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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

[Phone rings]

He's been asking too many questions.

How do we deal with it?

Seems to me we have the solution at hand.

Listen, you've got the wrong guy.

You just need to--


Danke schon.

I'm sorry, I don't speak German.

No, I-I think it's just a misunderstanding.

Are these men bothering you?

I'd be happy to detain them.

Oh, no. Thank you.

Um, I think it's just a mistake.

Listen, I'm in a bit of a hurry.

[Speaking Arabic] _



Any sign of our guy Bekhti?

[Sighs] No.

And I just had to shoot our best chance of finding him.

I can't take you anywhere, Shaw.

Well, he was calling Bekhti. I got a partial number.

Eight digits.

Couldn't you have shot him after he finished dialing?

Run it down, all right?

Whatever Bekhti's into, these guys were willing to kill a cop to protect it.

Bekhti's cell phone signal is right below us.

40, maybe 50 feet above the street.

Probably the top floor.

Here we go!

All right.

Ah, whoa. Wrong apartment.

Go fish.

All right, we got a winner.


You disappoint me.

Look at you, you got semtex.

You have a cell phone detonator.

Let me see that.

And cesium.

Half a pound. They're making a dirty bomb.

What's the plan?

[Phone ringing]

There's no time. I'm calling Control.

Yeah, this is Catalyst. Passphrase "Indigo."

Go ahead, Indigo.

Request permission to engage.

Direct action.

Green light.

They still have the windows closed?

As far as I can tell.

You know the only other people crazy enough to use the gas besides you, Shaw?


Crazy FSB Russians.

Where do you think I get it?

We have our first winner.

[Muffled thuds]

Number two.

There's three.

[Crowd cheering on TV]

I've removed the cesium.

Shaw, what happened?

[Both grunting]




A little help, Cole.

I can't, uh--

I can't see him. Just--

What do you have?

Still looking.

I don't see him, Shaw.

I-I still don't have him.

Calm down.

Give me something I can use.

Okay, wait.

Don't move.

Your 3:00... now.


Sam, you okay?

Pull the fire alarm and head down to the street.

Um, what are you gonna be doing?

Getting my bullets back.

We were never here, remember?

Bekhti's wiring was a bit rough.

I fixed it for them.

That's nice of you.

You're making your own way out.

Sure you don't want some company?

Why, you know anybody?

I'll see you when I see you.

I'll see you tomorrow.


New York City.

Control called. We got another number.

I guess it's like you said. They never stop coming.

How is New York?


I'm meeting with Wilson tonight.

Since when do you make deliveries?

I was in town for a meeting.

Thought I'd congratulate my best operator.

Tell me this.

Don't we pay you to disarm bombs rather than set them off?

My call. We had the cesium.

Seemed like the best way to cover our tracks.

Thank you. Unofficially.

Your new number.

[Indistinct police radio chatter]

I've still got eyes on our new number.

He's been walking in circles for an hour, Cole.

I'm getting a little bored.

Tell me a story.

James Mercer.

Did four in the corps.

A dishonorable discharge.

Graduates to the militia movement.

And then a week ago, he gets wired 10k from an offshore account, and moves to Queens.

I'm guessing research doesn't think he's here for a Broadway show.

Cole, I think I've been made.

My 3:00, good-looking guy in a suit.

You sure he's not just checking you out?

Forgot your gas mask, Shaw.

All right, false alarm.


[Phone beeps]

Mercer's getting a call.

[Line trilling]

[On phone] It's time. Tomorrow's the big day.

We need to get a look at this guy's computer tonight.

You may even have to get out of the van.

Is something wrong with you?


You're not still pining for that girl in Staad.

You ever wonder where Research gets the numbers?



Because I don't work for Research.

Did you ever think they could be wrong sometimes?

Like that guy in San Jose. Aquino.

Two years ago.

He was... so confused.

You remember what he said?

I do.


I'm the one that killed him while you just watched on your little camera.

I also remember... that he was trying to sell designs for a nuclear centrifuge to Hezbollah.

And you tracked the money trail.

Research was right about Aquino.

Like they're always right.

How can you be so sure that they are never wrong if you have no idea who they even are... or where they get these numbers?

I know exactly where they get those damn numbers from, Cole, and so do you.

From a dark room somewhere where they hurt people badly.

And the reason we don't ask where Research gets its numbers from is because Research is never wrong.

Well, they were this time.

You did something stupid, didn't you?

I called on one of my friends from the agency, asked her to trace the money.

Those transfers didn't come from Hezbollah.

They came from the US Government.

Aquino was doing something covert, but he was doing it for us.

I called Control. Wilson.

I mean, I've requested an internal investigation.

I will keep you out of it, I promise.

You talked to Wilson?


[Car alarm chirps]

Mercer's on the move.

[Gun clicks]

And we still have a job to do... remember?

Whoa, all right. I'm in.

That was easy.


This is not right.

Mercer's got a bunch of emails from some contacts-- ex-military.

Do you have the name of the contacts?


They're us.

Our names are all over these files.

[Gunshots in distance]

Shaw? Shaw!


[Both grunt]

We need to move. Now.

Ah, that's gonna be tough.

All right, come on.



I'm sorry.

No, no, no, don't talk.

All right.

Look, I'm gonna call Control, and, uh... we're gonna get you some help.

I was trying to get your back.

Always trying to be the hero, huh?



Just yours.

[Over radio] Second Team, head in.

[Both grunting]


Shaw... listen. My name is John.

I'm here to help you.

Team Three, move into position.




This is Team Two. I think she may have backup.

There's some other guy in he--

[Gunshots, grunts]


All teams, check in. Did you kill the woman or not?


[Keypad tones]

[Phone ringing]


We got a problem.

I lost her.

I would say that's a little more than a problem, Wilson.

We took care of Cole.

Shaw managed to shoot her way out.

I lost a full team. It's a bit of a mess.

That's... unfortunate.

[Door opens, closes]

Just a moment.

That's everything you need for your 10:00 AM with State.

Will you need anything else?

No, thank you, Miss May.

Have a nice evening.

You too, sir.

So you're telling me we've got a lethal operative off the leash who's aware we terminated her partner and tried to do the same to her and who may have information which endangers our entire project.

That seems to be the situation, sir.

First, she'll be looking to regroup.

Transportation, weapons, a place to hide.

But we may have an edge.

What's that?

I'm pretty sure I clipped her.


What you need tonight, girl?

You know, I just need a little bit of daylight.


I got you.



Hold on!

[Buzzing] Lewis?

If your dumb ass is here, who the hell is out on the corner?



You ever have a staring contest with a fish?


No eyelids.

Kinda pointless, right?

Like you reaching for that scattergun.

Back up.

Okay, there, Lewis.

I'm gonna need you to ziptie your friend to the radiator.

Nice and tight.

Uh, Lewis, I'm gonna need some things.

Painkillers, razor blades, and if... there's no gauze, then towels.

Hollow point.

[Panting] Son of a bitch!

Seen shots like that before.

You're gut shot.

You're done.

You better hope not.

'Cause if I start to lose consciousness, I'm shooting you first.

Sit down, Lewis.

[Breathing heavily]

Have you done this before?

You're pretty good at it.

I was in med school for a bit.

You're a doctor?


Joined the Marines.

Figured I was better at killing people than fixing them.


I'm about to lose consciousness, so, uh...

I need you to ziptie yourself along with your friend, okay?

[Door kicked open]

[Door closes]


I always knew you was an idiot, Lewis.


Hey, you.

Nice piece.

Who the hell you supposed to be, some kinda badass?

Not really.

I have what's called an Axis II Personality Disorder.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means when I kill you and your friends, I'm not really gonna feel anything.

[Scoffs] Oh!

You gonna kill me?

You weight what, hundred pounds?

9mm round weighs about a quarter of an ounce.

It gets the job done.

But your gun's a .45, little girl.

I was talking about my backup piece.

[Gun clicks, gunshots]

[Sighs] Lewis, go.

If you tell anybody about me...

I will find you.


Shaw is one of our best. Trained her myself.

You're not gonna find her until she wants to be found.

We need to know her game plan.

Is Shaw going to look into the Aquino situation, or simply come after us for revenge?


She's a multitasker. It's why we hired her.

We need to track down Cole's contact in the CIA.

I'm already on it. Her name is Veronica Sinclair.

What did you find, partner?

[Keypad tones]

[Line trilling]


Hello, Veronica.

I wanna talk to you about Michael Cole.

Who is this?

Whatever you told him... may have gotten him killed.

Please. I can't be involved in this.

Well, you either meet me or I track you down.

And that is not something that you want.

Manhattan, the Suffolk Hotel, room 1458, 5:00 PM tomorrow.

I'll be there.

[Phone ringing]


Figured you'd be calling me sooner or later.

You should really come in, Sam.

You know there's no point in running from us.

I'll turn myself in, but only to the boss.

I wanna meet Control.

Yeah, I don't think so.

I call my boss, you try to kill him.

It's very embarrassing for me.

I will send you the location.

You make sure he's there, or else I go public with the Aquino files.



And, Wilson, don't keep me waiting.

Hello, Veronica.

Come in.

Any chance you were followed?

I don't think so, but...

I haven't been in the field since I was at the farm.

You're Sam, right?

Michael talked about you.

I mean, he didn't tell me about what you guys do or anything, but... he liked you.

What happened to him?

He was killed.

On a mission.

The less you know about all of this, the safer you'll be.

But I do need to know what he talked to you about.

Mike sent over details of wire transfers to a nuclear engineer named Daniel Aquino.

They appeared to originate out of accounts affiliated with Hezbollah, but... someone had electronically spoofed the transfers.

I was able to track down the real originating accounts.

They were out of the US Government.

Which part of the government?

A group out of the Pentagon called the Intelligence Support Activity.

Have you heard of them?

You could say that.

Up until yesterday, I worked for them.

Their budget's confidential, but... it stretches back five years.

Huge amounts coded to a project called Northern Lights.

What was the project?

I don't know.

But Aquino was part of it.

They built a facility of some kind coded as Research.

But I can't find the names of anyone else involved in the project.


Mike said Aquino told you the name of his contact in Northern Lights.

Do you remember it?

[Clatter continues]

Stay here.

And keep away from those windows.

[Muffled grunting]

[Taser buzzes]

Veronica and I had a bit of a chat before you got here.

She tried really, really hard to remember anything else that could help me, but... she didn't know anything.

I read your file, and I'm kind of a big fan.

So, I really don't wanna hurt you.

I just need the name.

You really have no idea what you're caught up in, do you?

Who you're actually working for?


Did you honestly think the source of the numbers was Guantanamo?

Some sad taxi driver rotting away in a cage somewhere?

I mean, you should know torture almost never produces good information.

Well... almost never.

Sadly, we are on a bit of a clock.

Wilson's men started looking for Veronica here three hours ago.

[Sizzles] Mm!


Aquino was hired to build a home for something very special, something I wanna find.

So you're gonna tell me the name of his contact.

One of the things I left out of my file...

I kind of enjoy this sort of thing.

I am so glad you said that.

I do too.

[Phone ringing]

[Groans] Oh.

And just when we were starting to really connect.

I'm sorry.

A little rude, I know.

We'll do this again soon.


All clear.

Indigo located. And the secondary.



[Silenced gunshot]

Can you do me a favor?

Can you not shoot me this time?

Give me a good reason.

I don't know.

I'm a really nice person, and, well... that.

May I?


It's probably acontine.

You can counteract it with atropine... in case I bump it.

The dose we use, you've got about four minutes.

So unless you've got some atropine on you, don't bump it.

I got a friend who wants to talk to you.

Why would I wanna talk to one of your friends?

You got somewhere better to be?

Hello, Ms. Shaw.

You can call me Harold.

You're the man in charge?

No. No one's in charge.

My friend and I help people in trouble.

Or maybe you work for Wilson and this is all some kinda game.

Honestly, I was never terribly good at games.

You work-- or at least you used to work-- for a secret government program that prevents terrible things-- terrorist acts and crimes relevant to nation security.

The information that you received came from a group of people that you call Research.

And it's notable for two reasons.

One, it's never wrong.

And two, it consists only of a number.

This is--

Your number.

And Mr. Cole's.

We were unable to save him, and for that, I'm sorry.

We didn't understand the exact nature of your situation at first.

So if you're not part of the program... then who are you?

Let's just say that ultimately, you and I work for the same entity.

And that entity wanted you and your friend over there to help me?

In a manner of speaking.

In truth, we're probably the only people who can help you.

Well, if you know so much about my employers, then you must know that they are very... very good at finding people.

Even you can't run forever.

I don't need forever.

Just long enough to find the man behind the curtain, the one who gave the kill order.

You won't even scratch the surface of their organization, and you'll still be in grave danger.

You hold a piece of a puzzle, a secret so important that they were willing to kill Dr. Aquino and your friend Michael Cole and yourself to protect it.

The truth about a group of people you call Research.

Something that Cole had begun to suspect.

Which is what?

That they don't exist.

The world looks like it did ten years ago, but underneath, it's become very strange indeed.

An invisible struggle has begun.

Most of the people who knew this are already dead.

All things being equal, I prefer you didn't join them.

So like I said... We're here to help you.

But first, you need to stop running because you're much too good it and we can't keep up.

Hiding isn't my style.

But dying is?

Because, as I see it, that's your only option.

You know, I never had many friends.

Didn't have much use for 'em.

Cole was an exception.

And he deserved better.

A word of advice for what it's worth.

Set out to correct the world's wrongs and you'll almost certainly wind up adding to them.

My number, in case you change your mind.


But no thanks.

It's time to end this. Tonight.

Get a team ready.

Yes, sir.

You're late.

I'd ask how you knew it was me, but I guess that's what we pay you for-- picking the right person out of a crowd.

Of course I wanted to meet Control.

And you're not Control, now, are you?

Sadly, no.

But I'm as close as you're gonna get.


You'd really put the program in jeopardy just to avenge your partner?

I assumed a woman like you would have a more sophisticated world view.

You people hired me because I don't care about most people.

And then you went and killed the one person that I actually liked.

Fair enough.

Of course, you weren't supposed to be around to carry a grudge.

You wanted to meet.

Was it to find out why I let Wilson target you and your partner?

Or just to kill me?

Either way, we should go somewhere more private.

You probably think I made a devil's bargain.

And maybe I have.

But the program is the reason we haven't had another major attack.

If the public knew about what we do, we'd lose that ability.

And Aquino?

Again, a regrettable decision, but a necessary one.

No one life is above the safety of millions of Americans.

That's the ugly math that I have to deal with every day.

You of all people should understand that.

I do.

And if I were in your place, I'd do the exact same thing.

I may not be in the program anymore, but I--

I still understand how important it is.

Then why the cloak and dagger?

Cole's research on the Aquino case.

I wanted to give it to you personally.

Why not give it to Wilson?

You can't hire people like Cole and expect them to act like sheep.

Now, I know how to follow orders.

But Cole was just brilliant, and he believed in the cause.

And Wilson knew that.

You know, you could've warned him.

Or even me.

But instead, you placed a kill order like we were some kinda problem to be solved.

Your partner broke the rules.

You're on the hook for that as much as he was.

And then you screwed that up in such a spectacular fashion.

How could I trust this idiot with something so important?

Hersh was right.

You are a good soldier.

You didn't want revenge.

You wanted to protect the program.

A good soldier does both.

[Future Starts Slow by The Kills]

Let her go.

Let's clean this up.

♪ You can holler, you can wail ♪
♪ you can swing, you can flail ♪
♪ you can... Like a broken sail, ♪
♪ but I'll never give you up. ♪
♪ If I ever give you up ♪
♪ my heart will surely fail ♪


You were a good operator. Sorry, Shaw.

♪ And after all, God can keep my soul ♪
♪ England have my bones ♪
♪ but don't ever give me up ♪
♪ I could never get back up ♪
♪ when the future starts so slow ♪

[Siren wails]

Lady just passed out in the street, unresponsive to CPR.

EMT's called it as soon as they arrived.

So this looks like a homicide to you?

Sure. Woman her age, not a mark on her.

I thought it suspicious.

Can't expect the task force to show up.

We were in the neighborhood, Officer Fleming.

Yeah, we're probably looking at an overdose or cardiac arrest.

Yeah, but, I mean, just to make sure, we ought to--

Why don't you grab yourself a coffee?

We got this, okay?

Thanks for your help.


It's a full moon. Coroner's Office is swamped.

You mind getting her downtown?

Whatever you say, Detective.

Hey, uh, little help here?

♪ You can holler, you can wail ♪
♪ you can blow what's left of my right mind ♪

[Bear barks] [Gasps]

♪ You can swing, you can flail ♪

[Bear barks]

She may be hot, but that's one broad I never wanna see again.

I mean, ever!

You guys never told me she was dangerous and crazy!

Bad combo.

What happened?

I gave her the atropine and some demerol to knock her out.

But she woke up on the drive over and almost killed me!

Look-- look at this bruise on my neck.

So I gave her some more.

How much more, Mr. Tao?

I don't know. I look like a doctor to you?


I so don't get paid enough for this crap.

We don't pay you anything, Leon.

I'm gonna widen the distance, fellas.

You take your chances.

Dying can make you thirsty.

For guardian angels, you two were a bit late to the party.

Your employers wanted you dead.

So now you are.

I guess Leon forgot the instructions about patting you down.

Ms. Shaw, we're on your side.

I feel like we've proven that you can trust us.

Trust is overrated.

Toss me your phones.

Like I said before... just in case you change your mind.

♪ You can holler, you can wail ♪
♪ you can blow what's left of my right mind ♪
♪ you can swing, you can flail ♪

Well, she certainly makes an impression.

Do you think she'll call us a taxi?

♪ You can holler, you can wail ♪
♪ you can blow what's left of my right mind ♪

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