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  03x22 - A House Divided
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[Ominous music] _

I like your plane, Frankie.

He put it together himself.

[Mimicking airplane]

Okay, but you better eat your vegetables tonight, Frankie boy.

That kid. Such a little Hooligan.

Just like his old man.

You were the one who toilet papered the neighbor's house right before a thunderstorm, until ma busted you.

[Laughing] Marched me over there to apologize.

Mm-hmm, whining and crying.

Took you, like, a week to clean it all up.


[Making whooshing noises]

Getting partial custody's done you good, Jess.

Every other weekend and a day each week.

Frankie doesn't have to hear his ma and me hollering at each other.

Can't complain.

And you're dry.

Get my two-year chip in... three weeks.

You coming to the meeting?

Wouldn't miss it.

If you have class or something...



You're the reason I can afford law school anyway.

I'm just doing it for the bragging rights.

My brother the lawyer.

How about... your brother the prosecutor?

You know?

That's what I really wanna do.


Jesse Brandt?

Who are you?

FBI, sir. You need to come with us.

(Jesse) What? Why?

We have a warrant for your arrest.

It's okay, son.

You stay with your uncle Peter.

What are the charges?

I asked you a question.

We don't need to answer your question, sir.

National Security exception. Read the warrant.

[Cuffs tightening]

My brother's an airline mechanic.

You got the wrong guy!

Jesse, it's gonna be fine.

I'll get this sorted out, okay?

[Exciting music]

You need to talk to us, Otto.

All we wanna know is...


Why do these Decima guys keep killing themselves?

It's for the insurance.

Each agent gets a policy when they join the organization.

Get caught, get nothing.

Have an accident...

Their next of kin gets a payday.

Well, Mr. Payday there was our last lead on Finch.

We're back to square one.

The machine says we have other things to worry about.

Greer has Finch.

He's the only thing we have to worry about.

I understand how you feel, John.

But she assured me Harold's not in immediate danger.

And we have a larger threat at hand.


You wanna expand on that?

She can't see the full picture.

Well, how can we help when the machine can't even see what's going on?

We'll be her eyes and ears.

I apologize for the... unpleasant accommodation.

It's truly a pleasure to put a face to the name, Mr. Finch.

I've been wanting to meet you for a long time now.

What is it that you want, Mr. Greer?

I want to talk about the future.

And who more qualified for that conversation than the father of artificial intelligence?

An unintended side effect of an altruistic goal.



I'd always imagined it was about the power of creation.

I've felt it myself.

Your endeavor to bring Samaritan online is a grave error in judgment.

You must've known this moment would come.

Or did you think nobody else could accomplish what you did, that you were unique?

I must admit you played everyone very well... right up until this moment.

And now your God has disappeared, operating on its own accord.

Children can be so disappointing.

The world needs structure, Mr. Finch... and Samaritan will provide that.

I'd beware of false idols, Mr. Greer.

If you were so confident that Samaritan was functional, why did you go to such great lengths to find me?

To keep an eye on you.

As the father of AI, you're the only man in the world who can destroy it.

Where does that leave us then?

Right here.

Until the moment Samaritan opens its eyes.

And then the world... will no longer need you.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Sirens approaching]

Did you just steal a dead man's keys?

[Car alarm blips]

She asked me to. Can I borrow your knife, John?

While Decima's too clever to use GPS...

The satellite radio has a GPS transponder.

The boys might be able to pull off some data, find out where our recently deceased Decima friend has been.

The boys?

Hey, shut the door. It's freezing.

I know them!

They helped you rescue me from Collier.

You're that government hit man that made me pull out my molars.

That's messed up.

Relax, Casey. I'm retired.

What are they doing here, Root?

Daizo, Jason, Daniel, and I have been on the road collecting certain... contraband in the Tri-Cities.

That sounds both vague and dangerous.

I was hoping we could use your safe house, John, seeing as we went to all the trouble of saving them in the first place.

And as much as I'd love some girl talk, you need to go to The Carlton Hotel.

And, uh, why do I need a satphone?

Trust me.


Quite the winter we're having.

I don't supposed you're here to sell me on global climate change.


It would be nice if we could prepare for the future instead of trying to clean up after the past.

I'm meeting with the president's intelligence advisor today.

Use the beta test results to convince them.

Samaritan is a sleeping giant.

We need those feeds to awaken it.

I'm working on it.

Don't worry, Mr. Greer.

They still wanna buy your system.

Samaritan is not for sale, Senator.

Decima will retain ownership.

We will provide you the critical information.

You want me to give a private corporation access to the government feeds-- to 300 million Americans-- just so you can sell the information back to us?

Samaritan is far superior to your last endeavor.

It'll answer all your questions, it won't create riddles.

There'll be no numbers to sort through.

No uncertainties about culpability.

Just pure unfettered information.

Why would we agree to that?

If we don't own the system, what exactly do we get?

Plausible deniability.

Samaritan is privately owned by a third party, one that can shoulder the blame for your next civil liberties scandal.

And if I say no?

Those are my terms, Senator.

You must ask yourself this.

Do you wanna prevent acts of terror... or do you wanna stay in the dark and watch your country burn?


That's all of 'em.

Good. Get to work, boys.

(Reese) You got your hands on seven Samaritan servers.

You find anything on them?

No, but they'll definitely find us if we don't get this right.

How long?

Ask Jason for help if you need it.

He's very good at getting into complex systems.

You'll need this later.

You're coming with me.

Greenfield's not the only one who can get into complex systems.

I can help them if you fill me in, Root.

Not now, John.

I need you for something else.

[Garbled voices]

(Shaw) Root, I'm at The Carlton. What now?

(Root) The machine doesn't know exactly what it's looking for, so you'll need to tell me what you see.

I spy...

[Camera clicks] government license plates.

Secret Service.

[Phone ringing]

The machine must be seeing clearly now.

We're getting numbers.

[Indistinct speech]

Oh, my...


Five of them.

And I know the first one by heart.

(Shaw) Control.

That's whose number we got?

(Root) Control understands how the machine works.

So she's covering her tracks.


Well, the machine saw something.

And if Control is behind it, then it's something bad.

Is this really what the machine asked us to do, drink very bad coffee with...

unemployed college graduates?

Patience, John.

Are you in, Shaw?

[Elevator dings]

15th floor, just like you asked.

You wanna tell me where I'm going?


First door, down on your left.

You'll need to let yourself in.

Oh, you might wanna use your silencer.


[Toilet flushing]



(Shaw) Next time your all-seeing other half wants me to break into a room filled with Secret Service guys a little heads up would be great.

She knows you can handle yourself.


Okay, so we've got eyes and ears on Control.

(Shaw) She's with some guy-- tall, gray hair.

Very serious.

Senator Ross Garrison, our second number.

Have their other friends arrived yet?

That woman's got friends?

You want me to help Greer, the man who stole Samaritan from me?

Let's put your ego aside for a moment, shall we?

Ross, I know that Samaritan is an excellent plan B.

I just don't like having to pay for something that belongs to me in the first place.

I accept that you lost the battle so we can win the war.

Besides, money isn't the issue here.

I've seen the black budget. You've got plenty.

What we need are the government feeds, and that's going to take some convincing.

I don't control the way the congressional winds blow, Ross.

I really think that's your arena.

I'm handling congress.

But we need Rivera on board.

The president's bulldog.

I need you to use your... special insight to convince him of the program's merits.

There is intel from Samaritan's beta test that you'll find useful.

What do I get in return?

An open system, one owned by a private entity that gives us plausible deniability while we continue to protect our country from terrorist attacks.

You've been doing the job for years.

There's no one better at this game than you.

This is not a game, this is National Security.


Why don't you let me see the intel?

Are you two hearing this?

They're ready to get in bed with Decima and go all 1984 on us.

I mean... more than usual. Let me just shoot 'em now.

We still don't know if they're the perpetrators yet, Shaw.


You're joking.

It's Control. She almost killed you, Root.

And me and Harold. Should I continue?

We all make mistakes.

Look at the front door. What do you see?

More government plates.

These our other numbers?


Head of the NSA, General Kyle Holcombe, and Manuel Rivera, Senior Advisor to the President.

And what about the fifth number?

That's one's still a question mark.

Okay, so... just to confirm, you're saying I can't kill Control yet.

Stay the course, Sameen.


But just remember I told you so when all this goes pear-shaped.

You ready to have some fun?

(Reese) I thought you'd never ask.

Who is he?

I have no idea.

Have you ever seen a newborn foal trying to stand for the first time?

Those trembling legs trying to balance, shaking until the moment it finds itself on all fours.

Seeing a child walk for the first time... is something extraordinary.

But you watched your child stand and then you hobbled it.

You could never understand.

You're a destroyer, not a creator.

I'm listening, Mr. Finch.

The machine... it started developing abilities I never expected, things I hadn't yet programmed it to do.

And there wasn't an algorithm in the world that could control its exponential growth.

And by the time I figured one out myself it would've been too late.

Too late for what?

Isn't that just the question?

Having built something significantly smarter than myself, how could I possibly anticipate its evolution?



Your personal abyss.

I built the machine to save lives, but how could I be certain that it wouldn't one day determine that all of humanity was irrelevant?

Please, you cannot allow Samaritan to go online.

The consequences of an open system will be devastating.

The father became fearful of his son, so he wounded him.

A tale told time and again.

I don't think of Samaritan as a child.

I'm not that presumptuous.

But I plan to celebrate its brilliance... not muzzle it.

It's pure hubris to think that you can control something so powerful.

Whoever said I wanted to control it?

I'm only here because we're friends, Ross.

The President has made it very clear he will not risk his hide on another surveillance program.

Neither will I.

Mr. Rivera, if I may--

You certainly may.

You've been the one running this program.

It's high time you explained yourself.

Do you know how many hours I've spent running interference for this Northern Lights debacle?

Every civil liberties group from New York to Hong Kong has their panties in a twist over this damn thing.

As unfortunate as that is, we still need to protect our country.

You want me to ask the leader of the free world to approve another domestic surveillance program when people are still learning the dirty little secrets of the old one?

I'm not biting.

Mr. Rivera, you have kids, am I right?

Your point?

They go to Country Day School.

Again, your point?

It's a terrific school, top notch.

It's in Georgetown near 27th and O Street.

What if I told you that, a year ago, Northern Lights prevented a terrorist attack in Georgetown?

An operator of ours intercepted and executed that would-be terrorist.

She found him sitting in an unmarked Sedan with a radiological bomb.

It was made from the cesium that he stole from a dental X-ray machine.

You're making up ghost stories to force my hand.

I would've heard about this.

- No, you wouldn't have.

We don't send out a press release every time we save lives, we can't.

And while the public shouts from the rooftops about their civil liberties... they do so under the protective bubble of the very program in which they're railing against, the one that saves them from terrorist attacks every single day, international and domestic.

(Rivera) Vigilance. I was briefed on this group.

We don't know who they're targeting next, but this group never does anything small.

They're set to strike in the next 24 hours.

The only way that we can stop this attack is for us to get the government feeds back up and allow Samaritan to do its job.

Unless of course you want to... ignore the facts, and you can handle the cleanup duty once there's a national tragedy.

I'll read through this.

Take your time.


Unfortunately I've just run out.

I've got a meeting across town.

I'll check in with you later, Manuel.

Control just went in for the full-court press on total world domination.

Can I kill her now?

Not yet.

Listen, whatever you're selling I'm not interested.

Oh, he's not selling anything.

We just have a few questions for you.

[Frantic music]




Probably shouldn't move. It'll bleed more.

Niall Jacobs, New York license.

Why are you important, Niall?

Fed pigs.

Always ten steps behind.

Guess he's not government.

(Reese) What is it?

A Stuxnet-based virus.

What did this creative genius make?

Looks like a self-replicating worm.

Designed to attack what kind of system?

A proprietary micro-switcher.

But for what... she doesn't know.

Expensive hardware... hiding in plain sight.

Well trained.

You're Vigilance.

(Shaw) Did you say Vigilance? Because... they're here.

It must be to kill Control and the others.


I'm not a big fan of kicking a guy when he's down, but... sometimes it does the trick.

Now tell us your plan.

I only know my part.

[Labored breathing]

That's why we're going to win.

We're smarter than you and your fascist friends.

You're too late to stop it from happening.

Stop what?

The Revolution.


Why is it taking so long?

It has been two weeks.

Your brother's under federal investigation, Mr. Brandt.

They haven't charged him, they haven't even allowed him to speak without an attorney.

You are breaking every rule that ensures due process, and do not give me that National Security exception crap.

You and I both know that law was intended for immediate threats.

Jesse very well may be one.

My brother's never broken a law in his life.

He works 60 hours a week, he pays his rent on time, he's a good father.

I'm telling you you got the wrong guy.


Look... you're a bright guy.

And you obviously love your brother... very much. I respect that.

But sometimes the people we love the most make the worst decisions.

Jesse has connections to a man named Aziz Al-Ibrahim.

Al-Ibrahim's cousin was part of an Islamist terrorist group that tried to blow up an American embassy in Egypt on March 11th.

Well, this is just a picture.

Then let me add to it.

We're not even Muslim.

I mean, this doesn't make any sense.

Two years ago your brother made some changes in his life.

He'd been drinking, his wife left him.

But then, Jesse turned his life around.

Sometimes when we hit bottom... we ask the wrong people for help--

people who use our weaknesses against us, get us to do things that we never thought we could.

Or would.

Well, this... this can't be true.

Surveillance doesn't lie, Mr. Brandt.

(Reese) If we're going up against Vigilance, we're gonna need more ammo.

I took some from our coffee shop friend before Lionel picked him up.

We should be okay until our next stop.

Terrific. More errands.

We're fighting two invisible enemies, John.

Decima and Vigilance know about the machine.

These groups are clever, blinding her to their actions.

Then get that brain trust of yours on it.

I'm getting tired of the machine's runaround when Finch is still out there.

[Phone ringing]

Where are you?


Gimme a timetable.

She's asking for an ETA.

Yeah, we've run into a couple of kinks with the hardware.

We've had to retrofit everything.

How much time, Daniel?

At least two hours.

What about the geo-locator data?

Daizo's still working on it.

[Dial tone]

You don't wanna tell me where we're going, fine.

But I wanna know what those groupies of yours are working on.

(Root) Something to slow down our enemies.

[Elevator dings]

Do you have what we need?

Got it this morning.



I think it's time you had a chat with your old boss.

I'm on it.

We'll chat about how I'm gonna kill her.

Use your words.

Okay, so she's the victim this time.

But what about the next?

(Reese) - Listen, Shaw.

If Control's in touch with Greer, she'll lead us to Harold.

Your trigger finger gets itchy, we'll get nothing and he dies.

Low blow, Reese.

[Knocking on door]

[Both grunt]


Agent Shaw.

- Ma'am.

Long time no gunfire.

You know this woman?

You remember the operator who took out the terrorist near your children's school?

What do you want?

I can't believe what I'm about to say.

I'm here to rescue you.



You have an update for me, Jason?

Jason and I combed through the virus's code.

It's targeting custom-built micro-switchers sold to one company.

(Root) - Which one?

The power company.

Help Shaw. Hurry.

You're in danger.

All of you.

You received our numbers.

Garrison's too.

Thought you were the perp at first since, well... you've stung a lotta frogs, ma'am.

Why are you protecting us?

'Cause that's part of the... plan.

For the greater good, or something like that.

Look, honestly, I really don't know.

I just know something bad's gonna happen.

Shaw, I'm heading your way.

[Electrical surge]

(Shaw) Reese? What the hell was that?

You know that bad thing that was gonna happen?

[Tires screeching, horns honking]

I think it just did.

How's he holding up?

He won't talk about it.

I just don't understand.

Jesse had been doing so well.

I know.

That arrest did him in, Pete.

How do they just put someone in jail like that and not tell you anything?

Maybe if I hadn't taken full custody after they let him out...


He was drinking.

You were protecting your son.

It's not your fault Jesse killed himself.

We're all responsible for our own actions.

I'ma go sit with Frankie.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

I just wanted to tell you how terribly sorry I am for your loss.

What are you doing here?

Jesse and I were friends.

Oh, really?

Then why don't I know you?

He was my sponsor.

I'd be dead if it wasn't for Jesse.

He saved my life in so many ways.

I wish I had been there for him.

Why weren't you?

A distant relative caused problems for my family.

We barely knew him, but... that doesn't matter now.

Your brother was the most decent man I've ever known.

That's for you, my friend.

Oh, I can't.

So you know... that even though your brother killed himself, he saved someone else.

(Male reporter)

A series of power failures...

(Female reporter)

Cause of the grid failure...

[Overlapping reports]

[Horns honking]

[Indistinct chatter]

Are you warm enough, Mr. Finch?

(Finch) I'm fine.

I always think of my youth when the power goes out.

Blackouts were a... everyday occurrence.

The blitz.


German air raids lasted nine months.

Felt like years.

You must've been very young.

My mother and I used to sleep in the tube along with many other families.

One night we were late getting to the station.

And I saw the sunset for the first time in... months. Hmm.

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

But it wasn't a sunset at all.

The sky was on fire.

Is that why you joined the military?

A high probability, given what I've learned about you and your interest in National Security.

By the time I was an adult... wars were no longer quite so straightforward.

You were MI6.

The era of the nation-state is over, Mr. Finch.

There are no more borders. Or hadn't you noticed?

I think you're overestimating the power of artificial intelligence.

We both know that that is impossible.

How often alliances shift in times of war.

Not that those alliances... ever truly exist.

They're an illusion.

Like seeing a sunset in a sky of flames.

What is it you expect from Samaritan?

I want to live under a more just rule.

Samaritan will never sleep with its secretary, or embezzle money from its campaign fund.

Its decisions will be based on pure logic.

Now... that's a leader deserving of our vote.

[Clicks device]

Okay, who's strapped?


I thought my protection detail would be all the fire power I needed today.

Okay. Well, then you're behind me.

You too, Rivera. Flank right, General.

Let's roll.


They're behind us!



Let's move.

I'm coming down. Start the generator.

Take care of her!

Sorry I'm late.

No, as far as I'm concerned you were right on time.

Where's Root?

And what the hell happened with the lights?

Vigilance uploaded a virus into the power grid.

Where's Control?

Collier got her and Rivera.

But he took 'em alive.

Vigilance has something else planned.

Yeah, but what?

[Both cock guns]

Are the boys finished with the servers yet?

We're almost there.

Minutes away.

I just had to ride up here for a bit.

It was starting to smell like dude back there.



There you are.

What'd your friend say?

I have to warn them.

You're not gonna believe me, Hersh.

But we're not here to kill Control.

We're here to save her.

You can lie better than that, Shaw.

Just 'cause you stopped listening to the numbers doesn't mean they've stopped coming.

Why didn't Vigilance just kill them?

That's a good question.

[Phone ringing]


Now's not a good time.

Remember when I said Finch wasn't in imminent danger?

I may have been a little hasty.


In good news...

I know who the fifth number belongs to.

It was tucked away under several aliases, but... even MI6 can't hide from her.

Mr. Greer.

And Greer has Finch.

Which means that Vigilance is about to have him unless we can get to him first.

You won't make it there in time.

Well, where's "there," Root?

Still too hard to see.

Then how are we supposed to find him?

The machine doesn't know.

But Hersh does.

Be careful, Shaw. [Beep]

Where's Finch?

You think I know?

(Shaw) My friend is never wrong, which is... as annoying as that sounds.


You know where to find them?

Why would I trust you?

I haven't shot you yet and you did try to kill me.

Well, he did kill me.

Those were my orders.

Besides, you got me back, Shaw.

Oh, not even close. I drugged you.

I left you with your heart still beating.

I think we're getting off topic.

(Reese) You're right.

We need to work together to save Finch.

We save our friend, then we help you rescue Control.

[Whispering] Reese.

It's the right move.


Your turn, Shaw.

Not on your life, George.


Well, there's no way this could go wrong.

You're late.

You try getting across town in a blackout.

(Garrison) Who's that?

That is the most important man in the world, Senator, the father of the new age.

My team just got word that Vigilance kidnapped my colleagues.

We need to get out of the city.

I'm afraid we won't have enough time.

[Door opens]

Senator Garrison.

You know... your men should really encrypt their text messages.

Or avoid them altogether.

Kidnapping a senator will get you life.

Mr. Greer.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Well, now...

I'm not usually a fan of surprises, but this... this is one I'll happily except.

Harold, is it?

You know, our last conversation was so rudely interrupted and I still have so many questions for you.

You're coming with us.

So where is Langdon?

He took a job in DC, but I'm familiar with your brother's case.

The man you thought he was working with turned out to be just a friend from AA.

My brother wasn't a terrorist.

I heard what happened with your brother, and I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Don't give me your platitudes, all right?

You people are the reason he killed himself.

We had evidence--

You had nothing!

You locked him up under some loophole until it destroyed him!

He lost his job, he lost his family.

Innuendo turned out to be just as damaging as a conviction.

He could never be cleared... because the government never pressed charges.

Innocent people don't kill themselves, Mr. Brandt.

[Door opens]

No, people without hope do.

And you robbed him of that.

You took the wrong information and you twisted it.

[Sucks teeth]

You're supposed to lock up the criminals, not create them.

And you took my brother's life, so what does that make you?

[Phone vibrating]

[Phone vibrating]

My car's out front.


Oh, you think you're driving?

Well, you're certainly not driving.

I'll drive.

I'll pass.

Okay, here's the deal.

I'm gonna drive, Reese sits in the back, while you ride shotgun, agreed?

(Casey) We're done. The servers are ready.

Perfect timing.

Because this is as far as you boys go.

Everything you need is inside.

That car'll take each of you where you need to be.

Yeah, we've come this far. We're not leaving you now.

She's done the math.

If we go together, you all die and... I do too.

If I go alone, the odds improve.


And just where are you going exactly?

Boys... meet Samaritan.

[Suspenseful music]

(Shaw) They're not here.

(Reese) Then where are they?

I can't tell you how long I've waited for this moment.

How long we've all been waiting.

[Generators whirring]

Now is the time to expose the truth to our fellow citizens...

The truth that has been lurking beneath the shadows for so long... that their country is no longer theirs...

That their freedoms have been stripped away... one camera, one cell phone, one megabyte at a time.

Now's the time to pull back the curtain.

Welcome to your trial, ladies and gentlemen.

And welcome to the trial... of the United States Government.

Court is now in session.

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