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(Finch) You are being watched.

The government has a secret system...

A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

The leaked black budget report reveals several classified military intelligence programs, with code names like Chalk Eagle and Tractor Rose.

A program designated Northern Lights has...

Northern Lights has a budget far outstripping any other program.

Classified as "operation support for counterterrorism activities," the details are scarce.

Some have speculated that it may be related to the surveillance of American citizens.

If so, what does that mean for our privacy?

Media got ahold of the program name, which means your old boss control just lost it.

Bitch tried to kill me.

Nice to see her head on the chopping block for change.

Anyone connected to the machine will be burying evidence 6 feet down.

Could put the program in jeopardy.

Government can't put the machine back in the box.

We're still getting our numbers, so the lights are on.

Let's go.


You guys have the pancakes?

Try the banana chocolate chip... amazing.


No small talk?

All right, fine by me.

You have the product?

What's it look like?

You got the money?

1 million. We have a deal?

You got it, man.

That fast, huh?

Couldn't even wait to get back to the hotel to count it?

See, Ray, your partner's already picked out a house in Hawaii.

So as soon as you turn your back, he's gonna put two in your head and keep all the money for himself.

But guess what, Julio.

Ray here put a down payment on a yacht, told your girl he'd show her the world.

500,000 buys a lot. But a million?

Both of you would take out your partner for that.

Oh, you little son of a...

Sorry, guys. Deal's off.

[All grunting]

Sweet dreams, boys.


Fusco can clean this up.

20 years in lockup ought to keep 'em from killing each other.

(Shaw) See? Business as usual.

Even if the government's program's on ice, the machine is still spitting out numbers.

You know Finch.

Even without Northern Lights, his machine will find a way to maintain national security.


Well, then who's handling the relevant threats?


Hey, kids.

You miss me between drug deals?

Yeah I miss you like I miss an intestinal parasite.

I love your similes.

Hop on, Shaw.

We've got a relevant number in Alaska.

We're gonna steal a jet.

Does sound kind of fun.

Send me a postcard.

Turn that frown upside down, Lurch.

You're going on vacation too.

Harold's about to call from D.C. He needs your help.

[Engine revs]

[Earpiece beeps]

(Finch) Mr. Reese, I'm afraid our services are required in the nation's capital.

I heard. On my way.

[Door opens, closes]


This'll work.

[Door opens]

Oh, good, you're here.

Sorry, got tied up at the library.

I'm happy to see that you've come prepared for a long haul.

Dare I hope that you've packed something other than weaponry?

There's some trip wire to booby-trap the room door.

And a toothbrush.

Oral hygiene is something, I suppose.

You got a number here in D.C.?

It would seem so.

My investigation into vigilance's activities will have to wait.

Well, Root is getting the relevant numbers now.

Shaw is with her.

We're entering uncharted territory, tasked with both relevant and irrelevant numbers.

Already stretched pretty thin, Finch.

And at the worst possible time.

Just when Decima is determined to make Samaritan operational.

Maybe the timing's not a coincidence.

I fear that it may be connected.

These are strange times, and the threat of Samaritan should not be underestimated.

How do you know it's not already up and running?

Because we'd be dead, Mr. Reese.

The machine is a shield. It protects lives.

I designed it with safeguards to prevent it being abused as an agent of destruction.

Samaritan is an open system, a sword.

If it gains access to the government's feeds, there will be no checks on its power.

There will be no limits to the knowledge possessed by the person controlling it.

Decima would definitely use it to hunt down its enemies.

And as confidants of the machine, you and I would be at the top of the list.

(Reese) So maybe the machine is trying to protect us.

No, I built it to protect everyone, one number at a time.

Oh, my.


(Reese) That's Roger McCourt.

Our new number is a United States congressman?

From Illinois.

Six terms in Congress.

Current ranking minority member of the pivotal house rules committee.

The rules committee controls the flow of legislation...

Spurring it forward or stopping it altogether.

If he has that much power, he'll have plenty of enemies.

Given their activities in Washington recently, Vigilance would have to be a suspect.

However, McCourt's been an outspoken opponent of government surveillance.

Could Decima want him dead?


But killing a congressman would seem too flashy for them.

Nobody likes the government these days.

Any disgruntled citizen could be the assassin.

We have to get to the Capitol.

[Opera music]

[Reese scoffs]

You call this music?

Finch? Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Can we put the screeching cat out of its misery?

It's not feline. It's Verdi.

There's a performance of Il Trovatore at the Kennedy Center that I'd like to catch.

Next time you can be the disc jockey.

We'll listen to whatever you like.

Well, maybe next time I'll just sing for you.

I do a great ring cycle, you know.

I think I'll skip your Brunnhilde.

Suit yourself.

Looks like our congressman is in danger of catching lobbyist disease.

It's gonna be difficult to get ears on McCourt.

His aide handles all phone activity.

McCourt doesn't want the government eavesdropping on him?

Congressmen know better than anyone that their employer could be listening.

We'll have to get close to him, narrow down the list of threats.

The Capitol police detail won't let anyone near him.

Congressmen are eligible for secret service protection in the event of additional risk.

No one's made an attempt on his life yet.

The congressman doesn't even know the danger he's in.

[Rock music]

[All screaming]

He knows now. Drive, Finch.

[Engine starts]

[Tires screeching]

I have to tell you, Mr. Reese, I don't approve of this strategy.

You're the one who said you couldn't make an alias that would pass secret service muster.

(Finch) I said I didn't have time.

I didn't know you were gonna steal the identity of an actual secret service agent.

(Reese) I'm just borrowing it. Relax.

Order some room service.

(Finch) Perhaps I will when you tell me what you've done with the real Agent Abbott.

He's resting comfortably in a motel room near the airport.

Define "comfortably."

Gotta go, Finch.

The rules committee is meeting in ten minutes, you have your Journal interview at 11:30, and then lunch at Ocean Grill with Cynthia Carol from Privacy First to discuss your anti-surveillance initiative.

Good morning, Leslie.

Good morning, Congressman.

Who's this?

This is Agent Abbott, secret service.

He's been assigned to you.

Because of the shooting?

Oh, sorry, I was thinking more about the business ahead of me today rather than behind.

Where're you from, Abbott?


(Finch) He's from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa, sir.

Tulsa, Oklahoma. Good people, salt of the earth.

And for tonight, tickets to the Verdi opera at the Kennedy Center.

Do I have to go to this?

This sounds like screeching cats.

You promised your wife.

I could shoot you in the leg, sir.

Pardon me?

Might get you out of the opera.


You know, Duran here, he always wanted to be secret service.

Isn't that right, Duran?

At one time, sir.

Well, if you show Abbott some love here, maybe he'll put in a good word for you.

Oh, and we can dispense with the stoplights today, okay?

[Door closes]


[Engine starts]

[Sirens blaring]



You should've called first.

My office is slammed this morning.

Is this about the airline contract?

They're trying to stick it to us, Mac.


And now I'm hearing you might be taking their side instead of the union's?

Dunphy, Dunphy.

(Finch) It must be Bruce Dunphy, part of the leadership of the Illinois Machinists Union.

I know it's a lousy contract, but I do think that you ought to sign it.

Unbelievable. You backstabbing son of a...

Whoa, hold it, hold it.

You think you can pull this bait-and-switch with us, with me, and get away with it?

Looks like McCourt might have crossed the wrong union, boss.

It's not a good deal, but it does keep the plant open.


And it puts you at the front of the line for a bigger government contract that's coming down the pike next year.

Another contract?


So you see, Bruce, I am looking out for your guys.

But you do have to trust me.

(Dunphy) I guess I jumped the gun a little bit.

Forget it.

Hey, is your wife in town with you?



Go as my guest.

It's classical stuff. She'll love it.

Really? Oh, thanks, Mac.

It's my pleasure.

Tell your guys not to worry.

Remember, I'm your man.


Leslie, will you call my wife and tell her unfortunately the opera was sold out?

It would appear our congressman has quite a knack for getting himself out of unpleasant situations.

Yeah, that opera would've been brutal.


[Clears throat]

I'm not accustomed to taking meetings on such short notice, but your reputation precedes you.

Don't worry, Senator.

I come with only the best of intentions.

So what can I do for you?

Actually it's what I can do for you and your Northern Lights problem.

If you're referring to the leaked black budget report, mine's just one of 100 names found in there.

I've already made it clear I have no knowledge of that project.


I thought you knew a great deal about it, especially since the 2008 policy retreat on Martha's vineyard when you were tapped to shepherd the program.

Surely you didn't think, in a world where you were surveilling everyone, that no one was watching you.


What is it you want?

As I told you, to help.

The group responsible for leaking your black budget to the press calls themselves Vigilance.

Privacy terrorists.

This is one of their leaders, known by his alias as Peter Collier.


You risked your career hiding a program designed to protect the country, yet it couldn't protect you from this group when you needed it to.

And now you've had to shut it down...

Leaving your country unprotected.

A frightening prospect indeed.

The country will always be protected.

Yes, I'm sure you're weighing alternative approaches, as your president might say.

I can save you the time.

My company, Decima Technologies, is finalizing development of a new surveillance system.

All due respect, we've gone down a similar path with mixed results.

Northern lights was effective but compromised by the ethics of its creator.

It spoke but never listened.

What I have not only listens, but obeys.

It can find anyone anywhere, anytime.

You merely need to ask.

As intriguing as that sounds, there are some members of Congress making too much hay out of this latest scandal to ever green-light another program.


Share my proposal with your colleagues.

If there is interest...

Dissenting voices will not be a problem.

How can you be sure?

Because, Senator, obstacles are only obstacles until you move them out of the way.

[Indistinct chatter]

So how long you been with the congressman?

Long enough to know he doesn't need secret service protection.

What about the shooting?

Just some antigovernment wing nut looking to make the news cycle.

I suppose that's possible.

(Finch) Mr. Reese?

That's my supervisor. Guy's always in my ear.

What do you got, Finch?

Nothing of note.

McCourt's list of enemies is practically nonexistent.

He ran a surprisingly clean campaign to get into office, and his current stand against unchecked surveillance has endeared him to elements of both parties.

What about his personal life?

No red flags... finances are sound, carries no debt, and has an impressive stock portfolio.

Help you with something, friend?

Let go of me.

I'm trying to be polite here.

It's all right, Abbott, I've got this.

Have a seat.

Thank you, sir.

Local homeless guy. I've seen him around.

McCourt knows him?

(Duran) No, but people like him know McCourt.

He's got a standing offer to buy a meal for anyone who needs one.

It's a practice he started last year to raise awareness for the homeless problem.

One more, Congressman.

(Finch) It also helps burnish his public image.

(McCourt) Okay. Get him some soup.

Finch, take this down.

(Reese) Echo Five Dash Nine Mike India Six.

A license plate?

See if you can trace it.

Abbott, chop chop!

(Finch) What was that?

Forget it.

Starting to think I should've gone with Root.

[Salsa music]

Thanks for being my travel buddy on these errands.


It's not every day you get to beat up a militia group in Anchorage, then hop a plane to Miami.

So is this what you're doing from now on, you're chasing down bad guys?

I doubt it.

There's still too much work to be done.

What kind of work?


I understand. We're leaving now.

Time to go.

Where to?

St. Louis.

Oh, great.

I know a steak joint that serves a filet that's better than sex.

Yummy as that sounds, you won't be joining me.

She needs you somewhere else.



[Door closes]

You should go back to dealing coke, Sonny.

It's a lot safer than moving explosives.

You there, Finch?

Always, Mr. Reese.

Sounds rather quiet there.

I think the only thing McCourt is in danger of is working too late.

I fear you may need to remain on his security detail longer than anticipated.

Shouldn't we check in on the real Agent Abbott?

Yeah, I guess someone should turn him over.

I beg your pardon?

[Man groans] [Clatter]


[Man groaning]

What's going on?

Something's wrong, Finch. [Cocks gun]



(McCourt) What the hell, Abbott?

You never heard of knocking?

I'm sorry. I thought I heard a...

Never mind.

Should I call it in?

Finch, McCourt and his aide have been working on more than just policy positions.

Might wanna consider his wife as a possible threat.

Actually, her emails show that she's been aware of his affairs for quite some time.

Seems they have more of an arrangement than a marriage.

Mr. Reese, I found something.

(Reese) What is it?

With Fusco's aid, I was able to trace the license plate from the SUV outside the restaurant back to a rental car company.

It seems the vehicle was rented to a shell corporation set up by another company...

Decima Technologies.


You were right, Finch. It's all connected.

McCourt must be a threat to Samaritan.

Which would explain why they're here.

[Phone ringing]

[Phone beeps] Duran.

(Man) There's something you should know, Officer.

He's not secret service.

What? Who's this?

Here's the real Agent Abbott.

Don't do it.

Abbott, what are you doing?

Stay put.

Mr. Reese, what's happening?

Change of plans. I've got McCourt.

Got him?

You've kidnapped a United States congressman?

Like you said, Finch, these are strange times.

[Tires screeching]


Hello, Harold.

Mr. Reese, I have to question the wisdom of abducting an elected official.

Well, Decima blew my cover and started shooting.

The capitol police and secret service are scouring the city for you now, plus the FBI and about a dozen other three-letter agencies.

Let's see how they're doing.

(Woman) Traveling west on Independence Avenue.

Congressman was abducted in a black sport utility vehicle, Illinois license plate 20...


- That's us.

Congressional tags.

So we need to dump the car and hole up somewhere.

Very well. Turn left up here. I know a place.

(Reese) American beef consultants, Finch?

We need a hiding place, not a burger.

Last month I bought the beef industry's lobbying arm.

And don't knock the hamburgers. They're superb.

Doesn't look like much of a safe house.

That's the idea... I cleared out this floor and added a couple of cutting-edge amenities...

Fully stocked kitchen, bulletproof glass.

Okay, Mac.


You gonna scream?



Bedside manner.

Congressman, strange as it may seem, we wish you no harm, we're here to help.

But we do need to ask you a few questions, and we would prefer that you did not yell for assistance.

[Sighs] Who are you?

Security advisors... Of a sort.

[Scoffs] Well, yeah, I can pay the ransom.

I can get however much money you need.

Someone's trying to kill you.

Yeah, you.

What? No. We're protection.


You posed as, uh, secret service, you knock out my security detail, and then you abduct me at gunpoint.

Technically I also shot at you a couple days ago.

Somebody help me, please!

That's enough!

We don't have time for this.

If you wanna survive, you're gonna have to help us.

Now, about that hit squad that my colleague rescued you from...

Hit squad? That wasn't a hit squad.

That was the FBI trying to save me from you.

I know it may have appeared that way, but I assure you that was not the case.

What do you know about a company called Decima?

Never heard of it. Why?

They sent the team that tried to kill you.

Do you know why they would consider you an enemy?

Me, an enemy?

[Laughing] I'm not an enemy. People love me.

I mean, I might piss a few people off along the way, but I always get 'em whatever it is they need.

I'm a deal maker.

So what is it with you guys? What do you want, money?

You want a personal telephone call from the president?

'Cause I can get it.

Just please, come on.

Let me go.

Then, whatever you need, I'm your man.

[Door closes] [Indistinct chatter]

Finch, get down!



You guys all right?

(Finch) Yes, we're fine.

Why is everybody shooting at everybody?

I mean, if you're shooting at federal agents...

Feds don't walk in scattering lead.

Decima found us.


McCourt has no phone to follow.

It's a tracker.

Do you know who gave you this?

No idea. It was given to me at a fund-raiser a week ago.

More operatives will be arriving soon.

We need to go.

We should leave the beltway. We'll need a new car.

Or an old one... Easier to hotwire.

[Tires screeching]

Take McCourt.


This guy again. He's like a cockroach.

[Sirens wail]

Sounds like our last escape route is about to disappear.

I'm more comfortable shooting this guy than the cops.

[Bullet ricochets]

[Cocks gun]

[Car approaching]


[Tires screeching] [Engine revs]

You guys going my way?

(Man) Congressman was abducted by a white male,

6'3", dark hair, in suit.

Be advised, suspect is armed and extremely dangerous.

Nice car, Shaw.

So how'd you know we'd be there?

I didn't... Until five minutes ago.

I got a call from Root.

So you're the one we're saving?

Yeah. Who are you?

Right now I'm the getaway driver.

[Laughs] Boy, this just gets worse.

(Reese) Cheer up, Mac.

You could be in the trunk with the guy who wants to kill you.

[Man grunts, banging in trunk]

We can't go back. It's too dangerous.

I could try blasting through the roadblock.

(Finch) The term "blasting" does not inspire great confidence, Ms. Shaw.

Time to get some fresh air. I'll get the guy in the trunk.

Let's go.

[Indistinct chatter]

Time to stretch your legs.

[Door opens]

All clear.

Newspapers in the driveway, mail piled up.

Must be on vacation.

Let's hope they decide to stay another night.

What now?

Some answers.

Look, I don't know how many times I have to tell you.

I haven't done anything to make anybody wanna kill me.

Well, until we determine the reason that Decima keeps making attempts on your life, you'll have to stay with us.

You have our Decima friend's phone?

I pulled out the SIM card.

If you really wanna protect me, why don't you just take me to the cops?

Law enforcement is no deterrent to the people coming after you, Congressman.

This is insane.

You've obviously done something to attract their attention.

Like what?

Decima is a private intelligence company developing a large-scale surveillance program...

The type of program that you've been vocally against.

Along with half the Congress. So?

But your position on the rules committee gives you the power to alter or halt legislation.

Have you sidelined anything that would affect Decima's plans?

(McCourt) No.

I don't know anything about that company or why they would wanna kill me.

This is all just a huge mistake.

We're not getting anywhere here.

Maybe Shaw's having some luck.

(Shaw) You can talk or bleed out.

You help us, we'll help you.

Suit yourself, tough guy.

Hope it's worth dying for.

(Finch) That may not be necessary.

I was able to get into his phone through a key vulnerability in the SMS encryption.

I think we may have misread this situation.


Seems we're not the only ones concerned with the congressman's safety.

(Reese) So who are you supposed to be protecting McCourt from?


I wasn't given that information.

But in the week we've been watching him, the only ones who have taken a shot at him are you.


You think maybe I could get a coffee?

Or some water would be fine.

Mr. McCourt, you're sure you have no knowledge of Decima?

I already answered that.

Why do you keep beating that drum?

Because they're protecting you.

Protecting me?

A minute ago you said they were trying to kill me.

I did.

Something doesn't add up.

Actually I think it might.

I looked into your finances earlier today, Congressman.

You did what?

I noticed your stock portfolio, up 20% over last year.

What are you getting at?

Your trading activities.

Your portfolio is up 20% due to trades you've made in the last two weeks.

Trades that have increased in value by over 600%.



Either you're the smartest investor in Washington, or you're getting some very good information.

Inside information.

I don't like what you're implying.

It's more than an implication, Congressman, and it'll become a call to an S.E.C. investigator I know unless you're more truthful with us.


I know Decima Technologies.

But they're not trying to kill me.

We have an understanding.

What kind of an understanding?

They were looking for a little legislative support for their new surveillance program.


You've been leading the charge against government surveillance.

Course I have.

'Cause I realized that the government can't keep a secret.

You look at, uh, Prism and this Northern Lights mess.

What do you know about Decima's program?

Not much really.

Just that it's an alternative to a government-run system.

Which, at this point, should make everybody happy.

And in return for your support, you're getting insider stock tips.

You're a couple of smart guys, you know?

Surely you understand that everything that happens in Washington is a deal.

(Reese) And you're a deal maker.

In case you didn't know, the business of governments is business.

[Sirens blaring]

They're moving grid to grid through the neighborhood.

We need to make a move.

Greer is positioning Samaritan to replace the machine.

McCourt is helping Decima.

We've been looking at him as a victim, but he's really a perpetrator.

I'm not so sure.

His involvement is tangential at best, and he doesn't know Greer's intentions.

But if he's not a victim or a perp, then why did the machine give us his number?

What is it we're supposed to be stopping?

I'm not sure we're supposed to be stopping anything.

Finch, you said McCourt could speed up or halt legislation.

Yes, he's in a unique position to remove any legislative roadblock to Samaritan.

So without McCourt, Samaritan doesn't get past Congress.

And Greer wouldn't get access to the NSA's surveillance feeds.

Then that's why we got his number.

He is the victim.

His life is in danger.

But from who?


I think the machine wants us to kill McCourt.

John, think about what you're saying.

I have.

Just because Decima is not the threat to McCourt doesn't mean that we must be.

The machine is designed to save lives, not take them.

But could it?

Could the machine ever tell us to kill someone?

Is it possible?

It's conceivable.

Well, how bad would the situation have to be?


It would have to see that an individual's actions could directly result in the loss of others' lives.

How many lives? A dozen, a hundred?

How many?

A lot. I'm not sure.

I never dreamt it would come to this.

Well, it has.

Your machine... It sees something coming...

Something bad... And it wants us to stop it.

I don't know. You don't know that.

Look, I've never entirely trusted your machine, but you built it, and I trust you.

You're the one who said we can't underestimate the threat of Samaritan.

Mr. McCourt, you have to call off your deal with Decima.

Their surveillance program cannot be approved.

What... what are you, one of those privacy nut jobs?

Is that what this is about?

With access to the government's surveillance feeds, Decima will be able to acquire any information, any secret it desires, and sell it to the highest bidder.

And that would be the United States government.

Perhaps, for now.

But unbridled access will create unlimited opportunities for abuse.

People will be ruined, lives will be lost.

The results will be nothing short of catastrophic.

These programs are always gonna be controversial but also inevitable.

People get up in arms whenever they go public, but eventually the noise dies down, because the simple truth is that people wanna be protected.

They just don't wanna know how.

Oh, maybe I haven't offered you the right incentive.

So how much?

Excuse me?

To withdraw your support for Decima's program, how much?

Hey, you know, I did this to keep the country safe.

And yeah, maybe I got a little something for myself during the process.

All that makes me is good at what I do.

I'm not calling off the deal.

Looks like we've got company... S.W.A.T., feds, the works.

Mr. Reese, it was never my intention for people to be killed because of the machine.

What do you think happened when it gave the government a terrorist number?

What do you think we used to do for a living?

That man is not a terrorist.

He's just an opportunistic and corrupt pawn.

That doesn't make the threat any less real.

We are not assassins. We protect people.

Isn't that what we're doing, sacrificing the life of one to save the lives of many?

Shaw, help me out here.

Six months ago, I would've already put a bullet in that guy's head.

But ever since hanging around you guys, I've kind of gotten used to saving people.

But we've only been able to do that by trusting the machine.

And if it's saying that this guy's gotta go, well, I think we should still trust it.

John, I urge you to consider the consequences of this action.

There are consequences to not acting.

Like with Simmons and Joss.

Don't do this.

If we let him walk out that door, Decima wins.

Samaritan will go live.

It's a possibility but not a certainty.

There may be another way. We've never been here.

But are you really willing to take that risk?


Since we started this, things have changed.

We've changed.

But the mission, our purpose, has always been constant...

To save lives.

If that's changed somehow, if we're in a place now where the machine is asking us to commit murder...

That's a place I can't go.

I'm afraid this is where I get off.


[Daughter's medicine]

♪ pick it up, pick it all up ♪
♪ and start again ♪
♪ you've got a second chance ♪


♪ You could go home ♪
♪ escape it all ♪
♪ it's just irrelevant ♪
♪ you've got a warm heart ♪
♪ you've got a beautiful brain ♪
♪ but it's disintegrating ♪


♪ It's just medicine ♪

[gunshots continue]

♪ It's just medicine ♪
♪ You could still be what you want to ♪
♪ what you said you were when I met you ♪

(Greer) You've had an opportunity to consider my proposal.

Will you help us?

My colleagues and I would like to, but unfortunately now is not the time.

Perhaps a demonstration of my system's capabilities will convince you that your country cannot afford to wait.

Test in a limited area, say...

New York City.

24 hours, quick, clean.

Then we shut it down.

No guns, no police, just information.

What kind of information?

If the NSA provides us with New York City's surveillance feeds, we will find you a terrorist.

You could find me a thousand terrorists, but like I said, we'll never get this through Congress.

And as I told you, dissenting voices would not be a problem.

♪ What you said you were ♪
♪ when you met me ♪
♪ You could still be what you want to ♪
♪ what you said you were ♪
♪ when I met you ♪
♪ when you met me ♪
♪ when I met you ♪
♪ you ♪

It's time to remove those obstacles.

[Phone ringing]

Answer your phone, Senator.

(McCourt) How you doing, Garrison?

This is Roger McCourt.

I understand you'll be preparing some legislation.

Is that right?

(McCourt) If you can handle the senate, I can ensure that the house rules facilitate a quiet passage.

You can do all that?

Absolutely, Senator.

Okay. Let's...

Do it.

(McCourt) Excellent.

Now if there's anything else you need, just ask.

I'm your man.

♪ From all the medicine ♪
♪ Medicine ♪


♪ You could still be what you want to be ♪
♪ what you said you were ♪
♪ when you met me ♪
♪ you could still be what you want to ♪

Virgil, are we operational?

You're just in time for the ribbon cutting.

Feeds are coming online now.

Commencing beta test.

♪ When I met you ♪

Okay, we have 24 hours.


Find me Harold Finch.

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