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  06x18 - Love Bites
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Episode 618 - Love Bites

In this episode: Jen's seemingly happy world comes crashing down when she learns that Grams has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Joey’s tumultuous love life continues when Eddie reveals his true reasons for returning to Boston, and Pacey agrees to join Joey as she chaperones for Harley’s school dance, but what should be a magical night doesn’t feel right for Joey. Although he is at first reluctant, Pacey agrees to invest Dawson’s life savings to finance his new film project.

Original Airdate: April 9, 2003

[Scene: Hell's Kitchen. This scene picks up right where the last episode left off. Joey was finishing cleaning up, and Eddie has just walked into the bar, and stopped in front of here. There was a long pause before anyone said anything.]

Joey: Eddie...what the hell are you doing here?

Eddie: Right. Um, so—

Joey: what happened to California?

Eddie: Well, it's still there. You know, I just kinda left for a while.

Joey: And what happened to school?

Eddie: Again, still there. Still standing without me and everything. It's hard to believe, I know. Look, I start in the fall. Everything worked out, Jo. Everything, Jo. I mean, I had this interview, right? And I didn't stutter or stumble or throw up or anything, and they loved my writing, which is just totally, like, surreal because no one has ever loved anything I've done. Except for you. Which is why I'm here. I wanted to say thank you. Because you knew I could do it, and I had no idea. You know, Jo, it's not just because I didn't think I could do it. It's because I didn't see the world that way. You know? It's a place where people get second and third and fourth chances to make something of themselves. Or as a place where... you can be a coward, and hurt someone. Hey. But they still have the decency to see the decency in you. And, Jo, you are the most decent person I know. And you have incredible eyes and the sexiest voice and a smile that breaks my heart. And if I'm gonna be a writer, I need someone like that around. I need you around. What do you say?

[She fights the urge to kiss him]

Joey: No. No.

Eddie: Well, that's not the answer that I'm looking for, really.

Joey: Eddie, you walked away.

Eddie: I came back.

Joey: I moved on.

Eddie: Oh. Ok. If that's how you feel, then... ok, I understand. I do. I guess I'll be seeing you, Joey.

Joey: I'm sorry.

[Eddie turns and walks out, and Joey watches him go.]

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Joey is lying on her bed trying to read a book, as Harley is going through her closet looking at Joey's clothes.]

Harley: Brutal. Do not let your enemies have access to this closet. Tell me this was purchased for some sort of Halloween church lady costume.

Joey: It looks much better on.

Harley: Keep telling yourself that, sweetie.

Joey: You know, perhaps you'd like to focus on the task at hand so you can hurry up and go and leave me to my work.

Harley: If you're gonna be chaperoning my semi-formal, I need you to wear something that's moderately hip so I don't look like a freak associating with you. Not like sultry, older woman sexy. [Scoffs] What am I saying? I'd never find anything like that in this closet.

Joey: Did I actually agree to this?

[She looks at a frilly dress.]

Joey: Oh, that's Audrey's. I could borrow it.

Harley: No way. You need to look good, but not too good. The men at Milton are weak of constitution and highly susceptible to the wiles of the older woman. So, seeing as it's my night, and my fair-weather, jack-of-no-trades, boyfriend Patrick is going to be there, and he has some sort of unholy attachment to you, we're gonna keep your wiles covered. Under... this lovely subdued dress. [Harley feels the fabric of the dress.] Ew! What is this, rayon?

Joey: It's silk. [Harley gives her a dirty look] Blend.

Harley: It's perfect. Not too perfect.

Joey: Harley, look, I swear to keep my Mrs. Robinson claws off your boyfriend. But can you go? I have a lot of work to do.

Harley: Yeah, but do you think I should go pasties or strapless?

Joey: Neither! I'm considering investing in a chastity belt for you.

Harley: Pushing your buttons, potter.

Joey: Out.

Harley: I'm out.

[She leaves and Joey goes back to reading]

[Scene: Jen's bedroom. Jen is looking in the mirror at her disheveled hair in disgust.]

Jen: Oh. Heh! I look ridiculous.

CJ: No, you don't. You look beautiful and glowing. And definitely like you just partook of your boyfriend.

Jen: Great.

[They kiss]

CJ: And all the more beautiful for it. You Lindley women are something else. You know, Grams broke uncle Bill's heart. That man is a shell of himself. Can't even watch wheel of fortune anymore because Vanna White reminds him of his devastation.

Jen: My grams, the black widow. Who knew?

CJ: [Chuckles] All right. I should go.

Jen: No, you shouldn't.

CJ: No. You're the one who made me get out of bed.

Jen: I know, but I'm woman enough to admit when I've made a mistake.

[She begins to kiss him, and they both stop after several seconds of kissing]

Jen: Yeah, you should go.

[They begins to kiss again]

Jen: Oh, god. You gotta go.

CJ: Yeah. Yeah.

Jen: All right. Well, um... look, I'll see what I can find out about Grams.

CJ: Ok. I'll call you later.

Jen: Ok.

CJ: Ok. Later.

Jen: Bye.

CJ: Bye.

[Scene: Pacey's Office. Pacey is standing by his desk and hits some buttons on the cell phone on his side, and he has his headset on. Cut to Joey's Dorm room. Joey is studying at her desk, when her phone begins ringing. She looks at the caller ID and sees that it s Pacey, and after a couple of rings, she answers it.]

Joey: Hello?

Pacey: Hi. Is this Potter's house of pain?

Joey: This is mistress Joey speaking.

Pacey: I'm glad I caught you. I thought you might have gone out of business. I was expecting you last night.

Joey: Yeah, I, um... you know, I finished up at the bar, and I was just exhausted, and... no energy left for the naughty stockbrokers.

Pacey: That's ok. I understand. I was kind of tuckered out myself last night. Look, here's what I'm thinking. Last night, we were very old people. But tonight, let's at least pretend like we're young people. Go out late, stumble home very late. What do you say?

Joey: I have plans.

Pacey: No.

Joey: Yeah. I promised Harley I'd do her a favor.

Pacey: What exactly does rosemary's baby want?

Joey: She wants me to chaperone the Milton semi-formal.

Pacey: Would that involve you being in a dress?

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Pacey: And heels?

Joey: Possibly.

Pacey: Well, ok. Consider my arm twisted. I'll be there.

Joey: [Laughs] What? I mean, really? It''s a Friday night. Are you sure?

Pacey: I'm sure as rain.

Joey: Great. Um, meet me here at 6:00.

Pacey: I'll see you there. Shoe shined and suit pressed.

[Scene: Pacey's Work Place Pacey has just finished the phone call with Joey and is the only one in the conference room, when Dawson walks past the door, and stops when he sees Pacey.]

Dawson: Pacey Witter.

Pacey: Dawson! Hi! Welcome to the dream machine, my friend. Can you smell the money growing?

Dawson: Uh, if it smells like Drakar Noir, then yeah, big time.

Pacey: What are you doing here?

[Dawson slams a piece of paper down on the table. It is a check.]

Pacey: What's this?

Dawson: It's all the money I saved working with Todd. I need you to make it grow.

Pacey: I need to slow down for just a second—

Dawson: Transform that into a respectable budget for an indie film. Coming of age story. No special effects, although I might need a slumming a-list actor looking for some industry credit. You up for it?

Pacey: Would you mind stepping into my office for one sec?

Dawson: Sure.

[They go into his office.]

Pacey: You know that thing that I told you I could do for ya?

Dawson: Uh, yeah.

Pacey: I was actually kind of kidding.

Dawson: Well, but, uh--[Whistles] That's what you do for a living, right? Is invest money for other people?

Pacey: Shh. Shh. [Whispering] Technically, yes.

Dawson: [Whispers] Why are we whispering?

Pacey: Because if the guys ever heard me turning down investment money based on moral reasons, I would be professionally castrated.

Dawson: What moral reasons?

Pacey: I haven't exactly hammered out my mixing friends and business policy yet.

Pace, I think we've been through together that we don't have to worry about it getting awkward.

Pacey: Well, yes, we've certainly been through awkward, but we've never been through "I'm broke and it's all your fault."

Dawson: I'm not worried. I know this will sound disgustingly L.A. Of me, but this whole project just has a really good vibe.

Pacey: Because I'm your friend... I'm never gonna tell anybody that you just used the word "vibe".

Dawson: I'm serious, man. I just... I made a decision to trust my instincts, and ever since I did, everything's been falling into place. I wrote 20 pages last night. I could barely type fast enough to keep up with the ideas that were coming, and I can't wait to go home and write more. I mean, honestly, the only thing holding all this up right now is you.

[Scene: Gram's kitchen. Grams is in the kitchen, when Jen comes down into the kitchen looking for her.]

Jen: Grams, grams, grams, we gotta chat. Why'd you drop the hammer on uncle Bill? The man is distraught. Well, apparently, he has sworn off women for life. Of course, if we're speaking frankly, I don't know how long that could actually be.

Grams: Jennifer.

Jen: You know what's funny, though, is that, well, I'm embarking on a somewhat functional, possibly even fully committed relationship. You, who are 2 generations my senior, are behaving like a fickle teenager. You are breaking hearts left and right.

Grams: I most certainly am not.

Jen: Ok. Outburst. Perhaps I should be slipping some St. John's Wort into your morning Metamucil.

[Grams just gives her a look and leaves]

[Scene: Joey's Dorm room. Joey has gotten dressed in the dress that Harley had picked out for her earlier. She is sitting at her looking at some pictures on her wall. She looks at pictures of her and Dawson, her and Pacey, and finally at a picture of her and Eddie together. There is a knock on the door, and when she opens the door she sees that is Pacey and he is in a Suit carrying two flower boxes.]

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: Hi. Oh, my lord. You are way too hot to be a chaperone. I think I'm living out one of my teenage fantasies right now.

Joey: Well, you look quite comely yourself.

Pacey: Oh, this old thing? Nah. Ok, now, in order to make up for our last high school dance experience, in which I did actually buy you a corsage, but then I let it wilt to a lovely shade of brown, I brought you options. In box "a"... we have the corsage for the fun-loving and whimsical Joey-- a carved radish on a bed of baby carrots. And then, option "b"... the corsage for the classic and sophisticated Joey-- roses on a bed of baby's breath, which has a creepy name but is a classic flower.

Joey: Well, in honor of the youth with whom we'll be sharing the dance floor, I think I'm gonna go with option "A." The veggies.

Pacey: All right. Veggies it is.

[He puts the veggie corsage on her wrist]

Pacey: [Chuckles]

Joey: Cool. And, in honor of the classy guy you are tonight—

[She pins a rose on him]

Pacey: Don't be fooled. It's just a costume.

Joey: No, really. You get a rose. It's perfect.

Pacey: Shall we?

Joey: This'll be fun.

Pacey: Yeah. A flashback.

[He hugs her from behind after putting her coat on her, and we can see she is somewhat uncomfortable]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The school dance. The school is decorated in with castles and knights. Joey and Pacey walk in together following Harley and Patrick.]

Joey: Nice night.

Pacey: I just love the smell of secret antiperspirant in the evening. It had to be said.

Harley: This whole night bites already. I haven't even gotten to the part where my friends swarm around me and shriek about how much they love my dress.

Joey: Harley, you're not the first women in the history of semi-formals to accompany a non-dancing date. Mr. Witter over here was famously uncooperative when it came to the booty shake.

Pacey: Hey, I danced.

Joey: Under duress. And he broke up with me at our senior prom, so we never had the chance to dance at our own prom.

Pacey: Ok. Dirty laundry joke. Let it go.

Joey: Had to be said.

Patrick: This guy's obviously not of sound mind to hurt the feelings of a babe like you.

[Joey and Harley give him a dirty look, and another girl walks up to Harley.]

Girl: Harley. Harley: I love your dress! Cute!

Harley: Thanks. A little too Aguilera for a school event, but maybe it's just me.

Patrick: Just keep it down, all right? Your friend over there might think I'm attached.

Harley: I hate you.

Joey: Patrick, perhaps you'd like to go over to the punch bowl and retrieve some drinks? I think she might wanna claw your eyes out.

[Patrick leaves and Pacey takes the opportunity to compliment Harley.]

Pacey: Have you ever noticed how much that dress brings out your eyes?

Harley: No.

Pacey: Oh, well, it does. You look so pretty tonight, and I bet if you and I were to step out on the dance floor, you would be, by far, the most beautiful woman on it.

Harley: Duh.

[Harley and Pacey go off to dance. Patrick comes up from behind Joey and goes to stand closely next to him]

Joey: Ahem.

Patrick: What? Oh, beverages. I was wondering why I went over there.

[He holds out his arm and they head out to the dance floor]

Patrick: You know, I should tell you that I happen to be close, personal friends with Woody Kulchak, who has snuck in a bottle of pea schnapps tonight. So, if you'd like this dance to be truly magical, I could arrange for cocktails for 2 underneath the bleachers. Just give me the word.

Joey: No.

[She leaves him alone]

Patrick: Think about it, babe.

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson is in hit Family bedroom. He is hanging several of his old movie posters back on his walls, when Gale comes upstairs and walks into his room.]

Gale: Hey, what's all this?

Dawson: Ah. Returning to my youth for inspiration. Have you seen my hook poster?

Gale: Um, no, not recently. Uh, maybe you could check the attic. So, now that you are revisiting 15, does that mean I have to start paying you an allowance again?

Dawson: I don't ever recall you giving me an allowance.

Gale: What are you gonna do for money?

Dawson: It's fairly inexpensive to live at home. Hence the living at home.

Gale: Ah. Meaning that you don't plan to contribute to the household expenses.

Dawson: Well, I absolutely can... if you want me to. I mean, I can get a part time job or... I'll baby-sit Lily. That way you don't have to pay somebody else to do it.

Gale: That's not what I'm getting at, Dawson.

Dawson: What are you getting at?

Gale: What I'm wondering is how do you intend to make money in the long term? What's your plan?

Dawson: All right. Um... the plan is write this movie, shoot it, finish it, send it off to festivals. Hopefully it'll be good enough to get picked up and distributed and will make enough money to then finance my next project.

Gale: I mean what's your backup plan? If directing doesn't work.

Dawson: What do you mean, if directing doesn't work?

Gale: Making a living as a film director is a one in a million chance. Now, I know you don't wanna hear this, but... you need to be practical.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson is sitting in front of his computer and he is having writers block. He is simply staring at the screen of his laptop, unable to figure out how he wants to start. He stares at it for a while, then begins to type “Open with” then quickly erases it, and stares at the screen again. He is running trough things in his mind and each time he is about to start typing he stops. He finally gives up and leaves his room.]

[Scene: The school dance. Harley is dancing with some guy while Patrick watches her dance with a look of jealousy in his eyes. Harley is just looking over at Patrick loving the jealousy.]

Jamie: Then I got bumped up to junior varsity when Cy Watson tore his achilles.

Harley: [Laughs]

Jamie: Well, you probably heard that I was all-state last year, because, you know, I mean, I'm a good outside shooter, and I can dunk, which is good for somebody my age, and I'm a good passer. But, I mean, I've always been really good. I score, like, 30 points a game.

[Cut to the Punch bowl, where Joey and Pacey are getting some punch.]

Pacey: What kind of school dance actually has a punch bowl?

Joey: A schmancy private school dance.

Pacey: Well, I hope for the sake of all involved, that some intrepid student has spiked this punch, or else it kinda loses out on its cliché value.

Joey: Hmm.

Pacey: Speaking of, when do we get our picture taken in front of the tropical mural?

Joey: That would be prom.

Pacey: Right. Blocked prom out.

Joey: As you should. It wasn't exactly your finest hour.

Pacey: Well, I was troubled back then. You know, James Dean type.

Joey: You were a dumbass.

Pacey: Was I at least a mysterious dumbass with smoldering sex appeal?

Joey: Dumbass.

Pacey: Ok, fine. I can accept that. 'Cause now I'm a happy dumbass. I got a second chance.

[He kisses her shoulder, and she is very uncomfortable]

Joey: Pace, we should—

Pacey: Fine. Fine.

[Cut back to Harley and Patrick. Patrick is wrestling with the guy that Harley was dancing with.]

Harley: Patrick, let go of him! Let go of him!

Patrick: Why should I? You guys were dancing pelvis to pelvis like it was going out of style.

Harley: It was my only recourse after you failed me in every way! Jamie came to my aid!

Patrick: Jamie is not your date! I am!

Harley: In name only! Did you do one date-like thing the entire night?

Patrick: This is date-like!

[Cut to Joey and Pacey. Joey sees the fight going on and turns to Pacey.]

Joey: Are you gonna do something?

Pacey: Oh, yeah. Of course. Of course. It's just so funny.

[She gives him a dirty look.]

Pacey: Ok. Ok.

[Pacey goes and gets himself in between the two of them]

Pacey: Ok, ok, ok. Hey, break it up.

[Pacey pushes them apart from one another.]

Pacey: Hey, guys.

Harley: That's how you win my heart? By trying to give the guy a wedgie?

Patrick: It's called the krav maga, and J.Lo used it in enough.

Jamie: Hey, it's patty from the block.

[Crowd laughs]

Pacey: You walked right into that one, bud.

Patrick: Yeah, that wasn't even funny, buddy.

Pacey: Ok.

Jamie: Come on. Your girlfriend liked it.

Patrick: Oh, yeah?!

[Patrick takes a swing at the other buy and ends up hitting Pacey in the ear.]

Pacey: All right!

[Scene: The Girls Bathroom. Joey and Harley are in the bathroom by the sinks, and Harley has been crying and her mascara has smeared across his eyes.]

Harley: Look at me! I look completely hideous.

Joey: No, you don't. You look like a rock star.

Harley: Are you kidding?

Joey: You have the whole smoky eye look going.

Harley: Where's he whose name shall not be spoken?

Joey: Oh, he's in the boy's bathroom with Pacey, getting cleaned up. Sort of.

Harley: Did he ask about me?

Joey: I was there briefly.

Harley: Was he with other girls?

Joey: It was the boy's bathroom.

Harley: Which is where we had our first kiss. Hello?

[Cut to the Boy's bathroom. Pacey and Patrick are in there talking]

Pacey: I'm all for the grand romantic gesture, but next time, instead of flailing around wildly, why don't you just tell her that you like her? And then, if you still feel the need for throwing a punch afterwards, pick an enemy your own size. Like an opossum.

Patrick: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like you're the rock, or something.

Pacey: Hey, hobbit, at least I can grow facial hair.

Patrick: What do you call this?

Pacey: Lint.

[Cut back to the girl's bathroom]

Harley: Look at me! I'm crying in the bathroom.

Joey: And thus carrying on an age-old tradition of women crying in the bathroom. I did it in high school.

Harley: Listen, Joey, I don't wanna hurt your feelings, but my high school experiences shouldn't really be the same as yours, or I'm doing something terribly, terribly wrong.

Joey: Sorry, kiddo. But that's just how it goes with the high school dance. You buy the dress, you mess with the hair, you pose for the picture, you think your date is finally gonna say all the things you've been dying for him to say, and no. Inevitably, you end up in the girl's bathroom crying.

[Cut back to the boy's bathroom]

Pacey: Look, you like Harley, right?

Patrick: She has her strong points. Ok. I mean, as long as we're talking man to man, yeah, I like her. A lot.

Pacey: Well, good. Congratulations, man. 'Cause true feelings for a woman, that's about the best experience you're ever gonna have. I mean, it'll make you strong, it'll make you stupid, and it will definitely take you closer to being the man you want to be.

[Cut back to the girl's bathroom]

Harley: What do boys have to suffer through?

Joey: Thinking they're gonna have sex afterwards and being sorely disappointed.

Harley: Well...

Joey: Don't even think about it. I know!

Harley: Relax.

[Cut back to the boy's bathroom]

Pacey: Don't be afraid to be nice to her.

Patrick: Oh. So, by nice to her, you mean...

Pacey: I mean tell her that you like her shoes.

Patrick: Oh, and her, uh—

Pacey: Tell her that you like her, idiot.

[Pacey hits him on the back of the head]

Patrick: Ow.

[Patrick pushes him]

Pacey: Hey. Don't push me.

Patrick: Oh, yeah?

[Patrick runs in and tries to tackle Pacey with little effect.]

Patrick: Let's see what's up!

[Cut back to the girl's bathroom]

Harley: So, you've honestly had a bad time at every dance you've gone to?

Joey: Yeah. Except this one. This one was... nice.

Harley: Well, I'm glad someone had a good time.

[Cut back to the boy's bathroom. Pacey and Patrick are still wrestling a little, when Joey opens the door and sees them. They quickly stop]

Joey: Hello? Everything ok?

Patrick: Yeah, fine.

Pacey: Yeah, everything's good in here.

Joey: Just checking.

[Joey leaves]

Patrick: Yeah, I don't know why I should be taking advice from you. Like you're some kind of Yoda when it comes to the chicks.

Pacey: Have you seen my date?

Patrick: Tell me more, sensei.

[Scene: Gram's Living room. Grams is sitting on the couch knitting when Jen comes walking into the living room carrying a phone.]

Jen: That was for you.

Grams: Yes?

Jen: The phone.

Grams: Yes?

Jen: Um...dr. Loomis' office calling to confirm your appointment tomorrow at 12:30. Dr. Loomis isn't your regular doctor. How come I've never heard his name before? All right. Something is going on with you, and I demand to know what it is.

Grams: Jennifer, if you are looking for mystery or drama, you'd best take your search elsewhere.

Jen: I'm sorry. I'm not going to let you keep this secret. I've lived with you for 5 years, and every time that I've tried to mope my way around the house, you've insisted that I come clean for the common good. So... now it's your turn.

Grams: All right. Dr. Loomis is an oncologist. I am seeing her because there is a malignant tumor in my breast. I will be starting a round of radiation therapy next week because the growth has spread beyond the point where surgery would be effective.

Jen: Are you talking about breast cancer?

Grams: Yes.

Jen: Oh, my god.

Grams: Yes. Would you be a dear? Go turn the oven down. I don't want the crust to burn.

[Jen just is staring at her. Tears welling up in her eyes.]

Grams: Jennifer, I told you what it is. Now please, just go.

[Jennifer is trying to keep from crying, and Grams puts her book down and gets up.]

Grams: Very well. I'll do it myself.

[Grams goes into the kitchen, and Jen is just sitting there in shock, ready to cry.]

[Scene: Outside the School dance. Pacey is outside looking out into the night, when Joey comes out to join him.]

Joey: Hey. Ooh.

Pacey: Yeah, I know. Kids today, huh?

Joey: That damn rap music.

Pacey: And those baggy pants. Even with the damage to my unsuspecting eardrum, I did think that tonight was quite nice. Quite nice.

Joey: Yes. Quite. Perfect. It was... it's been a perfect night.

[He leans closer like he is going to kiss her]

Joey: Pace? I can't do this.

Pacey: You can't do what?

Joey: Even when everything is perfect, being with you doesn't feel right, and I'm sorry. Look, everything tonight-- I mean, tonight was lovely and fun and... you've become this... I mean, this amazing man, but it doesn't... I'm sorry. I don't... I don't feel it. And I can't do this with you.

Pacey: Ok, Joey, just slow down for a second.

Joey: No, Pace, it's... it's true and... I'm sorry.

Pacey: So what, you're scared. Right? You're scared. And so am I, believe me. And I'm scared because I don't know where this thing is going, Jo. As in, I think it could go anywhere. This could be it.

Joey: It won't be.

Pacey: How could you possibly know that? I mean, really. Last week, you're onboard, and now you're just psychically telling me that this could never be something great. You can't possibly know that, because we don't know that, Joey.

Joey: And I'm sorry. I know that this is such a horrible thing to say.

Pacey: But how? How could you know? And when did you make this decision, tonight? I mean, I thought tonight was going great.

Joey: It was. It was great.

Pacey: So then when? And don't tell me that you're not scared, because I know that you are. I mean, I've known you too long and seen you push away too many good things to let you push me away right now. My whole life, Joey, my whole life you have been the most beautiful thing in my orbit. And my feelings for you were what proved to me that I could be great. And those feelings were stronger and were wiser and more persistent and more resilient than anything else about me.

Joey: Pacey, stop.

Pacey: Jo—

Joey: Pacey!

Pacey: When I was afraid of everything, I was never afraid to love you, and I could love you again. I could. I'm tell you, this could…

Joey: Pacey, no. Pacey, stop! Eddie came back. I'm sorry. He came back last night. He came to the bar—

Pacey: Oh. Ok.

Joey: Look, I'm sorry—

[Pacey goes back inside, leaving Joey alone.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's bedroom. Dawson is sitting at his desk and has hit laptop open and a word processing file open, but there is nothing on the screen. After a while he leans back dejected. He reaches over and grabs the remote and turns the TV on, and his movie “Creek Days” begins playing on the screen]

Gale: Hey. I brought you some coffee since you're burning the midnight oil, and a turkey sandwich. Protein.

Dawson: Thanks, mom.

Gale: Ah, your early work. You really are feeling nostalgic.

Dawson: Ah, well... I don't know. In those days it wasn't just me alone in front of a computer screen, you know? I mean, I had people pitching in. I had a whole support system.

[Turns off television]

Gale: So how is your script coming?

Dawson: Great. Great. It's, uh... well, actually, you know what? It's not so great right now. Look, mom, there's something I've got to tell you. Um... I don't have a back-up plan... and I won't ever have one. I'm going to be a director, and I don't want to have anything to fall back on, because there's nothing else that I want to do.

Gale: It's not always about what you want. Dawson, you grow up, and life isn't what you thought it was going to be like when you were a kid.

Dawson: I agree. And you're right, being a director is a child's dream, and that's how I know that it's real. Because it's what I wanted to do before I knew how to be scared or cynical.

Gale: Ok, honey, what about college? At least go back. Finish film school to make sure that you're committed to this thing.

Dawson: Mom, please. If a year of fetching lattes and cajoling actresses out of their trailer to act in front of a green screen didn't kill my desire to make movies, nothing will. I know that. And I don't need to spend $60,000 of this family's money to figure that out. I mean, making movies is... it's my life. And I need you to believe that I'm that one in a million who's going to make it, because I do.

Gale: Honey, did I ever tell you the story about the time your father decided to make chewing gum on our kitchen stove?

Dawson: Please tell me you're kidding.

Gale: No. He was going to sell it to local gift shops. And I won't get into anything beyond the fact that it was a sticky mess and we had to shave part of your head once dad decided to make you sous-chef of the strawberry division.

Dawson: You shaved my head?

Gale: Part of your head. You were 5. It was the eighties. We told you it was punk.

[They laugh]

Dawson: That's great.

Gale: Anyway, I'm just... well, I'm bringing it up because your dad had a lot of harebrained schemes, and I was always convinced that the gum one was based on Charlie and the chocolate factory, which was his favorite book as a child. But he wouldn't admit it.

Dawson: Ok, this one's a little more subtle than some of your other life lessons.

Gale: Dawson... your dad's pipe dreaming, it drove me right up the wall. But it was also one of the things that made me fall in love with him. Because, like you, he had the courage to believe that life could be as great as you think it could be when you're a kid. So you get what I'm saying?

Dawson: Would you like me to watch Lily for you?

Gale: Yeah. And then go jump off the cliff. Only metaphorically, of course.

Dawson: Mom...

Gale: I'm your mother. I can't help it.

[She notices a small temporary tattoo of a rose leaning against the laptop screen.]

Gale: Ooh. Apparently... you liked my little metaphor about things that fade.

Dawson: Actually, I just thought it was cool that there were people in this world who would give you the prize out of their cracker jack box.

Gale: It's because I love you, honey.

[She leaves]

Dawson: Hmm.

[He looks around his room, at different pictures of him and all his friends and gets up and grabs his laptop and begins frantically typing away]

[Scene: Gram's kitchen. Grams is making some dough on the counter, and rather roughly throwing and needing it on the counter, when Jen comes down and you can tell she has been crying.]

Jen: Ok. There is nothing wrong with being scared. It's perfectly natural.

Grams: Being scared does no one any good.

Jen: Ok. So what do I do to help?

Grams: Well, you can fetch me the butter from the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Jen: I wasn't referring, um... to this culinary exercise in displaced energies. I mean you. I mean, what do I do to help you? You're going to need somebody to drive you to treatments, and I can do that. I can cook meals in advance, Tivo 60 minutes, and when you get bored, Jack and I are going to act out scenes from Moulin Rouge for you.

Grams: Jack can have nothing to do with this, nor can you, Jennifer. This is my own personal business, and I can take care of it myself.

Jen: Well, what about me? I mean, who's goin to take care of me? I mean, you're my grandmother, the person I love most in the world, and you're sick, and I'm the one who's scared.

Grams: Look, Jennifer, this is not a death sentence. Now... many people my age, they have one round of radiation therapy and they live long happy lives in remission.

Jen: Ok, so let's talk about that. Hmm?

Grams: Oh, Jennifer...

Jen: But can we at least just start talking?

Grams: Jennifer... I am not ready to die yet. Come here.

[They hug and cry in hear other's arms]

Grams: Do you hear me? Hmm? Do you?

[Scene: The school dance. Almost everyone is gone now and Patrick and Harley are slow dancing together on the very empty floor now.]

Patrick: And as my fist was rocketing towards his neck, I was just, like, you know, Patrick, you're a lover, not a fighter.

Harley: That last part was pretty obvious. And as for the first part...

Patrick: You mean the lover part?

Harley: Not a chance.

Patrick: Oh. Well, I didn't mean it literally. Well, yeah, I did, but... you know, that's not the reason I'm at the dance with you. I'm at the dance with you because if I weren't, you'd be with some other guy, and that would kill me.

Harley: Because you like me?

Patrick: Yeah.

Harley: Nice speech. Pacey teach you that?

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, that and how to unhook a bra with one hand.

Harley: Try it and you'll have one hand left.

[Scene: The school Dance. The empty Bleachers. Joey is sitting alone watching as Harley and Patrick dance. Slowly she looks up and a hand comes into the screen, and it is Pacey.]

Pacey: If memory serves, I owe you a dance, Ms. Potter.

[They dance for a little while with sadness in both of their eyes and when the song ends, Pacey walks off leaving Joey alone on the dance floor. Joey just stands there looking down at the floor.]

[Scene: Outside Eddie's House. A cab pulls up and Joey gets out. She slowly makes her way up to the door. After fighting with herself for a little bit she knocks on the door, and Eddie opens it.]

Joey: You're probably wondering what the hell I'm doing here.

[He comes out to join her on the porch. She kisses him passionately and he pulls her to him and they continue kissing]

Joey: [Chuckles] Hi.

Eddie: Hi.

[They begins kissing and are happy to be in one another's arms again.]

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