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  06x16 - That Was Then
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Episode 616 - That Was Then

In this episode: Joey and Pacey must make a decision about their future together, but before they even have a chance to talk, Pacey rushes to Capeside when his dad is admitted to the hospital. As a favor to Professor Heston Joey agrees to stay with his daughter Harley and is reminded of what is was like to be a teenager in love. Back in Capeside, Dawson returns to the high school film class as a guest speaker and reflects back on the passion and creative convictions he seems to have lost.

Original Airdate: March 26, 2003

[Scene: Pacey's Apartment. Pacey is sitting on the couch sitting in front of his newly repaired large screen TV Channel surfing.]

Man: If you're real nice, I might just put the bag up there for you.

[Changes Channel]

Man: What's goin' on here? Who is this guy, Vicki?

[Changes Channel]

Man: To collect the necessary—

[Changes Channel]

Man: Ahh!

[Changes Channel]

[Pacey gets up and walks over to the window and looks down at Hell's Kitchen across the street]

Trouble is you could only marry one of us.

[Turns TV off]

[He grabs his coat and heads for the door. He opens it and Joey is standing outside it, and was just about to knock on the door]

Joey: [Clears throat] Bad timing? You're on your way out.

Pacey: Uh, no. It's... cosmic timing. I was on my way to see you.

Joey: Really?

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah. I was, uh, I was hoping that we could stand awkwardly in the doorway, which, uh, huh, is workin' out perfectly for me.

Joey: It's not awkward, Pacey.

[Long silence]

Joey: [Sighs] How about I come in?

Pacey: Great idea. Come in. Uh...can I get you anything? You want somethin' to drink?

Joey: Uh, no, I'm ok.

Pacey: You, uh, you hungry?

Joey: You know what'd be nice?

Pacey: Pizza? That's funny. I was actually thinkin' pizza myself.

Joey: It would be nice if we could stop being so polite.

Pacey: Oh. You know, actually, I'm really glad that you said that, because I've been meaning to emotionally abuse you for weeks. I just wanted to make sure you're up for it.

Joey: Pacey.

Pacey: Ok, I'll stop. [Chuckles]

Joey: Do you regret it?

Pacey: Which part?

Joey: Do you regret telling me what you told me?

Pacey: I guess it really... depends on whether or not you regretted hearing it.

Joey: It's hard to regret hearing something that's already been in the back of your mind. But... I think I regret reality as...just a general concept.

Pacey: Really?

Joey: Do you remember reading those choose your own adventure books as a kid?

Pacey: Well...[Chuckles]... You and I both know that I was pretty much a functional illiterate until the ninth grade.

Joey: Right. Ok. Well... I did, but... I cheated on them. Whenever a chapter wasn't going the way I wanted, I wouldn't even finish. I would just go back to the beginning until...I got a happy ending.

Pacey: Yeah. Everybody does that.

Joey: Yeah, but it's not exactly the most realistic way to live your life.

Pacey: But--wait, what makes you think that one false move is gonna ruin our entire story?

Joey: History.

Pacey: Yes. That was then. Joey...I'm serious. We're older now. I mean, it's not like I'm just gonna run out the door if I don't like your choice.

Joey: Ok. Well, so... what are you afraid of?

Pacey: 'Cause that--the whole... possibility thing is really just a mean trick.

Joey: I don't like this chapter. It's too negative.

Pacey: Well...I guess maybe I'm just tryin' to play out all the worst case scenarios, because I want to be sure that you have grown enough to be together without always having to replay our history. 'Cause...I'd really like to look into our future.

[She sits on the back of the couch and he pulls a chair over and sits down in front of her.]

Joey: You want a clean slate.

Pacey: Well...yes and no. I just don't want my prior offenses being held against me.

Joey: Well...I mean, we agree you and I know, said things- and done things that... we regret, but... we've changed, haven't we?

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah.

Joey: [Sighs]

Pacey: [Sighs] So I'm gonna go... think about some things. And... you're gonna think about things. And you should probably go now before I lose my ability to think clearly about things.

Joey: Well...ok. But... Pace, I don't know. I mean, don't you think that... this is a little too delicate to handle without a plan?

Pacey: A plan. Well... uh, you know, I... [Chuckles] I appreciate the fact that you're a slave to structure, but I'm just not sure how to schedule life-changing decisions.

Joey: W-what I meant...

Pacey: [Chuckles]

Joey: Is that... you know... I could call you, or you could call me and see how—

Pacey: Right. Like you've ever needed an excuse.

[they have now leaned so close to each other, that Pacey slowly moves in for a kiss, but just before their lips meet, Joey turns her head.]

Joey: I should go.

Pacey: [Coughs] Of course. [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Joey: What about that pizza thing?

Pacey: Well, that would be an entirely different story.

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The School Campus. Joey and Professor Hetson are walking together to class, and Hetson is trying to convince Joey to help him out.]

Hetson: Come on, Potter. Surely you know how difficult it is to secure a date with a member of the sociology department. I mean, those women are slick and fancy and look at me like I'm the latest case study in the failure of modern man.

Joey: I thought you'd given up on women since the last disaster.

Hetson: Oh, I had, especially after spending time with Harley and realizing just how evil the fairer sex is from conception, but come on, let's face it, if I don't do this now, I'm gonna die alone in that old house. So, what do you say? Like 3:30, you girls can study, and I can try to find a button-down shirt from this decade.

Joey: Fine. Ok? But I don't feel good about this whole dating thing. I think it's time you look inward.

Hetson: You're so wise since distance left you single. Hey, I'm not feeling right about unleashing Harley on you yet, either. She's been extra loopy these days. I think she's into the drugs.

Joey: It's called hormones. I wouldn't worry about it.

Hetson: I'm--I'm very worried about her. She--she's got pictures of boys on the ceiling above her bed. I mean, why there, Potter? What purpose do you suppose those pictures would serve in that particular location?

Joey: Professor Hetson, Harley is completely normal. One might even worry she's a cliché.

Hetson: I don't like the sound of a normal girl. I corrupted a lot of those, and they will do anything to not be normal. I want her to be more like you. You know, anxious, bookish, prone to having boyfriends who live far, far away.

Joey: Thank you.

Hetson: So, no boys at the house or calling the house or slowing down while they're walking by the house.

Joey: You better watch it, you know. Sexual deviation might not even be on Harley's mind, but if you keep being this strict with her, she's going to realize there's something fun and naughty she's apparently missing out on.

Hetson: Yeah, I've just accepted that I am powerless against the high school alpha male. I can't fight them myself, so I'm gonna build a moat around the house. What about you? You had a boyfriend in high school, right? What was he like?

Joey: People change.

Hetson: 3:30, Potter. Hey, and leave your open mind at home. I don't want you sullying Harley with all that free will and bringing out the best in people and all that.

[Scene: The Capeside High school. Dawson is standing outside the main entrance looking at the doors in remembrance, when Mr. Gold comes walking up from behind him.]

Mr. Gold: Dawson Leery, this is your life.

Dawson: That's what I was just thinking. How are you doing, Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold: The surreal nature of things aside, just fine. Thanks for coming in today, Dawson. The class is pretty excited. You've given them hope for escape.

Dawson: Ah, so they haven't stopped to wonder why I've come back.

Mr. Gold: I think they assume they're just a pit stop between projects.

Dawson: That would be nice.

Mr. Gold: Slow going?

Dawson: Eh. Well... let's just say I was trying to figure out a way to tell these kids how to make a success of themselves so I decided to watch all my old movies. I wonder why I didn't go to law school.

Mr. Gold: Sounds to me like you're ready to take over my class. Let's go, Dawson.

[Screen: Pacey's Office. Pacey is on the phone with a client, and just finishing up his phone conversation.]

Pacey: No, Marty, thank you, believe me. Ok. I'll talk to you soon. I'm just gonna put you through to the secretary. Right. Bye.

[He hangs up the phone, and the intercom buzzes]

Intercom: Mr. Witter?

Pacey: Yeah, Liz, what you got for me?

Intercom: There's a call for you on line one. I think it's—

Pacey: Ok, thank you.

[He picks up the phone]

Pacey: Hello. Pacey Witter. What can I do-- hey, how you doing? Ok, uh, what hospital you guys at? Ok. I'll be there soon. All right. Bye.

[Scene: The Capeside Hospital. Doug is leaning on the counter rubbing his eyes, when Pacey turns down a hallway behind him. Pacey looks around and sees Doug and makes his way over to him.]

Pacey: Doug, Doug, hey. Where is he?

Doug: They just took him down for some tests, but he's up, Pace. He's walking at least. I sent everyone else home. Mom was exhausted, and I don't blame her.

Pacey: Is this his room here?

Doug: Yeah. Yeah. They're gonna be right back.

Pacey: Uh, Dougie, what's with the old guy? Is that the waiting room for the morgue or what?

Doug: Pacey, just have a seat, will you?

Pacey: Why didn't you guys get him a private room?

Doug: Look, we tried, ok? They were full. There wasn't exactly time to argue over this.

Pacey: Well, there's time now, isn't there? What kind of tests is he having anyhow?

Doug: Just routine tests, Pacey.

Pacey: Was it a heart attack?

Doug: No, not exactly. It's what they call an exaggerated arrhythmia. I don't understand much about the whole medical science—

Pacey: Well, who can I find around here who does know what the hell they're talking about?

Doug: You know what, Pacey? I'd love to sit and walk you through this whole thing. In fact, that's kind of what I intended, but you don't get to blow in here and accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about since I've been here all day.

Pacey: Hey, Doug, I'd have been here sooner if you would've called me sooner.

Doug: I'm sorry, but we were kind of busy. I was trying to keep our mother and sisters from having a nervous breakdown while we watched our father being rushed off in an ambulance. So I'm sorry if things aren't up to snuff for the Wall Street wannabee but some of us were concentrating on more important things, like the fact dad survived.

[Doug turns and walks away from Pacey in a huff]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Mr. Gold's Classroom. Dawson and the class are just finishing watching the movie Todd and he had made.]

[He shuts off the movie]

[Scattered applause]

Dawson: So... any questions?

Student: Todd Carr's the guy who really directed the film, right?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah. He directed everything. Except for--except for the ending, actually, which is pretty drastically different—

Todd Carr is a director known for directing gratuitous fleshy music videos and the occasional blood fest, but you're more of a sentimental realist, right?

[Dawson looks over and Mr. Gold who has a smile on his face]

Dawson: Is that the word on the street?

Mr. Gold: I took the opportunity of showing the kids some copies of your early work. You know, for a little compare and contrast.

Dawson: Uh-huh.

George: So, when faced with a different style, patching together someone else's work, isn't it a struggle not to put too much of yourself in?

Dawson: Fortunately, I'd gotten to know Todd so well, we worked on it for so long, we kind of ended up having a shared vision.

George: Do you think that's a good thing, given that the film went straight to cable? And you didn't go to film school, right?

Dawson: No, I didn't. Uh, Woody Allen dropped out of N.Y.U., So, I mean, it's all just how you want to learn.

[Bell rings]

[The kids leave the room, and George stops and waits by Dawson until everyone is gone.]

George: Hey.

Dawson: Hi.

George: Do you have a minute or 18?

Dawson: Uh, yeah. Sure. I'm sorry. What's your name?

George: George. I'd really like to show you my film. I hope you don't mind. Mr. Gold said it might be a good idea.

Mr. Gold: Personal stuff.

Dawson: I'd love to. Tell you what. Give me 10 minutes, and then we'll, uh, we'll watch it in here... if that's all right with Mr. Gold.

[He looks over at Mr. Gold who just nods.]

George: Cool. Hey, thanks, Mr. Leery.

Dawson: Please tell me he didn't just call me mister.

Mr. Gold: My name is Ben, by the way.

Dawson: [Scoffs] He's quite a kid-- George. He thinks he knows a lot. He must be a handful in the classroom.

Mr. Gold: Dawson, I've been waiting 6 years for you to experience all this and it was well worth it. Thanks again.

[Scene: Harley's bedroom. Harley is sitting on her bed writing in a notebook, while listening to her radio rather loudly, when Joey opens the door and walks in.]

[Music blaring]

[Joey turns the radio off]

Harley: Ohh, please don't. I can hear myself thinking when it's this quiet. It scares me.

Joey: I'd be scared, too, if I was supposed to be writing a paper your father wanted to read when he got home. In fact, the same thing has scared me many a time. What page are you on?

Harley: It's all up here.

[Harley points to her head.]

Joey: Right. Harley, you gotta work with me here. I mean, your dad's not gonna get any easier on you if you keep aggravating him.

Harley: Why do you care so much?

Joey: Well... when he loses control over you, he feels the need to wield his power over everyone else. So... you're a smart girl. I want to see an intro in half an hour.

Harley: How do you know I'm smart?

Joey: Because you're already bored with life. Which is only gonna get worse if you spend your teen years locked up in here. So get to it.

[Joey leaves the room and closes the door.]

[Turns on music]

[A few seconds later, Harley's closet door opens up, and a guy falls out of it.]

Harley: Subtle, Patrick. Real subtle.

Patrick: I'm sorry. I got a little over-excited in there with all your girly things.

Harley: I have a ski parka in there, freak.

Patrick: It still smells like girl.

[HE jumps on the bed and begins kissing her, when Joey walks in and goes over to the radio and turns it off]

[Music stops]

Joey: I do however have to—

[Joey turns to Harley and sees Patrick there.]

Harley: This is Patrick. He's my... study partner.

[Joey just stares in disbelief]

[Scene: The Hospital waiting room. Pacey is over by the vending machines, while Doug is collapsed in one of the chairs by a TV.]

TV: And as you can see... you can do this. I'll put it in my machine and... [Audience yells] 18 minutes a pound for a pork loin roast...

[Pacey goes over to Doug carrying 2 cups of coffee]

Pacey: Here's some coffee.

TV: ...Or for a roast beef. Ok. Here comes the pork loin roast. On the top here... look at this. Here we have our potatoes and our beans. Now, it only uses 1,200 watts...

[Doug takes the coffee and sits up.]

Doug: They moved him.

Pacey: Yeah. Went ahead and got him a private room.

Doug: Hmm, good for you. How'd you swing that, slip him a 20? Well, that's one way to solve it, I guess.

Pacey: Doug, I'm sorry. I got myself all worked up on the drive up here thinking about the possibilities and... I appreciate the fact that you've been here all day. I am sorry, man. I was just a little on edge.

Doug: You should try having breakfast with dad and see him grab his chest and fall over. I mean, have you ever seen him off-guard one single day in your life?

Pacey: No. No. Not even close. Which is probably what's so scary about this whole thing. I mean... I spent so long pushing the old man's buttons in high school, I forgot there were real feelings left under there.

Doug: [Sighs]

[They sit in silence as the camera fades to black]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Hetson's Dining room. Harley and Patrick sit down ant the table and Joey grabs their bags and hands them each their bag, and then grabs a book and sits at the table across from them.]

Joey: Ok, Patrick-- if that's even your real name-- let's see what you got. Surely, you can help Harley out of her little American literature rut since you're her faithful study pal and all.

Patrick: Um, I'm actually not technically in that class.

Joey: Oh, I'm shocked.

Patrick: Heh.

Harley: Look, Joey, I get it. Boy in room--bad. It's not like we were in our skivvies or anything, ok?

Patrick: Yeah, I mean, girl like you must've broken the rules once or twice. Know what I mean?

Joey: No, actually I don't know what you mean.

[Harley watches as Patrick is trying to flirt with Joey, and just stares at him in disbelief, but he doesn't notice]

Patrick: Look, Josephine, um, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. And I don't want to get in the middle of whatever bond you and Harley got going here. I'm sure the three of us can work together.

Joey: Not in the way you're thinking, I'm afraid.

Patrick: Harley... I've clearly caused some stress here. And I respect the responsibility this woman's taken in your life.

Joey: How old exactly do you think I am?

Patrick: Well, it's not old so much as wise, really. You seem to be a timeless sort. Pained by the world, but more beautiful because of it.

[Harley rolls her eyes at how obvious he is, and starts to get slightly upset.]

Joey: That's very deep. Unfortunately for you, I know your kind, and you're harmless. So, you are staying down here for the rest of the night and studying... for real.

[Scene: The Hospital waiting room. Pacey is over at the Pay phone, and he takes out his calling card and begins to make a call. After a few rings the phone picks up and Joey's voice is heard.]

Joey: [on answering machine] Hey, this is Joey. Sorry I missed you. Please leave a message.

[HE is about to talk when Doug comes walking up to him.]

Doug: Hey, Pace, he's awake. We can go in now.

[He hangs up the phone without leaving a message.]

[Scene: Mr. Witter's Hospital room. Mr. Witter is lying in the bed, and the doctor is standing next to him talking and looking over the chart in his hands.]

Doctor: Keep up on it. You can start doing some sit-ups, too.

Mr. Witter: Hey, boys.

Doctor: Ah, this must be your other son, Mr. Witter.

Mr. Witter: Yeah, this is Pace doc. He's the one I was telling you about.

Pacey: Yes, that's me, the black sheep. Pleased to meet you, doc.

Doctor: Actually, your father was just going on and on about how proud he is of you.

Mr. Witter: Yeah, who'd have thunk it, huh? He turned out all right. Gonna be taking care of all of us one of these days.

Pacey: [Chuckles] Yeah. Anyway, how you feeling? You doing ok?

Mr. Witter: Thanks for coming, Pace. It means a lot to me. I know how busy you are.

Doctor: I don't mean to break things up, but you're still pretty weak, Mr. Witter. One kid at a time, ok?

Pacey: Well, I can just wait outside until you guys are ready.

Mr. Witter: No, Pace. I want you to stay. Come on, sit down.

Doug: Ok. That's ok. You know, I've been here all day, right? So, uh...ahem.

Mr. Witter: Thanks, Dougie.

[Doug leaves, obviously hurt]

Pacey: All right.

Mr. Witter: Uh, did you drive down?

Pacey: Yeah, yeah, I came down as quick as I could.

Mr. Witter: Uh, not much traffic?

Pacey: No. Who's coming to Capeside?

Mr. Witter: Yeah, well, you were. Thanks. I appreciate it.

[Scene: Mr. Gold's classroom. Dawson and George are sitting in front of a computer where they are finishing watching George's movie on the screen. George stops the film, and turns to Dawson, who sits there staring at the screen in silence, not knowing what to say.]

Dawson: [Sighs]

George: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Dawson: For what?

George: Your silence speaks volumes.

Dawson: Heh. No offense, George, but you don't know me well enough to know what my silence means.

George: With Mr. Gold, it means he's trying to formulate the best possible way in which to eviscerate me.

Dawson: What did he say?

George: Why won't you talk to me about my film?

Dawson: All right, look. I'm...I'm new at this, George. I mean...heh. Do you have any idea how bizarre it is to come back to your old high school and try to say something profound about life on the outside?

George: No offense and other obligatories, but I'm as ill-suited to psychoanalyze your crippling self doubt as you apparently feel you are to critique my film. And my mother serves dinner at 6:00, so...

Dawson: I'm stalling, George, because I don't know what to say, all right? I don't know what to tell you. I mean, keep going. You know, your film's good. It's very good. Yeah, you got stuff to learn. I mean, you know... you could probably trust yourself when you go in for shots. You need to work on continuity, but other than that, I mean... the important stuff-- the stuff you can't teach--'s there.

George: So I'm a natural genius. There's nothing left for me in these antiquated halls?

Dawson: You are so much like me when I was your age.

George: Yeah. Mr. Gold said that, too.

Dawson: Did he? Well... remember this feeling. George, remember what it was like to make a film about something that you loved. To have the confidence to do it your way, to control your vision, keep it your own. I mean, that's... [Sighs] I miss that.

George: Yeah. You do sort of have the stink of a burnt-out talent on you. It's scary.

Dawson: Yeah, I'm a poster child. Get out of here before I rub off on you.

[George grabs his bag, and turns to leave, but stops]

George: I thought it was good... creek days. Syrupy sweet with lame music and all that, but not too many people have heart anymore. You can't lose that, right?

Dawson: Hope not. All right. Stay in school, keep your nose clean, don't do sports.

[Scene: The Hospital room. Pacey is still sitting next to the bed that his father is sitting up in, and they are still talking.]

Mr. Witter: Anyway, I blame your mother, Pacey. She got herself this new cookbook: Bacon makes the world go 'round heh heh heh heh.

Pacey: Well, I guess that's not the worst concept ever heard of.

Mr. Witter: It is when the bacon is going on top of the apple crisp. Heh heh heh heh. I think she's trying to kill me. Which is really funny 'cause you're the only one in the family who's got any money. Heh heh heh.

Pacey: You know, this stuff is serious. I mean, if you got heart problems, pop, you really gotta take care of that.

Mr. Witter: Calm down. This is nothing. Just a little exaggerate arrhythmia. Hell, you probably got the same thing. I don't know what your brother's getting all worked up about.

Pacey: Well, I think you gave him a bit of a scare. He said you went down pretty hard.

Mr. Witter: Ah, he's just looking for some drama. He needs to get out more. He needs to get a life like you. Listen, it can't be good for you being away from the office this much.

Pacey: Well, I'm pretty sure they'll understand, given the circumstances.

Mr. Witter: What about your clients?

Pacey: You're my father.

Mr. Witter: Heh. You really would do anything for me, wouldn't you? Even after everything, you're still... you grew up to be one of the good guys, Pacey. I always knew you would. I should've told you that more often.

Pacey: Well, maybe I just didn't always hear you.

Mr. Witter: Yeah.

[Scene: Hetson's living room. Joey, Harley, and Patrick have made their way into the living room to study. Harley is typing away in her laptop, while Joey is sitting across from them in a chair reading a book, while Patrick who is sitting next to Harley is simply studying Joey. Harley looks over and is obviously upset about it]

[Typing on keyboard]

Patrick: Joey, I noticed you're reading Don Delillo. White Noise is one of my favorite books. Really?

Joey: And when in your 15 years of life did you manage to read this?

Patrick: I'm 16, actually. I look younger than I am. I just got my license. You want to see?

Harley: Will you please shut up? I'm trying to write.

Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry. Joey and I can go in the other room if you want.

Joey: No, we can't.

Harley: Patrick, why don't you just leave?

Patrick: What's your problem?

Harley: Ohh, you really have to ask? I asked you over here to study.

Patrick: You and I both know—

Harley: Ok, fine. Whatever. I asked you over here to be with me, not salivate over my babysitter. Do you have any idea how gross that is?

Patrick: Can't believe you still need a babysitter.

Harley: When your parents go out of town, don't they make you stay with the Johnson's?

Patrick: Yeah, that's just for safety purposes.

Harley: Yeah, so you don't accidentally choke on your own spittle.

Joey: Ok. That's enough from the both of you. Can we just forget about it and move on?

Harley: Oh, easy for you to say, Helen.

Joey: Excuse me?

Harley: You know, the face that launched a thousand ships and all that. Get people all riled up and then knit somewhere in solitude.

Joey: Ok. I think you're mixing up your epics.

Harley: The point is my boyfriend is blatantly flirting with you.

Joey: Would you really call it that?

Patrick: Since when am I your boyfriend?

Harley: Ugh! I hate you so much right now. I hate you with the burning passion of a thousand STDs.

Patrick: We haven't had the talk.

Harley: No, how could we? Whenever I try to be serious with you, you, like, turn into some freak of nature and you do stuff like this.

Patrick: Like what?

Harley: Like staring at Joey all night. Like selling me out in homeroom when we were both late. Like not agreeing to go to the dance with me until Lauren Riley said no.

Patrick: Ok. The homeroom thing was because I was trying to save your reputation. And the Lauren thing was purely defensive. And...I got scared. I don't know. I was just... keeping my options open.

Harley: Options. Yeah, well, take me off your list of options. That should make things so much easier for your tortured, assy soul.

[Harley storms off and we hear the sound of a door slam in the distance.]

Patrick: I probably shouldn't have said that thing about the options.

Joey: To begin with.

[Scene: Outside the hospital. Pacey comes outside and finds Doug. He has obviously been looking all around for Doug.]

Pacey: Hey, there you are. Dougie, dad's ready to see you now.

Doug: Yeah, that's ok.

Pacey: Uh, actually, the nurse said they're gonna be shutting down visiting hours in about 20 minutes, so we got to get a move on.

Doug: Did he ask for me?

Pacey: What, like did he send for you? Doug, we're talking about our father here, not the king of England. He knows we're both here to see him.

Doug: Heh. I love the amount of knowledge you've acquired on dad in the hour that you've been here. You're throwing around paternal references like they're going out of style.

Pacey: Well, you've always been more up on high fashion—

Doug: Just don't even start, Pacey, for once. I mean, I know you're all on your game since dear old dad's given you the nod—

Pacey: Ok, hold on. What is it that you actually want to talk to me about? Because, from my way of seeing things, you and I are just 2 brothers trying to take care of our family.

Doug: No, Pacey. I'm the one taking care of the family. I'm the one who's been taking care of the family for years.

Pacey: Oh, now, Doug, don't you dare get righteous on me. You cannot lord your resentment over me because that was your choice.

Doug: Yeah, I do happen to make choices. I know that's a foreign concept to someone who plays musical careers.

Pacey: How did we get here? Am I stepping on your turf or something? Are you the only member of the family who's allowed to be caring and compassionate? What did you expect me to do, Doug? Just chomp on my cigar on the other end of the phone and cut a check for the man's funeral? I'm a member of this family.

Doug: Yeah, conveniently. That's the way it is with you lately, isn't it? You just swoop in with your fancy gifts. You just pull the wool over the whole Witter family's eyes. And then you're out. And everybody forgets.

Pacey: Forgets what? That I'm the family failure? Am I just never supposed to grow up? Am I not allowed to want things?

Doug: Oh, no, we all want things, Pacey. Believe me, we all want things. Nobody would deny you that.

Pacey: Then what? I'm just not supposed to get them. So, ultimately, this is not about our father. Which is kind of pathetic, Doug, considering the condition that that man is in right now. This is about you wanting to see my face everyday and know that you're still the good son, that you're top dog. Well, that's just sad. Dougie, I miss the daily beatings as much as you do, but I had to leave sometime.

Doug: Pacey, don't make this a celebration of your retreat from Capeside.

Pacey: I'm not. Man, listen to yourself speak. I came here to see you, to see him. And you know what? He knows it, and he appreciates it. Perhaps he's even happy to know that the son he ignored for the better part of his life is not gonna hold a grudge against him until the day he dies. In a strange way, this might even be a good thing.

Doug: Yeah, you know what? It is a good thing, Pacey. [Sighs] Heh! It's all yours, little brother. You know what? It's all yours. Enjoy it while it lasts.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside Harley's Bedroom door. Joey and Patrick come walking up to the door, and Joey begins knocking on it, and loud music is playing from within.]

Joey: Harley, come on. You're blowing this way out of proportion.

[Joey looks at Patrick and gives him a dirty look for just standing there]

Patrick: [Sighs] Yeah, come on, Harley. This probably isn't the last time I'll incur your wrath. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Joey: Have you ever had a girlfriend?

Patrick: Was that bad? She likes it when we fight.

Joey: Maybe that's because that's the only form of communication you seem capable of.

Patrick: Of capable of other forms... I think. Look, Joey, Harley's way smarter than I am. I tried the so-called normal thing with her once, and it wasn't pretty. I was complimenting her, and I felt all sweaty. I was a freakin' mess.

Joey: You know, despite what you've been trained to think, the sweaty palms and such is actually pretty endearing. [Knocks] Harley!

Patrick: Yeah, it's endearing for 5 seconds. And then she'll look at Peter Garran and be smitten with his unavailability and freakish height, and I'll be history. If I keep up with the witty abuse, at least I'll be the funny one.

Joey: That's true. Oh, my god. It is true. You guys are all the same.

Patrick: Joey, you've got-- you've got some anger. You've been hurt. Maybe you've lost someone.

Joey: In case you haven't noticed, so have you. [knocks again] Harley!

Patrick: I never could've held onto a firecracker like her. Maybe I need someone who's more settled in her ways. An older woman, if you know what I mean.

Joey: You and me? It's not gonna happen. And, look, Harley is this great sassy girl who, if she's smart, will never speak to you again.

Patrick: You slay me, Joey.

[He attempts to turn on the charm, but it doesn't work]

Joey: The only thing I want to do to you is give you some advice. Walk away right now. Don't ever mention me again. Go home and strum your guitar, or whatever it is you do, and then dream up some fantastic gesture to get this girl back. And never think that there is one day when you have to stop doing that sort of thing, because that's the worst thing a guy can do is give up the chase. And Patrick, Patrick! [He is staring at her breasts.] Patrick... be realistic. If I wasn't such a nice girl, I would've laughed in your face and called you junior the second I met you.

Patrick: Then why didn't you?

Joey: Because you remind me of somebody I know. Now get out of here before I remember everything that pissed me off about him when I was your age.

Patrick: We might never speak again—

Joey: I know. I'm crying on the inside. Good-bye, junior.

[He leaves, and Joey goes to knocking again]

Joey: Harley. Come on, it's just me. Please?

[Scene: The Hospital room. Mr. Witter is watching TV while Doug is sitting in a chair next to him reading the paper. Pacey comes to the room and knocks before entering, and Mr. Witter turns off the TV, and is happy to see him.]

Pacey: Hey.

Mr. Witter: Hey.

Pacey: I just wanted to stop by before they close up shop, see how you feel.

Mr. Witter: I feel like I could use a scotch. Heh heh heh. Other than that, I'm fine.

Pacey: Well, I was thinking maybe I could stop by in the morning. Before I head back to Boston if that's all right.

Mr. Witter: Yeah.

Pacey: And, uh, Dougie, see you at the house.

Doug: Yeah, maybe.

Pacey: Ahem. Good night, guys.

Mr. Witter: Uh, Pacey... thanks for getting me this private room.

Pacey: No, that wasn't me. Doug took care of the room. Good seeing you, pop. Feel better.

[Scene: Harley's Bedroom. Harley is sitting on her bed, blaring the music on her radio, when Joey comes walking into the room.]

Joey: Harley!

[Music blaring]

[Joey turns the radio off.]

Harley: Hope I didn't put a damper on your evening. Sounds like you two were having a swell old time.

Joey: You and I are mildly acquainted, correct?

Harley: Yeah, whatever.

Joey: I wouldn't go after your guy. It's just not kosher.

Harley: Ok, look. I know you wouldn't go for Patrick. You're a girl's girl and all that.

Joey: And he didn't go after me. He was just... doing what they do, which is testing the limits.

Harley: I get that, Joey. I know that half the time Patrick's just testing me. What I don't get is why would he test something that's already on shaky ground to begin with? I mean, he started messing with my psyche before we even figured out if we were together or not. Was it this hard for you in high school?

Joey: Of course. I mean, but everything's 20/20 in hindsight. You know, now all of the problems that Pacey and I had seem petty, and all the obstacles that Dawson and I went through just seem unnecessary.

Harley: Dude, how many boyfriends did you have?

Joey: Heh, it's not as racy as it sounds.

Harley: Well... ok, so how do I skip the middle part? Like, if you could tell yourself something back then, what would it be?

Joey: [Sighs] I've been wondering lately why things were different. You know, why I can talk to Eddie without being scared. And, you know, when you're 16 years old, so many of your choices are motivated by fear. You know, like, one wrong move and the world is gonna end. And maybe that's what it is. Maybe it's just about... I don't know, taking a deep breath and... forgiving yourself for yesterday's mistakes. You know, you're gonna walk into school tomorrow, and you're gonna want to punch Patrick's face, but he might just say something that makes you change your mind. Hear it, Harley. So... don't be afraid to move forward.

Harley: If all of this is about Eddie, why didn't you follow him across the country?

Joey: [Chuckles] It's not just about him. It's... it's about me and... what I'm ready for.

Harley: What are you ready for?

Joey: That, young lady, is none of your business. Your father's gonna be home soon, and I don't think I saw too much essay writing happening during the histrionics down there.

Harley: Ok, ok. God, when is this battle-axe thing ever gonna end? I mean, you're becoming highly unpleasant.

Joey: Never. I'm honing my wench skills. Chop-chop!

[Scene: Outside Dawson's House. Pacey comes pulling up to the house and gets out of his car and makes his way to the back porch. He is about to knock on the door, when Dawson comes walking up from the side of the house carrying a bundle of firewood.]

Dawson: Pacey?

Pacey: Dawson. Hey, what are you doing here, man?

Dawson: Uh, long story. At the moment, bringing in some firewood. What are you doing here?

Pacey: Uh... well, I was in town, so I wanted to check on your mom, see how the repairs are going.

Dawson: Wow, that's... thank you.

Pacey: Yeah.

Dawson: You all right?

Pacey: Yeah, I'm fine, but I checked my dad into the hospital today.

Dawson: Oh, my god. Is he ok?

Pacey: Yeah, he'll be ok. It was a... heart condition of some sort, but he's gonna get out in the morning, so he'll be all right. But, uh, you know... no matter how tough you think your dad is, uh, it's a little disconcerting seeing him lying there all vulnerable.

Dawson: Yeah. Can turn your whole world upside-down.

Pacey: Yeah. Which is probably what made me think of you. And... probably a lot of what brought me out here. It's... I just--I wasn't ready for that, you know. I--heh heh. It's the first time in a long time I just-- I wanted to curl up and be a kid and let somebody else take care of it.

Dawson: I know what you mean. I don't know when this happened. When I became the one who made sure the house was warm enough, and you became the one who checks up on repairs.

Pacey: I do not know, but sometimes I feel like I've been playing the part, wearing the suit for so long, that... I may have forgotten how I got there in the first place.

Dawson: Yeah. I know you deal with this more than I do, but some kid called me sir today.

[Both laugh]

Dawson: What is that?

Pacey: I know. It's strange. Every time I hear "Mr. Witter," I look over my shoulder. Who called you sir?

Dawson: This kid in my-- I almost said this kid in my class. I went to Capeside high today.

Pacey: What, in your mind?

Dawson: Heh heh, almost. Uh, no. I went to go talk to Mr. Gold's film class.

Pacey: Get out of here. Heh heh. Really? Heh! I guess that's what they call coming full circle, huh?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, I went there. I was supposed to talk about where I am now and the glamour of the real world and all that, but... it was weird, Pace. I was watching this kid's film today, and all I could think was, "I don't know anything." Or maybe I did, and I just lost it somewhere along the way.

Pacey: Yeah, I know what you mean. Whew. Heh heh heh.

Dawson: Being here... being at the high school, all these ghosts around me, I wanna go back. I wanna start over, do things the right way.

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah. I'd like the time back... but I wouldn't have it the way it was. [Sighs] I just want to pinpoint that moment in your life where everything goes wrong.

Dawson: I'm thinking it was probably puberty for me.

Pacey: I could skip that, too. But if you didn't have all the great loves of your life, you wouldn't have anything to make your movies about.

Dawson: True. Except now that I actually have enough distance and I can actually say something about the loves of my life, I can't afford to make movies.

Pacey: Afford? Those are the people I cater to, my friend. Come on. I'm a wizard of high finance.

Dawson: Right, right, right. I'm the kind of person you prey on.

Pacey: Heh heh heh heh!

Dawson: Sentimental losers with 10-cent dreams.

Pacey: More like 10,000, but who's counting, right?

Dawson: I'm sorry, but-- you're just freaking me out there, Mr. Witter.

Pacey: All right, we can talk about that some other time, sir.

Dawson: Listen, Pace. I just made some coffee. Do you wanna come in and sit down for a little while? It's been a long day.

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah, I'd love that, man.

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Joey comes into her room and throws her coat on the end of her bed, and then collapses down onto her bed, and stares up at the ceiling. After a few seconds, Joey rolls over and grabs the phone and begins to dial and gets Pacey's Voice mail for his cell phone.]

Joey: [Sighs] Hi, it's me. So, I thought that I would have an answer when I picked up the phone, but I didn't. And then I thought I would think of something as I was talking, but--heh-- no such luck. Um... Pace... I think the problem is trying to figure this out alone. I--I think that maybe we should... do it together, you know? And... you know how they say if you could do it all over again, what would you change? Well... I'd probably change a lot of things... but I'm also really lucky that I have the chance. And... I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not gonna look at you and think of everything that happened. I'm... I'm gonna look at you and think of everything that could. Call me. Bye.

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