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  05x17 - Highway to Hell
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Episode 517 - Highway to Hell

In this episode: Joey tries, but finds she can't resist Charlie's invitation to join his band on a singing gig upstate. But when the day trip turns into an overnight, Joey finds herself in an interesting situation with Charlie. Meanwhile, while Jen ponders breaking up with Dawson, she and Jack join Dawson in Capeside for Lily's first birthday party... but when Dawson learns there's a new man in Gale's life, Jen's not sure if now is the best time to tell Dawson how she feels.

Original Airdate: April 3, 2002

[Scene: The School Hallway. Joey is walking down the hall when Charlie comes running up to her.]

Charlie: Joey Potter. Just the girl I'm looking for.

Joey: You really have that first name, last name thing down, don't you? Does that help you keep the ladies straight?

Charlie: Well, you know, I don't want to confuse Joey from Worthington with Joey from Amherst.

Joey: Oh, I passed her on the street once. Didn't like the looks of her.

Charlie: Funny, since she's got nothing on you.

Joey: You know, now really isn't a prime time for the obnoxious banter, so if the scary stalking part of the evening is over—

Charlie: Move it along, right, yeah, ok. I need you.

Joey: Please say this isn't when you burst into you've lost that loving feeling.

Charlie: No, but, you know, funny you should mention bursting into song.

Joey: I thought we agreed to never speak of that night again.

Charlie: I thought you just meant the kissing part.

Joey: There you are, speaking of it.

Charlie: Ok, listen, listen. We're doing a gig upstate this weekend. 5 songs, opening act, it's an incredibly big deal. We're even getting paid. 500 bucks.

Joey: Wow, that's a month's worth of hair gel.

Charlie: Ohh. Look, this is kind of our first big break, except for the lead singer quit.

Joey: Hmm. Couldn't handle the bass player with mystique getting all the girls?

Charlie: No, these days there's really only one I want.

Joey: Ohh. Charlie, I'm flattered, really, in a kind of obligatory way, but—

Charlie: I need you to sing.

Joey: Excuse me?

Charlie: I come to you with open arms, Joey, purely a guy asking a girl a favor.

Joey: You really trust me to front your band?

Charlie: Absolutely. Does this mean you'll do it?

Joey: I'll think about it.

Charlie: You're totally gonna do it, aren't you? Here's the set list.

[Puts a piece of paper into Joey's hand]

Joey: Ok, I said I'd think about it, and the longer we stand here, the longer I have to think about you and the 10,000 reasons why I don't want to do this.

Charlie: Thank you.

[Walks away , then slowly begins to skip and cheer.]

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: Joey and Audrey's Dorm Room. Audrey and Pacey are making out on her bed, when she stops and sits up.]

Audrey: Mmm! Mmm, yeah, you know, this is really hot and everything, but the thrill of knowing that Joey could walk in the door any minute is kind of wearing off.

Pacey: And here you told me you didn't have any fantasies.

Audrey: You know what I mean, Pacey.

Pacey: Actually, I don't. There's not a lot of blood running through my brain right now.

Audrey: Well, these make-out sessions used to be very old-school charming, but now it's quickly moving into the realm of slutdom. Your car, my dorm room, the coed bathroom. A lady must be courted, Pacey.

Pacey: So, that's it, then? We're having that talk, aren't we?

Audrey: You need to get an apartment.

Pacey: Is that it? And here I thought you were dumping me.

Audrey: Mmm! What's to dump? I'm not holding you back from anything, sport. You know, fly out into the world, my butterfly, be free.

Pacey: Do I have to?

Audrey: No. You just have to get an apartment. Seriously, I am feeling... all kinds of inhibited right now.

Pacey: This is you inhibited?

Audrey: Yeah, I mean, I can't really let my freak flag fly with all those warnings from my R.A.

Pacey: Then I definitely have to get an apartment. Mmm. I gotta go.

Audrey: Ok. Well, whatever. Call me from wherever you're squatting tonight.

Pacey: Will do. All right.

[Pacey gets up, and grabs his coat as Joey comes into the room]

Pacey: Potter.

Joey: Witter.

[Pacey leaves]

Audrey: Hey, before I forget, guess who called?

Joey: Um—

Audrey: no, forget it. You suck at this game. Charlie called.

Joey: He called again? Persistent.

Audrey: So, are we going?

Joey: He told you?

Audrey: I am very engaging on the phone, Joey, and you're kidding me if you're telling me you're not gonna do this gig.

Joey: It was kind of fun at the bar, but—

Audrey: kind of fun? Come on, I mean, it was verging on embarrassing. I practically had to drag you off the stage, you're such a media whore.

Joey: No, but the thing is tonight. I mean, that means we'd have to leave, like—

Audrey: in an hour, I know. Charlie and I have it under control.

Joey: Well, I'm not riding in the van with his gaggle of questionable guitarists.

Audrey: Just relax and concentrate on your heroin chic thing. It just so happens I know a guy with some wheels.

Joey: What's with this Charlie petition? He's smarmy.

Audrey: Ok, let's just be honest here. I pretty much brought down the house that night, but Charlie has asked you to sing. Now either he's intimidated by my talent, which is kind of likely, or he's hot for you. I'll take the latter, and I don't think it's such a bad thing, Joey.

Joey: I mean, if I do this, which apparently we've decided I am, it's for the fun experience of it, not Charlie, just to clarify.

Audrey: Well, duly noted. Now, let's go pick out an outfit. And not from your closet, ok? From mine.

[Scene: Jen's Room. Dawson is wrapping a present as Jen is trying on various outfits.]

Dawson: Is it completely stupid for me to get clothes for my little sister for her birthday?

Jen: No, I think that it's great, you know. She's finally developing her own sense of style as opposed to that typical blatant nudity.

Dawson: Hey, speaking of which...

Jen: Why am I having such a hard time getting dressed? We're going to Capeside for a one-year-old's birthday party. Who am I trying to impress?

Dawson: You got me.

Jen: Do you mean I got you or you're stumped?

Dawson: What?

Jen: I don't know. Getting dressed.

Dawson: Carry on.

[Knock on door]

Grams: Jennifer, Dawson, I hope you're decent as I've already entered the room, and I—[looks in to see Jen putting on a shirt]oh. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were, uh... let's move on. Um, Joey's waiting for you at the door, Dawson.

Dawson: Heh. Thank you.

[Grams leaves]

Dawson: Wow, I feel really old and boring all of a sudden.

Jen: Why? Just because grams didn't catch us in a compromising position?

Dawson: Yes, exactly.

Jen: You know, not every morning has to begin with an embarrassing grams encounter.

Dawson: I know, I know. We should go, unless you want to, uh...

Jen: I do, and I would, but I finally just got dressed. I'm just not in the mood to be separated from my outfit at this point.

Dawson: Ok.

Jen: That was easy.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Jen: Aren't you supposed to want to have sex with me at every opportunity?

Dawson: I pretty much do. You just said you're not in the mood. And you've been cranky all morning, which kind of makes me not in the mood, so before this little fight you're trying to pick becomes fodder for your radio show, I'm just gonna go downstairs and answer the door.

[Dawson begins to leave room.]

Jen: Smart-ass.

[Dawson stops and turns back.]

Dawson: Are you ok? Seriously.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, Dawson, I'm fine.

Dawson: Ok.

Jen: Ok.

[Scene: Outside Grams' House. Dawson comes outside to fins Joey waiting there for him holding a gift in her hand.]

Dawson: Perfect timing. We're leaving in 10 minutes.

Joey: Oh. Well, actually, Dawson, I came by to tell you that I'm not gonna be able to make it at all.

Dawson: Oh, something come up?

Joey: Kind of. It's a long story, and--well, I'm-- I'm going upstate to sing with Charlie's band. When you say it out loud, it sounds kind of crazy.

Dawson: What, Charlie Charlie?

Joey: One and the same.

Dawson: Ok, well, we're gonna miss you. Well, I'll miss you more than lily, but you can't blame the kid. She's got a short attention span.

Joey: Well, can you give this to her for me? It's just a little something. I... hope she likes it.

Dawson: It's bright and shiny. She'll love it.

Joey: Have a great trip.

Dawson: Yeah, you, too. Not gonna be the same without you.

Joey: Heh! Bye.

Dawson: Bye.

[Scene: Grams' Kitchen. Jack is sitting eating some cereal, when Jen comes in and grabs a class of Orange Juice.]

Jen: Is this a new kind of orange juice?

Jack: Mm-hmm. I think it's some pulp instead of tons of pulp.

Jen: Interesting. I think I'm gonna break up with Dawson.

[Jack spits his cereal back into his bowl, and there is an awkward silence which is broken by Dawson entering the room.]

Dawson: You ready to go?

Jen: Yeah.

Dawson: Ok.

[Scene: Outside Dawson's House. Grams, Jack, Jen and Dawson pull up in Grams' car. They get out to see a huge part with tons of people there.]

Dawson: wow. Had no idea you were throwing such a soiree. Quite a shindig for something lily won't even remember.

Gale: Well, I have been a little cooped up lately. Ooh, lily's birthday was just a nice excuse to gather some old friends.

[A man comes walking up carrying a little girl with him.]

Nathan: Coffee's ready, gale. Hey, you must be Dawson. It's nice to meet you.

Dawson: Hey.

Gale: Oh, sorry, how rude of me. Um, Dawson, honey, this is my friend Nathan and his daughter Haley.

Nathan: Say hi. Hi. Heh heh!

Dawson: Uh, this is my girlfriend Jen.

Jen: Hi.

Nathan: Nice to meet you.

Jen: Nice to meet you, too.

Gale: Well, um, I think I have just about everything ready. Except, of course, I did forget to pick up the cake at the bakery.

Jack: You know, Jen and I, we can do that for you, Mrs. Leery, no problem.

Jen: Yeah, that's no problem at all.

Gale: Oh, thanks, guys. So, Evelyn, Dawson, how about some coffee?

Jen: Be right back.

[They all go inside while Jen and Jack watch them go.]

Jack: Well, you can't dump him now.

Jen: Jack, it's not funny.

Jack: No, it's not funny, Jen, which is why we're going to get this cake together so you can fill me in on what the hell is going on here. Get in the car.

[Scene: Outside by Pacey's car. Pacey and Audrey are standing on one side of the car talking while Joey is waiting on the other side of the car.]

Pacey: And you'll let me pick the music?

Audrey: If you must. It'll be fun, Pacey. Come on! There are worse ways to spend your Saturday then traveling the open road with a couple of hotties.

Pacey: True, that. But I still don't like the idea of catering to chip mark and his merry band.

Audrey: Charlie Todd.

Pacey: I don't want to know the guy's actual name. I just don't want you to feel out of the loop or anything. This guy is not even in our social circle. I mean, sure, he circles around it like a vulture, but he's not actually in the circle, you know what I mean?

Audrey: No, but he is running towards us with alarming speed.

Pacey: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

[Charlie comes running up to them]

Charlie: Whew! Thank god I found you. The guys left in the van an hour ago.

Joey: Maybe they were trying to tell you something.

Charlie: I overslept. You guys mind if I catch a ride?

Audrey: Well, I don't see any reason why you can't.

Pacey: What was your backup plan? You know, if you overslept and your ride failed you?

Charlie: Well, uh, this is pretty much it.

Pacey: And even that's an overstatement.

Charlie: What?

Joey: Nothing. Pace, I know this sucks, but there's not much they can do without him, and as long as we're going...

Charlie: Oh, thank you. You guys rock.

Joey: I'm really sorry, pace. Nobody planned on this.

Pacey: I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure laughing boy over there planned this. [Whining] "I missed my ride." You know that this guy is just stalking Joey—

Audrey: Hello! Present love interest standing right in front of you.

Pacey: It has nothing to do with you. I just saw what this guy did to Jen. I don't want him to do it to another one of my friends.

Audrey: Ok, let's just... enjoy this for what it is-- wacky road trip high jinx with a motley crew and their collective sexual tension.

Pacey: Throw in a bag of pork rinds, you got yourself a deal.

Audrey: Ok.

Pacey: But you keep this guy away from me. Seriously.

[Inside the car. Joey and Charlie are waiting in the back seat]

Charlie: Heh heh!

Joey: What?

Charlie: It's just... I think I dreamt this once.

Joey: What are you talking about?

Charlie: You, me, a big backseat.

Joey: This backseat has no implications.

Charlie: Hey, I didn't say that it did.

Joey: This is strictly business.

Charlie: All my backseat transactions are.

[Car doors close]

[Engine starts]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: In the car. They have begun their road trip, with Audrey and Pacey in the front seat, and Charlie and Joey in the rear seat.]

Audrey: Oh, looks like we're only gonna be, like, a half an hour away from Salem.

Pacey: I don't know that you'd be safe there, sweetie.

Joey: Hey, Charlie, what's the name of this place we're playing at again?

Charlie: "We," huh? I knew it'd just be a matter of time before you started to embrace the life of a rock star.

Pacey: Yeah, you're really roughing it old-school style, buddy.

Charlie: Hey, this is a really sweet ride, Pacey. How much this set you back?

Pacey: You know, where I come from, Charles, it's not polite to dig into a man's financial affairs. So what is the name of this place we're going to, anyway?

Charlie: Uh, the Drunk and the Dead.

Pacey: Oh, that sounds like a nice family joint.

Charlie: No, it's awesome. I mean, I haven't actually been there, but some of the other guys have. I hear the crowd really gets into it. It's gonna be like an actual set, you know? Not just a bunch of college kids killing time.

[He sees the nervous look on Joey's face]

Charlie: Hey, don't worry.

Joey: I'm not worried.

Charlie: Just excited?

Joey: I'm not anything.

Charlie: Heh heh! Yeah, right. In your mind, you're already imagining your gateway drug and which mode of destruction you'll attack the hotel room with first.

[Scene: Outside Dawson's House. Jen and Jack are sitting on some benches talking.]

Jack: What's up with you and Dawson? Is it getting old?

Jen: Ohh... no, things are just... kind of coming into focus because I, you know, I was so quick to jump into this and tell everybody that they were wrong and that I was right and actually me and Dawson were destined to be together, and it was crazy. I just feel like that existed in some parallel universe, and now it's just sort of...

Jack: safe.

Jen: Ugh. If I admit that, then... I am really gonna seal the deal as a dysfunctional poster child. And it's not like Steve the indie rocker made me have any profound revelations about the meaning of love, but—

Jack: but you felt something.

Jen: No, I missed something. That thing where you meet somebody for the first time and you get to decide yes or no with only yourself in mind. And I don't want to be that girl that's upset that Saturday nights aren't more fun. I mean, Dawson doesn't deserve that. He's had enough already.

Jack: Jen, you should tell him that.

[Scene: Inside Dawson's House. Dawson is standing in a doorway, watching Lily playing on the floor with some other kids when Nathan comes up to talk with him.]

Nathan: So, Dawson, your mom tells me you're enjoying your new film program in Boston.

Dawson: Yep.

Nathan: Yeah. I used to dabble a little bit in film when I was in Amherst. Nothing as advanced as you, believe me.

Dawson: No, I'm just starting out.

Nathan: Oh. W-what about that matrix movie? I mean, they used a lot of that new, uh, digital technology, didn't they?

Dawson: Right.

[Dawson looks down at Lily playing]

Nathan: Well, this one right here, I'll tell you. [Nathan reaches down and picks up Lily] Come here, ms. Lily-wily, we gotta keep an eye on you, right? This one, I'll tell you, she gets into those crayons, and her mama calls her a genius. Hi, genius. I guess the old visual creative gene runs in everybody's blood in this family.

Dawson: Excuse me for a minute.

[Scene: In Pacey's Car. They have been driving for some time, and there is dead silence in the car. You can sense the tension in the air.]

Charlie: Hey, pace?

Pacey: Yeah, chuck.

Charlie: Look, I don't mean to be a backseat driver or anything, but we kind of need to put the pedal to the metal, if you know what I mean.

Pacey: Did he really just say that to me?

Audrey: Yeah.

Charlie: Look, I understand that you want to be easy on the old girl, but come on, man, we're running a little late.

Pacey: Well, maybe you'd made better time with the old hog, huh, chuck?

Audrey: Hey, now, ok, guys. No need to auto-bash here. Charlie, honey, I'm sure we'll be fine. And, Pacey, sweetheart, a little speed never hurt anybody.

Charlie: You know, if you want me to drive, granny, hey, I can hop up front, all right?

Pacey: Heh heh heh. Ok.

[Pacey pulls the car over, and everyone gets out.]

Audrey: What are you doing?

Pacey: Anger management. This one's for me. Chuckles, get out of my car.

Charlie: What's the problem?

Pacey: There's no problem. We're leaving, and you're hitchhiking.

Charlie: Oh, come on, man, you're being ridiculous.

Pacey: I'm being ridiculous?!

Charlie: Here we go.

Pacey: You've been asking for this since the moment you showed up this morning uninvited.

Charlie: You know, believe me, I'm regretting it more and more every single second, but why don't you cut me some slack because you don't even know me.

Pacey: And you don't know me, because if you did, you would've started walking 5 minutes ago.

Charlie: I can't believe this. You don't think I can take you?

Audrey: Hey, guys, you know what? You're both very masculine and the girls are impressed. Can we just go now?

Pacey: Are you challenging me?

[Pacey Pushes him]

Charlie: Should I bother?

[Charlie pushes Pacey back.]

Pacey: You want that? Then let's go. Let's go.

[Audrey grabs Pacey's Arm and pulls him off towards the woods]

Pacey: Honey, could you just hold on to that for a second?

Audrey: Snookums, come on! Come with me now.

Pacey: I have a little bit of unfinished business—

Audrey: Yes, but your Neanderthal charms have me smitten. Please come with me into the woods.

Pacey: That's not fair, that's not fair.

Audrey: What?

Pacey: That's not fair.

[They disappear into the woods]

Charlie: Yeah, let your woman take care of you.

[Charlie looks back to see Joey staring at him with a mean look on her face.]

Charlie: Ugh! What is his problem?

Joey: What is your problem? The guy's giving you a ride because he happens to be a decent person. Why did you find it necessary to speak?

Charlie: I don't know, I mean, it's a good way to pass a 6-hour drive. Look, and you gotta admit, all right, he totally overreacted.

Joey: That's a moot point. Now why not be a good little backseat freeloader and just ignore him?

Charlie: There are rules about these things.

Joey: Oh, god forbid you think for yourself.

Charlie: What is that supposed to mean?

Joey: You obviously rub him the wrong way. I think you're probably his version of a chesty blonde.

Charlie: Heh! You think I'm cute.

Joey: I say chesty blonde and you immediately think I'm hot for you. This is never gonna work.

Charlie: No, but you're thinking about it.

Joey: Yeah. [Seductively] Hey, if you're good, maybe later we could stop for ice cream.

[Audrey and Pacey come back, with their clothing somewhat disheveled, and both with a big smile on their face.]

Audrey: Ok, we're ready to go now.

Charlie: All better?

Joey: Charlie. [to Audrey] Whatever you did, and I don't want any details, but thank you.

Audrey: You're welcome.

[Scene: The pier outside Dawson's House. Jen and Dawson are sitting at the end of it talking as Dawson paces back and forth.]

Dawson: I'm all freaked out. I mean, I didn't-- tsk! Didn't expect my mom to be on the dating circuit. I just—

Jen: I think that you should probably prepare yourself for this. Maybe not for Nathan, but... for the possibility of a Nathan.

Dawson: All right, that's great, I will prepare myself, but right now I'm angry and a little shocked.

Jen: If you're upset with your mom, why don't you just talk to her?

Dawson: Well, I'm kind of trying to talk to you.

Jen: She's moving on.

Dawson: From my father?

Jen: I'm sorry. That's not what I meant. I mean that she's moving on with her life. That's gotta... make you happy to some small extent.

Dawson: Does it?

Jen: People just need to breathe sometimes and act on their impulses. Your mom isn't gonna always react the way that you think she should.

Dawson: I know that I'm not her keeper. I'm just saying I have a right to reaction, don't I? Or maybe not.

Jen: I didn't say that you didn't.

Dawson: No, but, Jen, I'm trying to talk to you, and maybe you're trying to talk to me, but I feel like we're not having the same conversation.

Jen: You know what? I am just painting myself into a corner here.

Dawson: No, I'm sorry. I'M... I'm really thrown. I don't mean to attack you.

Jen: You're not attacking me. I just-- I don't want to... say something that I'm gonna end up regretting.

Dawson: Like what?

Jen: Nothing. I just... I just want to go. I'm gonna go.

Dawson: Wait a minute, what—

Jen: Nothing, ok?

Dawson: All right, you and I were talking, and then all of sudden there was a continent between us. You want to tell me what's going on?

Jen: No. Um... I just want to take a breather. I'm gonna go somewhere with jack.

Dawson: Ok.

[Commercial break]

[Scene: The Drunk and The Dead Bar. Joey, Audrey, Pacey and Charlie enter the bar to see that it is a biker bar, filled with a tough crowd. They see signs that read No Guns Allowed, and shots being filled at the bar.]

[Hard rock music playing]

Joey: Um, please tell me that we're just stopping here for directions.

Pacey: Yeah, because I'm sure the friendly patrons of this bar are just dying to help us plucky college kids.

Audrey: So it's got some character. I'm exploring.

Charlie: Ok, look, the guys aren't here, and we're not gonna have any time to rehearse.

Joey: Are you serious?

Charlie: No, it's ok. This kind of crowd probably isn't gonna care much about your singing if you know what I mean.

Pacey: That's great. Maybe you can make a little money off her after the show if you know what I mean.

Charlie: Oh, come on, man.

Pacey: I'm just curious why you brought Joey to place like this in the first place.

Charlie: She's a great performer. I thought she could have some fun.

Pacey: And maybe you'd have a little fun watching her, right?

Joey: Ok, guys, I'm standing right here.

[Audrey returns]

Audrey: Sorry, sorry. Guys, guess what? There's this chick in the back. She's doing jailhouse-style tattoos, 10 bucks with a shot. All right, let's go toughen you up.

Joey: Sounds divine.

[Joey and Audrey go off]

Pacey: I got my eye on you.

Charlie: I don't know why, considering the company.

[Scene: Inside the dressing room. Audrey is putting some make-up onto Joey.]

Joey: Sounds like this other band is pretty popular.

Audrey: It is not a face-off, bunny. No need to fret, no point, really. Not much means of defense against a Sabbath tribute band.

Joey: It's not that. I was gonna-- I don't care. Except that I do care. And I've been trying this whole time not to care, but it turns out that nonchalance doesn't suit me, and I want to win them over, but something tells me that's not gonna happen.

Audrey: Yeah, you don't do so well with things you don't do so well, but, hey, it's not like you're ever gonna see these people again. Although the night is young. Who knows what will strike your fancy?

Joey: I'm serious, Audrey. I mean, playing to this crowd is a lot different than playing to a bunch of warm and fuzzy college students. Ohh, why did I even say yes to Charlie?

[There is a knock on the door, and Charlie comes in]

Charlie: Hey, Joey? We're on in 5. All right, the set's taped to the mike. I'll introduce you, and then... [] you look gorgeous.

Joey: Thanks.

[Charlie leaves]

Audrey: And, incidentally, you said yes because you're curious.

Joey: I never said I liked him.

Audrey: I never said liked, I said curious. Same difference, clearly.

Joey: I have to go perform.

Audrey: Oh, yes, I know how serious you are about your music.

Joey: Shut up.

Audrey: Hey, never turn on your stylist, Joey. Never!

[Audrey goes out to join Pacey in the audience]

Pacey: Everything ok?

Audrey: Oh, a little stage fright, I think.

Pacey: Well, maybe that's because the front row is sharpening knives with their teeth.

Audrey: When did you become Mr. Mom? I thought you loved dives like this.

Pacey: I do for me, for the occasional wallow, not for my friends.

[Joey comes out onto the strange and Charlie gets ready to introduce her.]

Charlie: And now the girl who made aggressive mediocrity strive to be better men, Joey Potter!

Audrey: Yeah! Whoo!

[Audience booing]

[Feedback whines]

Joey: Hi.

[Laughs and hisses]

[Singly softly]

Joey: Jesse is a friend yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine...

[Audience booing]

Joey: Jesse's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine

[Audience shouting and booing]

Joey: And she's loving him with that body, I just know it you know I wish I had Jesse's girl why can't I find a woman like that?

[The camera turns from the nervous Joey back to Audrey and Pacey.]

Audrey: She might have to take off her clothes, Pacey.

[Scene: Dawson's Living room. Dawson is sitting by the play pen watching as Lily is sleeping in it, and Gale comes quietly into the room to join him. She is carrying the gift the Joey gave them, but it hasn't been opened yet.]

Gale: Hey.

Dawson: Hey. She's out like a light.

Gale: Ohh, well she was quite the belle of the ball. Ohh. So, where did Jen go?

Dawson: She and jack went to go take a walk. I guess the party got a little wild for them. Actually, we had a fight.

Gale: About what?

Dawson: I guess what it was about was, uh...moving on.

Gale: Hmm. Which side were you on?

Dawson: Apparently, I'm against it, but... the longer I sit here and look at lily, the less clear my reasons become.

Gale: Sometimes there aren't even reasons, honey. Choosing a new direction in life isn't always something that requires a list. You just feel different. You don't even mean to, but if the choice comes down to moving on or trying to fit into the shell of your former self, well... I guess it depends on what you can live with.

Dawson: I should go find Jen.

Gale: Oh, you'll find each other. Nobody's going anywhere tonight anyway. Grams is passed out in the guest room.

Dawson: Heh heh! Party animal.

Gale: Ha ha ha! Ohh, you know, we forgot to open that.

Dawson: It's from Joey.

Gale: Yeah, it was really strange not having her here.

Dawson: Yeah, I was just thinking that.

Gale: Well... I think that I am going to clean up and, uh, call it a night.

Dawson: Hey, mom?

Gale: I know. I should've told you. But, honey, to be honest, I didn't know what to tell.

Dawson: What I was gonna say was, uh, it was nice today meeting your friend.

Gale: Hmm. Thank you. Well, good night, sweetheart.

Dawson: Good night.

[Gale leaves, and Dawson sits back down and grabs the present that Joey gave them, and he opens it. He finds a picture album inside, and opens it up to read “Happy First Birthday Lily! May all your years be filled with Memories like these. Love Joey.” He turns the page to see that the album is filled with drawings that Joey has done. The first is a drawing of the Pier outside Dawson's House. Next is a picture of Dawson holding Lily, a drawing of Mitch, a drawing of Mitch, Gale and Lily, and finally a drawing of the whole family together. Each of these drawings bring back happy memories to Dawson.]

[Scene: The Drunk and the Dead Bar. Joey is still singing to the hostile crowd, and Audrey and Pacey look on sympathetically.]

[Audience booing]

Joey: Walk along the avenue...

[Pacey looks at Audrey]

Pacey: it's kind of like watching figure skaters fall.

Joey: Meet a girl like you

Audrey: I think it's almost over. Looks like Charlie's cutting it off, anyway.

[Charlie walks over while playing, and says something to the other band members.]

Joey: The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through hypnotize me through and I ran I ran so far away I just ran I ran all night and day I couldn't get away

[Band begins playing I hate myself for loving you]

Audrey: Whoo!

Charlie: One for the road! Midnight, gettin' uptight where are you? You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to two you know I'm hangin', but I'm still wantin' you

Joey: Hey, jack it's a fact they're talking in town I turn my back and you're messin' around I'm not really jealous don't like lookin' like a clown I think of you every night and day you took my heart, then you took my pride away

Both: I hate myself for loving you can't break free from the things that you do I wanna walk, but I run back to you that's why I hate myself for loving you

Audrey: whoo! Whoo!

[All cheering. Joey starts getting into it]

Joey: Daylight, spent the night without you but I've been dreaming about the lovin' you do I won't be as angry about the hell you put me through hey, man, bet you can't treat me right you just don't know what you was missin' last night

[Cheering increases]

Joey: Say forget it just for spite I think of you every night and day you took my heart, then you took my pride away

Both: I hate myself for loving you can't break free from the things that you do I wanna walk, but I run back to you that's why I hate myself for loving you

Audrey: Whoo!

Pacey: Yeah!

[Band winds up song]

[Cheering increases]

[Scene: Outside the bar. The band is putting their equipment into the van, as Joey and Charlie are talking to some of the crowd outside. Audrey and Pacey just watch on.]

Pacey: Oh, god, you'd think the guy was jimmy page.

Audrey: Yeah, except it's the year 2002. Look, Pacey, what is up with the machismo, ok? I wasn't gonna say anything, but at this point, I'm thinking of going home with rusty over there.

[She points to one of the bikers]

Pacey: It's nothing. I just... he's just that guy. When you and Dawson were making that movie together, I had to watch him shove his tongue down your throat like 40 times while you and I were still working out this whole thing, ok? So when I see him, yeah, I want to punch him in the face, and, fine, if that makes me a bad guy, I guess I'm a bad guy, but when I see the two of you together, it drives me crazy, ok? And I wish that I could really impress you right now by saying something self-assured, but I can't, because I care, and that's just the best I can do, so do you think that we can leave now and just go get a burger or something, please?

Audrey: No. That's pretty much the last thing I want to do right now.

Pacey: Fine. I'm gonna go get the car.

Audrey: Hey. I was thinking more along the lines of checking into that motel across the street.

Pacey: Did I miss something?

Audrey: I can't believe you want to... punch a guy in the face for me, Pacey. It's so... disturbingly cute.

Pacey: Really?

Audrey: Really.

[They begins to kiss, when Joey and Charlie come up to them.]

Pacey: Not to interrupt a good time, but, um, are you guys ready to go?

Audrey: Yes, actually, there's... been a slight change in plans, Joey, because Pacey and I are really tired

Pacey: [Yawns]

Audrey: And don't you think that it would be a good idea if we stayed the night in that motel?

Joey: Not really, no.

Pacey: Well, you know, it's no Potter B&B, but wouldn't you just hate to miss out on any of the local charm?

Charlie: Hey, sounds good to me, man, I'm--I'm wiped.

Audrey: Well, would you look at that? The gentlemen agree on something.

Joey: Shocking.

[Joey looks unhappy as the camera fades to black]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside the Motel. Joey is sitting on one of the chairs out by the pool, when Charlie comes walking up to join her, carrying a room key.]

Charlie: The poolside breeze is tempting this time of year.

Joey: Exotic, really.

Charlie: I got us a room.

Joey: Let me guess. There were no single beds left.

Charlie: No, no, I swear. Not a one. Are you nervous?

Joey: About what happens after the prom? I think I'll be ok.

Charlie: Did you and Pacey go to the prom together?

Joey: We did indeed.

Charlie: God, that must be strange. Having him in there with your roommate.

Joey: That's the way we like to do things around here. I mean, aren't you the guy who met my friend Jen?

Charlie: Ok, ok. No need to rehash. So, is-- is he the only guy you ever had sex with?

Joey: You know, that is so inappropriate on so many levels.

Charlie: Look, I'm just trying to cut to the chase here. Why do we always have to banter? Why can't we just have a serious conversation?

Joey: Why do we need to have a serious conversation?

Charlie: We don't, I guess. Look, I just can't figure out why you wouldn't want to make a new friend. I mean, all the rest of your friends are sleepin' together.

Joey: Ok. You got me. You're right. Yes, Pacey's the only one I've slept with.

Charlie: I've only slept with 2 people. One in high school and then Jen.

Joey: Really? I feel really close to you right now.

Charlie: You should. I don't tell a lot of people that.

Joey: What did you tell the girl that you were cheating on Jen with? That it didn't count?

Charlie: Oh, right.

Joey: It's kind of endearing, actually. Seeing the tired routine meet its end before my very eyes.

Charlie: Heh heh. God, I can't believe how much you throw off my game, Joey Potter.

Joey: Well, I try my best.

Charlie: You know, I think I'm gonna call it a night. If you ever get cold or slightly curious, about the room, that is, it's number 7.

[he places the key on the table next to her]

Joey: Good night, Charlie.

Charlie: See you later, Joey. You know, you were really great tonight.

Joey: Thanks. You did kind of help me out.

Charlie: Heh heh. No, you didn't need it. I just couldn't resist the urge.

Joey: To what?

Charlie: To be close to something that amazing.

Joey: Good night.

[Charlie leaves and walks around the corner of the building and runs into Pacey who is carrying a small paper bag.]

Charlie: Excuse me.

Pacey: We're ok.

Charlie: Long day, huh?

Pacey: Yeah.

Charlie: Provisions for the lady?

Pacey: Yeah, somethin' like that.

Charlie: Those are 2 of the most high-maintenance women known to man, and somehow you managed to wrangle both of them.

Pacey: "High-maintenance" is really just another way of saying "high-quality."

Charlie: That's a nice way of looking at it. So then tell me something. Why are we suddenly starting to have a normal conversation?

Pacey: I don't know, really. That was a nice thing that you did out there tonight, and maybe I just got tired of hating you so intensely, but make no mistake, if you do anything to hurt Joey, I will make you regret it for the rest of your waking days.

Charlie: Yeah, I figured that. So you only kind of hate me now?

Pacey: If I were you, I wouldn't take that so personally. It's not a short list.

Charlie: [Laughs] Have a good night, man.

Pacey: You, too.

[Charlie walks off, and Pacey goes over by the pool to talk with Joey.]

Pacey: You gonna stay out here all night?

Joey: I was thinkin' about it.

Pacey: If he tries anything unsavory, you know where to find me, right?

Joey: I think I can handle him.

Pacey: After watching you lull a biker bar into submission tonight, I'm pretty sure you could handle Charlie. In fact, I bet if you wanted to, you could break his heart into a million pieces.

Joey: If I wanted to do such a thing.

Pacey: Of course. Poor guy.

Joey: Heh.

[Scene: Inside Audrey and Pacey's Motel room. Audrey hops up onto the bed when Pacey comes into the room carrying the paper bag.]

Audrey: Thank the sweet lord. What, did you have to manufacture your own shoddy condoms?

Pacey: Heh. I love the way your mind works. But I never said that I was going out to get condoms.

Audrey: Well, no. You said that you forgot something. And you said you never knew me to be unprepared, so

Pacey: Perhaps I just went out because I wanted to extend to you a romantic gesture.

[He pulls out a cupcake from the bag and a candle out of his pocket]

Audrey: [Laughs] Aw. I didn't get you anything. [he lights the candle] What is this for again?

Pacey: This is our first night together. No roommates, no back seats, no security guards. Just you and I.

Audrey: Right.

[Audrey blows out the candle]

Pacey: Did you make a wish?

Audrey: I did.

Pacey: And did it have something to do with 4 walls and an Ikea catalog?

Audrey: I always thought you were more of the restoration hardware type of guy.

Pacey: I always knew you were a classy girl.

Audrey: Mm. Well, it shows how much you know.

[Scene: Outside the high school. Jen and Jack are sitting on the steps when Dawson comes up to them.]

Dawson: How did I know I'd find the two of you guys here?

Jack: Yeah, it's some kind of hybrid of "pathetic" and "predictable," I guess.

Dawson: Heh heh heh.

Jack: Ok, speaking of pathetic, I think that I'm going to go check out the, uh, football field. Run a few laps, rip out my shoulder. Catch you guys later.

Jen: Bye.

[Jack leaves]

Dawson: So what happened today?

Jen: I don't know.

Dawson: Tell me anything.

Jen: Ok. I got out of a cab 4 years ago, and-- and you were there, and you looked so open and innocent and happy, and I thought to myself you were the boy for me, and I kind of put-- I put everything, into that, and, you know, I don't doubt for a minute that you're the best guy I'll know, and I wish that, you know, you'd just marry me 'cause—

Dawson: Well, then why are you doing this, Jen? I mean, there's a reason that this worked out in the first place. There's a reason that we got together. Isn't there?

Jen: Dawson, I don't think that this is just me.

Dawson: It was right at the time.

Jen: We needed each other.

Dawson: So what just happened? Did we—

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

[They sit together in silence, and Dawson pulls Jen over to him and she rests her head on him.]

[Scene: Outside Joey and Charlie's motel room. Joey slowly pus the key in the door and opens it, and slowly enters the room. She takes her coat off, and then looks over to see that Charlie is already asleep in bed. She quietly goes over to the bed, and uncomfortably gets lies down on top of the covers. She looks over at him sleeping, and then smiles and rolls onto her side and goes to sleep.]

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