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Episode 519 - 100 Light Years From Home

In this episode: While Jen, Pacey, Audrey and Jack head to Audrey's parents' Florida beach house for Spring Break, Dawson and Oliver road trip to New York for a meeting with an agent. The group is impressed when MTV's Chris MacKenzie arrives to greet Audrey, but as Pacey begins to wonder about their history, Joey faces another unexpected arrival - Charlie. While the Norwegian pop band M2M performs in Florida, Dawson makes a major decision that forces him to turn the car around... and head south.

Original Airdate: April 17, 2002

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Joey turns of a video on the TV of a spring break, and Dawson is packing]

Joey: Ok, so let me get this straight.

Dawson: Oh, no. Why do I feel a quasi-feminist rant coming on?

Joey: Shut up. So basically, spring break is hunting season, Florida is the forest, and girls are the target.

Dawson: Jo, you're acting as if the girls don't have a choice in the matter.

Joey: Oh, sure they do. You know, they could either hook up with the drunk jock from Arizona State or the date-rapist- in-training from the nearest community college. Or they can stay home and study, which, come to think of it, does not sound like such a bad idea.

Dawson: Would you just go already? Have fun. You deserve it.

Joey: Can't you just skip that big Hollywood meeting and come with us?

Dawson: For the umpteenth time, it's not a big Hollywood meeting. We're simply going to New York to meet an agent who is interested in the movie. Make that the only agent who is interested in the movie.

Joey: Dawson, it's huge. Everything you've worked for, everything you've ever wanted, it's happening because you made it happen. You did it and I'm very proud of you.

Dawson: Well, thank you, but it's not—

Joey: no! I will not let another self-deprecating word come out of your mouth. You rule. You rock. You are a golden god. Now, accept it. You know who'd really get a kick out of all this?

Dawson: Who?

Joey: Mitch.

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, he would have.

Joey: He would've. He absolutely would have.

Dawson: He would have-- he would have talked my ear off about it. He would've had to know the agent. He'd have to know his client list. I'd have to-- he'd probably make me do a practice run with him.

Joey: It's weird.

Dawson: What's that?

Joey: You've had this year, this completely awful year, and yet somehow everything worked out for the best, you know?

Dawson: That's one way of looking at it.

Joey: You don't think?

Dawson: All I know is I came back from L.A. For a reason, a very simple, very specific reason. I feel bad, sometimes-- a lot of times, actually-- for how I made you feel after he died.

Joey: I've never held it against you, not for a single second. You did what you had to do to get through it. Yeah. And...

Dawson: what?

Joey: I don't know. Sometimes I think it's better... when we don't get to touch our dreams.

Dawson: Do you really believe that?

Joey: I don't know. No. Yes. I spend half the time wondering what might have been and the other half thinking "just as well."

Dawson: Do you think we'll ever get it right?

Joey: Not in this lifetime.

Dawson: How 'bout the next one?

Joey: Or the one after that, when we're both cats. Ok, seriously... good luck.

Dawson: Thank you. You, too. Have fun, ok? Remember the sun block and bring me back a souvenir. Preferably something of the, you know, "my soul mate went to Florida and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" vibe.

Joey: Goodbye.

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's Jeep. Dawson and Oliver are driving along silently when Oliver turns to Dawson.]

Are you aware that you haven't said one word in an hour and a half?

Dawson: I'm listening to the radio.

Oliver: I turned it off 20 minutes ago.

Dawson: Oh.

Oliver: So what are you thinking about? Or shall I say, "who"?

Dawson: Nobody.

Oliver: Ok. But if you're not gonna talk to me I may have to sing. Be my guest. [Imitating Elvis] Dawson, we're on the highway we're gonna get a little bit of—

Dawson: stop. Joey. What was--? I was thinking about Joey. Don't ever do that again, please.

Oliver: Interesting. The doe-eyed brunette, hmm? So what's the story on that one?

Dawson: It's a very long story.

Oliver: Does it look like I'm going anywhere, sport?

Dawson: All right. Stop me when you get confused.

[Scene: A montage of scenes from Season 1 and Joey and Dawson's strange relationship brewing.]

Joey: I just don't think it's a good idea for me to sleep over anymore.

Dawson: Come on, you've been sleeping over since you were 7.

Joey: I just think our emerging hormones are destined to alter our relationship and I'm trying to limit the fallout.

Dawson: We can still remain friends despite any mounting sexual theoretics.

Joey: Things change, Dawson. Evolve.

[Scene: Cut to scene of Joey sitting alone one the beach. A guy crashed by her as he goes for a Frisbee. She turns as she hears Audrey screaming from behind. She turns and sees Audrey on the deck of her house, and the camera pans over to her.]

Audrey: Joey! Up here! Joey! Hey! Hello! Aah! Aah! Ahh!

[Pacey comes up from behind her and grabs her and pulls her into the bedroom.]

Audrey: [Laughing]

Audrey: Hey, scrumptious. I was kinda... in the middle... of doing something. Mmm.

Pacey: My god, I love this bed. This bed is bigger than my entire room.

Audrey: Yeah, plus, my parents put one of those foamy egg crates underneath, so it's super comfy.

Pacey: Your parents are wonderful people.

Audrey: Well, I'll tell them you said so.

Pacey: You do that. Do your parents even know who I am?

Audrey: Do your parents know who I am?

Pacey: Nope.

Audrey: Well, neither do mine.

Pacey: I didn't think so.

Audrey: I mean... what would I even tell them about you?

Pacey: Well, you could tell them that I'm good in bed.

Audrey: That would go over huge. Really, what would you tell your parents about me?

Pacey: Nothing.

Audrey: Right.

Pacey: Right. That's right, right?

Audrey: Right. Yes. Obviously.

Pacey: Right, 'cause correct me if I'm wrong, but the last thing that parents want to hear about is how much premarital sex their children are having.

Audrey: Yeah, especially with some guy who's not even my boyfriend. I mean, officially.

Pacey: Exactly.

Audrey: Exactly.

[They start making out.]

[Scene: Outside the patio of Audrey's place. Jack is sitting on top of the roof of the patio when Joey and Jen come out looking for him. HE is talking in his cell phone.]

Jack: [on phone] I wish you would have let me know

Joey: Found him!

Jack: Ok. Bye.

Jen: What are you doing up there?

[he climbs down]

Jack: Nothing. What do you want?

Jen: Well, we're gonna pick rooms and we thought that we'd "rock, paper, scissors" for the waterbed suite.

Jack: You know what, just-- take whatever you want. All right? I gotta go to the market and get the necessary provisions.

Joey: Oh, can you get some yogurt?

Jen: Yeah.

Jack: Hold on, all right? I said the necessary provisions, all right? That's beer and that's jell-O. That's it. Ok.

Jen: If I give you money, would you pick up some cold medicine for me, too? I sort of feel something coming on and I'd really like to nip it in the bud.

Jack: Yeah, just gimme the money.

[Cell phone rings]


[Joey answers her cell phone as Jack and Jen go inside]

Joey: Hello.

Charlie: Hello, gorgeous.

Joey: So, I was beginning to worry. You haven't called for 3 hours.

Charlie: Oh, so you do like my calling.

Joey: What do you want, exactly?

Charlie: Nothing, really. Just your address.

Joey: No problem. I'm at 359 no-way-in-hell avenue on the corner of get-over-it and main.

Charlie: You know, you challenge me, Joey potter.

Joey: I thought we agreed to take a break from these incessant phone calls.

Charlie: Look, I would be happy to stop calling. Just tell me where you are.

Joey: I'm in your dreams, Charlie Todd.

Charlie: See, now, wait a second. That sounded suspiciously like flirting to me.

Joey: Maybe... and this is what a dial tone sounds like.

[She hangs up on him]

[Scene: Outside Audrey's place by her pool. Pacey, Jen, Joey and Audrey are all sitting by the pool bored out of their minds.]

Pacey: So this is spring break, huh?

Audrey: Yup.

Pacey: You know, it's funny, it doesn't really look like the brochures.

Audrey: Hey, I provided the house. You people were supposed to bring on the fun. We could order some pizzas.

Jen: We could rent some movies.

Pacey: We could play strip poker.

All: No.

Pacey: Oh, come on. It's not like I haven't seen you all naked before. Ok, ok. We'll rent movies.


Pacey: Bless you!

Jen: Thank you.

Jack: Pace.

Pacey: Thank you.

[A guy comes walking in their direction]

Joey: Hey. Why do I know that guy? Who is he?

Jen: Oh, my god! Is that Chris Hartford?

Pacey: Oh, my god. The movie star I ordered from my teen beat catalog finally got here. I was so worried.

[Chris walks right up to them and over to Audrey. Who looks uncomfortable]

Chris: Audrey! I was hoping you'd be here.

Audrey: Chris. Wow.

Jack: Hey. She's hugging a movie star. It's so weird.

Audrey: I'm sorry. You guys, this is my friend Chris. Chris, these are all my friends from college.

Jack: Hey.

Chris: Chris.

Jack: Jack. We're not famous.

Pacey: How do you guys know each other?

Audrey: Well, we went to high school together. We went to the same school. What are you doing here?

Chris: Well, MTV's sponsoring this concert at a hotel a couple blocks down. It's this new band, m2m. You guys know 'em?

Jen: Yeah! Marit and Marion from Norway. Marit's favorite food is chicken noodle soup, where Marion prefers orange fanta as her drink of choice.


Chris: Anyways, gave me free tickets if you guys want to go.

Audrey: Actually, we were just making these plans.

All: [Coughing]

Audrey: Or, you know, we could go to a big MTV concert, 'cause that's cool, too.

Chris: Great. I'll lead the way.

Jen: Is it true that you're dating Jennifer Love Hewitt?

[They all walk off with him except Joey, Audrey and Pacey.]

Pacey: So—

Audrey: Don't even bother asking, because the answer is no.

Pacey: Really? Didn't make the top 5?

Audrey: We were friends. God. What do I look like, the whore of Babylon? [] Don't answer that question. Go. I'm gonna wait for Joey.

[Pacey goes off after them]

Audrey: That's Chris.

Joey: Chris as in...

Audrey: The one. The one who I think of every time in your eyes comes on the radio. My perfect high school boyfriend who every other boy gets compared to, and who no ones lived up to yet. Yeah, that's him. He's here. Kill me now.

Joey: Why--why did you tell Pacey he's just a friend?

Audrey: I had to. Pacey and I are on the cusp of figuring out our whole thing, and if he knew that Chris was the love of my young life, it would just get all kinds of confusing.

Joey: But lying to him will make it all better.

Audrey: Hey, mother Theresa, why don't you go take a smoke break and bring back my good friend Joey.

Joey: You're right. I'm sorry. What do you need?

Audrey: I need to go throw up.

Joey: Oh, no. It'll be ok.

Audrey: I'm gonna go change.

Joey: Ok. I'll be here.

[Cell phone rings and Audrey goes inside]

Joey: Hello?

Charlie: Joey potter.

Joey: You again.

Charlie: That's right.

Joey: I was starting to feel like we were estranged or something.

Charlie: Well, you know, I'm just doing my best to track you down.

Joey: How'd you make out?

Charlie: Well, not too bad, actually.

Joey: Really?

[Charlie walks up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder.]

Charlie: No. I'll call you right back.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: In front of the bandstand in the crowd, waiting for the music to start. Pacey is by a very attractive woman who is hitting on him.]

Woman: Are you sure you don't want to?

Pacey: I appreciate your offer, but I'm here with somebody.

Woman: I don't see her next to you right now.

Pacey: Occasionally, I have to let her mingle with the people. I'm good that way.

Woman: Don't leave. I'll be right back. I have to do something.

[The woman walks away]

Pacey: Women, right, they just will not take "no" for an answer. I mean, who does she think she is?

[He turns around to see the woman is actually Marion from M2M and she is getting starting to sing for the audience.]

Marion: Hello, Miami!

Pacey: Oh, that's who she is.

[Scene: Joey and Charlie walking to the party, and talking.]

Joey: So you're a stalker now?

Charlie: Uhh, stalker. Come on. That sounds so negative. I prefer to think of myself as doggedly persistent.

Joey: Well, you got the dog part right. How did you even find me?

Charlie: You know, that's a good question. I'm glad you asked. And I remember you couldn't get enough hey!

[Scene: Cut to the party. Audrey is watching the band play alone when Chris comes walking up from behind to join her.]

Chris: You look great.

Audrey: Ohh! Hey. Come on now.

Chris: I'm serious. I've been thinking about you a lot, Audrey.

Audrey: You know what? I'm parched. Are you thirsty? Because I think I'm, like, dehydrating.

Chris: I'll go get you some water.

Audrey: No. No. You stay and you dance to the pretty Norwegians, and I'll be right back.

[She turns and walks away, and runs into Pacey who was walking to join her.]

Pacey: Hey.

Audrey: Hi.

Pacey: Are you ok?

Audrey: I'm fine. I'M...yeah.

[She walks away from him]

[Scene: Joey and Charlie still walking together talking]

Charlie: Next, I 411 Beverly Hills and got 10 numbers to match the last name Liddell. I go through the numbers and ask if any of these people happen to have a daughter named Audrey Liddell. One of them does.

Joey: Only one? What a break.

Charlie: I thought so. So I ask where I might be able to locate their daughter, explaining that I am her lab partner and that she has accidentally taken my notes. So they give me the number, and I 411 again... match up the number with the address, and here I am. Impressed?

Joey: Incredibly. Especially since Audrey's parents are in Europe right now.

Charlie: Ok. Pacey told me.

Joey: You asked Pacey about me? After the road trip from hell? Now that's impressive.

Charlie: It is? Damn it! You know, I put a lot of work into this story. You know, I even typed it up.

Joey: Poor Charlie. Still haven't learned the merits of honesty. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Charlie: Where are you going?

Joey: As flattered as I am with the typing and all, it doesn't mean I'm gonna hang out with you.

Charlie: Ugh!

[Scene: The Bathroom at the MTV party. Pacey comes in to see Chris inside there washing his hands, and goes over to the sink to wash his own.]

Pacey: Hey, man, thanks again for getting us in here. That was very cool of you.

Chris: Oh, I'm glad you're having fun.

Pacey: [Chuckles]

Chris: So, do you know Audrey really well?

Pacey: Yeah, you could say that.

Chris: She's great, isn't she? Just funny, beautiful...

Pacey: You got a question you want to ask me, or we just gonna dance around all night?

Chris: Man. Damn, I'm no good at this.

Pacey: So, what? You, like, you had a crush on Audrey in high school or something?

Chris: We dated for 2 years.

Pacey: You dated for 2 years? Well, damn. I guess that crush worked out for you, then, right? Congratulations. That's--that's great.

Chris: Oh, man. I thought you knew, and here I am trying to figure out if you guys are... but it looks like you're not, so, cool.

Pacey: Why cool?

Chris: I don't know. I'm just remembering how much I love that girl just seeing her again. You know?

Pacey: Yeah. No, of course, I understand. Uh, but, look, I'm gonna get back to it, so, see you soon.

Chris: All right.

[Scene: Charlie hitting on a girl at the MTV party. Joey comes walking up to join him.]

Charlie: We did have this A&R guy interested in us for a while, but right now we're just, you know, trying to find our voice. Trying to take the time to develop musically.

Girl: Right.

Charlie: We don't want to get commercialized too quickly.

[Joey joins them]

Joey: He's just being modest.

Charlie: Excuse me?

Joey: He didn't tell you his name, did he?

Charlie: Ok, look. I barely even know this girl, so if you could just, you know, go away.

Joey: I don't know how many times I've told you to be honest when you're trying to pick up a girl. Don't be ashamed of your success.

Girl: What success?

[Joey whispers into the girls ear]

Girl: Oh, wow. He grew up to be way hotter than I expected.

Joey: Right? I mean, you can see it, can't you, now that I've mentioned it?

Girl: No, totally. Totally. I see it. Thank god you told me, right? Like I probably would've hooked up with him, and how embarrassing would that have been? Later.

Joey: Keep in touch, Hillary.

[the girl leaves]

Charlie: So, would you mind telling me what it was that you said to that woman to make her flee?

Joey: I may have said that... you were the kid from Hanson-- the little one all grown up. Which is actually a compliment, really. I mean, they were much deeper than people realize.

[Scene: Flash back scenes of several of Dawson and Joeys hard times in their relationships.]

Dawson: You're just hearing what you want to hear.

Joey: No. I think I'm hearing what you're afraid to tell me.

Dawson: Joey, it hurts to be around you. If I see you even from across a room, it brings up a thousand memories. As long as I can remember, everything always comes back to you. No matter what was happening between us, even the thought of you was at least a constant comfort, but... [Sighs] I can't go back. It just hurts. [Sighs]

[Scene: Cut to the inside of Dawson's Jeep, as he is telling the story to Oliver.]

Dawson: Are you actually crying?

Oliver: A little bit.

Dawson: [Chuckles]

Oliver: It's all very sad, very merchant ivory. How does it end?

Dawson: That's the thing. It doesn't.

Oliver: Ok. In your heart of hearts, how would you want it to end?

Dawson: I don't know. I don't... I don't know. All I really care about is that she's happy.

Oliver: Jeez Louise, you are boring. I think it should end tragically. 10 years from now, she passes you in the street. You're penniless and pathetic. And you run after her, but she just thinks you're some crazy bum. And then, just as you're crossing the street... pssshh! You get hit by a bus.

Dawson: You definitely have a problem with endings.

Oliver: Come on. Tell me more. I live for this junk.

Dawson: All right.

[Scene: The party. Joey is now alone talking to some guy who is hitting on her. Charlie comes walking up]

[Crowd cheering]

Guy: so, listen, next time you're in new York... give me a call, and I'll hook you up.

Joey: Yeah, with what?

Guy: Concert tickets, backstage passes, and maybe even a behind-the-scenes tour.

Joey: Cool.

Guy: Yeah.

[Charlie breaks in]

Charlie: Excuse me. Is, uh, this guy bothering you?

Joey: No.

Charlie: Well, he looks like he is. Just, you know, go away, dude.

Joey: Actually, he used to be a member of—

Charlie: Dit dit dit dit dit. Heh heh heh. Don't say it. Don't even hint.

Guy: I'm gonna go mingle. It was really nice meeting you, Joey.

Joey: Nice meeting you.

[the guy leaves Jen is walking up in the distance and stops when she sees the two of them talking]

Joey: "Go away, dude"?

Charlie: Hey, it worked, didn't it?

[Joey and Charlie walks off and Jack comes running up to Jen]

Jack: [Breathless] Jen, Jen. I found you. I entered us in a hotel raffle. We could win, like, 2 weeks in a Miami timeshare. Yeah! Awesome. Give me a whoo-whoo! Come on. Whoo! Whoo! Come on. Whoo! Whoo!

Jen: [Coughing]

Jack: Whoo. Whoo. You all right?

[Scene: Later in the evening at the party still. Audrey and Pacey are having a discussion.]

Audrey: I didn't mean to lie, exactly.

Pacey: Of course not. You just couldn't help yourself.

Audrey: I just--I didn't want to have this discussion right now.

Pacey: It would not have been a discussion if you would've just told me, Audrey.

Audrey: Come on. You never would've let it go that easy. You would've asked me a million questions, like you always do.

Pacey: Like I always do? I always do things?

Audrey: You would've wanted to know how long we dated, how many times we had sex, if he was better than you. It would've ruined our whole evening.

Pacey: You're quite right. Your way of doing things is much better because we're having a great time now.

Audrey: I am sorry. Ok? I messed up. [Sighs]

Pacey: There's more to this whole thing, isn't there?

Audrey: God! What more do you wanna know? Yes, Chris and I dated. Yes, I loved him. He was like... my Dawson. Ok? Breaking up with him was, like, the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and every once in a while, I wonder if I made the wrong decision. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Pacey: Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Audrey: Ugh. So... I don't--what? Are you mad at me now?

Pacey: No, I'm not mad at all. Why would I be mad?

Audrey: Ok. Well, you're freaking me out.

Pacey: Why? This was supposed to be fun. Remember, Audrey? With no strings attached. Lying is for people who are in serious relationships, and you and I were never that serious.

Audrey: No. You're absolutely right. Thanks a lot, Pacey.

[She storms off]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: at the beach. Joey and Pacey are sitting there talking to one another.]

Pacey: Sometimes my head wants to explode but when I think about it trust me, I did the right thing.

Joey: How did you manage to rationalize that one?

Pacey: Just hear me out for a second. Back in the day, how would the old-school Pacey deal with a complicated love triangle? He would dive right in, get all bloodied up, and still lose the girl in the end anyway.

Joey: Pacey, that's not even the same—

Pacey: Eh, eh, it's ok, because... I learned from it. I learned how to recognize it, and I learned how to avoid it, thereby, not making the same mistake twice. And you know what they call that, friend? They call that growth.

Joey: Pace, how do you know that's even the same thing?

Pacey: Because she said, "he's my Dawson." Which is, of course, my personal kryptonite.

Joey: Ok, so I had a Dawson. Do you see me with him today? No. He's part of her past.

Pacey: If there's anything that I've learned from history, it's that Dawson is not the past tense of a noun for you ladies. If anything, he is the past, present, and future. So, what I'm looking for is a woman who has no soul mate to speak of. No soul mate and smallish feet, that's all I want.

Joey: You want Audrey.

Pacey: That's not going to happen.

Joey: And she wants you. If you would just open yourselves up to the possibility that you could need each other, you might actually fall in love.

Pacey: Right. So, what about you? Do you actually follow your own advice, or do I have to dispense it for you?

[Charlie walks past them carrying a surfboard]

Joey: Him? No. That's different. I don't even like him.

Pacey: No, of course not. The blushing, the flirting, the laughing, the singing—

Joey: Ok. Maybe I like him a little, but just in that stupid fun way. It's not like I could see us ever having a serious future.

Pacey: Who said anything about a serious future? I'm talking about right now.

Joey: What's the point? If I already—

Pacey: The point is... he came all the way here to see you. And he called me-- a rather intimidating ex-boyfriend-- to find out where you were. That takes guts.

Joey: Or he could just be an idiot.

Pacey: He could be. Why don't you go find out?

[Scene: Cut to Flash back scenes hard times that Joey and Dawson spent together including his departure at the end of season 4]

Joey: Ok. I never said it wasn't confusing.

Dawson: Ok. Then tell me one thing you know.

Joey: I know I wanted you there. At the end of the day when I got back to my room, I wanted you there.

Dawson: Why?

Joey: I don't know why. I don't know what I meant. I just know that I wanted you there. Maybe that's the ending we're supposed to have. Maybe every other attraction we feel towards each other is just fear of moving on and growing up. Is that what you really think?

Dawson: [Sighs] I don't know. But I do know if I get on this plane, I'm never gonna find out. All right? 'Cause we're gonna move on, we're gonna grow up. And 4 years from now, we're gonna wake up, and we're gonna be complete strangers to each other. And the only thing that I know for sure is that I don't want that to happen. Do you?

Joey: No.

[Scene: Cut to the outside of Dawson's Jeep. They have stopped at a gas stations and Dawson is continuing to tell the story to Oliver who is listening intently to everything he says]

Oliver: So, Dawson, you're thinking about it, aren't you?

Dawson: What?

Oliver: High jacking the car, going to Florida.

Dawson: No. Pfft. No. No. Th-th-that'd be completely ridiculous.

Oliver: Hmm?

Dawson: What, are you stupid? No. It's... [Sighs] Even if I was, what's left to say at this point?

Oliver: Listen, I don't know what's going through your head, man, but that story... the way you told it... well, it sounds like the sun rises and sets with this girl.

Dawson: It does.

Oliver: So, then why don't you hang your balls out there and tell her that?

Dawson: I feel like I don't have the right. I pushed her away, and she moved on.

Oliver: Well, maybe she has. But until you have that conversation, how will you ever know?

Dawson: [Sighs] Uhh! What about the meeting?

Oliver: Well, we'll reschedule. It happens all the time. Meetings come and go, but this... this is how you achieve true greatness, my friend. Huh?

Dawson: Which way to Florida?

Oliver: Great Caesar's ghost, let's go!

[Scene: A montage of scenes including Joey learning to surf from Charlie. Jen sick walking through the house. Jack spiking his coffee from a hip flask. Jen joining Jack at the table outside on the porch. Dawson and Oliver driving, and shots of Audrey, Pacey and Chris alone.]

Joey: Don't people usually surf in the water?

Charlie: Are you going to question every single thing that I say?

Joey: Most likely, yes.

[Charlie falls of the board on the beach, and Joey laughs]

Charlie: I know, I know you think that's funny, don't you?

Joey: Yeah.

[Charlie chases her]

Charlie: Yeah?

Joey: Aah!

[Scene: The table outside. Jen and Jack are sitting there drinking coffee.]

Jen: Hmm? You sure partied hard last night.

Jack: Hmm. Yeah. I know. I had a blast. I think.

Jen: passed out, and I put you to bed.

Jack: [Sighs] Yeah, well... thank you for that, Jen. Will we be arriving at a point anytime soon?

Jen: I think maybe you're drinking to—

Jack: no, no, no, no. You're not gonna do that, all right? You're not gonna turn this into some psa on the perils of undergrad drinking. Just don't.

Jen: You didn't let me finish, all right. This isn't about how much you drink. It's just that I've been watching you lately, and it seems like you're drinking to forget something. Is there anything that you wanna talk about with me? That's all I'm asking.

Jack: No. I'm fine. I don't wanna talk about anything.

[Jack leaves, and Jen goes inside. Joey comes in from the beach]

Joey: Oh, no. Are you still sick?

Jen: Don't let the wheezing and sneezing fool you. I'm fine. [Sniffles] You look all glowie.

Joey: I surfed. Well, it wasn't exactly surfing, but I did manage to stay on the board for a good 5 seconds.

Jen: Cool. Did Audrey teach you?

Joey: No. Charlie, actually.

Jen: You spent the day with Charlie?

Joey: Yeah. Is that ok with you?

Jen: Yeah, of course it is. I just... [Sighs] Eh, I don't know. I just don't know why you'd want to waste your time, Jo.

Joey: Well... it is my time. And, anyway, he makes me laugh sometimes.

Jen: Yeah. Well, that's how he reels you in. Trust me, ok? I've been there.

Joey: You know what? I think I'm gonna go with my instincts on this one, but thank you.

Jen: Well, Joey, what are your instincts telling you?

Joey: Well, for starters, they're telling me that you're probably not the best person to advise me in this particular situation.

Jen: Look, I don't want to see you get hurt by him. That's all.

Joey: Come on, Jen. It's not like you've ever had my feelings in mind before. I mean, what were your instincts telling you when you slept with Dawson?

Jen: Look, I knew that was going to be an issue, ok—

Joey: But you went ahead with it anyway, and I didn't say anything. So why don't you have the same courtesy for me right now?

Jen: Ok. Fine. Fine. If he really means that much to you—

Joey: I don't even know what he means to me yet, but what does he mean to you?

Jen: Nothing.

Joey: Then why do you care so much?

[Charlie comes walking up to the open door]

Charlie: Um... you left your keys at the beach.

Joey: Thanks.

Jen: I'm gonna go back to bed. I just don't feel that good.

[Jen leaves, and Joey turns to Charlie who is handing her the keys.]

Joey: You know what? Can we go somewhere?

Charlie: Sure. Where?

Joey: Anywhere but here.

[Scene: Later that night. Audrey is standing alone by her pool when Chris come walking up behind her and kisses her neck]

Chris: I missed your freckles.

Audrey: How did you get in here?

Chris: The sniffly girl let me in. These ones right here, I love there.

Audrey: Ok. I bet you that you could have any freckle you wanted in the world, Mr. Movie-star- in-training.

Chris: Hey, don't say that. I know you probably think it, just don't say it, ok?

Audrey: Ok.

Chris: Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I followed you to Boston. Would we still be together?

Audrey: I don't know. We're different people now. I'm different.

Chris: You don't seem that different. Just a little sad, that's all it is.

Audrey: I'll be fine.

Chris: Sometimes I still wish we were in high school. Things just seemed a lot easier.

Audrey: I know what you mean.

[Audrey and Chris kiss, and the camera pans to Pacey who is standing inside watching them. He looks at the flowers he is holding then turns and walks away.]

[Scene: ]

Charlie: You know, there's a trick to this thing. I just...I can never remember what it is.

Joey: I'm surprised you brought a tent.

Charlie: Well, I didn't think you were gonna let me sleep with you.

Joey: You're right about that one.

Charlie: You look really beautiful tonight. [she looks at him. He goes to kiss her, but she turns away] Did I do something wrong?

Joey: You know what? I'm sorry. I should go.

Charlie: Hey, hey, hey. Wait, wait. No. No. I don't want you to go.

Joey: I don't know what I'm doing here. I don't even know who you are, Charlie. And all this stuff I know for sure is all bad.

Charlie: You know more than that. We had--we had an amazing day, and the only reason you're questioning all of this is because of what I did to Jen.

Joey: Well, yeah, that's a big part of it.

Charlie: I did a terrible thing, and I wish I had never done it, but... it doesn't define me, Joey. It's not all that I am. Come on. Haven't you ever hurt anybody?

Joey: Let me help you with that tent.

[She takes the tent poles from his hand]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside Audrey's place. Dawson pulls up to the house, and Oliver is asleep in the passenger seat. It is night and Dawson grabs his bag and heads around the back of the house and sees Jack standing on the patio roof, very drunk looking over the pool.]


[It is night and Dawson grabs his bag and heads around the back of the house and sees Jack standing on the patio roof, very drunk looking over the pool.]

Jack: Dawson leery! Whoo!

Dawson: Jack, is that you?

Jack: Check me out, dude. Whoo!

Dawson: Ha ha ha! Hey, man, be careful up there.

Jack: Hey, look, I can fly!

Dawson: Why don't you come down from there?

Jack: Ok, I'll be right down.

[Jack looks down at the pool, then leans forward and falls into it]

Dawson: Jack! Jack!

[He passes out as he hits the water and begins to slowly sink to the bottom of the pool when Dawson dives in and pulls him to safety]

[Scene: Next to the pool. Jack is wrapped up in a blanket, and Dawson comes out after getting into some dry clothes and hands Jack a sweater]

Dawson: Here. Put that on.

Jack: I messed up, Dawson.

Dawson: Don't worry about it, man.

Jack: I just wish-- wish you could ever rewind your life?

Dawson: [Chuckles] Pretty much all the time.

Jack: I mean, just...pick it up right after graduation and just do it all over again. What would you do different?

Dawson: I don't know. Why? What would you do?

Jack: I thought I was doing well, you know, making new friends, trying different things, just... building this whole new life.

Dawson: What's wrong with that?

Jack: It just got too hard, man. It... I didn't think it was gonna be this hard.

Dawson: You didn't think what would be this hard?

Jack: My life... college. I'm failing out of school, man.

Dawson: Seriously?

Jack: Yeah. I--I gotta ace all my finals, all right? I haven't read half the stuff. It doesn't matter 'cause I'll never be able to do it.

Dawson: Why? Well... don't say that. Take it one step at a time. We'll help you out in any way we can.

Jack: Oh, yeah. That's a great line. Yeah, because we say it to each other all the time. "Dawson, your dad died, but you know what? "You're gonna be ok. Hey, you're gonna get through it. We're gonna help you."

Dawson: Yeah. And you know what? You guys did. It made all the difference in the world.

Jack: Tobey's got a new boyfriend. I called him the other day just to say hi. He seems so happy. How am I supposed to fix my life if I don't even know where I went wrong? I just want to go back. I just want to start over. Why can't I start over? Why? I just want to start over.

[Dawson just watches on as Jack cries, not knowing what to do.]

[Scene: outside the MTV stage. The bands are cleaning up at the end of the night and Audrey is just watching them when Pacey comes up to join her.]

Pacey: Thinkin' of becoming a roadie?

Audrey: I've got good upper body strength. I think I could handle it. Pacey...I have to tell you something.

Pacey: You kissed Chris.

Audrey: Yeah. What the hell?

Pacey: I hired a couple of P.I.'s. They were tracking you, took some photos. Wasn't pretty.

Audrey: Hmph, doesn't quite figure, does it?

Pacey: How do you mean?

Audrey: You know... spending all that time tracking me down... would kinda mean that you care.

Pacey: Yeah, it would, wouldn't it?

Audrey: So, do you? Because we can't keep going down this road that we've been on, and it's not that it hasn't been great, because it really has.

Pacey: Audrey—

Audrey: No. I need to say this.

Pacey: No. Can I—

Audrey: Will you give a girl a minute? I am not so good with this vulnerable thing, ok? Pacey, I want to be your girlfriend. Ok? Officially. And exclusively and... uncasually, and I want you to want the same thing, but if you don't—

Pacey: I do. I do. And I wanted to tell you that all day.

Audrey: Then why didn't you?

Pacey: I guess I was just waiting for my moment.

Audrey: Well, how's right now for you?

Pacey: Right now feels pretty good. Audrey... will you be my girlfriend?

Audrey: I would love to.

[They Kiss]

[Scene: Audrey's kitchen in the morning. Dawson is sitting all alone at the table when Pacey comes downstairs.]

Pacey: Dawson? Hey, thought that was you. How long you been here?

Dawson: I...ha ha. I don't know. You don't seem that surprised to see me.

Pacey: Want some coffee? I brewed it fresh.

Dawson: No. Thank you. I already had some. Um, I just wanted to, um...

Pacey: To find Joey.

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Look, Dawson, if you're here because you think that you and Joey are... whatever you're thinking, this is a bad idea.

Dawson: You know, pace, I'm on... no sleep and about 26 hours' worth of driving.

Pacey: I'm serious. You gotta give that thing up. That thing that you guys do to each other, the heroes of bad timing. You've got to give that up. It's over.

Dawson: No, it's not.

Pacey: Aw, come on, Dawson. How many times are you gonna do this yourself? How many times are you gonna keep on coming back?

Dawson: Until there's nothing to come back for, I guess.

Pacey: Suppose I was to tell you there's nothing right now?

Dawson: [Sighs] Believe me, pace, sometimes I wish that was the case. But it's not. I can feel it. I know you don't believe in any of this, and that's fine. You're the cynic. I'm the idealist. It's how we work, I guess. But when I feel something this strong pulling me... I have to act on it. It's... the only thing that I know how to do. So you gonna tell me where she is?

[he pauses for a second before answering]

Pacey: She's with Charlie, Dawson.

[Scene: Inside Charlie's Tent. Charlie and Joey are lying there fully clothed just talking to one another]

Joey: Will you hand me my socks? My feet are freezing.

Charlie: Yeah. Ah, you know, it's a good thing I moved this tent indoors. You might have lost a few toes if we'd stayed on the beach.

[The camera pans back enough for us to see that they actually build the tent inside Audrey's place.]

Joey: Charming. So...where were we?

Charlie: Seventh grade, the crimping iron incident.

Joey: Ooh, that's a good one. You're gonna like this story.

Charlie: [Chuckles]

Joey: Oh, do you want a break?

Charlie: From you, never.

Joey: Hmm... you're good with the one-liners. Almost too good.

Charlie: Too good?

Joey: Uh-huh.

Charlie: Uh-uh. You're kidding me. I have been lying here right next to you all night, and I still have not given you a proper kiss. Man, I must've lost my touch.

Joey: I don't think so. You don't?

[She kisses him]

[Scene: the beach. Dawson stands alone at the beach just staring into the water watching the waves crash into the shore as the sun rises. Then the camera fades to black.]

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