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  06x23 - All Good Things...
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Series Finale (Part 1 of 2)
Episode 623 - All Good Things...

In this episode: A joyous reunion turns to heartbreak at the creek - Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside for a special wedding, but the happy reunion is cut short after the group learns that one of their own has been harboring a heartbreaking secret. Since they were last together, Dawson has been living in Los Angeles producing his autobiographical television series ‘The Creek, but has never forgotten the love of his life; Joey is a successful book editor living in New York with her boyfriend but comes home to realize she still loves her childhood sweethearts; Pacey is the owner of the new Ice House and still carries a torch for Joey, although he continues his pattern of getting into trouble with older women, including his newest conquest; Jen is a single mom living with Grams and managing an art gallery in Soho; and Jack is a teacher at Capeside High and has fallen in love with a secretly gay man.

Original Airdate: May 14, 2002

[Scene: A set dressed up like Dawson's Bedroom. Actors playing Colby and Sam are acting out a scene from Dawson's New TV show “The Creek.”]

Colby: Feelings and emotions have an inexplicable way of manifesting themselves in subconscious and not always se-aware behavior.

Sam: Verbal deconstruction of teen angst is really outdated, Colby. There's nothing going on between me and Petey. He's just a friend. Your best friend, I might add. I have no subconscious subliminal intentions towards him.

Colby: Just a friend, huh?

Sam: Yes. That's all. Period. End of sentence, dissertation, and postmodern diatribe. Now can we go to sleep?

Colby: So, is Petey a friend the same way you and I are just friends?

Sam: Yeah... of course.

Colby: That's what I was afraid of.

[They lie back down on the bed together, and lie together awkwardly. The camera pulls back from the TV and we see that Joey was watching the show on the couch with a tear in her eye. Another man comes over to her.]

Christopher: Thank god that's over.

Joey: Tread lightly, book boy.

Christopher: Watch this. This'll be fun.

[He grabs the remote and turns off the TV]

Joey: Hey!

Christopher: Ahh... back to intelligent life as we know it. Yeah, you know that show? It's like bad airplane food. You know, the teen hyperbole, it's hard on the stomach. And the writers must sit around with a thesaurus just seeking out 4-syllable ways to abuse the English language.

Joey: Well, I only watch it to torture you.

Christopher: Yeah? Well, it works. I mean, who talks like that Colby guy? He's like some mutant English professor, psychotherapist freak.

Joey: We can't all be brilliant literary snobs like yourself. You should read some of the crap I have to edit.

Christopher: You edit my stuff.

Joey: [Whispering] Except your stuff.

[They begin kissing and starting to make out on the couch, when Joey stops him.]

Joey: Ok, ok, ok, ok. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have to finish this, and I have 2 more after that. Go write a book or something.

Christopher: I can't. That show has officially destroyed some very necessary brain cells.

Joey: [Sighs] Get over it. What is the big deal? So I like a teen soap. So what?

Christopher: The way it possesses you is what frightens me, honestly. Every Wednesday at 8:00, you enter this supernatural portal of teen angst.

Joey: I have an emotional connection to it you wouldn't understand.

Christopher: Will Sam and Colby ever get together? Will Sam choose Petey? Will Sam choose Colby? Find out next week as we continue to beat a dead dog all the way into syndication!

Joey: You know, I think subconsciously, you like the show just as much as I do.

Christopher: Spoken very much like the indecisive, noncommittal character of Sam.

Joey: How dare you?

[They begin kissing again when Joey stops again]

Joey: Do you really think I sound like her?

[Opening Credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Production Office for The Creek. Dawson and his assistant are walking quickly down one of the hallways, while his assistant is going through her notebook and reading things off for him.]

Dawson: We'll have to loop Colby's virgin speech in the third act. His mumbling out of control.

Assistant: And don't forget about the network notes. They did not clear "masturbate" as acceptable dialogue.

Dawson: It's a clinical term.

Assistant: They suggested "walking your dog."

Dawson: Walking your dog?

Assistant: He has no idea that his character's coming out of the closet. He's going to lose it.

Dawson: After lunch. I've gotta step in with the writers.

[Dawson goes into a meeting room where the writers are brainstorming.]

Man: They're soul mates. They have to end up together.

Second man: Ah, but not in the first season. You got nowhere to go after that.

Dawson: What are we talkin' about?

Man: The perpetual dilemma, Dawson. Does Sam hook up with feisty Petey or soul mate Colby in the season cliffhanger?

Woman: If she chooses Petey, it will break convention and surprise the audience.

Man: Surprise, not satisfy. Colby is Sam's soul mate. It's destiny.

Second man: This show is about twisting the convention, right? Let's break this notion of destiny and fate. Dawson, what do you think?

Dawson: I think you guys are onto something.

[Dawson grabs his stuff and leaves them to continue bickering. He joins his Assistant who is finishing a phone call.]

Assistant: Look, I've gotta go. Here he comes. I picked up your suit for the wedding. It's hanging on the back of your door. And don't forget that the car is going to come and pick you up for the airport tomorrow at noon.

Dawson: Right.

Assistant: And Rebecca called to confirm dinner.

Dawson: Postpone it. Again. And don't give me that look.

Assistant: What look?

Dawson: For the record, I'm a nice guy. I'm just... late for editing.

Assistant: [Sighs]

[Scene: A road on the outskirts of Capeside. Jack is driving down the road listening to the radio, when her hears a siren and looks back to see a cop car behind him. HE pulls over and the cop car stops behind him. Doug gets out of the car and walks up to Jack's door.]

Doug: Looks like somebody's in quite the hurry this morning.

Jack: Sheriff Doug, hey, look, I'm sorry. I'm late and I'm trying to get to class.

Doug: Well, I have no choice but to issue you a citation for doing 40 in a 25.

Jack: Look, I already have all these points against my license. You think maybe there's something I could do to...get you to look the other way.

Doug: May I remind you, Mr. McPhee, that attempting to bribe a public official is a serious offense?

Jack: Uh, you know, I was just hoping that maybe, um... I could appeal to your greater sense of compassion?

[Doug leans in and kisses him]

Doug: All right. Just this once, I'll let you go with a warning.

Jack: Thanks, honey.

Doug: No, no, never, never call me honey.

Jack: Dude, it's a deserted road. Chill.

Doug: Don't call me dude, either.

Jack: All right, tonight? Dinner later?

Doug: Yeah. I'll cook. My place.

Jack: Great. I'll bring the handcuffs. Kidding.

Doug: [Clears throat]

Jack: I'll see you.

Doug: Yeah, I'll see you. Jack... slow down.

Jack: You got it.

Doug: All right.

[Engine starts]

[Scene: Outside the new Icehouse Restaurant. One of the bus boys is cleaning up when Pacey comes over to give him a hand.]

Cory: I got that, Mr. Witter. You're the boss, remember?

Pacey: I'm just trying to lend a hand. The rush today was crazy.

Cory: Ka-ching. That's a good thing.

Pacey: Yeah, 6 months and going strong. No complaints, right?

[Pacey turns to see a woman standing by the bar, and she turns and sees him.]

Woman: Oh, Pacey, there you are. I've got your new menu designs along with all your revisions.

Pacey: Excellent. I've been meaning to take a look at those. Hey, Cory, I'll be in my office if anybody's looking for me, ok?

Cory: Yeah.

Pacey: Shall we?

[Cut to inside Pacey's office and the two of them are inside, when Pacey closes the door and they begins making out.]

Pacey: We're gonna have to find a new pretense to meet. This is...the third time I've had to review the menu design.

Woman: I'm sure no one suspects a thing.

Pacey: I'm not exactly the most invisible guy in Capeside these days. I'm sure somebody's starting to suspect.

Woman: As long as it's not my husband.

[Scene: Jack's High School English Class. A student is reading some poetry from a book uncomfortable in front of the entire class while Jack is sitting in one of the desks towards the back.]

Hampton: "We two boys together clinging... "one the other, never leaving... "up and down, the roads going north and south excursions making..."

Jack: Mr. Hampton... is there a problem?

Hampton: Do I have to keep reading?

Jack: Well, the poem's not finished.

Hampton: No, offense, Mr. McPhee, but this is a poem by a guy about another guy. It's, like, a gay poem.

[Students laugh]

Jack: I wasn't aware that poems had sexual orientation.

[Students laugh]

Jack: See, this gay poem and others like it actually got Whitman fired from his job. See, he was an outcast most of his life. But he didn't care. He loved his country. He loved the freedom that it stood for, and he celebrated the American spirit every chance that he got. And here we are 150 years later, and we're still laughing at him.

[The bell rings and Jack looks to the door and sees Jen standing in the door way waiting for the class to leave.]

Jack: Your assignment for this weekend is to find a way to say, through the conventions of poetry, what you are afraid to say. I want you guys to write about something that you're scared of. We're gonna read these things out loud on Monday to each other, so I would hope that you give the same courtesy to each other that you did not give to Mr. Whitman today. Have a good weekend.

[Everyone leaves, and Jen walks in pushing a baby carriage.]

Jack: Hey, hey, hey.

Jen: Hi.

Jack: Oh, let me see my goddaughter. Hey, gorgeous.

[Jack leans down and looks into the carriage.]

Jack: Oh, my god. [Laughs] She's beautiful. So are you.

[They hug]

Jen: Hi, sweetheart.

Jack: God, it's good to see you.

Jen: You, too. Mmm...

Jack: ah, too long.

Jen: So I just caught some of your act. Looks like Capeside finally hired a good teacher.

Jack: Good teachers are just traumatized students trying to erase whatever went wrong with their own high school experience.

Jen: Do you think that you could erase my memories while you're at it?

Jack: That would be a lifetime in a nunnery.

Jen: So, what's on your agenda tonight, huh?

Jack: Well, I gotta have dinner with the sheriff, but if you want to catch a drink later?

Jen: Yeah, sure. Gosh, 6 months in, you two are already an old married couple, huh?

Jack: Yes, but with the added element of pretending we don't know each other every time we pass on the street.

Jen: Oh, still?

Jack: Yeah, what can I say? He's a paranoid, closeted freak... but he's my paranoid, closeted freak. You staying at the Potter B&B?

Jen: Mm-hmm. I'll be there, awaiting your phone call.

Jack: All right, let's get out of here before you make me late for my next class.

Jen: Ok, sorry.

Jack: It's good to see you.

[Scene: Dawson's House. Dawson walks into the house carrying his bags, and looks around remembering a lot. When Gale comes running and gives him a huge hug.]

Gale: Ah! You're here! Yay! Ha ha ha! Oh, look at you. You get handsome every time I see you.

Dawson: Mom, I look terrible. I've aged 10 years in the past 9 months.

Gale: Well, you wear it well. So, how was your flight?

Dawson: Oh, it was ok. I've got 5 scenes to write by tomorrow, and the season finale shoots in a week, I still don't have an ending. But...other than that...

Gale: I'm just so glad you're here.

Dawson: And miss my mom's wedding? Not a chance. Not a chance.

[Lilly comes running down the stairs and gives Dawson another hug]

Lily: Dawson!

Dawson: Lily. Hey, hey, hey, you got tall!

Dawson, I just got Annie Hall on DVD. Wanna watch it with me?

Dawson: Sure. Go set it up.

[Lilly runs off]

Dawson: Annie hall?

[Cut to upstairs in Dawson's room. Dawson looks around and sees a Director's chair with his name on it and a poster of his show on the wall]

Dawson: Hmm.

[He puts down his bags and looks around and picks up a picture of him and Joey happy together.]

[Scene: The Ice House. Pacey walks over to one of the tables and stops to talk to the people sitting there.]

Pacey: Greg. Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt you while you guys are eating, but thanks for coming back. It's good to see you.

[Pacey looks up to see Joey come walking up to the Place. She doesn't see him and she stops one of the waiter.]

Joey: Excuse me. I'm looking for Pacey Witter.

[Pacey runs up from behind Joey and grabs her and picks her up in a bear hug]

Pacey: Joey potter! As I live and breathe! Hi!

Joey: Oh!

Pacey: Good god, woman, you're heavy!

Joey: Watch it, Witter.

Pacey: I'm just kidding. They told me you weren't gonna be able to make it.

Joey: Uh...long story.

Pacey: Everybody! This is Josephine Potter, official talent alumni and quality Capeside stock, so what do you say we give her a nice warm welcome home, huh?


Joey: Pacey, is this all yours?

Pacey: Mine, the bank's, several family members. You hungry?

Joey: I'm starving.

Pacey: Look at you. I gotta give you another hug. God, it's good to see you!

Joey: Good to see you.

Pacey: It has been way too long, Jo.

[They hug, and as they pull apart we see that Dawson is just walking up and sees them.]

Joey: Hey.

[There is some Love triangle feelings again]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Ice House. Later that evening. All of the gang have met up at the Ice house and are all sitting around a large table joking and reminiscing together]

[Jack and Jen come walking up to join]

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Pacey: Hey! Hey, girl!

[Jen and Pacey hug]

Pacey: Hey, pretty mama!

Jack: Ah, come here!

Dawson: What's up?!

Pacey: God, it's good to see you, man!

Jen: How are you?!

Jack: Good. I'm great.

Joey: Handsome!

Pacey: Ok, in honor of this momentous occasion, open bar for everyone!

[Pacey goes quickly into the bar and Jen and Joey follow.]

Jack: Give it up! What's up, buddy?

[Dawson and Jack hug and then join them]

[Cut to later around the table]

Joey: Do you remember that time I painted you in the nude?

Jen: Oh, you got excited and you sprouted—

Jack: Oh, whoa, hey, hey!

Joey: A little bit more than I bargained for.

Jack: Whatever. It's all good. It wasn't meant to be. Besides, Dawson probably would eventually kill me for taking his only soul mate, right?

[All of the members of ht triangle have a small uncomfortable giggle at this]

Jack: Hey, what's up with Audrey, anyway? Anybody talk to her lately?

Joey: Audrey's singing backup for John Mayer. She's touring Europe, and she's got some boyfriend she calls the anti-Pacey. He's totally boring and... really sweet or something.

Pacey: And "really sweet," as opposed to the actual Pacey? And that from my ex-girlfriend, no less.

Joey: Pacey...thank you so much for reopening this place. I did not know how much I missed it.

Pacey: Maybe if your daddy hadn't burned it down in the first place, it'd still be yours

Joey: Ohh, nice, Pacey. Nice.

Dawson: I couldn't write this stuff if I tried.

Joey: How long has it been?

Pacey: Not long enough, apparently.

Jen: Oh Dawson... remember when I de-virginized you?

Pacey: What?!

Jack: Ok. Uh, yeah, on that note, maybe we should, uh, depart.

Pacey: What do you mean? You can't leave now. We're just getting to the good stuff.

Jack: Yeah, I'm afraid she's gonna divulge a little too much info.

Jen: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: Here, I'll give you a ride.

[He picks Jen up and flings her onto his shoulder]

Jen: I'm sorry. Oh, no!

Jack: We're out.

Jen: Hey, guys, remember the time when my boyfriend knocked me up and left me to raise a baby on my own?

[Awkward silence]

Jack: Ok, see you at the wedding.

Jen: Wait, stop. One more thing. Oh, god, you guys are the best friends I've ever had in my life. I love you so much. That is all. Good night.

Jack: We'll see you.

Pacey: Good night.

Joey: Good night.

Pacey: And on that note, get the hell out of my restaurant. I gotta clean up.

[Joey and Dawson get up to leave.]

Pacey: You guys need a ride?

Joey: I'm gonna walk.

Dawson: I can drive you.

Joey: That's ok. It's right down the block. It'll sober me up.

Dawson: All right.

Joey: Good night, Dawson.

[They hug]

Joey: Pace, thank you.

[Joey hugs Pacey]

Pacey: A pleasure, as always, darlin'. Walk safe.

Joey: I will. Bye, boys.

[Joey leaves, and Dawson gives Pacey a hand cleaning up all the beer bottles on the table]

Pacey: My god, that woman's amazing.

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: Man, that girl you cast on your show cannot hold a candle to her.

Dawson: I know. I did nail Petey, though. That's perfect casting.

Pacey: Yeah, well, he does have the certain requisite roguish charm, I guess.

Dawson: Whew. Man... a lot's changed. You've changed.

Pacey: Yeah, well, life happens. So, are you happy? You know, with everything that's happened, you happy?

Dawson: The stock answer's a resounding yes. Anything else, I'd sound like a whiny Hollywood brat, right?

Pacey: Yeah, but right now you're talking to me.

Dawson: To be honest with you, I haven't given it much thought. You?

Pacey: Heh. Uh... oh, you know me. I'd be miserable if I was happy. You don't have to help me do this. It's my job, remember? It's good to see you, Dawson

[They hug].

Dawson: You, too.

Pacey: I'll see you tomorrow at the wedding.

Dawson: All right. Welcome home.

[Scene: Potter B&B. Jack is changing Amy's diaper when Jen comes into the room and is taking a couple of pills. ]

Jack: The last time I checked, this was not on the list of godparent job requirements.

Amy: [Crying]

Jack: That's ok, that's ok.

Jen: You're doing just fine.

Jack: Is she always this sad naked?

[Jack puts the wipes away and finds a pill bottle]

Jack: What's this?

Jen: Oh, they're grams'. I just keep it on hand in case she forgets it.

Jack: I didn't know she was still on painkillers. She looks like she's in good health.

Jen: Looks can be deceiving that way.

Jack: Oh, it's ok, it's ok. There you go.

[He hands Amy to Jen]

Jen: Mmm...

Jack: you ever wonder if you could survive without her? Think you could really do this alone?

Jen: I used to think I couldn't, but, uh, really, I don't feel that way anymore. It's really wonderful-- parenting. I mean, I can't program my Tivo, but I can take care of a child.

Jack: You've changed the most. Out of all of us.

Jen: If I have, it's not because of me. Amy changed me. I mean, I'm just along for the ride.

Jack: [Sighs] What am I doing here? I mean, what sane gay man of this era goes back to a suburb?

Jen: Jack... I don't think this is about Capeside. I think you're... you're frustrated with Doug.

Jack: I know. I mean, I feel like I'm back in the closet, Jen. Although this time it's not in my closet.

Jen: Well, you have to give him some time.

Jack: Why should I? I mean, come on, it's not my fault my boyfriend lives back in the stone age.

Jen: I know but he's so scared.

Jack: What's there to be scared of?

Jen: Of what's real. It terrifies us. All of us. And you say that I've changed. And you're right. But, I mean, I went kicking and screaming. And if you think that anything of any value in this world comes at an easier price, you're wrong.

Jack: Your wise, sage superpowers have increased with motherhood. I think I might have to buy you a cape pretty soon.

Jen: You can be my sidekick, hmm? My boy wonder.

Jack: Anytime.

[Scene: Dawson's Room. Dawson is sitting at his desk, and staring at his laptop computer screen, but cannot figure out what he wants to type. He is startled by a sound coming from outside the window and he grabs his laptop ready to use it to hit whatever comes through the window and it is Joey who falls to the floor while trying to climb through the window.]

Joey: Oh! Ow! Ow.

Dawson: You scared the hell out of me.

Joey: That's not as easy as it once was. I think I might have broken something.

Dawson: What are you doing here?

Joey: Well, I was, um... walking to the B&B, and I just decided to keep walking. I haven't been home for so long and... did you know they put up a McDonald's on Hudson? We've officially been invaded, Dawson. We are one Old Navy away from being destroyed.

Dawson: Are you ok?

Joey: Oh, yeah. I'm fine. So, I, um... I kept walking, and then... it was too late to ring the bell, and I saw the light on, so I thought, why not? Were you sleeping? Because I can leave.

Dawson: No, no. I'm glad you're here. We didn't really get much alone time tonight. There's so much I want to know about you and New York and... everything.

Joey: Ow. That did hurt. [Laughing]

[Scene: Outside the Ice House. Pacey is locking up as the rest of the Employees have just left the building. ]

Guy: See you later, boss.

Pacey: Good night, guys.

Woman: Good night.

[He locks the door and turns to see a guy standing there]

Pacey: I'm sorry, we're all closed up for the night.

Man: Oh. I'm guessing you know why I'm here.

Pacey: [Sighs] Well, it's a long shot, but... sleeping with your wife, maybe? Ok, well, I'll make it easy on you. I deserve it. Do your worst.

[Pacey turns to see two other guys walk up, and they are both rather large men.]

Pacey: Heh heh. Oh, now, look. I've been drinking a bit tonight, so you could probably take me out all by yourself.

Man: Yeah, what's the fun in that?

Pacey: [Sighs]

[Pacey hits the first guy, and tries to run when the other two grab him, and the three of them begin beating him up.]

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson and Joey are still there sitting down on his bed and talking to one another about how they have been spending the past few years.]

Joey: Well, I met Christopher when I was assigned to proof his book. This was before I got promoted to junior editor.

Dawson: Ok.

Joey: And we bickered and argued so much, so we naturally started dating, and we've been fighting ever since.

Dawson: Is it serious?

Joey: Um... well, we're-- we're definitely... at that moment when it either is or isn't. I don't know what's gonna happen. What about you? Anything going on in L.A.?

Dawson: [Sighs] I'm absolutely, 100%, intensely committed to my show... and nothing else.

Joey: Well... that's today. It's not always gonna be like that, Dawson.

Dawson: I... I'm not complaining. But... sometimes I feel like... what am I doing? You know, I wanted to be Spielberg.

Joey: Dreams aren't perfect, Dawson. They come true, not free.

Dawson: Nicely put.

Joey: Someone famous said it.

Dawson: Hmm. I'm just so tired.

Joey: I'll go. I'll let you get some sleep.

Dawson: No, no. I meant just general.

Joey: Well, I should go anyway. It's late. We have a wedding tomorrow.

Dawson: All right. I'll drive you.

[He stands up and lets out a huge yawn]

Dawson: [Yawning] On second thought, no, I won't. Go to sleep.

Joey: What?

Dawson: You know the drill. That's your side, that's mine. Lie down and go to sleep.

Joey: Are you kidding me? Dawson, I can't.

Dawson: Hey, you already climbed through the window. It's only fitting, wouldn't you say? No one's pining away for each other or masking their feelings. So, just sleep for sleep's sake.

Joey: Works for me. We are adults.

[They get in bed and try to get to their positions]

Joey: Good night, Dawson.

Dawson: Good night, Joey.

[The camera pulls away and we see them both laying there awkwardly together]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: A wedding outside. Dawson and Joey are standing as bride and groom in front of the preacher giving their vows.]

Joey: We've been through so much, Dawson. So many good times and bad. When I loved you, you loved Jen. And when you loved me, I needed to be on my own. So I left you for Jack, and then he realized he was gay.

Dawson: And then I convinced you to turn your dad in for trafficking cocaine, said you'd never speak to me again.

Joey: But I did. I offered myself to you at that party after you crashed your dad's boat.

Dawson: And I refused... for some reason. And so you fell for Pacey.

Joey: And years passed... until finally here we are... saying, "I do." The way it should be... the only way it can be for star-crossed, ill-fated soul mates. So, I do.

Dawson: I do, too.

[They leaning and kiss and everyone applauds. The camera pulls back from the kiss and we wee Sam and Colby there instead of Joey and Dawson.]

Dawson: Cut!

[Dawson sits up in his bed waking up form the dream. He looks over at the pillow next to him, and there is a note from Joey. “See You Later, Joey”]

[Scene: Outside along the waterfront. Doug and Jack are jogging together and are coming up to their place, and they begins to walk together to cool off before going inside]

Doug: Hey, I booked us a room for next weekend at Stonybrook lodge. You know, I figured we could do a little hiking, some mountain biking, and, you know, other various activities. Don't look so excited.

Jack: I--I mean, you know, do you think that's what we need right now, another weekend away from Capeside?

Doug: Oh, I'm sorry I made the mistake of planning something nice for us.

Jack: No, I appreciate it. I do. You know, it's just, I'd like it a little bit better if we were hanging out here.

Doug: Look, you knew when we started seeing each other that I wasn't ready for all of Capeside to know my business.

Jack: Doug, that was 6 months ago. You know, we do live in a post Will & Grace world. I mean, do you really think people still care who you sleep with?

Doug: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Jack: Why do you even care what anybody thinks, anyway? I mean, your family knows. They have no problem with it. Pacey, he couldn't be happier.

Doug: That's because Pacey gets the last laugh.

Jack: No, it's because Pacey loves you, and so do I. Doug, this really sucks that we have to go through this. I mean, how many weekends away are we gonna have to go on before we can be together like a normal couple? It's like we're having some kind of affair, yet neither one of us are even married.

Doug: Not all of us were fags at 15, Jack. It's not so easy for some of us.

Jack: I--I can't even believe you just said that.

Doug: I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't—

Jack: No, you're not. You know what the difference is between you and me, Doug? You were a fag at 15. You just haven't stopped hating yourself for it.

[Scene: The reception after Gale's wedding. Gale and her new husband are cutting the wedding cake. Dawson goes up to her and gives her a hug after she cuts the first slice. ]

Dawson: I'm so happy for you. And dad would be, too.

Gale: Thanks, honey.

[Cut to later. Pacey walking along, and sees the married woman, and she turns and sees him and mouths “You and me later” to him. He walks on, and sees Jen and goes over to her, and she is taking another couple of pills.]

Pacey: Hey...

Jen: Oop!

Pacey: What you taking?

Jen: Oh, you caught me. I'm medicating. I'm an anxiety-ridden mother. They help.

[He hands her his wine so she can wash down the pill]

Jen: Thank you.

Pacey: You, uh...mind sharing? 'Cause I could really use it today.

[He takes off his sunglasses to show the nice shiner he has]

Jen: Oh, no.

Pacey: Oh, yes.

[HE looks over and sees the woman who is looking over at him still]

Pacey: Oh...

[Cut to later and Pacey and Joey are dancing together.]

Joey: So, are you gonna tell me how you got that shiner, or am I gonna have to assume that you beat up the priest before the ceremony?

Pacey: Let's just say that mistakes were made.

Joey: What's going on, Pace?

Pacey: What's going on? What's going on is that I forget how much fun I have when I'm with you, and it's really, really nice to be reminded.

[Jen and Dawson who are dancing together come over to join them]

Jen: Hey. Let's switch. Dawson won't let me lead.

Pacey: Ok.

[The switch partners]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: You left in a hurry this morning.

Joey: Yeah. Well, I had to get ready. Plus you were snoring, plus... the whole deja vu thing was kind of hard to take. I mean, it was kind of like an acid flashback without all the colors and stuff. I mean, I guess. Not like I've actually ever done acid.

Dawson: I'm glad you're nervous, too.

Joey: What do you mean?

Dawson: You ramble when you're nervous.

Joey: Is this "rag on Joey Potter day"?

Dawson: I like that you ramble when you're nervous. I like that I know that you ramble when you're nervous. I like that I still make you nervous.

[Jen and Pacey come over again]

Jen: [Laughing] Pacey's stepping on my toes. Will you take him back, please?

[They trade partners again]

Pacey: It's a conspiracy. New shoes, I think.

Joey: New shoes.

Pacey: Must be the new shoes.

[Joey and Pacey dance together and Joey notices the woman staring at Pacey.]

Joey: Ahem. Pacey, I think we may have an audience.

Pacey: Oh, boy...

Joey: Nice to see some things never change. Still breaking hearts?

Pacey: Yeah. Her heart, my jaw.

Joey: It's all starting to make sense.

Pacey: Do you want to help me out here?

Joey: How?

[He dips her and gives her a deep kiss.]

Pacey: Thanks.

[The woman storms off. Jen and Dawson are dancing together when Jen collapses to the ground, out cold.]

Dawson: Whoa, whoa, Jen! We were dancing. She just collapsed.

Jack: Jen!

Grams: My god. Somebody get her bag. She needs her pills.

Pacey: I just saw her take one.

Grams: Oh. Dear lord, this should not be happening.

Jack: What's going on?

Grams: Hurry up, get an ambulance.

Dawson: Ok. What's wrong with her?

Grams: For god's sake, hurry up. She needs to go to the hospital now!

Jack: Grams, what the hell is going on?

Grams: She is sick.

Jack: What do you mean, sick? She was fine.

Grams: She's not fine. She's very sick. It's her heart. Oh, dear god. My baby Jen. Oh, Jen. Ooh.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The hospital waiting room. Dawson is pacing worriedly as the rest are sitting in their chairs uncomfortably. While the doctors are in looking at Jen, and she is still unconscious.]

Dawson: It's been hours. Why won't they talk to us?

[He finally takes a seat with the rest of them]

Dawson: What's going on?

Grams: Well, they're monitoring her. Her vitals have been compromised. And, uh, they need to confer with her New York doctors before they can tell us anything.

Joey: What's wrong with her? You know, don't you?

Grams: It's a small problem, really. It's--it's been there all along. We just didn't notice it until the pregnancy. There's an abnormality in her heart, which is why she fainted. It's nothing serious, really. I mean, she'll be more embarrassed than anything else when she wakes up.

Joey: Really?

Grams: Yes, really.

[The doctor comes over]

Doctor: Excuse me Mrs. Ryan.

[Grams goes over to talk to the doctor]

Joey: Jack, did you know anything about this?

Jack: No.

Pacey: What is a heart abnormality? Is that like a murmur or something? 'Cause I don't mean to be an alarmist, but that sounds serious to me.

[Grams comes back to talk to them.]

Grams: All right. She's stable. She fainted from a palpitation caused by her medication. We won't know anything more for now. Um, so there's nothing much else to be done... at the moment. Look, I really think you should all just go home and rest. It's been...dramatic, and I--I... please, just-- just go now.

Dawson: Is she gonna be ok?

Grams: Of course she's gonna be all right. Her mother's in Europe. I, uh... I really need to-- to call and... excuse me.

[Scene: Pacey's Car. Pacey is driving Dawson and Joey back to their places. Dawson is in the front seat and Joey is in the back.]

Joey: I'm worried. This isn't good.

Dawson: She's gonna be fine. Right? I mean, we don't know anything. Let's not jump to conclusions.

Pacey: Yeah. And she's young. She's healthy.

Dawson: Best thing we can do is just be ourselves-- carry on in our typical, usual, distracting...

Pacey: Sordid love triangle ways.

Dawson: [Laughs] Leave it up to you to say the most inappropriate thing possible.

Pacey: Aw, I'm always dependable, my friend.

Joey: So very not funny.

[Cell phone rings]

Joey: Hi, Christopher.

Dawson: And the triangle becomes a square.

Pacey: Well put.

[Scene: The hospital. Jack is pacing in the hallway outside Jen's room. He notices, Grams and the doctor come out of the room, and begins to make his way over to them. She is crying, and he gives her a hug to comfort her. We cut to inside Jen's room. She is now conscious and Jack comes into her room to join her]

Jen: Hey, you.

Jack: Hey.

Jen: What are you doing here? It's late. Doesn't this hospital have visitation hours?

Jack: I, uh... flirted with a nurse. I can be quite charming when I want to be.

Jen: What happens when she finds out you're gay?

Jack: It's a male nurse.

Jen: Cute?

Jack: Look, Jen... I would love nothing more than to engage in our patented, meaningless, good-humored Jack-Jen fag-hag banter, but... first I was kinda wondering, I mean, since you're lying here in this hospital bed and you're hooked up to all these machines... how come? How come you didn't tell me, 'cause I thought I was your best friend?

Jen: Because I didn't want you to be worried. I was already worrying enough. Because I thought that if I pretended it didn't exist, it would just go away. Because I like it. I like our... patented, meaningless fag-hag banter, and 'cause I was scared if I said it out loud, it would be true, because I was just-- I was just scared. 'Cause I was an idiot.

Jack: You are an idiot. I--I could've handled it. I could've helped you handle it.

Jen: Well, you will help me handle it. I need you.

Jack: Jen, straight up. How bad is it?

Jen: Decreased left ventricular-systolic function. It's a whole blood-not-pumping-right to my heart. And it's causing a lot of problems in my lungs. It's called pulmonary congestion.

Jack: All right, so what do we do about it? I mean, what, surgery? Treatment? What?

Jen: Nothing. I have been doing everything. And at first, the odds were good. But... you know me and odds.

Jack: Jen, there's gotta be something we can do. I mean, what about a specialist?

Jen: I've been there, repeatedly. I'm so sorry laying this all on you like this. I really thought that I'd make it to Capeside and back in one piece. Yeah. Yeah. Been trying to get ok with this, but I can't do it alone anymore. 'Cause I am gonna die, Jack. And like everything else in my life, I don't really know how to do that. But I'd like to not screw up. I'd like it to be something that I get right for once.

Jack: I'm here. I will do anything that you want me to do.

Jen: Right now... I want you to get in bed with me and tell me all about this cute nurse and make me forget everything that I just told you.

Jack: Yeah.

Jen: Come here. Yeah. Come here. It's ok. Now tell.

Jack: [Crying] His name's Max.

Jen: Mm... I like max.

Jack: He has a goatee.

Jen: Hmm. We could work on that.

[Scene: A montage of scenes before the commercial. First Pacey sitting along drinking a beer outside his restaurant, when he sees Jack come walking up, and they hug as Jack tells Pacey. Cut to the Potter B&B. Joey is sitting with her head on Jack's shoulder and Bessie is sitting with them on the couch as he tells them about Jen. Cut to Dawson hanging up the phone after Jack has told him. Gale and Lily are standing in the next room looking reassuringly at him. Cut to a Jen, Grams and Amy sitting together in the hospital bed. Cut to Dawson opening his door to find Joey outside. They silently grab one another in a deep heart felt hug, and never release one another. Camera fade to black.]

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