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Grace, there's something you should know about me.

There's nothing you can say that will make me run away.

(Grace) Harold! Please, my fiance...

Do you know where he might--

I'm sorry.

This is everybody we pulled out of the water.

(Reese) If we let him walk out that door, Decima wins, Samaritan will go live.

If we're now in a place where the machine is asking us to commit murder, that's a place I can't go.

I'm afraid this is where I get off.

I said open the register now!

I want the cash!

[Whimpering, register dinging]

Who the hell are you?

Ordinarily, I'd be the chick kicking your amateur-hour ass.

Really, Raul? You covered your face, but no gloves? Prints on the door.

The cops will have you in an hour.

Not smart with Charisse and a two-year-old at home.

But today... is your lucky day.

Just drop the gun... take the diapers and get the hell outta here.

Your kid's better off with a father.

You saved our lives.


From him? No.

[Barrel clicking]


He wasn't a real threat.

But did you notice that your security cameras have been off all afternoon?

I wonder why Ricky here
begged you to work a shift today.

Two words. Inside job.

For the ice cream.

You didn't need backup after all.

But for the record, I'd have just kneecapped that guy.

Especially if I was nursing a leg wound.

Okay, first, my leg is fine.

And second, what's with the tips on field work?

Who died and made you Finch?

Ah... it's the role I gotta play until the real one comes back.

And when is that? It's been over a week.

No... call, no-- no text.

Not even a smoke signal.

Finch will reach out to us when he's good and ready.

Until then--

Nice to see you, too, John.

Where the hell did you come from?

El Paso, most recently.

The thing with the narco-trafficker.

Very relevant, but not the point.

Take a peek around that corner, you two.

(Reese) Ambush.

Who are the party crashers?

Decima trigger teams... waiting for you with no less than six submachine guns and one honest-to-goodness Russian RPG-7.

We need to get invisible. Fast.

Phones and earpieces. Now.

Streets aren't safe.

Decima's machine is online.

Can see us anywhere and everywhere in the five boroughs of New York City.

(Reese) Samaritan? You confirmed it?

Our names are on the list, and Greer is keeping score.

All systems-- cameras, phones, the GPS in your car can track us.

So what, Samaritan can think for itself now?

It can learn?

I don't think so.

Right now, all it can do is watch us and follow.

Just remember-- what our machine sees, Samaritan sees.

Two gods playing with the same deck of cards.


We need to find another way.

Mr. Greer, I'd assumed the beta test of your system would be a little more... professional.

The espresso machine is on its way.

And I can assure you, Senator, Samaritan is running as smooth as a Swiss watch.

How long will it take?

You've had all the city's domain awareness feeds for four hours already.

And look at what those four hours have already produced.

All probable terrorists in the city of New York pinpointed, categorized, and tracked with an up-to-the-second GPS.

I can assure you, Senator, that we will have a hard target for you soon.

And you'll inform me when you do?

You will be the first to know.



You know we've gotten dozens of results already.

Any one of these guys is practically gift-wrapped.

And we'll deliver.

But not until after we've located Harold Finch.

Where are we on that?

Samaritan couldn't find a lead, sir.

He may have skipped town.

Should we consider turning on its higher, more cognitive functions?

This thing has a mind. Why don't we use it?

For the simple reason we don't have the hardware.

If it can't find this Finch, how 'bout the next best thing?

If we have it combine everything it knows about Harold Finch and ask it to find his closest living connection, let's see what it comes up with.

(Root) Hug the wall. There's a camera up ahead.

We're covered on 23rd Street by the Flushing Line elevated tracks.

We make it that far, and maybe we don't get shot by the six Decima agents waiting a block away.

Samaritan 101.

Let's go.

Missed one.

Hold here until the light changes.

The camera angle switches with oncoming traffic.

Come on!

[Telephone ringing]

(Root) John.

When that light switches, we're screwed!

[Ringing] We can't worry about irrelevant numbers now.

What is it thinking...? Telling us to lay low then handing us a new number?

There's no time!

This is a life.

And Finch would tell us to save it.

So you tell your complicated boss if it wants me to step out of danger, then I need more than just numbers.

I want a name.

Fine. She's giving it to me.

I'll tell you on--

Oh, no.


Who is it?

(Virgil) Looks like Samaritan's found a connection.


Who is she?

Not sure.

Could be family, a friend, a coworker.

Bring her to me.

(Man) "Let not your hearts be troubled.

In my father's house are many rooms.

And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and where I am, you may be also."


Ordinarily, I'd say a few words about the deceased, but--

Oh, no, that's all right, Father.

It was lovely. Thank you.

The bombing was such a tragedy.

So many lives taken at once.

I didn't know your fiance, but I pray his soul finds peace.

Thank you.

I would have thought at least one...

I beg your pardon?

Not a crowd-- He didn't really have any family, but a friend or... a coworker.

Just... one other person who knew how truly special Harold was and wanted to say good-bye.

[Doorbell rings]

(Terry) Ms. Hendricks, you ordered a car?

Yes! To JFK?

Let me get that.

Thank you.

International, right? Where you headed?

I'm going to a job interview in Italy.

I'm not even sure if I want it, but I have to show them my work.

If you could be really careful with this-- those are paintings.

Wow, you're an artist, huh?


My daughter loves to paint.

Do you have a website? I'd love to show her your stuff.

Aw. That's sweet. Yeah, I think I have a card.

Oh, she'll be so excited.

Nice of you to do that.

Little late for the flu shot.

Ms. Hendricks, I'm Detective Stills.

We met before. Do you remember?

Where did you come from?

My partner and I need to get you to a safe place.

This man works for a very dangerous criminal organization, and others are on their way.

So we need to hurry. Emphasis on the hurry.

(Virgil) Image captures from down the street from Ms. Hendricks' apartment.

Our operative was intercepted before he could acquire her.

I believe you're familiar with the two who came to her rescue.

We're currently tracking them across Manhattan.

Enough of these games.



Deploy all operatives into the field.

Bring me Grace Hendricks and eliminate the rest.

Copy that.

No, no, no. What are you doing?

You can't be in here.

Yes, we can, Lionel. We're police.

Detective Stills, remember?

You're killing me with that.

It's not safe for you in here.

It's a good point.

Any way to turn those things off?

The cameras?

Department's got 'em up all over the place now.

Lionel, meet Grace.

She's got some very bad people trying to hurt her.

I don't know what's going on, but these detectives saved my life.

Yeah. They're good at that.

Now can we find her a place to rest?

Yeah, all right, come on.

Come here.

(Zachary) All units, take positions.

Sir, we have the precinct surrounded.

We're ready to move in.

Hold your position.

The situation may require a certain amount of... finesse.

It's lousy, but it's warm.


Thank you.

How you holding up?

Why would someone want to hurt me?

I can't tell you what's going on out there.

But in here, you're safe.

The other detectives--

Stills and his partner-- are they always like that?

I know they come off a little stiff.

But they've saved my life dozens of times.

Trust me-- they're the good guys.

I'm sorry. Can I help you?

Special Agent Maybank.

There's a woman by the name of Hendricks here.

I need to take her into custody.

And you just happen to know she's here.

I have a warrant.

It's notarized.

That's a cute trick, but you ain't getting anywhere.

Is there a problem, Detective?

Lieutenant Fusco. Special Agent Maybank.

Oh, of course.

We were just about to question your suspect.

I had a feeling she was tied to something bigger.

Now, if you like, I can bring her to you in the interrogation room.



Right this way.

It'll just be a second.

Thank you.

[Blows thudding, man grunting]

Hey, good night, Sarge.




Got a late-night collar here.

Picked her up with two unregistered weapons.

Hate to crash the party, but a mutual friend thought I could help in here.

So you got yourself arrested?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Help me out here?

In evidence locker 7-7-9-B, there's a coil of copper wire.

In 4-4-3-A, there's a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

I need them, a roll of duct tape, and an extension cord.

Oh, is that all, Cocoa Puffs?

Tell our men to position themselves around the station where there's no surveillance coverage.

Is there a problem, sir?

We're not the only ones with eyes and ears everywhere.

Hey, hey, hey. Where you going?

How is Detective Stills one of the good guys when he's not even Detective Stills?

Hendricks, Grace R.

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, MFA, Yale.

You're a smart lady.

So listen to what happens when you walk out that door.

If you're not shot by one of three former force recon scout snipers, you'll be grabbed by some lummox named Zachary in an SUV with bogus Ohio plates-- a fate far worse than the lies told to protect you in this room.

Believe it or not, she's one of the good guys too.

What is going on?

I barely believe this is a police station.

You're in a situation you can't control that's larger than you can imagine.

Sit tight, and we'll keep you alive.

Lionel... what did you find for me?

[Electricity crackling]

What's that thing?

An induction coil.

This is the precinct's telecom box.

The wires from all the cameras run through this wall.

Each of those wires is protected by a copper sheath which I'm overloading with 110 volts of electricity.

What, are you trying to burn the place down?

Just cooking it a little.

Very clever.

You're gonna want to dispose of that.

Especially when your IT guys show up in the morning.

Terrific. Anything else, Princess?

Your phone and an unmarked car.

Here. You better not be calling China.

Hmm. Just... down the street, actually.


(Man) All units, there's been an explosion on 1214 Grand Street.

It's an abandoned three-story building.

The explosion occurred on the top floor.

All units in area respond immediately.

[Sirens wailing]

What do you think? Did we lose 'em?

It was always 50/50.

Zachary, get Ms. Hendricks to safety, and then dispose of the others.



I've got her, sir.

(Shaw) Never thought I'd love the sight of New Jersey.

You sure we're safe here?

From everything but the coffee.

And, yes, we're off the radar as long as we're outside the five boroughs.

Samaritan can't see this far... yet.

We have to go back and find Grace.

If Decima's throwing everything they have at us, then she's their way to get to Finch.

Still the faithful watchdog, huh?

Even after Harold left you.

Are you gonna help us or not?


I thought you'd never ask.

See everything in red?

These are dead zones in the city.

Spots where our machine can't find a hint of audio or visual surveillance.

When Decima took Grace, they disappeared to this spot here.

Red Hook Marine Terminal.

An entire port blacked out to surveillance.

Someone doesn't want the world to see what's going in or coming out.

Here's your pancakes.

I'm guessing it's our best shot at finding Grace.

Then let's go take a look.

Stop the clock, sports fans.

How do either of you plan on getting us back into the city?

(Reese) There's our ride.

[Metallic clatter]

Where am I?

Where am I, damn it?

I asked you a question.

Tell me where I am. Now.

Where you are is of very little interest, my dear.

Who you are-- now, that's a question worth pursuing.

What right do you have to abduct me... to keep me here?

Your questions only delay my own.


Now, tell me...

Grace Hendricks... who exactly are you?

You can lose the hat.

Whole area's a dead zone, meaning "Camera Free."

And since we ditched our phones, I took the liberty of grabbing a few of these on our way out of the 8th.

Okay, so how many bad guys are we looking at here?

What kind of firepower?

I have no idea.

As long as we're here, we're flying blind.


[Weapon clicking] a chance for some good old-fashioned recon.

(Reese) There's nothing here but employee records.

(Shaw) She's gotta be on one of those four container ships at dock.

You're sure you saw four ships out there?

Yeah. Why?

Terminal manifest only lists three.

What do you say we take a look behind door number four?

(Root) You two head below deck, try to find Grace.

I'll keep watch up here.

No sign of Grace.

Or anyone else.

Takes a big crew to run a ship this size.

So where is everybody?

Discoloration of the lips, fingernails.

Signs of respiratory arrest.

I'm guessing... botulinum toxin.

For a job well done.


But why would they poison the crew?

Unless they have something to hide.

(Root) You guys might wanna come up here.

There's something you should see.

Computer servers.

I'd say there's about 60 per container.

And, yes... they're state-of-the-art.

With chipsets and acceleration technology unlike anything I've ever seen.

Three guesses what Decima's gonna use them for.

But you won't need three.

Samaritan? But it's already online.

You think it's scary now?

Samaritan's a brand-new system, a child learning to crawl.

These servers... are for when it can run.

[Man grunts]

Can't question a dead guy.

But maybe this can help.

You couldn't have aimed 2 inches higher?

Everybody's a critic today.

Let's just go find you a computer.

Ready when you are.

It was Decima, all right.

Here to take inventory of the cargo.

And receiving orders via self-deleting texts.

They never make it easy, do they?

Can't read the texts, but the machine found where they came from.

A building in Brooklyn.

If Decima's camped out there, then Grace probably is too. Let's go.

Are you coming?

She's telling me to stay put.

You guys can handle it from here.

I've got work to do.

How do you take it?

I don't.

Well... if you get parched...

Now... let's go over it... one more time.

The part where I tell you I'm an illustrator who has no idea what she's doing here or the part where you don't believe me?

Oh, I believe you're an illustrator.

And I believe that you were born on the 12th of April, 1969, in Columbia, South Carolina, to Paul and Marilyn Hendricks of the pale blue house on Forrester Lane.

Your bedroom was the upper right one overlooking the street.

Your parents still live there, don't they?

Charming couple.

Who are you?

You've studied history of art.

Just think of me as...

Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel lying on his back... trying to paint a portrait of a rather elusive subject.

Michelangelo painted it standing up.


One of those little things you learn in art history.

And I can't help you make a picture of God.

Perhaps you can.

Ever been married?

I'm sure that file of yours can tell you the answer's no.

Married to your career then?

I'm simply trying to get a sense of your life and the people in it.

Mom, dad... no one else?

Nobody. Friends.

Mostly artists.

Seems a shame... woman of your beauty, intelligence, obvious talent--

I'd think you'd be quite a catch.

I was engaged once, four years ago.

But he's dead now.

I'm truly sorry.

How did it happen?

The ferry bombing.

His name was Harold.

How tragic.

Please... tell me about Harold.

Must be awful losing a loved one to an act of terrorism.

I hope his burial provided you with a modicum of closure.

It was a memorial, not a burial.

His remains were lost at sea.

And my closure's none of your business.

Can you name any one thing about Harold that you know to be absolutely true?

I can name dozens. He was kind, intelligent--

Yes, yes, yes.

Harold Martin, freelance software engineer.

Orphan with a love of art and a heart of gold.

So you said.

So he told you.

Are you implying that Harold lied to me?

I'm implying that your Harold lived a remarkably anonymous life...

Perhaps more than one.


Are you out of your mind?

I'm simply trying to discern whether you're lying to me about this man or just to yourself.

I don't know who you are or how this ends, but... we're done here. No more questions.

No more questions about me and my life or Harold.

No need to lose your temper.

Here's all you need to know about me, old man.

My dad was an alcoholic.

Nearly tore the family to pieces.

The thing about growing up that way-- you get good at spotting lies.

So good that you start expecting them from everyone.

So how do I know what Harold told me was true?

Because when he came along, against every instinct, I gave him my trust.

Somehow I knew... he would never break it.

And if you doubt that even for a second, you're the one who's lying to himself.

You truly loved him, didn't you?

I would have done anything to save him.

And Harold would have done anything for me.


I have no doubt.

Answer me one question.

Why are you so interested in Harold?

He's dead.

Your tea's gone cold.

Feel free to freshen it up.

[Gate rumbling]


Zachary, I finished our interview with our subject.

Have you found her protectors?

(Zachary) Yes, sir. Samaritan has located their car.

We're moving in now.

Get out of the car!

Hands up!

Who are you?

How did you get this vehicle?

Easy, man!

I-I just asked for a dollar.

They gave me the keys.

Sir, we lost them.

They engineered a distraction.

Now, why would they create a distraction that dragged us all the way to one side of the city... unless they were on their way to the other?

Our location has been compromised.

Disassemble everything. Now!

Next time we need to hide from an all-seeing super computer, we're getting separate trunks.

My favorite thing about New York cabbies-- they have terrible memories.


You forgot us already?

Yeah, yeah.

(Reese) Decima's holed up in there somewhere, and if we're lucky, so is Grace.

I'm sick of hiding.

Let's make some noise.


Somebody call Tech Support?

Got this one, Shaw.

You find Grace?

Found an interrogation room set up with tea for two.

Still warm. We just missed her.

Our friend here is gonna tell us everything he knows about Grace and Samaritan.

Oh, I sincerely doubt that.

Besides... all you need to know about Ms. Hendricks is that she's with me, and for the moment, quite safe.

Let her go.

Or Geek Squad here catches a bullet.

Amusing performance.

I'm afraid...

Virgil's already dead.

Aren't you, Virgil?

At dawn, Grace Hendricks will be at the Jefferson Bridge.

I'll be very happy to return her to you... in exchange for Harold Finch.

What makes you think we'd agree to that?

Your agreement is irrelevant.

Get the message to Mr. Finch.

I expect he'll cooperate.

For Ms. Hendricks' sake, don't be late.

We can't trade Harold. We can't even find him.

Then we've only got a few hours to come up with a way to save Grace.

[Phone ringing]


(Root) - Hi, you two.

The machine says the security camera overlooking the entrance to Grace's building just went out.

Thought you should know.

[Dial tone]



How did you take out the camera?

I still have a few tricks left.

I'd hoped maybe it wasn't too late, that I could warn her.

They want me, don't they?

(Shaw) We're not giving you to Decima, Harold.

We just got you back.

The three of us will come up with some kind of way.

No, any change of plans would put Grace at risk, and I can't allow that.

I'll trade myself for her.

The two of you will stay with me and make sure that Decima holds up their end of the deal. Understood?

Whatever you want, Finch. We'll be there.

Thank you.

There's one more thing.

I'd like you to avoid violence if at all possible.

But... if they harm Grace in any way... kill them all.

This is the best plan you three could come up with?

We had no choice, Lionel.

Well, I don't like it. We're too exposed.

And there are cameras everywhere, which is why we do nothing.

No one fires a shot unless we have to.


Don't do this, Harold.

We'll think of something.

We've faced worse.

(Finch) Worse?

Have we? I don't think so.

From the day the machine went online, part of me knew that I would never be able to sever myself from it... and that anyone I ever cared about was in danger.

It was foolish to imagine otherwise.

I tried to guard myself, stay hidden, from the government, the authorities, people looking.

Here we still are.

This moment was inevitable.

This moment was always looking for me.

I have to accept it.

It's for Grace when she's safe.

There was no other way.

Keep yourself alive, Harold.

I'll be coming for you.

Remember what I said.

She's all that matters.

Walk a straight line.

100 paces.

Don't take off the blindfold until you're all the way there.

Thank you.


Get her outta here now.

Day like today, it's gotta feel good to come home.


You gonna be okay?

Honestly, I don't know.

Is it gonna be safe here?



They have what they want for now, but that won't stop them from coming after you again.

Which is why you should open this.

That job you were looking at in Italy?

You've been selected for the position.

What? I didn't even go on the interview.

I was supposed to leave--

Your flight leaves tonight.

The job begins next week.

They'll set you up with an apartment, stipend, all under the name on that passport.

Lionel here will get you to the airport safely.

It's a good time to start over.

Please don't look back.

Did you know him?


Is he what this was all about?

All I know for sure is... you loved him.

And he loved you back.

(Man) Step away from the door!

Get on the ground! Now!

(Greer) Results of the Samaritan beta test, Senator.

One terrorist, as requested.

His real name and what he was planning, should you care to know the specifics.

Rest assured, I'll get very well acquainted with the specifics.

Assuming everything pans out...

I'll be in touch.

So Samaritan's losing the feeds then?

(Greer) For the moment.

But we've gained the Senator's confidence.

And something far more valuable.


So what's all the way out in Mount Vernon that's so important?

At the time, it was outside New York City limits and Samaritan's prying eyes.

At the time?

Decima's lost the feeds.

So for now, the only one watching is her.

Chin up, kids. You're not out of the game yet.

Trust me.

We lost Finch, which means we lost everything.

Not everything.

We now have seven of Samaritan's servers.

Like I said... trust me.

You blindfolded her.

I appreciate that.

Least I could do.

Had a feeling you'd prefer it that way.

And I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot.

After all... you've been a very hard man to find.

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