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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything... violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

Justin Lee is dead, sir.

And now that executive has started digging into the accident.

Knowing her, she won't stop.

Then see to it that she does.

Interesting strategy, Mr. Elias.

Care to explain?

Trying to learn how to win at a disadvantage.

I assume we're talking about more than just chess.

Rook and knight, valuable pieces.

The Assistant District Attorney and Detective Szymanski.

Their deaths benefited your enemy, Peter Yogorov.

That's very good, Harold.

And I'm in touch enough to know that a number of your associates inside have recently been transferred elsewhere.

Who are you playing against?

The Russians? HR?

A ghost.

Someone I'd very much like to identify.

From the board, I'd say the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Don't count me out just yet, Harold.

I might have a few moves left.

Give John my best.

[Distant buzzer]

[Phone rings]

[Staticky overlapping voices]

[Phone rings]

Miss me already, Finch?

It's not a social call, Mr. Reese.

I want to inform you we have a new number.

I'll head back.

No, you're tracking a number too, albeit a prior one.

Stay the course.

So who's up this time?

Monica Jacobs, Senior VP of Strategy and Systems for Rylatech, one of the top networking companies in America.

And the security is tight, right down to the RFID tracking chips in the employee ID.

So how will you get close to her?

I've found an appropriate cover.

She's certainly a rising star in the tech world.

Gushing profiles in blogs and national magazines.

Not bad for a small-town girl from Indiana.

Tech geeks and code monkeys. Doesn't sound too dangerous.

Ms. Jacobs is a top executive in a billion-dollar business where corporate espionage is rampant.

The threat could come from anywhere.

How's my day, Jerome?

Oh, let's go with slammed.

Tovo at 10:00, New Technologies at 11:00, and then the florist called again wanting the correct address for the Lee family.

Should we just let that go?

No, I'll handle it myself.

Wait... is that the new Centra-6 processor?


I thought they weren't coming out until next quarter.

Is its variable processing as nimble as they say?

Oh, I consider it a vast improvement in terms of energy consumption, overall efficiency--

I knew it.

Anybody who says tablet hex cores are overkill--

Has no idea how to fully utilize CPU architecture.

I agree.

Well... it's very nice to meet you...


IT is lucky to have you.

I believe our network solutions proposal says it all.

Rylatech's routers and switches have a 99.7% reliability rating.

On the basis of what?

Independent tests run alongside three of our five main competitors.

Our firmware is self-upgrading.

Like everyone else's, including Censatek... who had better pastries.

Look, what is your name again?

Ross Haskell, Head of Product Development--

Ross, our VP didn't come here to listen to dry stats.

Why should we use Rylatech's products?

Because you already do.

We've spent the last 15 years building the backbone of the internet, and our latest components will set the standard for the next 15.

Even the Department Of Defense trusts us to get their data from point A to point B.

But, if you want just one reason, Martin Baxter.

He started Rylatech in his parents' garage and built it into this.

That determination, we all have it.

We'll never stop working hard for you.

Or, go with Censatek, who is known for offering kickbacks to networking execs... along with their nice pastries.

So how did you know about those kickbacks at Censatek?

I have spies everywhere, Martin.

Well, if they ever try to entice you to jump ship, give me a chance to match their offer.

I can't imagine how we'd get along without you, Monica.

Well done, Ross.

Terney, I hear you're running point on the Szymanski and ADA homicides.


You got any leads?

Oh, nothing solid yet, but we're pushing on all fronts.

What about the Mayor's guy who got wounded-- Quinn?

All he remembers is that the shooter was wearing a mask and he ran out the back door.

Keep me up to date.

[Phone rings] - Will do.


Just calling to check in, Detective, and to say how sorry I am.

I know that Detective Szymanski was a friend.

Thanks, Finch. Appreciate it.

If there's anything I can do for you...

Um, I'll let you know. Talk to you soon.


I know you don't want to talk to me.

But look, about Szymanski--

There's nothing to talk about.

Unless you're ready to tell me the name of your CI who got him killed.


Like I said.

You okay?

Beecher got a tip about dirty money on Szymanski.

I prove the money wasn't his, Szymanski turns up dead?

I gotta know if beecher set him up, Fusco.

I'll see what I can find out.


Good evening, Mr. Reese.

Have you made contact with your quarry?

Not yet.

You keeping track of yours?

Yes. Thanks to the chips in the ID cards, I can see the location of every employee in the building.

Identify any potential threat?

So far, just overwork and the consumption of raw seafood.

Ms. Jacobs is dedicated, passionate, technically astute.

You've got a crush on this number, don't you, Finch?

A human being can recognize qualities in another human being without--

She's leaving her office.


It's strange. I followed her to the R&D floor.

She's in the computer storage room.

Appears to be looking for something.

Like what?

I'm not sure.

[Elevator dings]

[Police radio chatter]

Why would someone in Ms. Jacobs's position be sneaking around stealing computer files and hiding from corporate security?

I know you like this woman, Finch.

But if the Agency taught me one thing... it's that the most effective spy is the one you'd never suspect.

A true believer.

Mr. Reese?

[Gun cocks]

Mr. Reese, are you there?

I gotta call you back, Finch.

Hello, Shaw.

I thought I just might find you here.

And you decided to drop in for a visit?

Stakeouts can get a little tedious.

And what made you think I wanted the company?

The time I shot you, or the time I ditched you at the cemetery?

I'm persistent.

Or maybe you just can't take a hint.

Darlene and Evan Cole.

Your former partner's parents.

Dead partner.

The government framed Cole as a domestic terrorist.

I thought you might come back here to set the record straight.

How'd you figure that?

It's what I'd do.

Control killed their son.

They didn't need to take their memory of him.

Even the CIA wouldn't stoop that low.

They'd just sweep their mess under the rug and give him a star on the wall.

Your former employers killed Cole for discovering the truth, and nothing's stopping them from killing his parents, too.

But you already know this.

That's why you're out here and not in there.

Next time you want some fresh air... pick a different spot.

A friend once told me, in our line of work, we walk in the dark.

Doesn't mean we have to walk in it alone.

[Staticky overlapping voices]

Well, I'm not sure the source of your problem is a virus.

It's more likely... mochachino.

I'll try to find you a new keyboard.

Thank you.

Now what was it you were stealing?

What are you doing in Ms. Jacobs' office?

Security update.

We just had an update a week ago.

Well, we've since discovered additional threats to the network that needed addressing.

And what threats might those be, specifically?

A complex Kernel-mode rootkit that disables secure subsystems through compromised applets, and I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how dangerous that could be if the update were not installed.

[Keys clicking]

[Beep] All set.

You're welcome.



What are you thinking?

They ran out of paper towels.

I'm talking about you refusing to say who gave you the tip on the Szymanski money.

The bills were marked by the feds.

Found in a raid on a bodega that Elias was operating out of.


Money never made it to evidence.

So either Elias's boys got a hold of it or some dirty cops did.

Either way, it stinks.

You saying I had something to do with it?

I'm saying Szymanski got set up.

And by you keeping quiet, makes me think you were in on it.

See, I got friends who used to work in your old precinct, Fusco.

I heard about your crew.

Two are in jail and one's missing, and you're calling me dirty?

Let me spell it out for you.

Stay away from Carter.

Or what?

What's going on, fellas?

That's a good question.

What is going on?

I can do that for you, Monica.

Oh, it's okay. I've got it.

You want me to pick you up some lunch?

No, I have a meeting.

I don't have anything scheduled.

Oh, it was a last minute thing.

I didn't bother putting it on the calendar.

Mr. Reese, where are you?

On my way.

You learn what our number's up to?

I believe Ms. Jacobs is about to hand off some sensitive information.

So Monica....

Or perhaps not. I'll patch you in.

...what was so urgent I had to cancel my lunch and meet you out here?

Justin Lee.

He's one of your engineers in R&D.

Yeah, he died in an accident a little over a week ago.

It was tragic.

I discovered something concerning.

When I had flowers sent to his parents, the florist said no one by the name of Lee lived at that address.

People move, change their address.

I checked. The parents never lived there.

It's not just that. Everything about Lee, from his contact information to his work history, was a lie.

I think he may have been a plant.

A plant? For who?

Could be any of our competitors.

That's why I didn't want to have this conversation at the office.

And then, there's this.

She just gave him the flash drive that she used last night.

I found Lee's computer, made copies of his files and found a handful of encrypted emails sent the day he died.

I tried, but I couldn't open them.

Who else knows about this?

Just you.

Seeing as he worked in your division, I thought you'd want to get out in front of this.

I do. I'll look into it.

Then we can tell the old man together, okay?

And, Monica... thank you.

I need to see the emails on that drive.

I'll have to contrive a reason to get into his office.

I have a better idea.

Excuse me.

Nice to have you back.

[Staticky voices, sounds]

Thanks for meeting me, Mr. Quinn.

How's the shoulder?

It's getting stronger day by day.

You sounded concerned on the phone.

There's been some questions about the Szymanski investigation.

Like, who my source was about the money.

And you said?


You asked me to keep your name out of it, and I have.

Thing is, uh, I've been wondering myself.

Where did that tip come from?

Well, the tip was strong. Why does it matter?

A dead detective's reputation is on the line.

It matters.

Cal, in my position I'm constantly being offered information.

And the reason people come to me is they know I will keep their confidence.


Uh, look... the tip came from one of Elias's soldiers.

Since Elias has been in prison, his men have struggled.

This guy was just tired of seeing Szymanski getting paid while he scraped by.

Now, I could have given that information to anybody, but I wanted my godson to get the credit for it.

I imagine whoever's questioned you wish they had made the bust.

Don't let them rattle you.

We good?


Thanks, Mr. Quinn.


He gonna be a problem?

Let's hope not.

So Monica wasn't spying.

She was hunting a spy.

Which means the threat may be coming from whoever Lee was spying for.

I've asked Detective Carter to look into his death.

Ms. Jacobs's phone seems to be syncing.

She's not doing it.

Then who is?

Good question.

They're adding contacts, appointments, phone calls she never made.

Mr. Reese, something's terribly wrong.

Excuse me, this is my office.

You'll need to wait here, please.

What the hell's going on?

I'd ask you the same question, Monica.

But by the looks of it, the answer's pretty clear.

Security found confidential designs and documents on your computer.

Ross, I told you those files were from Lee.

Then why were they attached to emails you were preparing to send to our main competitors?

Phone calls, meetings.

You were meeting with anyone and everyone.


Lee wasn't the spy. You were.

That's impossible. Jerome knows my schedule.

I should have said something, Mr. Haskell.

She's been acting strangely for a while now, keeping her own schedule, making off the book appointments.


I'm sorry, Monica.

I don't know what you want me to say.

Martin, listen--

Monica, please!

Security will show you out.

You're firing me?

Effective immediately, with civil and criminal charges pending.

Martin, I've worked for you for ten years!

Then you can afford a good lawyer.

This way, please.

You... this is a mistake.

I wasn't stealing anything. If you just let me explain...

Ms. Jacobs has just been terminated from Rylatech.

Someone may be trying to silence her.

I'm afraid they won't stop until they've done so... permanently.

Good morning, Mr. Reese. Any news on Ms. Jacobs?


She's having coffee, right in front of Rylatech.

Something tells me she's not taking her termination lying down.

I've gone over everything that Ms. Jacobs collected on Justin Lee, the potential spy she was looking into, and she was right.

Lee's been operating under a remarkably deep cover.

Take his degree from MIT.

Certified with a slightly outdated seal.

His New Jersey birth certificate, medical history.

Whoever set this up--

They're pros.

That's how they were able to frame her so quickly when they discovered she was on to them.

The question is, who did the framing?

If I could decrypt his emails, they might tell us.

She's tailing her assistant, Finch.

Hope you don't expect me to play.

No offense, Detective, but my opponent is someone who brings a little more to the table, and you're breaking my concentration.

I'll cut to it, then.

Detective named Szymanski.

Organized crime.

Was he on your payroll?

Afraid you made a bad move, Detective.

Just trying to get some answers.

Then start asking better questions.

Who benefits from Szymanski's arrest and murder?

How could one arrange these acts without being suspected?

And who's at the center of the strings that were quietly pulled?

See, I think you something you don't even know you know, which means you're playing a chess game of your own, Detective. You just don't realize it yet.

Did you give money to Szymanski?

Absolutely... and he threw it in our faces.

He was clean, and you got played by HR.

It was nice meeting you, Detective Beecher.

Word of advice.

Choose your next move wisely, or it's going to be chosen for you.

Detective Carter, have you had a chance to look into Lee's death?

That's why I'm calling.

His BMW's black box said there was no impact from any other car.

No brake or system failure, just simple accident.

I decided I'd take prints off the body, see what popped in the system.

Did the prints tell you anything?

Couldn't get them. The body's gone.


Searched that morgue for 45 minutes.

Somebody got in there, got your boy, Lee, vanished without a trace.

Not bearing good news, I assume.

Beecher's looking for answers.

One of our guys at Rikers saw him, with Elias.

Looks like your talk with him didn't do the trick.

That's a damn shame.

We could promote him out of town.

Desk job upstate.

I always told Cal to be careful.

Being a cop's a dangerous job.

[Speaking Mandarin] _


Monica. What are you doing here?

What happened yesterday?

Why did you say those things?

Were you following me? Let go.

Not till I get some answers.

I don't answer to you anymore, bitch!


Now, be nice, and answer the lady's question.

In English, not Mandarin.

Who are you working for?

You're wasting your time. There's too many of us.

[Glass shatters] Aah!

Get down.

Who are you?

Right now, an easy target.

Mr. Reese!

I have news.

Can it wait, Finch?

I've cracked Lee's encrypted emails.

They're messages, reporting back to his father, a high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.

[Gunshot] What are you saying?

Lee wasn't spying for a company.

He was spying for his country.

We just picked a fight with the People's Republic of China.

Where are you taking me?


Someplace safe.

Let's use the new accommodations, Mr. Reese.

I'll catch up to you as soon as--

It's not nice when someone hunts you down, now is it?

What brings you here, Ms. Shaw?

I assume you wanted me to find you.

Why else would you have given me your number?

I guess I imagined that you would just call, but I suppose this works too.

My offer still stands, you know.

You think I should have a hobby.

Now what would that be?

Hanging around a derelict library with you, your poorly-socialized guard dog, and Bear here?

Bit of a comedown from saving the world, I guess, but we have our moments.

And what's your end, Harold?

Is this your hobby?

Running a halfway house for retired assassins?

I hate to see talent go to waste.

Awfully trusting of you, now, isn't it?

I'm quite confident, Ms. Shaw, that you are the first person that's ever said that to me.

Besides, you're not holding a firearm.

Looks like progress. What can I do for you?

Interesting story in the news this morning.

A CIA operative died in the line of duty on a covert operation.

He'd uncovered a domestic terrorism plot.

Now, the Agency would neither deny or confirm this, of course, but a journalist received leaked documents from within Langley itself.

I saw the story too.

It's very sad.

He seemed to have died heroically.

You and I both know that Cole did not work for the CIA.

So I have this crazy theory that someone hacked into one of the most powerful, clandestine agencies in the world and created an employee who, up until yesterday, did not exist.

That does sound somewhat farfetched.

My friend from the hotel.

Our conversation was cut short.

Yet we seemed to have so much in common.

Tell me about her.

My relationship with that woman is rather complicated.

What's your interest?

You think I need a hobby, Harold?

I think I just found one.


[Dog whines]

Lee was a spy... for China?

Looks that way.

Any idea why China might be interested in Rylatech?

Our proprietary designs keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Maybe they want to steal our work.

Or sabotage it.

Lee could've been secretly altering your designs, making them unworkable.

And Jerome?

Probably there to keep an eye on you.

He was my assistant for over two years.

[Sighs] And now he's dead.

We won't let that happen to you.


Miss Jacobs.


I'd have been here sooner, but a friend of yours stopped by to say how much she enjoyed your chat the other night.

Wait... so you're not an IT guy?

Not in any traditional sense, but perhaps we should set those questions aside until we've dealt with whomever it is that's trying to kill you.

Now, I expect that it was more than just your assistant who was working with Mr. Lee.

To place someone in a division as secure as Research and Development?

They need someone with access, hiring approval.

Well, R&D is Ross's division.

He's the only one I told about Lee.

Well, I-I need to go to the police, or FBI.

They're expecting you to.

While you're being questioned, they'll be destroying any evidence that could implicate them or exonerate you... unless we get to that evidence first.

All my network requests are being blocked.

Did you try the web interface?

Yes, but I can't access settings, or the RPC portmapper.

May I?

This was one of my babies.

Completely rebuilt the interface, disabled the portmapper.

Secondary authentication?

Added for access to the FTP and SNMP.

If you two would rather be alone...

I made it virtually impossible to hack into our company, and now here I am doing just that.

Ten years of my life.

Nights, weekends.

You know how many offers I turned away?

That's a rare kind of loyalty these days.

Truth is, I never wanted to work anywhere else.

Those people aren't just co-workers, they're my family.

And now they think I've betrayed them.

The look on Martin's face...

You may be down, Monica, but you're not out.

Not yet.

If I can get past this server firewall, we should be able to locate the hidden network that Lee and the other spies are using.


What is it?

We've been hacked.

They've broken the password coded into the laptop's battery.

Hijacked the firmware. Get back. Get back!

What happened?

They disabled the micro controller that regulates the battery's charge.

Spies must be monitoring the network.

So what now?

If I can't get through the firewall? I'm not sure.

What about bypassing it all together and directly accessing the servers?

That would require going back inside Rylatech.

I could show you where to go.

It's too risky.

Everyone in that building knows your face.

Ms. Jacobs, do you still have your employee ID card?

Yes, but it's been deactivated.

Besides, the locator chip would tell security exactly where I was.

Yes, I'm aware.

[Staticky voices, sounds]

She's not allowed on the premises.

Let's go.

Up on the left.


Bear, stellen.


[Dog barking]

In here!

You're clear, Mr. Reese.

Let me know when you find the server room.

We're in.

Now see if there's a catalog server.

Catalog server?


Transmitter's installed.

He should have access.

Now I'm connected.

Let's see what we can find.

How are we looking, Finch?

I've found lots of high-level, encrypted traffic using a suspicious amount of bandwidth.

We don't have much time here.

I'm working as fast as I can, Mr. Reese.

Oh, that's interesting.



I've located the end users receiving the traffic.

You mean the spies?


It appears that we may have underestimated the scale of the operation.

That's over half of our senior-level employees... in every department.

All this rerouted traffic seems to be coming from an unending number of networks belonging to... the government.

Military, banking institutions.

These are Rylatech clients. But how--

Our routers and switches.

They've been compromised. They have back doors.

The spies aren't spying on Rylatech.

They're using Rylatech's technology to spy on the entire country.

My God.

Who are these people?

Mr. Reese, I fear that our own spying has been detected.

You and Ms. Jacobs need to get out of there, now.

I couldn't agree more, Finch.



Mr. Reese, are you okay?

We're fine.

But they've got operatives inside the building.

They're communicating on an internal SMS network receiving messages from a single location, the office belonging to Ross Haskell.

Where's Haskell's office?

This way.

Mr. Reese, there's something you ought to know about Haskell.

His name's not on the list.

Haskell is not one of the spies.


[Gun cocks]

Drop your weapon, now!


Martin! You?

I know how this looks, Monica.

How it looks?

You're a murderer, and a spy for China.

No! I'm just protecting what I've spent my life building.

How could you do this?

Simple economics. When the dot-com bust hit, we were bankrupt.

A prime takeover target.

And then an opportunity presented itself.

To save your company by selling out your country.

Who the hell are you?

That doesn't matter. He's right.

He's a fool.

The world has changed, Monica.

There is no value placed on outdated notions like patriotism anymore.

And companies like ours, we have to constantly look forward to the future so that we can prepare for what comes next.

And what's that?

Selling information instead of protecting it?

Controlling it.

Because whoever controls information will control the future.

And what about what this company supposedly stood for?

The great American success story.

People love stories.

I believed it.

Of course.

And that's why you were so good at your job and why you could never be trusted with the truth.

Just like Ross, one of several victims of a disgraced former employee who broke in, shot him, and then turned the gun on herself.

Mr. Reese, I've alerted the authorities, and I've sent the evidence to the FBI.

Your plan won't work.

The feds are on the way.

[Phone rings]


Mr. Baxter.

Do you recall our discussion the day we sealed our arrangement?


The time has come.

Your family will be provided for.

I understand.


Oh! Oh! [Gasps]

Mr. Reese? Mr. Reese?

We're okay, Finch.

They're all gone.


[Dog barking]

[Phone ringing]

We couldn't do whatever this is at our desks?

This? No.


[On tape] Did you give money to Szymanski?

[On tape] Absolutely, and he threw it in our faces.

He was clean, and you got played by HR.


Beecher was trying to find out who set up Szymanski.

It means he wasn't in on it, Carter.

And that someone in HR used him.

We need to get this to IAB so they can--

Whoa, whoa, whoa, IAB?

Not like this was a court-approved wiretap.

You wanted to know about Beecher, now you know.

I'd let it go.

Let it go?

Fusco, do you know who gave Beecher that tip?

You'd have to ask him.

Carter, Beecher could be walking through a minefield.

I'd be careful before I go and follow him.

He's carrying, but he won't talk to me unless he sees I'm fit to buy.

All right, when the deal's done, I'll make the bust.

If it goes right, you can keep half.

[Phone rings]


Hey. You busy?

On a job.

When you're done, buy you a drink?

We need to talk.

Yeah, okay.

I'm in Washington Heights but could meet you back at the Eighth.

I'll wait for you.


Hey, hey!

Donnie, what are you doing?

Yo, let me get clear.

Clear of what?

10-13, shots fired! I repeat, shots fired!

[Phone rings]


Detective, it's urgent that we reach Detective Beecher. Is he with you?

No. Why?

Did you hear? Officer in distress, Washington Heights.

Washington Heights? Cal!


Come on, Carter. Come on.

Shocking news out of Rylatech today.

Police discovered the bodies of CEO Martin Baxter and VP Ross Haskell in an apparent murder-suicide when--

Rylatech stock plunged amid rumors of spies within the company's ranks.

Federal investigators have shut down operations and ordered all Rylatech products at government sites be immediately replaced.

Further inquiries are pending.

While we were off fighting international espionage, things have gotten worse in our own backyard.

Whatever game Elias is caught up in, it grows more dangerous every day.

Ms. Jacobs, how are you doing?

Oh, not bad, considering the company I devoted the last ten years of my life to is under federal investigation.

And, please, we breached firewalls together.

Call me Monica.

So where will you go from here?

Ah, I've had some offers come in.

Though the one I'm most intrigued by is from a company called IFT.

I think I've heard of them.

They're doing some interesting things in CPU architecture.

Sounds like a good fit. I wish you the best of luck.

Take care, Monica.

You too, Harold.

You're gonna miss her, aren't you, Finch?

I would if I had time.

As it is, there's a matter that we need to discuss.

The night we broke into Rylatech, I recognized some of the encrypted code in the spy's network.

It had a signature similar to that virus that Stanton uploaded.

I was able to crack the virus's code and learn two things.

I'm all ears, Finch.

First, only a fraction of the stolen data made it to the Chinese government.

The rest went to another organization.

I believe they may have placed the final call to Baxter.

I dug further, but all I could come up with was a name--

Decima Technologies.

And the second thing?

Whoever Decima is, I believe they created the virus to find and infect a single target... the machine.

Unfortunately, we've had to pull up stakes in Rylatech.

But, as expected, the US is entirely focused on China's involvement and not ours.

Oh, one small wrinkle. The breach of our encrypted network appears to be the work of a single individual.

I shall do everything in my power to determine his identity and render him irrelevant.

Our larger operation is, of course, still on schedule.

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