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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

Crimes the government considered irrelevant.

They wouldn't act, so I decided I would.

But I needed a partner.

[Scene rapidly plays backwards]



Somebody help me!


I'm locked onto Ms. McNabb's position.

She's two blocks from you being pursued north on Avenue D.



Are you there?

Now she's moving west on Fifth Street heading toward--

Oh, dear.


Where are you? There's no more time!

You have to do something!




(Male voice) Relax, Finch.

I'm here.

Haley's safe.

Who are you?

Protector of the innocent.

Heard you could use some protecting.

Your embezzling boss didn't like the idea of you testifying against him in court, so sent this joker to make sure it didn't happen.

(Finch) Mr. Dillinger.

Didn't he send two hit men after Ms. McNabb?


Last one, I promise.

I hope the threats required an ambulance.

And not a coroner.

I can't believe that you saved my life.

Don't mention it.

You've had a very traumatic experience.

You probably shouldn't be on your own right now.

I don't know about you, Haley, but I could use a drink.


[Cell phone buzzes]


It's Saturday, Finch.

The numbers never stop coming, Mr. Dillinger.

I believe I told you that up front.

Guy could use a little R&R once in a while.

You ever think about getting someone else in the rotation?

You are the rotation.

And it's time to get to work.

Oh, and Mr. Dillinger.


The next time an attractive woman wants to thank you for saving her life, a simple "You're welcome" should suffice.

[Phone beeps off]


Who was that?

My boss.

Needs me to put in some overtime.

Thanks for getting me out of trouble.

Thanks for getting into trouble.

It's not good for you to be in here all day by yourself, Harold.

You ever think about getting a dog?

Oh, thank you, but I'm afraid I don't drink coffee.

No, it's tea-- black chai.

That is your poison, right?

It's sencha green, actually.

Well, close enough.

Seeing as how the only thing I know about you is your name-- which isn't really your name.

All you need to know about me, Mr. Dillinger, is that I pay you to stop bad things before they happen.

Now, are we ready to get started?

Long as the check's clear.

(Finch) Daniel Casey.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.

He got into Cal Poly's Computer Science Program, but dropped out a year before graduating.

[Knife grating against file]

Must you do that?

Oh, you like this?

I call her "Greta."

Blackwater souvenir.

If only she'd cook me dinner.

Casey's somewhat of a loner. No family to speak of.

He freelances with various tiger teams around the country.

Is that as exciting as it sounds?

Companies use tiger teams to test their security systems for weaknesses, which they can find by hacking in themselves.

So the answer's no.

Casey's infiltrated numerous companies over the years.

Perhaps he saw something that he wasn't supposed to see.

Or stole something he wasn't supposed to.

Two months ago, Casey canceled his phone and cable subscriptions, and he hasn't made a single bank transaction since.

Well, I hate to say it, Finch, but this guy could be dead.

I appreciate your optimism, Mr. Dillinger, but I'm certain that he's alive because I've received his number.

Ah, yes, the numbers.

You know, one day, you're gonna have to tell me how you get your divine intel.

So how do we find Casey?

If Mr. Casey's in some kind of trouble, he may attempt to contact old friends.

This is Lester Strickland.

Casey worked for him upon occasion.

According to his Connectroid profile, Strickland spends Saturdays at a bar watching horse races.

That might be a place to start.

Do I look like the equestrian type?

I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Hey, pal, give me your best lager.

[Clears throat]

(Dillinger) Word is "I am Spartacus" is favored to win ten to one.

He better, I just dropped two Gs on him.

Wow, you're a braver man than I.

To "I am Spartacus."

(Dillinger) I shouldn't even be here right now.

My boss is breaking my balls, making me work weekends.

You ought to get into business for yourself, my friend.

Answer to no one.

What's your trade?

I, uh, I audit security systems.


You know, I got a buddy of mine in that industry.

Maybe you two have crossed paths.

His name's Daniel Casey.

Mr. Dillinger, what are you doing?

Casey, huh?


Yeah, we went to Cal Poly together way back when.

So, you know him?

I'm afraid not.

But if I do run into him, I'll tell him you said hello.

What'd you say your name was?

I didn't.

Admit it, Finch.

You were surprised when I brought up Cal Poly.

Didn't think I was listening, did you?

I was more surprised by how direct you were regarding Mr. Casey.

Is it necessary to be so intimidating?

We don't get to Casey until Strickland calls him.

He's not gonna do that unless he's spooked.

And if he calls Mr. Casey, no doubt he'll tell him to steer clear of you.

You don't like the way I do things, you're more than welcome to come get dirty in the trenches.

How 'bout that?

[Phone line trilling]

And there we go.

(Casey) Hello?

Daniel, what the hell did you get yourself into?

(Casey) They came to see you, didn't they?

Yeah, some Neanderthal claiming to be an old pal of yours.

And he wasn't the only one.

About an hour ago, some couple-- a man and a woman--

stopped me outside my coffee joint, asking if I'd seen you.

(Casey) Never been so popular in my life.

I'll stay scarce until the meeting.

All right, well, I'll have that package ready for you by tomorrow in case you need it.

Thanks, Lester.

You're the only friend I have right now.

Keep your head down, kid.

What do you think that package was?

Mr. Strickland's area of expertise is false documents.

It may be that he's creating a fake identity for Mr. Casey.

Casey's trying to hide from someone.

Sounds like that couple Strickland mentioned might be after him.

And they have a head start.

Yeah, but they don't have the Finch-inator on their side working his hacker mojo.

(Finch) The number that Strickland dialed is a prepaid cell phone.

If I can access the carrier that it belongs to, I may be able to elicit GPS coordinates.

Where the hell'd you learn to do all that stuff anyway?

As I've said before, Mr. Dillinger, I'm a very private person.


[Static, electronic whine]

(Finch) Mr. Casey's signal still hasn't moved.

It may be time to start looking for him inside the hotel.

Short of getting me a job as a bellhop, I don't know how I'll find him.

And how can you be sure that the other party hasn't already found him inside?

'Cause I think I just made them outside.

Strickland said a man and a woman, right?

There are 8 million people in this city.

The thing about operators, we can smell our own.

Plus they haven't moved since I got here.

Yeah, trust me, Finch.

I just found our threat.

[Camera shutter clicking]

I'm sending you a photo of the couple, Finch.

Can't you do some sort of facial matching thing online?

It's not quite that simple, Mr. Dillinger.

Though it may not matter.

That man is CIA.

Mind telling me how you know that?

It's a long story.

But whatever trouble Mr. Casey's gotten into, it involves the United States government.

And what I can tell you about that man is he's highly efficient.

Are you sure they haven't made you as well?

Please, Finch. You hired me for a reason.

Give me a little more credit than that.

Maybe, if we finish early, Mark will let us stay in town an extra day or two.

Never pictured you as a Rockefeller ice-skating type, Kara.


I was thinking more like... take over the drug trade for Christmas, burn it down by New Year's.

That sounds like a hell of a party.

You got plans?

Going back to stalking the ex-girlfriend again?

Thinking more like Aruba.

Something about killing a citizen makes me wanna kick back on a beach.

I'm not ready to see you in a speedo.

And don't consider Daniel Casey a citizen.

He waived that right when he stole state secrets.

They still want us to take his teeth?

Proof of death.

Couple molars should do it.

DNA swab's a lot easier to get through airport security than a whole bag full of teeth.

I don't make the rules.

It looks like we've got another problem across the street.

(Stanton) That tall drink of water?

I got a Christmas list of ways to dispose of him.

He's not one of ours.

Looks local, not foreign government.

My guess? Private military.


Maybe Casey hired some muscle.

Think we should take him out first?

Let's keep him in play.

See what he does.

If he's a problem, we'll put him in the ground along with Casey.

I got eyes on Casey, Finch, but your friends from the government have a jump on him.

You need to get to Casey before they do, Mr. Dillinger.

Yeah, I'm aware of the stakes, thank you.

They're not gonna ghost him on a public street.

Way too many people.

Scratch that.

This guy might be crazier than I thought.

Finch, I think it's happening now.

False alarm.

Guy was just planting a bug on him.

Casey just ducked into a cafe.

Could be the meeting he was talking about.

Lost sight of Ozzie and Harriet.

(Finch) Since they have ears on Mr. Casey, could be listening from a more advantageous position.

(Dillinger) Yeah, well, I'm in a pretty primo spot myself.

And we now have ears of our own.

(Banks) Daniel Casey?

Red cap, right?

Ian Banks, SSCI.

We spoke on the phone. May I sit?

SSCI, Finch?

(Finch) Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Ian Banks may be a congressional staffer.

If you wanted to report a crime that pertained to national security, SSCI would be one way to go.

(Banks) Our conversation was vague at best so right now I'd like to know a little bit more about what you saw.

What I saw?


I'm new at this, so help me out, okay?

How are you gonna protect me?

Witness Protection? Get me out of the country?

What's the-- what's the protocol?

We have measures in place to ensure your safety.

But they'll take time.

Making someone disappear isn't as easy as snapping your fingers.

It is for me.

I'm not exactly the guy everyone's gonna wonder about at their high school reunion.

And probably why this group picked me in the first place.

If we're to proceed, you'll need to tell me more about that group.

Look at it from my position.

We get calls all the time from folks reporting crimes committed by our government.

Do you have any proof of illegal activity?

Anything in your possession at all?

I need assurances.


Whatever comes out on this, my name isn't anywhere near it.

Guarantee that and my safety or I walk.

Anonymity and safety, guaranteed.

But for that to mean anything, Mr. Casey... you have to trust me.

You're right.

When was the SSCI created?


The year.

Tell me that and we leave together.

Finch, have you got a photo of Banks?

(Finch) Sending you one now.

If this is Ian Banks, then who the hell is Casey talking to?

Time's up.

Mr. Casey, this isn't--

Forget it, okay?

None of this feels right, you don't feel right.

You follow me, I'll make sure you regret it.

I'll say this for Casey, he's got good instincts.

He's making a beeline for the back exit.

Which quite possibly leads into the arms of the CIA.

You need to acquire him now.

Hey, wait!


Thank you.

I thought for a second you were gonna make me chase you.

Attracting a lot of attention, shouting like that.

Who are you?

I'm security detail. This man's my client.

You mind telling me what this is all about?

Excuse me, I--

Shut up and let me save your life.

You should really put your weapon on the ground.

Why the hell would I do that?

For starters, you just lost possession of your client.

[Taser sizzling] [Groans]

[Glass shatters, car door opens]


You mercs are all the same.

You never think things through.


Mr. Dillinger, are you all right?

(Dillinger) Peachy.

Got a couple of party crashers led by the man formerly known as Ian Banks.

One chump left.

(Reese) Well, that got interesting.

Where's Casey?

"Powers That Be" aren't gonna be happy.

Powers That Be sold Casey as a traitor.

So why was he meeting with someone he thought was government?

Don't know.

That guy wasn't government, though.

Can't hurt to ask him a few questions.

Can't hurt us, anyway.

I've got Casey, Finch.

Now you wanna tell me how you knew those two were CIA?

All that matters now is figuring out why Mr. Casey is in trouble and how we can help him.

Who are you talking to?

None of your business.

Why don't you start by telling me what you did that pissed so many people off?

Really? After all that?

You'd be a chalk outline without me.

I'm sorry, it's just...

I don't know who you are.


Well, I know all about you, Danny.

College dropout.

No family, at least none that can help you.

You're alone with nowhere to run.

Mr. Dillinger, that's enough.

The friends you got ain't keeping you alive! I am!

And in five seconds I'm throwing you back to the wolves unless you tell me why I'm sticking my neck out to save yours.

Okay, okay, okay.

Two months ago, I got a call from someone in the government.

They wanted me to test a secret system of theirs for weaknesses.

They threw me in a bunker somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

It was the most advanced, complex system I'd ever seen.

For weeks, I tried breaking into this damn machine, until--

Mr. Dillinger!

Get Mr. Casey off the streets!


What's got you spooked all of a sudden?

Do what I tell you!

Take him to the safest place you can think of, and keep him there!

Let's move.

Mr. Dillinger, have you found a safe place for Mr. Casey?

(Dillinger) You could say that.

No, no, no, you can't bring him here.

You have to take him somewhere else.

Somewhere Mr. and Mrs. Smith can find him?

The people looking for him cannot discover this location.

Maybe you missed a few beats, but it's a war zone outside.

Anyway, you can untwist your shorts, because I made sure nobody followed us.

Are you positive about that?


I need to sit down.

I need...

Get our friend a chair.

[Chair clatters]

This is like a nightmare.

I don't understand any of it.

Who are you people?

You can call me Harold.

And this is my partner Mr. Dillinger.

It may not seem like it, but we're here to help you.

Can I get you some tea?


Until now, this job has been nothing but damsels and bankers.

Casey has grade "a" government hit men after him.

Hit men you know.

What the hell are we up against here, Harold?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I'll speak with Mr. Casey after he's calmed down a bit.

Perhaps we'd all be best served by your going outside and securing the perimeter to be certain that you weren't followed.

You got it, boss.

[Door opens]

(Female voice) Am I interrupting?

[Door closes]

No ma'am.

Perhaps you could elaborate on how a stealth operation to eliminate a liability turned into a gunfight in the middle of Manhattan.

We had no reason to suspect another party knew about Daniel Casey.

You mean you got caught with your pants down.

And now Casey has a bodyguard?

At this moment, the Agency has no intel.

Another reason why we should have taken care of this in-house.

Our teams are nearly online.

CIA kills Casey because they think he's a traitor.

Northern Lights stays protected.

If Casey would have done his job and we had access to Northern Lights, we could find him in a heartbeat.

Or anyone else, for that matter.

All due respect, ma'am.

We might not be in this situation if we hadn't killed Nathan Ingram.

Who better to provide unfettered access to the source than the man who built it?

Nathan Ingram outlived his usefulness.

And he was dealt with accordingly.

You might consider him a cautionary tale.

Why don't you make yourself useful?

Put this mess to bed by morning.

Here's the problem.

My supervisor wants this wrapped up ASAP.

If you don't start talking, my partner will get involved.

You don't want to interrupt her while she's eating.

Who do you work for?

And what do you want with Daniel Casey?

[Scottish accent]

Good cop, bad cop?


Don't make me laugh.

If I wasn't in this chair...

I'd snap your neck like a twig.

[Pats him]

Tried to warn you pal.

There's just one minor problem with that.

You are in the chair.

God, I love this stuff.

You know what I like the most?

[Muffled screaming]

Can't get enough of it.


Excuse me?

Your setup.

I've never seen a unix variant like that before.

It's rad.

Thank you.

But I don't see your battery backup.

What happens when the power goes out?

The library is powered by a few gas generators scattered around the building.

As long as there's fuel, the lights stay on.

Off the grid.

Looks like I came to the right place.

You seem to know your way around systems pretty well, Mr. Casey.

I grew up in Tucson.

You gotta do something to pass the time.

I started coding when I was ten.

I could debug a system easier than carry a conversation.

Guess I was never much of a people person.

I'd say you're doing just fine for now.

But I do know what you mean.

Sometimes people can be rather complicated.

A computer only does what you've programmed it to do.


At least that's what I used to think.

What's that? - What I spent the last two months working on.

And probably why everyone's trying to kill me.

What can you tell me about the work you were doing for the government?

Started out as a normal job.

Some system they wanted me to test.

They put me up in a motel.

No phone, no TV, guards around the clock.

They'd drive me to and from the facility blindfolded.

I mean, I didn't even know what state I was in.

Seems a bit excessive. All that secrecy.

Yeah, it almost seemed worth it once I saw the system.

It was the most complicated layout I'd ever seen.

Not to mention, the strongest heap of hardware I've ever tried to breach.

Nothing I threw at it made a dent.

So you were unable to find a weakness.

Well, not until I found something hidden in the BIOS interface.

A backdoor. Took me straight into the operating system.

A backdoor.

I was in.

Managed to get a few bits of code onto the laptop before the system woke up and bit me.

It adapted to my hack. Locked me out.

The code you pulled... any idea what it was?

It's so advanced it's almost alien.

I've been able to isolate a few strings of nine-digit numbers, but... no clue what they mean.

(Finch) What happened after the system locked you out?

(Casey) I couldn't shake this feeling that I wasn't testing the system.

I was showing the government how to break into it.

So I told them I was finished, thanks for the gig.

Then I felt a needle in my neck.

And I blacked out.

I woke up in the trunk of a car, with a suicide note in my pocket.

Figured they planned on killing me somewhere and making it look like I did it myself.

How did you manage to escape?

Well, the car must have been going a hundred miles an hour in the driving rain.

There was an accident. Bad.

I got out of that car because it was wrapped around a pole.

Two guys in the front were dead.

I grabbed my bag, took the cash in their wallets and ran.

Thought I'd be safe calling the SSCI, but... we know how that turned out.

That's an incredible story, Mr. Casey.

It certainly explains why the CIA is after you.

However, there is the question of the man you met with earlier today.

That man went to a great deal of trouble to meet with you.

We have no idea who he is or who he works for.

But I think it's safe to say that the secret work you did for the government is no longer secret.

(Greer) [British accent]

Good evening, Mr. Lambert.

Understand you had difficulty in acquiring our prize.

[British accent]

CIA acted more aggressively than we anticipated.

I tried to render Casey in broad daylight.

Is he in their custody now?

Someone pulled him out of there.

Private detail, watching his back.

CIA did, however, capture one of our operatives.

They're no doubt pressing him now as to who we are.

I can divert resources to recover him.

Our people can take care of themselves.

Right now there's only one man on the planet of any value, and that's Daniel Casey.

Very well, sir.

Oh, Mr. Lambert.

Fail me again, and I'll find someone more adequate for the task.

Are we clear on this?

We are, Mr. Greer. Thank you.

This is an original edition of Shannon and Weaver's Mathematical Theory of Communication.

This is...

I believe the word you're looking for is "rad."


Hey, uh, w-w-what are you doing with that?

The fraction of code that you captured here is not entirely unfamiliar to me.

I was going to try to tweak it a bit.

All right, well, just be careful, okay?

It's the only thing keeping everyone from killing me.

Besides you.

You're right.

In addition to the government wanting you dead, there is also a second interested party, about whom we know nothing.

I've arranged for a sale on the darknet.

You're gonna give it to them?

- No.

I have a hunch that the group's concern lies with the laptop and not the man carrying it.

If we sell it, they might call off their pursuit of you in favor of finding the code.

Takes care of one group of psychos, but doesn't really help us with the CIA.

No, it doesn't.

Which is why my partner is chartering a plane to fly you safely out of the country.

Yeah, I won't get too far without a new identity.

I had a buddy drawing up some papers for me as a Hail Mary.

Might be wise to avoid known associates at this time, if you can help it.

And, in this case, you can.

I... took the liberty of creating a new identity myself.

Also a clean phone.

Sounds like you thought of everything.

So how long have you been running?

I mean, look, it's obvious. This place, your setup.

And I think you know more about that code than you're willing to admit.

I know that anyone that has contact with this system that you worked on... either ends up dead... or they lose so much, they wish they were.

The truth is, besides Mr. Dillinger, you're the only person that's ever been here.

I have to ask you--

No, you don't.

Harold, I owe you my life.

However this shakes out, they catch me...

I won't tell them anything about you or this place.

[Grunts, coughs]

I hope you enjoyed the warm-up.

'Cause we're about to run the triathlon.

First event...

"This Little Piggy."

The second one I like to call...

[Glass shatters]

"Glass Jaw."

Word of advice.

Try not to swallow it.

I'll leave the third one up to you.

It'd be helpful to think about which body part you could live without.

[Clears throat]

A word.

Ol' ball and chain.

I'll be back.


I recognize that look.

You're about to tell a girl she can't have any fun.

I'm just waiting for the part where torturing this guy helps us find Casey.

I'm just getting started. Give it time.

Trust me, the way you're threatening him, if he was gonna spill, he'd have done it by now.

Oh, he'll spill. Whether he talks or not.

[Body thuds, car alarm beeping]

That's new.

We should've killed him hours ago.

At least he took a shot at us.

We don't even know what Casey's guilty of.

If I didn't know you any better, I'd say you were about to question orders.

No. I'm gonna reacquire Casey.

And then I'm gonna kill him.

Ready, gentlemen?

Everything all right, Mr. Dillinger?

In a couple of hours our friend here's gonna be on a plane to Prague.

Sencha green.

Ah, thank you.

I'll need just another hour to finish Mr. Casey's documents.


Once he's in the air, I need to fill you in on some other business we have to conclude.

Selling Casey's hardware.

I hadn't told you that yet.

I know.

Because you're a very private person, Harold.

You only share things when it suits you.

Not a very good deal for me.

Probably wind up dead if I keep working for you.

I don't know what's on this puppy, but I know a lot of people want it.

So I lined up a buyer of my own.

Turns out the Chinese are more than a little curious to get their hands on some secret technology.


Mr. Dillinger... what have you done?

You knew I was a shark when you hired me.

Don't act surprised when I smell blood in the water.


Stop, st--


There's no plane, is there?

There is.

It's just for me.

You gonna turn me in?

Do I look like I give a damn about what happens to you?

Why don't you do what you do best?


[Tense music]

[Chiming ring tone plays]


(Casey) Lester, it's me!

You all right, kid?

- Yeah!

Kinda. No. Look, turns out I'm gonna need those papers after all.

I just got it all in order. Why don't you come by the office? I'll be here.

Suppose that makes things easier.

You don't have to hurt him.

He's a good man.

He doesn't deserve to die.

A tsunami wipes out a village in India.

Those are good people who don't deserve to die.

Your friend is a traitor.

And he's gonna get everything that's coming to him.





[Cell phone rings]


Mr. Casey, are you all right?

- Yeah.

I'd say you still got a few glitches in your operation.

Where are you? I'll come and get you.

- No need.

Gonna get my papers from Lester and disappear.

No, it's too dangerous, please, Mr. Casey.

I can still get you out.

You've done more than enough.

I'd be dead if it wasn't for you.

And don't worry.

I won't send you a postcard.


Turn around.


You don't have to do this.

Sure, I do.

Daniel Casey's an enemy of the state.

A crime punishable by death.

Who were you on the phone with?

None of your business.

You people have taken enough from me.

You're not getting anything else.

(Stanton) Any sign of Casey, John?

I've got eyes on him.

Good. I'll secure things here.

[Door slams open]

What is it they say about great minds?

Little slow to the party, fellas.

Keg's tapped.

We have Casey.

Would you consider a stay of execution?

All I need is a little time alone with him.

What's your deal with this guy?

I just want to ask him a few questions.

When I'm done, he's official property of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Everyone gets what they want.

We all walk out of here alive.

Sorry, pal.

For what it's worth, you were never getting out of here alive.

[Distant gunshots]


[Gunshots stop]

I'm fine, John.

[Body thuds]

Caught a little grief from the suicide squad, so I had to give it right back.

Killed most of them.

One got away.

Gonna need a few minutes to sanitize the room.

(Finch) Oh, no.

(Stanton) What about Casey?

He still sucking air or what?


(Reese) Not anymore.

I'll dump him in the water and meet you at the car.

We should get you out of here.

I don't understand.

(Reese) I've looked into the eyes of traitors before, Casey.

You're no traitor.

You just look like a man who's trapped.

You're gonna take the next bus headed to Maine.

When you arrive in Caribou, a man will be waiting to drive you into Canada.

If he tells me you didn't show up, I'm gonna come looking for you.

And when I find you, I'm gonna be in a very bad mood.

Do you understand me?

You get me outta here, I promise I disappear.

Like a ghost.


One more thing, Casey.

Boss is gonna need proof of death.

Couple of molars should do it.

Care to do the honors?

We clean?

We're clean.


We're done here.

Casey didn't have anything else on him.

Whatever he stole is still out there.

Not our problem.

Powers That Be said we're moving on.

Don't know why, don't care.

We've been reassigned.



Forecast is 70 degrees and sunny.

Smile, John.

We just made the world a little safer tonight.

[Static, electronic whine]

Mr. Dillinger, wait!

How the hell'd you find me?

Tracked my phone, didn't you?

Course you did.

What the hell do you want, Harold?

You here to stop me or bury me in case this backfires?

Can't have anything trace back to you-- that it?

You have to trust me.

[Scoffing] Trust you.

How can I trust you when you don't trust anyone?

It's like you said. The code is blood in the water.

But you're not the only shark.

There isn't a government on this planet that wouldn't kill to get it and they have, Mr. Dillinger.

I knew you knew what this was.

It has something to do with how you get your numbers, doesn't it?

If you wanna fill me in, now's your chance.

That's what I thought.

Please, it doesn't have to be this way.

You made it this way.

By keeping me in the dark.

They'll kill you.

Thanks for the job, Harold.

Don't try to follow me.

[Bushes rustling]

(Control) What happened last night?

The man we thought to be Casey's bodyguard attempted to sell the laptop to the Chinese.

Our agent arrived and neutralized him.

[Silenced gunshot]

[Silenced gunshots]

Then proceeded to dispatch several others.


There was, however, a complication.

One buyer got away with the laptop.

So the agent failed.

That's not how she put it in her debrief.

She said if we'd sent her sooner, she'd have killed them all.

She said what?

To be honest, her exact words were slightly more colorful than that.


All things considered, I think we can expect great things from her.

Didn't anyone ever tell you it isn't safe to be in the park at night?


(Special Counsel) We have a lead on the location of the laptop.

The buyers were traced back to a software facility in Ordos, China.

The thing's more trouble than it's worth.

The two CIA agents on the Casey job-- the ones that let the laptop get away in the first place-- send them in to confirm it's the device.

Then destroy it. Along with them.

We can't risk these things getting back to us.

Consider it done, ma'am.

Mr. Dillinger, I...


Casey's dead.

But I've managed to track his laptop to Ordos, China.

(Greer) Glad you could salvage something from this, Mr. Lambert.

Get a team together.

[Overlapping voices]

[Teapot whistles]

[Knock on door]


Daniel Casey, I presume?

How do you know that name?

We have a mutual friend.

In fact, that's why I've been sent here.

Cute. You're gonna need that.

Underneath the floorboard in your bedroom, you have $50,000 in cash and a fake passport.

I'm gonna need you to grab it.

Are we going somewhere?

You are.

Cartagena, Colombia.

You're looking for a man named Greenfield.

Sadly, I've got other places to be.

[Gas whistles]

Uh... look, you're really pretty and all, but this doesn't make any sense.

All you need to understand is you have a higher calling now, so it's time for you to leave.

Also, I may have attracted some attention on my way in here.

Men with guns should be arriving any second.

When I turn that dial, you're gonna have about two minutes before this place explodes.

How do you know all this?

Like I said... we have a mutual friend.

And right now, she needs your help.


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