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(Finch) You are being watched.

The government has a secret system... a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But, victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Upbeat Latin music plays]

What are you doing tomorrow?

[Laughs] I'm serious.

We should do it again sometime.

Band was good.

You look fabulous.

[Laughs] Aww.

You're so sweet.

[Tires screech, thud]

[Shrieks, blow lands]

[Man shouting in Spanish]

[Tires screech]


[Speaking Spanish]

Must be easy to get beautiful women when you are a diplomat's son.

She'll live.

You, amigo, you can blame your old man.

Hey, ¿quien es?


If your father had been smart enough to work with the cartel...


You might have lived long enough to kiss her good night.




Who the hell are you?

Tonight, hostage negotiator.


[Tires screech]

Raffi, come on.

Man, you're crazy.

[Siren whoops]


You're welcome.

Ah. They never say thank you.

(Carter) Yeah, I wonder why.

Maybe if you figure out a way to save them before all hell breaks loose.

Thanks, Carter.

You know, for what it's worth, you're looking kind of badass in that uniform.

Yours is still the same, except the mask is new.

So where are all your friends?

Can I be honest?

I only asked you out 'cause you're drop-dead gorgeous.

But after sitting down, really getting to know you over dinner, I realized I think you might be the most fascinating woman I've ever met.

Yeah, I bet you say that to all the girls.

In fact... I know you do.

And after you get into their pants, you get into their bank accounts, just like you did with Paula Scarlatti.

Poor Paula was so heartbroken, she told her mobbed-up old man.

He and his gangster pals just put a big fat bounty on your head.

And can I be honest?

I only went out with you because of them.

[Tires screech]


Hey, what are you doing?

You're gonna get me killed. What are you doing?

Ugh! Ugh!


(Shaw) Here's the deal, Don.

You need to leave town, change your name, and get some game.

Start now.

I appreciate you resolving this situation, Ms. Shaw.

However, perhaps in the future, you might try to complete your assignments without quite so much violence.

You see what she did? I'm not a human shield.

No, he just got in the way.

That's it... I'm not working with a lunatic.

I'm out.

You know how to find me.

(Reese) Can't say we didn't already know, Finch.

First time we met, Shaw shot me.

I realize that Ms. Shaw is an effective asset, but I'm not sure I can work with somebody who refuses to carry a cell phone off the job.

People out there are trying to kill her, you know.

Some of the same people that are trying to kill us.

Yes, machine still seems to be giving them numbers.

Whatever else it's up to is almost too troubling to contemplate.

Meantime, our latest number...

Petty officer second class Jack Salazar, United States Navy.

Petty officer, or petty criminal?

Bit of both, I'm afraid.

He assaulted a man during a barroom brawl five years ago.

He all but put the guy in a coma.

The judge gave him a choice: jail or the military.

And Jack chose the Navy.

So what's he doing here?

Fleet week.

[Men yelling, boat horn blowing]

The annual deluge of drunken sailors that somehow does not qualify as a military attack.

Come on, Finch, it's just a bunch of crackerjacks blowing off steam.

Then it's back to the boat by midnight.

I'm afraid countless sailors in uniform are going to complicate our efforts to locate Mr. Salazar.

If Jack's like most sailors, it's booze, broads, and a tattoo... in that order.

I suppose you know the usual haunts.

Sure, it's two-for-one boilermakers in hell's kitchen.

That sounds horrible.


[Loud rock music]


That's six bars down, Finch.

Excellent. Only 1,274 to go.

(Man) Another round?

Only if you're buying, Jack.

Wait a second. Got eyes on our sailor, Finch.

So there I am, separated from my team, deep in North Korea with nothing but my buck knife and my M9.

Am I leaving anything out, Jack?

Crocodiles, poisonous darts, your sense of shame?

I'm getting to that.

Oh, my God. What did you do?

Baby, that's a long story, and I'm only here till midnight, so why don't we go someplace quiet, and I can tell you all about it?

Ashley, let's go.

I think the lady wants to stay.

Screw you, jarhead.

I'm not a jarhead, I'm a squid, but a tube steak like you doesn't get to call me either.

Leave it, RJ. We're here to have a good time.

Nobody wants trouble.

Somebody call somebody "jarhead"?

Look, man, don't do this. Let me buy you guys a round.

Yeah, I could use another.

You're gonna need to pick that up.

Or what, squid?

One of you split-tails gonna do something about it?

Well, he's gonna have to take a swing at you.

Then your knuckle-dragger buddy over here is gonna jump me.

After I introduce his face to the bar, I'm gonna put this foot upside of your jarhead... upon which all hell breaks loose.

And nobody wants that.

(Reese) I like this guy, Finch.


Aah! Ugh!

Mr. Reese? Everything all right?

Yeah, just shore leave, Finch.

[Siren whoops] Cops!

Let's get outta here!

(Reese) Looks like I lost Jack.

[Men yelling]

Finch, how many squids are there in the city right now?

Uh, approximately 6,000. Why do you ask?

I think we're gonna need backup just to find him.

All hands on deck.

(Root) When I was a kid, computers made more sense to me than people.

(Finch) You said you wanted to set the machine free.

I already did.

My name is Root.

Please talk to me.

[Phone ringing]

[Phone picking up, message beep]

[Electronic mix of voices] Can you hear me?


Robin, did you hear anything I just said?


Look, some of the patients have complained about you talking late into the night, and since cell phones are strictly forbidden and you have no roommate, I can only conclude that you're talking to yourself.

Is that correct?

You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

I have a direct line to a higher power.

It speaks to me.

I see.

So you're hearing voices.

What are those voices telling you to do?

It's just the one voice really.

It wants me to stay here, to work through some issues.

And what issues would those be?


We're discussing how I go about things.

You're not alone.

All these news reports about government monitoring our digital lives, recording texts, emails, phone calls, well, it's unsettling.

You know, it's easy to feel violated, even paranoid.

Let me ask you this: Do you have feelings that you're being watched?


Every now and then.

[Staticky overlapping voices]

Any idea whether our sailor's a victim or a perpetrator yet?

No, but he sure knows how to handle himself in a fight.

What else we got on this guy?

He scored all fives on his evals last year, highest marks.

Same on his physical readiness test.

The Navy may have bigger plans for him.

His contract's up in six months. He'll be free to go.

Can you find out if he's taken any other tests?

Academic or PST exams?

I will, although it seems like getting into a barroom brawl on shore leave is not very prudent for someone with further military aspirations.

Jack didn't start that fight, but he was willing to finish it.

I would've done the same thing.

His shore leave buddy was in trouble.

Robert Johnson Phillips, petty officer third class and ship storekeeper.

And first class troublemaker. They're shipmates.

Which means that they'll have to sign back into the ship together after midnight.

It might help us to enlist another asset with military experience to help track down them down.

(Man) Just let me go, huh? I won't do it again.

Caught this one flashing his junk in the park again.

All excited about the randy sailors in town.

Carter, what are you doing here?

[Sighs] Third time I caught this guy in Hudson River Park, which makes me think he might know something about that homicide you caught there yesterday.

I appreciate you looking out.

Look, I'm still a cop, Fusco.

How's your new partner?

[Scoffs] Guy's a box of rocks.

This whole thing's a crock, everybody knows you got hosed on that shooting.

What, do they expect you to push around a squad car the next ten years?

Till I get my 20.

You just now clocking out?

[Cell phone ringing]

Oh. Our mutual friend.

Looks like your day job just began.


Checked every bar in hell's kitchen, every tattoo parlor on the West Side.

Where the hell else would a swabbie go?

To get some. He's a sailor.

Come here.


Why are we stopping here?

I told you, this area is restricted.

Sailors aren't supposed to be here.

When did the Navy outlaw pastrami?

See that phone booth? Just watch.


[The black keys' she's long gone]

[Knocking at the door]

The Mayor know about this place?

(Carter) If he did, vice would have to shut it down.

But then, half the NYPD would have to find a new place for bachelor parties.

How are you holding up, Carter?

You looking for a new job?

I'm a cop. Always will be, John.

(Reese) Just found our swabbie.

He's not getting away this time. Excuse me.

Get you a drink, ma'am?

Only if you stop calling me ma'am.

♪ She was made to blow you away ♪

Shot of bourbon.

Looking for company, sailor?

You got the cash, I got the open window.

Appreciate the opportunity, but I was kinda looking for the real thing.

I got the cash, darling, and a rapidly closing window, huh?

(Jack) Whoa, easy there, killer.

That oughta cover her and the room.


Try not to get rolled.

Hey, thanks, Jack.

Oh, you should take these too.


Not just cigars, Cubans.

The admiral needed a few cases shipped off the boat, so I taxed him a few. No big deal.

We'll celebrate tomorrow.

Always skimming something, RJ.

Don't get your hand caught in the cookie jar.

Meet back in an hour. Can you do that?

[Scoffs] Look at her.

I'll be back in 30. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

[Recorded message] Hey, it's RJ. You know the drill.


RJ, where the hell are you?

We got less than an hour to get our ass back on the ship.

Call me.

Jack lost his shore leave buddy. Can't check back in without him.

Hey, squid.

Remember me?

Uh, yeah, from the ship. Is there a problem?

Yeah, you know what the problem is.

You have it, we want it back.

Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about, man.

Much bigger problem, Finch.

Some devil dog's got a bone to pick with Jack.

Devil dogs?

Yeah, spec ops, force recon marines.

Team of four, maybe five.

Just sealed off the block.

If I go straight in, Jack'll be dead before I even get to him.

You don't screw with us. We screw with you.

Empty your pockets.

Look, man, I don't really have time for this.

I gotta get my shipmate, and I gotta get...


[Both men grunting]

They're stealing a car. It's an extraction.

I gotta get him out.

Please be careful, Mr. Reese.


Feel that? [Groans]

That's your rib cracking.

I jam it 2 inches further, I'm gonna puncture your lung.

[Grunts] Where is it?

Don't know what you're talking about, man.

Get him and his buddy to a room. We'll sort 'em out.

[Tires screeching] Hey! What the hell?

Who is that?

(Reese) Finch, our sailor took fire. Gonna need some help.

(Root) Let's get this bullet out before the squid wakes up.


Could shoot you or save you. Frankly, I could go either way.

Easy, Salazar. We're the good guys.

Oh, I knew this was a bad idea.

Who are you people? Where am I?

You have a bullet lodged in your shoulder, Mr. Salazar, a gift from a very angry group of force recon devil dogs, whom I can only assume live up to their name.

Now, Ms. Shaw has medical experience, so either you can either let her retrieve the bullet, or we can continue to discuss the matter until you contract sepsis.

Sure you know what you're doing?

I've been shot... a lot.

You wanna tell us why a squad of elite killers is after you?

Don't know.

Guys were in Somalia doing God knows what... fighting rebels.

Leader had a war trophy he wanted to bring back, AK-47.

I stashed it in a crate of spent brass.

So you helped them smuggle an illegal weapon through U.S. customs?

It happens all the time.

My buddy RJ unloaded the crate, said he gave back the rifle.

It doesn't add up. Why would they try to kill him over a weapon?

It's not the weapon, Ms. Shaw. It's what was hidden inside it.

Somali pirates attacked a deep-sea mining vessel off the coast of Africa. Your marine friends intervened.

What kind of mining?

[Phone ringing]


[Phone ringing]


(Rip) Hey, Bagger, you forgot it's the buddy system.

We got your buddy.

(RJ) Sorry Jack, I screwed up.

Look, I taxed 'em. It was just a few.

I didn't think they'd miss 'em!

Miss what? What're you talking about?

(RJ) Check the Cubans.

Uncut stones.

The ship was mining diamonds.

(Rip) You want to see your buddy alive, Jack, bring the rocks to the Babcock, room 212.

- Come alone.


We really haven't talked about your family or friends, Robin.

Your Uncle... Harold, is it... who arranged your admission.

Are you close with him?

[Chuckles] That's... a complicated question, doctor.

I wouldn't want to be anything less than totally forthcoming, so maybe we should try another subject.


You say that you don't want to be anything less than forthcoming... and yet, you're lying to me.

On the contrary, I've been completely honest.

Please, excuse me.

Well, maybe not completely.

I thought I lost this, and it turns out it was stolen.

I'm sorry, doctor, but it's important we be in contact.

We're in the middle of a... disagreement.

A disagreement with the voice?


I want you to know that I support you unconditionally.

Now, I know you believe you need a phone, and I'm here to tell you that you don't.

I believe that by separating you from it... and from all other forms of technology...

It's really the best course of action.

So it's time to unplug.

[Beep] Some assistance, please.

Please... don't do this.

It's not good for us to be separated.

I hope you realize I'm trying to help you.

Escort our patient to solitary confinement.

No contact with anything electronic.

You'll thank me someday.

For a psychiatrist, you're really a terrible judge of character.

(Jack) What are we doing here?

(Reese) Recon.

The exchange goes down there in ten.

That's it. Spec ops will have a sniper.

That's where I'd be.

You got any cash?

Hola, mija.

Don't know how I wound up here.

(Reese) I do.

Same reason you got into a fight with those jarheads.

You stand up for people you care about.

Lotta good it's done me, huh?

We'll see.

You can't be something you're not.

Yeah? And who am I?

You're a good guy, Jack.


You just haven't figured it out yet.


What, you need help finding a trash can?

You're a smart guy, you'll figure out what to do with it.

Give me three minutes.


Ol' leatherneck has a nice weapon.

Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Just remember... [cocks gun] no shots to center mass.

Ah, but it's a shame to waste a rifle like this on kneecaps.

No sentry. Something's up.

You got eyes on the room? Who's there?

(Shaw) Looks vacated.

For good reason, poor guy's rigged up to go boom.


Can't risk setting him off.

Your friend's sitting on an I.E.D.


[Breathes hard]

Look, I'm sorry I got you into this, Jack, but if you can get me outta here, I swear I'll cop to everything.

Take it easy. You're gonna be okay.

I wouldn't say that.

We told you to come alone. You brought the suit, so now he's a guest at our party.

He tries to leave, we hit a button, RJ explodes.

You try to move RJ, he explodes.

You understand me, squid?

I get the gist.

Destroy your phone.

There's a cab on the curb that'll take you to the next location, alone.

You walk out that door, Jack, you won't come back.

RJ's my friend. You said it yourself.

I can't be something I'm not.

Harold, the exchange went pear-shaped.

Yes, I heard. Can you follow Mr. Salazar?

Not an option. He's long gone.

Never even got to take this baby out for a test drive.

Well, the marines will have to fence the uncut diamonds.

Locate the fence, odds are we can locate Jack.

Where to now?

I have another resource working on that.

Well, suit yourself.


[Phone ringing]

Any luck with your contacts in robbery?

Not yet. Don't worry, I got a source.

[Knocking at the door]

What happened to time off for good behavior?

That assumes you've been good.

We had a deal, you keep a low profile.

Why else would I be enjoying my barolo in a basement?

Your man's been seen in Crown Heights, Russian territory.

It's all Russian territory now.

Give us a moment, alone.

Thank you... for helping my boss.

What do you know, you've made a friend.

Speaking of, I can't help but notice that I haven't received a visit from Harold or John.

Haven't told them yet, have you?

Afraid they'd object to our little deal?

There's no deal, okay, I had no choice.

If I'd put you back in prison, someone... cops or the Russians... would've killed you sooner or later.

I need a name, someone with the means to fence large quantities of uncut diamonds.

Well, if someone is interested in such a transaction, they'd have to connect with a mobile fence, and I can think of an unscrupulous Russian by the name of Maksim, presently operating out of a pawn shop in the Flatiron district.

Careful, this is dangerous business, Detective.

It's officer now.

Such a shame, I hate seeing talent go to waste.

I could take care of H.R. and the Russians... permanently.

Enjoy the rest of your barolo.

How's it going, Finch?

I've intercepted the signal at the cell tower.

I'm creating a loop to send back down the line to the team leader.

It'll appear to him as if you never left the room.

All done. You can leave, Mr. Reese.

I suggest you do so in a hurry. I've sent reinforcements.


[Door opening]

(Fusco) Whoa.

Never a dull moment with you guys.

Here, Carter came through.

Address for the fence in the Flatiron district.

You ready?

These ruskies are ruthless and packin' serious heat.

Sounds like a job for Shaw.

Besides, someone needs to defuse that bomb.

Hup to, Lionel.

What? Nobody said anything about defusing a bomb.

Be careful, it's got a fail safe.

If you try to cut the power source, it'll blow,
so dig out the igniter.

The what?

[Phone ringing]

I got your rocks. You afraid to come out and play?

(Rip) You still think you're in charge of this little operation, swab-jockey?

Don't know. I got your whole stash.

Yeah, well, I got a little insurance policy, your buddy RJ.

There's a pawn shop at 23rd and Lex.

What about it?

You're gonna play "let's make a deal" with our fence.

You bring him the diamonds and you bring us the cash.

He tries to pull a fast one, you end up in a body bag.

Time's ticking, petty officer.

How long before the devil dog realizes your friend switched the video?

Long enough... let's hope.

You're in the Navy. Know anything about igniters?

Man, I'm a glorified shopkeeper. I inventory supplies.

Don't worry, I'm a cop.

Bomb squad?



[Doorbell ringing]

You have something for me?

You're not the one who I talked to on the phone.

You're a tourist?

Guess you could say that.

Then you get the tourist rate. 30 cents on the dollar.

Wait, you don't understand who you're screwing with.

Who? A man with no gun and no backup?

Maybe we keep our money and your diamonds.

We don't renegotiate.

Another fine Navy day.

You must be Maksim.

You said 50 cents on the dollar.

That was before I saw the merchandise.

You failed to mention it's from Africa.

Unfortunately for you, I have read all about the pirates and the marine heroes who took them down.

Took big risk, coming, meeting you.

Risk goes up, price goes down.

I give you 1.2.

How much for me to not put a bullet in your brain?

Put your weapon down!

[Men yelling]

[Both men yelling in Russian]

[Doorbell ringing]

I'm sorry, are you guys closed?

It's a bit tense in here.

Can I make a suggestion?

What the hell are you doing here?

Who is this, cop?

Concerned third party. I've got no stake in this except for helping my friend Jack out of here with the same number of holes he had in him when he came in.

What's your point?

40 cents on the dollar?

Hey, Reese, no offense, if the vigilante thing doesn't work out, I'm not really seeing a future for you in conflict resolution.

The suit here, he just got your buddy killed.

Detective, get out, now!

There's no time.



I told you I got it covered.

I suggest you keep your mouth shut.

And you give us what you agreed to or we kill you.

You think you're pretty tough, no?

U.S. devil dogs.

Run around, kill Iraqis, kill Afghans, Somalis.

You know who you don't kill?


(Shaw) Reese, why are the Russians backing up?

(Rip) You know what, I enlisted in the marines to kill Russians. Looks like I'm gonna get my chance.

Wait a minute...

looks like the Russians brought some friends to the party.

Multiple shooters above you, Reese.

Get clear, now.

[Rapid gunfire]

You gonna ambush somebody, use a muzzle suppressor.


Shaw, a little help here?

I would have taken the head shot, but Finch gets annoyed when I kill people.

(Shaw) In the arm, through a brick wall, in the dark?

You're welcome.


You want to get out of here?

Yeah, I think so.

[Nina Simone's "Feeling good"]

♪ Sun in the sky, you know how I feel ♪

Time to get your friend back to the ship before he turns into a pumpkin.

You're pretty handy with that thing.

I'm hungry. You're buying me a steak.

♪ It's a new dawn it's a new day ♪
♪ it's a new life for me yeah ♪
♪ it's a new dawn it's a new day ♪
♪ it's a new life for me ♪
♪ [vocalizing]

♪ And I'm feeling good ♪

♪ fish in the sea ♪
♪ you know how I feel ♪
♪ river running free, you know how I feel ♪

* blossom on the tree *


♪ You know how I feel ♪
♪ it's a new dawn it's a new day ♪
♪ it's a new life for me ♪

[Phone ringing]

♪ And I'm feeling good ♪

Heard about the shoot-out in the Flatiron district.

Lotta damage. You get your man out alive?

With a little help.

Listen, Carter, are you doing okay?

It's been a while since we sat down and talked.

I'm fine, John, you know, just getting on with my job.

You know if you ever needed help... you just need to call me, right?

I know. Thanks.

♪ For me yeah, yeah ♪


♪ stars, when you shine you know how I feel ♪
♪ scent of the pine, you know how I feel ♪
♪ oh, freedom is mine ♪
♪ and I know how I feel ♪
♪ it's a new dawn it's a new day ♪
♪ it's a new life for me ♪

Celebrating or commiserating?


RJ took the rap for everything.

Captain gave me a desk-drawer reprimand and two days swabbing the deck.

I got an hour left of liberty before I gotta get back on the ship.

So what's the plan now?

Captain thinks I could make it through buds, become a SEAL, but after what happened, I'm not so sure about the military anymore.

Thought maybe there was a chance for a normal life after my tour's up, like those two.

The military's full of good and bad, just like the rest of the world.

A guy like you could do a lot of good.

I was forced to join in the first place.

What, you think you're the first kid to have to stand in front of a judge and pick door number two?

Turns out, I was good at it.

Maybe even made for it.

So are you. With your talent, it probably won't be long before the CIA comes knocking.

So what should I do?

That's up to you.

But in a few years, when the guys from Langley show up... say no.

I'd like to buy the happy couple two glasses of champagne.


For everything.

Nicely done, Mr. Reese.

I realize now I never did hear how you came to enlist in the army.

'Cause I never told you, Finch.

I'm a very private person.

Well, one more thing set right in the universe.

You should look happier, Harold.

I am. It's just...

I have a feeling things are about to get more complicated.

Then you might as well enjoy your first boilermaker.

I thought it would be good for us to resume our dialogue.

I know that you'd rather be talking to the voice, but you're gonna have to settle for talking to me.

What do you want to talk about?

I'd like to talk about something real, Robin.

I know you're very smart.

I'd love to know what you're really thinking, so why don't we start with the truth?

The truth?

The truth is a vast thing. I see that now... just how much truth there is. Where would we even begin?

The truth is you are not very smart.

In fact, you're only the 43rd smartest person in this building.


Okay, did your voice tell you that?

That's based on what?

Every standardized test you ever took averaged together, not including your medical boards, which you cheated on.

The truth is you smoke an average of nine cigarettes a week in the parking lot when you think no one's looking.

The truth is that you visit a massage parlor once or twice a month, that you pay for it with crisp $100 bills that you get out of the cash machine at the 7-Eleven across the street.

The truth is that you fantasize on online forums about having sex with some of your patients, though not me... yet. I guess I'm not your type.

The truth is, God is 11 years old, that she was born on New Year's day, 2002, in Manhattan.

The truth is that she's chosen me, and I don't know why yet, that for the first time in my life...

I'm a little scared about what's gonna happen.

The truth is, I'm stuck here for now, and the only dialogue you need to be worried about is between me and her, which is why you might want to give me my phone back.

Because I'm having an argument.

Would you like to know the truth, doctor?

About what we're arguing over?

Whether or not I'm gonna kill you.

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