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  02x14 - One Percent
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[MOP's Ante Up]

♪ Uh, oh, uh, oh ♪

Hey, yo, pick right, pick right.

Your mama just called, Opie, told me to take you to school.

Yeah, did you get your popcorn ready, man?

'Cause I'm about to put on a show.

Oh, yes!

Hell, no.

You might have blocked that if you hadn't tripped on your skirt, Bigfoot.

You lucky you're funny.

You said our latest number dropped out of college?

Logan Pierce left Caltech after his sophomore year, yes.

He had other aspirations.

No layups, no layups. Get that weak stuff out of here.



No way, son, that was a foul.

Ain't no fouls out here.

Guessing it wasn't to become a professional athlete.

Been real.

I gotta jet though. I got a date with your girl.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

[Sighs] Make it rain!


Later, bitches!

Who the hell is this guy?

[Engine revs, tires screech]

Pierce is not just a college dropout.

He's a self-made billionaire with a genius IQ.

Started a social networking site called with his best friend from college.

Thought you invented social networking, Finch.

Pierce perfected it.

His site has just shy of a billion users.

Pierce's Chief Engineer and Front Man for, his longtime business partner Justin Ogilvy is the money and marketing guru.

And they started the company together?

That's right.

It would certainly not be in Ogilvy's best interest to have Pierce turn up dead now.

They're taking Friendczar public in 72 hours.

We need ears on Pierce. I couldn't clone his phone.

Wouldn't matter if you could.

Pierce changes phones twice a day to avoid corporate espionage.

Looks like he's supposed to attend a charity auction tonight.

Promised the press a sound bite.

And your plan is?

Classic black, satin notch lapel, bespoke, of course.

And I assume you know how to tie one of these?

You following up on the anonymous tip?


You really think a cop killed Davidson?

I think a lot of cops have reason to want an IAB detective dead.

Then I realized Davidson wasn't the only cop who went missing last year.

Detective Stills.

Didn't you two work together in the 51st?

Long time ago.

Two cops go missing, their bodies never found.

Something's not right.

[Phone ringing]




I'm emailing you the details of several lawsuits involving Logan Pierce.

Plaintiffs with a history of violence, prior convictions.

Uh, what exactly did you mean by "several lawsuits"?

200, but I've already prioritized them.

And no, there's no need to thank me.



(Dutch) Go get it.

(Dutch) Go get it.

[Soft piano music]

I'm, uh, feeling a little out of place here.

Don't worry, I'll talk you through any difficult encounters that may arise.

[Indistinct chatter]

Finch, I got eyes on Pierce and his partner Justin Ogilvy.

Best friends for over a decade.

They've known each other since Caltech.

Who's the third guy in Pierce's circle?

That would probably be Jeremy Campbell, Pierce's lawyer.

Friendczar is his firm's only client.

So I wake up, I'm bruised, I'm scratched.

I call Justin from her dorm room.

Yeah, no hello, no good morning.

Just, "Justin, I think I got beat up by a girl in bed and..."

I did.

"I think I kind of enjoyed it."

I loved it.

Remember that you're John Wiley, hedge fund manager.

What about John Rooney, asset manager?

No, no, he's a single-digit millionaire.

John Wiley is valued at over 100 million.

Exactly how much money do you have?


Pierce, Justin. You're both looking rich.

Ben, you are looking... mature.


[Clears throat]


I feel a cold coming on.

But wait, isn't your little charity thing working on a cure for that?

You're thinking of cancer.

Ben and Cynthia Kamin, whose social networking site was devalued by half when Friendczar debuted.

Kamin's pretending to make nice.

Finch, I think Pierce just made me.

Just mention the carried interest loophole.

You'll be fine.

[Clears throat]

I haven't seen you at one of these things before.

What's your story?

John Wiley, hedge fund manager.

How's that carried interest loophole treating you?

I'm sorry. I thought you were interesting.

My mistake.

[Gavel pounds]

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats for the auction portion of tonight's event.

I didn't make a good first impression.

Only because I didn't realize that we were dealing with a one percenter who finds other one percenters tedious.

We'll start the bidding tonight with our most coveted item, a collection of letters handwritten by Albert Einstein.

We'll start the bidding for the letters at $1 million.

Who will start at $1 million for our opening bid?

$1 million right here. Looking for 1.5.

I've got $1 million, looking for 1.5.

1.5 in the back, looking for 2.

1.5 looking for $2 million.

I've got 1.5. I need $2 million for these letters.

Kamin's bidding against Pierce.

$2 million, anyone?

$2 million right here, looking for 2.5.

$2,501,000 right here, looking for 3.

[Clears throat]

You know, I think these letters are worth much more than a piddly 3 mil.

You could do better. Am I right, Kamin?

5 million.

We've got $5 million, ladies and gentlemen.

That's too rich for Kamin's blood.

Anybody else?


I'm so sorry, Finch, but this guy is too used to getting his own way.

10 million.

$10 million, ladies and gentlemen!

We've got $10 million going once.

Mr. Reese, this is not petty cash.

We've got 10 million going twice.

Sold, right there to the gentleman for $10 million.


I'm sorry. Maybe next time.

No apology necessary.

I was just driving up the price for charity.

[Clears throat]


[Text alert]

Excuse me.

Finch, Pierce just got a text.

He's on the move.

Get your ass in here.

Yes, ma'am.


I thought you had a cold.


Pierce is not just encroaching on Kamin's business.

He's encroaching on his wife.

Oh, dear.

Where is Mr. Pierce?

I know Pierce and I were supposed to give you a sound bite in time for the 11:00 news, but he's indisposed at the moment.

The one tip I can give you is that the Friendczar IPO will break records and make history.


Is Pierce avoiding us?

How many shares are you planning to sell?

The board knows Pierce only listens to you.

Get him to pull himself together.

Get this company some good press.

That's Sinclair Melbourne, VC and chairman of the Friendczar board.

This was a one-time slipup, Sinclair.

It won't happen again.

Sir, your letters.

Ah. You can keep 'em.

Finch, Pierce just left the auction, but his car's not here.

Pierce is gone.

What? He has no mode of transport.

[Helicopter whirring]

Is that a helicopter?

It's against the law to take off from a rooftop in Manhattan.

Finch, how do we keep up with a guy who breaks all the rules?

I've been trying to get ahold of you.

I turned off my phone.

I'm working on a new heuristic algorithm.


Something happened this morning.

Current estimates for casualties from both attacks are very grave, estimated at about 200...

Was it a plane?

Two planes.

Countless bodies have yet to be uncovered because they are buried under about...

In terms of civilian casualties...

We started IFT to change the world.

Our suits got nicer, our scotch more expensive.

We changed, but the world stayed the same... until today.

If we don't change the world, someone else will, so... what are we gonna do to stop the guys who did this?

Finch, looks like our billionaire might be having a breakdown.

Pierce appears to be even more erratic than your typical billionaire.

Nice legs.

The closest thing he has to a routine is a weekly visit to a dry cleaner.

Where are you?

I'm at work.


Hmm. Where's Pauly?

He got a full scholarship to the Brooklyn Law Center.

So I guess you will be needing my ticket then.

Did you use the, uh--

CO2 process, yes, of course, Mr. Pierce.

I guess you ran out of clean suits.


I'm actually more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.

I only have one suit.

A good suit is like the perfect woman.

Once you find the right one... nothing else will do.

How very eccentric of you.

Your card.


Have a nice day.

Mr. Reese, I switched Pierce's titanium card for one with a listening device.

I also hacked his online calendar.

He'll be heading back to the office for a round of Friendczar depositions.

Friendczar destroyed my business.

They ruined my reputation.

No one returns my calls.

And I can forget raising any venture capital funds.

Friendczar is aggressive about purchasing and absorbing small start-ups.

And if a small CEO tries to go toe-to-toe with them, he gets sued for patent infringement, no matter how bogus the suit.


Could you tell me why Logan Pierce can't even look the man he's suing in the eye?

'Cause he's asleep.


You didn't violate our patents, we screwed up.

We'll help you raise the venture capital funds you lost.

Uh, thank you.

Who's next?

Emily Morton's lawyers are here.

Mm, great.

According to Detective Carter, Ms. Morton sold Friendczar her matchmaking site,

They promised her they'd launch her site worldwide, and instead, they made sure it never saw the light of day.

I see lawyers but no client.

Our client is unable to appear due to extenuating circumstances.

A frivolous lawsuit doesn't qualify as extenuating circumstances.

But intimidation does.

Hey, we have a board meeting at 1:00.

The board can meet me on Coney Island.

They have got these bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the in.

It's your basic kosher nightmare.

But you know what they say.

"What happens on Coney Island--" well, I guess nothing good really happens on Coney Island, except for these dogs.

What a lunatic.

If we don't get ahold of Ms. Morton, we're gonna have to drop the lawsuit.

Finch, Emily's missing, and her lawyer just implied she's being intimidated.

Right before her suit goes to trial.

The timing is a little too perfect.

Maybe Pierce and his partner had something to do with her disappearance.



Two days before your company's IPO, and you're streaking across Tribeca?

[Inhales] Tell me, Sinclair, do you buy all your shirts pre-stuffed, or do you just fill 'em out that way?

Come here.

Get your partner back in the game, or I'm gonna call an emergency board meeting.

When you build a viable web server using the LAMP stack, Sinclair, you're free to run the company.

In fact, let's put it before the board-- you or me.

That's what I thought.

Lunchtime, bitches.

[Unlocks car]

Finch, even his own company's having trouble curbing Pierce's behavior.

Glad to hear we're not alone.

[Engine revs]

[Engine revs, tires screech]

Pierce is headed to Coney Island.

I'm on it.

Something's not right.

Normally Pierce drives fast, but he drives with precision.

This is Logan Pierce.

I have a slight problem with my car.

I can't slow down.

Pierce's car won't decelerate.

Most modern vehicles can be hacked into.

If you can get within 10 meters, I should be able to infiltrate the bluetooth, then access the engine control unit.

[Horn honks] Whoa!

Finch, he blew a light. I lost him.

No matter. I'm in.

Someone has hacked into the car's ECU and installed malware, locked the car in third gear at 50 miles an hour.

Hello, hello? Is anybody there?

My accelerator's stuck.

I can't downshift.

Communications and emergency services.

I understand that you can't decelerate.

I'll do my best to remedy your problem.

Remedy faster, Sherlock.

I'm kinda hosed right now.

Mr. Reese, do you have eyes on Pierce?

Yes, he's about ten seconds out from a catastrophic accident.

You don't stop him, Finch, there's a cargo truck that will.

[Horn honks]


[Computer beeping]

[Engine revs]

[Tires screeching]

Finch, you saved him.


Take me to the city.

I can't protect someone we can't keep up with.

Well, what do you have in mind?

A different tactic.

Mr. Pierce, there's a John Wiley to see you.

Tell him I'm a busy man.

If he objects, have security show him out.


[Crash] [Grunts]

I'll make this quick.

I have it on good authority that your life's in danger.

And normally I'd just follow you around, help behind the scenes, but-- well, you've got too much money and too many resources.

I can protect you, but only if you let me stick with you for the next 48 hours.

Sounds like fun.

See, I knew you were interesting.

The freight train just left for Des Moines.

The machine will be at the facility in ten days.


I've been thinking about you wanting to make a difference, help people.

You know, we can do that now.

We could invest in clean water initiatives, sustainable farming.

We built the single most powerful technology known to man-- a machine that knows when someone needs help.

And you just gave it away.

We had our chance, Harold.

Well, we built it, and it saves lives.

Not enough lives.

We've been over this, Nathan.

The machine is gone.

What if we could still access it?

We decided we weren't going to play God.

We weren't going to build a back door.

We decided a lot of things the last seven years.

And that one, I'm the least proud of.

We did what we set out to do.

Now, either we move on to the next thing together, or we don't.

You decide.

Alchementary uses and advanced algorithm to predict if the relationship will last, and not just romantic relationships.

Uh, business, friendships, you name it.

Logan Pierce and Justin Ogilvy promised to launch Alchementary.

I am going to make sure they keep their promise.

[Mouse clicks] [Bear whines]

Hey, Pierce, buddy.

Before you go, about tonight.

Party. New York stock exchange. Potential investors.

Right, right. I'll be early.

And make sure there's an extra invitation for Mr. Wiley here.

Is this the guy who outbid you at the charity auction?

We're considering a merger.

And you think that's a good idea, partnering with a guy you just met?

Oh, I think it's ideal.

I haven't had time to learn all his flaws yet.

See you at the party, bitches.

Mr. Reese, Emily Morton vowed to make Pierce launch her technology, a technology that would seriously compete with Friendczar.

Pretty sure Pierce is the victim, not the perpetrator.

Someone already made an attempt on his life.

Someone with hacking skills.

Someone like a missing software engineer.

Why get the exact same car when your old one didn't even have a scratch?

'Cause it's unparalleled.

I don't collect toys, just the best of what I need.

One car. One watch.

2 mil, charts the phase and the orbit of the moon, tells time to the nanosecond, and I don't have to wind it.

For $2 million, I certainly hope not.

[Tires screeching]

Welcome to my humble abode.

You call this humble?

Single malt scotch, neat, right?

That's what you had at the auction.

No, thanks.

That's impressive though.

Knowing people is my business.

I thought your business was schmoozing investors for your IPO.

My watch might not be able to tell time to the nanosecond, but you're late.

I have better things to do.

[Man grunts on TV]

Finch, Pierce is missing his own party.

Just as well.

Pierce won't be safe in public now.

Check your phone.

[Phone beeps]

Friendczar's IPO is predicted to reach record-breaking numbers.

Do you think you'll make history?

Well, with stock this overvalued, how could we not?

You know, personally, Janet, I'd wait to buy for at least a day or two till after the stock dips.

You know what I mean?


The board called an emergency meeting.

Pierce is no longer CEO of Friendczar.

[Pauses video game]

Who died?

Oh, God. Don't tell me it was me.

The board thinks they can do your job after all.

You're out.

Well, here's to unemployment.

[Clears throat]

[Raspy voice]

I don't feel very good.




Sit back, sit back, sit back.

You're having a reaction.

Are you allergic to anything?


Mr. Reese, what's going on?

The scotch, it was spiked.


[Tense music]

Pierce is going into anaphylactic shock.

Sending an ambulance.

There's no time.

I need to get air into his lungs.



Look at me. You're going to be okay.



Is Pierce all right, Mr. Reese?


But he's gonna have one hell of a hangover.


You saved me.

In the Chinese culture, you'd be responsible for me for life.

Glad neither one of us is Chinese then.

Who has access to your house?

Just a hundred or so of my closest friends.

I like people.

I like to party.

Who knows you're allergic to naproxen?

I don't know, I didn't develop the allergy till recently.

Why are you doing this?

Did somebody put you up to this?

Is this penance for some deep, dark mistake?

Spoken like a man who's made his fair share.

I-- mistakes don't interest me.

I don't look back. You keep moving.

It's the only way to stay alive.

Philosophy makes sense, coming from a kid whose parents went bankrupt.

Knowing people is my business too.

Well, my dad owned a little camera shop.

And, um... he made most of his money developing film.

And he insisted on staying the course, all the way until the point that film became extinct.

And then he tried to sell digital cameras, but by then it was too late because everyone had one in their phone.

It's like he didn't even see it coming.

When the business failed, we lost everything.

And you think if you're constantly evolving, this won't happen to you?

Of course it'll happen.

But if you accept change is inevitable, it doesn't crush you when it does.

Every technology ages, John.

The only thing that never gets old is connecting with people.

That's what everyone wants, a real connection.

Well, you might wanna consider losing a couple hundred of your closest friends.


I think you've had enough excitement for one night.

I'm gonna rest my eyes and give you a break.

I've put the billionaire to bed, Finch.

We need to meet.

Nice night for a walk.

Why didn't you bring Bear?

Bear didn't wanna come.

I read that if there's anxiety in the home, it can make your pets become upset.

Have you been under any excess stress?

You mean besides being locked in an 11x13 in Rikers and wearing a bomb vest around Manhattan?

Not really.

Whoever poisoned Pierce had access to his home.

We need to move him.

My thinking exactly.

I'll have Detective Carter examine the decanter for prints.

You can escort our friend to the safe house.

Time to wake the billionaire.

I'm awake.

And just who are you?

You don't wanna tell me who you are?

That's okay. I already know.

Tell me, how did you make a bug small enough to fit inside this?

Your voice too.

You hacked into my car's computer and you remotely accessed the accelerator and the brakes.

So I guess that makes you the brains of the operation.

No offense.

And judging by your bespoke suit, you're also the bank.

And there's you, John.

You took out my security guard Zvi.

He's a former Mossad agent and an expert in Krav Maga.

So what is it, John?

Former Special Ops? Ex-CIA?

And you, just a very rich hacker?

As far as you're concerned, Mr. Pierce, we don't exist.

But that's what's most impressive.

John, I've been looking into you.

And I'm not talking about your bogus hedge fund cover.

You and your partner here don't seem to have a digital footprint.

So I have to ask myself, how is this possible in this information age?

People with that kind of anonymity, that's true power.

So you see, I know who you are.

The only thing I don't know is why you do what you do.

Let me remind you, Mr. Pierce, that we saved your life twice.

Now, you wanna keep on butting into our affairs?

Or do you want to live?

No need to get testy.

I was just making small talk.

So what's the plan?

I'm afraid that you can't trust anyone.

We've arranged to take you to a safe house nearby.

You don't want anyone to find me, but you're keeping me in the city?

You know a better place?

Where exactly is this place?

We just flew ten hours.

You can't wait one more minute?

So what do you think?

You said you had a safe house.


This is a bar.

No, this-- this is a bomb shelter made into a bar, and it is totally safe.

Sit, please.

Come on. Come on.

[Clears throat] This is good.

What are we doing here?

Do you like pierogies?

I have it on very good authority they have the best in the world, so--

You flew me halfway across the world for fried dumplings?



[Snaps fingers]

Bear, look.

[Rattles bowl]


[Bear whines]

[Phone ringing]

Detective, you're just the person I wanna speak to.

Any closer to discovering who poisoned Logan Pierce?

Got a partial print off the decanter, sent it through AFIS.

Came up with a match with 11 points in common.

The guy's prints weren't on file because he's an officer of the court.

[Russian music]




Might wanna slow down.


I can't protect you from a heart attack.

You know, you need to enjoy life.

Who knows how to enjoy life as much as you, Pierce?

How did he find us?

He got a text from Pierce.

I think you actually take pleasure in making me schlep after you.

These couldn't wait?


I thought we agreed.

No friends.

Well, he's also my lawyer.

You know, and the board forced me out.

And in doing so, they relinquished my non-compete clause, which is good, 'cause I am officially looking for a new job.

Mr. Reese, something you should know.

Campbell's prints were on the decanter of scotch.

The board made Pierce take a medical exam for his corporate insurance.

His lawyer filed the paperwork.

You spiked his alcohol.

You read about his allergy on his insurance application.

You tried to kill him.


Is that true?

No, that's absurd.

You're my best client, my only client.

Pierce plans to switch law firms after the IPO is released.

Why would I want you dead?

Maybe because your only client is looking for a new attorney.

Was I talking to you?

Who the hell do you think you are?

You might wanna keep your hands to yourself.

You threatening me?





Yo, Pierce, are we missing all the fun?


Full disclosure, I might have mentioned our little trip to one or two people.

I mean, you can't expect me to be all business, can you?

If you're not gonna take your safety seriously, why should I?

Oh, come on. Relax, dude.

Join the party!

Campbell's no longer a threat, Finch.

Pierce has got enough friends.

He doesn't need our help.

[Techno music]

[Knock at door]

Hey, you want a coffee or something?

No, I'm good, thanks.

What you doing here, anyway?

Somebody made two cops disappear without a trace.

Probably not the kind of stuff you wanna leave lying around your desk, huh?

Been thinking about the billionaire, his own lawyer trying to do him in.

My heart breaks for him.

I'm glad you got my back.

You got a point, Fusco?

Carter, there are some things you should know about me.

Some mistakes I've made--



We're not doing that.

You don't get to share that with me.

Now you say you've changed, so I'm gonna trust you.

But if those mistakes you made come back to haunt you, you will not expect me to cover for you.

Now we may be partners, and we might even be friends, but, um, I'm still a cop.


Yeah, I hear you. Loud and clear.

[Door shuts]

I'll be home in 12 hours to help with the next number.

I'm afraid that'll be too late.

The next number's already come up, only it's not new.

Someone we've helped before?

Someone we're currently helping.

Logan Pierce.

There's another threat against him, or else someone is conspiring with the lawyer.

All I know for certain is that Pierce is in immediate danger.

I'm headed back to the club now.

No need. I was able to hack Pierce's credit card account.

His card was just used at the Grand Vishera Hotel in St. Petersburg.

I'm sending you the address.

It's right over the bridge.

Pierce, it's John.

[Gun cocks]

Stop right there.

[Gun cocks]

He warned me someone would come.

I've called security, get out.

Emily, what are you doing here?


I said get out, now!

Mr. Reese, what's going on?

Emily Morton.

She's alive and appears to be a pretty good...

[Gasps] shot.

What do you mean, he warned you someone else would come?

[Removes bullets]

Who's he?

Pierce put you up at this hotel, didn't he?

Finch, Emily's not working against Pierce.

She's working with him.

I haven't seen Pierce since he came by my apartment about a week ago.

Said someone was on to us, told me to pack a bag, so I could finish Alchementary.

We planned to announce our project tomorrow.

Emily's technology will cannibalize Friendczar's business.

It seems the person closest to Pierce is the one with the most to lose.


Is that you, buddy?


Well, I guess we're breaking up the company.

Sorry, Pierce.

But you brought this on yourself.



No, no, no!

Give us a minute.


Always knew a woman would come between us.

Just didn't think it'd be 'cause you liked her technology better.

Emily didn't break us up, Justin, you did.

You know, she actually reminds me of you, how you used to be-- passionate, principled.

Before you decided we need to bully and bury our competition.

I didn't hear you objecting.

That's 'cause you weren't listening to me.

How many times did I tell you I don't wanna run a business like that?

You didn't wanna run a business at all, left me to do everything.

I thought maybe you'd gone off the deep end, parading around town half-naked, taking board meetings at Coney Island.

Then I realized, if the board pushed you out, your non-compete clause would be null and void, and you could take Emily's technology public.

Emily's idea's better.

It's what people want, the perfect match in love and friendship, even business.

What do you know about friends?

All your friends want you dead.

Even your new pal's left you.

Dump him.

[Tense music]

No, no!

No! Wait, wait!





I had 'em right where I wanted 'em, you know?

You need to get new friends, Pierce.

I couldn't agree with you more, man.

Now either we move on to the next thing together, or we don't.

You decide.

Today Justin Ogilvy, the co-founder of, was brought up on charges for attempting to murder his partner Logan Pierce in what can only be described as a bizarre case.

Some friendships aren't made to last.

The Friendczar IPO has continued its downward slump after an announcement that Logan Pierce is launching a new company that's in direct competition with Friendczar.

Pierce is partnering with software engineer Emily Morton and surprisingly, Ben Kamin, his former rival.

Thanks, Janet, now turning our attention to the weather.

All right, Chewie, prepare to get posterized.

You know, I heard your mother sat on her iPhone, and it turned to an iPad. Is that true, man?

Is it true?

Come on now.

[Grunts] I could go all day.

Next bucket gets the other guy's car.

Or in your case, your bike, or metrocard, whatever.

Bet's a bet.

Whoa, thief! You are a thief.

We said check the ball. You guys hear-- you heard me say check the ball, right?

No, that's ball game, what you said.

I'm just kidding, showboat.

I'm a man of my word.

Man, you crazy.

Yeah, I've heard that.

[Indistinct chatter]

You got some game.

You're full of surprises.

You're one to talk.


Partnering with Kamin, your competition.

The guy's a straight shooter, you know?

Plus, Emily's software said we're totally compatible, not so much with his wife though.

One thing I don't get-- you warned Emily about Ogilvy.

And you knew he was after you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Haven't you heard?

I have a reckless disregard for my own safety.

You just wanted to see how I worked.

You know, I finally figured it out, why you do what you do.


How's that working out for you?

Just a little thank-you.

So I guess you will be moving on to your next hapless stranger?

[Engine revs]

I can at least give you a lift.

Actually, I, uh--

I think I'll take the subway.

What are we doing here, Finch?

Do we have another number?

No, a date.

You got me a date?

Not you. Bear.

He needs a friend.


[Dogs bark] Go.

[Laughs] [Dog barks]

Good thinking, Finch.

[Dogs bark]

Our billionaire gave me a little something.


Tells time to the nanosecond.

That was a very expensive watch.

Not to mention, a gift.

A gift equipped with GPS.

A cunning billionaire with unlimited resources.

Our friend is just curious enough to be dangerous.

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