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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Alarm blaring]

[All speaking native language]

(Bouchard) This is Agent Bouchard.

We have a suspect in custody but have not recovered the artifact.

I believe our thief is still at large.

Ah, welcome back, Mr. Reese.

I see your time in Italy was a sartorial success.

What can I say?

New suit, new man.

New number.

Welcome back.

I do wish we had time for a homecoming, but we just received one about an hour ago.

Meet Kelly Lin.

Born in Shanghai, raised mostly abroad, and recently immigrated to the US, or so says her visa paperwork.

She naturalized as a citizen six months ago.

Is she a spy?

(Finch) - Certainly possible.

Right now, she's working as a professional event planner in the city.

Based on her international reputation, she's quite good.

I found her resume online.

Impeccable references.

Easiest way to get close to an event planner is to attend an event.

AWOL and air travel, and he hasn't missed a beat.

Ms. Lin has been hired to run the new exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum Of History.

A bit of clever computer work put Ms. Shaw on the platinum guest list.

I'm a sucker for watered-down booze and a mini-quiche.

As a donor who RSVP'd, you'll be my plus-one, Mr. Reese.

Black tie optional.

I'll steam my tux.

And oil my--

Finch, where's my spare weapon?

I moved it to the history section a week ago.

Update your arsenal, John.

[Closes drawer]

[Thunder rumbling]

It appears that the storm has yet to pass, Mr. Reese.

Will you be needing an umbrella?

Only if it doubles as a tactical weapon, Finch.

I'll give this one to Ms. Shaw.

I'll just make a dash for it.

Hand-sewn button holes, including one on the lapel.

Impeccable craftsmanship.

I see that Gianni has spared no detail.

Oh, I gotta raise my game up if I gotta be seen with you, Finch.

It's just like a shoelace, Mr. Reese.

I find that it helps if you practice on a leg or a collarless neck if you're out of practice.

I can field strip a .45 upside down in the dark, Finch.

I think I can handle a bow tie.

Of course.

Is it butterfly or batwing?

Never mind, take your time.

[Door opens]

Hate to interrupt this mildly erotic moment, gents, but the invitation advises us not to be late.


Well, I see you've updated your arsenal, Shaw.

Oh, I can work it, along with the .380

I've got in my handbag.

So watch it.

Can we go now?

[Protestors chanting]

Special exhibit, Finch?

A partnership of museums around the world loaned some of their most significant cultural artifacts to use in this one single exhibit.

Something like that doesn't happen often.




Sounds pretty aggressive out there.

They believe that cultural artifacts belong to the cultures they came from.

(Shaw) Sounds like a bunch of hippies and art nerds to me.

(Reese) Still, they could be a threat to Kelly.

She is running the event.

Speak of the devil.

Kelly, what am I hearing?

I've got head of security on my ass about coolers of dry ice in the event space.

Yes, sir, I've heard that too.

I don't have a PO for those.

I think it was a shipping mistake.

I won't pay for the mistake.

I spoke to my suppliers, the museum won't be charged a dime.

Plus, they've offered to upgrade tonight's champagne selection from yellow label to rose.

Oh. Well... I do enjoy a nice rose.

[Gasping, choking]

Oh, my. Dear?


[Gasping, choking]



Finch, there's no sign of danger in here, not counting the shrimp puffs.

(Kelly) That was an impressive move.

Saved me having to get paramedics in here.

Right place, right time.

Do you know who he was?

Warren Zimm, big-time investment banker.

Think, that whole empire down the drain.

From one cunning shellfish.


You know, you have a beautiful accent, and I have an ear for it, but I can't place it.

Where are you from originally?

I spent a few years in a Hong Kong, some international schooling.

Since then, I've picked up traces from a little bit of everywhere.


Well, enjoy the rest of your evening.

Oh, yes, thank you.

Kelly's good in this crowd.

Charming, casually evasive.

Who would want to put a bull's-eye on her?

We don't know that anyone did, yet.

Wren, Harold.

Of course, Harold Wren and guest.

Please keep these on tonight, to show you're all checked in.

Oh, my, he's gorgeous.

Fancy stuff, fancy guests.

A job like this could give Kelly access to all of them, and maybe all of their dirty little secrets.

Mr. Reese, do you know what this is?

It's the Nowell Codex.

It's over 1,000 years old.

Yeah, it's beautiful, but I think we should keep our eyes on the prize in here, don't you think?

[Electronic warble]

(Kelly) Everyone, everyone, there seems to be a problem.

Please stay where you are until the lights--

[Small explosions]

Mr. Reese?

I'm on it.

[All screaming]

Excuse me. Pardon me.

Excuse me.

Finch, they're dry ice bombs, packed in airtight coolers with water.

And the perfect smoke screen.

But who delivered them to the museum?

It could be the protestors.

(Finch) I don't think so, Ms. Shaw.

I think someone's trying to make off with the Cezanne.

Hey, stop!


Got it, Finch.



Right place, right time?

I guess we're both liars, huh?


Boys, you're not gonna believe this, but I know who the thief is.

I'm sorry, miss, crime scene.

Officer, I was just working this event when boom, smoke, chaos.

People were running, screaming.

I got swept out the door without my bag.

Sir, please--

Whoa, miss, it's 1:00 AM.

What can I do to make you stop talking?

Let me get my bag.

I promise, I won't touch anything or bump into any of your NCCSI guys, I swear.

I remember what table the staff put their bags under.

(Finch) Let me know if you find Kelly's.

I hope in the rush she forgot it, after she grabbed that painting.

I'll do you one better, Finch.

I got her bag and her computer.

(Bouchard) Of course, she went for the Cezanne.

She has good taste.

I've been hunting her for Interpol for over a year.

Female, 25 to 35 of Asian ethnicity, I believe Chinese.

(Bouchard) That's all anyone can say, really.

No one's ever gotten a good look at her face.

I almost had her in Dubai six months ago.


I came to New York following a passport of hers, dead end, when I got this call.

She's hard to track.

She uses accomplices, vagrants that she pays off if they'll do a little jail time.

She kills them after, you see?

Tell your detectives to be ready.

Anywhere this woman goes, bodies follow.

You hear that about decoys and dead accomplices?

Kelly's dangerous.

The guard is still alive.

And we haven't seen her hurt anyone seriously yet.

But if we received her number, it could just be a matter of time.

I already looked, waste of time.

Everything on there supports her cover as an event planner.

Shipping orders, receipts, that kind of thing.

If she ditched it, it's worthless.

Maybe it's not about what's on the device, but rather where it's been.

All portable devices have GPS chips these days.

If we're trying to track her down, it will likely be some place she frequents.

There, down on Pearl Street.

A bar called, The Purloined Letter.

That's appropriate.

Let's go see who Kelly meets for drinks.

Given our proximity and the likelihood that Kelly is in that bar, I can use software to bluejack every phone line in the place.

(Man) - Dude, I'm telling you-- - No.

(Man) Excuse me, excuse me, can I get a beer, please?


- But I just can't get her out of my--


(Kelly) - I got the painting.

Wait, I found her.

It's definitely Kelly.

(Cyril) The guys I put you in touch with, you get what you wanted, the ice?

It was where it needed to be.

I had to hurt a guard, Cyril.

He should've stayed out of the way.

Your Cezanne.


Only if you are, milacku.

We're done here.


I've been all around the world. So have you.

But you're far from done.

My associates in Prague are appreciative of all your work.

But this next job--

this next job is a masterpiece, Jiao.

You have everything to gain from it and just as much to lose.

Then I shouldn't waste any more time talking to you.

She used a key, Finch.

At least we know she isn't robbing the place.

(Reese) I think I found Kelly's apartment-- only one without a name.

In the bar, the man Kelly was meeting called her Jiao.

We know that "Kelly Lin, Event Planner" is a dead end.

Let's take a look into Jiao Lin.

It seems there are a number of sites with data relating to a former Olympic gymnast Jiao Lin, who competed for the Chinese National Team.

She won a silver medal at 2000 Olympic Games.

China had a fine showing in gymnastics that year.

You remember those games?

Sydney, wasn't it?

How old was she?

Barely a teenager.

She was later cut from the Chinese roster while practicing in the Czech Republic for the World Championships.

No reasons given for her termination.

So what happened that turned Kelly from a world-class athlete to a world-class criminal?

Perhaps we should do a little recon in Kelly's apartment when she steps away, Mr. Reese.

I'm inside Kelly's apartment, Finch.

No sign of our girl.

Looks... kind of like my place, actually.

(Finch) Kelly's handler spoke of a "Last job," Ms. Shaw.

If Kelly's likely to hurt someone, we need to find out when and where the job takes place before it's too late.

If I were gonna hide plans for my ultra-slick heist--

Kelly's got street maps of the city here, with an intersection marked.

I'm sending you some artwork.

It's a narrow side street, several subway stops in the vicinity.

It sounds to me like a good choke point with multiple escape routes.

I think we found the location of Kelly's next job.

That's not all we found.

I've got research here, something about a Bible-- the Gutenberg Bible?

The Gutenberg Bible?

It's on a world tour.

It's leaving New York tomorrow for Venice, Italy.

It's in transit right now.

[Glass crunches]

Spike strip.

Finch, I think Kelly's about to do something really violent.

[Cocks gun]

You don't know what you're doing.

I guess I was in the right place at the right time again.

[Tires screeching]

I needed to stop them.

Now it's too late.

[Phone ringing]

Answer it.



How did it go?

I didn't get it.


Excuse me. For a moment, I thought you said you didn't get it.

I didn't get the Bible, Cyril.

But I still can.

I'll think of something.

Do you have any idea what's at stake, how much money we're talking about?

My associates in Prague don't take kindly to people who welch on their debt.

Let me remind you.

[Speaking Chinese]

Mommy, is that you?

It's me, Kai.

It's me, baby.

[Speaking Chinese]

Did I just hear the word "Mommy"?

Oh, we've made a terrible mistake.

I don't know why you had to make it so hard on yourself.

[Door opens]

Got a feisty one here, Finch.

[Door closes]

You two play nice.

I'm just gonna sit over here with my gun.

Ms. Lin, you're not going to believe me, but I'm someone who helps people.

Like you helped my daughter.

I know a lot about you, your Olympic career.

You don't know anything.

I'd like to know more, if you'd permit.

You don't seem to commit crimes of your own volition.

But you also don't seem to mind doing it, either.

I'm guessing it's been a while, if ever, since you were desperate or hungry.

I hid the pregnancy as long as I could.

When I started to show, I knew it was all over.

Made my way to Europe-- no money, no skills.

Gymnastics wouldn't feed my baby.

I pawned my silver medal for the medical care to give birth.

Then I broke back into the same pawn shop and stole a watch.

I stole to feed my newborn.

I didn't know it was a front for criminals.

And they tracked you down?

They wanted me to pay my debt, and I guess they had an opening on their team for a thief.

You could've said no.

They took Kai from me.

I didn't have a choice.

They promised to send her just as soon as the work was done.

And what about the people you killed?

What are you talking about?

There's an Interpol agent close on your trail.

He seems to think that you've left behind quite a body count.

Cyril-- it had to have been.

He-- he hires those people--

the decoys, vagrants.

He must take care of them after I finish a job and leave town.

He's a monster.

I didn't know anyone had been hurt, I swear.

And the Bible was the last thing you needed to get for them?

It's too late.

I had to grab it in transit.

It's protected now.

Outfit called Symmetric Security Solutions.

Cyril and his partners aren't patient men, and I don't know what they'll do to Kai.

Symmetric Security is based in the UK, but they have a corporate office here.

That's where they took it, you're sure?

I'm sure. It's downtown.

I've seen it, the building's a fortress.

Finch, what are you doing?

Just a little research, seeing how accessible Symmetric's building is.

Have you considered the option that we could go rescue the girl?

Kai is halfway around the world, Ms. Shaw.

How long would that take?

A while, but--

And what if she doesn't have a while?

I think we have only one option here.

We need to get the Bible ourselves.

Fine... I'll cut the thief loose.

I already cut myself loose.

(Reese) Okay, Symmetric Security Solutions.

We need to know who designed the building and their offices.

We'll need someone to help secure architectural designs, steal them if we have to, then develop our operation--

Or just call someone from the NYPD with friends in security, who can get you those kinds of things.

Yeah, that's right, I know people.

Hey, this is a nice place.

Symmetric Security's offices occupy the top five floors of a 70-story tower in the financial district.

At precisely 1800 hours, business operations cease, whereupon all stair and elevator traffic is locked out, leaving a lone service elevator in the secured parking garage as the only way to get to the upper floors.

From the inside.

This is not your average security company.

When it comes to thieves, their motto is "Deter or eliminate."

The Symmetric floor is protected by armed guards and panoramic hemisphere cameras with 360-degree coverage.

The Bible will be held on the 70th floor, in one of six secure rooms where they keep high-value items.

Sadly, there's no way to know which room they'll hold our item.

Whatever the room, it's certain to be guarded by a biometric fingerprint scan which can detect the prints on all five fingertips and also the user's body heat.

Inside the rooms, there are IR motion sensors and an 8-foot-tall cage, alarmed and electrified, that surrounds the object.

The cages themselves have perimeter sensors that can detect movement within 20 feet.


Just your average walk in the park.

They're the best in the business.

Whoever's running this company is on top of their game.

And no doubt love their reputation.

(Reese) I think it's time I met with someone at Symmetric.

[Speaking French]


This is Agent Bouchard speaking.

(Fusco) This is Detective Lionel Fusco with the NYPD down here at the Eighth Precinct.

I was in the village running down a lead on some stolen property for a larceny case.

I saw someone who matched the description of an Interpol notice you have up.

Chinese woman, late 20s, early 30s.

You hunting down a thief or something?

I am, Detective. What do you need from me?

Well, uh, you know, I'm stretched a little thin.

But if you wanted, you could go sit on the apartment.

If you get anything juicy, you could slip it back to me here.

Uh, yes.


What is the address?

[Upbeat music]

[Siren wails]

I got a report of a stolen car in the area.

The description matches this one.

That's impossible.

This car belongs to the security company I work for.

I'm the supervisor.

Here, check it out.

Based on the prints I'm getting, I can tell this guy doesn't wash his hands very much.

That's informative, Detective.

I'll have a nice set of latent prints in a few.

Not bad, Lionel.

Finch, you find anything else about Cyril or the Czechs holding the girl?

Speculation, mostly.

This syndicate covers their tracks.

Based on theft records and news articles, I believe they're part of an extortion scheme that targets culturally significant artifacts and forces Kelly to steal them.

Then they sell them to the highest bidder or back to the owner.

That's a guaranteed market.

The Saudi Royal family is no doubt interested in a jeweled dagger belonging to an ancestor.

And the administration of the Louvre might pay handsomely under the table to recover an artwork stolen from them in the first place.

(Reese) Do we think we can trust her? Kelly?

To pull off this last job?

I hear ya, Mr. Reese, but we don't have another alternative.

And just because we didn't receive Kai's number doesn't mean we can't protect her too.

Our plan is to get the book and save the girl.

What happens if the Czechs pull out on their end of things?

Working on that, Mr. Reese.


I finally found you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Who are you?

We both know exactly who each other are.

You were good, I'll give you that.

They laughed at me when I told them who I was after, at Interpol.

I've bagged so many thieves in so many countries, but you, I thought I'd chase you forever.

You can't prove anything.

And yet, here we are.

Trust me.

Whatever you cook up next, I'll be right behind you with a SWAT team and a set of shackles.

Hook, line, and sinker.

This is Supervisor Farrow.

What can I do for you, Agent Bouchard?

I have reason to believe an attempt will be made on an item at your location, a very old book.

A Bible. You have to believe me.

Your credentials have been authenticated, only reason we're talking.

What do you think we should do?

Take the threat very, very seriously.

(Farrow) We'll initiate default security measure 202, which automatically moves an object to the central room of our secure floor for safer keeping.

(Reese) Jackpot, Finch.

You can tell everyone we have an exact location for the Bible now.

Then it's time to go to work.


(Finch) Everything's in place, Mr. Reese.

We just need our man on the inside.

(Reese) I'm on it.

(Aris) Let's just say I've worked in high-level security for the past 15 years.

Do you know what a KN2 krytron switch tube is?

For argument's sake, let's say that I don't.

But the United States government requires me to say that transportation of any contraband or illegal substance--

Drop the fine print, pal.

From what I hear, there hasn't been a transport invented that your company Symmetric Security cannot handle.

Especially when money is no object.

A krytron is a cold-cathode gas tube, commonly used in triggers on nuclear weapons.

And if our company never looks inside the transport, we're never made aware of any illegal activity.

Why don't I buy us another drink?

Okay, let's make it just a little warmer around there.

[Tense music]

Your case will be safer here than Fort Knox, Mr. Wiley.

Mr. Zappo, it's after hours.

And I'm a property resource manager with a high-value client standing beside me.

So you'll stand aside.

Well, you'll need to sign in.

[Upbeat music]


Do you really have nuclear triggers in that briefcase?



I'm in, Finch.

[Alarm blaring]


Can someone kill those alarms?

[Alarms stop]

Reset the alarms.

And someone call the NYPD to come and collect our friend.

(Finch) Ms. Shaw, I believe that's your cue.


(Finch) You have 45 seconds until the alarms reset.

Garage, there's a 5-0 at the gate, here for the prisoner.

He said he was in the area.

This the guy?

He's all yours.


They fell for it.

Where to next?

Take me to JFK, private charter terminal.

I should start charging fares.

(Finch) Oh, don't forget to give each finger a good lick before you scan them.

Excuse me?

Saliva will simulate sweat and fake out the body heat feature.

(Finch) Ms. Shaw, I created a three-minute surveillance loop on the camera feed.

The rest is up to you.

Your guy is sure his computer trick killed the motion sensors?


Something about turning up ambient air temperature to match our skin temperatures.

Let's hope he's right.

Well, he's always right.

Damn, it's hot in here.

Agent Bouchard, I see you took me up on the offer.

Thank you for letting me check in.

Would it be possible for me to actually see the Bible?

No need. We already had someone make a run at the book tonight.

Did you arrest her?

It was a guy. A big guy.

The thief Interpol is after is a woman, I'm sure of it-- a woman who uses male decoys.

Look, Frenchie, we handled it.

I promise. Everything's under control.

[Tense music]


My hands are sweating.

Well, make them stop.

[Deep breath]

Farrow, have you been up on the 70th since we nailed that guy?


No, I've been here with you the entire time since.

Well, the computer's saying your fingerprints were used three minutes ago to open a secure room up there.

All security teams, converge on the 70th floor.

This is not a drill! Let's go!


[Electricity crackling]

[Lock clicking]

[Beeps, unlocks]

We're too late.

(Bouchard) [Speaking French]

I liaised with the NYPD.

They're using every able resource to track.

Yes, sir, oui.

I'll be on a plane tonight.

Hang up the phone and get in the car.

[Tires screech]

We didn't steal the Bible, Agent Bouchard, we merely borrowed it... a bit.

Services rendered.

No more jobs.

Did you hear me, Cyril?

I'm out.

My debt is paid to you and your Prague friends.

I want my daughter.

(Kelly) I'm done with this life.

And I'm done with you.

(Cyril) You've brought us millions over the years, Jiao, tens of millions.

Why end such a good thing?

You see, you stop working for us when I say you do.

And if you ever try to run on me, I'll get my money's worth, out of you or out of your daughter.

Don't you touch her.

(Cyril) Kai? She's in a luxury spa compared to where I could send her.

Do you want to know?

Do what you must, but I thought you should hear the truth.

[Phone dialing]

This is Agent Bouchard, Interpol Special Crimes Directorate.

I need to speak with my NYPD liaison.

How about a little reminder?

Can you just let her be, Cyril?

You have to realize, you're property and your daughter's property.

And you will be, as long as--


What the hell is going on?


Slight change of plans, Cyril.

Kai, I'm a friend of your mother's.

I'm here to take you home.

(Reese) You're safe now.

Who was that? In the video?

A friend.

I wanted to kill you a long time ago.

But they said you were too useful.

Not anymore!



[Crowd screaming]

NYPD! Down on the ground!

Hands up!

Hey, Officer, I got this one.



[Police radio chatter]

I used to hate those colors.

It usually meant I needed to run.

Well, Kelly can't run anymore.

What do you think happens next?

Mr. Reese will be bringing Kai back safely to the US and a very wealthy alias of mine is sponsoring her citizenship to help speed things along.

And Kelly?

Kelly broke the law, repeatedly.

And to end this situation, we had to bring in Agent Bouchard.

So for better or worse, her fate is in his hands now.

You got five minutes.

Unfortunately, since you are a legal US citizen, I can't do what I really want and extradite you back to Europe.

And there is so much I have you on.

40 counts of art and antiquities theft, and illicit trafficking in 20 countries.

I could put you away for a lifetime on half the continents in the world, regardless of the duress you were under at the time.

I'm a hero with Interpol now.

I recovered the Bible and took down a cell of Czech extortionists in Prague.

Don't know how I did that, but I'll take credit.

I couldn't do anything wrong now if I tried.

I always thought it was a shame.

My life of crime?


Your life before that.

I always thought you deserved the gold.

[Door shuts]

Please, thank your friends for helping to get Kai to safety.

You're both safe now that Cyril and his thugs ended up in jail... or the Emergency Room.

I wonder if I'll make it in the real world.

The only thing I was good at was gymnastics and stealing.


The only thing I was good at was killing people, but I'm workin' on it.

How about you just try being a mom?

Oh, my--



Oh, my God, my baby.

I missed you so much.

How are you? Are you okay?

[Speaking Chinese]

We're gonna go home.

Yes, we are.

How about Fort Knox?

Think we could take Fort Knox?

You thinking about doing this professionally, Lionel?

I mean, you never know.

I don't know, Detective.

Gold is difficult to move efficiently and not worth its weight in untrustworthy markets.

Now diamonds--

All I'm saying is, we all make a pretty good team.

There's one teammate missing.

How about the crown jewels?


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