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  06x02 - The Song Remains the Same
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602 - The Song Remains The Same

In this episode: Dawson and Joey wake up feeling awkward and excited after their first night together, but the mood is ruined when Dawson receives a phone call from a girl he's been seeing in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Audrey's father pulls some strings and sets Pacey up with a job interview that could change his life; and sparks fly between Jen and CJ, a handsome new peer counselor she meets at school.

Original Airdate: October 2, 2002

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Joey and Dawson are wrapped up with one another sleeping together, Dawson behind Joey all curled up. His hand is resting on her hip, when she slowly brings hers up to his, and he entwines their fingers in one another's. Joey rolls over, and begins kissing him, and then they begin to make love again. Fade to Black. Cut to a little. Joey wakes up alone in bed and finds a not on her pillow. It reads “Went out for Breakfast” The door opens as she reads this, and Dawson comes in carrying some coffee.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hi.

Dawson: You're up.

Joey: Yeah. Um, you went out.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: Could you...

Dawson: sure.

[Dawson reaches the hook, and grabs Joey's robe and hands it to her.]

Joey: Thanks.

Dawson: So I got you a--

Joey: did you get me a latte?

[He pulls up a Single White Rose, and hands it to her]

Dawson: Roses. All over Worthington.

Joey: Kinda hokey, don't you think?

Dawson: Yeah, that's exactly what I think.

Joey: Well, it's a $500 fine to pick one of these.

Dawson: Worth every penny.

Joey: So we should probably stop and think about this. You know, about what it means. I mean, about how this will change... [He kisses her] things.

Dawson: Maybe later.

[The begins making out again. Fade to black]

[Scene: Hotel Room. Audrey is in bed, and she grabs the phone and begins to dial for room service. Pacey is in the Bathroom getting ready for his first day at work]

Audrey: yes. Hello. I was wondering if you could bring up--

Pacey: no, no, no, no. No room service for you this morning.

Audrey: What? We can afford it.

Pacey: We?

Audrey: Ok. My dad can afford it. What do you say, champagne? Bloody marys?

Pacey: I say that we're not on the set of dynasty and you have class in an hour. Now, which tie?

Audrey: Mmm, I don't know. They're both kind of hideous.

Pacey: Ok, look. You'll have plenty of time for fashion critiques once I actually get the job, but for right now, I just don't want to be late for the interview. Ok?

Audrey: I'm sure that it is just a technicality. Trust me. When my dad pulls strings, they stay pulled. How do you think I got into Worthington?

[Audrey begins to tie Pacey's tie for him]

Pacey: Oh, oh. Are they always supposed to be this tight?

Audrey: You have actually worn a tie before, haven't you, Pacey?

Pacey: Of course I have. Once.

Audrey: Once.

Pacey: Yes, once.

[She kisses him as he gets up from the bed]

Audrey: Mmm.

Pacey: Ok. Wish me luck. I'm out the door.

Audrey: Luck!

[Pacey leaves, and Audrey instantly grabs the phone]

Audrey: Yes, hello. Is this room service? Oh, my gosh. You know my name. How cool. Yeah, I'm feeling a little continental this morning.

[Scene: Outside the school campus. Jen and Grams are walking towards some tables, after returning from the book store.]

Jen: Ok, so we share the art history. Um, all this Kafka is mine, and they gave us a math book by mistake.

Grams: Oh! I'll take that, thank you very much.

Jen: Wait a second. Math? Don't tell me you actually took my advice.

Grams: Stranger things have happened.

Jen: And I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that a certain someone actually teaches math?

Grams: Are you implying that there's anything wrong with taking interest in someone's life's work?

Jen: I think it's a slippery slope. I mean, one minute you're taking an interest and the next you're sublimating your own thoughts and desires, and for what? For a grand chance to participate in the great patriarchal heterosexist fraud that is better known as monogamy? I mean, is that really how you want to spend your golden years, folding some man's laundry and pretending to actually share an interest? I mean, haven't we come further as a sex--

[Grams notices that the guy sitting behind them is staring at the back of Jen's head as she is going on.]

Jen: what?

[Jen turns to see the guy looking at her]

Jen: Hi. Hi. I'm sorry. Are we bothering you? Because, perhaps if it's not too much trouble, you could just get your own conversation.

Guy: No. Sorry. It's just that I've been sitting here trying to figure out where I've met you before, and suddenly I realized I've never met you before.

Jen: Great. Well, I'm really glad that we got that figured out.

Guy: I've heard you on the radio.

Grams: She was on the radio. [Jen gives her a dirty look] Well, you were. She was very good, too.

Jen: Ok, you got me. I'm busted. I was on the radio. But I'm not anymore, so... thank you very much for listening and buh-bye.

Guy: So did you get fired or what?

Jen: What is this, an interview?

Guy: I'm just curious.

Jen: [Sighs] Well, let's just say that I had some... artistic differences with the new management.

Guy: Fine. Then we'll just say that.

Jen: Fine.

Grams: Excuse me, young man. Would you care to join us?

[Scene: The Stock Interview. Rich, the manager, is lecturing a group of new recruits including Pacey who are all sitting around a large table listening to his every word.]

Rich: It's 8:35 on a Saturday morning. The phone rings. Who is it? Cable company, phone company, debt consolidators. Why do they keep calling back? Because it works. Now, if you don't think you can do that, if you don't think you can commit to becoming the lowest form of life, the kind that lives by his wits, the kind that doesn't take no for an answer, then I suggest you leave. No. You know what? In fact, I insist you leave. Right now!

[No One gets up and leaves]

Rich: All right, then. To clarify: The hours are long, the pay is crap, when you're not working, you will be studying for your series 7 stockbroker exam. There are no second chances here. If you do not pass this test on your first try, you will be let go from the training program and replaced by one of a zillion other guys who would kill to have this job. Questions?

[Pacey looks around then raises his hand]

Pacey: Well, given how completely and historically screwed the market is right now, why would any sane person want this job?

Rich: Same reason people play the lottery.

Pacey: You mean money?

Rich: No. Not that there's anything wrong with money. I mean hope. That tiny surge of adrenaline that courses through your veins right before you check the winning numbers. That's what we're selling here. That's what every stockbroker sells, and you all wouldn't be here if you didn't want some of it. So, those of you who want it bad enough, I'll see you Monday morning. Otherwise, disperse.

[Everyone leaves, and Rich is finishing up a piece of paperwork, when Pacey stops to talk to him]]

Pacey: I actually do have one more question.

Rich: Shoot.

Pacey: Who the hell are you?

Rich: Rich Rinaldi.

Pacey: Pacey Witter. And, Mr. Rinaldi, I don't need till Monday morning. I'm in right now.

Rich: Look forward to working with you, Pacey.

Pacey: Ok.

[Pacey goes to leave]

Rich: And, uh... you might want to rethink that suit. Seems a little gay.

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Dawson is getting all his stuff together, as Joey is in the bathroom. Dawson looks over and picks up the snow globe that he gave here and looks at it, when Joey comes out of the bathroom.]

Joey: Hi.

Dawson: Hi. You look beautiful.

Joey: Thank you. Do you have to work today?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, but I was thinking maybe we could get together later on.

Joey: Great.

Dawson: Like around 5:00?

Joey: Sure.

Dawson: Ok. I'll, uh, I'll call you.

Joey: Great.

Dawson: Not like, "I'll call you," like the bad cliche, like I say that I'll call you and I never do.

Joey: You mean not like e standard blow-off you get from a frat guy trying to make a graceful exit from the world's most embarrassing hook-up?

Dawson: Yes.. I'm mean not like that.

Joey: Not embarrassing.

Dawson: No None of that. No.

Joey: So I guess we're in agreement that since last night, words have totally lost all meaning. Because I just spent 15 minutes in that bathroom trying to think of something to say to you, and, well, all I could come up with was "hi."

Dawson: I liked it. It was heartfelt and sincere.

Joey: It was idiotic.

Dawson: I can top that. The note that I left on your pillow this morning? 4 drafts. I spent like an hour trying to come up with something historically meaningful to say to you, something that would encapsulate everything about how I felt about us, about sex, about the most incredible night of my life, and you know what I came up with?

Joey: "Went out for breakfast."

Dawson: 4 of the dumbest words in the English language, and not one of them says what I meant to say.

[Cell phone rings]

Dawson: I have to get that. Hello.

Todd: Leery, I'm waiting! Why am I waiting, you ask? 'Cause you're not bloody here.

Dawson: Yeah, sorry about that. I was--

Todd: you're just gonna get your ass over here, that's what you're gonna do.

[Hangs up the phone]

Joey: Go. Call me later.

Dawson: Ok. And then we can talk. We can finish what we were--

Joey: right, but I have one important thing to ask you right now.

Dawson: What?

Joey: What happened to the other 3 drafts?

Dawson: Oh, I tossed them in the dumpster.

Joey: I see. When you went out to get coffee?

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: I thought that was a little suspicious.

Dawson: It was, actually, and--and now that you mention it, um...

[Cell phone rings]

[He looks at the caller ID, and it reads SATAN. Joey notice it an smiles]

Joey: Todd calling.

Dawson: How could you tell?

Joey: I'm assuming Satan could only be one person other than Beelzebub himself.

[He answers the phone]

Dawson: Hello.

Todd: I'm gonna need a triple espresso and some sort of pastry-type situation, preferably Italian.

Dawson: I'm on my... [Click] Way.

Joey: Go. Get out of here. I'm afraid to see what happens if the devil calls 3 times in one hour.

Dawson: You know, before I leave, I just want to make absolutely certain--

Joey: Dawson...

[She kisses him]

Joey: [Whispers] Shut up.

[She kisses some more to keep him quiet.]

Joey: Good-bye.

[Dawson leaves, and they both lean against the close door back to back without knowing the other is doing it too. ]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson comes into an alley, carrying a coffee and a pastry, and finds Todd standing in it. Todd is just getting off the phone.]

Todd: Would you murder someone in this alley?

Dawson: Yeah, you, for wanting to change a location 18 other people have signed off on. Here.

Todd: What? No 20-minute speech on how you're too good to get my coffee?

Dawson: No 20-minute tirade on how it's cold?

Todd: I must be mellowing.

Dawson: Or I've been bringing you decaf all summer.

Todd: Ha ha ha ha! Right. Which would explain the lack of me yelling at you this morning when you failed to show up at our prearranged meeting place.

Dawson: That was a lack of yelling?

Todd: You weren't in your room, either.

Dawson: No. I spent the night at a friend's.

Todd: A friend's? Had I known you actually had any friends, I wouldn't have wasted valuable production dollars on lodging you. Well. Well...details.

Dawson: Not a chance. Every good thing that's happened in my life I've essentially managed to talk out of existence. I'm not gonna do that this time.

Todd: Suit yourself. So, what am I doing today?

Dawson: You'll find out when you get there.

Todd: Enough.

[They get into a car and leave]

[Scene: Hell's Kitchen. It is early, and the bar has just opened. Joey walks into the bar, and begins looking around, when Eddie from her Lit Class runs into her as he passes by her.]

Joey: Excuse me.

Eddie: Yeah.

Joey: You obviously don't remember me, but--

Eddie: oh, yeah. Sure. Nice to see you again.

Joey: Excuse me.

Eddie: Sorry, I don't really have time to chit-chat.

Joey: I'm not attempting to forge some kind of social connection here.

Eddie: Well, good, because--

Joey: you can just apologize and we'll move on.

Eddie: Apologize?

Joey: Yeah.

Eddie: Look, it's really simple. You read the book, you come to class. Preferably in that order.

Joey: You finished?

Eddie: Yes.

Joey: Good. You bumped into me just now in your mad dash to read the lunch specials.

Eddie: Well, I'm sorry.

Joey: Thank you.

Eddie: Didn't realize you were so delicate.

[He leaves, and Emma comes walking up to her]

Emma: Hey! You came back. Joey, right, from last night?

Joey: Yeah.

Emma: So you decided the glamour and prestige of waitressing was for you, after all.

Joey: Well, let's just say I'm currently re-aligning my life priorities.

Emma: And getting your bum grabbed by a bunch of sadistic drunks is in your top 5.

Joey: No, but... I'm trusting my instincts for a change. So, is the job still available?

Emma: Yeah. I'll put a word in with the manager. Oh, in the meantime, fill this out.

[She hands Joey an application]

Joey: Thank you.

Emma: No problem.

Joey: He doesn't eat here often, does he?

Emma: Him? Not particularly, no. [looks over at Eddie] Oh, he does work here. He's the bartender.

[Scene: Grams' House. Audrey is sitting at the table as Pacey is finishing up cooking some food. HE takes a plateful of spaghetti and walks over with a ladle of sauce over it.]

Pacey: So, no classes today, either?

Audrey: No, I had to shop, you know, for the thing tonight. [She tries unsuccessfully to stop him from putting sauce on the spaghetti on the plate] Oh, honey, don't put the--

[Jack comes into the kitchen]

Jack: mmm. Something smells good.

Audrey: Here. Bon appetit. That's ok.

Pacey: So, uh, what's the verdict, man?

Jack: Oh, man, I looked at 5 apartments this morning, leading me to the inevitable conclusion that everything in our price range is both disgusting and roach-infested.

Pacey: Except for this place I looked at yesterday.

Jack: Yeah, but is it clean?

Pacey: It's immaculate.

Jack: Whew.

Audrey: Jack, I'm scandalized. Is that an obviously gay trait that you've just revealed to us?

Jack: Hey, I'm clean. All right? Sue me. Try living with someone's grandmother for a few years.

Pacey: The solution here is really obvious. We gotta go back. We gotta try again. We have to convince this woman of why it is she wants to live with the two of us.

Audrey: If she doesn't want to live with guys, she doesn't want to live with guys. Who can blame her? Who wants to deal with all those little shaving hairs in the sink when you're trying to brush your teeth in the morning? Ecch.

Pacey: Honey, as much as I love you, you're missing the point. He is a neat guy.

Jack: That's one way of putting it.

Audrey: And you are a slob. Admit it, Pacey, you're not just a guy, you're a guy's guy.

Pacey: Ok, granted, yesterday I may ha been a guy's guy. Today, I am a guy with a job.

Jack: You got it?

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah.

Jack: Congrats, dude.

Pacey: Well, it's not so much a job, really, as an opportunity to become the lowest form of life, which I'll explain later, because right now we have an apartment to get.

Audrey: Mmm. We?

Pacey: Yes, we.

[Pacey dials the phone and hands it to Audrey]

Pacey: Swallow.

Jack: Heh heh heh.

[The just finishes her mouthful when Emma answers the phone]

Audrey: Hello. Hi. I was, um... I was wondering if I could come look at the apartment today.

[Scene: Outside on the campus grounds. Jen and the guy from earlier are sitting at a table talking still.]

Guy: No, I think it's nice.

Jen: Yeah, that's what everybody says. "Oh, you live with your grandma. That's so sweet." How do they know I don't beat her with a stick and leave her tied to the radiator all winter?

Guy: Is this a cry for help?

Jen: Do I look like I need help?

Guy: No. Actually, you look like someone who'd probably be good at giving it.

Jen: Oh, god.

Guy: What?

Jen: Oh, no. It's not your fault. This is my fault. This has happened to me before. This religion thing is not really--god. No! Not god. Not god. I'm gonna go.

Guy: Wait, look. You're right. I do want something from you. Several things, actually. But, first, I want you to sit back down.

Jen: Sss...ok. I'll perch.

Guy: Fine.

Jen: I'm not fully committed to the sitting.

Guy: Understood. Um—

Jen: I could leave at any moment, especially if you continue to not say anything.

Guy: Sorry, it's-- this is kind of a difficult thing to phrase properly. Um... no matter how I say it, I'm gonna sound like a total dork, so... have you ever heard of the stand? B

Jen: Buh-bye.

Guy: W-wait a second. Wait a second. It's not a religion. It's a peer counseling program.

Jen: You're saying you think I need counseling?

Guy: No. I'm saying I think you could give counseling.

Jen: Oh, you mean help people.

Guy: Yeah. Look, all I'm asking is that you come to an information session tonight. It starts at 7:00.

Jen: And you'll be there?

Guy: Yeah, I'll be there.

[Scene: Joey comes walking along the side of a large warehouse, in a very deserted area of Boston. She continue to look around lost, and then picks up her cell phone and dials it.]

Joey: I think I made a huge mistake.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Joey: A wrong turn or something. I mean, this can't be the place I'm supposed to meet you. There's no "here" here.

[Dawson is at work on the set, and slowly makes his way towards one of the outer doors.]

Dawson: Wrong again.

[She turns around to see Dawson standing holding the door open for her.]

Joey: What is this place?

Dawson: This is where we're shooting the movie. Well, most of it. Actually, did I mention it takes place in the seventies?

Joey: No.

Dawson: Yeah. A bunch of teenagers obsessed with the Boston stranger end up spending the weekend at this old house in cape cod, scaring the crap out of each other, of course.

Joey: Sounds familiar.

Dawson: Yeah. Actually, I'm really proud of the set. Todd let me have a lot of input into the design.

Joey: Why is that?

Dawson: Because I'm a valued assistant.

Joey: I suspected as much.

Dawson: And he doesn't trust his production designer.

Joey: A notoriously shifty race of people?

Dawson: And he says he has no friggin' idea what a typical American house should look like.

Joey: A typical American house?

Dawson: Come o what's it like being me?

[They turn the corner, and come across a set that looks just like the porch of Dawson's House. They go inside, and Joey can see that the interior is also Dawson's house, and is surprised and impressed at the same time.]

[Scene: The Movie Set. We pick up exactly where we left off with Joey looking around in shock.]

Joey: Dawson, this is incredible.

Dawson: All that stuff about you can't go home again.

Joey: You can.

Dawson: Through the magic of movies.

Joey: Isn't your mom gonna freak when she sees your house in a horror movie?

Dawson: Heh heh. It probably won't be too good for property values, but you got to admit it's kind of cool.

Joey: It's more than cool. Dawson, this is spectacular. It's like it's your movie.

Dawson: Well, except it's not. I'm just the director's assistant.

Joey: Come on, you have to admit you've come a long way since sea creatures from the deep. I mean... it's like it's the real thing.

Dawson: As real as something can be that's entirely an illusion.

Joey: Entirely?

Dawson: Well, see for yourself

[The go upstairs to the door of Dawson's bedroom, and open it to find an empty area that opens up to the roof of the porch. The walk out to the edge and look down, and Dawson walks up and puts his arms around Joey's waist.]

Dawson: [Chuckles] Yeah. We, uh... kind of ran out of money. Hmm.

[Todd comes walking over to them from below]

Todd: Leery, you sick bastard! How many times have I told you... hello, hello, hello. Leery's got a bird.

Dawson: Oh, boy.

[Joey and Dawson go down to meet him.]

Dawson: Todd, Joey. Joey...Todd.

Todd: Hey.

Joey: Hi.

Dawson: Joey goes to Worthington.

Todd: What's that, like a college or something?

Joey: Yeah.

Todd: Never heard of it. So, what do you think of our set?

Joey: Um, it's amazing.

Todd: It will be. Do you still got that list we made of all the bloody things wrong with it?

Dawson: Every bloody one. I already got the art department started on the corrections.

Todd: Excellent. We're coming back and filming in 2 weeks, you know.

Joey: That's what I heard.

Todd: So, you'll, uh... you'll come back and visit us then, then?

Joey: I hope so.

Dawson: Ok. Bye.

[Dawson leads Todd away from Joey for a minute]

Todd: You've giving me the bum's rush out of here, isn't you? Is that so you can take the night off and go frolicking with that bird?

Dawson: Something like that.

Todd: So, what time's the car leave for the airport tomorrow?

Dawson: 8:00. Wake-up call 7:30, second wake-up call 7:45.

Todd: Right. So, I'll see you then. Go get 'em, tiger.

[Scene: Emma's Apartment. Audrey, Pacey and Jack have just arrived and walked in looking for Emma.]

Audrey: Whoa. Nice place.

Jack: Yeah. Yes, this is definitely the one.

Pacey: All right, so we're all clear on exactly what it is thing we need to do here, right?

Audrey: I don't know. It might actually be a little too nice.

Pacey: Audrey--

Audrey: yes, clear. Audrey Liddell, character witness for the defense. Whatever. Hello? Hi. I'm, um, I'm here about the apartment.

Emma: I remember you. For yourself?

Audrey: In a way, yes.

Emma: In a way that involves you living here and me never having to see either of these 2 wastrels again for the rest of my natural-born life?

Audrey: Not exactly, no.

Emma: I'm afraid there's been some sort of mistake.

Pacey: Whoa, hey. Just hold on a second here. You're not even gonna let the woman speak her mind?

Emma: Well, the fact that she's with you raises serious doubts as to whether she has one.

Pacey: Look, I just want a second chance because I obviously did not make the best first impression yesterday, but I am positive that if you did give me a second chance, I could sell you on the obvious benefits of living with 2 fine young gentlemen like--

[Two women walks down the stairs and stop halfway down]

Woman: yeah, hi. Um... we thought it over and we'll take it.

[Emma turns back with a mocking smile on her face for Pacey]

Emma: Sorry. It's too late. Nice tie, by the way.

[Scene: The counseling Center. Jen is standing near the door, as one of the members is giving a pep speech to the people who have all gone there.]

Woman: Ok, so, as I was saying, most of what we do around here is simply information and referrals. And 99 times out of 100 just reminding someone to take a deep breath... [Inhales] And to keep on breathing is enough. Tomorrow will be another day, for you, too. Which brings me to our number one rule around here: Never be afraid to ask for a hug at the end of a tough day.

[Gen Leaves and runs into the guy from earlier outside.]

Guy: Hey, Jen! Hi. You made it.

Jen: Yep. Made it.

Guy: Well, let's go. We're late.

Jen: You know, I'm sorry. I can't go back in there.

Guy: Back in there?

Jen: Yeah, I was already in there. I saw the posters, the-- it's just--it's just that it's not for me-- the hugging and the one day at a time.

Guy: Oh, ok. I see. So, you're one of those people who've found some other way to live, one that doesn't involve one day at a time.

Jen: Look, I don't want to knock your system. I'm sure that it's a really good system, but--

Guy: it's just not cool enough for you. That's fine.

Jen: No, I didn't say that. I--I mean, honestly, I think it's really nice that you have something that you believe in like that.

Guy: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Jen: No, it--it's just that I'm not much of a joiner. Um... it was really nice to meet you... and good luck, and...bye.

[Jen goes to leave]

Guy: So, then, why did you come?

Jen: Um...that's not obvious?

Guy: For argument's sake, let's say it's not.

Jen: I made myself this promise over the summer.

Guy: What was that?

Jen: That, no matter what, I would really do things differently this year, like try to make new friends and stuff, and I can't do that by pretending to be somebody that I'm not, because then those friends that I make would think that I'm something that I'm not.

Guy: And what aren't you?

Jen: Well, for starters, I'm not as great as a person as you think I am.

Guy: Well, that's too bad. It was nice to meet you. And no matter what happens this year, I hope you do one thing.

Jen: What's that?

Guy: Change your mind about yourself.

[Scene: Emma's Apartment. Pacey is still trying to convince her to let them move in.]

Pacey: Listen, Emma, you're gonna have to take my word for this, but lesbians are notorious for committing too soon. You give it a week, they're gonna be splitsville and throwing your appliances at each other.

Emma: How do you know I'm not gonna be throwing my appliances at you? And, for that matter, how do you know I'm not a lesbian?

Pacey: That's a good point.

Emma: And you make your living selling people stuff.

Pacey: [Chuckles] It's just I-- when you stop and think about this, you're going to realize that the benefits to living with the two of us far outweigh the disadvantages. So let's just think about it for one second, shall we? How is it that 2 schlubs like us can afford to live in a place like this, because the neighborhood is not that great, am I right? I am right, so you gotta give me that one, right? Living with 2 guys, it's like having free security. Secondly, I am a fantastic cook, and I will cook you anything, anytime, anywhere, but the piece de resistance, and we discussed this last night, I am a thoroughly monogamous, domesticated, American male with a girlfriend, a steady girlfriend.

[He points to Audrey, who takes a cue from this]

Audrey: Yeah, it's true, you know, about the cooking, although... we'll probably actually be breaking up soon, and then god knows what string of hos he'll have running through this joint, and he's really noisy, too,


Audrey: Especially when he's, um, having--

Pacey: honey? Honey.

Audrey: Darling.

Pacey: Sweetheart?

Audrey: Yes.

Pacey: Sidebar.

Audrey: Sure!

Pacey: Excuse me.

[Pacey pulls Audrey aside. While he is doing this Jack has gone over and begun talking to the two women interested in the apartment.]

Jack: Well, I mean, you know, it's a pretty cool place... yeah. But she told you about the--the mice problem, right?

[He looks over at Audrey and Pacey who are having a conversation of their own]

Pacey: Ohh, god. [Chuckles] Thought you were gonna be helping on this.

Audrey: I didn't like this situation last night, and now that I see you bantering back and forth with that girl, I like it even less!

Pacey: That Girl? That girl hates me!

Audrey: I know. She hates you too much. I don't trust it!

[The women with Jack look a little worried.]

Woman: Thank you.

Jack: Sure, no problem. Yeah, anytime.

[The women begins to make their way out of the apartment]

Emma: Hey!

Woman: Thank you very much. Let's go.

Emma: He--hey--no! Hello! Wait! Please stop. Where are you going? Hello! Hi! Wait! Wait! Come back!

[Emma tries to stop them]

Pacey: What did you say?

Jack: Oh, my love for this apartment knows no ethical boundaries.

[Scene: The movie set. IT is the end of the day, and everyone is leaving. The lights begins to shut off when Dawson finally comes over to join Joey who has been waiting for him.]

Dawson: I'm sorry that took so long.

Joey: Oh. No problem.

Dawson: So, I was thinking...

Joey: mmm. Always a dangerous proposition.

Dawson: Yeah. I'm thinking I wanna take you out tonight. For your birthday, officially. If you don't have other plans.

Joey: Well, [Laughs] Considering no one else even remembered my birthday, I can't imagine any other plans I would have. But, Dawson, I'd kinda like to change first. I-- I thought maybe we could have a, uh, drink before dinner.

[Dawson leads her through the house set, and makes his way onto the porch, and stops, and flicks a switch an hundreds of twinkle lights around the porch light up. Dawson points to a table on the porch where there is a gift basket lying next to it.]

Joey: Kinda hokey, don't you think?

Dawson: Yeah, that's exactly what I think.

Joey: You put a little thought into this.

Dawson: Just a little.

Joey: Whoa! There must be, like, $100 worth of stuff in here.

Dawson: Mmm, it's probably more like, 200.

Joey: [reads card] "Dear Todd, thanks for choosing us. We look forward to processing your dailies"?

Dawson: Champagne?

Joey: Dawson, isn't Satan gonna notice that this is gone?


Dawson: You know how many gift baskets a Hollywood director gets at the start of a new production?

Joey: How many?

Dawson: A lot.

[He hands her a cup full of champagne]

Dawson: A toast. To Joey potter... on her 19th birthday, a day that will live in infamy.

Joey: A great day.

Dawson: And one that hasn't ended yet.

[They begin to kiss again]

[Scene: Outside Joey's Dorm room. Joey and Dawson come walking up to the door hand in hand. They stop before going into the room.]

Joey: It's late, isn't it?

Dawson: Mmm.

Joey: Guess we sort of lost track of time.

Dawson: Yeah, in a good way.

Joey: Meaning?

Dawson: Time's the enemy, right? Our enemy?

Joey: Mmm, you're not planning on turning into a pumpkin at midnight?

Dawson: No, but I am leaving tomorrow.

Joey: And then what?

Dawson: And then I come back.

Joey: Back to what, exactly?

Dawson: To us.

[Cell phone rings]

Joey: Do you hear something?

Dawson: Nope.

Joey: You should answer that, you know.

Dawson: Why?

Joey: Because you love that job.

[Sighs and laughs]

[He looks at the phone and hangs it up]

Dawson: Not him.

Joey: You're lying.

Dawson: No, I'm not.

[cell phone rings again]

Joey: Dawson, yes, you are.

[She grabs the phone from him and opens it up to look at the caller ID]

Dawson: I'm not. Wha-- hey, Joey! What--giv--give me--


Joey: Who's the girl?

Dawson: Joey...

Joey: no, who's the girl calling your cell phone?

Dawson: That's not fair.

Joey: No, tell me. Who is it?

Dawson: Nobody.

Joey: Oh, nobody. That's interesting because she-- s

Dawson: he's a friend. She's a--some friend from L.A.

Joey: Well, first she's nobody, and now she's a friend. Which is it, Dawson?

Dawson: She's just a girl. She's a girl I've been kind of seeing.

[Audrey comes out of the dorm room, and interrupts them]

Audrey: Hi! Um, are you guys gonna stand out here all night? Because, um, we're trying-- not very successfully, mind you-- to throw you a surprise party.

[Joey and Dawson go into the room and find Audrey, Jen, Jack, and Pacey inside.]

All: Hey, surprise! Happy birthday!

Audrey: [Giggles] You hate it, don't you? No!

Joey: [Fake Applauds] Lucky me!

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Dorm room. Joey is receiving a gift from Audrey, but everyone can sense the tension in the air.]

Audrey: Do you love it? I got it at Fred Segal, so you can't return it even if you don't, but not that you would because it's totally stunning and everything!

Joey: I love it, Audrey. It's great. It's just what I wanted. Thank you.

Audrey: You're welcome!

Jen: Joey, is something wrong?

Joey: Oh, no! God, no, I-- wow, it-- excuse me for a second.

[She grabs Dawson's arm and drags him into the bathroom after him and begins yelling at him, and every word can be heard outside the bathroom.]

[Door slams]

Joey: You have a girlfriend?! I slept with you last night, and you have a girlfriend?

Jen: [To others] This is a very unhappy birthday.

Dawson: I didn't say that. I said I'd been seeing someone.

Joey: Seeing someone! What the hell does that mean, Dawson?!

Dawson: I don't know, but the point is, Joey, I broke up with her the second something happened between us.

Joey: How?! How, in your mind?!

Dawson: The first thing this morning. Where do you think I went when I left?

Joey: I thought you went out for breakfast! I didn't know you were getting up early to go break up with someone else!

Dawson: Well, would you rather I didn't?

Joey: No! I would rather you weren't involved with someone when we finally sleep together!

Dawson: Joey, I'm sorry if this ruins the fantasy, but this girl means nothing to me compared to you--

Joey: you should've told me!

Dawson: When? Where?

Joey: Before!

Dawson: Joey, stop!

Joey: Why? Why stop now?

[She exits the bathroom with Dawson following her]

Joey: Everyone here who thinks Dawson should've told me he had a girlfriend before he decided to sleep with me, raise your hand.

[The girls raise their hands but the guys don't]

Dawson: You're blowing this way out of proportion.

Jack: Uh--uh, ok, maybe you guys should, uh, just take a breather for a moment, let cooler heads prevail?

Pacey: Or we could just leave.

Jack: Uh, that's a great idea. Let's go.

Audrey: Uh, no, I can't.

Pacey: Honey, now's not the time.

Audrey: I'm sorry. I know that Dawson's our friend, too, but I personally cannot leave until Joey says it's ok.

Joey: It's fine, Audrey.

Audrey: Ok, good. Happy birthday, Jo.

Jack: They are gonna rip each other's heads off.

Pacey: Let's just go.

[The all leave Joey and Dawson alone]

Dawson: We didn't talk at all this summer, which was your choice as much as it was mine.

Joey: So I asked you to lie to me?

Dawson: Joey, you and I both know if either one of us had stopped and thought for even a second last night, then what we did never would have happened, and I for one am not sorry that it did. If you are, then that's-- that's a completely separate argument. That's actually a much bigger deal than--

Joey: Dawson, you have a girlfriend! How is that not a big deal?

Dawson: Had a girlfriend, Joey. And, look, I'm willing to admit that the timing on this is far from perfect, but I'm sick of waiting for this so-called perfect timing that's obviously never gonna happen for us.

Joey: Oh, yeah, right. You know, it's... better to just get it over with and move on, you know? "Slept with Joey. Just... cross that off my list of things to do."

Dawson: You know that's not how I think.

Joey: How do I know that, Dawson? I haven't talked to you all summer. Apparently you've changed so much that you're willing--

Dawson: you really think I'd wanna sleep with you and not want it to mean more, Joey? You think I've been waiting all these years for us to have one night together and then go our separate ways?

Joey: Oh, I'm sorry you got sick of waiting, Dawson. I'm sorry that I wanted our first time to mean something more than just--

Dawson: it does mean more, Joey! It-- I mean, it--it means everything to me. I-- I don't know what it means to you.

Joey: Oh, you're saying that I wanted this to happen?

Dawson: No, 'cause that would involve you actually knowing what you want, which we both know is not likely to happen anytime this decade.

Joey: Oh, great, you know? Use something when I was a child!

Dawson: You're still a child, Joey. You're still the same scared little girl who--

Joey: who what? Who what, Dawson? Who broke your heart? God! Is the statute of limitations ever gonna end on that one? Ever?! Dawson, I'm sorry I don't have the same dreams I had when I was 15 years old, and I'm sorry that I moved on faster than you did, but you know what? Maybe not everything that happens to you is my fault! And maybe just because I want more from my life than--

Dawson: more than what? More than us? You don't know, do you? You've never known. The entire time I've known you, all you've wanted to do is escape. From me, from Capeside. I mean, you say that I'm the dreamer. I'm the one who doesn't wanna live in the real world. Well, I'm doing it, Joey. Right now. I'm living in the real world. It's you who wants the fantasy.

Joey: I want the fantasy?

Dawson: Yes.

Joey: Who lit the candles? Who bought the champagne?

Dawson: Who dumped who 4 years ago? Joey, I know what I want. I've always known what I want. Before we destroy whatever chance we might actually have at having a relationship, I'm asking you, please, stop and think about this. Is this really what you want? Is this... really the way that you want things to end between us?

[Joey thinks this over and the camera fades out]

[Scene: Hell's Kitchen. Jen, Audrey, Pacey and Jack are sitting at a table together after getting out of the war zone.]

Audrey: They do this all the time, right? No big whoop. I mean, it's normal to fight. It's healthy.

Pacey: Ooh, I don't know if healthy's the word I would use to describe their relationship. I mean, I'm all for "will they, won't they" finally getting their shot, but for 2 people to be that dependent on each other for their life's happiness is just--

Audrey: incredibly romantic?

Pacey: Or perhaps structurally unsound?

Jack: Yeah, I'll second that.

Jen: Whoa, wait a second. All of a sudden you're coming out as some sort of nonbeliever?

Jack: Hey, let's not forget who broke them up the first time around.

Audrey: Ooh! Jen?

Jen: Oh, don't look at me. I'm too far messed up in this thing to have an opinion. I am just the road kill on the Dawson and Joey highway.

Audrey: [Laughs]

[Emma walks up carrying a tray of drinks]

Jen: Ok... 4 incredibly expensive soft drinks.

Audrey: Thanks.

Jack: Thank you.

Jen: Can I get you lot anything else? Didn't think so.

[Emma leaves and Jack goes after her]

Jack: Uh, Emma, hold on a sec.

Jen: Yes?

Jack: Listen, I, uh, just wanted to apologize for this afternoon--

Jen: you can have it.

Jack: Excuse me?

Jen: The flat. You can have it. I just didn't want to give your little friend there the satisfaction, but he was right about the security. The neighbors got broken into twice last year. So, if you like, you can move in at the weekend.

[She hands him a set of keys]

Jack: You will not regret this.

Jen: Oh, yes, I will.

Jack: [Chuckles] Thank you.

[Jack calmly walks back to the table like nothing has happened]

Pacey: So what did she say?

[He throws the keys onto the table]

Jack: We're moving in this weekend.

Pacey: Seriously? Yes! Grr!

Jack: Ok, I suppose a toast is in order, though why I should be toasting to you leaving me all alone at grams' is beyond me.

Audrey: Yeah, and I don't really think I should celebrate something that could be the death knell of my relationship.

Pacey: Well, we're in a bit of a bind then, 'cause we do need a toast.

Jack: Well, uh... to friendship then.

Pacey: To friendship.

Jen: To friendships.

Audrey: To friendship.

[Audrey laughs]

[Scene: Joey's Dorm Room. Dawson is sitting alone on the floor at the foot of Joey's bed, while she is in the bathroom crying. The camera goes back and forth between them, until finally Joey dries the tears from her eyes, and walks out of the bathroom, and Dawson slowly looks up to her.]

Joey: What time's your flight?

Dawson: 10:00.

Joey: You should probably allow extra time--

Dawson: I will. Why are you doing this, Joey?

Joey: We're doing this, Dawson. It's what we do. It's what we always do.

Dawson: Last night was real. Today was real. It's you, not me, who doesn't wanna deal with the realities of an adult relationship.

Joey: You're right.

Dawson: That's it? I'm right?

Joey: I want the fantasy. I want more than anything for us to be together. But not like this. Not screaming at the top of our lungs about things that happened 4 years ago.

Dawson: But if we can't argue like this and get past it, then...

Joey: maybe there's nothing here worth saving. Maybe last night was just...

Dawson: Just what?

Joey: Just 2 old friends making a huge mistake.

Dawson: Wow. If that's the way you feel, then--then I... should go.

[Dawson grabs his bag and leaves. He closes the door behind them and begins to walk down the hall. He stops and goes back to the door, and just as he is about to grab the handle of the door, he stops himself. We see Joey on the other side of the door, with her hand almost on the door handle too, and she is also slowly pulling away from the handle.]

Dawson: [Sighs]

[Dawson leaves, and the time passes in Joey's dorm room, we eventually find her lying on her bed crying, and sh is looking at the snow globe that Dawson gave her, and the camera pulls to it, then fades]

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