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(Fusco) What do you think-- you're the only one that's hurting?


Finch send you?


He's worried about you.

[Men grunting]

[Police siren chirps]


She has a new number for us.


So you two know each other?

(Claypool) Harold and I go all the way back to MIT.

(Finch) He said his tumor was causing memories to flood out at him.

There was a second machine, and Arthur built it.

(Shaw) Do you know of anyone who'd want to hurt your husband?




I suppose this was inevitable.



One of you is gonna tell me what it is I want to know.

How lucky are we, Agent Hersh?

I thought I was getting Arthur's broken toy, Samaritan, but you, Harold...

I know who you are, what you've done for us, but since you stole my device, I've been worried its intel might dry up.

That's why you've done these terrible things to Arthur, obliterated his wife's identity, stolen her life... all for a contingency, a plan B?

But now you're here.

A plan B might not be necessary.

You can tell me where you hid my program.

I don't know. It moved itself.

It doesn't answer to me anymore.

The first one to talk gets to live.

I bet your friend will give me Samaritan eventually.

Congress shut down Samaritan in 2005, destroyed the code-- it doesn't exist.

Of course it exists.

Please, I don't understand.

(Control) You told me you took precautions.

Two drives disappeared during the Samaritan purge.

Where are they?

I can't access the right file.



It's corrupted.

We'll need some enhanced methods.

Agent Hersh, do you have some ideas?


Agent Shaw... it has been a thrill watching you work.

Two to the head, please.

And be careful of the blood spray.



Sorry about the blood spray.

I told you, Harold-- We were supposed to work together.

Scold him later, Root. Cut me loose.

Come on.

Let's move. Make a left at the end of the hallway to the service elevator.


This way, go.


Elevator code's 5228#. Go!



Nice to see you again.


You're behind the wheel. In the front.

Stealing a car, almost dying-- it reminds me of the old days at MIT, Harold.

[Engine turning over]

We got to move.

(Harold) Engines are go.

You're right, Arthur, just like college.

[Tires squealing]

(Man) Where are you off to?

I need your help with the tractor today.

Got to plow the fields, then you can go see your friends.

Dad, we can't, not today.

Where are you taking those bags?

I packed them for you. You're moving.

You remember The Pines?

The staff there-- they can take care of you better than I can.

Y-yeah, of course. Of course.

It'll just be for a little while, till I'm done.

I'm making something that'll help you.

You're still working on that memory thing.

Not just memory.

It's more of a friend.

Maybe one day, this guy will watch over you, learn from you... protect you.

Well, if anyone can do it, it's you.

The world spins on dreamers like you, Harold.

Yeah, I should change, shouldn't I?

You know, I'm gonna tell everybody at The Pines my son is changing the world.

Why does Control want the drives to a broken program?

The program's only broken until somebody smart fixes it.

We should hurry. For all we know, Arthur gave Vigilance the location of the drives during interrogation, and Control will find us soon, somehow.

Arthur, come on.


Are you sure that you did everything correctly?

Excuse me?

'Cause if the alarm was not disabled, then Nathan is gonna get, um, expelled.


His mind has slipped back to 1981, to MIT.

Our friend convinced us to do a hack, a prank at the Harvard/Yale game.

Everything will be fine, Arthur.

It was sort of an anti-nuclear proliferation statement.

And to impress certain ladies.

A rebel and a skirt chaser.

No, no, no, no, no, Harold doesn't need to chase.

He's got a certain gravitational pull with the female population.

You know, I think that Nathan should be here by now.



Nathan isn't coming.

You've drifted away.

Nathan-- he's dead, isn't he?

Arthur, what Control said-- now, I need you to think very hard-- was it true? Did you make a backup?

Save it, Harold. He's closed for business.

Of course I made a backup.

It's just that that woman seemed quite dangerous, so I played the tumor card.

It was a ruse, remembering to forget.

You're growing on me, Arthur.

Who are you?

Never mind.

Arthur, we need that backup, even if it's broken.

Samaritan is our best chance to ensure your safety.

Can you remember where it is?

Yeah. It's with-- it's with a, uh, dear friend of ours.

Arthur's back with us, but I'm worried about Ms. Groves.

We should have heard from her.

Hello, there.

How are you, Miss May?

Call me Root.

Of course. And you can call me Control.

I believe our interests are aligned.

The government can help you escape.

Our department can protect you from Harold and his friend in the suit.

You have been running missions for them, correct?


I'm more of an independent contractor.

Is that why they committed you to an asylum-- to keep you contained?

Seems everybody wants to lock me up.

What I saw in the hotel confirms something that I have long suspected.

You have administrative access.

You have found a way inside the machine.

I want you to give me that access, for the sake of your country, and perhaps for other payment.

It'd be like giving a five-year-old keys to a jet-- irresponsible and stupid.

Well, that's a shame.

I was really hoping to do this the easy way.



[Gasps] there are other options.


Hey, rise and shine, wonder boy.

Truce, right?

'Cause round two won't go so good for you.

I'm not gonna fight you.

That was very stupid of you, Lionel.

You should know better than to hit me.

You're lucky to be alive.

I won my points, Holyfield.

Are you getting us out of here?

You know, throw your weight around?

The yokel sheriff of East Bumblesquat can't read an NYPD badge.

Better get comfortable.

This is the place.

Our friend has a safe deposit box.

The drives are in it.

Safe deposit box won't do us much good without the key.

Claypool's been rocking footed pajamas for months.

I doubt he still has it.

I'm afraid we've lost him to his medical alert button.

I was wondering why that thing didn't work.



Can I help you with anything?

Yeah, do you have any Twizzlers?

We're here for a safe deposit box in the name of--

Smoot. Rudiger Smoot, box 433.

Of course, Mr. Smoot.

This way, gentlemen.



Just breathe.

[Breathing heavily]

This is fun.

In the 1960s, the government experimented with various substances to enhance interrogations.

A barbiturate in one arm to knock you out, an amphetamine in the other--

a roller coaster of sorts.

You can only take so many rounds of it before your heart explodes.

Shall we begin?

Where is it?

It is... beyond your reach.


You think you're in charge?

It's adorable just how wrong you are.


Your safe deposit box is just over here, Mr. Smoot.

(Shaw) Who the hell is Rudiger Smoot?

It was a dare.

Arthur said I couldn't create a false identity sound enough to open a bank account.

The added challenge was the obviously fake name--

Rudiger Smoot.


Nickname "Rudy"... the one Claypool was dishing about to Vigilance while he was jacked up on sodium pentothal.

If he told Vigilance the location, we'll soon have some rather aggressive privacy activists on our hands.

Sooner than soon. We got company.

They're using tricked-out lasers to fry the security cams.

It's Vigilance.

I'll slow 'em down.

Here we are. I'll need your key, Mr. Smoot.

[People screaming]

No one gets hurt!

Everybody down on the ground right now!

(Man) You heard him!

Down, now! I'm not gonna tell you again!

I've always said banks were meant to be robbed.

To the left! Move it!

You heard him! Move! Move!

All the way back! Keep moving!

[Siren wailing]

The cavalry has arrived.

Anthony, 2 left, 2 right--

It's Hersh. Get out of there now.

Drop your weapons and come out of the bank with your hands up.

I'll organize the defensive line.

Good. I'll go to the vault.

Finch, get out now.

Too late. Good luck, Miss Shaw.

You're on your own.


They got to let us out of here soon.

They're just keeping us in here for a laugh at this point.

Nothing wrong with jail.

Some of the best vacations I've ever had were behind bars.

You're a peach, you know that?

How about we just figure a way to get out of here and go home?



What home, Lionel?

You know, I mean, you've never actually invited me over, but home-- meaning our friends and that thing we were doing.

What is it we were doing again?

Helping people, keeping 'em safe so they could get home to their loved ones.

No offense, Lionel.

I know the whole "being a good guy" thing is new to you, but you're not fooling anyone, and neither will we.

We weren't helping people.

We were delaying the inevitable.

No one ever said we were gonna win, but it doesn't mean you stop fighting.

- No.


I've learned my lesson.

It's entropy, Lionel, decay.

We save someone, they'll still lose, just tomorrow, not today.

And I know that now, same as I know you'll probably go back to be a corrupt piece of garbage.

Water finds its level.

You know what? She was the best of us-- better than me and a damn sight better than you.

And she got killed.

But where I come from, that doesn't mean you just give up.

Hey, Skip! We're done here.

You're free to go.

Do whatever you want.

I'll tell Finch I tried.

Tell Finch... thanks for the job.

I haven't heard from Glasses since last night.

That's not like him.

He probably needs our help, but there's no point, right?

We'd just be delaying the inevitable.

(Shaw) Elevate her leg. Continue applying pressure.

- You've done all you can. - [Whimpers]

Keep this. We won't be far.

Arthur, follow me.

Ms. Shaw, what's your situation?

Rock and a hard place.

I'd take out Vigilance, but they're the only ones keeping Hersh out.

I can probably handle an ISA tac team by myself, but no guarantees.

We need an escape route, but you have to be careful.

I urge you to consider what Mr. Reese would do.


As you've said, you're a hammer.

Mr. Reese is a scalpel.

This requires a bit more finesse.

Well, I got finesse coming out of my ass, Harold.

[Telephone ringing]

(Man) Stay right there.

I was wondering when you'd call.

This doesn't have to escalate. Everyone can walk out alive.

Come on, no need to play games.

We both know I'm not a bank robber and you're not a hostage negotiator.

If you evacuate in the next 60 seconds, we'll let you live.

If not, your organization ceases to exist.

No records, no funerals.

You have no intention of letting us leave, but I'm glad we talked.

My sources tell me the drives hold intel about a worldwide surveillance system, but judging from your concern, I'm guessing it's something even more explosive than that... something worth dying for.

We will expose the abuses our government has perpetrated.

Good-bye, Agent.

[Telephone hangs up]

The government wanted an open system.

That the NSA could control... targeting individuals at whim?

But it's broken.

So there's no reason to be scared.



Harold... meet Samaritan.

AI-- You always said it was impossible, and you were always right about everything.

There's something else.

"The world breaks everyone, and afterward...

(Both) Many are strong at the broken places."

A farewell to arms-- That's my handwriting.

It's dated February 24, 2005.

What does it mean?

I haven't the foggiest, but look at my penmanship.

It's exquisite.

[Screaming, gasping]

You have the power to make this stop.

Help me, please.

I am trying to help you.

I wasn't talking to you.

Tell me, where is the machine? How do you access it?

All you need to do is give me your username and password.


All of this could stop.


Did I say something funny?

You're asking all the wrong questions.

I... am the interface.

If you want to talk to her... just give me a phone.

[Breathing heavily]

Will this do?

[Breathing heavily]

I'm sorry. I'm-- I'm a bit tied up.

You're not gonna get it just yet.

How do you use the machine?

I don't.

She uses me.

You view the machine as your superior?


Much more...

My power, my reason for existing, my friend.

The machine looks out for me.

I believe you.

I believe you have a link to the machine, anthropomorphic delusions aside.

You say you're an interface?

Your eyes and your ears are your ports, input and output?


We can put a stop to that.

There is a bone in the back of your ear.

It's the stapes... or stirrup.

It's very small.

It's very important.

Without it... sound can't travel... from your ear to your brain.

A stapedectomy... is usually done under anesthesia, but I'm afraid that just won't be the case today.

No, please.

You say the machine looks out for you?

Then why are you in this cell? Why has it let this happen?

This friend that you love so much...

[Beeping and whirring]

-'s abandoned you.


"Time flows outward in all directions."

This island--

February 24, 2005...

The day that Samaritan was shut down.

No, that was February 25th.

Your note is dated one day earlier.

One day earlier.

Cafeteria lunch was terrible.



I did it.

I solved it before they shut me down.

Harold, Samaritan is alive.

Come on.

[Electricity crackles]



[Keys clacking]

I need more power.

[Dial tone]

[Blows whistle]


[Line trilling]

[Beeping and whirring]

If they don't want to let people inside, they ought to build it better.

Alive? It's not alive, Arthur.

The project broke me, but humans are broken from the moment of conception.

Mutations, defects-- it's all so wonderful.

The chance of disaster.

We fail, we learn, we fail.

My program was too perfect.

You're talking about evolutionary algorithms, genetic programming.

That day, Harold, I broke it.

I forced it to delete bits of itself-- its code, its blood-- and then reboot.


Flailing in the dark.

A loop, ten times a second, and after ten hours, Harold, 360,000 mutations, it would live or die trying, and it lived.

It sparked. It stirred.

For 30 seconds, it smiled and then died.

And the next day the government shut you down.


That's why you saved it.

Protecting my child.

[Telephone ringing]

(Collier) Is this the man with the glasses?

You know, since we first crossed paths, I've tried to find information about you, but there is none.

I'm quite private.

As am I.

I think we have a lot in common.

I'd like to work together, make a deal.

You don't have to die.

Civil liberties cannot be forged in blood.

Violent revolt is an American value.

Do you know the man you're protecting?

We believe he's building a secret system, a system the government plans to put in place to spy on all of us.

Now, he must be held accountable.

And the world needs to know about this program.

Either let us in, or we will blow the vault wide open.

And clock's ticking.

Ms. Shaw, we're running out of time.

Vigilance claims to have explosives.

Yeah, no kidding. It gave me an idea.

You ever made a pipe bomb?

There's a sewer main under the bank.

When Vigilance blows the vault, this will punch through the supply-closet floor.

Then I grab you, and we go down to sewer town before Hersh catches up.

This plan feels rather reckless.

There's a time for a scalpel and a time for a hammer.

It's hammer time.

[Beeping and whirring]

We have your friends surrounded.

So, if you try anything, I will have them all killed.

And then I will take the ear you have left and then your eyes and then your tongue.

Do you understand?

You're too late.

The machine's already talking.

You're too old, older than 40.

You can't hear a sound above 15 kilohertz.

But I can... with the ear I've got left.

My friend's been beeping morse code at that frequency since you brought your phone in here.

She's been talking to me the whole time, telling me about you.

You're scared of me, even with all these guards watching.

By the way, that one has a bum knee.

You're so scared of me that you hid a knife in your pocket.

I couldn't reach it till you got close enough to cut me.

You still have a scalpel.

I'd call that a fair fight.

Suit up.

As soon as they hit the vault, we're going in.

[Telephone ringing]

(Collier) Last chance.

I don't know if you'll survive the explosion.

Give us Claypool and his drives.

Good day, Mr. Collier.

(Finch) Arthur.

How could I forget?

How could I?

There are certain unforgettable things, impossible, unerasable.

Arthur, I need you to consider what may happen when that door opens, how Samaritan could be abused.

End this. Destroy the drive.

No. This is life... or as close as we mortals come to saying, "Let there be light."

It is extraordinary, and it is beautiful.

So are mushroom clouds, in their own way.

155 Manhattan project scientists sent a petition to President Truman begging him not to use the bomb, but they had created a demon too great to resist.

Harold, this is knowledge.

It's what we fought for. It'll just all be lost.

No, your knowledge will not be lost.

Nathan and I used your ideas.

We built it.

I was right. There was another project.

It was you.

I'm not sure that we should have built it.

We created it recklessly. People died.

Your machine-- is it wonderful?


Yes, and terrible.

We saved good people and lost good people.

In the end, I'm afraid we've only given the deck a shuffle.

Everything slides towards chaos.

Your creation-- it brings us poor souls a cupful of order.

Your child is a dancing star.

It's not my child. It's a machine.

A false dichotomy-- it's all electricity.

Does it make you laugh? Does it make you weep?


What's more human?

But these people outside-- if they get your Samaritan, they will hurt it, imprison it, enslave it, and use it to enslave others.

Is that the life that you would wish for your child?


I'll remember you.

[Device beeps]

Harold, they're detonating it now.

It'll cause a shock wave.

[Device beeps]

Get away from the door.

[Device beeps]

Cover your ears and hide.

[Arthur coughing]


That was better than skydiving.



[Both groaning]


Come on, boys.

[Indistinct shouting]

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

[People screaming]

Let's keep moving.

[Gun cocks]


The drives.

I destroyed them. They're gone.

Well, we've still got you.

Kill the others.

On your knees.


(Man) We got to go.

Leave him. We got to go! Go!

I heard you might need a hand.

Mr. Reese, I am inordinately happy to see you.

Forget the shmoopy time. We got to move.

Lionel, your face looks good all covered up like that.

All right, let's go.



(Finch) Oh, my goodness. That smells horrendous.

Come on, fellas, into the muck.

We got him.

Where are the drives?

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Your guards were no match for her.

I'm not gonna tell you anything.

You're not talking to me.



Hi, there.

What do you want me to tell this bitch?

Why have you done this?

The machine belongs to me.


I don't belong to anyone anymore.

You, however, are mine.

I protect you.

The only thing you love lives at 254 Wendell Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I guard it... same as I guard you.

Do not question my judgment.

Do not pursue me or my agents.

Trust in me.

I am always watching.

What do you want?

To save you.

From what?

Save me from what?


Isn't she the best?

Hello, Arthur.

I'm gonna sit with you for a while, if that's all right.

I'm glad you built it, Harold.

Somebody would have eventually.

For all our sakes, I'm glad it was you.

Welcome back, Arthur.

Harold, I'm disappearing.

Every time I come back, my memories are fewer.

I don't remember the color of Diane's eyes.

Forgetting is a piercing wound keen as the first loss.

The memories are there, Arthur. They're just hidden.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone beeps]

(Root) I'm sorry I left without saying good-bye.

Tell Shaw I was touched she came to look for me.

Where are you, Ms. Groves?

I wish you'd listened.

We were supposed to help Claypool together.

Then the drives would've never fallen into the wrong hands.

Arthur destroyed the drives.

Are you sure?

The bank manager, Karen Wallace?

We lost track of her in the explosion.

No, Harold, they found her body stuffed in a closet.

She was murdered just before you arrived.

Who was in the vault with us, then?

That's my problem now.

Please put Arthur on the phone.



You have a call.

The machine has something for you, to send you on your way.

Where are we going when you retire?


Who knows?

We may be on Mars by then.

I'd take Hawaii.


You've always been so practical, tethering me to reality when I spin away.

(Claypool on recording) You know I love you.

I don't say it often enough, but I do.

(Diane on recording) I know.

[Laughs] There are a lot of things about you I know.

(Claypool on recording) [Laughs]

(Diane on recording) I love you too.


Now listen closely.

Men are going to come and visit you.

They're going to tell you that I did terrible things, committed treason.

Don't believe them, all right?

Do I know you, young man?

What's that one called, dad?

Ms. Groves picked the locks on the gate and disabled the ankle-bracelet sensors.

I suppose the machine told her where I'd hidden them.

Welcome home.

I'm not staying.

I came back to protect you.

You're someone the world can't afford to lose.

But I lost a friend because of your machine.

We trusted blindly, but I'm not so sure he cares who matters and who doesn't.

I came back to say good-bye, Finch.

John, you can't go.

I can't stay here.

I was able to swap out the drives.

Various interested parties think they were destroyed.

Excellent work.

Did you examine the drives' contents or tell anyone about them?

Absolutely not.

Thank you for your service.

You have earned my highest esteem.

[Silenced gunshot]


My Samaritan... you are destined for great things.

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