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  05x05 - Four Scary Stories
 Posted: 11/25/01 08:02
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Episode 505 - Four Scary Stories

[Grams' house – Jack, Joey and Pacey have just finished watching Friday the 13th.]

Pacey: Well, that settles it. I now have officially lost faith in Hollywood.

Jack: It wasn't that bad.

Pacey: Not that bad? Maybe through the haze of your eardrum-shattering slumber, it wasn't that bad, but as someone who actually watched that movie, it sucked!

Joey: I'm just so tired of this trend of... attack of the "insert your vengeful psycho here" movie. I mean, they're so unbelievable, you know? What are the chances of a chemically imbalanced camp director luring pre-teens to a blood bath at the archery range?

Pacey: Well, apparently they're pretty good at northern Maine's camp bloodsucker.

Jack: You know what the problem is?

Pacey: Yeah, I know what the problem is. You talk in your sleep, and you talk about things I don't want to know about.

Jack: That's great, but the problem is that people forget that the scariest things are the things that are actually possible. I mean, isn't that why Hitchcock's so great?

Joey: Hmm, I don't know. How often does a guy go around dressing like his not-so-well preserved mother?

Pacey: Well, you save that for special occasions.

Joey: Maybe I've just lost the will to scream.

Pacey: Oh, please. You were once and will forever remain the number one skittish kitten in my life. (She gives him a look) It's not to worry. It's part of your charm.

Jack: Weren't you scared of grams up until, like, last year or something like that?

Pacey: Oh, absolutely. In fact, I bet it's making you a little bit nervous just being in her house right now, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah, who knows what kind of scary things will be lurking in the shadows?

Joey: Who's hungry? A girl can't survive on Dots alone. (Pacey and Jack laugh as Joey goes off to the kitchen to get some food. She finds a plate of brownies and heads back to the living room. The place is now dark and Jack and Pacey are no where to be found. The front door is open.) Very funny, guys. Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots. (She goes to the door to close it, but steps outside instead) What, is this part where the twins come out and invite me to play forever and ever? (she turns to go inside and the door slams in front of her. She tries the knob but it's locked. Suddenly someone grabs her from behind. She turns around and screams, leaning against the door as it opens. She falls to the ground as Pacey and Jack reveal themselves, laughing. Jack helps Joey up.)

Pacey: Well, I think our work here is done. (Opening credits)

[Gram's House – Jack, Joey and Pacey are still in the house.]

Joey: You guys do realize that this calls for serious revenge?

Pacey: Oh, come on, Jo, we were just trying to prove, and quite successfully I might add, that you are now and will forever be afraid of your own shadow.

Joey: You know, you two wouldn't be quite so sure of yourselves if you knew what a weathered scream queen I was.

Pacey: Heh heh, that's right, I forgot. She's seen it all.

Joey: I don't spend all of my time with you layabouts. I have seen things, disturbing things.

Jack: Tell us a story, Joey Potter.

Joey: I don't think you can handle it.

Pacey: Right. This from a girl who 5 minutes ago was screaming bloody murder on the floor.

Joey: Ok, Pace. It was Halloween night. Audrey was walking with me to the library, which was, in itself, a sign of the apocalypse.

[Worthington – Audrey and Joey are walking through campus. Audrey is dressed like a prom queen.]

Audrey: Ok, I know like... half a dozen kick-ass parties we could be hitting right now, and you're going to hibernate in the library. How wrong is that?

Joey: No one asked you to come with me.

Audrey: I know. I'm just seeking clarification here. Are you the most bookwormy, pathetic person alive?

Joey: Well, according to your party-till-you- drop-out standards, apparently.

Audrey: Tsk! I'm serious. Nobody should be alone in the library on Halloween.

Joey: Audrey, it's like I'm gonna be the only one. Besides, the reading material cannot be checked out, and every other time that I go there, there's always some other overzealous geek from my class using it. This is the one night I know it'll be there.

Audrey: This is such Joey Potter logic.

Joey: You know what, I'm really not in the mood to go out partying, what with everything that's happened.

Audrey: Ok, ok, I get it. You're excused.

Joey: Can I ask you something? Who are you supposed to be, anyway?

Audrey: I'm Carrie. Carrie White, tragically misunderstood telekinetic heroine of the Stephen King book?

Joey: Right, I know who Carrie is, but shouldn't you be doused in pig's blood or something?

Audrey: Well...I guess, but... bleh! What cute boy is gonna want to talk to me if I'm all red and sticky all night?

Joey: Heh. Right, but how are they going to know that you're not just some generic homecoming queen or beauty contest winner?

Audrey: Because I'll tell them.

Joey: You got the hair right.

Audrey: Thanks. Oh, god, you have no idea how bad these shoes suck right now.

[Library – Joey is studying while Audrey reads a magazine.]

Joey: Audrey, you don't have to be here. There are plenty of people. I feel perfectly safe.

Audrey: Well...the first party did start 15 minutes ago. Right, like I want to be the first idiot at the punch bowl.

Joey: Audrey, I'm not coming with you.

Audrey: Well, who asked you to?

Joey: I'm serious. I have to study. I'm going to be here late, and as much as I appreciate you coming with me, I'm fine.

Audrey: You know, sometimes when I get scared, I like to count out loud. 1, 2... 3...4. It's very calming, ok?

Joey: I'm surrounded by people. Why would I be scared?

Audrey: Ok, don't look now, but...check out the creepy man at one o'clock. He's eating the peanuts, and he keeps staring at--don't look now. Wait, wait. Ok, look. (Joey turns around and looks. The guy is definitely creepy.)

Joey: Maybe it's the tiara and prom dress that caught his eye.

Audrey: Well, he's giving me the willies.

Joey: Why?

Audrey: Some girl was attacked in this library. She's lucky that she survived, and from what I understand, she's not the only one.

Random person: Shh!

Joey: You're just trying to scare me so I leave and I go to the party with you, and it's not going to work.

Audrey: Why do you always assume that my concern is masking self-interest?

Joey: Because I know you.

Audrey: You know what? I'm going. Put your life at risk, see if I care. Don't stay out too late, ok?

Joey: I'll meet you at the dorm.

Audrey: Are you sure you don't want me to walk back with you?

Guy: Hey, miss America, are you coming or going?

Joey: She's going.

Guy: Good-bye, beauty queen.

Audrey: Excuse me. I'm Carrie, all right? Carrie White from the book and the movie. Is that not obvious to you?! God! (she stalks off. Joey goes back to studying.)

[Library – the library slowly begins to thin out until the only one left is Joey, the guy at the front desk and the creepy man eating peanuts. Suddenly the creepy man is standing next to Joey's table staring at her.]

Man: Can I borrow a pen?

Joey: Oh, yeah, um... I have one in here. (he takes the pen, but continues to stand there staring at her.) You can keep it. I don't need it.

Man: You shouldn't be here after dark. It's not safe.

Joey: Oh, well, you know what? That's ok, actually, because my boyfriend's on his way over, as soon as football practice lets out, so I'll be fine, but, um... thank you for your concern. (Joey goes over to the front desk. A cute guy sits at a computer there.) Excuse me, do you have the reading for the intellectual history of Europe? It's section 204, professor Downs' class?

Library guy: Uh, let me check. Your name?

Joey: Uh, Joey Potter. (he goes to get the readings and returns with them)

Library guy: All right. Ok, you need to read these 2 articles, and there's a reference book in the stacks. (writing on a slip) This is gonna be your call number, Joey, and I still need to locate one more book for you.

Joey: (looking at the stack) Wow. This is a lot of reading.

Library guy: Yeah.

Joey: Thanks. (she doesn't leave)

Library guy: Can I help you with something else?

Joey: Are you gonna be here for a while?

Library guy: Sure, for another hour or so, why?

Joey: Um... I was just wondering.

Library guy: You worried about that guy?

Joey: Kind of. He's just... he's a little creepy. He keeps staring at me.

Library guy: Don't worry. He's here almost every night. He's pretty harmless.

Joey: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Library guy: You got it.

(Joey goes searching through the stacks for her book. It's very quiet and there's no one around. She rounds a corner and the creepy man is standing there.)

Man: Psst! Come here. (Joey turns and runs through the stacks. She runs straight into a the library guy. She gasps in fright.)

Library guy: Whoa, sorry.

Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. I think I'm just having a little bit of a moment. Um... [Whispering] I think that guy is following me.

Library guy: The creepy old guy? Well, actually, he just left.

Joey: Are you sure?

Library guy: Yeah. Look, do you want me to call campus security?

Joey: Uh, no.

Library guy: You sure?

Joey: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Library guy: Ok, well, I was looking for you anyway. The other book that you need is in special editions.

Joey: Where's that?

Library guy: That's downstairs.

Joey: Are they still open?

Library guy: Um... well, they should be for another, like, 10 minutes. You want me to walk you down there?

Joey: Heh! Um... no, I'm ok. Thank you.

Library guy: Ok.

(Joey walks downstairs into a very secluded area. She goes to the special editions room and tries the knob but it's locked. She knocks on it.)

Joey: Hello? (Suddenly she hears a door slam and sees a shadow of someone coming. She ducks into a maintenance closet. A figure passes the door, but continues on and after she hears a door close in the distance, she proceeds out of the closet. She rushes back up to the ground level and runs into the library guy. She screams.)

Library guy: Whoa! You ok?

Joey: Yeah. I'm so happy to see you. That creepy man is down here.

Library guy: Yeah, I know. He followed you, and I followed him.

Joey: Thank you.

Library guy: Yeah, look, you're gonna be fine. Why— (the creepy man comes out of no where and attacks the library guy.)

Joey: ohh!

Man: (to Joey) You should've listened to me, sweetie. (The library guy attacks the creepy man, knocking him out with something.)

Library guy: (to Joey) Come on. (she follows him to the front door, where he pulls out his keys and locks it.)

Joey: What are you doing?

Library guy: So you think you could put up a fight? Because I like that in a girl.

Joey: Who was he?

Library guy: A cop. He was right, you know. Should've listened to him, sweetie.

Joey: So you're the guy-- you're the guy who attacked that girl last semester.

Library guy: Shh. Don't tell anyone, ok? (as he moves to attack her, Joey fan kicks him in the head. He continues after her and she continues to fight back, throwing books at him and using all these crazy kick boxing moves until she finally knocks him out. The “cop” comes to and sees what Joey did.)

Creepy guy/Cop: Unh. Wow. You pretty much crouching-tigered his ass.

Joey: Yeah, I guess that kickboxing class actually paid off.

[Grams' House – Jack, Joey and Pacey sit around telling their ghost stories.]

Jack: Yeah, it's a decent thrill, Jo. But as scary as the stacks may be after hours, I think the fraternity house has you beat in terms of the creep factor.

Joey: So I'm assuming you're talking more than keg stands and Rufies (a date rap drug)?

Jack: I get enough of that from my common-law wife, all right?

Joey: I'm sorry, but what could a fella possibly have to worry about in the loving arms of his brethren?

Jack: Late nights in the basement, with the right provisions, of course, the mind can start to play tricks on you.

[Frat House – Outside. Jack walks up to the house as a bunch of his brothers are all leaving dressed in tuxes.]

Jack: Hey, guys. Have fun tonight.

Guy: See you, Jack.

[Frat House – Basement. Jack, Moskowitz and Brady are cleaning out some boxes and looking at old stuff collected from previous years.]

Moskowitz: We are way cooler than these dorks.

Jack: (he pulls an old radio out of a box) Check this out.

Moskowitz: Does it work?

Jack: I don't know. Anybody know the, uh... call numbers to the campus radio station?

Brady: 96.6. My roommate listens to the morning show.

Jack: My friend Jen, she's working the night shift.

Moskowitz: Is she hot?

Jack: I don't really know how to answer that.

Moskowitz: Yes or no?

Jack: Yes.

Moskowitz: You have to bring her over some time. (Jack starts coughing this nasty cough.) Dude, are you ok?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just caught some of that flu that's going around. I'm flying high on some of that extra-strength cough medicine.

Moskowitz: You want some Jack, Jack?

Joey: No. No, thanks. It's probably not a good idea.

Moskowitz: It's good for you. It'll kill the virus. Brady?

Brady: Nah, man, I'm good. Thanks.

Moskowitz: Come on, you guys. Don't be wusses. We are at the peak of our sexual primes. It's all downhill from here. We should be out partying tonight instead of in latrine-duty hell. Live a little.

Brady: I believe this is what's known as peer pressure. Yeah. Ok. What the hell? (Moskowitz serves a couple shots of Jack Daniels.)

Jack: All right. As long as it kills the virus.

Moskowitz: Here you go.

Jack: Ugh, that's some strong stuff.

Brady: Class of '68? Hey, this is my dad's class.

Jack: Which one is he?

Brady: He's right there. Oh, my god. He's a total dork.

Jack: He's just doing that hippie thing, man. It was the sixties, you know?

Brady: 1968. I can't believe he was ever this young.

Moskowitz: Wasn't that the year some guy offed himself?

Brady: Yeah, yeah. He was a total psycho. His roommate boffed his girlfriend, and he went ballistic. He slit his wrists in the bathroom.

Moskowitz: I heard she did everybody on the whole floor, and then he went out on the main quad and hung himself.

Jack: Now, that's disturbing. (Jack looks peeked)

Brady: Hey, man, are you ok?

Jack: I don't know. I don't feel so good—

Moskowitz: Dude, this is a vomit-free zone. All right? There's a bathroom right back there. Why don't you go use it?

Jack: All right, all right. I got it. (Jack goes into the bathroom and closes the door. He washes his face in the sink and when he stands up, he sees the shadow of a person running past in the mirror. Jack swings around, but no one is there. He goes back into the other room and no one is around.) Guys? (The picture of Brady's dad is hanging on something and it suddenly falls off and the glass breaks all over the floor. As he moves around the room, what Jack doesn't notice is 60s music is playing on the radio. He begins to hear the noise of someone in a closet.) Hello? Somebody there? (he opens the closet door and finds a guy tied up with his mouth taped over.) Oh, my god. Are you ok? Are you all right? (he rips the tape off his mouth)

Tad: Yeah. I'm ok.

Jack: (helping him into the common room and onto a couch) Let's get you out of here. Sit down. How the hell did this happen?

Tad: A couple of the guys, they're hazing, you know?

Jack: Are you sure you're ok?

Tad: I think so. I just... I must have passed out or something.

Jack: This is insane. I mean, they coulda killed you. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna get you some water. You want some water?

Tad: No. I'm ok.

Jack: Well, who did this?

Tad: I don't wanna say their names. I'm a new pledge. It'd be indiscreet.

Jack: No, it's cool. I'm with the new pledge class, too. I'm Jack.

Tad: I'm Tad.

Jack: I haven't seen you around before.

Tad: Yeah, I don't remember seeing you, either.

Jack: Oh. Well, can you get up? I mean, give it a try, at least. (he tries to help Tad up, but he looks to be in pain. He sets Tad back down.) All right, all right. Forget it, forget it. Just stay here, all right? I'll tell you what. I'm gonna, uh, I'm gonna go try and find a few of the guys.

Tad: No, please. I don't want anyone to know about this.

Jack: Why?

Tad: They already hate me. I don't want to make it any worse.

Jack: Who--who hates you?

Tad: The brothers.

Jack: That doesn't make any sense. I mean, if they hate you, why would they pledge you?

Tad: My father, he's one of the founding members of the fraternity. I'm a legacy. They had to pledge me.

Jack: But all the guys that I've met here have been really cool. I can't even believe that they would allow this.

Tad: They've been on my case since day one.

Jack: Why?

Tad: Forget it. I'm fine. I just need to rest a bit.

Jack: Tad. I'm not like the rest of the guys, all right? You can talk to me.

Tad: No. I'm gonna get myself into more trouble.

Jack: I'm serious, ok? Whatever it is, it's fine.

Tad: I told my roommate that, uh, I had feelings for him.

Jack: Yeah, so?

Tad: So, I never should've done it. I mean, we got drunk. I just blurted it out, and I'm not even sure I meant it. I just thought that somehow he might feel the same way.

Jack: I'm not quite gettin' it. This is a big deal deal because…

Tad: Because I'm gay.

Jack: Yeah, I got that already. I'm right there with you, buddy.

Tad: I don't believe you.

Jack: It's true. All the guys, when they took me in as a pledge, they knew this. Which is why I'm shocked that they're treating you like this. But this shouldn't happen, man. We're living in the 21st century.

Tad: Maybe you are. (he moves around like he's in pain)

Jack: What's the matter?

Tad: I need to sleep.

Jack: You stay here. I'm gonna go get you some water.

Tad: You're not calling for help, are you?

Jack: No. No, I'm gonna get you some water.

Tad: Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Tad: You're a cool guy. A great addition to the house. I wish there were more like you.

Jack: I'll be right back. (Jack goes into the other room and tries to call someone on his cell phone. As he's about to make the call, he notices the picture that broke earlier is now back in one piece. He picks up the frame and notices that Tad is one of the men in the picture.) No way. (He goes back to find Tad. The music has now changed back to current hits and Tad is gone.)

[Grams' House – Jack, Joey and Pacey sit around the living room, continuing their stories.]

Pacey: Don't get me wrong, you guys. You do spin a scary yarn, but in my estimation, what the whole world needs is a good old-fashioned urban legend.

Jack: Yeah, that's all we need-- more predictable stories about a guy with a hook for an arm that kills the amorous couple.

Pacey: Hey, those stories exist for a reason, Jack.

Joey: Right, to discourage teenagers from drinking and having sex in the woods.

Pacey: Ok. Say what you will, but I have experienced a few of those time-tested tales in my day.

Jack: See? This is further evidence of the double life that Pacey leads. You know, the fathoms of the sea and the seedy underbelly of the city.

Pacey: Jack is absolutely correct. I have seen the dark side. And he's also right in that the scariest stuff does take place in the everyday, which the last time for me was this one night with Karen.

Joey: Who's Karen?

Pacey: Do you really want to have that conversation now?

Joey: Uh, no. Sorry. Sugar high.

Pacey: Ok. So, this one night, it was before all the drama reared its head. I'm giving her a ride home in Brecher's car. I'm just driving down the road—

Joey: Oh, let me guess, the road stretched out before you lit only by the full moon above?

Pacey: Something like that, yes. So, here I am, giving her a ride home in Brecher's car...

[Open road – Pacey is driving Karen home in a Silver BMW.]

Pacey: I gotta hand it to Brecher. This is a sweet ride.

Karen: It's his wife's car, actually. His Porsche is in the shop.

Pacey: You're kidding me. A Porsche?

Karen: 9-11 turbo, black on black. Yet another reason to worship him.

Pacey: I don't worship the guy.

Karen: It's perfectly understandable.

Pacey: What?

Karen: Your little-boy crush on Danny.

Pacey: Excuse me?

Karen: Come on, I mean, it doesn't mean you're gay or anything. I mean, you know, he's charismatic, charming, cute.

Pacey: I look up to the guy. That's it, ok?

Karen: If you say so.

Pacey: Look, Brecher is the only guy who's ever made me feel like I'm good at anything, and he's the only person I know who doesn't make me feel like a complete freak for not going to college, and if you knew anything about my life, which you don't, then you would know that that's deserving of no small amount of hero worship. Ok? (Pacey flashes his lights at a car passing with his headlights off.)

Karen: What are you doing?

Pacey: His lights were off.

Karen: I don't think that was such a great idea.

Pacey: That's the universal sign for "hey, buddy, your lights are off."

Karen: It's also an invitation for trouble.

Pacey: What are you talking about?

Karen: No, I heard about this. It's like a gang initiation thing. No, I'm serious. They send out their new members in a car with the headlights turned off, and the first person who flashes their lights at them, they're supposed to hunt them down and run them off the road. It's a game to them.

Pacey: All right. I don't know what Mad Max, post-apocalyptic universe you live in, but in mine, that's just simple driver courtesy.

Karen: Fine. I'm making it up.

Pacey: Now, I didn't say that you're making it up. It's just, you know, some people forget to turn on their lights.

Karen: Hey, I hope I'm wrong. (she turns around and looks out the window) But I'm not. U-turn.

Pacey: What?

Karen: He's following us.

Pacey: Ok. Now you're being paranoid.

Karen: Am I? (Pacey looks in his rear view and sees the guy following)

Pacey: What is this guy's problem?

Karen: God, you just had to be the good Samaritan, didn't you?

Pacey: Look, could you just save the tutorial for a little bit later, please? (the car behind slams into the BMW.) What the hell was that?!

Karen: There's a truck stop ahead.

Pacey: Where?

Karen: Right there. (They pull off into the truck stop and park. They get out of the car and Pacey goes to the back to look at the damage.)

Pacey: Damn! Oh, damn! Brecher is going to kill me.

Karen: Yeah. I bet he's not going to take you to the prom anymore either.

Pacey: Heh heh. You're gettin' funnier every minute, let me tell ya.

Karen: (trying her cell phone) I can't get a signal. (she points inside the diner.)

Pacey: [Sighs] Fine. (they go inside and walks up to the pay phone. Pacey picks up the receiver and Karen points to an Out of Order sign.)

Karen: Well... why is this not surprising? (they walks into the middle of the diner, looking around. A waitress walks up to them.)

Waitress: [Clears throat] Are you standin' or sittin'?

Pacey: Uh, do you mind if we use your telephone?

Waitress: (pointing to the pay phone) It's over there.

Pacey: No. That one's out of order.

Waitress: Well, then I guess you're out of luck, ain't ya?

Pacey: [Sighs] Look, lady, I'm having—

Karen: Pacey.

Pacey: Just a second.

Karen: Pacey, look.

Pacey: I'm having-- what?!

Karen: Look. (she points to the black mustang that was chasing them, which is now parked outside next to Brecher's BMW.)

Pacey: (to the patrons) Ok. Which one of you is it, huh? Which one of you inbred, redneck freaks smashed into my car? Huh? A show of hands. Maybe you, huh? In the jeans shirt.

Man: (walking up) Get outta my place.

Pacey: Oh, no, no. Someone in here smashed into my car.

Man: Not my problem.

Pacey: Oh, is your problem. Is everybody's—

Man: Leave!

Pacey: Oh, my. You really should think about seeing a dentist. (they get back into the BMW and tear out of the place. After awhile on the road, Pacey breaks suddenly.) You have got to be kidding me. (the black mustang is up ahead, blocking the road, facing them.)

Karen: Ok. What are you doing?

Pacey: Just hold on. (Pacey revs the car. The mustang revs his car and they both take off towards each other, playing chicken. At the last minute, Pacey pulls the emergency break and the BMW skids out. The black mustang goes off into a ditch and crashes. Karen immediately gets out of the car.)

Karen: Pop the trunk.

Pacey: Hey. Where are you going?

Karen: Just do it.

Pacey: Lady, are you nuts? Ohh, I have got to start meeting less angry women. (Karen gets a bat out of the trunk and approaches the mustang.)

Karen: Get out of the car! (She stands near the door with the bat raised. Pacey moves to open the door, leaving room for her to swing. He opens the door and they find the car empty.)

Pacey: Ok. What do you say I drive you home now?

Karen: Yeah. All right. Thanks for a lovely evening.

[Grams' House – Jack, Joey and Pacey sit around the living room telling stories.]

Jack: So, I guess what we can conclude from this evening is that we can't offer much more of a thrill than the average slasher flick.

Joey: You know, maybe what they say about our generation is true, how we've grown up immune to the media. Look at reality television. Suddenly, it's normal to see people guzzling blood on prime-time.

Pacey: You're not going to distract us with this jaded prattle because Jack and I both know that you still check under the bed before you go to sleep.

Jack: (as Grams walks in) Hey, Grams.

Grams: Hello. I trust I'm not interrupting any unsavory activity here.

Joey: Nope. We're as clean as they come, actually. We're just literally sitting around the fire telling ghost stories.

Grams: Oh, well, you all haven't had enough life experience to tell a truly chilling tale. But, uh, if you novices think you can handle it, I think I might just have a good one.

Jack: Uh, you're gonna be hard pressed to scare us, Grams. I mean, we're just a bunch of jaded cinephiles that don't even flinch at the sight of blood splattering all over the pavement anymore.

Grams: Thank you for that sweet dream imagery, Jack. Now, then. A truly scary story should hit you where you live, find you in a safe place, and turn it into a den of nightmares.

Pacey: Ok. Mission accomplished, Mrs. Ryan, 'cause I'm starting to feel a little freaked out.

Grams: Good. My story-- actually, its Jennifer's story-- an experience that terrified her so deeply, she could never bear to relive the tale. It happened the first night she was on her own at the radio station. She was alone in the booth. It was getting on towards midnight.

[Radio Station – Jen is DJ'ing.]

Jen: Ok, people. I'm back, and I've been saving one last song for you. (She puts a record of Marilyn Manson's “Sweet Dreams” on. She notices a twig from a tree outside hitting the glass. She goes outside to investigate, placing a trash can in the door way – to prop it open. She goes around the building and sees the branch hitting the glass. She tries to reach it, but is just too short. After a few feeble attempts, she jumps up and snatches the branch, breaking it free. Just then she hears the door close in the distance. She goes back and find it blown closed. She pulls her student ID out of her pocket and tries to wedge it between the door, to unlock it. She is unsuccessful and the ID falls between the doors and inside. She goes around the back to the service entrance and that door is also locked. As she turns to leave, she sees a figure lurking in the shadows near the dumpster. It whispers, “Jennifer”.) What do you want? Why--why are you just standing there? Say something. (the figure falls forward and it's simply a mannequin. The record begins to skip and she rushes back to the front of the building. This time she is able to open the door. She pulls the needle off the record and turns her mic back on.) Oh! My apologies. A little scratch on the vinyl there, folks. This is Jen on WBCW, keeping you company all evening. I'm gonna cut to commercial and be right back. (She looks out the window, as she hears her name being whispered again, over and over. Suddenly a figure comes crashing through the window.)

[Gram's House – Grams is finishing her story.]

Grams: Now, that... is a scary story. Well, you children have a good night now, hmm? (Jack, Joey and Pacey sit there in shock.) Oh, I-- I hope I didn't give you jaded cinephiles too much of a fright. Good night. Sweet dreams. (she goes off to bed.)

Jack: So, I guess this is, uh, typically the time of night that we, you know, go to sleep.

Pacey: Well, hey, don't let us stop you. Unless, of course, you're too afraid to go upstairs by yourself.

Jack: Yeah. Unless, of course, you're--you're too scared to go to that creepy little floating house of yours.

Pacey: No. Why would I be afraid? There's nothing to be afraid of. We were just going. The only reason we're still here is 'cause I wanted to tell you that when Dawson and Jenny get back, we should all get together. I'll cook for you.

Jack: No, no, please. That's enough of the fear factor.

Pacey: Ah heh heh. Yeah. That's funny. You see what you just earned yourself? You earned yourself contaminated food. So, what do you say, Jo? You wanna brave the "T"?

Joey: Yeah, I'm willing to venture forth if you are.

Pacey: Yeah, of course. Sure, let's go.

Joey: But you are gonna walk in front of me, right?

Pacey: Well, now, are you sure that you want me to do that? 'Cause if I walk in front of you, how are you gonna see the man that's gonna jump out of the bushes and stab you in the throat?

Joey: Pacey, there is no man.

Pacey: You're absolutely right. I'm all for gender equality. It could be a woman. Some, green-eyed Angelina Jolie type. Actually, that could be pretty interesting.

Joey: Can we just go before it strikes midnight and Grams emerges looking for her lost head?

Jack: See? I knew the grams thing runs deep. I knew it.

Pacey: I tell ya, sweet Mrs. Ryan is nothing compared to what we got in store for us.

Joey: Laugh all you want, Pace. But you are my escort. (Someone is looking in the window at Pacey, Joey and Jack. We hear a faint whisper of “Jennifer” as it fades to black.)

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