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  05x22 - The Abbey
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Episode 522 - The Abby

[Scene: The Dorm Hallways. Audrey is being chased through the halls by two guys with large water guns spraying her and getting her totally soaked.]

Audrey: Aah! Aah! Get away from me! Aah! Aah! Aah! Joey! Aah! Aah!

[She runs into their room and they run after her, spraying her and Joey]

Joey: [Laughing] The innocent bystander always gets it!

Audrey: Will you just stop and try to appreciate the end-of-the year, all-day rager that you're missing. Happening live, right here in your dorm.

Joey: Uh, hello. I'm participating.

Audrey: Oh, yeah, but come on. Who knew that the losers we live with could party so hard? I mean, some of those geeks out there are actually cute, Joey.

Joey: I know you're single with a vengeance right now, but I have way too much packing to do to meet the cute dorks next door. Dawson wants to leave for Capeside by 9:00.

Audrey: Hey, Joey...

Joey: No.

Audrey: No, what?

Joey: No. For the thousandth time, I'm not going to L.A. For the summer with you.

Audrey: Fine. Ok, then. I have a better idea. How about I come to Capeside with you?

Joey: Audrey...

Audrey: Come on. Just for a couple of days, Joey. God knows, I've heard enough about the twisted little place to go and visit.

Joey: Well, you'd have to change your flight.

Audrey: Piece of cake.

Joey: And that means party time is over. Now you have to be packed and stored by 9:00. And look at this mess.

Audrey: [Gasps] Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mmm!

[Knock on door]

Audrey: Ooh. Let's do it. Ready?

Joey: Ready.

[They open the door and throw water balloons out, but instead of the boys it is Professor Wilder, and they both hit him square in the chest]

Joey: Oh, my god.

Audrey: Oops.

Wilder: Hi, girls. How are you?

Audrey: Great. Thanks. Ok. I'm gonna go now. I'm gonna check on that flight to L.A. Bye.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Joey comes out of the bathroom, and hands Wilder a towel so that he can dry himself off.]

Joey: And then Audrey swung the door open, and I am so sorry again.

Wilder: That's ok, really. I'm pretty sure I won't melt.

Joey: So, to what do I owe this nice surprise?

Wilder: Well, they probably would have mailed this, but I wanted to give it to you myself.

[He reaches into his bag and pulls out a literary magazine.]

Joey: The Worthington literary review? I thought this hasn't come out yet.

Wilder: It hasn't. Turn to page 28.

[She opens to page 28, and sees “The Kiss by Joey Potter”]

Joey: But this is a story from the beginning of the year. How did... professor wilder, this is—

Wilder: Nothing, if not well-deserved.

Joey: This is amazing. Thank you.

Wilder: Thank yourself, Joey potter. Any more chapters to that story?

Joey: Well, life twisted and turned unexpectedly. He went his way, I went mine. And now, if only the rules of writing applied to life. Right?

Wilder: Spoken like a published author.

[Professor Wilder grabs his bag to leave.]

Joey: So, do you have any big summer plans?

Wilder: Uh, actually, yes. To the horror of all literature, I've decided to try writing again.

Joey: Wow. Good for you.

Wilder: What about you? Are you embarking on the epic freshman summer adventure?

Joey: Well, if you can call going back to Capeside an adventure.

Wilder: Well, at least it's beautiful in the summer, right?

Joey: Yeah, um... it just feels like this year was such a great step forward, and... going back feels kind of like 2 steps back. [Chuckles] Not to mention...

Wilder: What?

Joey: Nothing, um... there's just something I gotta do.

Wilder: Well, I look forward to hearing about it in the fall.

Joey: You will. Um...thank you again.

Wilder: It's me who should say thanks. For more than you can possibly imagine.

[They Hug]

Wilder: Have fun. Congratulations.

Joey: Thank you.

[Scene: The Civilization. The staff is in the kitchen getting ready to start the day, when Alex comes into the room, shouting orders of what to do.]

Alex: Nope. Whenever you're ready. My time isn't valuable at all.

[Pacey comes into the kitchen]

Pacey: Morning, everybody.

Alex: You're late, and that's a bad start.

Pacey: I'm 4 minutes late. Do you think I'll be able to catch up? I mean, how much could I possibly have missed?

Alex: Tomorrow we are going to be closed from 1:00 to 4:00 to host a luncheon for our investors. Based on this event, the board will make a decision about whether or not we're going to be opening a second Civilization in Philadelphia. This meal must be perfect in every respect. Anything goes wrong-- I mean anything-- it's my ass, but it's your job. Do we understand each other? Great. Now the menu-- I want to start with fresh goose-liver pate.

Pacey: That's gonna be a bit of a problem.

Alex: Why is that?

Pacey: Because the geese necessary to make that particular pate flew south to the Bahamas for the winter about 6 months ago and won't be back till June. However, if you would like me to go down there and get them for you, I'd be more than happy to.

Alex: Ok. Um, what do you suggest?

Pacey: Me?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Pacey: Well, I'm not the professional here, am I?

Alex: Good point.

Pacey: Of course, the blue fin tuna was looking especially choice at the fish market yesterday, so we could potentially start off with a nice spicy sashimi which would go a long way to complement the asparagus tip and arugula salad which just happens to be Trevor's masterpiece and is a wonderful prologue to the rack of lamb. Drizzled with a little plum sauce, maybe served over a bed of polenta. Finish off the whole night with lemon soufflé, maybe some homemade vanilla ice cream, and you're off to the races. Of course, that's just one idea. We could always go another way if you'd prefer.

Alex: Could I have a minute with you, please?

[Pacey and Alex go into her office.]

Alex: I want you to listen, and listen closely. If you're gonna behave like a toddler whenever you're around me and you're gonna insist on testing my limits, you'd better be prepared to reap the whirlwind, 'cause we will tangle ass and you will lose. And in the process, I will make your life so extraordinarily unpleasant that you will rue the day that god created woman. Now, that's just one idea. We could go another way if you'd prefer.

[Scene: The Film School. Dawson, Oliver and others are cleaning out their lockers, when Dawson's phone rings and he answers it.]

Dawson: Hello? Hey, Mr. Waller. Ok, Andrew. I'm good. I'm good. How are you? Uh-huh. This summer? No plans. Why? You're kidding me?! Wow! Um...[] Oliver's summer plans? I don't know. I will do that, and--absolutely. Yes, absolutely. Cool. Thank you.

[Oliver who was listening in has made his way over next to Dawson.]

Oliver: So?

Dawson: So what?

Oliver: What was that phone call about?

Dawson: You mean the private conversation you were just eavesdropping on?

Oliver: Well, I heard my name.

Dawson: I thought we weren't talking.

Oliver: We're not.

Dawson: Right. 'Cause why would I want to talk to you after what you pulled in New York?

Oliver: 'Cause I've 'cause I've got manly magnetism. My wit? My enormous talent? Come on. Tell me! What did our agent say?

Dawson: "Our agent"? You mean the one I stuck around to get after you were too stubborn to admit that you were rude and just left?

Oliver: Ok, you're right. I felt really bad the whole train ride home, so, I'm sorry. I don't know what it is with me. I just... can't handle that type of thing. I'm working on it.

Dawson: Hey. What are your summer plans?

Oliver: I was gonna work at Hookset video. Why?

Dawson: You might want to change those plans.

Oliver: Really?

[Scene: The Coffee House. Jack and Jen are sitting at one of the tables outside drinking coffee, and making plans]

Jen: Fiji? Fiji is skin cancer.

Jack: All right, fine. Backpacking through Europe.

Jen: That's rich. Have you ever actually been inside of a youth hostel?

Jack: No. Have you?

Jen: No, but I can imagine. A bathroom so disgusting you're afraid to venture into the stall, mattresses so lumpy it's like sleeping on a model of the Himalayas. There's nowhere to do laundry. There's no privacy. It's hell.

Jack: Then how about Cleveland, ok? I hear they have a real nice Radisson.

Jen: Explain to me one more time why it's necessary to have some exotic adventure this summer.

Jack: You know why. You know that grams has a more exciting life at 76 than we do at 19. You know that--that if we were supposed to move forward this year, it's a complete wash for the both of us, and you know we're way too young to be getting lazy about our lives.

Jen: I know. I know. I know. It's just I always hated summer camp, and this sounds suspiciously like summer camp, only for longer, and it's much farther away. Well, if I have to do this thing, you know there's nobody on earth I'd rather do it with than you.

Jack: Oh, right back at you, freak.

Jen: Tell me more about this Cleveland.

Jack: Oh, yeah, well, I think I have a brochure here-- here it is right here. Cleveland.

[Scene: The School Dorms. Joey is carrying a box out of the room, when Audrey comes up to her, dragging her feet some.]

Audrey: Oh, please tell me this is the last one.

Joey: No, there's one more, but I'll get it.

Audrey: Oh, ok. Next year, if you see me buy anything at all, I want you to tackle me, knock me out, and shred my credit cards.

[Joey goes back into the room, and sadly looks around remembering everything that has gone on here, and then makes one last look around, before grabbing the last box and leaving]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Civilization Kitchen. The staff is busily preparing the food, when Alex comes storming into the kitchen.]

Alex: People, if you move any slower we're gonna travel back in time. My guests arrive inside of an hour, and you've already put me behind schedule.

Trevor: I think we're gonna be fine, miss pearl. [She gives him a dirty look] Well, I mean, you know, if nothing goes wrong or anything, I--I don't see why we shouldn't be, you know, fine.

Alex: You simple, simple little man. What kind of an imbecile do you have to be where you imagine that by placating me it's gonna make me hate you any less? You've got to be kidding me.

[Alex goes over to the silverware, and picks one up and looks disgustingly at it.]

Maria: Is there something wrong, miss pearl?

Alex: Yes, Marie, there is something wrong. There is something very, very wrong. It appears that there is a substance that's been sprayed all over the silverware. Marie, do you have allergies?

Maria: I don't think so. Maybe. I don't know.

Alex: Well, I suggest that you make an appointment with an allergist as soon as you've got some time, which should be remarkably soon, considering that you are fired, effective immediately, following the luncheon.

Maria: Miss pearl, you can't. Sorry, I really need this job.

Alex: And I really need my investors not to puke when they pick up their silverware.

[Pacey comes over to intervene]

Pacey: Can I talk to you for a second? You can't fire Marie.

Alex: Can't I?

Pacey: No, you can't, because the woman is raising her 4-year-old child all by herself on account of the fact that the father walked out on her, and she is working 3 jobs just to pay her rent. You can't fire her, Alex. It would be irredeemable.

Alex: I'm sorry, Maria. I really am. And I sincerely hope that you find employment elsewhere. Best of luck.

[Scene: Dawson's Back Yard. He is sanding the bottom of the boat in the shed, when Joey and Audrey come walking up to him.]

Dawson: Hey!

Audrey: Hola, casa de Dawson. This place is gorgeous.

Dawson: Thank you. Welcome.

Audrey: So...where is it? The room... the scene for so many long nights of teen romance and angst.

Dawson: Upstairs, last door on the left. Can't miss it.

Audrey: Damn right I can't miss it.

[Audrey goes off into the house]

Dawson: So guess what.

Joey: Can I ask you a favor?

Dawson: You first.

Joey: You think you could hang out with Audrey for a little bit?

Dawson: Sure. What's up?

Joey: Nothing. Everything's fine. I've decided to go see my dad. I've been thinking about it, and... ever since the night I got mugged there's just been a lot I felt like telling him and asking him stuff.

Dawson: You want me to go with you?

Joey: No, I... I think this one I should do alone. Just feels right that way.

Dawson: Ok.

Joey: Thank you.

Dawson: No problem.

Joey: Bye.

Dawson: Good luck.

Joey: Thanks.

[Scene: Gram's Kitchen. Grams is sitting at the counter drinking some coffee, when Jen and Jack come in and grab some cookies out of the cabinet]

Jen: Yes, the rumors are true. The unthinkable has happened. The sky must, indeed, be falling.

Jack: We finally did it.

Grams: Did what, exactly?

Jen: Oh, nothing, we've just been at the library.

Jack: For the past 4 hours.

Jen: Working on the internet—

Jack: Planning a certain trip—

Jen: Exhaustively planning a certain trip—

Jack: For the summer—

Jen: For 2 whole months.

Jack: To the exotic—

Jen: Beautiful—

Jack: Enchanting—

Jen: Mysterious—

Jack: Exciting—

Jen: Did I already say "exotic"?

Jack: No, I did.

Jen: Right.

Grams: Where?

Jack: Costa Rica.

Grams: You're kidding?!

Jen: No. No, we're not.

Jack: Jen figured if you're gonna do something like this, if you're gonna have an adventure, you might as well go for broke and really have an adventure.

Jen: Just like Indiana Jones.

Jack: Yeah, or, uh, Jeff Probst.

Grams: I'm speechless.

Jen: And you know what? It may be a huge mistake. It may turn out to be absolutely horrible, and we leave after a week. But so what? Because from this point on no matter what happens for the rest of our lives, whenever Costa Rica comes up in casual conversation, we'll be able to say, good ol' Costa. I spent some time there.

Jack: Yeah, because Costa Rica comes up a lot in casual conversation.

Jen: Hey, don't kill my buzz.

Grams: I'm afraid your buzz may be doomed already.

Jen: Porque?

Grams: I just got off the phone with Helen and Theodore.

Jack: Hmm?

Jen: Parents. What? What did they say?

Grams: It seems they've purchased a house in east Hampton. It's on the beach where you spent summers when you were growing up.

Jen: And?

Grams: They would really like you to spend the summer... with them.

Jen: Well, guess the sky is falling.

[Scene: The Civilization. Alex is sitting at a large table with the rest of the board members, getting prepared to eat the meal.]

Alex: And without further ado, let's bring out the first course, a spicy Toro sashimi-- one of my personal favorites. I think you'll really enjoy it.

[Snaps fingers but no one comes out, then she claps her hands with no effect at all either]

Alex: Could you excuse me for one minute? Thank you.

[She goes into the kitchen to see no food and everyone standing around]

Alex: What in the hell is going on in here?!

Trevor: Huh?

Alex: "Huh"?! Where is all the food?!

Trevor: Pacey--he took the food to a homeless shelter on the other side of town.

Alex: Oh, my god. When did-- oh, my god!

[Pacey comes into the restaurant carrying a bunch of pizzas]

Pacey: Ooh! Sorry for the delay, folks. But we're all right.

Alex: You slimy little cockroach.

Pacey: Hard to believe she graduated first from her class in charm school, right?

Mr Devaney: What is going on here?

Pacey: You, sir, are witnessing a coup d'etat.

[Pacey reaches into his pocket and pulls out a note, and begins to read from it]

Pacey: [Clears throat] "It is my unfortunate duty as duly designated representative "of the staff of Civilization "to inform you that in hiring miss Alexandra Pearl "as the manager of this restaurant, "you have made a grievous error in judgment. "In her short time here she has demonstrated "not only complete incompetence, but an--"

Alex: Stop it right now. Stop.

Pacey: Oh, I'm not finished yet. "Not only complete incompetence, "but an utter disrespect for all of her employees. "She's manipulative, vindictive, and cruel, "and she has created an environment so hostile and unpleasant "that we feel it is impossible for us to serve today's meal at a level representative of our abilities."

Mr Devaney: lunch?

Pacey: On the contrary. I brought enough pizza for everybody.

[Pacey begins passing out the pizzas]

Alex: Mr. Devaney, everyone, Pacey Witter is a deeply disturbed and highly delusional young man who has become increasingly obsessed with me.

Pacey: That is a good move. Very clever.

Alex: It's ok, Pacey. This is clearly the result of some sort of a breakdown. Now, I can assure you that all of his statements are nothing more than the ramblings of a lunatic and in no way are indicative of the feelings of my otherwise amazing staff.

[The entire staff has worked their way out into the dining area, and are watching on, when one of the cooks speaks up]

Trevor: Actually, they are indicative of the feelings of the rest of the staff-- really indicative. Cotely indicative.

Alex: Pacey, you're fired!

Pacey: Yeah. Reap the whirlwind, babe.

[Scene: The Jail Front Gate. Joey is walking up to the guard station with a nervous look on her face.]

Joey: Hi. It's still visiting hours, right?

Guard: Who are you looking for?

Joey: Potter--mike potter.

Guard: Sorry, miss. That inmate was released 4 months ago.

Joey: What?

Guard: Paroled for good behavior.

Joey: Well, how can that be? I mean, I'm family. How come we weren't informed?

Guard: It's the inmate's choice to notify the family.

Joey: Is there a parole officer we can contact?

[He simply nods no.]

Joey: So that's just it? He's gone and we have no way of knowing if he's ok? I'm his--he's my dad.

Guard: Look...I know your dad. He seems like a decent guy. I heard he was making a living at the five & dime down in Centerville.

Joey: Thanks.

Guard: If anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Capeside. Dawson and Audrey are walking along the streets of Capeside, as Dawson gives her a tour of the town.]

Dawson: I guess we were about 13 years old. We just got out of some crappy movie at the rialto, and Pacey spots Christy Livingston hanging out by the fountain with her friends. Now, Christy's about 3 years older than we are. He puts his hand on my shoulder, and he says, "Dawson, I'm gonna kiss that girl. "One day we're gonna be standing in the pouring rain, and I'm gonna kiss her, and nothing's ever gonna be the same again."

Audrey: Well, did he kiss her in the rain?

Dawson: Nope. Never even got close. To my knowledge, didn't kiss her in any kind of weather. But he tried. At the expense of dignity, at the expense of reputation and self-respect, he tried.

Audrey: Why are you telling me this?

Dawson: Far be it for me to comment on what qualifies as pathetic, but I don't think you have to let go of your silly romantic fantasies, because I'd be willing to bet he hasn't let go of his.

Audrey: That's just great. Fantastic. Now I'm never gonna move on.

Dawson: So, uh, interesting before about you wish you could be here and I wish I could be in L.A.

Audrey: Grass is always greener.

Dawson: I think I'm going to L.A.

Audrey: What?

Dawson: I didn't want to say anything, because it just happened, but what the hell? This producer wants to work with Oliver and me on our movie to develop it into something more. I don't know what that means, but—

Audrey: Ok, wait. Do you realize that this is the best news ever?! Let's just put aside for a second how totally awesome it is that this producer wants to work with you guys and focus on it entirely in terms of me! I'm not gonna have to be alone out there. I'm not gonna have to hang out with the people I went to high school with. I'm saved! Thank you!

Dawson: We might need a place to crash for a little while.

Audrey: Are you kidding? You're staying with me, obviously. Period. No question about it. I can't believe you didn't tell me this before. Did you tell Joey?

[Scene: Grams' Living room. Jen goes over to the radio and turns up the song “Baba O'Riley” by the Who, which is playing. She kicks off her shoes and climbs up on the chair and begins dancing while singing along to the song.]

Jen: [Singing] Out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living I don't need to fight to prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Jack comes in to see her, and looks weirdly at her before lowering the volume with the remote. Jen is startled by this.]

Jen: What the hell are you doing?

Jack: Well, I could ask you that same question.

Jen: Good point. Um... just that whenever the subject of my parents comes up, I seem to have this really annoying habit of falling apart.

Jack: I know.

Jen: And I'm just trying not to do that, and it's hard.

Jack: All right, I'm gonna go to the library, hop back on the net, and see if I can't cancel those cheap flights we got into San Jose. 'Cause I think if we do it today, we could probably get a full refund, so just... cross your fingers.

Jen: No. Wait. Stop. Don't.

Jack: Excuse me?

Jen: Don't cancel our trip.

Jack: Jen, you're gonna spend the whole summer with your parents. I'm not gonna go to Costa Rica by myself. Are you nuts?

Jen: No, I mean, I don't even know if I want to spend the whole summer with my parents. Maybe I'd rather spend it with you.

Jack: Look, we got time. All right, we got all the time in the world. We will have our adventures. I promise you. But this phone call has been 5 years coming. I mean, you gotta see it through, don't you?

Jen: I mean, why does my life have to stop and start at their convenience? I just feel like I'm doing really well right now... sort of. And if I dive back into that whole mess, I don't know what's gonna happen. I just want more time to think about it.

Jack: Well, how much more?

Jen: Well, maybe if you would let me go back to what I was doing before you interrupted me, I could figure that out.

Jack: Yeah. Sure. You--you figure away.

[He turns the volume back up, and lets her get back to her singing and dancing]

Jack: It's all you.

Jen: [Singing] Teenage wasteland it's only teenage wasteland teenage wasteland, oh, yeah teenage wasteland they're all wasted

[Scene: Outside the Civilzation. Alex comes out of the restaurant to find Pacey standing next to his car waiting.]

Alex: I feel like the "reap the whirlwind" line was a pretty clever button on our relationship. Surprised you want to step on it.

Pacey: I'm not here to gloat, if that's what you're thinking.

Alex: No?

Pacey: Never mind.

Alex: Wait. Why'd you come back?

Pacey: I came back because sometimes I let things go, and I just end wondering about them. And it occurred to me that if I let this go, I will probably end up wondering about it for the rest of my life.

Alex: What do you want to know?

Pacey: I want to know what happened to you, Alex. 'Cause I gotta believe people aren't born mean.

Alex: Are you gonna save me, Pacey?

Pacey: No. I'm just curious.

Alex: You know, I have to believe that in the end... people get exactly what they ask for. You proved that today.

Pacey: I guess so.

Alex: I'll see you around.

Pacey: I'll see ya.

[He gets into his car, but his engine won't start. He tries again, but still no luck. He tries again with no luck, and Alex stops next to him, and rolls down her window.]

Alex: You need a lift?

Pacey: Ha ha. No, thanks. I think I'll wait for the prison transfer bus and catch a ride with them.

Alex: Pacey, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna walk? I know you don't have a cell phone. Come on. I'll give you a ride to your apartment. Get in. Come on, get in.

Pacey: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.

[Scene: The Potter B&B. Joey is in the kitchen with Bessie talking about the trip. Audrey is standing outside the kitchen listening]

Joey: It's just weird, you know. He's been out 4 months, and we haven't heard from him.

Bessie: He probably has his reasons.

Joey: You mean like he doesn't want to see us.

Bessie: No. He's probably trying to rebuild his life, and he's not too good at that.

Joey: But Bessie, we're supposed to be the ones to help him through this. We're family.

Bessie: Exactly why you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Just give him time.

[Audrey and Joey go over and sit at the table]

Audrey: Joey, you know your sister's probably right. Your dad's just probably afraid of hurting you guys.

Joey: What if he hates me, Audrey? I mean, if somebody sent me to jail, I wouldn't exactly rush back to see them either.

Audrey: Joey, will you listen to yourself? Your dad does not hate you. If anything, he's ashamed to face you.

Joey: I know, but it was just hard enough to find the courage to go in the first place, and now this.

Audrey: I know. But after what happened last time, your dad knows. I mean, it's your call whether or not you want him back in your life, you know?

Joey: I'm glad you're here, Audrey. I'm sorry for dropping you for the day.

Audrey: Ah, it's no biggie.

Joey: Did you have fun with Dawson?

Audrey: The best. That boy is a gem.

Joey: [Laughs] Oh, yeah?

Audrey: You know he would do anything for you, Joey.

Joey: Yeah. He's pretty cool that way. The last time I went to visit my dad in jail, he came with me. It was like... he knew I wanted him to be there without me having to ask. That was a long time ago.

Audrey: Right! Like anything has changed. He drove all the way from New York to Florida just to see you like 3 weeks ago, for god sakes.

Joey: He did? What are you talking about?

Audrey: Ugh! Can my mouth get any bigger?

[Scene: Alex's Porsche. Alex is driving along, while Pacey sits uncomfortably in the passenger seat. The roads are wet after a recent rain]

Pacey: So what's next for you now? What are you gonna do?

Alex: Hmm. What's next? That's a good question. Probably wake up in the morning, look for a new job. Of course, not in food service, because quotes like "complete incompetence" tend to follow you around the business. I could probably get a job as a fry girl as your local drive-through.

Pacey: I'm not gonna feel sorry for you, Alex.

Alex: Then after 10 years of sampling onion ring batter, I will become 400 pounds overweight and not be able to fit through the front door of my one-room hovel. I'll be fired and evicted and need to be removed by way of an enormous crane positioned outside my window.

[She begins to speed up, and he notices that they are doing close to 80MPH.]

Pacey: Why don't you slow down a little bit, huh?

Alex: Then I'll be a big, fat homeless woman.

Pacey: Slow down. I'm serious.

[She continues to speed up]

Alex: With cats. Lots of cats. They'll live everywhere on me, and they'll be in my hair, and I'll just lay around on the sidewalk wondering about Oliver north and the iran contra hearings.

Pacey: I'm serious. You're driving really fast now, ok—

[She come up to a slower car, and passes him, just barely missing a car coming in the opposite direction]

[Horn blowing]

Alex: But, you know... maybe I'm just being fatalistic. Maybe it could go another way. All I do know is at this point my life as I know it is over.

Pacey: Your life is not over.

Alex: No, no, no, you know what? It is. It's over. Believe me. I can feel it. I feel liberated and terrified and...ha. Actually, I've never felt more alive in my whole life.

[Commercial break]

[Scene: Alex's Porsche. Alex is still speeding. Pacey has made sure his seatbelt is good and tight, and is starting to really get nervous]

Pacey: This isn't funny anymore, Alex. This isn't cute.

Alex: I'm reminded of what my uncle mort used to say. You'll never know what you're capable of until you're ready to push the limits. Take this car, for example. Can it make a sharp turn at 70 miles an hour? I haven't got the foggiest idea. But there's one way to find out-- shall we?

[She skids the car around a corner]

Pacey: Alex! Ok, now I'm begging you, please, please.

Alex: Ha ha ha! Come on, Pacey! I'm a little disappointed in you. I really thought you were untouchable. I thought you were shock-proof.

Pacey: You thought I was shock-proof?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

[She continues to speed up]

Pacey: Well, maybe you're right. I mean... why am I getting so upset? I just got fired. I lost my girlfriend. I have no place to live. Maybe you're on to something here, 'cause if you think about it, my life is actually over, too. So why don't we do this? Let's actually go ahead and push this as far as we can, see how far we're willing to go, because 80 miles an hour, really, what's that? 80 miles an hour-- that's what my grandmother drives on her way home from the gynecologist. I want you to drive this car like you know where you're going. I mean, really drive it like you got someplace to go, like you know where you're going. There's something about a fast car and beautiful women that does it for me in all kinds of ways. Would you mind if I kissed your neck? I've just got this impulse to go over there and kiss your neck. Perhaps you'd like me to kiss some other part of your body-

[He climbs over and begins kissing her neck disturbing her view, and she swerve just in time to miss a car pulling out of a drive way]

Alex: Stop!

[Horn honks]

[She slams on the breaks, and the car stars spinning out of control before finally coming to a stop. Pacey gets out of the car, and goes over to Alex's door and opens it for her and they go and sit on the curb.]

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson is sitting on his bed, watching a movie, when Joey comes up to his room.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: How's it going? How'd it go with your dad?

Joey: Uh...still trying to figure that out, actually. It seems he got paroled about 4 months ago and decided not to tell us.

Dawson: Wow. That's a shock. It's understandable, though, when you think about it.

Joey: What do you mean?

Dawson: The last time he got out, he came back into your life, he turned everything into a complete disaster. If he loves you, which he does, then it's understandable that he wouldn't wanna... repeat that again.

Joey: You're right. It's just... sad.

Dawson: Yeah, it is.

Joey: But, um... could we talk about something else?

Dawson: Sure.

Joey: Um...

Dawson: Sure. What do you wanna talk about?

Joey: Audrey sort of... indicated that you had something to tell me.

Dawson: Yeah. It's kinda weird, 'cause it's a really good thing. I want you to be as excited about it as I am, but I'm not sure that right now's the best time.

Joey: No, no. Now's fine. I wanna hear it. I... tell me.

Dawson: Here goes. This producer... this really big producer saw our movie, and he liked it. He loved it, actually, and he wants to fly Oliver and me out to L.A. This summer to work with him, and he wants to be our mentor... you know, help us get our foot in the door. That's what my agent said. It could be a colossal waste of time, but I don't think so. For the first time, I think this is... the beginning of everything I ever wanted.

[She realizes that he wasn't going to talk about the trip to Florida]

Joey: Wow, I--I don't know what to say. I had no idea.

Dawson: I thought you said Audrey—

Joey: No, god, um-- I'm so happy for you! I mean, I--I can't really even maintain a complete thought. Happy isn't the right word. I'm overwhelmed.

Dawson: [Chuckling] I wanted to tell you like the moment it happened. I mean, you know... you're the person I wanted to share this with more than anyone in the world.

Joey: Pressure. I'M...gonna say the wrong thing.

Dawson: No, you're not. You've already said all the right things.

[Scene: The curb. Alex and Pacey are still sitting there slightly in shock not talking and staring off into nothingness]

Alex: Well, clearly... I've got problems.

Pacey: [Laughs] Yeah, we've all got our problems.

Alex: Yeah, but... I could have killed whoever was in that car. I mean, in an instant... my whole life could have been changed forever.

Pacey: But it didn't.

Alex: You saved my life.

Pacey: So what's it worth to ya, Alex?

Alex: I'm not capable of answering your question because...I honestly don't know why I am the way I am. I mean, do you know why you're so good?

Pacey: The only thing I know, Alex, is that... you can't go through your entire life feeling sorry for yourself. No matter what's happened to you.

Alex: I believe that.

Pacey: And also that it's never too late.

Alex: For what?

Pacey: To try and... make things right.

Alex: You know what the saddest part is?

Pacey: Yeah. You totally messed up your Porsche.

Alex: Ha ha ha. Naw, it's a rental.

Pacey: So what's the saddest thing?

Alex: I really do like you.

Pacey: Ha.

[He gives her a hug.]

[Scene: Grams' house. Jen is in the kitchen talking on the phone.]

Jen: Oh. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I do. Ok. I will. I'll talk to you later. Good-bye.

[She goes into the living room where Jack is sitting alone, waiting to hear what she has to say.]

Jen: You know those moments when you totally don't wanna cry, but... you're not quite sure what else to do?

Jack: What happened?

Jen: [Sighs] I talked to them.

Jack: What'd you say?

Jen: I said... that I appreciated their invitation this summer, but that I had already made other plans.

Jack: What'd they say?

Jen: They asked me to reconsider, and I said no, and, uh... they sort of sounded relieved. Did I do the right thing?

Jack: Look, I love you very much, but... I can't tell you that I believe you did the right thing because...I'd be lying. I won't do that.

Jen: Well, then, don't.

[Grams joins them]

Grams: What'd I miss?

Jack: Well...she's not going with her parents. She wants to go to Costa Rica.

Jen: And Jack doesn't think that I'm doing the right thing.

Jack: What do you think?

Grams: Oh, well... I couldn't say. I... your parents have not been very generous with you. In fact, they've been cheap. I don't think this invitation absolves them of that.

Jack: Of course not, but I mean—

Grams: I wasn't finished.

Jack: Sorry.

Grams: The relationship between Jennifer and her parents is much more complicated than you and I could even begin to imagine. It may well be unsalvageable. And while I admire your instincts, Jack, there's only one person in the entire world who truly knows what's worthwhile here and what's not. If your parents have truly found a way to love you, this won't be their last opportunity to prove it.

[They all hug]

[Scene: The Capeside Cemetery. Dawson comes walking through it and stops in front of his father's tombstone. HE sits down on the ground in front of it.]

Dawson: How's it goin'? I have to tell ya, I've been busy, which is good, I think. Speaking of which, I lost my virginity. It was Jen. Believe that? After all that, it was Jen. I made a movie with a strange guy I met up at that film festival in Hookset. And, uh... we got an agent. And now there's this guy in Hollywood who wants us to fly out there and work with him all summer. So I'll finally get to use that plane ticket that you bought me. I guess there's... some symmetry to that. The real thing I wanna talk to you about is, uh... Joey Potter. I mean, is it still ok after everything that's happened to believe that something perfect is possible? I want to be with her. I love her. Ok. [Sniffs] I'll talk to you later. Don't go anywhere.

[Scene: The Five and Dime. Joey pulls up to a parking spot in the family pickup. She stays in the car for a minute trying to get her courage up, and then slowly gets out of the truck, and stops and stares at the front of the building. She eventually reaches into the pickup and grabs the literary magazine and heads for the front door, before the camera fades to black.]

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