey, it is a big deal. You're here for one weekend. The very least he can do is loosen his grip on his beer bong and just be on time.

Tobey: It's not like that. He had an obligation.

Jen: I'm telling you, he's obsessed.

Tobey: He's not obsessed. He's happy.

Jen: He is turning into a pod person.

Tobey: Come on, Jack doesn't have the pod mentality. Trust me. Well, I better be getting back. I'm sure he's probably waiting for me, wondering where I'm at.

Jen: See ya.

Tobey: See ya.

[Joey's Dorm – Joey and Dawson sit and watch Charlie's Angel's.]

Joey: Want another slice of pizza?

Dawson: No, thank you.

Joey: Want another Coke? I could run down to the machine.

Dawson: No, I'm good. (On the TV, a terrible accident is taking place during the movie. Dawson turns away as Joey frantically tries to shut it off. She eventually gets the TV off.)

Joey: I just, I went right to the Comedy section without even realizing it. You must think I'm the most insensitive idiot on the planet.

Dawson: I would never think that. It's okay.

Joey: No, it's not okay, Dawson, because this is your time to freak out and I am totally robbing you of that by making this about me when it isn't and I know that it isn't and…

Dawson: And I know that you know.

Joey: See, there you go again, you're doing my job. I'm supposed to be the one making you feel better.

Dawson: You're not supposed to be doing anything.

Joey: I just kinda wanted to make this a really relaxing weekend for you. Oh, maybe Audrey was right. Maybe we should have just gone out.

Dawson: Let's go out.

Joey: Now?

Dawson: Why not?

Joey: Okay, well, my professor is throwing this thing at his house that could be kind of fun. Apparently there's gonna be Brie.

Dawson: I love Brie.

Joey: Everybody does. Okay. I'll grab my coat.

[Boston – Jen and Pacey are walking down the street.]

Pacey: Karen, she is smart, she is feisty. I can definitely feel the love connection.

Jen: Oh yeah? Is she flirting with you?

Pacey: Well, if we were to go back to the third grade definition of flirting…

Jen: Hair pulling, name calling, general nastiness?

Pacey: Yes. If that were the definition, than we definitely got it going on.

Jen: God, I am so glad I'm not single anymore.

Pacey: And then there's Danny. I'm telling you, you could not create a more perfect boss. I think I finally found my mentor.

Jen: That is fantastic, Pace. What's he like?

Pacey: He's just like me, only older.

Jen: Wait, your mentor, the guy who could supposedly guide you through your life, is just an older version of you?

Pacey: Yep.

Jen: So what you're saying is, when you grow up, you just want to be yourself?

Pacey: Yeah. I'm very well adjusted. (they stop in front of a restaurant and Jen sees Charlie inside with a girl.)

Jen: Oh my God. (Pacey looks through the window)

Pacey: Isn't that your boyfriend?

Jen: Yeah.

Pacey: I thought he was working tonight?

Jen: That's what he told me.

Pacey: Oh. Well. That's funny. We should probably get off to the play… Now just wait a second. Hold on! What are you going to do?

Jen: I'm gonna go in there and beat his ass.

Pacey: Easy, Thelma. Now you don't know what's going on in there. Okay, that does not necessarily…

Jen: He told me that he was working!

Pacey: Volume! Please, volume, okay? Now obviously the two of you have had a slight miscommunication, but you are far too upset right now to deal with this. So why don't we just go off to this play, which, I might remind you, is a requirement for your schooling. So tomorrow, you give him a call, he explains…

Jen: What type of possible explanation…

Pacey: Volume! Maybe he won't explain, but either way, you'll be calmer, more rational, and ultimately happier that you waited, because when you do, you have gained the upper hand, okay?

Jen: Fine. (she rushes towards the door and Pacey grabs her, and throws her over his shoulder) Let me go! Mmph! (Charlie and the mystery girl look out the window, but too late to see Jen.)

[Restaurant – Tobey and Jack sit quietly during dinner. Neither are even looking at the other.]

Jack: Is this how you're gonna be all night?

Tobey: You could have called.

Jack: I told you, I wanted to. But since you refuse to buy a cell phone for reasons I still don't understand…

Tobey: Brain tumors!

Jack: The point is that, I had no way of letting you know that I was gonna be late.

Tobey: You couldn't stop what you were doing?

Jack: No, I couldn't.

Tobey: Why? What were you doing?

Jack: I uhh, I can't tell you that. It's part of the rules. I know it sounds stupid…

Tobey: Whatever.

Jack: Don't do that. Don't get all girlfriendy on me.

Tobey: You know, I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that last comment.

Jack: Yeah, sorry. I didn't mean that.

Tobey: Why don't you just, not say it again?

Jack: Okay. You look really great.

Tobey: Really? Thanks.

Jack: I missed you.

Tobey: I missed you, too. (Jack's cell rings)

Jack: Sorry. (answering) Yeah? (pause) Uh-huh. (pause) Now? I'm kinda in the middle of something. (pause) Well how important? Cause, my friend's only in time for a little bit.

Tobey: It's okay.

Jack: Hold on, hold on, hold on. (to Tobey) Really? They say it's only going to take a half an hour.

Tobey: Go.

Jack: (into phone) I'll be there. Okay. Later! (hangs up) You are amazing, you know that, right?

Tobey: That's what all the boys say.

Jack: Tell you what. Meet me back at the house in a half an hour. It's still early, so then we can do whatever you want.

Tobey: Okay, have fun. (he leans forward for a kiss, but Jack rushes out)

[Theater – Jen and Pacey climb over people to their seats.]

Pacey: Excuse me. Whoa. Okay. Ooh. Othello, huh? You think you can give me the Cliff's Notes version?

Jen: Othello is about a man who is convinced that his wife is cheating on him, so he kills her and then he kills himself. (Jen gets up and leaves. Pacey follows.)

[Wilder's House – Joey and Dawson walk in.]

Wilder: Joey, you made it. (Joey waves)

Joey: You want to come meet my professor?

Dawson: No, I'm gonna see what's in the kitchen first.

Joey: Do you want me to come with you?

Dawson: Hold my hand?

Joey: I'll be over here.

Dawson: Okay. (Dawson goes into the bathroom and washes his face.)

[Boston – Jen and Pacey are back outside the restaurant. Jen has basically pushed Pacey all the way there, because he's been trying to block her.]

Pacey: I just wanted it noted for the record that I think this is a very, very bad idea.

Jen: You said that already. (she shoves him out of the way)

Pacey: (he tries to hold her back, but she pushes him into the restaurant completely) No, no, but I want it noted for the record, like you know, make it official. You know, go home and type it up, maybe.

Jen: (approaching the table quickly) Charlie Todd? What a coincidence. Oh my God. (to a table near by) Do you guys mind if I borrow this chair for a second. Thank you. (she drags it over to Charlie's table)

Jen: Hi. Hi. How are you? (noticing two glasses of coffee with whipped cream on top) Ooh, coffee. You know, I would really love a cup of coffee. Do you mind if I…? (grabs one) I really do hope this is iced. (she dumps it in Charlie's lap.)

Charlie: What are you..?

Jen: (spooning whipped cream from the second coffee into Charlie's lap) How about some whipped cream, huh? That is really tasty stuff.

Charlie: Jennifer Lindley. Meet Elise Todd, my sister. Elise, this is Jen, the girl I was telling you about.

Elise: Hi.

Jen: Your sister? (Pacey laughs from the host stand) I'm so… Ohh.

[Frat House – Jack and Moskowitz and 2 are waiting around.]

Moskowitz: Your vibes all tweaked, man. What's going on?

Jack: Nothing. I'm just wondering how much longer this is gonna take.

Moskowitz: Well, they're sending us in one at a time. My guess is we're being fitted for blazers.

Guy #2: Or getting our keys to the house.

Moskowitz: It's possible. Word is on the street is that tomorrow is our last day.

Jack: Initiation's tomorrow? I thought we had, like, a whole other week left.

Moskowitz: That's just what I'm hearing. I could be wrong.

Jack: Oh, I hope you are, 'cause if I have to come back in here tomorrow, I am in the dog house for certain.

Moskowitz: Man troubles?

Jack: No, no, no.

Moskowitz: Let me guess. He's not really diggin' you spending all your time with the fellas. He's wantin' to know where you been and what are you up to.

Jack: It's a little more complicated than that, all right?

Moskowitz: Dude, my girlfriend is the same way.

Guy #2: Mine keeps asking me what we do here. I'm all, "if I told you that, you'd be one of my brothers."

Moskowitz: You gotta draw the line for him, Jack-O.

Guy #2: He's right.

Jack: Guys, come on. I mean, he flew all the way out here just to see me.

Moskowitz: Yeah, what's that about? He's pretending this is some sweet move, when really it's a hostile takeover.

Guy #2: Thank you.

Moskowitz: If he cared, he would have called first, made sure the timing was right, then booked the flight.

Jack: Well, maybe he just wanted to surprise me.

Moskowitz: What kind of weak-ass move was that? He said, "oh, hey, surprise. Here I am." Now, you gotta spend all your time with me, and you can't go meet anyone new.

Jack: Well, what are you saying, that he came out here to check up on me? There's no way.

Moskowitz: He's a clever dude, man. He is well aware of the hot guy quotient at this campus. Do you think little Tobey doesn't know that you could have your pick of the litter?

Guy #2: You do dress well.

Jack: Thanks.

Moskowitz: Dump the chump and move on with your life.

Guy #2: Plenty of other fish in the sea, dude.

Moskowitz: It's time to go swimmin'.

Guy #2: Be the shark.

[Wilder's House – Dawson is in the kitchen, watching Joey. A girl walks up to him.]

Girl: You look thirsty. You want a glass of wine or something?

Dawson: No. Actually, where'd you get that bottle of water?

Girl: Oh, here. Take mine. (Dawson drinks her water) Don't worry. I have no germs to speak of. I Listerine, like, 5 times a day. I'm totally addicted. So, what's your name? Do you go to Worthington?

Dawson: No, I'm sorry-- is it warm in here? I'm--I'm really warm. Are you warm?

Girl: You want me to open a window?

Dawson: Yeah, that would be great. Thank you. (she opens the window, but when she turns around, he's gone.)

Dawson: (approaching Joey) I'm sorry. We have to go.

Joey: Is everything ok?

Dawson: I'm fine.

Joey: Oh, professor Wilder, this is—

Dawson: I'm sorry. I have to go right now.

Joey: Uh, I'm really sorry. (outside) Dawson, what's going on?

Dawson: I don't know. I just-- I couldn't stay in that house for another second. I'm sorry.

Joey: That's fine, it's just you're the one who wanted to go out.

Dawson: I know. I know. The other day I was-- I was in the grocery store, just waiting in line, and I couldn't wait anymore. There were only 2 people in front of me, and I just-- I knew if it didn't get out of the store that second, I felt like I was gonna explode. It's just the weirdest feeling. It's like a total, complete loss of control.

Joey: But you didn't lose it. You held it in and you walked out.

Dawson: Yeah, but I hate not knowing where that feeling came from. I mean, it's just-- it's just this random emotion. It just completely blindsided me out of nowhere.

Joey: Is that how you felt tonight?

Dawson: Yeah. I wanted to go out. I did. I wanted to get out. But as soon as we walked-- the second we walked through that door, I didn't want to be out anymore. I just, like, changed my mind. I just completely changed my mind for no good reason.

Joey: Listen, that's allowed. It's allowed.

Dawson: I know, but it was, like, a million degrees in there, too, right? I mean it was hot in there, right?

Joey: Yeah. It was.

Dawson: Yeah. I mean, that did-- that didn't help.

Joey: You know, maybe you're getting sick. Flu's going around.

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, that-- that's probably it. It's... would you mind if we just went back to the dorms?

Joey: No. That's fine.

Dawson: Great.

[Boston – Jen and Charlie are walking down the street.]

Jen: So, I saw you holding her hand, and I don't know, I--I just—

Charlie: I was looking at her engagement ring.

Jen: Oh, wow. She got engaged? That's so nice.

Charlie: Yeah. I'll be sure to congratulate her for you.

Jen: Ok, look. In all fairness-- not that I deserve fairness of any kind-- but--but you did tell me that you would be working.

Charlie: My shift got switched, all right? I was gonna call you, but I knew that you'd be at the play. Then my sister called me and told me that she had big news. And the rest... well, it's on my pants.

Jen: I can wash those for you. In fact, I could do your laundry for a week. A month. A month. I can do your laundry for a whole month. How's that for an apology?

Charlie: That's a start.

Jen: I screwed up. I'm sorry.

Charlie: Listen, Jen, you have to learn to trust me. I mean, think about it, all right? What if I would have seen you with your friend Pacey? Would it have been cool for me to just jump to conclusions?

Jen: No.

Charlie: No. And I wouldn't have. Why? Because I trust you. Because I realize that we have something very special here.

Jen: You are absolutely, 100% right.

Charlie: Of course I'm right. I'm always right.

Jen: Hmm. Gonna let that one slide, but only because you have whipped cream on your crotch.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Come here. Come here.

Jen: I'm sorry.

[Gram's House – Tobey is watching TV when Jack walks in. He tentatively approaches the couch.]

Jack: I am so sorry.

Tobey: Forget it, Jack. I don't care what you were doing.

Jack: No, listen. We were—

Tobey: I said I don't care! I don't wanna hear it!

Jack: How can I make this better, huh? Huh? Come on. What do you want me to do?

Tobey: I want you to tell me the truth. I want to hear you say that your fraternity is more important to you than I am. It's true, isn't it?

Jack: It's just not that easy, Tobey. You're here for one weekend. I'm--I'm here for 4 years. What am I supposed to do when you leave tomorrow? Huh? Wait around till I can scrape up some money to go see you? We're supposed to do that for how long?

Tobey: Until--I don't know!

Jack: Look, I need to develop a social life here, all right? And I have. And for the first time in my life, I'm doing it while being honest and-- and open about who I am. I didn't even have to compartmentalize myself to anyone to make it easier on them.

Tobey: What are you talking about?

Jack: When I first moved to Capeside, ok, everyone got to know me as Andie's brother. And then it was Joey's artist boyfriend. And then I told everyone I was gay, and suddenly, for the rest of high school, that's all I was. Jack, the gay guy.

Tobey: That is not all that you were to them.

Jack: Well, maybe not, but that's how it felt. So, when Sigma Epsilon asked me to pledge, I wanted to tell them the truth up front, ok? Right away, so I didn't have to go through all that again. Look, the amazing thing was that these guys already knew, and they didn't care, all right? They wanted me to join their fraternity knowing everything there is to know about me. Tobey, they wanted me. So now I just get to be Jack. No labels. I mean, I thought you of all people would understand how important this is to me. God! I guess maybe they were right.

Tobey: What--they who? You talked about our relationship with total strangers?!

Jack: No, they're my friends!

Tobey: You just met them, Jack. My God, just because they know you're gay doesn't mean they know you. And they certainly don't know me. How could you think that they would understand what our relationship is about?

Jack: Whoa, whoa! Relationship problems are universal. You don't have to be gay to understand the concept of a jealous boyfriend!

Tobey: You think I'm jealous of your frat buddies?

Jack: If that's not it, then what is it?

Tobey: I want to be a priority.

Jack: You are.

Tobey: No, not one of your priorities. It is not enough that I make the top 3. You come first to me. No matter what I'm doing, or--or how far away I am, you are my first priority. I--I wonder what you're up to. I think about ways that I can make you laugh with a stupid e-mail or a care package. I think about you. God, when I'm with you, when I am not with you, no matter what is going on in my life, you are my first priority. But...clearly, I am not to you. Not anymore. And that's the truth, isn't it? (he walks out)

[Restaurant – Pacey starts work in the kitchen when Karen walks in.]

Pacey: Ah, Karen Torres, the light of my life. The cherry flavored Kool-Aid in my cup.

Karen: Morning, freak.

Pacey: How is it that we always end up working the same shift together? You think its fate? Destiny working in our favor?

Karen: Or could it be the fact that you check to see what my shifts are before asking for yours?

Pacey: That is a very cynical way of looking at it. It's true, but cynical. (she smiles a little at Pacey and walks out) And she smiles. My day is made.

Emily: (walking in) Danny's not here yet?

Pacey: Uh, no, he's not. May I—

Emily: Emily. Danny's wife. I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to get you sick.

Pacey: I guess that means last night wasn't too much fun, huh?

Emily: Not unless you call going through 8 boxes of Kleenex fun. Anyway, Danny left his wallet home again, so here. Nice meeting you, Pacey. Danny's been talking about you nonstop. Apparently, you're his new favorite. (She leaves. Pacey thinks about the situation.)

[Joey's Dorm – Dawson is packing his bag.]

Joey: Don't forget your toothbrush.

Dawson: It's in there. Joey, thank you.

Joey: For what?

Dawson: For taking me in, getting me out. All evidence to the contrary, you really did make me feel better.

Joey: I did?

Dawson: Yeah. Of course you did. (they hug) So, I should get going.

Joey: You know, you're welcome here any time, Dawson.

Dawson: All right. I'll, uh-- I'll call you soon. (Dawson leaves, and Joey leans against the door. She walks towards her bed and finds the book she gave Dawson laying on it.)

[Gram's House – Jen and Tobey stand outside waiting for Tobey's cab to come. Tobey continues to look down the street for Jack.]

Jen: I don't think he's coming, Tobey.

Tobey: I know. I just can't help looking. What is that?

Jen: What is what?

Tobey: That stupid fantasy you have where the guy who broke your heart suddenly realizes he's made the biggest mistake of his life, and he finds you? Wherever you are, he comes running up to you, and he says, "I can't live without you. You are my entire universe, and if you don't take me back right now, I will never love anyone again." Where's this fantasy come from?

Jen: Movies. Television. And that little place in your heart that harbors hope. He's gonna regret this, you know. (the cab pulls up)

Tobey: Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. The thing is, we tell ourselves that to make ourselves feel better, but the truth is, somebody always gets hurt worse... every breakup. This time it's me. Come here. (they hug) Gotta go. Oh, hold onto that Charlie. He seems like he could be a good egg.

Jen: I will.

Tobey: I really thought he'd come.

Jen: Come on.

[Restaurant – Pacey is working when Danny comes in. He sets a cup of a coffee down for Pacey.]

Danny: (turning Pacey's hat around) I left the keys to your boat in your drawer.

Pacey: Thank you.

Danny: No, thank you. My wife had a fantastic time. (he walks off and Pacey watches him go.)

Pacey: I'm glad.

[Grams' House – Jen is packing a basket with food when Jack walks in. He is wearing his Sigma Ep blazer.]

Jack: I did it. I'm officially a brother! Whoo!

Jen: Congratulations. You officially suck.

Jack: Whatever. I gotta go-- I gotta go change.

Jen: You broke his heart. Do you care? Because you don't seem too bent out of shape about it.

Jack: Jen, what do you want from me?

Jen: I want you to take a second and think about what you gave up today.

Jack: You--you don't think that I know?

Jen: I have no idea. I mean, I don't even feel like I know you anymore. We haven't really been friends since you got involved with this--this frat.

Jack: Or maybe since you started seeing Charlie.

Jen: That's not fair.

Jack: Why should I be fair, Jen? You haven't been fair to me in months.

Jen: Is this about us? Because I thought it was about you and Tobey.

Jack: It's all the same! Look, we are all growing apart, ok? So maybe I wanted to spare Tobey a little bit of pain.

Jen: What does that mean?

Jack: It means I-- I want to--I want to meet new people, ok? I want to have new experiences, and I don't want to have to worry about-- about hurting somebody else in the process.

Jen: Well, maybe you should have told him that.

Jack: I'm telling you that.

Jen: Ok. I have to go. Um... Charlie has a class and I have to—

Jack: Yeah.

[Charlie's Dorm – Jen enters the building with her basket of food and a “Sorry” balloon. As she walks around the corner, she sees Charlie come out of his room with some girl. Jen ducks back behind the wall, pulling the balloon out of sight. She peeks back around the corner as Charlie pins the girl against the wall and kisses her. He goes back into his room and the girl walks past Jen and out of the building.]

[Joey's Dorm – Joey is laying on her bed as Audrey jumps up and down and stretches, preparing for their morning jog.]

Audrey: Ok... ok, Potter, let's go. I got my portable fan, I got my water bottle, I got my new glittery lipstick, which, by the way, rocks! I am ready to jog! And you're not happy.

Joey: No, I am happy. That's the problem.

Audrey: Uh-huh. Because you're neurotic?

Joey: No. Because I shouldn't be happy. I mean, my best friend in the entire world just left. I haven't seen him in almost a month, and as soon as he walked out of the door I felt relieved. How horrible is that?

Audrey: It's not horrible. That's honest.

Joey: Why do I feel so guilty? (Audrey sits on Joey's bed and rubs her leg in compassion. She notices Dawson's book.)

Audrey: Yeah... he didn't want the book?

Joey: I don't know. Maybe he forgot it, or maybe it was his way of telling me to butt out, but, I mean, truthfully, I didn't think the book would even help.

Audrey: Why'd you get it then?

Joey: Well, because-- because I knew that as soon as I saw him everything that I wanted to say to him would get totally fumbled and I would forget the words, and I wanted him to know how I felt. And I didn't want to write an e-mail because it just-- it's so impersonal, and... The thought of writing a letter just felt weird.

Audrey: No. Agreed. Actual letters have a very grandma... hokey... sleep away camp kinda feel to 'em.

Joey: Right. So, I got him this book, and I wrote this inscription, and now he'll never read it. And all he'll remember from this weekend is what a big freak I was, and all I'll remember is how I feel right now, which is just-- is thoroughly exhausted.

Audrey: What do you say we skip the jog and go straight for the iced cap frappy thing?

Joey: I'll change my clothes. (she goes into the bathroom.) Hey, Audrey... thank you.

Audrey: (throwing Joey her lipstick) Hey... try the glitter lipstick. It's really fun.

Joey: Ok. (Audrey opens the book and reads the inscription. Joey's voice over) “Dear Dawson, when something like this happens, you wanna reach out and grab the people around you, the ones who matter the most. The ones you take for granted all the time. And you want to take those people and hold onto them as tight as you can, tell them how precious they are to you, how knowing them makes your life better every single day that you're living it. Because when something like this happens, you realize how awful it would be if they didn't know, if they weren't aware of the profound effect they've had on your life. So, I want to take this moment to tell you that I love you, Dawson, and I'm here for you... now, forever, and every day in between. Love, Joey.”

[End credits.]

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