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  05x10 - Appetite For Destruction
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Episode 510 - Appetite for Destruction

[Scene: Grams kitchen. Pacey, Joey, Jack, and Audrey are all gathered around helping Pacey prepare their meal]

Jack: There you go.

Joey: Thank you.

Audrey: Do do do do

Joey: ooh.

Audrey: Mmm. Dee dee dee dee

Joey: ooh, the rice is looking kinda gummy, pace.

Pacey: Uh, no. It's risotto, Jo, and it's not gummy. It's just absorbing the stuff.

Jack: Joey, please don't hinder the man's process, all right? I'm starving.

Audrey: Yeah, me, too. What gives with the fancy rice?

Pacey: It's risotto, and it can't just be cooked. It has to be built.

Audrey: Well, that's awesome and everything, but if the plan is for us to bond, let's just order a pizza and give each other manicures.

Joey: Audrey, aside from the fact that we said that we would have these weekly dinners and have obviously failed to do so, Pacey's cooking, on his night off, no less. I mean, we should at least welcome the break from dining hall fare.

Audrey: Yeah, well, you promised me a Grams, and I see no Grams, so the evening is clearly ruined. I'm liking the decor, however. Hey, you guys ever go crazy and eat off the plates on the wall?

Pacey: Hey, Audrey, you know that onion I asked you to chop?

Audrey: Yes. Yes, I do.

Pacey: Fork it over.

Audrey: Oh, no. I'm sorry. I thought you were just trying to make me feel included by giving me a little task to do. I didn't...

Joey: Hands Pacey the cut up onion] here, Pace.

Joey: So, where are Jen and Dawson? I thought the festival ended yesterday.

Jack: Yeah, Jen called grams, said they were stayin' an extra day. Something about, uh, soaking up the atmosphere. I don't know.

[Scene: Outside Grams house. Dawson is retrieving his and Jen's bags from the back of his jeep]

Jen: Oh, wow... back at Grams.

Dawson: That's right. The harsh reality of life at Grams. [Laughs] The endless cycle of home cooked meals and grueling knitting sessions.

Jen: [Chuckles] You mock me.

Dawson: I do mock you.

Jen: Ah, I just enjoyed our little escapist adventure. I mean... I don't know what I'm gonna say to her.

Dawson: You don't have to say anything.

Jen: Are you proposing that we sneak around, Dawson Leery? Because... you know, I am that kind of girl.

Dawson: I am proposing that we just... enjoy what we have goin' on and don't worry so much about what to tell other people.

Jen: Who is this footloose and fancy free boy? [Dawson leans Jen against a column and kisses her]Why don't we go inside?

[Scene: Grams house. Dawson and Jen start kissing in the hallway and Audrey, then Jack and Pacey and finally walk in on their little kissing event.]

Audrey: Hey, guys. [Silence and ackward stares all around..few smiles as well]Um... Pacey made rice.

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: Grams dining room. Pacey, Joey, Audrey, Jack, Dawson, and Jen are all gathered around a candle lit table eating dinner. Silence and ackward stares alll around...yet again]

Pacey: It's not supposed to be this gummy. I mean, you're supposed to serve it right away before anything has a chance to coagulate.

Jen: I'm sorry. That's probably our... [Clears throat] My fault for the coagulation. I just didn't know that everybody was gonna be here and--

Dawson: Or that pacey was cooking. Right. Who could have guessed?

Jack: Already finishing each other's sentences.

Audrey: [Clears throat and purposely stains her shirt] What--oh, my god. Will you look at that? What gets out rice? Joey, come help me.

[Scene: Grams bathroom. Audrey tries to get Joey to open up and let out what she is feeling...since she did just witness Dawson and Jen kissing.]

Joey: Subtle, Audrey.

Audrey: Well, don't you need some serious girl talk right now? I mean, aren't you, at this very moment resisting the temptation to grab the butter knife and grind away slowly at your wrist?

Joey: No, I'm fine. We didn't have to cause a scene.

Audrey: No, we didn't have to, but, oh, come on, it's not like we're missing the dinner of the century out there. Seriously, Joey, are you ok?

Joey: Yeah. Look, so they had a fun weekend together. They were kissing, and believe me, it's literally nothing I haven't seen before.

Audrey: Oh! Yes, right! Joey, come on. This isn't, like, first week Audrey that you're talking to here. This is december Audrey. I am wise. I've been studying your people for a great many months, and I know how it works. And also, I know a thing or 2 about the casual kiss, and I'm sorry, but that kiss looked decidedly un-casual. Honey, I know that you're just this nice country girl who grew up on a stream, or whatever, but don't you know what I'm talking about?

Joey: I'm sorry. Uh, what's the topic at hand?

Audrey: Well, that clearly relations were had. You know, scantily clad and possibly fully naked relations? Oh, thank you for that image. I'm sorry. It just seems like you need a little slap in the face. Come on, woman. A reaction, please.

Joey: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have a reaction.

[Scene: Grams dining room. Jen gets up from the table leaving the guys alone]

Jen: I'm gonna go see if there's something that I can do to help. I'll just be right back.

Dawson: Ok.

Jack: Ok. [Hums]

[Scene: Grams bathroom.]

Jen: Knocks and opens bathroom door] Audrey, um, do you need to borrow a shirt?

Audrey: Oh, well, that'll be great. Thanks. [closes bathroom door]

Jen: Ok. [Jen and Audrey walk down the hall]

[Scene: Grams dining room. Pacey and Jack are smiling, giggling and staring at Dawson while still seating at the table.]

Pacey: [Sighs] So... Dawson... Dawson leery.

Dawson: That's my name.

Pacey: Yep. Well, come on, man.

Dawson: Come on, what?

Pacey: Well, first off, why aren't you eating your risotto, but second and far more importantly, why, oh, why did you choose to take the lovely and talented Jen Lindley away for the weekend?

Jack: A woman even my tribe can't resist?

Pacey: A woman who has tugged at the heartstrings of rehabilitated rebels and frat boys alike, and here you are not sharing the details?

Dawson: I got nothin' to share.

Pacey: Really? So that's why you've been staring at the bathroom door like you wish you had telekinetic powers, which means to me that either you are very, very concerned about Audrey's wardrobe, or perhaps you're concerned about Joey.

Jack: Hey, call me crazy, but I don't think Joey's gonna mind a little kissing, unless, of course, something more happened.

Pacey: Now, there's an interesting idea, but what more could have happened?

Dawson: [Sighs] Guys, I'm not gonna go over the bases with ya.

Pacey: I didn't say bases. Did you say bases?

Jack: Guys, we don't need details.

Dawson: All right. I'll be right back.

Pacey: Bases is plural.

[Dawson walks out the room and closes the partition doors]

Jack: Mmm. He did.

Pacey: You think?

Jack: Yeah. Definitely did. You feel different? I do.

Pacey: I do. I feel different. I mean, here we have Dawson Leery walking amongst us, and I gotta tell ya, I'm a little worried that maybe he wasn't prepared. We didn't even get a chance to have the talk. How do you know?

Jack: Mmm, it's not so much him as it is her. I mean, sick as it sounds, I know the look.

Pacey: Oh, man. You know, we almost did, too.

Jack: Mmm, I know. I know. Come to think of it, we almost did once, too.

Pacey: Hmm. What do you think it takes?

Jack: A virgin and a straight guy.

Pacey: [Click] Damn.

[Scene: Grams kitchen. Joey and Dawson are standing in the kitchen talking]

Joey: I'm fine, ok? Um... you know, seeing you kiss someone else is always going to be a little weird. I won't lie, but... it makes perfect sense, you and Jen getting back together.

Dawson: Yeah, I--I... I hadn't thought of it that way, the, uh, the "back together" part. I mean, we're such different people now.

Joey: I guess we all are, I hope.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: So how did this... happen?

Dawson: I don't know. It--it kinda took us both by surprise. Actually, um... I don't know. Getting out of my house really just kinda cleared a lot of the cobwebs out of my head. And--and everybody was so accepting of the film. And, uh, as stupid as it is, they put us in the honeymoon suite. Um... ah, there's no handbook for this, is there?

Joey: No. Maybe we should think of co-authoring one.

Dawson: Um... there's no graceful way of having this conversation.

Joey: What conversation? I mean, we're talking about a kiss. [long lingering stare] Oh. Uh... [Laughs] No, this is-- this is kind of silly. Um, I should have known. I--I mean, when you two walked in the door together, I mean, I'm the last person in the world you could call naive.

Dawson: Joey.

Joey: No, really. I get it, ok? I mean, we don't have to make this into a thing. In fact, let's not make this into a thing, ok?[Joey opens the partition doors and walks out.]

Dawson: Hmm.

[Scene: Grams dining room. All are gathered at the table again.]

Pacey: Well, I hate to break this to you guys given your obvious level of enthusiasm, but now, it's time for the second course.

Joey: You know what, pace? If this cooking is stressing you out, and we're all tired from whatever, I mean... we could call this off if you want.

Pacey: [Chuckles] Oh, no. It's a good try, but no, because there are many more courses to come, and although they may not be up to snuff for finicky sorts such as yourself, I put a lot of time and energy into them, so that has to be worth something, right?

Joey: You want some help?

Pacey: No, no. I'll be fine.

Audrey: I need salt.

Jack: You don't have to ask me twice.

[Pacey, Joey, Audrey, and Jack walk into the kitchen leaving Dawson and Jen to themselves.]

Dawson: [Sighs] So, they know.

Jen: Mmm.

Dawson: Right... [Clears throat] Oh, god. And Joey knows.

Jen: Oh, boy. [Sighs] How did she react?

Dawson: Like Joey.

Jen: Is she upset?

Dawson: Yeah, she is and she isn't. I mean... I don't know... [Clears throat] If you can make any sense of that.

Jen: Man. Last week, she told me that, um... she couldn't think of anybody better to take care of you than me. I don't think this is what she had in mind.

Dawson: As much as I love and care about those people in the next room, I'm happy with you. [kisses Jen's hand] Ok? And nobody else gets to weigh in on that. Ok?

Jen: Ok.

[Dawson kisses Jen and camera fades toward the open kitchen door where Audrey is peering out]

[Scene: Grams kitchen. Pacey is getting the next course serving ready while Joey, Audrey, and Jack all stand around.Topic of conversation...Dawson and Jen.]

Jack: Look, I'm just gonna say it, all right? I think it's a little weird.

[Joey grabs a bag out of the covered and tosses it to Audrey whom Pacey snatches it from.]

Joey: Really? I thought you'd be all for Jen being with someone like Dawson. Nice, sensitive...

Jack: Shell-shocked, vulnerable? Look, come on, guys. Somebody's gotta say it. I just don't think it's the best time to experiment for either one of them. Aren't you a little glad I said that?

Audrey: Ok, ok. But seriously, where's the Grams? You guys have been evading the question all night. What do you, like, keep her upstairs in the attic or something?

Joey: You know what? Audrey's right. It's very inappropriate to be doing this without grams. I mean, this is her house, after all.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. If I'm stayin', you're stayin'.

Joey: You live here.

Jack: Less and less. It's not the will & grace thing it once was.

Pacey: Ok, look, I know that leaving right now sounds tempting, and it would be easy, but somehow I don't think that the easy thing is gonna solve anything... in the long run.

Audrey: Hey, um... what's goin' on in here?

Pacey: It's, uh, lemon roasted chicken.

Audrey: Is it supposed to be birthing the lemons like that?

Jack: All right. If that doesn't wake up the taste buds, I don't know what will.

Pacey: You stuff the lemons into the chicken for flavoring.

Joey: Mmm. That's great. Let's serve it up.

Pacey: No. No. It's not ready yet.

Joey: Well, I, for one, prefer my chicken raw. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Jack: Yeah, sure. Why not? Cavemen used to do it.

Pacey: Sure. That's a great idea. Go grab the plates. We'll serve it up, bloody as hell.

[Joey walks through the partition doors into the dining room.]

Dawson: Um, do they need some help in there?

Joey: If you want.

[Scene: Grams dining room. Jen comfronts Joey.]

Jen: Um...Joey? Just so you know, um... for whatever it's worth, and I don't know what that is, but I just didn't-- I didn't plan on this.

Joey: I didn't assume that you did.

Jen: I know, I just, um... this boy has always been between us in one way or another, and I feel like you and I were finally getting close. And I would just-- I would really hate for that to be negated by this, um... development.

Joey: You know what? Um, everyone seems to be operating under this assumption tonight that we're all going to react a certain way to this, and that that way is somehow going to be apocalyptic. I don't know how many different ways to say this, but I'm fine. Really. You're a good person, Jen. That's exactly what Dawson needs right now.

[Scene: Pacey, Joey, Jack, Audrey, Jen, and Dawson are sitting down at the dining room table eating]

Jack: Pace, if I spot a vein, do I win a prize?

Pacey: So, perhaps the chicken was taken a bit before its time, but that said, I did serve you the cooked parts. 'Cause demented as my sense of humor may be sometimes, I'm not trying to unleash a health hazard here. So please, eat in peace.

Jack: So, Dawson, aside from the obvious, how was the, uh, the film festival?

Dawson: Um, I was afraid it was gonna be some little, like, hee-haw production, which it was, but, uh, in a good way. And,, I met this guy who goes to school in Boston. Actually goes to a film school here. I was thinking of checking it out.

Joey: Really?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, the idea of getting up each morning with a purpose beyond just getting through the day is actually kind of appealing.

Joey: So then you would end up in Boston after all.

Dawson: Yeah, looks that way.

Jack: Well, that's really cool, man. I mean, if you decide to move here, there's plenty of room at Grams'. That's a definite possibility.

Audrey: God and man! [Audrey stains her clothes yet again]

[Scene: Audrey and Joey walk into Grams kitchen]

Joey: Not again!

Audrey: Joey, please.

Joey: Excuse me. Maybe we should go over our game plan here. I mean, usually in these situations, the one who needs to talk is the one who freely hurls food on her friend's clothing.

Audrey: Ok, well, I need to talk.

Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. What can I do to make you feel more comfortable? [Sighs] Audrey, everyone's treating me like a delicate little flower in there. No thanks to these emergency rushes to the kitchen on the half hour.

Audrey: Well, what is wrong with you? Why aren't you a delicate little flower? Have you no soul? Just a black, black void?

Joey: Which question should I answer first?

Audrey: Ok. He's moving to Boston. How do you feel about that?

Joey: Fine. I feel nothing. Ok? Nothing. It's not the most shocking news in the world.

Audrey: [Sighs]

Joey: You know what? When dawson's father died, it canceled everything out. Understandably.

Audrey: Yes.

Joey: And yes, there was a point where there were possibilities, say-- I guess. I don't know. I guess I'll never know. And we both thought that things were going to happen, but what happened is that dawson lost his father. What kind of a person would I be if I didn't understand that? So, yeah, maybe... if this broke my heart, I wouldn't have any right to say so.

Audrey: Oh, but, honey... you have the right to say anything you want when it comes to how you feel.

Joey: It doesn't matter, ok? It is what it is.

[Joey walks out of the kitchen]

[Doorbell rings]

Jen: Let me get that.

[Jen walks to the door and opens it]

Charlie: Hi.

[Scene: Grams dining room.]

Audrey: Um, pacey? Don't the salads usually come first?

Pacey: Well, Audrey, those with sophisticated tastes usually save the salad for the third course because it cleanses the palette before dessert.

Joey: Don't listen to her, pace. She can't even work the dorm microwave.

Audrey: Well, I didn't have one growing up. Ok? My mother was afraid of radiation poisoning. Little did she know there were more dangerous things in the house, like her.

Jack: Are we gonna eat, or what?

Pacey: Don't you think we oughta wait on Jen?

Jack: Here, dawson. Most nice, normal people would, but who knows how long pretty boy is going to take... to, uh-- oh, look. Bread.

Dawson: Uh, I'm gonna check to see what's takin' so long. Be right back.

[Dawson walks toward the front door and Pacey follows in his foot steps]

Pacey: Dawson? I'm sure she'll be right in.

Dawson: Trust me. I'm in no mood to cause a scene. I'm just gonna see if she's ok.

Pacey: I'm all for scene causing. I wanna serve the guy up as garnish for the third course, but don't be that guy. And I know you, man. You're 10 times better than that guy.

Dawson: Charlie? I should hope.

Pacey: Not just Charlie. The guy who needs to check in long before the check in is due. If you start your relationship with Jen off like this, panicking every time she leaves the room, rushing out to size up the competition, which is, really, let's be honest, what you're doing here, then the whole thing is gonna have this needy overtone that, believe me, is a rocky road best left untraveled.

Dawson: That guy doesn't sound a heck of a lot like me. Why do I get a feeling you're this guy?

Pacey: 'Cause generally you're a very wise man.

Dawson: I don't want you to think I don't appreciate your advice, 'cause I do.

Pacey: But you're going out anyway.

Dawson: Exactly.

Pacey: Well, can't say I blame ya.

[Pacey walks back to the dining room and Dawson opens the front door]

Dawson: Hey. Is everything ok?

Jen: Um, yeah. Am I holding up dinner?

Dawson: Don't worry about it. We'll wait.

Jen: Ok. Thank you. Just one second.

Dawson: Take your time.

[Dawson closes the door.]

Charlie: [Sighs] Nice to meet you, too.

Jen: You'll have to forgive my friends if they're not vying to meet you, but they're really good like that.

Charlie: Listen, I don't expect you to invite me in for cocoa or anything. I just wanted to bring you this before finals. The thought of you studying without your flaming lips t-shirt saddened me.

Jen: Thanks.

Charlie: Anyway... not that I expect you to sympathize or anything, but, uh, Nora and I...aren't.

Jen: That's great.

Charlie: But it looks like you... are?

Jen: His name's Dawson. And I would have introduced you guys if it weren't one of the more awkward meet and greets known to man.

Charlie: Yeah.

Jen: Not that this serves as an absolution, but it seems like I have a habit of picking the wrong guy, and-- and I feel like maybe this time I made the right choice.

Charlie: Well, I honestly just want you to be happy, Jen. And I want you to know that.

Jen: I am.

Charlie: I hope to see you around sometime.

Jen: Sure. From afar. At graduation.

Charlie: Well, take care.

Jen: Bye.

[Scene: Grams dining room.]

Jen: Sorry, you guys.

Dawson: Everything ok?

Jen: Yeah. Everything's fine. T-shirt returned. Case closed.

Joey: You know what? I'm gonna get some more salad. [Joey walks to the kitchen.]

Dawson: I'll be right back. [Dawson walks to the kitchen.]

Jack: You know, uh, we need to, uh, change the music. Jen? [Jack walks away]

Jen: Excuse me, I guess. [Jen walks away]

[Scene: Another room in Grams house. Jen puts a cd in the cd player as she has a talk with Jack.]

Jen: There. How's that? You happy now?

Jack: No, not really.

Jen: What? Do you think it's too poppy?

Jack: Look. Look. Can we just pretend that we're best friends here for a minute? All right? You're sleeping with Dawson. I mean, come on, any steps you wanna fill me in on here?

Jen: No. No, no steps really, I just... I don't know. It just happened, Jack. And I wish you could understand that.

Jack: Oh, look. Look. I understand, all right? I mean, I'm close enough to both of you to know that even when you guys were platonic, you were putting yourself up on this first love pedestal, but, Jen, come on. The guy's father just died. He's just trying to piece together how to get along with his life, let alone his love life, and you-- you just stopped going with Charlie, what, a week ago?

Jen: Is this about Charlie? Because I can't even begin to tell you on how many levels we're over.

Jack: No, this is not about Charlie. All right? It's about you. I just don't think you're aware of how delicate this little scenario is, that's all.

Jen: [Sighs] I am perfectly aware of how delicate this... I'm sorry, what did you call my relationship, little scenario, is? I mean, if you think that what's going on in the kitchen right now doesn't effect me, you're wrong, because it does.

Jack: All the more indication that maybe it's a little too soon.

Jen: Too soon for what? Dawson and I are just trying to figure out what's going on between us. Which would be a lot easier had we not come home to this lovely little intervention.

Jack: Oh, come on, Jen. It's not like we planned it like that. It's a dinner, not an intervention.

Jen: Well, it feels like it. I gotta ask, like, who are you to talk? Because you've conveniently erased yourself from my life for the past few months.

Jack: Well, that's a 2-way street, Jen. You haven't exactly been reaching out to me, either.

Jack: Well, maybe that's because I find it difficult to have a heart-to-heart with a guy who would choose a beer bong over his boyfriend.

Jack: Oh, yeah? Well, maybe I don't wanna bother trying to explain to someone who's already made up her mind about me.

Jen: Good, then you should know how it feels. It's like you haven't known me for the last few years if you think that I'm capable of hurting Dawson. How could you think that?

Jack: Oh, I don't know, Jen. How can you write your best friend off as a 2-dimensional, beer-guzzling frat boy?

Jen: It's not--it's not even that anymore. And it's not Dawson, is it? You and I used to operate like this perfect clockwork. You knew how I took my coffee, I knew how you liked your toast. I mean, what happened to those people?

[Ackward silent staring between the two]

[Scene: Returns to Pacey at one end of the dining table and Audrey at the other end talking]

Pacey: Look, I'm just as happy living in denial as the next guy, but, really, is the food that bad?

Audrey: Oh, no. I totally give you kudos for keeping it together tonight.

Pacey: Well, I'm glad you're here, too, because, sympathetic as I am to the drama and whatnot, it is nice to look across the table and see a pair of eyes who's not really ready to kill herself or the person sitting directly to her right.

Audrey: Hmm. Ok. To not hating each other. [Raises wine glass]

Pacey: Cheers.

[Scene: Grams kitchen.]

Dawson: You know, if Grams ever does get home, she's not gonna be too pleased to find out you' rubbed the pattern off her bowl. Joey, I really appreciate whatever reasons you have for pretending you're fine, but you don't have to do that with me.

Joey: Do you miss me? Do you miss being around me?

Dawson: Yes. Joey, of course I miss being around you.

Joey: It's just that, uh... when you were talking about school and moving, all I could think about was the distance between us. I mean, our lives used to happen together, Dawson. I think some part of you won't forgive me for changing the future.

Dawson: No. No, Jo, I changed the future. I stayed.

Joey: For what?

Dawson: You know for what.

Joey: Then what happened? Dawson, how did I go from being on the corner of possibility to being nothing at all.

Dawson: You're not nothing at all, Joey. You're the furthest thing from nothing, ok? And I wish-- I wish I could give you an explanation. You deserve one.

Joey: I don't-- Dawson, I don't want one because I deserve it. I don't want you to treat me how you think you're supposed to. I just... I just want you to tell me.

Dawson: Something shifted when my father died. Something was lost. And, uh, part of me, the part of me that was still hopeful just thought that maybe you and I could be on hold. And then all of a sudden, this path that I was on, that seemed like such a great idea when I started it, just stopped making sense. And the more I tried to stick to my routine, the harder it was to breathe. And then when Jen and I got out of town, it was... it was like starting over.

Joey: Do you think that things would have been any different if maybe I had gone with you?

Dawson: I don't know. I can't answer that. I don't know. All I know is when I was with Jen, I felt like me. You know, not the censored version of myself, not the sad version of myself, just me. For the first time in a long time. And it--it... it felt good.

Joey: And you feel like you can't be yourself around me.

Dawson: Joey, you're just hearing what you want to hear.

Joey: No, I think I'm hearing what you're afraid to tell me.

Dawson: Joey, it hurts to be around you. When I see you, even from across the room, it brings up a thousand memories. Not just of us, but of my entire life before. It's like I'm frozen in this place that I can't bear to be. I care about you so much. As long as I can remember, everything's always come back to you. I mean, even no matter what was happening between us. Even the thought of you is at least a constant comfort, but... I can't go back. It just hurts.

[Scene: Grams dining room]

Joey: Pace, this looks amazing.

Audrey: Yeah. Who delivered it, huh?

Pacey: Say what you will, not that I have to tell you that. But this one might actually err on the side of edible. So, please do try it.

Jen: Thanks.

Dawson: This is really good, Pace.

Joey: Is this espresso in the center?

Pacey: It is indeed. Delivered fresh from my kitchen to your veins for a night of wakeful studies.

Jack: Mm, very, very impressive, Pacey.

Pacey: Thank you. Good to know that I salvaged something, though I promise that next time we do this, it will be much, much easier.

Joey: Next time?

Pacey: Oh, yeah. We can't quit now. You don't stop riding a bike just 'cause you smash into a tree.

Joey: Well, it's just, like, we're all juggling with these new developments in our lives. Maybe we should take a break.

Dawson: From each other?

Joey: How did we get here? I mean, it seems like we've drifted despite our best efforts.

Pacey: Oh, I don't know. You might be overestimating at best efforts. 'Cause I don't think a couple of drunken mishaps and the occasional cup of coffee really cuts it.

Jen: Well, that's-- thank you. You know, maybe if we had actually done this dinner thing like we planned, the gap wouldn't have gotten so wide.

Pacey: Well, I had to give my stellar cooking skills time to gestate.

Dawson: It's only natural, guys, that we drift apart a little bit. I mean, trite as it sounds, we're not in high school anymore.

Audrey: Do you guys know how lucky you are? I mean, I can't even name 2 people that I still talk to that I knew when I was 15. Maybe you shouldn't be taking it for granted. And plus, you know, none of them can cook, and they're all hepped up on goofballs.

Jen: It is actually kind of amazing that we all still know each other.

Joey: And I guess we can't really expect each other to be exactly as we were when we first met.

Dawson: That's a lot to expect.

Joey: A lot to live up to.

Jack: Well, we're all still sitting here. Must be something worth sticking around for, right?

Audrey: Well, sure, I mean, the dessert. Oh, and the lifelong friendships.

Dawson: I'll toast that.

[Everyone clangs their cups together]

Everyone: Cheers.

[Grams standing in hallway]

Grams: Hello, everyone.

Jack: Hey.

Joey: Hi.

Audrey: Whoo! Is this the Grams? Oh, no offense, but you're kinda a lot cooler than I thought you'd be.

Grams: Oh, yes, I do seem to get that quite a bit. And you would be?

Joey: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Ryan. This is my roommate Audrey.

Grams: Oh, so this is the Audrey. Your reputation proceeds you.

Audrey: Oh, well, it usually does.

Grams: Well, someone needed to gather the troops. Oh, it's lovely to witness this little reunion. And I want to hear all about the weekend, but I'm afraid I must retire this evening. Oh, and, Dawson, it's too late for you to go back to Capeside tonight. You'll spend the night with us.

Dawson: Of course.

Jack: [Coughs]

Grams: Good night, everyone.

Audrey: Good night.

Joey: Good night.

Jack: Good night, Grams.

Dawson: Good night.

Grams: Is that chocolate?

Pacey: It is, indeed. And it just so happens I have a slice of this for you, Mrs. Ryan.

Grams: Ah, Pacey Witter, you'll spoil me.

Pacey: Good night.

Jack: Well, not to break up an otherwise rocking evening, but, uh, I told some guys I'd meet them out, so I gotta go.

Joey: You know, I should go, too. I have to get some studying in before it gets too late.

Audrey: Yeah, I'm with, uh--Pacey, always a pleasure. You can make me a tart anytime.

Pacey: Be careful what you wish for.

Audrey: Ok. You got that one for free.

Jack: Hey, you guys want to get some breakfast tomorrow? Is that cool?

Jen: Yeah. That'd be nice.

Dawson: Sure.

Joey: Thanks for dinner, Pace.

Pacey: My pleasure.

Jen: Bye.

Joey: You guys take care.

Pacey: Um, I'm gonna start on the damage control in the kitchen.

[Scene: Pacey enters messy kitchen with Jen tailing him.]

Pacey: Hey.

Jen: Hey. So I figure that I've heard a piece of everybody's mind today except yours. Hit me with your best shot.

Pacey: [Chuckles] Well, I'm sorry, Jen, but I can't help you there. You'll get no judgments out of me.

Jen: But that's awfully disappointing because Pacey's judgments are the best kind.

Pacey: Well, how about this? I would be satisfied if everybody would just do what makes them happy and left it at that.

Jen: But the planets would collide, and the sea would boil over with blood.

Pacey: And don't I know it? But you did seem happy. At least for the first 5 minutes. Maybe not so much after that.

Jen: Thank you. You know what? You shouldn't get stuck with cleanup duty. Leave it. Ok? Dawson and I will take care of it.

Pacey: I don't know if that's penance or pity, but...I'll take it either way.

Jen: I'd say that we should do this more often, but I think that we should give that further consideration in the light of day.

Pacey: That sounds good to me. You have a good night. [Pacey kisses Jen on the forehead.]

Jen: You, too.

[Scene: Joey, Audrey, and Jack are walking down a street sidewalk.]

Audrey: Joey, are you seriously gonna study all night? Don't you feel like going out and doing a couple shots or, like, I don't know, punching someone in the face?

Joey: You mean, someone other than you?

Audrey: Oh. That's right. Keep it up with the funny.

Joey: Actually, I think the only thing I am capable of doing tonight is studying.

[Pacey runs up from behind the group.]

Pacey: Hey, guys. Oh! Hey! They freed me from my cleaning duties, so here I am.

Jack: Sweet. You wanna come out with me?

Pacey: Hmm, thanks, but no thanks. I think all my social graces have been used up for the evening.

Audrey: Ya know what, though? No offense, but being cooped up with professor Potter all night is quickly losing its allure. Would you mind if I tagged along, Jack?

Jack: Of course not.

Audrey: Bye.

Joey: Bye.

Audrey: See ya, guys. [Audrey and Jack walk away talking with each other]Ok, we're so going to a gay bar. Your efforts to set me up definitely call for revenge.

Jack: I don't know. I tried that once, it's not really my scene.

Audrey: But you haven't seen me work a room.

[Scene: Joey and Pacey still walking down the sidewalk together.]

Joey: You know what I envy in you, Pace? Your ability to see the big picture.

Pacey: Ah, well, I am the visionary of our generations.

Joey: Seriously, I mean, when things got tough for you, you knew that the thing to do was to take a break from what was expected from you. I mean, it must have been incredible out at sea, to be able to start all over with yourself.

Pacey: I think maybe you're giving me a little too much credit. The only thing I knew that I wanted was to get out of town. It's only later that it became a profound journey. [Chuckles] I mean, what do I know? I think it's just a part of growing up.

Joey: I just feel like I'm acting like I think Joey Potter is supposed to act. You know, I'm-- everything that I thought I was supposed to want and to have is shifted. I just feel like I'm floundering.

Pacey: Joey, you're stronger than I've ever seen you before. You got the new school, the writing, the new friends. You are becoming the woman that I always knew you were going to become. So where is the flaw in that?

Joey: I guess you're right. I expected this from him. How could I possibly think that everything else would change, but we'd somehow remain the same? I mean, promises we made before we even knew how we would turn out, it seems a little crazy.

Pacey: The things we really want always seem like a good idea at the time.

Joey: Pace, I don't think I exactly wanted it. There was this small part of me that was relieved to get a break and was relieved to know that someone else was going to be taking care of him. And now...

Pacey: You just didn't expect to lose your place?

Joey: It sounds horrible.

Pacey: No. It doesn't sound horrible, it just sounds like the truth. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. And things have a wonderful habit of working themselves out regardless of how you may plan them to the contrary.

[Pacey hugs Joey]

[Scene: Jen and Dawson are ascending the stairs to the attic in Grams house]

Dawson: So, is this where you take your conquests to die?

Jen: [Laughs] I hope you're not afraid of the dark.

Dawson: You're not leaving me up here, are you?

Jen: I don't think it would be very proper to have relations with you in my grandma's-- [Dawson picks her up and places her on the bed. He lays down.] No! [Laughing] Dawson, put me down! Put me down. Put me down. You know what I think is scarier than an attic?

Dawson: What?

Jen: A basement.

Dawson: Why?

Jen: Because it has stairs, and because things hide underneath the stairs.

Dawson: You're afraid of things hiding underneath the stairs?

Jen: Yes. And in closets and underneath the beds.

Dawson: You are deeply disturbed. I had no idea. That is adorable.

Jen: Hush. Well, it's a kind of thing that only boyfriends are privy to. So... wanna talk about what happened tonight?

Dawson: Nah.

Jen: How come? Guess you can't change reality.

Dawson: No. There's even something cathartic about it.

[Jen lays across Dawson's legs]

Jen: I've had it with catharsis. I'm taking a break. Only for the winter months.

Dawson: You can't have had it with catharsis. We've still got New Year's ahead of us.

Jen: [Laughs] Dawson... can we just be boring? I want to be very, very, very boring.

Dawson: Well, I hate to disappoint you, Jen, but, unfortunately, boredom is not exactly the feeling you inspire.

Jen: No?

Dawson: Mm-mm.

Jen: [sits up] Dawson, I think that this room has possibilities.

Dawson: What kind of possibilities?

Jen: [lays down on opposite end of bed] The kind we can talk about tomorrow.

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