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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

I found that address, Finch.

Who exactly am I looking for?

I don't know how to explain it.

I double-checked, but it seems we have a repeat number.

A repeat?

Well, who would be dumb enough to get in a life-threatening situation again?

[Glass shatters]

[Breathing heavily]

Hey, pal.

You won't believe this.


Whatever bodily harm you want to inflict on this guy, I'm sure he earned it, and I have to ask you to let it slide.

Jeez, Leon, what'd you do to piss these guys off?

You heard of gold farming?

Selling multiplayer online game currency for real cash?

It's all the rage.

[Bone cracks]

People make millions.

[Men grunting]

They take the business really seriously, especially the Russian mafia.


Does it look like I play video games, Leon?


I think I broke my arm.


So you brought him here?

You said there was another number.

I didn't have time to do anything else with him.


Mr. Tao, we don't have much time.

What? Who are you?

The guy who helped me save your life tonight for the second time.


You're the boss.

Never did figure John here for upper management.

We have a problem, Leon.

We have to go take care of another matter, and the Russians still want you dead.

So despite my misgivings about your presence, you have to stay here.

Where is here?

Food, water.

Latrine's down past the periodicals.

Don't open any windows.

And don't make any calls.

You expect me to stay here, and eat Hot Pockets?

Only if you wanna live.

Just don't feed any to bear.

He's on a special diet.


[Bear barks]

That damn dog again.

You don't suppose any of my money came out of him?

Oh, and please don't touch any of my computer equipment.

If you do, the dog will kill you.


What am I supposed to do for entertainment?

It's a library, Mr. Tao.

Try reading a book.


Here's a start.

We'll be back soon, Leon.

[Bear growls]

Tell me, Mr. Reese, how do you feel about hospitals?

They've never bothered me.

I'm glad to hear it.

They make me aggressively uneasy.

[Lock clicks]

[Shifting static sounds]

[Elevator bell dings]

After the renovations, you won't even recognize these old surgical suites anymore.

Thanks to sizable contributions from donors such as yourself, New York General will finally have a surgical unit as good as the talented staff of doctors who utilize it.

Sizable contribution?

I helped pay for a wing... or two.

How else were we gonna get close to--

Dr. Enright. Perfect timing.

Gentlemen, this is Dr. Madeleine Enright, the top cardiothoracic and trauma surgeon in the state.

She'll be overseeing the development of the suites.

Madeleine, this is Harold Crane, one of our platinum donors, and his asset manager Mr. John Rooney.

It's Maddy, please.

Maddy is the kind of doctor that makes the staff here truly stand out.

The kind of doctor who wouldn't find her glasses if they were surgically attached to her face.

Would those be yours there?


Like I said.

I'm sorry, I have a patient waiting.

I must be going.

Nicely done, Finch.

Her eyes, our ears.


Gentlemen, unfortunately, we must be going as well.

We're closing off this section of the floor for a very sensitive surgery.

Is that a normal precaution?

Let me just say it's strictly for the safety of the patient.

This room is nearly identical to the OR.

That your procedure will take place in.

It's a routine coronary bypass, off-pump, "beating heart" surgery.

It lasts four, five hours, and you'll be in the room the whole time.

Now we don't have all the best toys yet, but with our coronary catheterization process, and our 3D angiography C-arm system--

It's fully endoscopic?

[Laughs] You've studied your procedures, mister--

Rains. Yes, I've studied.

Can't be too safe, not when Mr. Veldt has an energy empire to run.

Four to five hours?

You can't do better than that?

Mr. Veldt, regardless of how big your company is, this surgery is critical for you.

It takes time.

As long as it remains private from shareholders and the public.

Per the multiple nondisclosure agreements you've signed.

Yeah, and despite my objections, your procedure has been listed as minor outpatient surgery.

My team has been reduced to essential personnel, and the floor is being cleared now.

My team will make sure of that.

Of course.

Yeah, your security seems to have made themselves at home.

[Beeping] Trauma!

Albanian gang member shot in a territorial dispute.

Penetrating trauma, fresh from emergency.


Single GSW, upper torso.

Paramedics had trouble with the BP.

Systolic was 70, but diastolic was impalpable.

He's got a gun.

[Speaking foreign language]

Everybody shut up!

You wanna be a tough guy, or you want me to save your friend's life?

Nurse, this man is in hypovolemic shock, and I think a collapsed lung is what's giving those O2 readings.

Okay, we're moving.

Prep surgery, and a thoracotomy tray.

Get me a restraint before he swallows his tongue.

She certainly seems unflappable.

I'd say.

You sure she was never a combat medic?

I'm not so sure she isn't one now.

So what's the threat besides gun-toting gangs in surgery?

It could come from anywhere else.

A malpractice in her past, a bereaved relative of a patient she lost, or as always, someone in her personal life.

Oh. [Chuckles]

I brought you an espresso and a pain au chocolat from the French place on Columbus that you like.

Oh... you know I shouldn't.

Except on days when you're closing up gunshot wounds.

Ugh-- you must've been in a cab half the morning to get this.

Your text said "emergency."

I take emergencies very seriously.

Maddy seems safe, Finch.

Her wife's name is Amy.

I found her bio on the website of the children's charity where she's executive director.

They've been married since last June.

So when does that Veldt guy go into surgery?

I, uh-- half hour. Ugh.

God, I am already exhausted, and I still have that.

I have that art fundraiser th the park today, but I'm gonna check in on you, okay?

And try to give that jerk a bigger heart, while you're at it.

Well, I can't fix everything that's broken.

[Shifting static sounds]

[Background chatter]

Two shots, close range?

That overkill when you shoot a guy in the back?

Even got his pocket lint.

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]


Hey, it's me.

Someone dropped a body in Long Island City, execution-style.

I think you wanna come take a look.

You can't handle it?

Trust me, you wanna be here.

It's got your name all over it-- literally.

[Shifting static sounds]

I'm sorry-- you can't be in here.

But I'm rather enjoying the view.

Are you looking for someone?


For you.

Did you know that according to the American Medical Association, 98,000 people a year die from medical error?

I don't know who you are, but--

My name, while inconsequential, is Alistair Wesley.

Today, a mistake will be your best friend.

Let's you and I discuss Oliver Veldt.


[Zip sound] are you watching carefully?

Your lovely wife Amy.

The infrared laser belongs to a marksman, and unless you wish to see his skill, you will listen.

Oliver Veldt will not survive his surgery.

Tomorrow, the papers will note that despite the heroic efforts of his talented surgeon, at approximately 1:15, he expired from a massive internal hemorrhage.

You're crazy. How would I-- how could I do that?

Very easily.

Wait, Mr. Reese. Something's happening.

You must follow my instructions to the letter.

Someone is with Maddy.

Exactly one hour into surgery, you will introduce 100ccs of the anticoagulant heparin into his system-- instant hemophilia.

30 minutes after that, you will nick his left anterior descending artery.

He will bleed out on the operating table.

No-- I can't. I won't.

If surgery is stopped for any reason, Amy dies.

If she is warned in any way, she dies.

If the police are called to the park or to the hospital, she dies.

Do you understand these rules?


It would be wise not to test me in any way.

Talk soon.

So Maddy's not the victim after all, Mr. Reese.

No, Finch.

They're gonna force her to be the perpetrator.

That's the threat, Finch.

They're going to kill Oliver Veldt.

On the contrary, they're gonna have maddy do it for them.

Well, we need to get to her.

We'll never get past veldt's security.

Besides, as long as his guards are around, she should be safe in surgery.

It's her wife that I'm worried about.

It might be good to have someone near the doctor.

I'll stay here.

I'll handle the park and assess the threat on Amy.

Eh, Finch? Are you gonna be okay here?

Even if I had a phobia, Mr. Reese, now would not be the time for it.


Ooh... ugh...

Who's the vic?

Guy by the name of Dusan Babic.

40, no family, recently immigrated from Croatia, worked for Greater New York Custodial Services.

Straight-up robbery?

That's what I thought... till I found this on him.

I didn't feel the need to share with others.

Check the back.

What does that mean?

I thought you could tell me.

Well, you might wanna get out of here before people start asking questions you can't answer.


Fentanyl administered, doctor.

Mr. Veldt, if I could ask you to sign one last consent form.

[Exhales] How many forms will it take for me to sign my life away?

Liz is just doing her job, Mr. Veldt.

Any surgery has its risks.

And I chose the top surgeon in the state to eliminate them.

You'd do best to remember that.


Once the procedure begins, are you planning on using the saphenous vein for the bypassing channel?

No, I'll use the internal mammary artery for grafts, which anyone with an MD will tell you shows the best long-term results.

But thank you for your unnecessary concern, Mr. Rains.

[Cell phone chimes]

[Cell phone beeps]


[Shifting static sounds]

I'm in Maddy's office, Mr. Reese.

With her computer, perhaps I can discover the connection between Veldt and Wesley.

I'm at the park now, Finch.

Got eyes on Amy, and she couldn't be more exposed.

Lots of bystanders around here too.

According to Wesley's rules, if we alert the police, she's dead.

Then we find the sniper.

We know anything more about Alistair Wesley?

Besides his name and that accent?

I can't find out anymore while I'm stuck here in the surgical wing.

Then we'll work with what we got.

I was able to decode the live video of Amy in the park that Wesley sent, so as long as Maddy is streaming it here in the hospital, we'll be able to see it too.

Sending you an image.

[Cell phone chimes, beeps]

Can you use it to triangulate the sniper's position?

It wouldn't be the first time.

From Maddy's personal file, it seems that Oliver Veldt's blood type is O-negative.

If I can hack the hospital's inventory and register a shortage of O-negative blood, I could stall the surgery without breaking any of Wesley's rules.

Finch, I pinpointed the sniper's location.

Based on that laser, our sniper has a northeast position at least eight floors up.

[Groaning and grunting]


[Man grunting]

Type III ballistic body armor.

Don't worry. Those ribs'll heal.

No ID, Finch.

Super glue on his finger tips.

Classic black ops trick.

[Cell phone rings]

Hello, Mr. Mystery guest.

Wesley, is it--

Alistair Wesley?

I don't know who you are or what you just did to my associate, but I'd like to buy you a drink, or Amy dies immediately.

That's a kind offer, but your sniper's toast.

I'll call your bluff.

You're assuming he was alone.

All units check in.

Red one. Check.

Red two. Check.

And so on and so forth.

There's a pub at the corner of the park.

I'll be seeing you.


[Dial tone]

Mr. Reese, what will you do?

Guess I'll go have that drink.

Okay, Mr. Babic, who wanted you dead, and what are they trying to tell me?

Lived alone, never missed a day of work at Greater New York Custodial.

Serviced business across the city-- mostly tech companies, including Fujima Techtronics, located at 66 11th Avenue, New York.

I didn't figure you for a day-in-the-park kind of guy.

Anyone can appreciate nature, Lionel.

So what's up?

See that art fair over there?

There's a nice young lady running it.

Her name's Amy.

I need you to keep an eye on her for a minute.

What-- she in some kind of trouble?

Let's just say she found herself in a few crosshairs.

Wait, where you going?

To have a drink.

Wait, what?

This is a professional team, Finch.

If they were brought on to execute this plan, someone is paying them.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to play detective today, but I know somebody perfect.

I-I know who Oliver veldt is-- energy guy, right?

"Energy" in the sense that he supplies power to half the Eastern seaboard, yes.

Someone wants to flatline him, huh?

We have a job that's a perfect fit for a former forensic accountant.

Think of it as a digital treasure hunt.

Find out who would target Veldt in the corporate world, follow the money trail to the hit team, and help us stop the plot at its source.

How am I supposed to do that?

Go over to my computer station.

I'm not supposed to touch the computer, remember?

And your special diet man-eater won't let me go anywhere near the keyboard.

[Bear growls]

Put me on speakerphone.



[Bear whimpers]


[Bear whimpers]

Ont-- ontspan?

[Bear whimpers]

Multilingual mutt-- dig it.

Start by composing a list of Veldt's enemies.

Who stands to benefit most from Veldt's death?

Did another company plot it?

Gives new meaning to the phrase "hostile takeover," huh?

I'm extending an element of trust to you, Mr. Tao.

Please resist the temptation to test the limits of my system.

Do I seem like the kind of guy who would let you down?

[Bear growls]

[Game plays on TV]

Do you know why a good barman favors larger ice cubes?

They melt slower.

And they don't dilute the whiskey, the way a tight plan doesn't obscure its objectives.


Is that to protect you from me?

No, but it might help against your sentry at the door.

The silencer poking out of his crossword section was a pretty good giveaway.


I have my own cameras positioned all over, and a troop of operatives running recce on the wife.

There's always someone close enough to kill her at a moment's notice, so put away the gun and have a drink.

I'd say you were a former MI-6, and your team-- all ex-SAS.

You're good on your feet, and you know your way around an asset.



How much do you cost?

Not for sale.

You're working for Veldt?

Some kind of additional security?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is-- if you were caught, why didn't I kill the wife?

Because the doctor hasn't broken any of your rules yet.

Exactly, but my sense of propriety has its limits.

Now stay out of the park and away from the wife.

This isn't your game, and no one's invited you to play.

Don't test me.

I was expecting everything.

You weren't expecting me.



[Gunshot] [Groans]

[EKG beeping]

We'll be ready for you soon, doctor.

[Cell phone beeps]

Dr. Enright, I hate to bother you.

What are you doing in here?

Do you remember me? From earlier today?

You're that donor-- Crane.

Look, you may not believe this, but I know your wife, Amy, and I know the predicament that you're in.

I have an associate who's working now to ensure her safety, but you have to trust us.

Who are you?

How do I know you're not working for that man?

This procedure was supposed to start 20 minutes ago, but I altered the hospital blood records to delay the surgery.

In a moment, a nurse will come in here to explain the error.

Now listen to me carefully.

We can't make Wesley suspicious, but we'll save Amy before you have to make the incision.

Doctor, I checked the O-neg records downstairs.

It's a computer mix-up. They're fixing the glitch.

We have plenty of blood reserves.

We should be ready to go shortly.

Liz, this is Dr. Crane.

I brought him in as a second scrub if I need help.

Whatever you say, doctor.

Help me.

Help us, Amy and I, or I don't know what I'll do.

Maddy has officially gone into the operating room, Mr. Reese.

How are things in the park?

My drink with Wesley didn't go so well, but we can count another one of his operatives out.

He brought his own cameras and has every inch of this park monitored.

It seems that he too knows the value of surveillance.

What's worse-- if he chose his people well, we'll never pick his sleepers out of a crowd this big.

Ports and trocar is inserted.

I'll start the harvest of the mammary artery.

Is everything all right, doctor?

Readjust the camera a millimeter along the main coronary, please.

How is that, doctor?

Increasing irrigation.

Applying more suction.

She's injecting the anticoagulant into Veldt's IV.

Mr. Reese, we're running out of time.

Mr. Reese, Maddy's holding it together somehow, but after that injection of heparin, Veldt's a time bomb.

Any wrong incision at this point--

[Cell phone rings]

Hold on.

Mr. Tao, what did you find?

Finch! Bubby--

I hacked into the Veldt Corp. servers using a back door in their website and found a proposed multimillion-dollar project for offshore wind farms.

Veldt dismissed it.

An "unsustainable pipe dream," he called it.

That's an actual quote--


I called an old drinking buddy at the SEC.

Who sent me blue sheets, monthly reports tracking stock activity.

I found a series of short sales for Veldt stock.

It's trading at an all-time high, so someone's betting that the company fails big.

That investor will make a fortune if the stock drops.

For instance, if the CEO underwent a secret surgery and died on the table.


It must be Wesley and his associates.

They're financing their own operation.

I found an active server at the ISP for those short sales.

Could be an interesting arbitrage opportunity here.

I'll keep digging.

Let me know the minute you find something.

Hello, doctor.

[Whispers] Still trying to secure your wife.

Everyone, I'm going to need to take a short break for a few minutes.

Are you all right, doctor?

Do we need to get someone in here to assist with the surgery?

No, that won't be necessary, Liz.

Please monitor the patient's vitals, and I'll be right back.

Is there nothing more we can do?

I promise you-- my associate is close to getting Amy out of danger.


Yeah, I just--

I need a minute.

[Cell phone rings]

Why did you stop, doctor?

I don't think you understand how serious this is.

How about a little motivation?

I'm going to connect you to your wife now.

You have 30 seconds, but do remember the rules and how much you have to lose.

[Cell phone rings] Ooh, sorry.

I have to take this.

Hi, babe! I thought you were in surgery.

Still going.

I just, uh, took a break to catch my breath.

Uh, it's nothing compared to yours, but it's been nuts here.

The caterers didn't show for the donor picnic, and I had to scramble.

I'm sorry, Ames-- um, I only have a minute.

The timetable is... killer.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Is everything all right?

Totally fine.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Hang in there.


Wesley knew the surgery was interrupted in less than a minute.

He must have eyes and ears in that hospital somewhere.

We don't have a choice, Finch.

I'm getting Amy out.

[Shifting static sounds]

Everybody has to stay in the plaza until we work this out.

Excuse me.

Detective Carter, Homicide.

Homicide? You got here pretty fast.

We just called in shots fired a few minutes ago.

Uh, I don't know if there are a bodies yet.

There was shots fired inside?

Some kind of botched robbery.

What is this place?

Fujima Techtronics research facility.

Alarms went off on the clean room floor, where they do R&D.

Guy got inside, had his exit blocked, shots fired, guards down, ambulance is on its way.

We're clearing the building as we speak.

Excuse me.

What's the status on those floor evacuations?

So what are you thinking?

Diversion, then extraction.

So if you're the extraction, I'm the diversion?

What do you need me to do?

Hey, buddy-- I'm working an abduction in the area.

You see anything suspicious?

Sorry, Detective, I haven't, and I've been on the beat all morning.

Hey-- I didn't excuse you, Officer.


What are you, a probie?

Have a little respect when I talk.

I'm sorry, sir. I haven't seen anything.

Wish I could help.


I want your name, your badge, your social security number. Where are you from?

What precinct are you from?

Hey, settle down, okay?

I don't know why you're breaking my balls, Detective.

You represent the NYPD? I want some ID right now.

[Cell phone rings]


Mr. Tao?

Ah-- that was fast.

Me and Bear-- we're a hell of a team.

Even with one arm, I'm still the fastest gun in the west.

Yes, yes, back pats all around.

What'd you find out?

Well, I was snooping around the short seller server.

That thing was a gold mine-- private medical forms signed by Oliver Veldt buried in a trash file. Would you believe that?

This is fun.

This is what you and John do all day long?

Someone on the inside must've told Wesley about the surgery.

Who would've known in advance?

This whole thing was supposed to be a big secret, right?

Someone in Veldt's company with knowledge of the surgery, familiar with its intricacies--

Mr. Tao, how quickly can you send me everything you've dug up?

[Cell phone rings]


[Line ringing]

I'm sorry, this isn't my phone--

Amy, we don't have a lot of time, so I need you to listen.

I know your wife, Maddy. She's a great surgeon.

I know you two love each other, and I know you love pastries from a French bakery on the West Side.

Personally, I think they use too much butter.

What? What's going on?

You and Maddy are in a lot of danger right now, but I'm here to help you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

There are cameras watching you.

I can direct you out of the park, and keep you off the radar from a lot of bad people, but you need to stay on that phone, and listen to me very carefully.

One wrong step, and it's over.

[Cell phone beeps] Yes, Finch.

Mr. Reese, according to Maddy's timetable, we have less than two minutes to Nick Veldt's artery.

Please tell me you have Amy somewhere safe.

I'm working on it, Finch.

Agent Snow-- freeze.

Turn around slowly.

There's no signal down here.

She can't hear us.

What's goin' on, Mark?

We don't have much time.

I don't know what she's planning, but you have to tell our friend.

Whatever it is, it's big, and I can't stop it.

You killed a man for his ID to get inside that company, and then you shot a guard.


I had no choice.

This is just the beginning.

She's on a mission with nothing left to lose.

More people are gonna die.

I'll call bomb disposal, and I'll take you in.

I'll get you out of this.

She won't let you.

She-- who is she?

[Gunshot] [Glass shatters]


[Breathes heavily]

Mr. Rains, we're on a clock-- and please, don't contact your British friend until you've heard me out.

British friend? What is this?

Faxed to me by a friend.

It's quite inclusive-- all the blue pages, the short sales, the fake company, and all that confidential medical information that you shared with Wesley.

Wesley? Who?

How much did they pay you to be their inside man?

Inside man on what?

The plot to kill your boss.

Look, I have enough on you to send you to prison for a long time.

On a good day, I just follow through with that.

Today, I'll bargain.

All the evidence I have in exchange for your power to call this thing off.

Why would I wanna kill Oliver?

After he recovers, we're supposed to re-examine a new energy project together.

The Wind Farm project-- you want that to be a reality?

I don't know what all this is. Is Oliver in danger?

If that's the truth and you didn't leak news of the surgery, who did?

How's that other operation we were discussing, doctor?

Still in progress.

What are you doing?

Doctor, you have to complete the procedure.

We have to stop this.

Everyone, I'm calling this--

I want you all to calmly exit the room.

What about the patient?

I'm declaring myself unfit to continue this procedure.

I will stabilize Mr. Veldt, and then I will follow you.

Now go.

Everyone-- go.

Mr. Reese, get Amy out of there now.

Listen up-- start walking to the 40th Street exit of the park.

You had to do it the hard way, doctor.

Enough games.

Calling all units-- you are green-lit on the target, then proceed to exfil.

I'm staying with you, doctor.

You can't do this alone.

Liz and I will move the tools from Mr. Veldt's chest cavity.

I need you to go to the cabinets inside the scrub room and find me propofol so that we can keep him unconscious.

Whatever happens, you made the right decision.

Wesley, the target is gone, and she's not on any of the cameras.

Then someone is very, very smart.

Keep moving, Amy.


You're almost there.



Hi, I'm John.


Let's get you out of here, Amy.

Hey, officer, do me a favor, will ya?

Tell your partner in the park I'm sorry for busting his balls like that.

Partner? What partner?

I walk the park beat alone.

Your wife should've listened.

[EKG rapid beeping]

He's crashing.

His BP is plummeting.

He's going into V-tach.

You must've nicked an artery.

It was you.

You made the incision.


You're the surgeon, doctor. I'm just the nurse.

Or, in this case, the backup plan.

Hey, Officer-- about that abduction.



You knew they were going to hurt Amy.

Just let him die.

I'm not gonna let him die.

Understand what's at stake for you, doctor.

It's just one life.

It's still a life.

Stay with her.

I gave him protamine sulfate to coagulate his blood again...


But I'm gonna have to restart his heart, and I won't be able to do that from the outside.

What does that mean?

I'm gonna open him up, and you're gonna assist me.

I am?

Pass me that, Richardson.

That's it-- I need you to pull with a lot of pressure, okay?

I'm gonna take this Finochietto retractor.

Now, hold the chest op-- okay, yeah.

Just keep it pulled.

I don't think I can--

You can do it.

Need lots of suction so I can see this artery.

That's it. There we go.

Okay, pass me the clamp.

I'm going to clamp this now.

Suture it later to stop the arterial bleeding.

Now I'm going to begin open heart massage.

All right.

Oh, dear.

Look at it.

It's squishy.

Come on.

[EKG beeps]

We did it.

We got him back.

[Beeping continues]

Hey, Mads.

I thought I was gonna lose you.


I'm here.

I'm right here.

[Shifting static sounds]

Sorry for the theatrics, Mr. Tao, but we couldn't have you turning up knocking on our door.

What if I was collecting for UNICEF?

So Veldt survived, huh?

And as long as he recovers, that stock won't dip an inch.

All the conspirators will take a huge loss.

You defeated the bad guys.

With your help.

Take that to mind and try to stay out of trouble, Mr. Tao.


You know, I'm not the kind of guy that would let you down.

Think we'll be seeing him again any time soon?

Stranger things have happened.

[Cell phone ringing]

That's not your phone, Mr. Reese.

I took it off the sniper in the park.

Hello, Wesley.

I just had to call and congratulate you on a game well played.

It wasn't a game.

Lives were at stake.

And after that elaborate plan, you were no more than a common thief.

You know I'm much more than that.

After our meeting, I knew you looked familiar.

You're John Reese.

Our paths have crossed before in Istanbul at that market by the Bosphorus.

I remember the market.

I don't remember you.

Well, that's the point.

I was trained that way for a reason.

Those were the days.

International manhunts.

Drone strikes.

Now sometime we should finish that drink.

I'm sure you and I would have a lot to talk about.

Until then.

John F. Kennedy, please.

International terminal.

It seems Wesley enjoys a good game, Mr. Reese.

And I'm sure we'll have the chance to play again.

Been doing a little work on the side?

I'm a Homicide Detective, John.

You know what I do.

You shouldn't have brought me in on this if you didn't want me asking questions.

You sure it was Snow?

I saw him fleeing the scene of the crime wearing a bomb vest.

He looked desperate, helpless, like someone was holding him on a string.

Said to tell you that she is planning something.

Something big.


That's what I wanna know.

Do you know what this is all about, John?

And if you did, would you even tell me?

You're one hell of a Detective, Carter.

And I can't stop you from looking.

But you already know quite a bit about me, Finch, and you may know we both had people who once cared about us.

Not anymore.

But you...

You still have your son, your life is still yours.

So I think the real question you have to ask yourself, Detective... is how much more do you really want to know?

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