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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to tell these tourists apart?

Don't appreciate visitors, Shaw?

I don't appreciate their fanny packs.

Pretty handy for concealing a grenade.


(Shaw) Got eyes on our number, Finch.

Leona Wainwright, clerical assistant in the office of personnel management.

The OPM manages everything from background checks to pension benefits.

Federal. So Leona lives in DC.

She's in town to see a Broadway show.

Is that why you had us dress up, Harold?

An evening at the theater?

(Finch) If you keep an open mind, Miss Shaw, you might actually enjoy yourself.


What's the show?

Mamma Mia.

(Shaw) Whose turn is it to save this one?

Let's flip for it.


Guess it's your turn.

Leona's cab hasn't moved.

Medallion number two, X-ray, zero, three.

(Finch) That number is registered to a Mr. Sanjeev Verma.

Doesn't look like a Sanjeev to me.

Shaw, I'm gonna need your help now.

Say the name.

[Leona, muffled response]


Shaw, cabbie's phone.

[Background commotion, car alarms blaring]

(Finch) Mr. Reese? Where's Leona?

[Garbled voices, static]


Sorry, Finch.

Neither of you could have predicted that the threat to Ms. Wainwright was so... immediate.

The cellular phone you retrieved was activated yesterday.

It was registered to one Jonathan Plowman, Junior.

I'm guessing that's not the cabbie's real name.

Correct. Jonathan Plowman, Junior did not drive a taxi.

He was a spy for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

So Vigilance killed Leona.

What information could Leona have that Vigilance wanted?

Ms. Wainwright worked for the government, and Vigilance has sworn to end the government's abuse of privacy.

I'm afraid this is about the machine.

[Phone rings]

Hey, I just got to the crime scene, and I'm not the only one. Feds decided to drop by too.

(Reese) I'm sure you'll charm them, Lionel.

I already tried.

These suits aren't letting me within a mile of their investigation.

Augusta King, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Give me a break.

Lionel, you don't want to be uncooperative with a federal agent.

You're involved? I don't want nothin' to do with this.

Too late.

One of Leona Wainwright's many responsibilities in the office of personnel management was security clearances.

Security clearances?

What for?

She hasn't told me yet.

Either way, you need to be careful.

Yeah, no problem.

I'm gettin' the hell outta here.

Senator... it's so good to see you.

The SecDef wasn't expecting you--

I'm not here to see him.

Senator Garrison.

I don't expect you're here to discuss the DOD's budget. Tea?

I'm assuming you've heard about the woman who died a very theatrical death in New York.

Privacy terrorists.

They call themselves Vigilance.

They do like to make a statement.

Do they have our names?

Has the program been compromised?

It's possible, but I won't know for sure until we get access to Leona Wainwright's office.

If anyone finds out about the system...

They won't.

How can you be so sure?

You lost the thing months ago.

Need I remind you of the number of terrorist acts that Northern Lights has prevented?

I think we both know that you and your fellow congressmen would all be giving guest lectures at second-tier universities if another attack happened on our soil.

So why don't you do everybody a favor and just leave the heavy lifting to me, like you always do?

By heavy lifting, you mean sending your goons and their black bags into that woman's office?

Do you want me to answer that?

The feds are already involved, which means we need to go through official channels.

If this comes back on us, prison will be the least of our worries.

[Door closes]


Sending us on a weekend getaway?


We have a new number.

Matthew Reed, criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

How's a criminal prosecutor connected to Vigilance?

He's not, as far as I can tell.

So why are we going to Westchester?

Because Mr. Reed will be spending the weekend there, as will you and Ms. Shaw.

Your covers.

Ms. Shaw will be Betty Harris of Queens, and you, Mr. Reese, will be Frank Mercer of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Shouldn't we be looking into what information Leona gave to Vigilance?

You can leave that to me. I'll be traveling to DC.

And we're not invited?

It's important that we not let Mr. Reed out of our sight.

We can't risk losing another number.

Detective Fusco has offered to accompany me.

This trip to Westchester, is this some kind of punishment?

[Door opens]

Got the car packed.

AC/DC or the Dixie Chicks?

I believe I'm the one being punished.

What's a Manhattan prosecutor doing at a Westchester high school?

Maybe he's here on a case.

Or not.

Welcome. Welcome.

Let's see here.

Oh, okay.




So glad you made it.

Isn't this weekend gonna be so much fun?

(Reese) Our new number is checking in.

(Shaw) I can't believe Finch and Fusco get to track Vigilance while we're stuck in suburban-high-school hell.

What's the matter, Shaw?

Weren't too popular in high school?

You know, we have more important things to do than to baby-sit some loser who just wants to relive his glory days.

Hi, Matthew.

Oh, hey.

[Woman giggling]

It's great to see you.

You too.

Shaw, you okay?

You look strange.

I'm fine.

Just gonna bluejack this guy.


I'm surprised you made it.

Who'd want to miss all this?

Yeah, well, no one who looks as good as you.



[Matthew chuckles]

Well, I'll see you tonight.

Looks like you caught our new number's eye.

You're reading into it.

Your itineraries.

So there's drinks at the bowling alley tonight, and, of course, the big shindig tomorrow.

I hope you brought your dancing shoes.

You do still swing dance, don't you?

I don't like to show off.


And, of course, Doug will be catering.

Doug Hemmill.

A little geeky.

Voted best listener.

Right, Doug, with the catering company.

Doug's dog show.

It's a little gourmet hot dog joint.

If you'll excuse me.

(Shaw) Well, you actually kinda looked like Frank.

Let's see how Harold did with me.

Maybe Finch made a clerical error.

[Book slams shut]

(Shaw) Betty Harris?

I actually look like this to you, Harold?

Well, not to me.

I implemented a facial-symmetry algorithm to find the closest match for both you and Mr. Reese.

If you take away the spectacles and the braces, tame the permanent wave a bit, I do believe that you and Betty Harris look a great deal--

Harold, stop, right now.

Look, Ms. Harris despised high school.

She keeps a blog enumerating the reasons that she wouldn't be caught dead at her 20-year reunion, so it's a fair assumption that she would not show.

I'm a professional blogger?

(Finch) Oh, no, the blog is just a side project.

You're a dental hygienist.


Finch, did you know I'm a great swing dancer?

And you're the mattress king of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

I sent the real Frank on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Aruba, so the two of you should be all set.


No sign of Matthew Reed.

Just bulky sweaters and beer guts.

She looks friendly.

Let's ask her.

Excuse me. Have you seen Mat--

Was it something I said?

You got the whole weekend to find out.

Betty Harris.

I'm surprised I even recognized you.

Me too.

Jack. Jack Tanner.

You probably don't recognize me in this uniform.

They even gave me a gun. You wanna see?

Maybe later.

Some people are gun-shy.

Frank, you're holdin' up pretty good.

Expected your divorces to take a toll.

We should really say hi to Matthew Reed.

Yeah. How's he been?

Have you seen him?


No one expected him to show.

He hasn't been back since graduation day.

Can't blame him, considering the circumstances.

You know, the thing?

The thing with the--


"Claire Klein."

Matthew's girlfriend died senior year.

Yeah, they found her body in Matthew's car.

Remember? People said he had something to do with her death.

Excuse me, I'm gonna go say hi to Doug.

No, no, no, you see, with yellow mustard, all you're tasting is vinegar.

But with dijon, there's, like, hints of burgundy.

So it's the third time I've been caught with the stuff.

There's our lawyer now.

I had a doctor's note for, like, glaucoma or something.

This guy does the best medical marijuana defense in Manhattan.



(Reese) Someone likes Matthew.

Like that guy's a great judge of character.

Frank and Beans!

Case in point.

Buddy! You haven't changed.

It's like going back in a time machine.

And you look exactly the same as the day we met.

Wanna get lit?

Maybe after dinner.



Prosecutor's on the move.

♪ I'll be with you, girl ♪

You should've stayed home.

♪ like being low ♪
♪ hey, hey, hey, like being stoned ♪

♪ I'll be with you, girl ♪

Well, Matthew's got at least one enemy.

♪ hey, hey, hey, like being stoned ♪

And Frank's got two.

[Garbled voices, static]

Detective Fusco, NYPD.

Gonna need to take a look at Leona Wainwright's office with my forensic photographer.

Oh, are you with the other men?

Detective. Nice to see you again.

Yeah, we're gonna need to get a look at Leona's office.

Help yourself.

It's all yours.

Any idea why the feds are all over this case?

I imagine it has something to do with the information Ms. Groves gave you.

What, that Leona managed security clearances?

Exactly. Ms. Wainwright would have the name of every government official, from accountants to senators, who could access the confidential information in her department.

The physical copies would've been in her office safe.

Which the feds just confiscated.

But the electronic copies would be located on the OPM's secure network.

So you'll do some loud typing while you hack the network?

I'm afraid it's going to require a bit more finesse, and I'll need somewhere to sit.

So this just became an overnight?

The department budget's $85 a night for lodging.

But I got a place-- it usually rents by the hour, but the manager gives me a deal.

You know, I'd prefer accommodations that don't charge by the hour.

Perhaps you would allow me to bolster your per diem.


All right.


Got Matthew in sight.

Did you see that thing between Doug and Matthew earlier?

Doug's still pissed about Claire.

Matthew's girlfriend?

Matthew was her man, but Doug was her ducky.

Her sidekick. Her best platonic friend.

But he never had a chance with Claire.

Matthew was never the same afterwards.

He changed because of how she died?

Don't believe those rumors, man.

There was no foul play.

Matthew didn't kill Claire.

She overdosed, plain and simple.

Excuse me.


Been pretty baked for 20 years.

But who the hell are you?

No worries. I forget who I am myself.


Lionel, gonna need you to pull a copy of a 1994 police report from Westchester.

Let me guess, you're gonna--



Got the scoop on why all these women are so fond of you, Frank.

You gave the brunette a promise ring, then slept with her best friend the redhead before having a fling with the blonde...

Well, that's not too bad.

...whose mother you seduced.


What is it?

[Woman gasps]

[Background chatter, commotion] _

Looks like someone still believes Matthew killed Claire.

A night to remember just turned into a night for revenge.

I can't believe I lost my car keys.

Thanks for the ride.

Didn't see anyone else offer.

I'm not surprised.

It seems like Doug doesn't want you here.

Not the only one.

Do you wanna talk about it?

No, I don't dwell on the past, so...

This is me.


What a coincidence. I'm right next door.

Oh, yeah. That is a coincidence.


Lucky one.

All right, good night, Betty.

Good night.

[Key card beeps]

Hey, room's occupied.

This is an emergency evacuation.

What? Why?

Bed bugs. You're now in room 304.

[Knocks at door]

Get your own room.

No vacancy.

Something about a bed bug scare.

Did you forget your robe, Shaw?

Forward operating bases don't have the luxury of single-sex showers. You got a problem with me, you can bed down with the bed bugs.

I've got ears on Doug.

You keep an eye on him till he left the party?

He went straight home.

One bed.

Floor's better anyway.


Matthew next door?

Was just about to have eyes on him.

Thought I'd unpack first.

Good idea.

Fusco came through with the police report.

Claire Klein's death was ruled an accidental overdose from hydrocodone.

Doug saw Matthew leave with Claire that night, but Matthew told police they got into a fight after prom.

She got upset, took his car, and Matthew claims he never saw her again after that.

But Doug doesn't believe his story.

Well, according to Matthew, Doug's not the only one.

So who else is out for revenge?

[Garbled voices, static]


I haven't felt this rested in a long time.

I should hope so, Detective.

It's past 1:00 in the afternoon.

What's all this?

I thought you were gonna hack into OPM's secure network.

I did.

Any and all information relating to Ms. Wainwright's role as security clearance manager has been wiped clean.

By the feds?


Most likely by high-ranking government officials.

Portable package X-ray?

What are you, gonna inspect some pipe bombs?

Most modern safes come equipped with a lead shield.

However, the government has been remiss in updating their equipment.

By placing this device on the safe's door, I can see the safe's internal mechanisms while I turn the dial.

Wait, now you wanna crack the safe?

Well, not just the safe, Detective.

First, we have to break into the FBI's evidence lockup.

Then we crack the safe.

'Cause nothing's ever easy with you, Finch.

So... when do we get started?

[Mellow rock]

There's a reason I never went to a reunion.


Got eyes on our hot dog connoisseur.

It's organic mustard seed, imported from exotic places like-- like Canada.

I'll make sure Doug steers clear of Matthew.

You find our favorite prosecutor.

(Officer Tanner)

Betty Harris?

I am putting you under arrest... for stealing my heart.

(Man) Hey, Tanner.

You're on your own.

Someone has to stop me from murdering him.


Wanna dance?

Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

[Mazzy Star's Fade Into You plays]

Watch out, hope the chaperones don't catch us.

Oh, well, maybe we'll get detention again.


♪ I wanna hold ♪
♪ the hand inside you ♪

If I didn't know better, I'd say you're enjoying yourself, Shaw.

It's nice to have a partner who's willing to let you lead.

Mm. What's your secret, Betty?

You know how many hours of testimony I've heard?

I can always tell when somebody's not telling the truth.

You look ten years younger than the rest of us.

How do you handle stress?

Every once in a while, I shoot someone.

Well, sounds like you need a good lawyer.

Well, then again, I'm sure you're... you can talk your way out of almost anything.

You know, that's funny.

The Betty Harris I remember, she was... a shy introvert.

She couldn't even carry a conversation.

You're not Betty.

So who are you?

I may be the one person here who thinks you're innocent.

♪ with what's not there ♪

Everyone knows I killed Claire.

What makes you so different?

I've spent a lot of time with killers.

I think you cared for Claire, but I also think that you're hiding something.

So why don't you just tell me the truth so I don't have to beat it out of you?

♪ strange you never knew ♪

[Chatter, cheering]

♪ fade into you ♪




What kind of psycho would do this?

Someone's trying to drive Matthew to the brink.


You got eyes on Doug?

You think he planted the dummy?

(Reese) He hasn't moved an inch all night.


You seen anyone acting weird?

Are you kidding? Everyone's exactly the same.

Only fatter.

Present company excluded.

And Phil, that dude grew a foot and put on 100 pounds of muscle.

He was smaller?

He played Tiny Tim in the school play.

Reese. You spot a threat?

(Reese) Not sure, but it sounds like our friend Phil might be an impostor.

Isn't anyone at this reunion who they say they are?

They said you were fast.

Who's they?

Guess they were wrong.

Dudes, you're both like scary ninjas.

Drop the cleaver or I break his neck.

How's that for fast?


Who sent you? Why are you here?

What happened to Phil?

This was a domestic terrorist who ingested cyanide to avoid giving me information about his underground operation.

Phil became a terrorist?


Phil wasn't class of '94.

He's Vigilance.

What does Vigilance want with Matthew?

(Reese) Vigilance isn't here for Matthew.

They're here for us.

Need help with the body?

Phil's on ice.

Unfortunately, the Tater Tots are not.

How the hell did Vigilance find us in the first place?

Your guess is as good as mine.

(Reese) Phil was here to see how we work, until we forced his hand.

Well, there could be more.

A lot more.

Got another problem. Matthew's disappeared.

We need to get to the bottom of Claire's death before this reunion becomes a deep-seated revenge tour.

That is one sick joke.

Reese, someone's tampered with the parting gifts.


Same drug Claire overdosed on.

[Phone vibrates]

[Phone chimes]

Claire just reached out and touched Doug from the grave.

I think we may have gotten this wrong.

Matthew's not the one being terrorized.

Doug is.

How fast can you get to the chem lab?

"I can't go on with my life after what I did to Claire."

You wrote this?

My suicide note?

The photos at the bowling alley.

Claire's dummy, the pills, why?

Isn't it obvious?

You're gonna kill me.

Well, why not? You killed Claire.

Here, have a seat.

Sit down.

Why would I hurt Claire?

She was my best friend.

I was always there for her whenever you made her cry.

You were always there 'cause you were trying to get in her pants, and prom night was no exception, Doug, 'cause she ran straight to you after we fought.

I never saw her again after she left the dance with you.

We left 'cause she was upset.

She thought I was flirting with Linda Holmes.

No, she thought you were flirting with Barbara Foster.

Yeah, you're right.

But how would you know what we fought about?

Unless she told you because she came crying to you later that night?

I-- No, Matthew, I can explain.

Why you let Claire die?

Or why you let everyone think I killed her?

I didn't mean to hurt Claire.

I thought maybe she'd like me more if she was--



Exactly how much hydrocodone did you slip into her drink, Doug?

You're a prosecutor.

Aren't you supposed to be taking me to court?

I'm afraid the court won't look favorably on a gunpoint confession.

This isn't justice.

For two decades, I believed I pushed Claire over the edge, that she OD'd because of me, until I got this reunion invitation and I started thinking like a prosecutor instead of a boyfriend.

You want justice?

I served a guilty sentence the last 20 years.

Shooting you and letting you rot for the next 20, I mean, that sounds like justice to me, Doug.

(Reese) Can't let you do that.

As much as Doug here deserves it.

I knew you weren't Betty.

I'll stop playing Betty if you stop playing a killer.



Get down. Get down!


Who the hell are they?

Domestic terrorists sent to assassinate me and Frank.

Sorry to ruin your diabolical high school grudge-fest, but chances are none of us are gonna make it outta here alive.

[Gunfire continues]


What is going on? I'm so confused.


[Groans and shouts]

Stay down and shut up.

Remind me never to make you angry.


Torturing Doug so he could confess and then making his death look like a suicide?

That's plain artistry.

But, uh, killing's not the answer.

Killing's not the answer? That's the best you can do?

I don't know. I've killed lots of people.

But my friends keep telling me it's wrong.

But, look, just because I can live with myself afterwards doesn't mean you can.

[Gunfire continues]

[Dance music plays]

[Crowd whooping]

[Click click]

Give me your gun.

You're right, you know. I couldn't kill Doug.

I couldn't pull the trigger.

[Groans, gunfire continues]

I'm not a killer.

The gun, the gun!

Well, lucky for you, I am.


[Balloons popping]

All: Hey! Ho!

[Music plays, balloons pop]


(Root) Sorry to bother you, Shaw.

I'm a little busy here, Root.

I'm aware of your situation. That's why I called--

- to apologize. - Apologize for what?

Vigilance keeps changing the way they communicate.

I had to leak some sensitive information in order to find their latest method, which happens to be coded radio messages.

What kind of sensitive information?

In my defense, I knew you and the big lug could handle yourselves.

You leaked our location to Vigilance?

I just intercepted another coded message.

Harold's about to be in trouble.

Gotta go.

[Door buzzes]

How you doin'?

Detective Fusco, NYPD.

Need to pick up some evidence from the Wainwright homicide.

What's the case number?


Give me a minute.

Good luck cracking that safe.

Try not to give yourself cancer with your little X-ray machine.

Sir, you're not authorized to receive this evidence.

Oh, come on, let me get a peek at it, will you?

My boss is up my prostate on this one.

I don't make the rules.

Yeah, but you can bend them.


I can't get a clean shot, Shaw.

I can't get a shot at all. I'm out of ammo.

[Gunfire continues]

Gotta smoke 'em out.

Mix these.


Here, hold your breath. And try not to shake it.

I got one left.


Make it count.




Always hated chemistry.

Where's your partner?

He went to take a leak.

Guy's got the bladder of a two-year-old.

He'll be right back.

I'm moving as fast as I can, Detective.

What's this?

What the hell?

[Loud explosion]

You know, I've been studying you and your associates for some time.

That's two ex-operatives, an NYPD detective.

Sorry, partner. I had to surrender.

They were gonna kill the guard.

If you harm Detective Fusco...


We both know you're not a man of violence.

You help people, people who are about to be in a lot of trouble--

Kruger, Sloan, Claypool, Wainwright.

You knew something bad was about to happen to them before it even happened.

Now, the fact that that's possible proves something I've speculated.

That the government has a secret surveillance system that spies on us every hour of every day.

I'm not part of the government.

But you are protecting the system.

And I think whatever was in that safe is gonna give me more information about the secret system.

The documents, please.

Mr. Collier, you may find this hard to believe, but I sympathize with your cause.

Just not your methods.

If you jeopardize this system, you'll be placing all of us at risk.

At risk?

We're already at war... a 24-hour surveillance state with drone assassinations, renditions, cyber-warfare.

It's turnkey tyranny, and we're being kept in the dark, which is ironic, since the system is called Northern Lights.

What do you say you and I continue this ethical debate some place a little more private?

I'm afraid I won't be joining you.

And why's that?



Sorry I'm late, Harry.

Special Agent Augusta King.

Assailant escaped out the back.

That is one scary chick.

Good news, Harold.

Shaw and Reese survived.

You should talk to them.

Finch. Everything okay?

(Finch) Depends on your definition of "Okay," Ms. Shaw.

I suppose Detective Fusco and I will live to fight again.

(Finch) How was the reunion?

Ended with a bang.

- Comin' through.

No, I wasn't trying to kill Claire, I swear.

Why did everybody have to go and change?

What? No good-bye?

[Sirens retreat]

Good-byes are for suckers.

Well, I-I gotta make a statement downtown.

Might spend a year or 20 in jail.

Lucky for you, you know a good lawyer.

Well, maybe we could get together after.

I don't do relationships.

Who said anything about a relationship?

[Garbled voices, static]

Collier's disappeared.

Agents haven't been able to locate him, nor has she.

So what was in the safe?

A black budget report.

Unfortunately, it's in Collier's hands now.

(Root) I'm afraid that's not exactly accurate, Harold.

Collier just sent out another coded message.


(News anchor #1) A shocking revelation today as an anonymous source released a classified government report.

(News anchor #2) The report revealed black budget items connected to an invasive surveillance system.

(News anchor #1)

High-level government officials, including Senator Ross Garrison, were named in the report.


Senator! Senator!

Does this massive surveillance system exist, Senator?

It does not.

But what about the budget leaked to the press today?

What is Northern Lights?

I have no knowledge of a project by that name.

So-- so-- so you're saying the government is not spying on the American people?

It is not.

[Overlapping shouting]

We have a problem.

My goons and their black bags could've quashed this problem long before it went public.

I don't have time for finger-pointing.

The public is an ass hair away from learning their government is trolling through every inch of their private lives.

Terminate the program.

I would sooner have you terminated than leave this country unprotected.

The country will be protected, just not by your machine.

And right now, you should be asking who's going to protect you.

[Tense music]

Deactivate the program.

We're no longer operational.

Shut it down.

Didn't wanna hitch a ride with Lionel?

I'm afraid if Vigilance is operating in DC, then so am I.

Is there a problem, Ms. Groves?

Gotta go, Harry.

My dance card just got full.

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