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Previously on Resurrection...

This kid showed up in a village in rural China.

No ID, no passport.

Hasn't said a word since we found him.

Jacob? I'm Agent J Martin Bellamy.

You can call me Marty.

Arcadia, Missouri? Is that where you're from?

(Bellamy) Mr. Langston, did your son go missing, sir?


I have him.

My son died 32 years ago.



Honey, who is it?


Is everything all right?

It's a miracle.

All I want is the truth.

Get a DNA test.

Jacob is your son, Mr. Langston.

Did I die?


Did we all die?



(Insects buzzing, crow cawing)


(Whistling continues)

(Continues whistling)


It's okay.


It's okay.


You were only dreaming.

I'm not anymore?

Is it really you?

Well, who else would it be?

(Footsteps approach)

(Maggie) Excuse me, Elaine.

Sorry to interrupt, but...

I think it's important that you meet Agent Bellamy.

I'm with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mr. Richards, I have to ask--

Can you tell me anything about what you've been through?

Well, that's the crazy thing. I don't remember.

I guess I had amnesia... or something.

I mean, that's a thing, right?

The last thing I remember... was I was driving my truck, and I blacked out.

And then I woke up three days ago in an alleyway in Portland.

So you have no memory of... having a heart attack?

A heart attack? No.

Well... you died, Mr. Richards.

Elaine, what are they talking about?

Oh, well... (Stammers)

Your friend Dale, he--

he found you.

Up in the woods by your hunting shack.

(Huffs) Come on, Maggie, that's crazy.

Dale must have found someone else.

(Stammers) This is--

this is ridiculous.

I mean, I'm standing right here.


(Exhales) I'm sorry. It's...

I got a nasty headache.

Do-- do we have to do this now?

No. No, of course we don't.


Right, Maggie?


Um... Elaine, why don't you bring your dad by my office tomorrow?

Just make sure he's okay.


That's great. Thank you.


(Door opens and closes)

Is it possible you guys are just wrong about this?

That someone else was cremated, and Caleb's story's true?

I mean, I was at his funeral.

I saw his body before he was cremated.

And to my eyes, he hasn't aged a day.

(Dog barking in distance)

So okay.

It looks like there are two now.


But if Caleb is the same as Jacob, how come Jacob remembers dying and Caleb doesn't?

(Door opens)


What's wrong?

That man?

That man in there?

That's not dad.

(wind whistling)

(Birds chirping)

All clean?

I think so.

Come on over here.

(Gasps) Here.


I can brush my own hair, mom.

Well, here you go.

Get dressed.


Honey, I think it's time to get you something different to wear.

Now I know that this is your favorite shirt.

Where are all my things?

(Exhales softly)

You know what?

You stay here. I'll be right back.

Brush your hair.

(Gasps softly)

(Exhales and sniffles)


You know what?

We're going shopping.

(Bellamy) Tony, I need to be here to investigate this.

And I'm asking you to keep this under wraps, because if this gets sent up the chain, every government official will demand that this kid be scooped up and examined and quarantined and subjected to every medical test out there.

Okay-- no offense, Marty, but maybe that's exactly what needs to be done here.

No, Toni, trust me on this.

To separate this family now, it would not be right.

I know how this sounds.

I don't know how to explain it yet, but if we let this turn into a freak show, we may never learn the truth.


What do you plan to do?

(Breathes deeply)

(Knock on door)


Hey, kid.

Hi, dad.

Oh, look at you.

Should have been a shrink. You're a mind reader.



Nice of you to visit the old man.

Yeah. I had a... had a couple of the guys over last night-- Finn and Paul.

You know, it's like high school all over again when we get together.

I wanted to stop by, see that you're good.

Yeah. I'm good.

Why wouldn't I be?

Everything that's come up about mom.

What about mom? We've been through this.

I talked to Jacob again, and he said there was a man at the river and--

Jacob. That's what this is about?

You're gonna take the word of a-a what?

A child who can't possibly be who he claims to be?

Come on, Maggie.

We both know what happened that day.

Dad, maybe we don't know--

Hey, Mag, don't let other people fill your head with stories about your mother.

Dad, Jacob is real, and he's not the only one.

Caleb Richards.

He's back.

You could do a lot better.

Your coffee.

Try Bottomless Joe's over on Halstead.

Cheap coffee is my thing.

(Chuckles) Well, you've come to the right town.

And if you're here to find out about Caleb, I haven't examined him yet.

Actually, I'm here for you.


Come on.

Look, I've been meaning to ask.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what's happening here.

I could use an ally.


(Telephone ringing in distance)

These are your friends, your family.

You know this place better than I ever could.

Helena, good morning.

And your medical advice would be invaluable to me.

What, you offering me a job?

You could think of it as, uh, an internship. Unpaid.

How could I pass that up?

(Cup thuds)

Right now there's no way to test Caleb's ashes from the urn.

Well, the heat from cremation would destroy any DNA.


Jacob's, on the other hand...

You want to go in Jacob's tomb to match Jacob's DNA to what's inside.

To at least point us in some kind of direction.

Well, what if there's nothing inside?

That'll tell me something.


That I need to get the hell out of town before they all start rising.

(Chuckles) Okay.

So you would feel better if we did find a body?

I don't know.



What's up?

My mother's in that tomb, too.

Look, technically, I don't need your family's permission to open the tomb.

I wanted you to help to ask them, out of respect, but I understand if you don't want to be a part of this.


They should be asked.

And I should be there.

Now I know these clothes are clean, so I won't be happy unless you come back completely filthy.

(Children shouting playfully)

(Shouting continues)

(Playful shouting continues)

(Boy) Get out of my way!


Eddie, come on, dearie.

It's time to come home.

(Children shouting playfully)

Hey, fellas! Come on! Let's go!

(Woman) Come on, sweetheart. We gotta go.

(Man) Come on!

(Woman) Come on, I said now! Let's go.

(Boy) But we're playing!


(Magazine rustles)

(Fork clattering)

You don't still think that's me in there, do you?

I... I mean, no.

I'm pretty hungry for a dead man.


(Chuckles nervously)


(Chuckles nervously)

I just... I can't believe you're here.

I mean, we have so much to catch up on.


Aunt Rita still call up drunk in the middle of the night ranting and raving?

Ugh, you have no idea.

(Both laugh)

What? What's wrong?

I know I haven't always been the greatest father.


No, I...

I guess what I'm saying is when life gives you a second chance, you gotta take it... full on.

I want to make this count.

(Inhales sharply)


And I'm going to.

(Breathing unevenly)


I just, um...

(Inhales sharply)

I never thought I'd hear those words.

Caleb Richards?

Could it be a mistake?

Well, that's what we're trying to figure out.


We'd like to do a DNA test on Jacob's remains.

Y-you already tested him.

Against you, not against the Jacob that died 32 years ago.

We'd like your permission to open his tomb.


No, you're not desecrating my family's tomb.

We're just looking for answers, Mr. Langston.

Well, then find them somewhere else.

For God sakes, Maggie, your mother's in there.

Your father know about this?

(Rag thuds)

Aunt Lucille, I'm sorry. I... thought--

I have Jacob back.

If this is something that you need to do, then so be it.

So how's Jacob?

He's up in his room.

Would you like to see him?


(Bellamy) I don't mean to brag, but I totally crushed your high score on Donkey Kong last night.


I'll beat it next time.

(Laughs) Cocky.

This is a nice room. Everything all right?

You settling in okay?

I know why you're here.

What do you mean?

Mom didn't tell you about the playground?

No. What happened?

Nothing. It doesn't matter.

Why not?

I like playing alone.

(Pieces clatter)

People can be so stupid.

Mrs. Langston, this sort of thing is gonna happen if you take him out in public right now.

What am I supposed to do, keep him cooped up in here all day?

I know. Listen.

(Closes door)

It might be a good idea not to announce who Jacob is.

What do you mean?

Use a cover story.

You know, say he's a friend of the family, a great nephew.

Someone other than your son.


Make Jacob lie?

For now.

Today was one reaction.

Tomorrow... who knows what people are capable of?

(Door opens)

(Turns off engine)

(Buckle clicks)


(Starts engine)


Hello, Mr. Langston.

Bobby, how you doing?

Good to see you.

Good to see you.

(Indistinct conversations)


(Exhales) Hey.

This is new, huh?

22-inch trout.

Got him in the shallows last summer, Tupper Lake.

Yeah, I gotta get back out there one of these days.

(Frame clatters)

How are you?

Been doing some thinking.

It was Sam Catlin, wasn't it?

Fred, I don't think--

You said whoever Barbara was sleeping with worked at the factory.

It's not such a big leap, Henry. It makes sense.

Fred-- - I've been thinking about a lot of things, actually.

Like, why would my own brother keep something like that from me?

I told you that I was sorry about that.

But you did it.

Why, Henry?

I was just trying to look out for you.

No, you weren't.

You were trying to control me, like you always have.

Control everything, control everyone--


I didn't come here to fight, okay?

That agent-- Bellamy--

he wants to open the tomb.

I told him no.

He can get a court order.

(Maggie) Take a deep breath for me.

(Breathes deeply)

Sounding pretty good?

Yeah. It sounds pretty good.

Are we done?


Okay, the nurse is gonna come in and take you in for X-rays in a moment, but right now can you look up for me?

And down.

Before you blacked out, do you remember having any breathlessness, pain in your chest or your arm?

I, um... no.

(Knock on door)

All right.

This young lady gonna take me for X-rays?

Yeah. Go ahead.

(Telephone ringing in distance)

Oh... (Sighs) well...

(Door closes)

seems pretty good, right?

I mean, he seems healthy and...

What is it?

Is he all right?

Yeah, these are his blood results.

The amount of protein deposits in his blood, it--

it shows pretty clearly that he had a heart attack... three days ago.

Wh-wh-what's that mean?

Well, I'm not sure, but... that's exactly when he said he woke up.


Hey, Elaine, I know this is so hard, but... do you really think we cremated the wrong person?

Does it matter?

What do you mean?

I don't know.

I mean, I don't know what to believe.

None of this makes any sense.

All I know is my dad's back, and he's... different.

You know, he's really trying, Maggie.

But don't you want to know the truth?

Maybe some things are more important.

(Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing)

(Sighs) Hello.

(Papers thud)

I'm looking for a Judge Daley.

What for?

Because I need to talk to him.

He's coming down now.

I really appreciate it. Thanks, Carl.


Something tells me I'm not gonna get that court order.

Oh, you mean the one to open my family's tomb?

The tomb that my wife is in?

No. You're not.

Oh, and, uh...

I made some calls.

You're nothing but a desk jockey, a glorified chauffeur who shuttles immigrants from one airport to another, and you have been for years.

So don't pretend to be something you're not.

(Videogame beeping)

(Lowered voice) After your visit to church on Sunday, some people came up to me after they heard you call him Jacob.

They were concerned... that you might be having some kind of... delusion.

And some were scared.

I think what the Agent's suggesting might be a good idea, for you to say he's someone else.


You were his best friend.

I know that was a long time ago, but just go talk to him before you come to any conclusions. Please.

You know, I can't. Um...

I've got a... (Sighs) a conference call about church finances that I have to be on.

Oh. Okay.

(Exhales sharply)

Maybe later... after I close up here.

Maybe I can come by if you're home.


Maybe later.

(Ball bouncing)

(Beeps, dialing)

(Line rings)


Hey, Toni, it's me.

Are you still in touch with your friend at DOJ?


I got called into work.

(Dog barking in distance)



(Gasps softly)

(Pats and sets down jacket)

(Gasps) Oh, God, Ray!

You can't sneak up on me like that.

I'm sorry. I wasn't sneaking.

All right, fine.

I just... I didn't hear you.

I've been watching him.

Watching who?

That man. He's up to something.

"That man"? You mean dad.

He's not dad. He's pretending.

He's doing the same things that dad used to do. - Okay.

And I s--

Ray, please.

I can't handle one of your theories right now.

It's confusing enough as it is.

He's fine, okay?

He's not gonna hurt anyone.

(Door opens)

Hey, you two.

You know, this house is falling down around you.

The side gutter was hanging off.

(Water running)

The back porch is full of dry rot.

(Turns water off)

Ray, you never learned to fix anything other than cars while I was gone?

What's with him?

Ray just... He's gonna take some time getting used to you being around.

(Cell phone chimes)

Oh... (Sighs)

It's work again. Look, if--

if I didn't have to go in and sign these papers, I-I wouldn't--

It's okay, Elaine.

Don't put your life on hold for me.

You sure?

You're an important person now.

(Scoffs) Dad. I'm just an assistant manager.

Hey. It's enough to make me proud of you.

Okay. All right. I... gotta go.


(Footsteps retreating)

(Door opens and closes)

(Dog barking)


(Continues barking)

(Starts engine)

(Barking continues)

(Truck departing, barking continues)

(Shovel scooping)

(Breathing heavily)

(Gasping and groaning)


(Exhales sharply)

(Breathing heavily)

(Shovel thuds)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Door closes)

Hey, dad.

Hey, kid.

Got your message.

(Clears throat)

You finish work?


(Chuckles) Thank you.

So this morning... I was...

You have a right to ask about your mother.

I thought I'd try to give you some answers.


When she had you, she...

It was hard for her.

They didn't use the same words they... they do now--

postpartum depression...

Anyway, I-I didn't understand it.

I didn't take it seriously enough.

Your mother was a good woman, Maggie.

(Clicks tongue)

If she did anything wrong, it was my fault.

I should have been more understanding.



I didn't know that.

Did you know that Agent Bellamy has gone over my head and gotten a federal court order to open the tomb?

I did.

And you're gonna keep on helping him?

Dad, it's not that simple.

Why not?

I just told you everything you need to know, Maggie.

At some point, you just have to move on.

'Cause that's our way, isn't it?

This family.

I mean, we don't talk about things.

I knew so little about my mom growing up, and the one thing I did know was that she died a hero trying to save Jacob.

It turns out I didn't even know that.

And there he is.

What are you doing here?

Dad, come on.

No. Tell me.

You come into my town, you help destroy the memory of my wife, you drag my daughter into helping you do it.

What's next?

I don't mean any disrespect.


Then tell me--

why are you here?

The past is knocking on your door, Sheriff.

You can't ignore it.

Oh, are you kidding me?

Do you even know his story, what he did in his past?

Have you told her? Why don't you tell her?

Hmm? What you've been hiding from for the past five years.

Go on. She's sitting right here.


(Slaps table)


That's what I thought.

(Chair scrapes floor)

Brave man.

You know, some part of me is hoping that you'll both find the decency to do the right thing.

It says you need the component HD AV cable.


What's wrong?

They're opening Jacob's tomb tomorrow morning.

You gonna go?

Henry, why?

Why would I put myself through that?

I don't know what I'm doing.

(Clears throat)

I'm sorry. I'm...

I'm going up to read.

Henry... they're not trying to hurt anybody by opening the tomb.

I know they're doing this in order to help protect Jacob.

Which one?

(Footsteps depart)

(Floorboard creaks)


(Door opens)


Hi, Jacob.

You are him.


My friend--

Tom Hale.

I know that now.


I didn't think you'd come.


Well... I'm here now.

Come on in.

You know, you might just be the answer to a prayer.

I have been having a time of it trying to connect this videogame that we got for Jacob.

Oh. Uh... yeah, I can probably figure this out if you want me to take a crack at it.


And maybe you can stay for dinner.

Okay, uh...

(Clears throat)

let's, uh, see what we can do here.

(Equipment clattering)

Remember you always set up the filmstrip in Ms. Yacenda's class?


Wow. Ms. Yacenda.


(Laughing) I haven't thought about her in years.

She was my favorite teacher.

(Jacob) No! No, stop it!

(Tom) - You're gonna get it now!

Stay away! Back up!



No, no, no, no, no!


Oh, man! How are you so good at this?

This is the first time you've played this?

(Videogame beeping)


Oh, got you!

All right, all right.

In this round, it's gonna be different.

(Engine turns off)


(Dog barking in distance)


(Voice breaking) I just need to ask you one question.

Are you my father?

No. (Chuckles)


(Mouths word)

I just wanted to tell you...

I didn't leave you.

I waited by the river... until someone found you.


She found us.

(Door opens)


(Bible thuds)

What are you doing in here?



Doesn't look like nothing.


Why don't we come to an agreement, son?

You stay out of my room, and you won't find me in yours, okay?

(Closes door)

(Boys shouting playfully and laughing)

(Boy) Come on!

One more minute!

(Playful shouting continues)

Mrs. Langston.


(Playful shouting continues)

How you doing?


Just out enjoying the day with my son.

You've made a decision.

I realized that Jacob just wants to be a little boy.

I don't want him to lie about who he is.

I told him to be himself.

(Shouting playfully and laughing)

It's all he can do.

People are just gonna have to learn to accept that.

Is that Caleb Richards?

(Speaking inaudibly)



(Fence rattles)

You okay? What happened?

What did he say?


(Birds chirping)

(Papers rustle)

(Police radio chatter)

Okay, let's open it up.


(Keys jangling)

(Lock clicking)

Here at the top.

(Doors creaking)

(Man) All right.

(Slab clatters)

(Slab thuds)

You ready?

Let's do this.

(Lid creaks)


(Stops whistling)

(Door creaks)

Yes? (Gasps)

Everything's gone...



Isn't it?

(Gasps) Caleb? (Panting)

Tell me it's gone.


Oh, no! No! No, please!

Tell me...


It's all gone!

No! No!

(Blow lands)

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