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  05x03 - Capeside Revisited
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Episode 503 - Capeside Revisited

[Restaurant – Jen, Joey and Audrey sit at a table for a meal. A waitress is taking their order.]

Waitress: Great. I'll be right back with your drinks, ladies.

Audrey: This place got an amazing write-up in timeout: Boston. I'm really glad I decided to tag along.

Joey: You mean invite yourself.

Audrey: Will you stop? (Jen's cell phone rings) Nobody believes that you don't adore me.

Jen: (answering her phone) Hello?

Joey & Audrey: (singing) Char-lie!

Jen: (into phone) Ha! Hi.

Audrey: (to Joey) So do we like this Charlie?

Joey: We don't really know this Charlie. She seems to keep this Charlie pretty much to herself.

Audrey: I'm a little concerned. This is all sounding very “Nine 1/2 Weeks” to me. (Jen hangs up) Booty call?

Jen: Pretty much. Yeah.

Audrey: Oh! I knew it.

Joey: Are you gonna go?

Jen: I don't know. I could use the snuggles.

Audrey: See, that's what I miss most about not having a boyfriend-- the snuggling. It's better than sex. If only guys knew how easy it was to make us happy.

Joey: Yeah, but you know what? Even if they did know, they'd still screw it up. Snuggling to them is merely just a means to an end.

Jen: I mean, I've been seeing Charlie for a week, and the only thing that I really know about him is that his boxers are from The Gap.

Audrey: Well, there are worse things, you know?

Jen: Such as?

Audrey: Well, for instance, he could be a tighty-whitey guy.

Jen and Joey: Oh!

Jen: Oh, good point!

Joey: Ok. On that note... I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and when I get back, I'd like it very much if this week's episode of “Sex and the City” had come to an end.

Jen: Ok, Charlotte.

(Joey heads to the bathroom when she stops short. Her face turns serious as they show what she's looking at – A guy who looks like Pacey scene through a window in the door to the kitchen. As a waitress comes out of the kitchen, the door swings open and Pacey is in full view. Opening credits.)

[Restaurant – Joey moves to a bench near the restroom, followed by Jen.]

Joey: I wonder how long he's been in town.

Jen: 3 and 1/2 weeks.

Joey: You think it's been that long?

Jen: Yeah, I'm positive.

Joey: You knew?

Jen: Only that he was in Boston, not that he was working at this restaurant. I swear.

Joey: Why didn't you tell me?

Jen: Because he made me promise not to.

Joey: I should go.

Jen: No, Joey... don't you want to see him or talk to him?

Joey: Of course I want to see him, but he obviously doesn't want to see me.

Jen: No-- you don't know that.

Joey: 3 1/2 weeks. Jen, if he wanted to see me, he would have, and if he wanted to see me, he wouldn't have asked you not to tell me. (she gets up and walks out)

[Grams' House – Dawson is in the living room when Grams returns with blankets and a pillow.]

Dawson: Grams, thank you again for letting me stay here.

Grams: I quite enjoy having an expatriate sleeping on my sofa. Makes it feel like Paris in the twenties around here. Alas, no crepes, but I did bake you some Rice Krispie squares for your bus trip tomorrow.

Dawson: Oh, how can I be so sure about something and so nervous about doing it at the same time?

Grams: Staying in Boston. It's a big decision.

Dawson: Well, I can handle it. It's just telling my parents I'm worried about.

Grams: Well, they might surprise you.

Dawson: Maybe I should just give it more time.

Grams: Because of your busy schedule?

Dawson: Because I-- I don't even know what I'm gonna tell them.

Grams: The truth will set you free.

Dawson: The truth will tick them off. Maybe a letter.

Grams: If Moses could face Pharaoh, you can face your parents.

[Frat House – People are partying and drinking while Jack and “Blossom” sit on the couch playing PS2. They are yelling and laughing over the game they are playing, until Jack finally scores and they cheer.]

Blossom: Oh, yes! Whoo! Yes! You are the man, Jack. You the man.

Jack: All right. Man can't breathe.

Blossom: (introducing Jack to someone) Jack, this is Polar Bear.

Jack: Hey!

Polar Bear: Welcome to Sigma house, Jack. Good to have you.

Jack: (shaking hands) Thanks, man.

Polar Bear: How are your classes going?

Jack: Not bad. Not bad.

Polar Bear: Thompson's Astro class is a bitch, huh?

Jack: (surprised) Yeah. It is, actually. That's the one class I'm really struggling with. How'd you know that?

Polar Bear: (handing him a business card) Call me. We'll talk about the topic of your pop quiz next week.

Pete: (walking up) Blossom, this the guy?

Blossom: Jack McPhee, Pete Willard.

Pete: How you doing, Jack? Welcome to the house.

Jack: Thanks.

Pete: So you get any time on the links lately?

Jack: Oh, man, I wish. It's kind of hard to scare up a golf game with the college crowd.

Blossom: Pete's on a full-ride golfing scholarship at Boston Bay.

Jack: I don't think we're playing the same game.

Pete: Ah, you can shoot under par at Capeside Country Club, you can hang. So you interested in helping me humiliate a couple of ATO's Sunday morning?

Jack: Yeah, I'd love to.

Pete: All right, man. Good to meet you.

Jack: Cool. Thanks.

Pete: Later, buddy.

Blossom: (handing him a plate with a baked potato and a glass of beer) Here you go, man.

Jack: You got to be kidding me. How do you know so much about me?

Blossom: A bid to Sigma Ep is for life. Before we extend that privilege, we pretty much make sure we know everything about each guy rushing the house.

Jack: Actually, Blossom, look, I think I should probably—

Blossom: Excuse me. I think a pledge just accepted his bid. I got a new brother. (he walks off to join a bunch of frat guys carrying another guy around and singing the Sigma Ep song.)

[Restaurant – Kitchen. Pacey is peeling potatoes when Karen walks in with a salad.]

Karen: This loudmouthed blond girl just returned her Caesar salad because of the anchovies. [Imitating Audrey] She, like, hates anchovies.

Pacey: So?

Karen: You wouldn't understand.

Pacey: You want to know something I really don't understand? Danny hires me on as the new cook, right? But then he won't let me cook. I don't know about you, but this, to me, looks a lot like potato peeling.

Karen: You're not wearing the hat. Why aren't you wearing the hat? There are health regulations, you know.

Pacey: I would sooner slap on a pair of chaps, ok?

Karen: Fine, Pacey. Don't wear the hat.

Pacey: All right. Is it just me, or are you not liking me so much tonight? What? Now you're not even talking to me?

Karen: I'm working.

Pacey: No, you're waiting.

Karen: I'm thinking.

Pacey: Well, you're usually talking.

Karen: Did it ever occur to you that I might actually have other things to do besides stand around the kitchen and yak it up with the new prep cook?

Pacey: You see a prep cook? Because that actually refers to somebody who would cook, which I'm not doing. All I'm doing is peeling potatoes, so I know you couldn't be talking to me.

[Charlie's Dorm – Jen shows up for her booty call.]

Jen: Just so you know, um, this is not gonna become a regular thing.

Charlie: What's not?

Jen: You calling, me just showing up here in the middle of the night like this.

Charlie: Yeah, but you didn't just show up. You know, I could have gotten a pizza in less time than it took you. Actually, two pizzas, deep-dish, Chicago-style. (he starts to kiss her)

Jen: Chicago? Is that where you're from?

Charlie: (trying to kiss her) Not exactly.

Jen: Well, um... where exactly?

Charlie: Do we really need to talk about this right now?

Jen: Yes... because we've been, you know, whatever for a week now, and I feel like I don't know the most basic things about you.

Charlie: (kissing her) Come on. Sure you do.

Jen: Where'd you grow up?

Charlie: (more kissing) All over.

Jen: Where d you go to high school, then?

Charlie: Lots of places.

Jen: (breaking free from Charlie) Ok, see... that's what I mean. These-- these are not real answers.

Charlie: Come on. So? The real answers are boring and long.

Jen: And what? You only provide them on a need-to-know basis?

Charlie: Yes. Highland park, Illinois. Not exactly the birthplace of cool. All right?

Jen: There. Wasn't so hard, was it?

Charlie: It was torture.

[Capeside – The Leery Residence. Dawson stands in the backyard looking at the Creek. Suddenly Mitch comes outside.]

Mitch: Dawson?

Dawson: Hey, dad.

[Leery Residence – Living room. Dawson is looking at the couch.]

Dawson: New couch.

Mitch: Your mom's been on a redecorating kick ever since you left.

Dawson: I like it.

Mitch: I miss my old one.

Gale: (coming downstairs) Dawson! Oh, I can't believe it! What a surprise! Oh! Is this really you?

Dawson: It's really me.

Gale: Oh, look at you! Oh, my God. You are thin as a rail.

Mitch: I want to hear about L.A. You get that deal with Dreamworks yet?

Gale: Did you get the cookies that I sent you?

Dawson: No, actually, I didn't. I haven't gotten the cookies because I haven't gotten my mail in L.A. For over a week.

Mitch: Class is really that intense, huh? Well, good. You'll learn something.

Dawson: I haven't gotten my mail because I haven't been in L.A.

Gale: Uh, I don't get it.

Dawson: I've been in Boston.

Gale: Uh... still not getting it.

Dawson: Um... guys, USC Is not for me. I want to drop out. I know this comes as a surprise to both of you, but I spent the whole summer in L.A., And I went to every single one of my classes, and the main thing that I learned about LA is that LA is just not where I want to be right now.

Gale: And Boston is?

Dawson: All my friends are in Boston.

Gale: Oh, honey. You'll make new friends in California. It just takes some time.

Dawson: Mom, it's more than that. It's more than that. I'm... I'm at a profound crossroads in my life, and I know that if I don't choose this path, I'm going to have significant regrets.

Gale: Hmm… Where would you live?

Dawson: Uh, with Jack and Jen at Grams'.

Gale: What would you do?

Dawson: Find a new school.

Gale: Oh, Dawson.

Dawson: Mom, I know I sound like a complete flake, but I promise you, I've given this a lot of thought.

Mitch: I've given this some thought myself, and I've decided... you're not dropping out.

Dawson: It doesn't work like that, dad.

Mitch: If you're going to stand here and talk to me about crossroads and paths so you can drop out of school and go crash on a sofa, then don't presume to talk to me like you're an adult. (he walks out of the room)

Gale: (Lily starts to cry through the monitor) Oh! Lily, I know how you feel. (she goes upstairs leaving Dawson alone.)

Dawson: Welcome home.

[Joey's Dorm – Joey is cleaning out something as Audrey tries to get her to open up.]

Audrey: Ok. So who's the guy?

Joey: What guy?

Audrey: The guy who you saw at the restaurant last night that obviously has some huge impact on your life.

Joey: Audrey, the only guy that has an impact on my life right now is James Joyce, and I can't focus on him until I get this room in order.

Audrey: You know... back in L.A., I was something of a therapist to a lot of my friends. People would call me all the time to talk about their problems. Some even paid the surcharge to call from the valley, and… lucky you, you've got me here whenever you want me.

Joey: Lucky me.

Audrey: So why don't you stop cleaning up the mess and tell me about him?

Joey: Don't you have a lacrosse team to date or something?

Audrey: I have this theory about you. You want to hear it?

Joey: No.

Audrey: You love academia because of the rules, and you hate relationships because of the lack of them. So do you want to see him or not?

Joey: Yes. No. Yes, but only if he wants to see me, and he obviously doesn't.

Audrey: Ha! God, you're dense. Of course he wants to see you.

Joey: What makes you say that?

Audrey: Because... you're beautiful and you don't know it. Because you're smart and you don't believe it. You're the kind of girl that guys never get over. Joey, you're the kind of girl that other girls get compared to.

Joey: I don't-- I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable.

Audrey: Why do I think you don't want to make yourself feel uncomfortable?

Joey: It's complicated. I mean, it ended messy, and I don't want to make things worse.

Audrey: Joey, no one's gonna grade you on how you handle this, you know? No one's gonna come along and tell you what's expected so you know how to succeed. Relationships are messy. That's their nature. They start messy, and they end messy, and if you ever want to have another relationship in your life, you better just stop worrying about the mess.

[Frat House – the following day. Jack sleeping on the couch when he is woken up by Blossom.]

Blossom: (handing him an envelope) Do you know what this is, McPhee?

Jack: I'm not even sure where I am.

Blossom: The inner chapter room. Sigmas don't let you drink and drive. We plan on keeping our house. See these pictures on the wall? Every one of these Sigma men looked at the very same thing you're looking at right now. This is your future, Jack. Open it.

Jack: (opening his invitation) Wow! What happens if I accept?

Blossom: You live in the house, you eat your meals here, your problems become our problems, your success, our success. We're your brothers, your family. What do you think, Jack?

Jack: I--I don't know what to think. It's all kind of overwhelming.

Blossom: There comes a point in every man's life when he has to ask himself that one fundamental question-- am I in or am I out?

Jack: Yeah... yeah, I've asked myself that question, actually, and I think you guys really need to know the answer. (they all look at him) I'm gay.

Blossom: (the guys laugh a little) You thought we didn't know that?

Jack: Most people are surprised.

Blossom: Most people aren't Sigma people. You're sigma people, Jack. You're one of us.

Jack: You mean, there's other guys in the house that are gay?

Blossom: You'd be the first.

Jack: Most fraternities are not particularly well known for, you know, their tolerance towards alternative lifestyles.

Blossom: Which is precisely why we need you in this house, McPhee. Listen, Sigma Ep has a reputation for being one of the roughest, party-hearty, alpha male fraternities on campus, a reputation which is not entirely unfounded. The dean wants us to diversify. The dean gets what the dean wants, so, yes, Jack, we know you're gay, and we want you in this house because you're gay.

[Charlie's Dorm – Jen and Charlie are in bed together.]

Jen: So...what's your favorite color?

Charlie: I don't know. The color of your eyes.

Jen: (covering Charlie's eyes) And that would be?

Charlie: This is ridiculous. You think I've been sleeping with you for a week and I don't know what color your eyes are?

Jen: Humor me.

Charlie: Brown.

Jen: With subtle flecks of green.

Charlie: Look, it's not entirely my fault that we just happen to have a completely normal, healthy, active sex life.

Jen: What are you saying? That it's my fault?

Charlie: No. I'm just saying that neither one of us has very much in the way of self-control.

Jen: Huh! You don't think that we could go a day without having sex of any kind?

Charlie: A day? Are you insane, woman? We'd be lucky to make it 12 hours.

Jen: What's the matter? Afraid you couldn't hold out?

Charlie: Now, you see... I know I can hold out. I'm just not sure you can.

Jen: Well, all right, then. Bring it on. 12 hours, starting right now, no sex. (Charlie moves to kiss her. Jen sounds unresisting.) No. No. What--oh! Huh.

Charlie: Maybe we should get out of bed.

Jen: Good idea.

[Restaurant – Pacey is still working on potatoes the next day. Karen walks in.]

Pacey: So is it me? Did I forget to replace the paper towels in the employee washroom? (she ignores him) You know, Brecher told me that the waitresses were moody, but you, Madame, are off the charts, and that guy is a total, complete, and utter wackjob, because he caught me touching one of the pans today, and the guy almost snapped. "Put down the ironclad and step away from the stove."

Karen: Allclad.

Pacey: Huh?

Karen: Why would he let you mess with something you don't even know the name of?

Pacey: Oh, come on. Just hate him with me for a second, would you? You know, nothing'll bond two colleagues quicker than bitching about the boss.

Karen: We're not colleagues. This isn't a law firm. I wait for people. You cook for them.

Pacey: Uh, no. I don't actually cook for them. I just get to cut their potatoes into paper-thin slices for reasons that are, quite frankly, beyond me.

Karen: The whole job is beyond you.

Pacey: Ok. What's the problem?

Karen: He's got you doing classic culinary prep work. You have to wear the hat so that some nice young woman who's here on her first date doesn't puke in the ladies' room when she finds a strand of your greasy hair in her pumpkin puree, and the only problem I have is that I'm working with someone whose sole qualification for this job is his gender.

Pacey: Well, you see, this is good. We're making progress now because you just exploded on me. I just have no idea why.

[Capeside – Dawson's Room. Dawson sits on the floor next to his bed when Mitch walks in.]

Mitch: When I was your age, I used to spend hours and hours just sitting around thinking about my life.

Dawson: Why'd you stop?

Mitch: Well, I guess I got too busy living it to sit around reflecting on it.

Dawson: I hope I never get to that place.

Mitch: Dawson... I am sleeping in the room with a baby monitor. I'm tired, so don't B.S. me. You and I both know what this is about. This is about a girl.

Dawson: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Mitch: You've been making movies ever since you were a little boy. I first heard about USC when you were 10, and for the last 4 years, it's been the frigging mantra of the leery household. So what do you do? You work your tail off. You overcome hell and high water and the kind of adversity that would send ordinary kids running for cover, and you actually do the impossible, and you get yourself in. You did it, Dawson. You...did it. Now here you are... your whole life ahead of you, and you're thinking about chucking it all away? What are you-- you crazy?

Dawson: Maybe a little.

Mitch: You want to talk about standing at a crossroads, fine, but for God's sake, choose your own path.

Dawson: Dad, that's what I'm trying to do.

Mitch: No, you're not. You're following Joey down hers. I know how much she means to you, but do you really think it's wise to make major life decisions based on someone else? Remember, this isn't high school anymore. The stakes are high. Your decisions have real consequences.

Dawson: God, come on. Dad, honestly, do you think I don't know that? You think I don't know that this is the most important decision of my life?

Mitch: Then make the right one.

Dawson: Dad, it's not that simple.

Mitch: It really is. Dawson... I have lived twice as long as you, and I'm just trying to give you the benefit of my experiences.

Dawson: Dad, I can't live the life that you want me to have. I can't live the life that you choose for me, all right? I have to have my own.

Mitch: Your own?

Dawson: Yes.

Mitch: Fine. Here's the opportunity to have the life you've wanted ever since you were a little boy. (hands him an airline ticket) I booked you on the 3:30 tomorrow. Seize this opportunity, Dawson. Seize it. It'll be gone in a moment... and that's life.

[Leery Residence – Dawson sits on a blanket outside with Lilly. Gale and Mitch sit in the distance watching them.]

Gale: I've got a little confession to make. It's completely and utterly selfish, but I totally want him to drop out of USC and come back and be close to us.

Mitch: When I saw him out there standing in the yard, my heart pretty much leapt out of my chest, and I thought, "God, I miss this kid." I miss having him around and seeing him across the table at dinner. I miss hearing what he thinks about whatever movie he's just seen. Do you know how much I love my life? I have this amazing family. I mean, I know everybody says that, but, trust me, I've been around the block long enough to know that what we have here is so incredibly rare. But you see... it's the only thing I've ever really been good at.

Gale: Oh, honey.

Mitch: No, no, no. I'm a family man. I can say with relative certainty that I will never write a poem... (Gale laughs) Or paint a painting or make a movie that will change the world. Just wasn't in the cards for me, and that's ok because maybe, just maybe... our son will do that. (Gale kisses him) What was that for?

Gale: What can I say? I love my boys.

[Charlie's Dorm – Jen and Charlie are trying to not have sex.]

Jen: (looking through a newspaper) This is working. This is totally working. Two people, two cups of coffee, just doing what people do who don't have sex.

Charlie: Going to a movie?

Jen: Mm-hmm. Um, check this out. Fellini retrospective-- la strada, la dolce vita...

Charlie: Uh, no, I can't do it. No subtitles.

Jen: No subtitles?

Charlie: No. I can't stand them. You know, if I want to read, I'll pick up a book.

Jen: What happened to "I'll see anything"?

Charlie: Well, anything without subtitles.

Jen: Not even action movies? No John Woo, Jackie Chan, Crouching Tiger?

Charlie: Is this some kind of problem for you?

Jen: No. No. No. No. I mean... it's not like a difference of opinion on subtitles spells doom for a relationship, right? I mean, so what really? So what that I have an overwhelming physical attraction to somebody who categorically rejects the very best that world cinema has to offer just because he's a little too lazy to read the words on the screen.

Charlie: Now, see? You're mad. No, no. This is good. This is good. This is what I was talking about-- us getting to know each other naturally. You learn a little something about me, I learn a little something about you, right? And before you know it, these 12 hours are up, and we can have sex again.

[Grams' House – Jack is talking with Grams.]

Jack: I got a bid to join Sigma.

Grams: That's wonderful.

Jack: Tobey doesn't think so. He called me "the gay uncle Tom." He's convinced that they only want me to fill some kind of quota, which isn't entirely untrue.

Grams: How do you feel when you're over there?

Jack: Well, see, that's the weird thing. I mean, for the first time in my life, I feel like I've finally found a place where I'm comfortable, you know? I fit in with these guys.

Grams: What's weird about that?

Jack: I'd be the only gay guy in the house.

Grams: Oh. Well, it sounds to me like... its more of an issue with you than it is with them.

Jack: You're right. You're right, but that's strange because it's typically not how I am.

Grams: But it is typically how Tobey is. If these fellows know you 1/10 as well as I know you, I am quite certain they want you for much more than filling a quota.

[Capeside – Gale and Dawson sit on a picnic table.]

Gale: Did Joey ask you to stay in Boston?

Dawson: No.

Gale: Are you two…

Dawson: Together? No. It makes no logical sense. I know. The past few years of my life, I haven't done anything without a clear-cut objective. I've always been asking myself, "What's my goal? What am I trying to accomplish?" And my whole life, everybody's always been telling me to follow my heart. The irony is, now that I've finally figured out what that means, everybody's telling me I'm crazy if I do it.

Gale: No, honey. I'm not saying not to follow your heart, but... people change, Dawson. It's a fact. You, all of your friends, you're all gonna change. So if you are absolutely sure that you want to be with Joey, just make sure that you are not going to prevent either one of you from growing. And, sweetheart, I am not dismissing this beautiful idea of soul mates, but the reality of eternal coupling... well, quite frankly, it boils down to one thing... faith. So ask yourself this question-- is Joey the kind of person that you are willing to take a very big leap of faith for?

[Dorm – Charlie and Jen are comparing themselves to each other while they play Gin.]

Charlie: Coke.

Jen: Pepsi. Exile in guyville.

Charlie: Exile on Main Street.

Jen: Favorite president?

Charlie: I don't know. Lincoln? Hmm. I am from Illinois.

Jen: Favorite Charlie's Angel?

Charlie: Cameron Diaz. Now can we just get back to playing Gin?

Jen: No. Not until we find something that we have in common.

Charlie: Look. We already have something in common--sex.

Jen: Well, you've got to find something else. You can't base a relationship purely on sex.

Charlie: Now, you see, I beg to differ. Sex is a pretty big thing to have in common. I mean, what exactly are we trying to prove here? What possible reason could there be for two intelligent, responsible people who just happen to have an overwhelming physical attraction for each other to deny that attraction? (he moves to Jen)

Jen: Oh, why are you leaving your side of the room?

Charlie: Because. (he climbs in bed with her)

Jen: Are you kidding?

Charlie: No. Are you?

Jen: (they start to kiss) No. Ok. Ok, but this does not mean that we're gonna give up on finding something that we have in common.

Charlie: Agreed.

Jen: Because, I mean, at some point, this relationship has to move out of the room.

Charlie: Agreed.

Jen: I'm sure that this is just a stage, and as long as both people are intelligent and responsible, there's no reason why we can't have—(Charlie looks upset) what?

Charlie: No condoms. We used the last one last night.

Jen: You're kidding me. Well, go find one.

Charlie: What?

Jen: Go borrow one. Go get one.

Charlie: Why borrow when we can steal? Come on. Let's go. Come on. (he grabs her hand and pulls her off the bed)

Jen: What-- where-- where are we going?

Charlie: Look. We're taking this relationship out of the bedroom, all right?

[Boston Docks – Joey walks down the docks looking for Pacey's boat. She finally spots him and walks up slowly.]

Joey: (looking up at the sky) You can't see them very well, can you, at night in the city?

Pacey: (surprised, he turns around to look at her. He smiles a little and looks up at the sky.) What, the stars? Um... no, you can't see them very well, (looking at Joey) but what the hell? I've seen them all before, right?

Joey: (finally looking at him and smiling) Me, too. (he motions for her to come aboard and helps her up)

Pacey: So I'm guessing that this means that Lindley sold me out, huh?

Joey: Ah, go easy on her. I saw you at the restaurant.

Pacey: Ah, yeah. My new stomping grounds.

Joey: Well, after that, she did unravel like a cheap suit.

Pacey: Which would explain why she hasn't been around to see me lately.

Joey: No, that would be because she met a guy.

Pacey: Really? That's good for her.

Joey: Yeah. So I guess, um, she's told you about these Sunday dinners we've been having.

Pacey: Uh, yeah. I seem to remember something to that effect.

Joey: Well, it's-- it's nice. I mean, we try to get together every week because it's easy to get lost in the big city.

Pacey: Well, of course it is. You don't have enough stars to guide you.

Joey: You should try to come some time.

Pacey: I'll try and do that.

Joey: Because, Pace, I would-- I would hate that... you not coming had anything to do with me.

Pacey: With you?

Joey: Or this thing we shared called the romance. You know, I did really badly, and there was bitterness and tears and... recrimination.

Pacey: Yeah. I think I remember that. We dated once, right?

Joey: Yeah, we did, didn't we? (she moves to the wheel and he helps her over) But, you know, I've practically forgotten now that I've slept with half the football team.

Pacey: Really? Just half? I think that shows incredible restraint on your part.

Joey: Well, I had to leave half for my roommate.

Pacey: Oh, roommate. Oh, lord. I feel sorry for this person. 24 hours a day, confined in a small space with you-- it's not healthy. (they both take a seat)

Joey: I don't snore.

Pacey: I beg to differ.

Joey: So, Pace, um... the other day, I had to read this article for biology, and it said that contrary to all previous thinking on the subject, human beings may actually be able to regrow brain cells.

Pacey: So I guess that means the whole "this is your brain on drugs" thing is moot.

Joey: I wouldn't go toking up just yet... but I think what it means is that at some point in the not-so-distant future, it may actually be possible to forget all the bad stuff and only remember the good.

Pacey: I don't know. If you ask me, I think that's already possible. So tell me some more about this new roommate of yours.

Joey: You really want to know?

Pacey: Well, of course I want to know.

Joey: No. I want to know about your job and this boat. This is one mother of a boat, Pace.

Pacey: Yeah, I know. I mean, it's not technically mine, but it's good for right now. And the job is a job, but this summer...

[Leery Residence – Dawson finishes packing up his bag and goes downstairs. Gale has Lily with her.]

Gale: (to Lily) Ok, sweetheart. Come on. Oh, yes. (to Dawson) Oh, honey, did you remember your sweaters?

Dawson: Yes, mom. I remembered everything you packed for me.

Gale: Ok. Um, look. (Handing him a ziplock bag of cookies) I made these for you for your trip. Please promise me that you'll eat more.

Dawson: I promise.

Gale: (kissing him) I love you.

Dawson: I love you, too. Good-bye, Lily. Good-bye. Ok, sweetie. Be good. Try not to spit up on mom too much, ok? (Lily grabs his bag of cookies) Those are my cookies. They're mine.

Gale: (to Lily) Ohh, he'll come back. (Mitch walks in)

Dawson: (handing him the airline ticket) Hope you can get a refund on that. Dad, I know you think I'm making a mistake, but if I am, it's a mistake I have to make for myself, all right? And I know when you think about this, you're gonna realize I'm only trying to be the kind of person you taught me to be.

Mitch: I think you are making a mistake, Dawson, a huge mistake, and I am disappointed in you. But never, ever for a single second forget that I love you... and I will always be here for you. (Mitch walks out)

Dawson: Mom?

Gale: He'll be fine. Call him.

Dawson: I will. (he goes out to his cab and gets in. Mitch watches as it pulls away.)

[Boston Bay Health Center – Jen and Charlie are climbing through a window.]

Jen: So... breaking and entering a typical second date for you?

Charlie: We're not breaking and entering. Hey, the window was open, right?

Jen: Isn't that just a little bit convenient?

Charlie: No, because there's nothing in here worth stealing... except... a Boston Bay tradition.

Jen: What, breaking into this health center and stealing condoms is a Boston Bay tradition?

Charlie: (there's a huge glass container filled with condoms on the counter, with a sign over it) It's not stealing. They're free. See? Read the sign. "Gift to the class of 1990. Here's hoping you get laid."

Jen: Is that what you think that that sign says?

Charlie: Well, something like that. I'm paraphrasing. Look. I haven't actually been here in a while. So if we could just get what we came for—

Jen: You can't read the sign, can you?

Charlie: Oh, come on. Who could read that from here? That's like china from here.

Jen: (reading the sign) "Gift to the class of 1990, in anticipation of a world without aids."

Charlie: I was close.

Jen: You are totally nearsighted, aren't you?

Charlie: I'm not nearsighted. I just-- I just can't read really teeny things far away.

Jen: Like--I don't know-- um, subtitles?

Charlie: Yes. Subtitles, all right? I hate subtitles because I can't read them without my glasses. You satisfied?

Jen: Yes. Actually, I think that this little field trip was a good idea because now I finally know something about you.

Charlie: What, that I'm nearsighted? Trust me. They make me look like a total dork.

Jen: You are a total dork, a vain dork. Come here and kiss me. (they sink to the floor. Charlie snakes his hand into the glass and grabs a condom.)

[Frat House – Jack is speaking with Blossom and the other “brothers”.]

Jack: I don't want to be wanted just to-- to fill some kind of quota.

Blossom: Well, you know the reason we first came after you, Jack, but the truth is, man, we really like you. Don't be thrown by this quota thing. Yeah, you're filling one. I'm filling one. He's filling one. Everybody in this room has qualities and experiences that are unique. That's why Sigmas kick butt.

Jack: Yeah, but you want a gay guy in the house—

Blossom: Yes, we do, but you're the one we want.

Jack: All right, but do you understand the reality of what you're gonna get here? I mean, my boyfriend, Tobey, when he comes to visit, I mean, he's gonna be eating here and partying here, too, and if I live in the house, you know, he's gonna be sleeping here and showering here.

Blossom: Jack... Tobey is welcome. Even if you don't live at the house, if he needs a place to crash, this is his home, too. That's what it means to be a brother.

Jack: Cool.

Blossom: So what do you say, Jack?

Jack: I say sign me up!

Blossom: Welcome to the house, brother.

Jack: Thanks, man.

Brother: All right! Yeah! (they all cheer and life Jack up on their shoulders.)

[Restaurant – Brecher walks into the kitchen and up to Pacey.]

Pacey: Hey. I'm done. 42 pounds of peeled and sliced potatoes. Now, may I please cook them?

Brecher: Quiet.

Pacey: Ok.

Brecher: (examining the sliced potatoes) Well, now. Looks like you started getting the hang of it toward the end here. There's hope for you.

Pacey: Ah, thanks. (Brecher takes the huge bowl of potatoes and dumps the entire thing in the trash.) What are you do-- that was hours of work, man!

Brecher: I don't serve potato chips in my restaurant.

Pacey: Really? So then why did you waste my time and your money having me do that?

Brecher: Training.

Pacey: Ah. Ok. (Brecher grabs Pacey's hand with the knife in it and grabs him forcefully over to a cutting board.)

Brecher: (handing him a potato like object – a truffle) Here, wack job. Slice.

Pacey: What is that?

Brecher: Forget about what it is. Slice it, just like the potato. (Pacey professionally slices it thin) That's not bad. You're learning.

Pacey: Now would you mind telling me what this is all about?

Brecher: Behold the white truffle-- so fresh that you can actually see the little hoof marks from the pig that dug it out of the I-talian soil. These babies go for $1,200 a pound.

Pacey: What? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Brecher: Now, if I let some headstrong kid get anywhere near them without proper training, I really would be a “wack job”. Taste. (he pulls a slice of truffle out of a pot and gives it to Pacey)

Pacey: (eating) Ok. I get it.

Brecher: Karen has more discipline and motivation than a slack-ass like you will ever have, but this isn't kick boxing, and that's why I wouldn't give her your job.

Pacey: (laughing) She wanted my job.

Brecher: Yeah. You're not gonna pick this up through sheer will. Cooking is a craft which can't be taught. However, it can be learned.

Pacey: What does that mean?

Brecher: Clean up your station. You're cooking the truffle ravioli tomorrow.

[Worthington – Joey enters her dorm building and checks her mail. As she moves to the steps, she sees Dawson sitting there.]

Dawson: How was your weekend?

Joey: Strange and unusual. How about yours?

Dawson: Strange and unpleasant.

Joey: You ok?

Dawson: Not really. I alienated my parents, and now I find myself adrift in a sea of uncertainty. But, hey, what else is new, right?

Joey: Can I do something to help?

Dawson: Yeah. You can tell me that I, without a doubt, made the right decision and that this decision will have nothing but positive repercussions for the rest of my life.

Joey: Dawson, I can't do that.

Dawson: Damn.

Joey: But I can tell you this. There is no right or wrong, just consequences of your actions.

Dawson: What the hell does that mean?

Joey: Well, I'm not sure exactly. My sociology professor said that last week, and I thought it sounded pretty profound at the time.

Dawson: Great. I should just get on a plane right now.

Joey: We can't. We tried that already. We can't seem to get you on that plane. You're like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. How about a cup of coffee?

Dawson: Sure. It's about time I got acquainted with this city of yours.

Joey: So how was Capeside?

Dawson: Same old same old. They're tearing down the new rialto, building, like, a new 16-theater multiplex or something.

Joey: I guess it just goes to show you.

Dawson: What?

Joey: You can never go home again.

[Capeside – The Mitch Mobile. Mitch is driving at night, back from the grocery store. He is singing “Drift Away” and eating an ice cream cone. Suddenly his top scoop falls off. He tries to reach it, but can't. He lowers his body to reach it and when he sits up, lights from an oncoming car brighten his face. A horn blares and it blacks out. End credits.]

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