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Did you know?

[Electronic beeping]

[Phone dialing] _

[Phone rings]

[Ringing continues]

[Electronic voice]

Can you hear me?


[Phone rings]

Can you hear me?



I understand.

Come on, Harold.

The fun's just getting started.

Not exactly a great moment for a personal call.


[Gunshot] [Groans]




We need to move, Reese. Now.



Follow my lead.

Abbreviate audio prompts, please.


And the numbers aren't doing it for me.

Let's try an ascending tone cue for right, descending for left.

[Ascending tone]




[Gunshots] _

[Cell phone rings]

Move now.

Let's go.

I thought you said I wouldn't enjoy this, Harold.

Sadly, though, if my access to the machine only lasts 24 hours, it's time to go.

[Ascending tone]

[Gunshot] [Thud]

Your friend John's been keeping up with us.

How is that?

I don't know.

I wasn't asking you, Harold.

You wanna fill me in on who you're talking to, John?

Our fairy godmother?

The group you used to get your intel from.

You called them Research.

Your ex-boss called it Northern Lights.

The ones your pal told me don't exist.

No, they exist.

They're just an "it" rather than a "them."

A machine.

You mean an AI?

Your tracker.

Maybe Finch doesn't want to be found.

Give me a location on Finch.

You know almost everything that's happening, and you won't tell me the one thing I need?

Okay, look, I already broke you out of jail tonight.

I'm not springing you from the funny farm.


How about a car we can use?


Tell us your story again, Detective.

It's not my story. It's what happened.

The suspect emerged. He had a weapon.

I fired on him with lethal force.

I don't know what happened to the suspect's weapon.

You're not helping yourself, Detective.

We'll start again in 20 minutes.

[Door closes]

So Root wants access to this machine.

She says she wants to set it free, but to do that, she has to find it first.

[Cell phone vibrates]


Wait, this doesn't have anything to do with Finch, does it?

Let's go. Where is this car?

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Cell phone beeps] _


We're gonna need to make a pit stop.

Someone needs our help.

And the whole "Prevent the AI apocalypse" thing?

You like a challenge, Shaw.

We're the good guys, which means we have to do both.

[Speaking Macedonian] _

[Gunshots] _

Don't move. The cops will be here soon.


Are we done?

We're done.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

We're gonna need another vehicle and a way out.

This time, ask for something fast.

The machine says this is the one.

This better not be another station wagon.

What's this for?

To help you feel less inadequate while I drive this thing.

[Engine revs]

What was the plan?

[Translates into Arabic]

You wanted to kill people.

But we got you.

Stopped you.

[Translates into Arabic]

So it doesn't matter now.

May as well talk to me.

[Translates into Arabic]

The ferry. Tell me about the ferry.

What took you so damn long?

Do I or do I not have a locator beacon?

Control felt the Decima situation took priority.

And we have an ongoing situation with some rogue operatives, including your former Executive Assistant.

We're concerned Northern Lights might have been compromised and that she might even have full access.

This is very bad news indeed.

We go to Contingency One.

No cell phones. Avoid all cameras.

Your machine is telling me about all these people, Harold.

Their secrets.

I'm beginning to understand how you acquired such a dim view of humanity, Harold. Wait.

How rude of me.

I can see for the first time, and you're blind.

We'll need some glasses for Harold.

I'm sure you know his prescription.


How's that?

I still don't know where we're going.

Yes, you do.

We're going to find your machine.



You holding up okay, Carter?




It's okay.

So I made my statement.

I don't know what else to do.

Still no sign of the weapon.

You really ought to contact your union rep.


I'll be fine.

I know who took the weapon.

I recognized one of the unis at the crime scene.

He was questioned in the HR sting, but they let him go.

Gonna have Fusco have a little talk with him.

That's always been the problem with you, Carter.

You-- you just never figured out when to keep your big mouth shut.

Listen, you always been okay to me, Carter.

And frankly, I don't like killing women.

You keep digging, we're gonna put you in the ground, just like we did to your boyfriend.

You drag your recovering dirtbag partner into this, we will pull the rip cord on him too.

And maybe... your kid.

Now... are you gonna do yourself a favor and sit here and take it?

That's a good girl.

[Cell phone rings]

Hey, boss. _

No, she's not gonna give us a problem.

Next up, we kill Elias's right-hand man.

Then we get the man himself.

I called in a couple of favors.

Prison transfer tonight.

Where's Bear?

Staying with a guy named Leon.

Didn't think you even liked the dog.

Like him? He's the only reason I'm sticking around.

Why are we here?

Because the machine said this is where I'll find the answer.

What was the question?

Where the machine is located.

Can't it just tell you?

I think Finch programmed it not to, to protect it.

No offense.

Maybe Finch wants control of the machine himself.

If Finch had something to do with the virus, I'm sure he had his reasons.

On the upside, hopefully the machine won't have told Root where it is either.

Next time I see that woman, I'm shooting her.

And not in the knee.

[Cell phone vibrates]

"Ghost Alpha Kilo."

What's that?

A book.

That's the tech guy.

Nathan Ingram.

He worked with Finch?

They built the machine together.

There's something back there.

Any guess for the combination?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Who are they?

I don't know.

People they helped.

People they tried--

You knew her.

Cared about her.

Is she alive?


This isn't Finch's handwriting.

Ingram must have been looking for the machine too, after they gave it to the government.

Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

Hanford, Washington. Comanche Peak, Texas.

He narrowed it down to those three places.

You know what they've got in common?

They're all secure federal sites.

For nuclear fuel storage.

When Root was torturing me, she wanted to know about an engineer named Daniel Aquino.

A nuclear engineer.

He must have had something to do with the facility the machine is stored in.

What did Root want to know?

The name of the man who hired him for Northern Lights.

And what was his name?


Lawrence Szilard.

Nice to finally meet you, Larry.

I've got some questions.

What do you want, Harold?

You haven't been in the office for days.

You won't return any of my calls.

I quit.

I know you've been looking for the machine.

Nathan, if you're trying to get back in to access the irrelevant numbers--

It won't work, I know. You locked me out.

You were always the better engineer.

But I do have one advantage over you.

I am the face of IFT, which means when I call a reporter to meet me for coffee, he'll be there.

What are you going to do, Nathan?

I'm going to tell them what we did.

What we built.

No, you can't do that.


Because the government will shut it down?

Because of the greater good? I'm sick of hearing it.

No, it's not just that anymore.

I've been looking into this.

I think the government may be killing them.

The engineers that Corwin had reassemble the machine after we shipped it off?

There have been accidents, disappearances.

The head of the project, a man named Lawrence Szilard, went missing last month.

Harold, you have been running so long, it's rattled you.

Alicia isn't going to have me bumped off.

It might be out of her control.

We gave the government the ultimate power.

If they know you've called a journalist, they won't take any chances.

They'll kill you and anybody else they think might know about it.

You've never trusted anyone.

Not me, not the machine.

Have you even told your fiancee your real name yet?

I'm waiting for the right moment.

Nathan, please, tell me what I can do to stop you.

Give me back the irrelevant list.

You could even help me.

What, you and me sitting here, trying to rescue them one at a time?

Someone's number's on that thing right now.

It's gonna be erased at midnight.

Maybe... maybe we can help them.

I'm not trying to help them.

I'm trying to help you.

34th Street ferry terminal.

8:00 AM tomorrow.

It's time we tell our side of the story.

You should be there.

Time for a chat, Lawrence.

How did you know where to find me?

Let's say a friend told me.

And who are you? What do you want?

We wanna know about Northern Lights.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

I have nothing to say.

Your daughter, Christine.

In LA, where you hid her.

Such a shame if people running Northern Lights got a hold of her.

Please, there's no need for that.

I can tell you how it began.

You were approached by a woman named Alicia Corwin.

She was killed last year.

Such a tragedy.

All of my colleagues on that project died in suspicious circumstances in the past two years.

As far as I know, I'm the last one alive.

And you're the last person who can tell us about Northern Lights.

Szilard's in Central Park.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Guessing that's where we're gonna find Finch.

Another pit stop?

How often do you guys get a number?

Some days, none.

Doesn't seem like today's gonna be one of those days though.

Let's go.

I told you if I can't have you, no one will.

No one, Katie.

No one.



We were contracted to build a structure.

It had to be hidden in plain sight and have power for 50,000 people.

At first, you know, I said, "That's a joke.

What about a nuclear reactor?"

The next day, I was given specs for a nuclear reprocessing facility and the army corps of engineers as a work force.

And then it started to arrive disguised as radioactive material to evade scrutiny.

We were just told to-- to plug it in.

They would take care of the rest, but I've always been the curious type.

So you took a look at the data.

Just the I/O. The rest was encrypted.

But what I saw... it was like a glimpse of the future.

Elegant, intuitive.

Practically alive.

It's speaking to you right now, isn't it?

Move now. Multiple threats.

Come with us.

Tell me, where is Northern Lights?

You're not gonna harm it.


I want to set it free.

Good. Of course.

[Gunshot] [Groans]

[Grunts] No.

Now take the woman.

Where is it? Please.

[Gunshot] [Bullet ricochets]

Let's go. We have to go.

Come on.

They murdered him, Harold.

He was our best chance. How will we find it now?

Imminent threat.

[Descending tone]

Don't you touch him.


[Indistinct chatter]

Did she do this?

No, your old employers did.

This way.

Go on. I'll catch up with you.

Stay back.


[Engine starts]

All right, enough.

I know where it is.

I'll take you to it.

[Tires screech]

Looks like your friend had a change of heart.

The ferry.

Tell me about the ferry.

[Translates into Arabic]

What were you going to do?

[Translates into Arabic]



[Speaks Arabic]

Loaded on a van.

[Speaks Arabic]

Park it next to Liberty Island ferry.

How would you detonate?

[Translates into Arabic]

[Speaks Arabic]


I am the detonator.

Suicide bomb.


I found this in Szilard's briefcase.

Baggage claim ticket for a trip to Portland, Oregon, four years ago.

Portland's the nearest airport to the nuclear fac--

To the nuclear facility at Hanford, Washington.

That's where Szilard worked.

That's where Northern Lights is.

So that's where Root's headed.

Police business, ma'am.

Let's see your badge.

New Yorkers.

I'm getting in the car now.

Wheels up in 40.

Flight plan for St. Barts.

I'm sure the islands are lovely this time of year, Mr. Chandler, but my friend and I need your jet to take us to Portland.

[Phone rings]

Carter, I've been worried. You okay?

I've been better. But, look, that can wait.

I think HR and Yogorov's crew are gonna take out Elias tonight.

Elias tried to kill you, Joss.

He kidnapped your son.

His well-being isn't exactly a priority for me.

His lieutenant was gunned down this morning.

The first thing Elias did was get his bodyguards paroled to watch his man in the hospital.

At least he's loyal.

[Police siren blares]

Are you okay?

Sorry, Joss, gotta go.

Please just keep your head down.

You too. Though I know you won't.

You tell that thing to get us out of here... unless you want me to end this chase my way.

You heard her. Exit routes, please.

300 yards right.

There is no right.

200 yards right.

In 200 yards, turn right.

What right, John?

You gotta trust, Shaw.

100 yards right.

This is gonna be a rough landing.


Need to borrow your helicopter, fellas.

End of the road, Elias.

Oh, that sort of prisoner transfer.

Heard a story about you, Elias.

Your daddy wanted to put you down.

He had two of his goombahs take you for a walk in the woods.

Does this story have a moral?

Yeah. What goes around comes around.

No. You don't get to talk to me.

I'm true to what I am.

Like my friend Mr. Yogorov here.

I killed his father. He kills me.

Fair is fair.

But you, you're a-- you're an oath breaker.

You're a worm.

I think that's enough of you.

Piece of crap.


Please, please, I got a family.

[Thud] Ohh!

Detective Carter.

What a funny old world.

Where are we going?

I don't know.

[Alarm blares]

Breach in Containment System four.

Switching to emergency override.

Everyone leave now.


Keypad code.

It looks like our carriage has turned back into a pumpkin, Harold.

Doesn't matter. We made it.

You can't be in here. You have to leave now.

What do you think you're--

Open the door.

Are you crazy? You'll kill us all.

No. Just you.

Come on, Harold.

Time to meet God.

Please don't set your hopes too high, Ms. Groves.

Hey. You're not allowed in here.

I said you're not allowed in--

Where is it?

I'm sorry.

You said you wanted to set the machine free.

I already did.

Where are you?

Please talk to me.

You lied to me.

I believed you.

I believed in you.

Ms. Groves--

My name is Root.



Are you okay?

Is this what you expected?

It's what I hoped.

Our friend is going to talk to the press.

We can't allow that to happen.

He's a public figure.

Making him disappear will be complicated.

It seems to me we have the solution in hand.

The next island ferry will be leaving in ten minutes.

All passengers...

[Announcement continues indistinctly]


Asif. Come on.

Time to wake up.

Congratulations, Asif.

You've completed your mission.

[Indistinct chatter]


I knew you would come, my friend.

Time for us to face the music.

[Explosion] Aah!

[Alarm blares]

Turn around, you get a bullet.

You didn't do this yourself?

I couldn't. I'd locked myself out.

The machine was designed to accept alterations in its programming only as a response to an attack.

I knew that sooner or later someone would try to take it over, but I didn't know who.

So I made sure that when they did they'd do it with my code.

You hid a virus within a virus?

I realized that the people Nathan and I had entrusted the machine to were the wrong people and that the only way to protect it would be to teach it to protect itself.

I didn't want to involve you in this business, Mr. Reese, because I had hoped that, if I hadn't returned, you would continue what we had started.

[Alarm ends]

That's not good.

We should go.

She comes too.

If we leave her, they'll kill her.


You should have killed me better, Hersh.

I know it's a minor matter compared to the total and utter catastrophe I'm looking at here, but...

I didn't think you'd turn traitor, Shaw.

That's a strong word to be throwing around given where we're standing.

What do you want?

A word or two with your new friend.

I always knew there was someone behind Ingram.

Like a black hole.

Invisible, but powerful.

So tell me, where did you move the machine?

It moved itself.

But who controls it?

As of now, it controls itself.

The numbers, will they continue to come to us?

That will be up to the machine.

If they don't start up again, the country is defenseless.

No, just less well-defended.

I think we both understand that what's at stake here has moved beyond simply defending the country.

Has it?

You built the machine for us to use to protect people.

We do, very well.

Don't fight us.

Help us recover it or rebuild it.

You can dictate your terms.

You have my word.

You gave my friend your word.

And you killed him.

We're leaving.

You think you're choosing the right side, Shaw?


You lied to me too.




Don't move.

You've been in an accident.

I have to find my friend.

Sir, I just need you to lie still for me, okay?

You've sustained injuries to your neck and lower back.

Do you understand?

Doctor, quickly.

Don't move. I'll be right back.



Check the carotid.


I'm calling it. TOD...


It's done.

We'll find out if he talked to anyone and take care of them too.




Help, please.

I think my fiance was on the ferry.

Do you know where--

I'm sorry.

This is everybody we pulled out of the water.

If you don't see him, the personal effects we recovered are over there.


Did you know?

How did it get moved?

Exactly as you instructed.

Over the last five weeks, one node at a time, so it was never off-line.

Moved from here in containers marked for fissile materials.

To where, I have no idea, which is what I thought was the point.

You didn't think to call to confirm?

I did call. You confirmed it.

[Phone rings]

We'll find it, ma'am.

With something that large, we'll find a way to track it.

I'm sure--

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

I'll seal the room.



Fair enough.


Finch, you think we'll ever get another number?

I don't know.

Mr. Reese, I owe you an explanation.

And an apology.

Three years ago, when I put the code out there to free the machine, I had no idea what path it would take or what unintended consequences it might have.

I never intended to hurt anyone, but I accepted that someone might get hurt.

I always worried that events that I had set in motion may have changed things for you.

My life changed when I kept my mouth shut at an airport terminal seven years ago.

You didn't have anything to do with that.

You lost a friend.

You did what you had to do.

Since the numbers have stopped, it's not right you should go on paying me as generously as you are.

Since you give away 90% of what I pay you, I don't see why I shouldn't continue.

[Phone ringing]


Ma'am, Research made contact two minutes ago.

A number.

Get a team ready.

[Phone ringing]

[Electronic voice]

Can you hear me?


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