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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Tires screeching]

[Horn honks]

Open the door!

That's a human liver.

We have to get that to City General.

A patient's life depends on it.

Our boss's life depends on it more.



Drop the gun, or your friend is gonna get it.


Here's your liver.

Look, Belinda, or whatever your name is... you just saved my life.

How can I ever possibly--

Ugh. All done here, Finch.

Not to be a stickler about etiquette, Ms. Shaw, but I believe that Mr. Mathers was in the midst of thanking you.

You paid me to save him, not listen to him talk.

And while your combat skills are impressive, your bedside manner still leaves a little something to be desired.

I was thinking you might stop by, and we could discuss it over a nice cup of tea.

(Shaw) Well, as fun as that sounds, Finch, I'll pass.

[Bear whines]


I don't like meeting out in the open like this, Yogorov.

Relax, Simmons.

This place was on the map you gave us.

You see any cameras?

So, Terney?


What's the status on our joint operation?

Everything's in place.

Our part's good to go.

We just need you to arrange the meeting.

No problem.

We'll get all the players in one room.

One very secure room.

If our boss is gonna be involved, this has gotta be airtight.

[Glass clinks]


John... one of these days, I'm just gonna shoot you.

I get that a lot.



Busted, huh?

Finch and I have known about your side project for a while.

From what we've seen, you've got enough to bring down half the organization.

You could bust them, make deals to take down the rest.

Special Agent Donnelly tried that.

But HR rebuilt itself from ashes 'cause we didn't cut off the head.

If we had, Cal might still be alive.

I'm playing by different rules now.

No deals.

And I won't make a move until I can bring down the boss.

They're running some joint operation with the Russians.

If I can just get eyes on that meeting, I might finally ID the head of HR.

Need help?

- No.

But if I do, you'll be my first call.

Finch, I thought you said we had a new number.

We do, but this one doesn't match any social security number on record.

The nine digits in question are a USCIS alien registration number.

Green Card number.

We're looking for an immigrant.

(Finch) Specifically, Ms. Genrika Zhirova of Solntsevo, Russia.

Information on Ms. Zhirova is a little hard to come by.

She has virtually no digital footprint.

(Finch) All I have so far is a last known address.

It's a housing project in the South Bronx.

I can't even find a photo of the woman.

Then let's go have a look at her.

[Knocking on door]

Agent Stone, Immigration and Customs.

I'm looking for Genrika Zhirova.



[Video game sound effects]

No eyes on the target yet, but I see drugs at her place.

Could have something to do with why we're here.

Rough neighborhood.

Whatever this woman's into, I got a feeling it's gonna get messy.

[Lock clacks]

Can I help you?

Y-you're Genrika?


Nobody calls me Genrika.

Are your parents here?

My mom's in prison in Russia.

I never knew my dad.

I came here a few years ago to live with my grandfather.

And where is he?


He died eight months ago.

Shouldn't you guys already know this stuff?

So now you live with, um...


We're, like, third cousins or something.

He's supposed to be taking care of me now.

Which means he gets an extra 200 a month and a free place to live.

They should pay me twice that to put up with her.


Always sneaking around, taking pictures.

Crazy little girl thinks she's a spy.

I'm just practicing for my career.

Career doing what?

International espionage.

What's this about?

Just a routine check.

Routine, my ass.

Is there a problem with my immigration status?

No. I--

Why'd they send you?

Agent Cross normally handles my case.

There is no Agent Cross.


Look, uh, do you need any help here?

I'm fine, but you're making me late for school.

Ms. Shaw's conversation with Ms. Zhirova was, if not harmonious, at least illuminating.

Four years ago, her mother was in prison for protesting the Putin administration.

So her grandfather brought Gen here to live with him.


Now she's all alone.

Not exactly the safest place for a kid.

And cousin Vadim's no Suzy Homemaker.

(Reese) Well, whatever's going on...

I doubt this girl's the perpetrator.

I wouldn't be surprised if the recent changes in her circumstances have something to do with the threat.

Perhaps, Ms. Shaw, had you been a touch more solicitous when asking her if she needed help...

What? I asked, she said no.

If you ask me, the kid can take care of her--

(Finch) Is everything all right?

You're not gonna believe this, Finch.

Shaw just got made by a ten-year-old.

What kind of a weird-ass kid uses countersurveillance tactics?

I got it from here.

But I think you freaked her out a little.

(Shaw) It's mutual.

I'll recon her building.

Mr. Reese, - we need to have a talk about Ms. Shaw. - Uh...

Don't worry, I've got us up on a private line.

Look, it won't do to save this little girl's life only to have her scared to death by Ms. Shaw.

Perhaps it would be best if we kept her at arm's length from Ms. Zhirova.

(Shaw) Fine with me, I hate kids.

Ms. Shaw?

What, Finch?

You think I didn't bug your office?

[Tires screech]

We've got trouble, Finch.



Hey! Get her!

[Men grunting]


Whoever this girl is, Finch, she has a very grown-up problem.

Come on.

(Man) 911 emergency.

(Woman) I just saw an accident.

A tire blew, and the driver lost control.

Please send someone.

I need an ETA on that bus!

And get a back brace ready, just in case!

[Overlapping chatter]

The top's completely collapsed.

I'll try to get to the driver.

Driver's DOA.

(Girl) Hello?

I've got a 10-45.

Someone's alive in there.

I can't see 'em.

I'll check the other side.

Hey, there.

Are you hurt?

I don't think so.

Is my dad okay?

What's your name, sweetheart?


Okay, Sameen, hang on, kiddo.

I'm coming to you, okay?

Well, Finch, so much for keeping me away from the kid.

Ms. Zhirova.

Is she safe?

For now.

But I don't think our tangos have given up.

Me either.

What's your 20?

Sub-basement. A few floors down.

Hold your position.

I'm on my way.

Any idea what this is about?

Do you know who those men were or why they tried to grab you?

Probably because I'm a spy.

She doesn't know.

So we have no idea who's after her?

The guy giving orders had a tremor in his hand.

Could be Parkinson's.

It's a rare enough condition.

It might help us to identify him.

All right, John, I'll meet you at the northeast corner.

No. Please stay put, Ms. Shaw. Mr. Reese will come to you.

Your job is to protect Ms. Zhirova at all costs.

Sir, yes, sir.

I thought you might be a robot.

No hits for Parkinson's in the database, but if you're looking for bad guys, you've gone to the right place.

Your girl lives in an impact zone.

Well, that doesn't sound good.

Her address is in a blind spot where funding for domain awareness ran out.

Criminals like to go where the cameras aren't.

No sign of our friend in the suit.

But she's on another one of her secret calls.

Definitely up to something.

(Simmons) Find out what.

[Phone beeps]

Gotta go.

[Phone beeps]

Carter, where were you last night?

A bunch of us went out for drinks.

I left you a message.

New gun, Laskey?

Like it?

I just bought it last weekend.

Gun show in Jersey.

So you brought it across state lines illegally?

You do know that every gun in New York has to have a ballistics test on file, right?


You guys have the girl yet?

We're closing in, but she has help.

What's your name?

Not important.

Well, who are you?

Why are you here?

How'd you know I was gonna be in trouble?

How's it going, John?

Still clearing our extraction route, same as I was two minutes ago.

Who's John?

Is he your friend?

Is he your boyfriend?


He's a coworker.


So this is your job?

What are you? Like, Spec Ops or something?

Oh, man!

What agency do you work for?



Why would a big agency like that care what happens to me?

We're not a big agency.

Why would a small agency care what happens to me?

We're not any agency.

We're just a...

I don't even know what we are.

To be honest, I'm only in it for the dog.

You guys have a dog?

No sign of 'em here.



Clear. Check the next room.


I got eyes on two tangos, Finch.

I'm taking 'em out.

Absolutely not!

If anything happened to you, Ms. Zhirova would be defenseless.

Let Mr. Reese worry about the kidnappers.

You just get the girl out of there.



We can handle it.

All right.

Come on.

- There they are! - Run.

Let's move!

This way.

It's okay. I'm in here all the time.

(Gen) My listening station.

We should be safe here.

You did all this?

Told you I was a spy.

But I didn't do this.


I think I might know what this is all about.

Gen has this whole building wired, and it looks like someone found out what she was up to.

Any idea who?

Did any of the people you ever recorded talk about committing any crimes?

Lots of them.

I bugged anyone who looked suspicious.

Did it ever occur to you that that might have been a really bad idea?

I was just trying to get the drug dealers out of my building.

Did you give the tapes to anyone?

Not yet.

New York's just like Russia-- you can't trust the cops.

I was waiting till I had something on the dealers that was too big to ignore.

Yeah, they're not ignoring you, kid.

Well, I know that now.

So where are the tapes?

Somewhere safe.


I'm a spy too, remember?

(Shaw) Got a location on the tapes, Finch.

You're gonna wanna write this down.





We got rats in the walls, but I got a plan.

Get the masks from the trunk.

Let's go!

[Gunfire continues in distance]

(Shaw) You all right?

I'm fine.

I'm Shaw.

Nice to meet you.

Where'd you learn how to do that?

My grandfather taught me.

He was in the KGB.

Gave me this too.

Order of Lenin.

I wear it everywhere I go.

You should sell it. Probably worth a lot of money.

What's wrong with you?

I mean, why are you... like this?


You know that thing that made you flinch?

I don't get that.

You don't get scared?

Or sad.

Or happy or lonely.

I do angry okay, but... that's about it.

Did something happen?

Been this way as long as I can remember.

I was, uh... about your age... when I figured out I was different.

What's that?


They must have punctured the pipes for the building's AC.


We'll be dizzy in 10 seconds, unconscious in 40.

What happens after that?

You don't wanna know. Come on.


[Tense music]





Shaw! No!


Hey, so talk to me, Sameen. You like TV?

What's your favorite show?

I don't have one.

They're different everywhere you go.

Oh, you move around a lot?


My dad's in the military.

He likes TV.

We watch football together.

We'll you're being a trooper just like him.

We're gonna call your mom, okay?

And she's gonna come and take care of you.

Ready to get outta here?


[Sirens wailing]

We got the kid. Take out the trash.

[Tires screech]


Maybe clean out your trunk next time, dumbass.



[Line rings]

Do you have her?

No, we were hoping that you had.

But I'm glad to know you're still alive.

That makes one of us.

Any clue where they took her?

We're working on it.

Bear could only track Ms. Zhirova--

Gen. Her name is Gen.

(Finch) He could only track Gen as far as the street.

She could be anywhere in the city by now.

The guy who kidnapped me... isn't talking.

But, uh, I got his cell.

It might lead us to the guy with the tremor.

Give me his location.

I'll handle the rest.

Bear found blood, Shaw. A lot of it.

And he seems to think it's yours.

I'm fine.

I'm sending you the address of a doctor who owes us a favor.

John can track the man with the tremors.

And I think I finally have the means to determine why she was abducted.

[Phone cover hits ground]

I've recovered Gen's tapes right where she said they were.

A girl after my own heart.

I know this went sideways, Finch.

But you can't bench me for every mistake.

(Finch) I'm not punishing you for an error.

I'm protecting you because you're hurt.

You've done enough, Ms. Shaw.

We'll take it from here.

[Cell phone beeps]

What are we doing here?

This is way off our beat.


Lunch. You're welcome.

Come on. Do you really wanna wait in that line for a taco?

No, I want you to wait for two tacos, extra bulgogi, and some kimchi slaw.

Plus whatever you want.

Any problems, you call me. We clear?

Joint operation's on schedule.

(Simmons) Good. The package has been delivered.

Pay the man.

[Line rings]

(Laskey) Hey.

(Carter) Look, something came up.

Take the car and cover for me.

I'll make my way back to the precinct.

Lost my appetite.

[Man coughs]

No, man. It's your turn to call for pizza, man.

I don't wanna call--

[Woman moaning, bed creaking]

[Stops tape]

Read the labels, Harold.

Ms. Shaw, everything all right?

Do you know who took Gen?

Not yet.

But I can't help noticing that you are nowhere near the doctor that I recommended.

In fact, you seem to be...

[Door slams open]

You wanna tell me why you're holding the same junk as the guys who took Gen?

Sit down, Vadim.

Got a little something for you.

Mmm, good, huh?

It'd be a shame to see it all go to waste.

Now I can either re-up your stash, or I can flush it all.

Stupid kid.

Bugging people's rooms.

They sweep for transmitters.

Who uses wires anymore?

But they find the wire, then they find recorders.

Then they find me.

You told them about Gen?

They knew already. They give me this.

They tell me to find the tapes and not to report it if she went missing.




The-- the Russians.

[Sniffs rapidly]

[Puffs, sniffing]


[Glass shatters]


(Yogorov) I don't know if you realize, but you're asking a lot.

(Simmons) I don't know if you realize, but I'm not asking.

Finch, I'm closing in on the kidnapper's cell.

(Simmons) I don't know if you realize, but I'm not asking.

Most accidents don't require a shovel.

Most accidents don't require a shovel.

(Carter) That's my guy.


Paying my guy.


Finch, I know who has the girl.

So do I, Mr. Reese.

Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not polite to spy on people, little girl?


Now... where are the tapes?

So we called your mom, okay, Sameen?

She's coming right now.

Where's my dad? Is he stuck in the car too?

Sweetheart, it was a really bad accident.

Your dad got hurt.

Then why are you with me?

You should be taking care of him.

Yeah, I wish I could, sweetie.

But sometimes people get hurt so bad that they fall asleep, and they don't wake up.

You mean he's dead?

Look, I'm so sorry, Sameen.

If there was anything I could have done...

I'm hungry. Can I have a sandwich?

[Cell phone rings]

Ms. Shaw you're still not at the doctor.

I must insist that you... [Phone hits ground]

Finch, Carter knows how HR found Gen.

They ran her fingerprints.

Every legal immigrant gets fingerprinted when they get to the country.

That still doesn't explain exactly what she has on HR.

How's our friend with the tremor?

Awake, but not exactly a chatterbox.

Perhaps we should let Mr. Yogorov
and Detective Simmons do the talking.

(Yogorov) What kind of joint operation?

(Simmons) One in our mutual interest.

My boss wants your people to stop moving the old product and try something new.

They ever say what the product is?

No, but one of your pictures may turn out to be worth a thousand words.

The tanker that you spotted bears a chemical formula on the side.


Potassium permanganate.

Commonly used in water treatment,
but also a key ingredient in a dangerous new class of drugs.

Synthetic cathinones.

Otherwise known as bath salts.

So basically, HR's dealing drugs.

(Finch) Perhaps not simply dealing.

The drug may be intoxicating, but pure potassium permanganate is just toxic.

Exposure produces symptoms similar to Parkinson's.

Our new friend isn't sick.

He's been cooking designer drugs for HR.

Thank you, Finch.


It's highly unstable.

The slightest shock could set it off.

Drop it, and it'll blow your knees off.

I'd hold steady if I were you.

(Carter) So you've been making drugs for HR.

Where do the Russians come in?

HR makes the stuff, the Russians move it.

They called in a big meeting.

With the head of HR?

The top dealers in town.

HR wants the Russians to lay down the law, force 'em to stop selling coke, "H", whatever, start selling salts.

You get all that, Finch?

Yes, and I've found something in one of Gen's recordings that confirms it.

(Simmons) Screw the Colombians.

This stuff is made right here in the US of A.

All right, we've got a massive facility.

City gets hooked, we all get rich.

So where's the cook site?

I only helped with the first batch, but a pipe burst.

I got hosed with whatever did this to me.

After that, they moved-- someplace bigger.

Please. That's all I know.


And I believe you.

Hey. Hey!

You can't just leave me here!

So HR is tailoring crime in the city to fit their needs, and we've got the tapes to prove it to the DEA.

Look, Carter, I know you said no deals.

Of course we trade the tapes for the girl.

Are we really gonna leave him like that?

Relax. It's just corn syrup.


[Siren chirps]

We got a 911 call. Someone's having a heart attack?


Sorry, we're required to check.

If you'd just let us in...

What was that ambulance doing out front?





Where's the girl?

That's HR's deal.

The cops might kill a kid.

My people have standards.

You know where they make this stuff?

I just handle distribution.

Ever try it?

Hell no.

My body's a temple.

Have you left the country in the last six months?


Ever had unprotected sex?

Why? You offering?


Ever had hepatitis, malaria, Chagas disease, or babesiosis?

No. What the hell is this about?

I need blood.

So I'm taking yours.


You don't even know my blood type.

I'm AB Positive. Universal recipient.

[Breathes deeply]

Get HR on the phone.

[Cell phone rings]

[Phone beeps]

(Yogorov) Someone wants to talk with you.

(Shaw) Put the girl on the phone, or I paint the walls with Yogorov's brains.

Shaw, is that you?

Hang on, kiddo. I'm coming for you.


Let's talk terms.

(Finch) I'm copying the HR tapes.

But I have hours of analog audio and no way to speed up the process.

Gen doesn't have hours, Finch.

We need to tell HR we're willing to trade the tapes for--

Way ahead of you, John.

You hired me to save Gen, not bust dirty cops.

So unless you got a better idea, Harold, I'm gonna need those tapes.

(Reese) We got a problem, Carter.

Shaw took the tapes.

She's meeting Simmons on Randall's Island to trade them for the girl.

But I'll be there to change the odds.

Need help?

If I do, you'll be my first call.

I got eyes on her.

Her pal in the suit knows about the meet.

You're walking into an ambush.

No, he is.

You guys are with me.

[Car door closes]

Carter, there you are. Look.

I need to talk to you about something.

Yeah, we can talk all day tomorrow.

Hey, come on, Carter.

I covered for you with the sarge.

And I need your advice.

I'm having a problem.

With somebody on the job.

All right, what is it?

Hey, not here.

I know a bar nearby.

(Simmons) All right, we're about to get the tapes and the man in the suit.

Showtime, people.

Prepare to fire on my order.


Acknowledge, one.

Acknowledge, two.

Where is everybody?


I'd like to report a kidnapping.

You win.

Take her.

The girl's not here.

Neither are the tapes.

Looks like you got bad intel.

Not a total loss.

It's about time you and I had a little talk.

[Both grunt]

[Dramatic music]

[Gun cocks]


Gotta hand it to you, Finch.

[Gun cocks]

This was a better idea.

Carter said Detective Terney was involved in the joint operation, so it seemed reasonable to assume that his GPS signal might lead us to the lab.

[Gun cocks]


Just tell me which way to go.


I hope.

[Both grunting]


There are hundreds of us, you know.

You really think you can win?

Armies fall... one soldier at a time.

[Siren wailing]


You ready to get out of here?


Hey, Finch, how much you know about chemistry?



Two beers, Jerry.

On me.

How you doing, Jer?

You gonna join me?

So what's the problem, Laskey?

Well, for starters, my own partner won't even have a drink with me.

[Sets glass down]

So you're having a problem with someone at work.



I mean, what's going on?

I'm supposed to have your back, but how can I help you if you don't even talk to me?

I'm fine.

Like hell you are.

With the secret phone calls in the night, ducking out in the middle of a shift, hush-hush meetings with some man in a suit.

Who is he, anyway?

'Cause I don't think he's your boyfriend.

Why are you so curious?


Is it maybe because of this?

I know, Laskey.

I've known from the second your ass landed in my car.

Do you have any idea what it's like?

What what's like?

Riding around all day with an arrogant bitch who doesn't know her place.

They spared your life, but you keep pushing.

And now your pal in the suit is gonna pay the price.

Trust me, he is not the one you should be worried about.

See, you just played Simmons for us.

We fed you bad info, and you got Simmons and his men away from the girl.

You know, when they, uh, assigned me to you, they told me to play the dumb rookie, see what I could find out.

But Simmons gave me the authority to pull your card anytime I want.

What ya think, Jerry?

Should I earn myself a new partner?

You don't even know who you are yet, son.

Do you?

But you wanna play Billy Badass?

You go right ahead.

But I spent enough time with you to know you're afraid of me.

That's why you have your idiot friend here for backup.

I know you, Laskey.

Just like I know Jerry back there is a lieutenant in Bronx Vice who paid for this bar with dirty cash from shaking down hookers.

And I have the proof to put him away for it.

Now I was gonna wait and arrest you two with everyone else.

But if this is how you wanna play it, little man, guess I'll have to take you down right now.

You both can go easy... or it can be hard.

[Cocks gun] They should've killed you, you stupid bit--


Put the gun down.

Put it down!

Sit down!

Now we gotta figure this out.

Figure this out? You just killed him.


You did.

Registered to you in the state of New Jersey.

All I gotta do is submit it for ballistics.

But I'm not gonna do that.

Not yet.

You don't work for HR anymore, son.

You work for me now.

Never seen anything like it.

I told her the news, and she understood, but...

I don't know.

I think there's something wrong with the kid.

What if I don't like it?

You lived with Vadim, you can live anywhere.

And it's supposed to be one of the top schools in the world.

Not every kid gets to become the ward of a reclusive billionaire.

Now if you're ever in trouble again, call this number.

Don't sell it, okay?

I know it won't mean much to you, but it'll mean a lot to me that you have it.

I'm just not wired for this kind of stuff, kid.

I know.

I figured you out.

It's not that you don't have feelings.

It's just like... the volume is turned way down.

Like the sound on an old tape.

The voices are there.

You just have to listen.

Bye, Shaw.

You're hurting me.

[Bear barks]

So I, uh, disobeyed some...

Pretty much all... of your orders.

Am I fired?

On the contrary, Ms. Shaw.

I think you finally got the job.

Now about that bug in my library...

Haven't found it yet, have you?

Did you miss me?

We're gonna have so much fun together.

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