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(sirens wailing distantly)


♪ ♪

(car alarm blaring)

(sirens wailing, shouting in Polish)

MAN: I will kill you!

I will kill you!

Stay away from my daughter!

Stay away from my daughter!

Hey! Hey, break it up!

(shouting in Polish)

Against the wall. Now! Against the wall.

Against the wall now. Stop.

This Arab is paying my daughter to marry him.

He is the criminal here. He is not!

I don't know where he gets this crazy idea from.

He is Syrian, student visa.

Hey, hey, sir, what is your name?

Bartosz Mazurski.

All right, Mr. Mazurski, it's against the law to assault someone for being a Syrian student.

That is not why. You want to know why?

No, not really. He have to go back, so he's paying my daughter to marry him so he can stay here in America!

No, Officer, that is not what is going on.

Okay, okay.

Yeah, they deny that, sir.

Look at him, Mr. Dark Good-looking with Aftershave Ad, huh?

Look at my daughter, like pierogi, my little dumpling.

Mr. Mazurski. You tell me he is marrying her for love and the love-making.

You know what, that's enough. Walk away.



Hey, hey! You walk away now!

Are you guys okay? Sir, would you like to press charges? No.

I wanted to ask for Kasia's hand in marriage, and then he went crazy.

KASIA: You have to understand.

Baltazar goes out of status at midnight Sunday.

If we are not married by 5:00 Friday...

I am toasted.


I'm a Syrian national and on every watch list there is.

The moment I'm out of status, my student visa...


Okay, we're sorry, guys.

We're-we're not immigration.

We're NYPD, so... We know that.

But we have finished all our interviews.

We have scheduled the final one for this Friday at 3:00, but my father, he will go down there and accuse us of fraud marriage.

Are you two hiding anything?


Okay, we don't have any authority in this, you understand?

If he gives you any more trouble, call the cell number.

That's it?

A phone number?

I'm sorry.

It's an immigration issue, okay?

Good luck to both of you.

Good luck.

I feel horrible.

Nothing we can do.

Which makes me feel even worse.

Their hearts will go on.

Thank you, Celine Dion.

FRANK: And while this may seem like counterintuitive advice coming from me, on this day and to this audience, here it is.

Don't be a hero.

The odds are there won't be a medal and a parade.

The odds are... that you'll end up dead, to tears instead of cheers, gone in a foolhardy instant from our comrade in arms to a name on a plaque on a wall.


Uh... Um...

They're graduating the police academy.

They're about to hit the streets.

You give that speech, they may just sneak out the back door.

Well, I won't give them pap like service and duty and a grateful public.

Maybe just temper it a little.

Throw them a bone.

I wish just once along the line the bosses would've talked to us like they actually gave a hoot, and not like they were bucking for an acre on the op-ed page.

You're dismissed.


(indistinct radio transmission, sirens wailing)

DANNY: Did anyone see her fall or did you see anyone visit her apartment last night?

No. How about leaving?

No, nothing since I came on at 5:00.

Did you know Ms. Clayton, Sergio?

Sure, she was a nice lady.

Knew all our names even though she was here only once or twice a week.

BAEZ: She didn't live here full-time?

No, she used it, uh, peed-a-something.

Pi-à-terre. That's it, yeah.

I think she lived over in Jersey the rest of the time.

Look, I got to get back to the desk.

I can hear all the units buzzing me.

Uh-uh, this trumps that.

Well, I told the other detectives everything I know.

Why don't you ask them?

The other detectives?

Yeah, the ones in her apartment.

(elevator bell dings)

They're upstairs, Detective. All right.

MAN: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

We got this, Reagan.

(sighs) Walt Finney, forgotten but not gone.

Working for the DA's investigation squad now.

And this one's ours.


This is Investigator Bangs.

Nice to meet you.

My partner, Detective Baez.

Nice to meet you.

Walt here used to work the gang unit.

All the bangers up in Washington Heights used to chip in and get a birthday present for good old Uncle Walt.

That a gold shield, Reagan?

You steal that off of Daddy's dresser?

That supposed to be funny?

Okay, guys, let's put them back in our pants.

What's going on here?

The deceased was a valuable asset in an ongoing DA's office investigation.

I don't know who got the wires crossed, but if you call your office, you'll find your work is done here.

FINNEY: We'll forward you copies of our paperwork.

Guess it is what it is.

I just got to use the ladies' room.


You can go after her.

(indistinct radio transmission)

See you around, Finney.

You, too, Bangs.

Not if I see you first.


You find anything?

The bathroom was wired for video.

I assume the other rooms were, too.

This must have dropped out in their hurry.

I found it behind the john. It's a camera.

They must have had some kind of sting going or something.

That went bad.

Well, we don't know it went bad.

Uh, you're running a sting and your lead actor jumps off a building, I'd call that bad.

You got a point.

Wonder what the hell they're trying to find.

And that Finney seems like the kind of guy you want around when you don't want to get your hands dirty.

That's exactly what Finney is.

So who's trying not to get their hands dirty here?


That's a good question.

♪ Blue Bloods 4x22 ♪


Original Air Date on May 9, 2014

If it bleeds, it leads, and if it's blonde and pretty and jumps from a penthouse and bleeds, it really leads.

What do you have on this, Dino?

A personal tragedy.

That's it?

That's it so far as the press is concerned.



I'll let you tell them that.


The deceased, one Ilene Clayton, was cooperating in an ongoing investigation by the Manhattan DA's office.

They request that we defer to them regarding the suicide investigation due to its sensitive nature.

Anybody here consider themselves sensitive?


I think we can handle the gory details.

They'd let her skate on charges of promoting prostitution in exchange for her cooperation snaring the johns in a sting.

Who got stung? I don't know the outcome. I don't know there is one.

So she's a confidential informant, duly registered?

I believe so, yes.

Find out.

Yes, sir.

You know why I don't like suicides?

Because they are, by their very nature, chaotic, an act that throws all the orbits out of whack and begs a million questions.

Yes. And many of those million questions will be directed squarely at us, and I don't want to be left standing there, twisting in the wind.

Drill down on this right away.

Yes, sir.

Chief Wallace, unpack the president's visit for us.

DANNY: It says here the jumper was indicted 11 months ago on a variety of charges related to promoting prostitution by the Manhattan DA's office, but according to the record, she never entered a plea, never went to trial, nothing.

Just drops off the map.

Which would be consistent with them flipping her in exchange for no jail time.

Right, but in Atlantic City, she was convicted on a similar set of charges and entered the Edna Mahan Women's Facility six months ago.

For how long?

Three to five.

But she walked?

No, she was sprung after the fact.

Why waste that much juice to keep one madam in business?

Reagan, Baez, put it on the shelf.

Put what on the shelf?

The jumper; she belongs to the DA's office.

Says the DA's office.

Says One PP in no uncertain terms.

One PP?

Huh. Where are you going?

I'm gonna go see my sister.

He just said to drop it.

Yeah, well, maybe this can of worms opens from the inside.


Don't worry about me.

Okay, the one with the photos in it...

Erin, wait up!

Hi. Hey, you got a minute?

No, I'm late for court as it is.

I got to go. One minute?


I'll be right in, Richard.


What can you tell me about Ilene Clayton?


That the circumstances around her tragic death are being looked into by our office.

Wow, you had that memorized perfectly.

Danny, apparently some wires were crossed when it was called in.

I wouldn't read anything into it.

Well, you see, that's the problem.

That's my job, you know, to read into stuff.

Not in this instance, okay?

And shoe on the other foot? If I was snooping around the death of one of your CIs, you'd what?

I'd listen to you. You'd kick me out.

No, you're my sister, you know, I'd...

Kick me out nicely.

Okay? I gotta go.


(Danny grunting)

Come on.


Need some help, Detective?

Nah, I'm good.

NYPD cheaping out on tires?

Actually, this was slashed.

The nerve, huh? Funny thing, though.

You don't usually see that, just the one car, you know? It's usually a whole row of cars, tire gets slashed.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. You mean like a pattern.


It's almost like a child did it, you know, just to stick it to me personally.

How you know it was a child?

Maybe 'cause I'm looking at one.

I mean, who else besides a child like you would be dumb enough to do something like that, huh, Walt?

Oh, you gonna get out?

Come on. Walt...

Come on.

Come on, Walt, come on.

Close the damn door!

Yeah, run along.

I'll see you again, Reagan.

Yeah, I'm sure you will.




You looking for me, Sarge?


The DA's office filed a complaint against you.

For what?

Harassing their investigators.

Come on, that's B.S., Sarge. Yeah, well, they made it official and pressed the complaint. What?

Can I see this complaint?

I don't have it.

It went straight to One PP.

Sarge... harassing an investigator, that's crazy, okay?

This guy, he slashed my tire.

Did you see him do it?

I didn't have to see him do it!

Your shield and your gun.

For what?

You've been placed on modified assignment while the claims are looked into.

Sarge, come on.

This is obvious.

Somebody's running a railroad here!

Detective, don't make this worse.

Your shield and your gun.


Hey. What can I do for you?

Do you happen to know who filed the complaint against Detective Reagan?

Yeah. I did.


Good reason.


For interfering with an ongoing investigation and the verbal abuse of two of our investigators.

I can't imagine whatever he did merited a formal complaint.

Erin, did he come to you and ask you to look into the Ilene Clayton suicide?

And did you bring it to me?

Amanda, it was just Danny being Danny.

Erin, I appreciate he's your brother, and I truly am sorry for the mark on his record.

But I can't afford to buy into the "family business" aspect of your life on this. I'm sorry.

It's just too big a case, and in any case, there are boundaries to be honored and observed.

I understand. Right.


Let me buy you lunch.

No, I'm swamped, uh, I should just get something at my desk.

The soup of the day is the lowdown on the sting.

Come on.

Hey, Dino.


First of all, thank you for not giving me a heads-up about the complaint on Detective Reagan.

Boss, I'm sorry. No, I mean it.

I finally found someone in this building who is willing to respect my wishes regarding my sons.

You're welcome.

The suicide...

Is unconnected to the DA's criminal investigation.

Which is what, exactly?

A sting operation, being conducted in cooperation with the Essex County prosecutor's office. Ms. Clayton has a record in Jersey for promoting prostitution.

So some kind of gotcha?

Everything about it is sealed.

My crowbar's not that big.

And how long has this been going on?

I don't have that, either.

The DA's office is treating this like it's a surprise party and even the date is a secret.

Just between you and me, I got no appetite for this kind of scavenger hunt.

A lot of time and resources being devoted to catching a bunch of guys with their pants down.

In the scheme of things, it's a big "so what?"



Nothing, I just... your being a devout Catholic and all...

"Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone."

If I had a motto, that would be it.

Keep me posted, Dino.

(siren chirping)

JANKO: My turn to pick Happy Hour.

Been your pick the last two weeks.

Yeah, and we've eaten like kings.

Kings don't eat Buffalo wings and fried mozzarella sticks.

Okay, JP Funkhouser's has franks in blankets on Wednesday nights.

Mmm. Done and doner.

KASIA: I need to speak to Officer Janko!

Oh. Incoming... Move!


What now, Ms. Mazurski?

He is hiding my papers.

Your father? Yes.

Baltazar and me cannot get CIS approval to marry without I have original documents.

Are you sure that he has them?

Yes, I gave them to him, he said for safekeeping.

And now he won't give them back.

Kasia, calm down. Okay? Calm down.

You want a cup of coffee?

I want to marry Baltazar.

Okay, s-sit down.

Uh, Kasia, are you over 18 years old?

Yes. Okay, then those documents are legally yours.

But we can't help you unless you agree to press charges against your father for grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Me against my own father?

Yeah, then we can apply for a warrant to search for the documents.

What kind of daughter is doing this?


Kasia, do you want to sleep on it?

All the sleep in the world, I can't have my own father arrested.

(phone ringing)


BAEZ: Hey.

Meet me at Puddings,

64th and First.

The doorman from Ilene Clayton's building wants to talk.

Wants, or will?

Doesn't matter.

Just get over here?

I'm on my way.

We get the call over the air from Central to pick him up for the warrant squad.

That's all she wrote, Detective...


(indistinct radio chatter)

What's going on?

Where are you taking him? Did you get anything out of him? There were three girls who used the apartment, two nights a week each, and the men usually came in different shifts.

(siren wailing) So, did he recognize any of the girls?

No, he only ever saw them on the monitors.

They buzzed the johns in through the service entrance.

Look, I played Sergio.

I got him to talk because I dug up that he had some outstanding warrants on him out of Florida.

The warrants are still active, but he didn't know they won't extradite out of Florida. Yeah.


But the warrant squad would know that.

So they wouldn't send a guy down to pick up a dead warrant, would they?

That means somebody on the inside at the NYPD is pulling the strings to keep this guy quiet.

He's being watched.

Yeah, or we are.

(phone ringing)

Evening, Detective.

DANNY: The detective is on modified assignment.

This is a citizen with an anonymous tip.

You want it?

How good's the source?

It's good.

You want it?

Go ahead.

FRANK: Like I said, I just happened to be in the neighborhood.

I doubt you've "just happened to be" anywhere, ever.

I need a small favor.

That's more like it.

A woman jumped off her building, a high-end madam connected to a case that the district attorney's office is building against her big-name clients.

Elected officials?


I don't have any names.

But you do have a daughter who's pretty high up in the DA's office.

Yeah, so she's hands-off.

And a son who stuck his nose in and caught a complaint, and a Chief of Department who can't seem to peek through the iron curtain that's come down around it.

And you want me to... what?

Well, apparently the investigation is a joint effort with your old pals at the Essex County prosecutor's office.

I have reason to think that somebody in my department is covertly involved as well.

You want to know who's in her black book.

Yes. I don't want to be blindsided.

Or have a friend blindsided?

I don't have any friends.


A few allies, but they're all on the barter system.

And I don't have any agenda other than having the information.

Frank... is there a possibility you're in her book?

You know I have to ask.


And no...

I couldn't be in it.


Why do you still wear your wedding ring?

Let's forget we had this conversation.

As you wish, Commissioner.

I don't know, exactly.

I guess...

I've just never had the moment where...

I felt compelled to take it off.


Did you let her see the gaps in your armor?

Like your petty side or the bully in you?

And that bleeding heart you're so deathly afraid will get exposed?

You can't replace her the way you're trying to, Frank.

You're a father to your kids and a son to your father and a boss to your men.

They can't be that person for you.

I'm not looking to replace anybody.

This is me.

And don't worry.

I'm not throwing my hat in the ring.

I'm speaking to you as... as a friend.

Thank you.

I'll see what I can dig up.

I'll see you, Frank.

Biggest cup of your strongest roast you got today.

Rough night?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Poor Kasia.

She's just, you know, she's breaking my heart.

Thank you.

Is she not breaking your heart?


She is trying to marry her true love, but that old-country, last-century, Polish, patriarchal crap is trying to squash her soul, and succeeding, you know?

It's literally a tragedy.

You don't see that?

No, I see it, it's just not breaking my heart.

Why not?

Well, first of all, Dad's got a point.

There's something fishy going on there.


Because she's not as traditionally good-looking as he is?

That makes it fishy?

Kind of.

Are you really that shallow, Reagan?

You are as backwards as her old man.


No, not really.

I'm just a realist, that's all.

A lot of cowardice hiding behind "realist" in my experience.

All right. You know, hold this.

Who are you... Who are you calling?

Kasia. I gave her my card.

We were texting last night.

Just stay out of it, Eddie.

Some situations call for a hero, Reagan, and this is one of them.

Kasia, it's Officer Janko.

You needed to see me a minute?

Yes, thanks.

Uh, please sit.

Okay, a minute's all I've got.

It's a lot of material, but I think I have a pretty good grasp of the case.


And some concerns.

Um, the warrants for the surveillance cameras on the Clayton apartment date back four months.

Well, yeah, it's a sting.

You can't predict when the job's going to be done.

No, but the warrants are for 30 days each.

And each subsequent warrant, two to four, are signed off by different judges. Why?


From whom? From whom?

From any one judge getting a sense of the scope of this and tipping it off.

These guys do intersect with each other.

They look out for each other's interests.

The judges and the targets?

Some of them, of course.

Okay, um, say that's true...

It is true.

Okay, Amanda, uh, looking this over, it doesn't track as a targeted sting.

It does if you read it correctly.

You kept applying to different judges, four of them, and as far as I can see, none of them were aware of the previous warrants on the same surveillance operation.

Are you worried I don't know what I'm doing?

I'm worried about what you are doing.

This reads more like a hunting license than a proper investigation.

Well, thank you for your notes.

Amanda, I am on your side. Yes, you are.

Try to start sounding that way.

But in the hands of any decent defense attorney, this is a box of dynamite.

But in my hands, it's a pot of gold.

I took the warrants to different judges to protect the integrity of the investigation, as I just explained.

I know it goes without saying, but I should anyway.

This is a highly confidential ongoing investigation by this office to which you've now been given access.

You invited me in.

A case like this, you walk in the door, it locks behind you.

You know that.

You cannot discuss any of this with anyone.

(phone rings)

Okay, I'm walking.

Start talking.

Kasia, you are really doing this?!

Yes, Tata!

She's not arresting you, we are.

Your own father?! Hey, hey.

Knock it off. Just give me what is mine!

What, so you can be humiliated? Hey.

What kind of man would do this to his daughter?

This is your last chance, Mr. Mazurski.

Do you have Kasia's papers?

Of course I do; I'm her father!

Well, they belong to her, and if you don't hand them over, you will be charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Do you understand that?

You understand that, Kasienka? Hey.

Hey! You are sending your father to prison over this Arab?!

Don't twist words!

I love you, Tata.

Just give me my papers which belong to me!

But you would really do this?

I give up.

Take handcuffs off, please.


I wish you good luck.

(Kasia crying)




Tata, wait!

Oh, sweetheart.

I'm so sorry.



Sorry to make you come up here in person, but I thought this should pass directly between us.

I didn't open it, but as you can see, there's a disk inside.

Thank you.

Not sure it's something you'll thank me for.



One other thing.

You can consider this my going-away present.

What do you mean? Oh, Frank.

Do you really think I would've rolled on this and made a call if I didn't have something else on my agenda?


I'm not following.

For a smart guy, you can be really...

What's going on?

I'm resigning my position as Inspector General over the NYPD first thing Monday morning.


Because I believe the job, at its core, requires an adversarial attitude toward the NYPD and its commissioner.

Or at the very least, a firm neutrality.

I have failed to maintain that.


I'm embarrassed to say.


I need to be Switzerland, uh, Bushwick, or wherever the hell it is you're from.

Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge.

Then I'm Bay Ridge.

I root for you.

I don't know what to say.

Don't have to say anything.

But you should know that I'll be recommending they appoint a successor, and not vacate the position.

I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.


I'm sure you will.

Good night, Frank.

Night, Kelly.


(clears throat)

Please turn it off.

Was that one of Ilene Clayton's girls?


You pay cash?


It was in consideration for protection.

Do you want a union rep?

I'm not going to insult you.

A little late for that.

Why'd she jump?

I don't know.

I can guess.

She was a prisoner, no matter where she slept.

I didn't know the place was wired.


You were set up?

I got a request from the DA's office for our cooperation on a sting operation being conducted via Clayton and her stable The girl was a thank-you gift.

A sting targeting whom?

Albany House Speaker Sammy Gold.


Amanda Harris, Manhattan DA's office.

But he stepped down three months ago.


"Health issues."

So her intended bombshell turned out to be a dud.

She was still getting plenty of people on tape.

Big hitters, a couple of elected officials, a judge, a hometown hero ballplayer.

And it turns out me.

She had me.

So she blackmailed you.

To what end? She got greedy.

She didn't want to kill the golden goose.

She was compiling a black book that was like a nuclear arsenal.

She wants her bombshell, whoever it is, and if I didn't have her back, she was gonna stab me in mine with that... tape.

Did you orchestrate getting Detective Reagan benched?

When Clayton took a flyer, everybody scrambled.

It was like you said.

All the orbits went out of whack.

Amanda was putting the screws on tight.

Why didn't you come to me, Dino?

Come to you?

How am I gonna do that?

Start with a knock on my door.

And how the hell is that supposed to go?

"Hey, Commish, I'm getting squeezed

"because they got me on tape getting bound

"and spanked by a $5,000 hooker.

Can you help a fella out?"

I mean, walk in my shoes!

Would you go to you with that?

Send him in.

Send who in if you don't mind me asking?


I took the liberty of restoring Detective Reagan to full duty.

He will take your weapon, your shield and your I.D.

And then he will take your full and truthful statement.

Will there be charges?

The one last sliver of hope that I am holding on to right now is that what you've done here falls under department guidelines and not criminal statutes.

Since you no longer work here, departmental charges will not be brought.

Thank you.

Detective Baker will accept your resignation when you are finished with Detective Reagan.

For what it's worth, I'm... sorry.

It's worth nothing right now.

Detective Reagan, take his statement.

Right this way, Dino.



I do feel like I owe you.

For what?

Just the interest you've taken in me.

Your support.

If I've done anything, it's for the good of my section.

But thank you, Erin.

So I'm giving you a heads-up.

You're giving me? Yeah.

Someone leaked surveillance video of Chief of Department Arbogast to my father.

Your father?

There's no line from me to him.

Arbogast gave a statement.

Implicating you in a blackmail scheme to keep Clayton's business up and running.

Unethically, illegally and for your own benefit.

For my own benefit?


Who you have on tape, Amanda.

How many headlines are they worth?

You are way off base.

And that clown can make any statement he wants.

I'll be right here.

But thanks for the heads-up.


I filed a complaint with the grievance committee earlier this afternoon concerning your administration of this investigation.

Did you now?

Yes, I did.

Oh, you stupid, stupid child.

You idiot.

You abused your power.

You waltzed in here like a model posing for some statue of justice.

I took pity on some clueless chick was raised by a bunch of cops.

I tried to teach you how a woman gets things done, and you turn around and...

When the bodies are counted in this, don't you come crying to me.

Get out of my sight.

(door opens)

(door closes)

JANKO: I'm picking.

JAMIE: No, no, I pick Happy Hour.

JANKO: No, you always pick a cop bar.

All they ever put out is pretzels!

I don't always.

Yeah, always!

It's a brother of a friend of a partner of a family member with pretzels and peanuts.

You could just order something, you know.

That's what the menus are for.

At Happy Hour? It defeats the whole purpose, Reagan!

Of what?!

Of... of Happy Hour.

You don't understand. We're...

(yelling, clamoring)

(car horn honking)

KASIA: Wait, wait, don't go anywhere!

Oh, my goodness!

Officer Eddie! We did it!

Oh, congratulations!


Oh, ow!

Not without you.

We don't know how to thank you.

This is so...

Actually, there is a way you can thank us.

Yes! You name it.

Seeing as it's all said and done, you're legally married, right?

Three-hour anniversary!


Uh, then you could thank us by telling us the truth.



Baltazar, what's the deal?

I am gay.

Ah. What the... what?!

Someone posted pictures of Baltazar at wild party on Facebook.

Facebook go all over the world, even small village in Syria.

If I'm sent back home, I am a dead gay man.


If marriage can save a life, tell me better reason to get married.

We are going to party for us. Yes.

We would like you to come.

It would mean so much to us.

Oh, no, thanks... Oh, we'd love to.


Oh! Yeah!

Yes! Please come!

Let's go. No, I-I don't...

Oh, come on, there's no such thing as a perfect couple.

No, I don't want to... Let's go, we will party.

Let's go. It will be wonderful. Come, come...

Eddie, I'm not getting in the back... Yay, you're married!

HENRY: Jack Reagan?


Okay, who wants to say grace?

I'd like to.

Have at it.

And I'd like us to join hands.




Are we gonna have to sing, too?

No. Yeah, we don't really do the whole hand-holding thing here, honey, in case you hadn't noticed all these years.

Yeah, well, we do today.

Come on.

Come on, guys, let's do this.

All right, let's go. Come on.

Now, bow your heads.

Oh, for crying out loud.

Mom, the food's getting cold.

Then bow your head.

Come on, listen to your mother.


Lord bless these sinners while they eat they dinners.



HENRY: We have a winner! Amen!

Amen. I like that.

That's it?

Okay, that is officially the new grace.


If it's okay with everybody, I would like to practice my speech.

"Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking."

"As Teddy Roosevelt once so wisely put it so many years ago..."

"To me, personally."



Heroes come in many guises.

Statistically, fewer than two percent of you will fire your weapon in the line of duty.

The dangers you'll face and the split-second decisions that will define you will be met and decided by your hearts and minds.

You've been trained by the best in the world in procedure and tactics, but your most valuable weapon will always be the bond you share with your fellow officers and the empathy to the public you have sworn to protect.

The public enemies that will forge the heroes in this room are as old as time.

If they were a street gang or a mob crew, they'd be called the Seven Deadly Sins.

If they had mug shots, they would be marked Greed, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Pride, Wrath.

Know their ways and means.

Be on the lookout for them every hour
of every day.

And when you see them, go after them with everything you've got.

Today you are joining the greatest police department in the world.


And welcome.

And it is my great honor and pleasure to serve with you.

Good day.

Good luck.


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