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  05x23 - Swan Song
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Episode 523 - Swan Song

In this episode: As summer approaches, everyone gets ready for various travels. Dawson prepares to head out for LA with Audrey, while Jack and Jen get ready for their Costa Rica vacation. Left behind in Capeside for the summer, Joey and Pacey lament their fates until they make a crucial last-minute decision that changes everything.

Original Airdate: May 15, 2002

[Scene: Dawson is coming into an airport, and heads over to the Departure displays, when his cell phone rings]

[Phone Rings]

Dawson: Hello. Oliver. [Looks over the board and finds his flight] hmm. No. my flight is delayed. What are you up to? You're writing already? Oliver, the deal isn't officially closed yet. Andrew is still talking to the business affairs people. They aren't even sure if they are going to let me direct it yet. I know. I'm excited too.

[He turns to see Joey looking at the same board not that far from him. She turns and sees him and smiles]

Dawson: Oliver, I'm gonna call you back. Aw, man, this is weird. How long's it been?

Joey: Oh, I don't know. 3, 4 years?

Dawson: 5 years. 5 years since I went to L.A.

[A waitress comes over with their drinks]

Joey: Thank you.

Dawson: Wow. Thanks. I tried calling you last year, actually. But the number...uh, some guy answered. And then I got really busy with the movie, and before I knew it, a year had passed. I thought I might see you at the premiere.

Joey: I couldn't get out. I was working on my thesis. I saw it, though, twice. And it was good, Dawson.

Dawson: Thanks.

Joey: So, what brings you to town?

Dawson: My mom got remarried.

Joey: Really? That's great.

Dawson: Yeah. I just came to town for the wedding.

Joey: And how's lily doing?

Dawson: Starts first grade in the fall.

Joey: Wow! Time flies.

Dawson: Sure does. Joey, can I tell you something?

Joey: Sure.

Dawson: I think about you a lot, which is weird because we don't talk ever. I'm wondering if running into you is some kind of sign. I have to go back to L.A., But I might be able to reschedule a couple things and maybe stay here a few more days.

[Cell phone rings]

Joey: Oh.

[She answers her phone]

Joey: Hello. Hey! How was your flight? Oh. Well, I'm having a drink. With an old friend. Give me 5 minutes? Bye. Ahem.

Dawson: Who was that?

Joey: My boyfriend.

Dawson: Oh.

Joey: My fiancé, actually. He just got in from New York.

Dawson: Wow, th--th-- I didn't know. It's-- it's great. It's, uh-- I mean, seriously, that's really great. Congratulations.

Joey: Thank you.

Dawson: So, who is this guy? What's--what's he do?

Joey: He's an attorney.

Dawson: Never pictured you ending up with a lawyer.

Joey: He's an environmental rights attorney.

Dawson: Of course he is.

Joey: So how 'bout you? Are you seeing anybody?

Dawson: I was. Um... an actress for a while, and it didn't work out.

[Awkward silence]

Joey: Well, I should probably get going.

Dawson: Ok.

Joey: was really nice seeing you, Dawson.

Dawson: Hey, you, too.

[They hug]

Joey: Give me a call the next time you're in town.

Dawson: You bet.

Joey: Bye.

[Joey turns to leave, but stops and turns back]

Joey: Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: I'm gonna say something. You and me, we had our shot. And you blew it. So I moved on. And you might wanna get on with your life, too, because...I mean, this is getting sad and ridiculous. I just thought that you should know that. Take care.

[Suddenly Dawson wakes up from the dream he is having]


[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club docs. Joey and Audrey are walking along talking to each other.]

Audrey: Are you absolutely, positively sure I can't whisk you off to L.A. And save you from a summer of unnatural fibers?

Joey: And what would a simple country gal like myself even do in L.A.?

Audrey: Well, there's always Fred Segal.

Joey: Who's that?

Audrey: Not who, Joey, what. And the answer is heaven on earth.

Joey: Look, Audrey, I appreciate the offer, but I'm committed to Capeside for the summer. Committed being the operative word.

Audrey: All right, I will accept that, miss potter. But know that when we meet again and we will, I hope you're not the same dull, bookish prude that I met at the beginning of the year. Because it took me months to crack you, and I just don't know if I have the energy to do it again.

Joey: Well, I will try not to undo all of your hard work.

Audrey: Thank you.

[Pacey comes over to them, wearing a security uniform.]

Pacey: Hey, ladies.

Joey: What are you doing here? Why do you look like one of the village people?

Pacey: It's a long story. Audrey.

Audrey: Dickhead. I'll be in the car.

[Audrey leaves Joey and Pacey alone]

Pacey: Ever the actress, that one.

Joey: Pacey, why don't you just go talk to her? She's leaving tomorrow.

Pacey: Believe me, Jo, I have tried so many times, I'm this close to breaking some sort of anti-stalking law.

Joey: Sounds like it's high time for one of those grand romantic gestures of yours.

Pacey: Well, I hate to break it to you, but I think I'm fresh out. It's what happens to a guy when he loses his job, his girlfriend, and his self-esteem in a matter of weeks.

Joey: Still doesn't explain the rent-a-cop garb.

Pacey: Didn't you know? I'm Capeside yacht club's newest security guar here to protect you, madam. No need to salute. So, looks like we're both stuck here for the summer. See you tomorrow.

[Scene: Dawson's Dining room. Lilly is sitting in her high chair and Dawson is trying to coax her into saying anything.]

Dawson: Can you say Dawson? I know, I know. Can you say Dawson? Come here. Daw...son. Dawson. Come on, noun, verb, sentence. It's a piece of cake. What's the matter?

[Gale comes into the dining room]

Gale: Well, maybe she just doesn't have anything to say.

Dawson: A leery without something to say? I don't buy it for a second. I don't want to miss her first word.

Gale: I know, honey. You can't be around for everything, you know.

Dawson: I know, I just feel...

Gale: Guilty? Don't you dare. You have been a miracle this year, Dawson. My miracle. I'm not gonna let you forget that.

Dawson: Yeah, I'm pretty cool, aren't I?

Gale: The coolest. So have you, um, said good-bye to Joey yet?

Dawson: We're having dinner tonight.

Gale: And?

Dawson: And that's...all the information you're gonna get out of me.

Gale: Aw, come on, honey. Is it a date?

Dawson: Hardly. Audrey's coming. Which, you know, not that it matters. There's nothing le to say, anyway.

Gale: A leery with nothing to say? Don't buy it for a second.

[Scene: The School Radio Station. Jen is on the air, when Jack comes running up to the booth with a huge smile on his face.]

Jen: Yeah.

Jack: What is up, slut?

Jen: Hmm, not much, big homo.

Jack: I've got some news. I've got some really, really big news.

Jen: All right, spill it.

Jack: 4 “C”s and a "D."

Jen: Whoo! Congratulations to you! Oh, I'm so proud.

Jack: Thanks. I know. I'm so happy to be, you know, totally and completely mediocre. Costa Rica, here we come.

Jen: Yeah.

Jack: Now, you're sure you really want to do this?

Jen: Well, are you sure you really wanna do this?

Jack: Oh, yeah. There's nothing going on in my life that's gonna keep me off that plane. I just wanna make sure you're not gonna hold it against me in 10 years.

Jen: You're asking if I'm sure I wanna pass up the opportunity to spend the summer with a couple of chilly, dysfunctional W.A.S.P.S in favor of a grand adventure with my very best friend in the whole wide world?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, that.

Jen: Get outta here. You make me sick.

Jack: All right, I'll see ya. Oh. Got this for you.

Jen: Moby Dick?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. It's a long flight. I figured you'd need something to read.

Jen: But I like to chat.

Jack: I know, and I like to sleep, hence the oversized volume you now hold in your hands. I'll see ya.

[Jack leaves, and Jen goes back on the air for her final announcement of the year]

Jen: Uh, all right, friends and neighbors, this is Jen Lindley, and I'm signing off for the summer. Uh, but it's been a blast. I've really enjoyed sharing the music that I like and having this opportunity to vent, so, I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you all for listening, and I'll catch you on the flip side.

[Scene: Outside the Leery Fish House. Joey, Audrey and Dawson are leaving the restaurant just after dinner.]

Audrey: That was not half-bad, Dawson. I was expecting a way more disgusting culinary experience.

Dawson: Well, thank you. I'll have to pass it on to my mom.

Audrey: Ok, well... I'm gonna go.

Joey: Where?

Audrey: To that little charming indie record store over there. I'm gonna stock up on CDs for the flight. And if they fail to take my mind off the flying, you might have to punch me in the face tomorrow, Dawson.

Dawson: I am but your humble servant, Audrey.

Audrey: Cool. And besides, if I know you two, there are things to be said, bitter sweetness to be had, things requiring alone time and nature and whatnot.

[Audrey leaves them alone]

Dawson: Jo, do me a favor.

Joey: What's that?

Dawson: Promise me you'll never marry a lawyer.

Joey: What?

Dawson: Just promise.

Joey: Well, what if he happens to be a lawyer who uses his powers for good? He's a tireless crusader for children or the environment perhaps. What?

Dawson: Uh, nothing. Let's-- never mind. Let's just change the subject entirely. Um...

Joey: Do you know what's funny?

Dawson: What?

Joey: Last year at this time, saying good-bye was so epic and dramatic, and it felt like we were never gonna see each other again.

Dawson: Little did you know I'd be showing up at your door 3 months later.

Joey: You ever regret it?

Dawson: Not for a single second. Do you?

Joey: Not at all. Opening my door that morning, seeing you there, something I'll never forget. Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: Why'd you come all the way to Florida?

Dawson: I don't think you wanna hear it, Jo.

Joey: Dawson, for as long as I live, I'll never not want to hear something that you want to say.

Dawson: I went down to Florida to tell you that I love you. [Silence] See? That's not what you wanted to hear, is it?

Joey: Why didn't you say something?

Dawson: By the time I got down there, it was pretty obvious that you'd moved on. I wasn't about to ask you to drop everything just because I'd finally seen the light. I mean that it wouldn't have been fair.

Joey: Well, w-when did things... that they changed for you?

Dawson: There was a moment. It was lily's birthday party. And I opened your gift, that book of sketches. And I just sat there looking at this incredible reflection of who you are, and I just realized I hate it when you're not around.

Joey: Dawson, how do you know that I'm not just this security blanket for you? You know, something that you'll keep coming back to whenever the world gets scary?

Dawson: It's not the world I'm scared of, Jo.

[Dawson goes to kiss her, and just before his lips are about to reach hers, she turns her head.]

Joey: I'm sorry, Dawson. I can't do this.

[She walks away from him]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Potter B&B. Dawson pulls up in a cab, and gets out, and walks over to the mailbox, and places a letter into in and closes, the door, and then we cut into the B&B and see Audrey and Joey walking carrying a tom of bags]

Audrey: Tell her not to... when I am 3,000 miles away trying on shoes at Fred Segal, you will miss me, and you'll wish that you had filled me in on the details.

Joey: Audrey, there are no details.

Audrey: Ok, who are you gonna unburden your soul to if not to me? Nobody, that's who, and that is not good for your complexion, Joey. Not good for your complexion, it's not good for your soul if you even have one.

Joey: Audrey.

Audrey: Joey.

Joey: Audrey. I'm going to say something to you right now that I've never said to you before, something that comes completely from a place of love, understanding, and respect for all the joy that you brought to my life this past year.

Audrey: Oh, bunny.

Joey: I don't want to talk about it.

Audrey: You are so Cher from moonstruck right now.

[They make their way out to the cab where Dawson is waiting]

Dawson: Here let me help you with that.

Joey: That's ok. Give Audrey a hand.

Audrey: Help, please? [Silently to Dawson] Oh. You want me to leave you two alone again?

Dawson: I don't think that'll be necessary.

Audrey: Ok. Ok, this is it. Hug me quick. Tell your sister I said thank you.

Joey: I will.

Audrey: Don't say anything at this moment.

Joey: Who's talking?

Audrey: 'Cause anything that you say will just ruin it.

Joey: Ruin what?

Audrey: The best year of my life.

Joey: Ok.

Audrey: Ok.

[Audrey gets in the cab and Joey goes over to the other side where Dawson is standing]

Joey: Have a great summer.

Dawson: You, too.

[Dawson gets in the cab, and the cab leaves as Joey watches it go.]

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Pacey is working the docs, and walks up to one of the boats that is playing their music rather loudly]

[Rock music playing]

Pacey: Hey, could you guys turn that down a little bit?

[The guy turns around and we see that it is Brecher]

Brecher: Witter?

Pacey: Brecher.

Brecher: God. It is so good to see you.

Pacey: Yeah. It's good to see you, too.

Brecher: Hey, Laurie, this is my friend Pacey.

Pacey: Nice to meet ya.

[The woman slaps Brecher in the back of the head]

Brecher: What?

Glory: It's glory, you idiot.

Brecher: Glory. Sorry.

Glory: I'm gonna take a shower.

Pacey: Funny thing, Danny, but Laurie/Glory doesn't look anything like your wife.

Brecher: Yeah. The wife and I, we didn't make it. She dumped my ass. What, I can only ignore this outfit so long. What gives?

Pacey: This is my summer job, Danny. 'Cause once you bailed on civilization, it kinda folded, so I had to quit.

Brecher: Oh, I'm sensing a little resentment. I'm sorry, kid, but I never promised you a rose garden. Hey, look, is there something you wanna say to me? You're giving me that disillusioned protégé look. I hate it.

Pacey: Hey, if the shoe fits, right?

Brecher: Pacey, hey. You and me... we are cut from the same cloth. We're both these chronic screw-ups. You see, that's why the restaurant world works for us. You never have to grow up. You never have to conform. How cool is that? See, I look at you, and I see myself 15 years ago. You've got a great future ahead of you, kid.

Pacey: So you're telling me if I play my cards right, I get to end up just like you, huh?

Glory: Danny?

Brecher: Duty calls, but, uh, looks like I'll be seeing you around. Come hug me.

[They hug]

Brecher: I'm coming, baby.

[Scene: The Airport. Jen and Jack are running through the airport to make it to their flight on time.]

Jack: Come on, Jen. Go, go, go, go.

Jen: Sorry. Sorry.

[Jen drops her ticket]

Jen: Oh! Ticket. Ticket.

Jack: Now, go, go, go.

Jen: Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me.

Jack: You run as fast as my grandmother. Come on. Come on. Oh...well, good news is we're not late.

[They get to their flight to see that it is delayed. They turn around to see Dawson and Audrey waiting for another flight near by]

Audrey: [Laughs] Told you we weren't gonna be bored. Hi!

[Scene: Later at the airport. Jen, Jack, Audrey and Dawson are all sitting together bored out of their minds waiting for the delays to get over.]

Jen: Is it possible that we've just run out of things to say to each other?

Dawson: That's entirely possible.

Jack: No. Wait. This is not happening.

Audrey: What? What's not happening?

[They see Eric getting off a plane and walking in their direction]

Jen: Unbelievable.

Audrey: What?

Jen: Ok, who's hungry? [To Jack]Uh, not you. [To others] Let's go. Come on, guys.

Jack: What?

Jen: Come on.

[They leave Jack alone to talk to Eric]

Eric: Hey!

Jack: Hey.

Eric: This is a pretty big coincidence.

Jack: Yeah. What are the chances?

Eric: So, what are you—you going somewhere?

Jack: Mm-hmm. Costa Rica with my friend Jen.

Eric: Oh. Cool.

Jack: Yeah. Uh, you?

Eric: Oh, yeah. I just-- I went home for the summer, saw my folks.

Jack: Turned around and came right back?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I had all these, uh, these grand plans, you know. I was actually gonna tell 'em and...just, you know, it's never really felt like the right time, you know.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, it, uh, never is.

Eric: So, I'm actually gonna hang out here for the summer. I'm gonna get a job, take some classes, or... what about you?

Jack: Uh, Costa Rica with Jen.

Eric: Oh.

Jack: That is if our flight doesn't get canceled.

Eric: It's delayed, huh?

Jack: Yeah. We could be here for a while.

Eric: Well, you know, I don't have to be anywhere. If you want, I could wait with you.

Jack: No. Naw, it's all right. It's ok. My friends, they're just, uh, back there. Getting something to drink.

Eric: Oh. Right. Ok. Um, well, it was great to see you, jack. Have a--have a great trip, man.

Jack: Thanks.

Eric: It's good seeing you

Jack: Yeah, you, too.

[Scene: The Potter B&B. Bessie has pulled up in the truck and is unloading groceries when Joey comes running out carrying some clothes.]

Joey: Good. I'm glad you're back.

Bessie: Did Audrey get off ok?

Joey: Yeah. She says thanks. Can I take the truck?

Bessie: Sure, but you're not taking my groceries with it.

Joey: Fine, but I don't know what kind of an impression I'm going to make on the new management if I'm late my first day back.

Bessie: I thought you weren't starting until next week.

Joey: Oh, why delay the inevitable? Do you realize it's almost memorial day?

Bessie: Of course.

Joey: And the tourists are gonna arrive. Tourists at work. Tourists at home.

Bessie: You don't have to work at the yacht club, you know.

Joey: What, find another job? Nah. At least this way it's official. Joey potter, back where she started from.

Bessie: It's nice to see college hasn't squashed your inner drama queen.

Joey: Can I go now?

Bessie: Yes. Get out of here. Oh, did you bring in the mail?

Joey: No.

Bessie: Can you?

Joey: No. I'm late.

Scene: The Airport convenience store. Dawson is walking through the aisles, when he bumps into someone, and when he turns to see who it was, he finds out that the person is Grams.]

Dawson: I'm sorry.

Grams: Oh, de--oh. Dawson. Wh--are you leaving today as well?

Dawson: Yeah.

Grams: Oh, well, I... well, I guess I've been found out. Uh, we're taking the 6:45 to Las Vegas.

Dawson: [Laughs] Ok.

Grams: Don't you dare tell Jennifer. I--I think these little getaways are much more fun if they're done on the sly.

Dawson: Your secret's safe with me.

Grams: Good. Well, I guess we should be going. Hugs, hmm? You have a good summer, Dawson. You've earned it.

Dawson: Thank you. I thank you... again so much for everything, for taking me in—

Grams: No. Thank you for making my granddaughter happy.

Dawson: They're still here, actually, if you want to say good-bye. Their flight got delayed.

Grams: No, no, no, no. We've said our good-byes. And besides, I-- I would hate for her to think I was doing the grams thing, trying to get her to change her mind.

Dawson: About what?

Grams: Her parents, of course.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Joey is going through her receipts at the bar, when Bessie comes walking up to her.]

Joey: What? What's wrong?

Bessie: Relax, would you? I can't just drop by?

Joey: No. Look, Bess, I'm sorry if I seem short with you this afternoon. It's just...this place, being back.

Bessie: I know. Not that it's any of my business.

Joey: It's not?

Bessie: No. You're an adult now, Joey. Officially. It's not the same here without you, you know.

Joey: I know.

Bessie: And you're not the same. I know you think you are, but you're not. You even look different. Here. I'll show you. [She hands Joey a Passport] You were gonna go to France, remember? And you were giving me all that grief about going to see dad.

Joey: I remember.

Bessie: You went to the post office and you got the form. You had your picture taken.

Joey: Yeah, but I never sent it in.

Bessie: I did. If you came back this summer because you think we need you, well, we don't.

Joey: Wow. You don't have any other magic tricks in that bag of yours, do you?

Bessie: Well, as a matter of fact...

[She pulls out Dawson's letter and hands it to Joey]

Joey: What's this?

Bessie: Guess you'll have to open it to find out.

[Scene: The airport. Dawson and Jen are walking down the hallway talking to each other about her parents offer]

Dawson: So basically what you're saying is after everything that's happened, we're not still friends?

Jen: Yeah, we're friends. Of course we're friends. We're always gonna be friends. But right now, it feels like that's part of the problem.

Dawson: Me being honest with you is a problem?

Jen: Yeah. What—you know what? If it involves me having to go see my parents, yes, it is.

Dawson: I'm sorry, Jen, I don't accept that.

Jen: Can you please let this slide?

Dawson: I can't.

Jen: Yes, you can.

Dawson: No, I can't, Jen, because I love you and care about you, and I know that deep down you really want to work things out with your parents. I know this because you told me.

Jen: Great, so now the things that I said when we were together are gonna be used against me.

Dawson: I know what they did hurt you. All right, but I also know you're never gonna grow up unless you face this thing and you face it head on.

Jen: I agree with you. I do.

Dawson: Then you're going.

Jen: No. I'm not. Not everybody is as strong as you, Dawson. Not everybody can rise to the occasion and do the right thing all the time. Maybe some of us are just screwed up and there's really nothing to do about it.

Dawson: You don't really believe that.

Jen: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. [Sighs] Does it really matter?

Dawson: It matters to me. All right, look, just do me a favor. Lie and tell me that you'll think about it.

Jen: I'll think about it.

[Scene: The Airport. Jack is sitting alone on a set of chairs when Jen comes walking up to join him with a soda in her hand.]

Jen: So, what's the verdict? Is he any more gay than the last time you saw him?

Jack: Very funny. He, uh, tried to tell his parents.

Jen: He tried.

Jack: It's a hard thing to do, you know.

Jen: I know.

Jack: I wasn't very helpful.

Jen: Is that your job to be helpful?

Jack: It's my job to be nice.

Jen: You are nice.

Jack: Yeah? How can you tell?

Jen: Because you've obviously been sitting here trying to figure out how to help somebody who hasn't been very nice to you.

Jack: Yeah, you're right. I mean, it's just crazy. You know, it's weird to see somebody go through the exact same thing that I went through.

Jen: And not doing anything to help them.

Jack: What do you want me to do, Jen? When somebody's that confused and messed up, so now you just...

Jen: Have to be their friend.

Jack: He wouldn't appreciate it, you know?

Jen: I know.

Jack: And it'd be a waste of an entire summer.

Jen: Plus you'd be totally bailing on me. Egregiously bailing.

Jack: Unforgivably bailing.

Jen: Yeah, except that I'd forgive you.

Jack: Ahh... how stupid is this?

Jen: Very.

Jack: You could come.

Jen: Can't.

Jack: Could.

Jen: Won't. Ok, you should go. Go and help someone. That way maybe our year won't be a total wash.

Jack: What about you?

Jen: I don't know. Maybe it's time I go help myself.

[Scene: Magazine Rack at the store. Dawson is paging through a magazine when he looks over and sees the Director that fired him from his internship the last summer. And the director looks up, and sees Dawson.]

Director: I know you. How do I know you?

Dawson: You fired me.

Director: Well, I've fired a lot of people, kid. What was your offense?

Dawson: I spilled some coffee on the set of damage, inc.

Director: Oh, I remember you, the moralistic film student. You were annoying.

Dawson: Thanks.

Director: Still in film school?

Dawson: Nope. I went back home after that, actually.

Director: Aw, poor baby. Did I crap all over your Hollywood dreams?

Dawson: Not nearly as much as the critics crapped all over your movie.

Director: You've still got balls, kid. Believe it or not, that little speech you gave me kept me up a night or two.

Dawson: Really?

Director: Sure. Still, you're pretty opinionated for somebody's who's not even in the game.

Dawson: That's me, the moralistic film student.

Director: Where are you off to?

Dawson: Back to L.A. Actually.

Director: Give me a call when you get there. I might wanna watch one of those little movies you make. That is if you don't chicken out and run scared this time.

[Scene: The Capeside Yacht Club. Joey is sitting outside at night on the docks, reading Dawson's letter with a sad look on her face as she reads it. Pacey comes walking up from behind to join her.]

Pacey: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

[She quickly tucks the letter back into the envelope]

Pacey: May I?

Joey: Yeah, but you really don't want to get too close.

Pacey: Head lice?

Joey: No. I seem to have fallen victim to the Capeside disease.

Pacey: And what is that exactly?

Joey: Feeling trapped, feeling sorry for yourself, sort of general inability to see the future.

Pacey: You mean being a teenager.

Joey: You know what, pace? And don't take this the wrong way, but, well, despite your pension for sugar-coated cereals and Saturday morning cartoons, you may be the most adult person I know.

Pacey: [Snickers]

Joey: You never look back, do you?

Pacey: Why would you look back? The future's out there. And whatever it is, it's gonna be great.

Joey: You really believe that?

Pacey: Sure, I do.

Joey: Just not for yourself?

Pacey: Come again?

Joey: Pace, you're pigheaded, and don't bother trying to contradict me because I've earned the right to say these things. Pacey, you need to believe in yourself more.

Pacey: Ok, point taken.

Joey: Good. You miss her, don't you?

Pacey: Audrey? I don't really think that's an appropriate conversation for last year's class couple to have, do you?

Joey: Fine, but I miss her. She changed my life, you know.

Pacey: Yeah, I know. Of course, there's always the other option.

Joey: Hmm?

Pacey: That you changed it.

Joey: Fine. I guess I did.

Pacey: I guess you did. And although I have no idea what was in that letter you were just reading, I have this funny feeling you were sitting here, in true Joey fashion, wishing that you could unchange it.

[Joey gets an idea]

Joey: No, I don't. Let's go.

Pacey: Go where?

Joey: We're not just gonna sit here. We're gonna go.

Pacey: And I would ask again, go where?

Joey: You want her back, don't you? Well?

Pacey: Jo, it's a little late for all that, don't you think?

Joey: No. We're gonna go, we're gonna go to the airport, we're gonna find them, and we're gonna say everything that we really want to say to them.

Pacey: And we would do that because...

Joey: Because we can. Come on.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Airport. Joey and Pacey come running into the airport and run over to the departure board.]

Joey: Oh, no. They're boarding.

Pacey: Aw, damn it! Well, I guess we screwed the pooch on this one.

Joey: No. No, we didn't yet.

Pacey: They're not gonna let us through the gate without a ticket, Jo.

Joey: I'll go buy one.

Pacey: Does this Dawson character really mean that much to you? Ok, I'm just kiddin'.

Joey: I'll go buy the ticket and stop Audrey from getting on that plane.

Pacey: You know what? I'm on such thin ice with this whole thing that if I want to make this overture, I should at least be present for it. You go buy your ticket, and I have another idea.

Joey: Ok, good luck.

Pacey: I'll see you. Later.

Joey: Bye.

[Scene: The Ticket booth. Jen is trying to buy a ticket to her Parent's place.]

Jen: But I don't want to fly first-class. What is it, anyway? It's a hot towel. I hate the hot towel. It's hot. I'd be much more comfortable on coach with my people.

Clerk: As I've explained countless times, little miss, there are no coach tickets available. Zero. And if you want to get to New York now, I suggest you take this ticket.

Jen: Fine.

[She takes the ticket, and turns to see Joey a few people back in line behind her.]

Joey: Hey.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Joey: It's complicated. Um... I thought you were going to Costa Rica.

Jen: I was. Now I'm not. Thanks to your friend and mine, and something tells me it probably has something to do with why you're standing in line right now.

Joey: Mmm-maybe.

Jen: There's so much that I want to say that I'm sorry for this year, but there's no time, and I—

Joey: Give me a hug.

Jen: Ok.

Joey: Have a great summer.

Jen: Thanks. You, too. I love you, Jo.

Joey: I love you, too.

[Scene: The Airport. Dawson and Audrey are in line to board their plane. Audrey is looking very nervous.]

Audrey: Ok, do you remember how I asked you if you'd mind punching me in the face?

Dawson: Yeah.

Audrey: Could you?

Dawson: When we're seated, I promise.

Audrey: Ok. Ok.

P.A.: Blue star airlines paging Los Angeles passenger Audrey Liddell. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Audrey: Don't you dare get on the plane with out me.

[Audrey goes over to the nearest courtesy phone and picks it up.]

Audrey: Hello. Audrey Liddell speaking.

Pacey: Audrey.

Audrey: Pacey?

Pacey: Hey, it's me.

Audrey: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

Pacey: I'm sorry, Audrey.

Audrey: That's just not good enough, Pacey.

Pacey: Ok, you know what? Maybe it's not good enough, but we'll never know if you get on that plane.

Audrey: Ok.

Pacey: Ok, so, come on and meet me downstairs. We'll talk.

Audrey: That's it? That is your pitch-- "meet me downstairs, and we will talk"?! God! You are a lazy romantic, Pacey!

[She hangs up the phone]

Pacey: Audrey?

[Scene: The Airport Security office. Pacey goes up to the security office and the man behind the desk is just staring at him confused.]

Pacey: Hey, do you think you could let me use that intercom thing for just a sec?

Man: No way, fella.

Pacey: This here's some serious business. Oh, come on, buddy. My entire romantic future is hanging in the balance here. There is this girl, this amazing girl, and she's getting on a plane. I've got to stop her from getting on that plane.

Man: Buy a ticket, stop her at the gate.

Pacey: I don't have enough money to buy a ticket, ok?

Man: How much do you have?

Pacey: [Sighs]

[We cut to Audrey and Dawson still waiting in line. Audrey is listening to her walkman, while waiting]

Pacey: Audrey, ok, it's me. Look, I don't know if you can hear me right now, but if you can, please don't get on that plane. Please? [Dawson pulls the headphone off her ears.] Or, you know what? If you do get on the plane, that's fine because all you're gonna do is make me drive across country and hang out in front of your parents' Beverly Hills mansion until you'll talk to me. Because I have to tell you that I am really truly sorry for everything, and I'm sorry that I wasn't completely truthful with you, and I'm sorry for my predilection for the company of older women. It's just that... [Sighs] This has been a really strange year for me, Audrey, 'cause while the rest of you guys were off doin' the whole college thing, I was just doin' my best to stay afloat, and, believe me, nobody's handin' out road maps for the road less traveled. You just kinda gotta get on and start drivin'. But, ultimately, the only thing that I want to take away from this year, and the only thing that I'm gonna remember is you because you are amazing, Audrey, and you came along at a time when I thought all the big loves of my life were behind me, and you just rocked my world. And I know that you and I don't actually even know each other that well yet, but...[Sighs] I'm sure that I could live without you, I'm just not sure that I want to, Audrey, so...that's it. Uh...that's it. That's my pitch. So peace out, everybody. Free the West Memphis three.

[Scene: The ticket booth. Joey finally gets up to the clerk to buy a ticket.]

Joey: Finally.

Clerk: What can I do for you?

Joey: I need a ticket.

Clerk: To where?

Joey: It doesn't matter as long as it's fully refundable.

Clerk: You have to pick a destination.

Joey: You pick it.

Clerk: No, you.

Joey: Ok, uh...Milwaukee.

Clerk: Well, that's boring.

Joey: Ok. Paris, then. Give me a ticket to Paris.

Clerk: Ooh, love it. We have a special this week.

Joey: Great. Perfect. Just print that up.

[Scene: The Luggage claim. Pacey is waiting looking all around for Audrey, when she comes walking up from behind him.]

Audrey: Hey, dickhead. So now what?

Pacey: Now we drive to California, stopping only for food and sex.

Audrey: What about the world's biggest ball of yarn? Could we stop there?

Pacey: Whatever you wanna do, baby.

Audrey: And what if some sexy... old broad hits on you along the way?

Pacey: I kick her to the curb.

[She throws her bags on the ground with a huge smile on her face.]

Audrey: You are very lucky, Pacey.

Pacey: I know. But why?

Audrey: 'Cause I kinda love you.

Pacey: Only kinda?

Audrey: We have a long way to California, ok? We'll work on it.

Pacey: Ok.

[They kiss]

Pacey: Thank you. Let me get your bags. Let me get that one for you.

Audrey: Thanks. Ok.

Pacey: Hey, by the way, you wouldn't happen to have any money for gas, would you?

[Scene: The Airport. Joey is running as fast as she can dodging people and bags as she goes. She finally comes up to Dawson who is just about to get onto his plane.]

Joey: Dawson.

Dawson: What are you doing here?

Joey: Why are you saying good-bye to me? What happened to you? When did you become the fatalist?

Dawson: Right about the same time I went to kiss you and you turn your head like you're on a bad blind date.

Joey: I was scared.

Dawson: Of what?

Joey: Of going backwards, of never growing up.

Dawson: That's what I represent to you?

Joey: No, not you. Us. I started this year thinking that I had to say good-bye to you, but I was wrong. Dawson, you're a huge part of my life-- past, present, and future-- and I have to start getting used to that because... you make my life better, not worse.

Dawson: Then come with me. Right now. Come with me, Jo.

Joey: I can't. I won't. Going to California is your journey, not mine. And if we really mean to each other what we say we mean to each other, then...there's nothing to worry about. Everything will work itself out, I guarantee it. Besides, I think I finally figured out what that kiss meant.

Dawson: Care to share?

[She kisses him long and passionately]

Dawson: Damn it.

Joey: What?

Dawson: Damn it.

Joey: What?

Dawson: Damn it. You have this annoying habit of making me not want to get on planes.

Joey: You're gonna get on this plane, Dawson, and you're gonna go make movies. 'Cause that's your dream, and you're gonna be good to everyone you meet along the way because that's who you are. And if you ever get lost, you remember.

Dawson: What?

Joey: I love you, too.

Woman: Sir? Sir, will you be flying with us today or what?

Joey: Yes, he'll be flying with you. Go on, rain man. Your life awaits.

Dawson: Yours too, you know.

[He turns and gets onto his plane. Joey just watches him get on the plane with a tear in her eye.]

[Scene: Jen's Plane. Jen is getting sitting in First class waiting to take off. A flight attendant comes up and gives her a hot towel and leaves. The director that was talking to Dawson earlier takes the seat next to Jen.]

Director: [British accent] Hello, luv.

Jen: Hi.

Director: Comin' or goin'?

Jen: Uh, hard to say, really.

Director: What are you, a model, actress?

Jen: No. I'm a student. What do you do?

Director: I'm a filmmaker.

Jen: Really? Anything I've ever seen?

Director: Uh, damage inc.?

Jen: Oh, yeah. I saw that opening night.

Director: Oh, what did you think?

Jen: Kinda sucked.

[Scene: Jack and Eric at the Coffee House. WE see them from outside as they are smiling and laughing while talking to one another.]

[Scene: The Leery House. Gale is carrying Lilly upstairs walking next to the photos hanging on the wall.]

Lilly: Da-da.

Gale: "Da-da"?

Lilly: Da.

[She sees the picture that Lilly is look at, with a picture of Dawson, Gale and Mitch.]

Gale: Oh, look. There.

Lilly: Da-da.

Gale: You said, "da-da."

Lilly: Da-da.

[Scene: Pacey's Car. Pacey and Audrey are driving to California and talking and laughing together as they go.]

[Scene: Dawson's Plane. Dawson is sittin in a window seat, when a woman comes over and sits down in the seat next to him. She is very nervous.]

Dawson: You ok?

Woman: Yes. No. No, not really. I have this problem with flying: I hate it with a passion. If I grab your arm at some point during the flight and ask you to explain some creepy airplane noise, please don't hold it against me.

Dawson: Not a problem. You know what? It's gonna be ok. Everything's gonna be ok.

[He suddenly realizes that everything is going to be alright]

[Scene: The Ticket booth. Joey goes up to the clerk to return her ticket.]

Joey: Yeah, yeah fully refundable, right?

Clerk: You bet. It's a shame you can't use this. Paris is supposed to be amazing in the spring.

Joey: Yeah. That's what I hear.

[She suddenly stops and thinks “Why not”. And then a smile crosses her face. The picture freezes and fades to black.]

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