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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

Did you see it happen?

No, but she did. She saw everything.

Where's the girl now?

Are you sure you can keep her safe?

Of course.

Did you know that the first public cell phone call was made from the New York Hilton? 1973.

There's also a rumor that the Martini was invented at the Knickerbocker, but there are some people in San Francisco that would dispute that.

I feel like I should be taking notes.

You find my fascination with hotels to be peculiar, don't you?

You sharing anything personal is peculiar.

A hotel is one of the last few places where a person can retain relative anonymity.

Makes it easier when disappearing foreign diplomats from their penthouses.

With any luck, Mr. Reese, we can prevent a murder, rather than the alternative.


Mira Dobrica.

You sure the threat to her is work-related?

Ms. Dobrica is single, lives alone, doesn't do much social networking, and she puts in a 60-hour work week.

Whatever's gonna happen, it makes sense that it would happen here.

They say a maid can tell everything about you from how you leave your room.

All sorts of things happen in hotel rooms.

Mira's job could have put her at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What about her life before coming to America?

Bit of a mystery. She came here in '99, when computer records weren't what they are today.

I put in a call to Immigration Services, as a prospective employer.

Would that be Mr. Wren from Universal Heritage Insurance?

You know, her shift starts in five minutes, which means that ours starts in four.

They were hiring a bellhop and a concierge.

The choice seemed obvious.

I interviewed last night, made sure that your resume would stand out.

Oh, by the way, you worked at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris for two years.

You'll have access to every room with your employee key card.

I can research the guests and exploit any necessary systems from my desk.

700 guests in this hotel.

One of them is planning a murder.

Where do we start?


Glad you could start on such short notice.

Derek, my pleasure.

When you're on the clock, it's Mr. Fowler.

This is bud, my head doorman.

And you are again?

John. I worked at the Hotel Lutetia.


Your desk is right over there.

Remember, always recommend our restaurant before suggesting anywhere else.

Very good.

We're hosting an event for the Association of Aviation Technology tomorrow, and most of the attendees are arriving today, so... no excuse for standing around.

Are you waiting for a written invitation?

Let me help you with that.

Mr. Reese, Mira should be housekeeping on the 30th floor.

I just finished a run on 12. I'll head up.

[Elevator bell dings]



Haven't seen you since the divorce.

You working?

Yeah. You working?


[Elevator bell dings]

Like the suit.

I'm planting the camera on her cart.

We can see exactly where she is at all times.

I didn't take your money.

I had 50 bucks in my wallet, and now I don't.

Finch, who's in room 3024?

Tug Brantley, CEO of the Aggro Push energy drink.

I'm a Platinum Member of this place.

Do you have any idea how difficult I can make your life?

Come on.

What do you want from me?

I wanna know if those lips taste like the chocolate mints you leave on my pillow.

I'm going to come back when you're not here.

Are you really going to turn me down?

Is there a problem here?

Who invited you in?

Mr. Reese, could you try not to get fired before lunch?

Being a Platinum Member doesn't entitle you to sexually harass our staff.

If you disagree, we can have the police sort this out.

You're lucky I don't report you to your boss.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

That sort of thing happens every other week, you know.

I could have handled it.

Sounds like a rough gig. I'm John.


So strong, handsome guy your age working as a bellhop.

Must have made a wrong turn somewhere.

Yeah, I stopped counting awhile back.

Well you're in for a rough gig yourself.

Our brilliant manager should have staffed four bellhops.

Instead, it's just you and Randy, and he takes more smoke breaks than he does luggage.

You seem to know your way around this place.

Hotel management is hard work, but it's not rocket science.

Speaking of which, I should get back to work.

Guess I'll be seeing you around then.

[Beeping] _

Oh, I really like this girl, Finch.

I heard back from Immigration Services.

Mira sought asylum as a Serbian refugee, a survivor of the Kosovo war.

I thought most refugees from that war were Albanian.

Most were, but both sides suffered losses.

Seeing as how Mira came alone, we can only assume that whatever family she had didn't make it out.

She was 16 at the time.

She's been on her own ever since.

Here's a map of midtown.

That's the Theater District, Columbus Circle, and the beginning of the Park.

It's a good start.

Thank you.

I managed to hack into the security network and piggyback on their feeds, allowing me access to all the hotel's cameras.

Uh, excuse me. Where's the--

Oh, the ladies' is around-- and the gents', the opposite.


Is something wrong?

Police were asking questions about our little side operation.

It got me thinking about how they knew to poke around in the first place.

It-- it wasn't me.


You're not stupid enough to do a thing like that because you know how upset I would be if I found out it was you.

Of course.

Mr. Reese, we can add hotel staff to our list of potential threats.

[Phone ringing]


Welcome back to the land of the free.

Getting out of Rikers took longer than I anticipated.

I understand our rogue operative slipped away from you in there.

It won't happen again. I know his face now.

[Door closes]

Need you to work fast.

Ever since he assaulted our DOD facility, our source has become compromised.

Compromised, sir?

This man has connections to a dangerous party.

It's imperative that you find him and figure out who he works for.

Wherever he goes, a mess usually follows.

All I have to do is find the right mess.

I'm sure you'll work it out, and when you're done with him, make sure no one finds him.


[Police radio chatter]

Any available units, please respond to a 10-50 in progress at the intersection of 46th and 3rd.

[Tires screeching]


Hey, so listen, there's something you should know.

I'm in a bit of... trouble.



My mom wants to set me up with this woman who goes to her church.

Oh. [Chuckles]

Well, that's pretty serious.


What'd you say?

That I'm seeing someone.

It could be serious.

That right?

I don't know.

Have you told your son anything?

Mm, I may have mentioned a thing or two, that I met a man who's nice and funny, easy on the eyes.


Taylor's happy for me, so what do you think about meeting him?

I'm cool with it. You?

I think it might be time.

But let's talk more about it later. I gotta go.



SAIC Moss.

Didn't think I'd ever see you here again.

I'm on a matter regarding Special Agent Donnelly.

After he died, I took it upon myself to review his old files.

Found something that might interest you.

I discovered a recommendation to make you a Field Agent.

Donnelly ever discuss that with you?

Once or twice, yeah.

I'm ready to run it up the flagpole, but only if you're still interested.

I am.


Then with your permission, we'll initiate the background check, interview friends, family, any contacts from the past ten years.

Okay, whatever you need.

Are you available to take a polygraph this evening?


Standard procedure.

You can take it here in the precinct.

Okay, it shouldn't be a problem.

Then we'll see you later.


FBI, huh?

You really gonna go through with this?


I guess so.


The spa's located past the elevator banks, through a glass door on your right.

You can't miss it.

Sounds great.

Everything all right, Mr. Reese?

I feel like I'm back at boot camp, and we still haven't zeroed in on the threat to Mira yet.

Same girl we saw before, but she's with a different guy.

The side operation Derek's running might be girls.

I made a similar observation.

Detective Carter should be getting back to me soon on any known solicitation activity.

Look who has time to chat.

A bus just arrived full of airplane geeks.

Check them in, and let's make sure they don't crowd up the common areas.

Oh, I really hope Derek's the threat.

[Phone ringing]

Detective Carter.

I checked with Vice.

They picked up a working girl a few days ago at that hotel off an anonymous tip, but the girl didn't say boo, and her bail was posted within an hour.

By whom?

By a guy named Bud Garrison.

Our floor manager's pet.

Thank you.

Anything else?

Should there be?

I just assume you heard my conversation with Moss.

I hear everything, Detective.

So you know he thinks I'm qualified to join the feds.

Well, what do you think?

I just think it'll be a great opportunity, assuming I get in.

You're concerned about the polygraph.

Considering I've been lying about you guys for over a year, a little.

You know, polygraphs don't detect lies, just physiological responses.

Try lying on one of the baseline questions, it might trick the test into thinking that everything you say is normal.

Yeah, it's just a machine, right?

I mean, how smart can it be?

Exactly. Just a machine.

Oh, in the meantime, it might be wise for you to steer clear of John and myself, just for the time being.

Yeah, I think that's a good idea.


Looks like Derek is running an escort service.

If Mira called in the tip, he might be our threat.

The sooner we can confirm it, the sooner we can go home.


Sorry, we don't need service.

My wife forgot to put the sign out.

No problem.



I need to talk to you.

I can't now.

You know this can't wait.

Mr. Reese?

Mira's just been summoned into room 3215 by a guest.

Charles Harris.

She didn't look particularly happy to see him.

You must be exhausted, dropping bags off all day.

According to his hotel bill, Mr. Harris drinks more than he eats, and we have no way of knowing what's going on in the room because Mira left her phone on her cart.

She's three floors above you.

How late do you deliver room service?

I believe the hotel delivers room service--

I'm not talking about the hotel.

I'm talking about you.

Feel free to drop yourself off... anytime.

Huh. Excuse me.

I'm on the 32nd floor now.

Don't try to push me, Harris.

But you need to listen to reason.

How can you expect me to agree to this?

Because it's the right thing to do.

Easy for you to say.

Next time, damn well knock.

What are you doing here?

I was checking the minibar.

I'll save you the trouble. It's empty.

We'll talk later.

Ms. Brozi, Ms. Brozi!

Please reconsider.

What's your problem?

That's the second time you've walked in on me.

It's Derek, isn't it? He has you following me around.

Are you in some kind of trouble with him?

I know he's running girls out of here.

I also know you're involved.

I clean the rooms, that's my job.

I've worked too hard to get involved in some sleazy scheme.

Is that why you tipped off the police?

That's none of your business.

What about the booze hound in there? I heard the yelling.

He's harmless. It was nothing.

Are you sure about that, Ms. Dobrica?

Or is that "Brozi"?

You know nothing about me, what I've seen, what I've been through.

I don't need help, especially from someone like you.

Just stay away from me, got it?

We do have a good steakhouse here in the hotel, but... personally, I'd recommend The Grand.

Best rib eye in town. You will not be disappointed.

Shall I put you down for 7:30?

Sure, thanks.



[Clears throat]

I've been researching our guest.

Charles Harris is a freelance journalist working with a number of respected publications.

He's the kind of writer that has strong opinions about world leaders, making him persona non grata in a half dozen countries.

What's his interest in Mira?

Not sure, but if he came all this way to talk to her, she might be some kind of source.

A girl who flees her country and changes her name is someone who doesn't want to be found.

But if she's hiding, who's she hiding from?

That guy in the turtleneck.

He's been sitting there since we arrived.

Have you seen him move at all?

I don't believe so.

Yeah, well, he's got a clear line of sight of the front desk and the entrance.

Might be waiting for somebody.

And if he's not?

Then what's he still doing here?

How do you suggest we find out?


What ya readin'?

Nothing, it was here when I sat down.


[Chuckles] Can't stand these airplane nuts.

I mean, the pickup--

[Gasps] Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry.

[Gasps] - I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay, it's fine.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

Who's he talking to?

Pull up the downstairs feeds.


Watch the man at the bar.



The man at the side entrance is taking his place.

They're spotters.

They're rotating positions to patch the gaps in their surveillance.

Military recon tactic.

It's a hit squad, Finch.

At least it's safe to say that we found the real threat to Mira.

Who would send a hit squad with military training to kill a hotel maid?

Our spotter is headed back downstairs, Finch.

Where's Mira?

She's in the kitchen, taking a break.

Well, I'm going to check out his room.

That room is registered to a Peter Krieg, checked in under a German passport.

Could be a forged identity.

We need to know who sent the team.

Any new information on Harris?

I see that his laptop is signed onto the hotel wi-fi.

If I can get past his firewall, I can see what kind of notes he has on Mira.

Our spotter has a file on Harris.

Whatever's going on, it has to do with a series of articles Harris wrote about a Serbian colonel named Rudko Petrovic.

That name sounds familiar.

I believe he's running for deputy prime minister.

Harris all but accused him of committing war crimes in Kosovo.

How does Mira fit into all this?

I think I just found out.

I'm in Harris's computer.

Not only is her real last name "Brozi," but she's ethnic Albanian, not Serbian.

According to Harris's notes, mira witnessed Petrovic order the execution of her entire family.

It makes sense that she lied to Immigration about her name and ethnicity, she was simply protecting herself.

And Harris found the one witness who could bring down the colonel.

They must have followed him to the hotel, hoping he would establish contact with his source.

They'll make their move on Mira as soon as they identify her.

They may already have.

What's the ETA on our backup?

Arriving as we speak.

Always a bar.

Hi, give me a ginger ale.

Mr. Reese, all three spotters are back in their original positions.

Keep an eye on them. We'll deal with those guys after I get Mira out of here.

You just don't give up, do you?


John, the man at the side entrance is moving.

Why won't you just leave me alone?

[Gasps] Aah!

That a good enough reason?

[Gasps, whimpers] Ah!

He was going to kill me... for talking to the journalist.

He was going to kill you for knowing what Petrovic did to your family in Kosovo.

What does that make you?

Just a guy at the right place at the right time.


Mr. Reese, I've lost the connection to Harris's computer... and eyes on his floor.

You'd better get to Mr. Harris's room immediately.

Stay close to me.

All right, like to start with a few basic questions.

Is your name Jocelyn Carter?


Are you a member of the Homicide Task Force in New York?


Have you ever smoked marijuana?



You're the first one to admit that.


Okay, now, we can move on to the important stuff.

Mr. Reese?

It seems that Mr. Harris remotely checked out of his room a few minutes ago.

He's not here.

Any chance another maid cleaned this room?

Not today. This is my floor.

You notice anything out of the ordinary?

The chair-- it's usually over there.


We're too late.

They move fast.

Cleaned up best they could.

I thought he was a drunk.

Yesterday, he tells me he knows who I am, that Petrovic is the man who killed my family.

How did you escape, Mira?

Sanja, a Serbian woman across the street.

I watched it happen from her attic.

Then the man, Harris, found Sanja last month, made a tape of her saying I could identify the colonel.

She was found dead two weeks ago, probably from talking to the journalist.

He said if I went public, it would ensure my safety, but I refused.

Look how far this monster is willing to go.

What choice do I have?

I'm gonna get you out of here, Mira, but I need to know how they found out about you.

Did you tell anyone you were talking with Harris?

No, nobody.

Then how could they have known you were the witness?


Give me your cell phone.


[Phone ringing] [Beeps]


The electromagnetic field of a microphone...

[Static increasing] can interfere... with a cell phone.

They overheard everything in this room.

They're next door.

Wait here.

[Gunshot] Aah!



She's running for it, Finch.

[Elevator bell dings]

Finch, she just got on the elevator.


Mira, I was just looking for you.

Mr. Reese, I'm afraid Mira's in there with another member of the hit squad.

And she has nowhere to run.

Do exactly as I say.

Use your key card and take us straight to the basement.

I may be able to stall the elevator before it gets to the basement, might give you a chance to get Mira out of there.

[Clang] [Gasps]

[Phone ringing]

I'm a little busy, Lionel.

Yeah, one of your trained killers is leaving his post.

So is the one in the lobby.

He's taking rather a large trunk with him.

I don't know what they could possibly--

Oh, dear. It's Harris.

They're disposing of the body.

Body? What body?

Detective, you can't let them leave the hotel.


The recording, where is it?

I don't know of any recording.

The one of Sanja, your old neighbor, it wasn't in his room or on his computer.

I swear, I don't have it.

No? Too bad.


I don't know who you are, but I'm prepared to shoot you and 20 others like you to get what I came for.

[Grunts] [Grunts]

Glad that you're a better shot than you are a bellhop.

So am I.

Detective, the barfly just left the building through the back exit.

Yeah, okay, I'm on it.

Oh, excuse me.

Uh, sorry.

Just looking for the bathroom. I thought I saw a sign, but--

Yeah, why don't you try right up those stairs in the lobby?

Oh, yeah. Thanks, buddy.

What do you say we get you out of here now?

Not yet. We have to get the tape Harris made of Sanja.

It's evidence Petrovic killed her.

You said you didn't have it.

I lied. He gave me a disc to take home and watch.

Thought it would persuade me to tell my story.

It's down in my locker.

Well, that and your testimony would be enough to put Petrovic away.

Assuming I live long enough.

I'll come back for the disc after we get you out of here.

We don't know how many hit men are left.

Drop us off on the next floor, then shut this elevator down.

Who are you talking to?


This is Harold. I work with John.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mira.


[Men speaking Serbian]

Hey, excuse me, guys.

Have you seen a little chihuahua?

He's a little dog about this big.

Ah, jeez.

[Phone ringing]


I've got a new assignment for you.

Meet me at the annex south of the lobby.

Yeah, no problem.

I'm fine, by the way, considering I just took out two trained killers trying to get rid of a body.

Never doubted you for a second.

Now, come and meet me.

I'll be right there. Let me just call these two in.

Oh, and don't forget the guys in the storage room and the elevator.


Got something?

Big mess at The Coronet Hotel.

Couple guys with gunshot wounds have been tied up and gift-wrapped.

Sounds like our man.

What are you still talking to me for?

This friend of yours, he's a policeman?

Yeah. Listen, Mira, he'll take you to his precinct.

It's the safest place for you until this is over.

I've never really felt safe since I left Kosovo.

I was a girl when I ran away.

New name, new country, I tried to leave all that behind.

But it's like I've just been waiting for all this to come back somehow, afraid of what would happen to me if it did.

From what I've seen, you're a lot braver than you think.

I allowed Rudko Petrovic get away with murder.

My family, Sanja, now Harris.

No more.

Petrovic must be held accountable.

You rang?

Mira, this is Lionel, and you can trust him.

Nice to meet you.

All right, you ready?

Thank you, John.

You're welcome.

Okay, come on. This way.

Finch, now would be a good time to tender your resignation.

Have you ever lied to people you work with?


Have you ever knowingly associated with a wanted criminal?


Have you--

[Whispering indistinctly]

What was that about?

How would you describe your relationship with Narcotics Detective Cal Beecher?


You describe it as... platonic?


We see each other socially.

Are you aware of any of the several IAB investigations into Detective Beecher?

Investigations for what?

I'm not at liberty to say.

So you were not aware of any of the ongoing investigations--

No. I was not aware.

[Footsteps approaching]

Where the hell have you been?

You really have no idea what's going on in your hotel, do you?

You're me. You find a first day employee sneaking around in the ladies' locker room.

What do you do?

I don't know, something like this?

I've got the disc. Meet you back at the library.

You're a hard man to find.

The phone please.

[Phone drops]

[Crushes phone]

How about we go somewhere a little more private?

That's some line of questioning.

Hope it gets easier from here.

Unfortunately, this can't go any further.

I'm rescinding your offer to join the Bureau.

I'm sorry, Detective, sometimes these things don't work out.

Why not?

I can't divulge that.

I gave you plenty of answers in that room.

I can get one from you.

In the future, I'd choose my company more wisely.

[Indistinct chatter]


Yeah, all right.

Can I get you a soda?

I'm fine. Thank you.

Okay, if you need anything, I'll be right out here, okay?

You missed all the fun.

Wonderboy and I jump-started an international incident.

Shame I couldn't be there.

You say you were mugged?

Yeah, guy took my wallet and my watch.

Okay. Just wait right here, sir.

Someone will be by shortly to take your statement.

Thanks, buddy.

Get out.

Get out!

[Men shouting]

This can go one of two ways.

Don't suppose one of those ways involves me walking out of here.

Didn't think so.

I don't care who you are.

I don't care what you did to get here.

All I want to know is who you work for.

But that would be telling.


What makes you think I'm working for anyone, anyway?

Because you're like me.

We don't give orders, we execute them.

Speak for yourself.

One last time. Who do you work for?

You'll... never... know.

Any deeper, and I would have cut your celiac artery.

You got about 20 minutes before you bleed to death.

You can keep coming after me, or you can get to the hospital.

I wonder if your employers would have showed you that kind of mercy.

How's it going?

Fine, just tired, you know? Long day.

Uh, I was thinking about what we could do with Taylor.

Maybe we can go to the Botanical Garden Saturday.

Yeah, I've been thinking about that.

Maybe it is too soon, you know?

Sure. Cool.

Hey, Carter, if you need to talk to me--

I just need time. That's it, Cal.

You take as long as you need.

I'm not going anywhere.



Hey, Sarge.

You have a second?


[Gasps] [Speaking Serbian]

Hey! Hey!


Carter, he's got a weapon!



Are you okay?

Guess you didn't miss all the fun after all.

Colonel's career is over. Next stop, The Hague.

I'll have what he's having.

What was your business here anyway?

Well, let's just say the convention wasn't as boring as I thought it would be.

The things people try to get away with in hotels.


I see you boys made the news.

Not too bad, considering you also helped to take down an escort ring.

They'd barely gotten the floor manager into handcuffs before he confessed to the entire operation.

Meanwhile, my phone hasn't let up.

Councilmen needing to know that their names aren't gonna surface on the client list.

I appreciate the work.

And to make sure this place is run properly, Harold here bought the hotel.

It needed proper management.

John, Harold, this one's on the house.

Ms. Brozi, I was hoping we could go over the event calendar for the month.


Ever consider doing in-house work?

This place could use someone in crisis management.

I like to move around.

More a freelancer, like you.

It's a nice place.

Maybe I'll even stick around for one more night.

Well, I heard it was all booked, but then again, you do know the owner.

The penthouse suite.

Another round?


Sir, I have Mr. Hersh for you.

Thank you, Ms. May.

Well, you haven't checked in for a while.

I hit a snag.

We have a bigger problem at home.

I need you here ASAP.

I'm on my way.

[Cardiac monitor flatlines]

Ms. May, I need to draft a letter to the State Department.

[Beep] Be right in, sir.

For your State Dinner at the White House.

Also, I picked up something for your anniversary.

God, I completely forgot.

Ms. May, you've only worked for me for two months, and already, you know me better than I know myself.

That's what I'm here for.

Ready when you are, sir.

To the Secretary of State, from Office of Special Counsel.

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