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  05x07 - High Anxiety
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Episode 507 - High Anxiety

[Scene: Doctor's Office. Dawson is in finishing an exam.]

Dawson: Just a complete loss of control. So there's nothing wrong with me?

Dr. Reiss: Everything is fine, kiddo. Blood, EKG, all normal. Anything else I should know about?

Dawson: I, um... I've been having these episodes. Uh, well, attacks, really... where I get all sweaty and I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Dr. Reiss: Have you ever passed out?

Dawson: No, but... I've come close.

Dr. Reiss: How long has this been going on?

Dawson: Um, a couple of weeks.

Dr. Reiss: [Sighs] Dawson... how long has it been since your father died?

Dawson: About a month. Am I going crazy?

Dr. Reiss: You're not crazy, Dawson. Stress manifests itself in all kinds of ways, and anything as significant as the loss of a parent could easily trigger what you're experiencing.

Dawson: I don't think it's that, though. I mean, you know, it was... tough, but I've been dealing as well as anyone could.

Dr. Reiss: Well, these episodes could be how you're dealing. Look, this-- this isn't my area, but I know a doctor in Boston who I think can help you. She specializes in things like this... grief, loss of a loved one.

Dawson: You mean a shrink?

Dr. Reiss: Yeah. [He talks into his intercom] Tracy... Dawson needs to see dr. Weir. Weir is the best in Boston.

Dawson: Is there someone closer? 'Cause I really have to kind of stay near my mom.

Dr. Reiss: The only other place would be in providence. me. Weir is worth the trip.

[Tracy comes in carrying a note]

Tracy: You're all set. 5:00 tomorrow.

Dr. Reiss: Dr. Reiss: Great. Let me know how it goes.

Dawson: All right. Thanks.

Joey: Hey.

Audrey: Hey.

Joey: Do you need me to take you to the health center?

Audrey: What? No, why?

Joey: You're cleaning.

Audrey: Oh, right, right. I get it. That's a joke, right? Wow. Joey potter made a joke. Maybe I should take you to the health center.

Joey: [Laughs] Seriously... what is with this Martha Stewart routine?

Audrey: [Sighs] My mother.

Joey: What about her?

Audrey: She's in town for a day, and she's coming to visit.

Joey: You mean I get to meet the woman responsible for bringing you into this world? This should be fun.

Audrey: [Sighs]

Joey: Or not.

Audrey: No, Joey. Not fun. Not even a distant relative of fun. In fact, probably about as far down on the fun family tree as you could possibly get.

Joey: So I take it you two have some issues.

Audrey: [Sighs] You ever seen a little movie called mommie dearest? This woman has, like, systematically destroyed my self-esteem, ok?

Joey: You don't strike me as lacking self-esteem.

Audrey: Ha, well... just wait and see. This time tomorrow, I'll be like a shadow of my former self.

Joey: I think you're exaggerating a bit.

Audrey: We're talking about a woman, here, so self-involved and insecure that she used to borrow my clothes and hit on my boyfriends. She's like a menace to society, an enemy of daughters everywhere. Brace yourself, Jo. Something wicked this way comes.

Joey: Dawson hasn't called, has he?

Audrey: Like I would forget to tell you. Ok, right. I probably would. But no, he hasn't.

[Scene: Inside Pacey's boat. Jen is sitting on a bench while Pacey is cleaning up.]

Jen: [sighs] "She's my sister?" How could I be so stupid? I thought she was his sister. Well, maybe she was his sister, but the other girl? No, definitely not. Unless, of course, they had some sort of sick flowers in the attic thing going, which, at this point, I mean, I wouldn't put past him. Men are such dogs.

Pacey: That we are.

Jen: No, it'd be better if they went up to you, sniffed your butt, and peed on you, 'cause they're gonna do it anyway, metaphorically speaking. [] What is this?

Pacey: It's a long story.

Jen: And you know what the worst part is? I've become a cliché. I mean, is there anything more trite than blaming a cheating boyfriend on the wayward nature of men when the real culprit here is--it's my own naiveté.

Pacey: I thought this stuff was normally jack's area of expertise.

Jen: Jack, well... jack, I haven't spoken to in weeks. He's too busy guzzling beer with his neander-creep frat brothers.

Pacey: [Laughs] Ok. Well, the way I see the situation, you got 2 options... you can either get angry, which, clearly, you've already done.

Jen: Or?

Pacey: Or you could get even.

[Scene: The restaurant. Pacey is filling up a soup bowl when Karen comes up to him]

Karen: Mmm... I was under the impression that the only food the employees were allowed to eat in this restaurant was the staff meal.

Pacey: Well, today is my day off, so technically, I'm not an employee.

Karen: Well, then I might have to charge you.

Pacey: With what? Possession of stolen bisque?

Karen: Heh heh...clever. But it's not bisque, it's chowder.

Pacey: Well, whatever it is, it's mine.

Karen: You just think you can have whatever you want in this restaurant, don't you?

Pacey: Well, obviously not whatever I want.

Karen: [Laughs]

[Pacey goes and sits down at the counter, and Brecher comes up and hands him his paycheck.]

Brecher: Here you go, Witter. Don't spend it all in one place.

Pacey: Not only do I get to be the subject of your scorn and derision, but I get paid for it. [] I found that on the boat. I think your wife must've left it there.

Brecher: Right, thanks... which reminds me, uh... speaking of that boat of yours...

Pacey: yeah, what about it?

Brecher: How about letting me use it again sometime, like... tonight?

Pacey: Um, you know what? Tonight is just not a very good night.

Brecher: Pacey, come on. Hey, I'll give you the night off.

Pacey: Well, I already have the night off.

Brecher: Well, then, uh... there's gotta be something that I can do that'll change your mind.

Pacey: [Laughs] You know...I'd love to help you out, but I'm throwing this party tonight for a friend, so I just can't.

Karen: Hear that, everyone? Pacey's throwing a party tonight.

Guys: Party! Whoo! All right! Yeah! Heh heh heh.

[All the people in the restaurant start cheering.]

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson sits down and picks up the phone, pauses then dials a number. Joey's cell phone rings a couple of times and just as Dawson is about to hang up, Joey answers.]

[Cell phone rings]

Joey: Hello?

Dawson: Joey, hey. It's me.

Joey: Dawson. Hey, how are you?

Dawson: Uh, hey... I'm sorry it's-- it's taken me a while to get back to you. I've been, uh... I've, you know, had my hands full around here.

Joey: Oh, that's what I figured, um... how've you been?

Dawson: Uh, you know, I've been fine... I guess...

Joey: you know? Dawson, can—

Dawson: so, uh... listen, I think I might be in town this weekend.

Joey: Really? That's great, um... do you need a place to stay?

Dawson: No, I'm gonna-- I think I'm just gonna stay with Jack and Jen.

Joey: Oh, um... it's probably just as well. Uh, Audrey's mom is coming into town, so...

Dawson: oh, ok. So... yeah. I... so, how about I, uh... I'll just-- I'll give you a call when I get into town.

Joey: Sounds good.

Dawson: All right. Bye.

Joey: Bye.

[Scene: Joey's Dorm Room. Audrey is standing on a scale as her mother is looking down trying to read it]

Audrey: Fine. Look. Are you happy now? Is it any wonder that I hate myself?

Kay : Oh, you are such a drama queen, Audrey.

Audrey: Ah ha. Right. This from Stella Adler herself.

Kay : Hello, dear.

Joey: Hi.

Audrey: Joey, this is my mother. Mother, this is Joey potter.

Kay : Oh, I have heard so much about you, dear. It's such a pleasure to meet you.

Joey: It's very nice meeting you.

Kay : Oh, you have such a cute little figure. Did you ever do any modeling?

Joey: Uh, no.

Audrey: If you're wondering why I was standing on that scale, it's because crazy woman here thinks I've gained 10 pounds.

Kay : That's not what I said, Audrey. 5, maybe.

Audrey: Mom, do you have any idea how long it's taken me to feel good about my body?

Kay : And there's no reason you shouldn't, sweetie. It's just a known fact that college freshmen tend to pack on the lbs. Joey, how old do I look to you?

Audrey: Oh!

Joey: Excuse me?

Kay : Oh, I'm putting you on the spot. I understand this. Allow me to rephrase. Do I look more like Audrey's mother or Audrey's sister? Be honest.

Joey: Uh... [Sighs] Definitely Audrey's sister.

Kay : Exactly. And do you know why that is? Because I take excellent care of myself. Your body is your friend and should be treated as such.

Audrey: Ok, just shoot me. Please? Will you just shoot me right now?

Kay : You must come to dinner with us.

Joey: Oh, uh... actually I can't—

Audrey: Joey? Did you check out the leak in the bathroom?

Joey: What leak? The leak leak.

[Audrey drags Joey into the bathroom.]

Audrey: I'm sorry. I can't believe you told her she looks like my sister.

Joey: What was I supposed to say? And I have to admit, she does look young.

Audrey: Yeah, thanks to her 2 best friends, collagen and botox. Joey, I can't make it through tonight alone with her. You have to come with us to dinner.

Joey: I can't. I'm waiting for a call from Dawson.

Audrey: You have a cell phone.

Joey: But we're supposed to go out later.

Audrey: That's later. I need you now.

Joey: Audrey... [Sighs]

Audrey: Joey... thank you. You're a lifesaver.

[Scene: Grams' House. Dawson comes into the house calling out for anyone.]

Dawson: Hello?

Jen: Dawson. What are you doing here?

Dawson: I was in the neighborhood. Figured I would drop by, see how you guys were doing.

Jen: Well, you should've told me that you were coming. I would've had grams bake you a cake.

Dawson: Ah, that's fine. Speaking of grams, do you think she'd mind if I crashed here tonight?

Jen: No, of course not. You ok?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

[Jack comes down the stairs and hugs him]

Jack: Hey, I thought I heard a familiar voice. Hey, man. How's it going? Good to see you, man.

Dawson: Good to see you.

Jen: Listen, I gotta run, but, uh, you and I will talk later.

[Jen grabs her coat to leave.]

Dawson: All right, where ya going?

Jen: Mm...nowhere.

Dawson: You look pretty smokin' for a girl who's going nowhere.

Jen: Well, thank you. I'll take the compliment and subtly defer the question to a later date.

Dawson: Yeah, you subtly defer that question, Jen.

Jack: Actually, I'm, uh, I'm outta here, too. I'm goin' down to the house to hang out with the guys. You want to go?

Dawson: You know what? That sounds great.

Jack: Really?

Dawson: Yeah... as long as I'm not intruding.

Jack: [Snorts] You kidding me? Come on, let's go.

Dawson: All right.

[Scene outside Charlie's room. Jen comes up and knocks on the door.]

Charlie: Who is it?

Jen: Jen, your most willing girl-servant.

[Charlie opens the door standing in the opening.]

Charlie: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Charlie: What are you doing here?

Jen: Don't look so surprised. We had plans to rock your world.

Charlie: Well, I thought we were gonna rock my world tomorrow.

Jen: Oh. You know what? You're right. I really gotta get one of those palm pilot thingies, keep track of all my liaisons. Oh, well. Just so long as you're here and I'm here... what are your thoughts on getting naked?

Charlie: Uh, actually, Jen... now is not the best time.

Jen: Ok. I get it. You don't want me. Do you know what that's like for a girl, Charlie? To offer one's self and be rejected? It's horrible.

Charlie: Come on. No, no, no. It's just that I have this midterm, and I haven't even started studying. Ok?

Jen: I understand. I'm just gonna go get my sweater.

Charlie: No, wait, wait, uh... what? Sweater, uh... what--what sweater?

Jen: That one that I left here that one time.

Charlie: Oh, right, um... your sweater, um... it's--it's not in there.

Jen: It's not?

Charlie: Uh, it's at the dry cleaners. [Laughs] I had it dry-cleaned. I'm really good like that.

Jen: Oh... ok.

[Nora walks out of the bathroom.]

Nora: Who are you?

Jen: I'm Charlie's girlfriend. Who are you?

Nora: I'm Charlie's girlfriend.

[Scene: The frat house. There is a party going on and Jack and Dawson are standing around a table with other guys drinking from pitchers of beer]

Guy1: You ready?

Guy2: You ready?

Guy1: Here we go.

Guys: All right, go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Drink! Drink! Drink! Mmm.

[Dawson grabs the pitcher from Jack finishes it and slams it down on the table a second before the guy across from him]

[Scene: A fancy restaurant. Audrey, Joey, and Kay are sitting down eating.]

Kay : Oh, that looks good.

Audrey: Thanks.

Kay : Is that a cream sauce?

Audrey: It's a Dijon.

Kay : Oh, looks like cream. Have you been working out?

Audrey: No, mother, I hate working out. You know that.

Kay : Well, I walked 6 miles in the soft sand before getting on the plane this morning. My sciatic is killing me.

Audrey: That's great, mom.

Kay : Are you being sarcastic?

Audrey: It was kidding.

Kay : Are you asking me or telling me, 'cause your voice goes up at the end like it's a question, but I have a sneaking suspicion you're not looking for an answer.

Audrey: I think it's called up talking. I wasn't aware that's what I was doing.

Kay : Well, you should be. Because it makes you sound like A... California blonde.

Joey: Will you excuse me? I have to... make a phone call.

Kay : Sure.

[Joey gets up and goes to the other side of the restaurant and tries to make a call to Dawson]

[Cell phone rings]

[Dawson looks down to his phone and sees that it is Joey calling and then puts the phone back in his pocket.]

Guy: Dawson. You ready? Round 2, brother.

Dawson: Let's do it.

[Scene: Charlie's room. Jen and Nora are sitting on the bed as Charlie walks over to them]

Jen: I'm curious, Charlie. How exactly did you think that you were gonna get away with this?

Charlie: Get away with what, exactly?

Nora: Having your cake and eating it, too.

Charlie: Now, why is what you just said so arousing to me?

Jen: Don't be glib, Charlie. Glib makes me mad. Glib makes me want to smash some of your very precious vinyl.

Charlie: Ok, ok. All right. Look, guys, we never had that talk.

Nora: What talk?

Charlie: We never discussed commitment of any kind.

Jen: Who never discussed commitment?

Charlie: You and me... and you and me. Look, come on, guys. This is college. You know how it is.

Jen: No, tell us, Charlie. How is it?

Charlie: It's about meeting new people... experiencing new things. Look, here's the thing... all right, I never meant for any of this to happen. I truly didn't. I met both of you on the same night at that party... and then this stuff just happened. I mean, the only thing I can say at this point... is... I'm sorry. I'm--I'm truly sorry. I never meant to hurt either of you. But can I make a suggestion? You and me... and me and you is pretty much over... kaput. All right, this much I know. We can't go back to the way things were. But... we can go forward.

Nora: What does that mean?

Charlie: I mean, look at the facts, all right? I like you... and, uh, I like you... and once upon a time, you both liked me. All right? So I propose-- tell me if I'm crazy, here-- that, um... we all like each other at the same time.

[Scene: The Fancy restaurant. Joey has returned to the table and they are talking together]

Audrey: So... they're doing a production of the seagull at school. I'm thinking of auditioning.

Kay: Really? That's great. Did Audrey tell you that she acted a bit as a child?

Joey: Yeah, I've been meaning to rent the movie she was in.

Audrey: You're not missing much.

Kay: Do you miss it, honey?

Audrey: No. I can think of better ways to feel bad about myself.

Kay: Well, I miss it.

Joey: You were an actress?

Kay: Model, actress... whatever.

Audrey: She was the Gisele of her time.

Kay: Hardly. But, there were a lot of shows and a couple of covers here and there, but acting... that's what I really wanted for myself.

Audrey: You know, if you look closely, you can see her in an old a-team episode.

Kay: Actually, I was up for a Scorsese movie when I found out I was pregnant with Audrey.

Audrey: That's pretty much why she hates me... I ruined her career.

Kay: That's not true, dear. I wasn't very good. You, you were good.

Audrey: I suck.

Kay: You do not, Audrey. You just lacked focus. You know, acting requires a great deal of discipline, something you've never had.

Audrey: That's not true, mom.

Kay: Audrey, please. Since you were a little girl, flitting from one thing to the next--toys, boys, schools. Do you have any idea how many private schools Audrey's been to in the last 4 ye—

Audrey: mom, really, I don't think Joey wants to hear about this.

Kay: 6! In 4 years, which must be some kind of record. Each one ending in lurid scandal.

Audrey: Mom? Please, stop. You're embarrassing me.

Kay: Oh, I'm embarrassing you? I'm so sorry, Audrey, but... I don't really think you know what it's like to be embarrassed, not until you have to shell out a 6-figure donation to some hoity-toity new England college just so they'll even consider your daughter... whose academic record is the very definition of embarrassing. You know, the fact that you're here at Worthington at all is a miracle, Audrey. You might learn to appreciate it.

Joey: You know what, Mrs. Liddell?

Kay: Kay, please.

Joey: You know, Kay, um, I've sat here this entire meal and listened to you do nothing but cut down your daughter. And I don't know if you're just upset with her because she's not what you want her to be, or because she's 18 and you're not. Audrey may be dramatic, but at least she's never boring. And she may be interested in a lot of different things, but that just makes her well-rounded. And as far as discipline goes, she obviously has a great deal because no matter what you seem to say to her, she somehow manages to grin and bear it. As you can see, I don't really have that kind of discipline. Audrey, let's go. There's a party.

[Scene: Charlie's room. The three of them are sitting on the bed talking still]

Jen: What do you say, Nora?

Nora: I'm game if you are, Jen.

Charlie: All right, so, what do you say we get this party started?

Jen: All right. Um... here's what's gonna happen. You go stand up over there.

Charlie: All right.

Nora: Come on, baby!

Charlie: All right, so what now?

Jen: Strip.

Charlie: You first.

Jen: You know what, Nora, let's leave.

Nora: Yeah, let's get out of here.

Charlie: No-no-no-no-no. Don't go. Don't go. All right. Whatever you want. All right, I'll go first. Never let it be said that Charlie Todd was lacking in chivalry.

Jen and Nora: Ooh. Ah. Ohh. Oh, don't stop there. A-ahem. Ohh. Mm.

Jen: I do believe you have one garment left.

Charlie: Uh-uh. See, now it's your turn.

Jen: Oh, no-no-no-no. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. This is not tit for tat here. Make no mistake-- we're holding the cards. Now... shut up and get naked.

Charlie: Whew. Ok. Ok. It's not something both you girls ain't seen before.

Nora: Oh, yes.

[Charlie removes the last of his clothes, and Jen turns to Nora.]

Jen: You ready?

Nora: You bet.

Jen: Ok. Now, you, close your eyes.

Charlie: Why?

Jen: Because it's our turn, silly. We're shy.

Charlie: God, this is so cool.

Nora: Mm-hmm, lookin' good. So good.

Jen: Lookin' good, baby. Move all the way back.

Charlie: Ooh. Wow.

Jen: You ready for us, Charlie?

Charlie: Oh, yeah. [] Hey, what are you doing? Hey, come on! Hey, get back here. Are you listenin' to me?

Jen: Bye, Charlie.

Nora: Bye, Charlie.

Charlie: Hey, the two of you, get back here! Hey, come on. Move it along. Nothing to see here.

[The push him out into the hall where there are several people outside laughing.]

[Scene: outside by a trash can. Nora and Jen come running up and stop by the trash can.]

[Jen and Nora laugh]

Jen: How awesome is that?

Nora: You're a genius, Jen. I'm so glad you talked me into that.

Jen: Can you believe that he thought that he could actually talk us into a threesome? I--I mean, no offense, you're really beautiful. It's just not my scene.

Nora: None taken.

Jen: And you, too, beautiful. Very much so.

Nora: Yeah. Well, all in all, it was a pretty priceless moment.

Jen: Not quiet as priceless, however, as the one when he realizes that his autographed copy of Pinkerton is missing.

Nora: Kudos. Class notes for art history. Midterm's on Monday.

Jen: Bummer.

[The throws out his CD and notes. Jen holds up Charlie's shirt.]

Nora: He loves that shirt.

Jen: And when I get home, I'm going to clean my toilet with it. You know, it's just... I knew it was too good to be true, that I could actually meet a guy that was both cute and honest. What was I thinking?

Nora: Yeah, I know. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I thought it, too.

Jen: Listen, um, a friend of mine is having a party... do you wanna come?

Nora: Hmm, thanks. I think I'm just gonna go back to my dorm, listen to some music, and try to convince myself that being alone doesn't suck.

Jen: You know, that's actually not a bad idea. But we should hang out sometime.

Nora: Yeah, that'd be good.

Jen: Bye.

[Scene.: Outside Pacey's boat. The party is going on and Pacey hands Audrey a drink.]

Audrey: Hey, thanks.

Pacey: You're welcome.

Audrey: This boat kicks some serious ass, you know?

Pacey: That it does. And one day, I hope to have one just like it.

Audrey: But, in the meantime, I mean, it must be quite the chick magnet.

Pacey: You know, I resent that. Can't a guy just love all things nautical?

Audrey: Tell me something, this whole latter day Hemingway thing, does it really work for you?

[Joey comes up to join them]

Joey: Hey, what are you guys doing?

Pacey: Oh, your roommate's hittin' on me.

Audrey: Am not!

Pacey: You are, too.

Audrey: You wish.

Pacey: Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em, lady. Y

Audrey: You better watch it 'cause I might just have to put a hole in your boat later or something.

[Joey pulls Pacey to the side]

Pacey: [Pacey laughs] I have no words.

Joey: Neither do I. Did you talk to Dawson today?

Pacey: No.

Joey: He was supposed to call me when he got in, but I haven't heard from him.

Pacey: Me neither. I called him about the party. He never called me back.

Joey: I hope he's ok.

[Dawson, Jack and the frat guys come walking up]

Male voices: Whoo!

Pacey: Speak of the Dawson.

Jack: Where's the man? Where's the man?

Dawson: Pacey!

Pacey: Dawson!

Dawson: Pacey!

Pacey: Dawson.

Dawson: Hey, man, guess what? I'm in Boston.

Pacey: I know.

Dawson: Guys, this is my oldest friend, Pacey Witter. Pacey, this is Brady, and Moskowitz, and guy in a blue shirt.

Audrey: Dawson leery?!

Dawson: Hey, Audrey!

Audrey: Hi! How are ya?

Dawson: I'm so good. How are you?

Audrey: I'm great.

Dawson: Whazzup?!

[Pacey pulls Jack to the side]

Pacey: You got him drunk?

Jack: Yeah, he had a few beers at the house. Why?

Pacey: Well, I kinda thought that the objective was to make him feel better sober.

Jack: I kinda thought the object here was to make him feel better, period. I mean, come on, look at him.

[Looks over and sees Dawson all chummy with Audrey]

Dawson: Thank you, Audrey. I do.

Jack: I'd say he's feeling better.

Pacey: I'd say he's hardly feeling anything right now.

Jack: Come on, man. Whatever works.

[Cut over to Dawson and Audrey]

Dawson: We don't see enough of each other.

Audrey: We really don't.

Dawson: Every time I see you, you're like... you're out the door or somethin'.

Audrey: Well, you should come by more often.

Dawson: I miss you.

[He hugs her and Joey comes up to them]

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Joey! Joey! Joey! Oh, Joey. I was supposed to call you.

Joey: Yeah, you were.

Dawson: I was supposed to-- I was supposed to call you. I'm so sorry-- here, hold on. Let me rectify this. [] Hold on. Have no fear... [Phone beeps] Dawson is here. I'm calling you right now. Come on, Joey. Pick up. I know you're there.

Joey: Dawson, what is up with you tonight?

Dawson: Shh. I'm leaving you a message. Joey! Hey, it's Dawson! I'm at this party here on Pacey's boat, and I wish you were here. You're not here. It sucks that you're not here. I was supposed to call you, and I'm so sorry I didn't call you. I meant to, and I was--I was really going to be-- you know what? I couldn't. I just, I couldn't call you. Does that make any-- does that make any sense? Am I making sense, or am I just rambling on like a drunken idiot on your machine? I think that's what I'm doing. But that's ok. Because you left me a drunken message, and if you hadn't, I probably would've gone back to L.A. You know what? Actually, I would probably still be there right now. And maybe my dad would still be alive. So, thank you, Joey. I appreciate it. Ok. Call me. Bye.

[Joey just looks at him dumb founded and Dawson turns away to the other partiers]

Guys: Dawson! Great party, Dawson! More brew, brother! Oh, here it is. I can't believe it! Hey, gimme one. Here ya go.

[Scene: Pacey's boat. It is morning and Dawson is passed out. Pacey comes up carrying a glass of juice.]

Pacey: Rise and shine. Come on. Drink up.

Dawson: What is it?

Pacey: You really wanna know? It's sauerkraut juice, honey, and a splash of Tabasco.

Dawson: That's disgusting.

Pacey: Yes it is. But it'll make you feel better. The guys at the restaurant swear by it.

Dawson: Oh, my god. I can't do that.

Pacey: All right.

Dawson: Please tell me that... how my head feels is no reflection on how I acted.

Pacey: How your head feels is no reflection on how you acted.

Dawson: You're not a very good liar.

Pacey: Look, you obviously had a lot of stuff bottled up inside. You combine that with a couple or 12 beers, and it's bound to happen.

Dawson: I'm afraid I said something really terrible to Joey.

Pacey: Yeah, be afraid. Be very afraid. You put on quite a show last night. Look, if it's any consolation to you, I think Joey's gonna forgive you a lot sooner than you forgive yourself. It will make you feel better.

Dawson: Thanks.

Pacey: I gotta get to work.

[Scene: Outside Joey's Dorm room. Kay and Audrey are standing outside while Kay is getting ready to leave.]

Kay: Gimme a hug.

Audrey: Ok, mom. better go. Your car's waiting.

Kay: I miss you already. I feel like I didn't get enough of you.

Audrey: Ugh. Well, I think you got plenty.

Kay: I just want you to know that the only reason I say some of the things I say to you... is out of love. Do you know how much I love you?

Audrey: Bunches?

Kay: Bunches.

Audrey: That's nice, mom. But you know what was missing from that speech? An apology to me? Let's just not do this anymore, ok?

Kay: You don't want me to visit anymore?

Audrey: Ok, well, that would be awesome, but that's not gonna happen. So... I don't know. Let's just... let's try to be good to each other. Ok? 'Cause I know I might be a spoiled brat, but, quite frankly, I'm the only one you've got. And you may be a raging psychotic, but you're my raging psychotic. Do you know what I mean?

Kay: I'm sorry, Audrey.

Audrey: Me, too, mom.

Kay: Ok?

Audrey: Ok.

Kay: Take care, honey.

Audrey: You, too, bunny.

[Kay leaves, and Audrey goes into her room]

Audrey: [Sighs] She's gone.

Joey: You're still in one piece.

Audrey: Yeah, thanks to you.

Joey: What did I do?

Audrey: You defended my honor, Joey, that and you took me to a party. I mean, for once, I didn't have to invite myself along.

Joey: It was nothing.

Audrey: No, it was something. You made me feel... good about myself. Trust me, that's something. And you know all that stuff that she said... I hope you don't think less of me or something.

Joey: Please. I'm just glad I could help.

Audrey: I just wish I could return the favor.

[Scene: Grams' House. Dawson walks in gingerly holding his head and sees Jen sitting at the table eating.]

Dawson: Hey, what are you doing up so early?

Jen: Uh, posttraumatic hunger syndrome. You want some?

Dawson: [Mock sobbing]

Jen: I'll take that as a "no."

Dawson: So is your dire need for comfort food because of—

Jen: he who shall remain nameless, yes.

Dawson: Is he who shall remain nameless the reason you didn't make it to Pacey's party last night?

Jen: Hmm. Wasn't feeling very festive. How was your frat pack experience? Yeah, I can't really picture you hanging out with a bunch of guys who consider the high-5 an acceptable form of greeting.

Dawson: Yeah, but I don't know. The last time I was here, everybody just walked on eggshells around me, so that just reminded me of everything.

Jen: Mmm, your life just seems to suck right now in ways that I can't imagine, but... everybody's trying their best, you know?

Dawson: Yeah, you're right. I'm a lucky guy. I've some pretty kick-ass friends.

Jen: Don't you forget it.

Dawson: [Moans softly]

[He puts his head down on the table and Jen begins rubbing his back in a comforting way.]

[Scene: The restaurant. Pacey is working when Karen comes walking in very tired looking]

Pacey: Heh! Well, someone's looking a little tired.

Karen: Unh.

Pacey: You hung over?

Karen: Overworked.

Pacey: Thought you had a date with your boyfriend last night?

Karen: So did I, but something came up, and they were short a waiter, so...

Pacey: oh.

Karen: How was your party?

Pacey: Eh, not as good as it would've been if you were there.

Karen: Well, I'll be sure not to miss the next one then. [] What's wrong?

Pacey: Um, nothing. Yeah, I was just noticing that necklace. It's nice.

Karen: Oh, thanks.

Pacey: Is it new?

Karen: No, it's my grandmother's. You know, passed down through generations. I thought I lost it the other night. My mother would not have been please.

Pacey: Yeah, I can imagine.

Karen: Anyway, I better start setting up before I pass out. Are you ok?

Pacey: Yeah, I'm fine.

[Karen turns and runs into Brecher]

Karen: Hello.

Brecher: Hello!

[Scene: Train Station. Joey and Dawson are arriving before he has to catch his train, back to Capeside]

Dawson: Joey, for the past 15 minutes, I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you how sorry I am, and I just don't know how. It's like... English is all of a sudden my second language.

Joey: Aren't we beyond the need for formal apologies at this point? I mean, besides... you were such a jerk last night, I figure you're feeling all kinds of stupid.

Dawson: That's true.

Joey: That's the $2.00 movie theater I was telling you about.

Dawson: I can't remember the last time I just went to the movies.

Joey: Well, maybe the next time you're up, we can go. I mean, granted the seats are torn and it smells like burnt popcorn circa 1975, but it does have that old movie house kind of charm.

Dawson: You know, you think the idea of going to a movie and losing myself in somebody else's world would be appealing right about now, but it's just not. The truth is, Jo, I don't know what to do with myself.

Joey: Dawson, your dad just died. You've every right to be feeling that way.

Dawson: You know why I came here this weekend? It was to see a shrink. Well, a grief specialist to be exact.

Joey: Well, how'd it go?

Dawson: Didn't. I flaked.

Joey: How come?

Dawson: I don't know. I don't know. Nothing makes sense to me these days. Can I tell you something? Even if it has the potential to make you sad? Joey, when I made the decision not to go back to L.A... all I could do was daydream about this one thing. Kissing you. I--I was so looking forward to this day when it would finally feel right for you and me to give it another try, you know? For the first time in forever, it seemed so possible. It seemed like it was just around the corner. And then he died. And it just went away. I was living in this fuzzy world of daydreams, and I just got yanked out of it, and... I have no idea how to get back there. And what scares me most is that... maybe I never will.

[She kisses him.]

Joey: You'll find your way back. In the meantime, I'll... be daydreaming for the both of us.

P.A.: May I have your attention, please. The train for Capeside, Massachusetts, will be departing off of track 23. Once again, the train for Capeside, Massachusetts, will be departing off of track...

Joey: That's you.

Dawson: Yeah.

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