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  02x05 - Bury The Lede
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

The government considers these people irrelevant.

We don't.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

The mayor's office is up for grabs, and City Councilman Ed Griffin threw his hat in the ring today.

New candidate in the race for mayor--

Assistant DA Landon Walker.

This thing is a bloodbath.

Griffin and Walker are neck and neck.

Yeah, I hear that's about to change.

That reporter, Maxine Angelis, she says one of Griffin's money men has been cooking the books.

[Knocking on door]

[Door opens]

Who the hell are you?

I'm the person who's not telling your wife that you're in a hotel room waiting for a hooker.

Your office wasn't returning my calls, Mr. Hix, so I thought I'd reach out to you personally.

Maxine Angelis, New York Journal.

This little game cuts both ways.

What will your readers think when they find out you get your stories using blackmail?

They'll think I'm good at my job.

In the next five days, New York elects a new mayor, and I'm very curious about the illegal fundraising you've done for Ed Griffin's campaign.

Give me straight answers, and I'll be kind enough to omit the circumstances of our interview.

What is it you wanna know?

You've raised over $100,000 for Griffin.

I can see why Maxine keeps making headlines.

Investigative journalists like Ms. Angelis are an endangered species.

In order to keep up with bloggers and social media, dedicated reporters have to be increasingly creative to get the truth.


Finch... Is that feedback?

No, I simply made the grievous error of buying Bear a squeaky toy.

[Toy squeaking]

In the six years she's worked at the Journal, she's penned exposes on New York's most dangerous criminals.

The cartel, Elias, HR.

She's made some very powerful enemies.

Odds are one of Maxine's stories is about to get her killed.

Okay, I got what I need.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Hix.

Oh, and tell your wife I said hi.

[Phone vibrating]

Max, remember how you thought HR had a lot more dirty cops out there?

You were right.

The feds are indicting dozens of NYPD officers.

On my way.

FBI. You're under arrest.

You two, out of the car.


You have the right to remain silent.

They're making the bust, but I know this was you.

Nice work, Detective.

Keep your voice down, huh, Carter?

You think John put me under with HR because of my spotless record?

Glad the feds haven't come after me yet.

The day is still young, Fusco.

Agent Donnelly, big day for you.

Thanks, Carter.

And, uh, don't think I've forgotten about your man in the suit.

We will catch him as soon as we're done with this.

Looks pretty done to me.

Over 75 dirty cops in bracelets.

So why aren't you smiling?


You don't have the big boss, do you?

Head of HR.

So got a particular cop in mind?

I'm not so sure it is a cop.

If the lead I'm working pans out, soon I'll know exactly who was running things.

Hey, Carter.

My two cents-- let this one go, okay?

Every crook HR screwed over, every cartel they were in bed with, they're all gonna want the big boss dead.

Whoever catches that guy... better be bulletproof.

Is it weird that that just makes me wanna catch him more?

For you? No.

Hey, kiddo, it's dad.

Remember, I'm picking you up from school today, so don't take the bus.

And think about what movie you wanna watch tonight.

All right? I'll call you later.

[Gun cocks]

Hello, Lionel.

Look, Simmons, I didn't--

Spare me whatever steaming pot you're about to serve up.

I saw you.

The day the FBI got into HR, I saw you helping that guy in the suit.

You know what even crossed my mind?

You might be the rat who tried to take us down.

But you wouldn't be that stupid, now would you, Lionel?



'Cause HR might be down, but we are not out.

My boss is pulling strings right now to save the upper management.

With friends like that, what do you need me for?

Because the FBI keeps digging.

We got word that they're onto something that could still bring us all down-- me, my boss.

Probably even you.

What do they got?

[Scoffs] Why don't you tell me?

Your partner's all buddy-buddy with Donnelly.

So you're gonna find out what they're looking for, and you're gonna make it disappear.

And if I don't?

Well, I guess I'll see you in prison.

I mean, what's your kid gonna think when he finds out what you did?

You think your ex-wife's even gonna let you see him again?

I mean, you need this to go away as bad as we do.

Push comes to shove, who's got your back here?

That goody-two-shoes partner of yours or me?

Just do this one thing for us, Lionel.

Then if you want out, you're out.

So, Quinn, what brings you out of campaign HQ?

My boss' screaming mostly.

You've made this a very tough day for me.

Well, when you sign on as campaign manager for a crook like Ed Griffin, you gotta expect a few tough days.


I'll survive.

Politicians come and go, but you and I are here forever.

Right, Max?

Off the record, it's not Griffin's year.

Walker's ahead, and I can't find any dirt to save my life.

Oh, come on, the cleaner they are on the outside, the more rotten they are once you crack them open.

I actually came by just to warn you.

Griffin wants your head on a pike.

Well, tell him to get in line.

You hear that, Finch?

Edward Griffin, our newest suspect but likely not our last.

[Toy squeaks]

Oh, Bear, please.

Look, here's your ball.

[Dog whimpers]

I should have access to Maxine's cloud storage site shortly.

Once I get inside, I'll scan through everything she's working on, see who else might want her dead.

That's not the real story, Glen.

The hell it's not.

75 cops in cuffs-- that's news.

The story's not who they busted, it's who they didn't.

The head of HR.

The FBI knows they don't have the big boss.

And now they're just scooping up everybody, hoping they'll catch him if they cast a wide enough net.

Wanna write about the big boss? Fine.

Get me a name and something to back it up.

Until then, there's nothing to print.

So she's looking for the head of HR.

Should we be looking at Simmons?

Actually, my analysis of the evidence from Detective Fusco suggests that Simmons is just a high-ranking lieutenant.

Then who's really in charge?

[Phone ringing]

Someone's dialing Maxine's cell.

Number blocked, no ID.

Maxine Angelis.

I can't tell you my name, but I have information you want.

Okay, what is that exactly?

HR's big boss--

I know who it is All right, I'm listening.

The head of HR is Christopher Zambrano.

They're arresting him tonight.

Who is this?

A friend.

[Dial tone]

Christopher Zambrano, son of the late mafia don, whom I'm sure you will remember.

But unlike his father, Christopher seems to have kept his nose clean.

Which would make him a good liaison between the mob and the police.

He owns an import-export business.

Perfect cover for the kind of smuggling operations that have lined HR's pockets.

And now she's calling one of her contacts in the FBI.

Agent Clark.


Maxine Angelis.

So remember when you led that meth lab raid and accidentally busted into the wrong house, and I left your name out of the paper, and you said you didn't know how to thank me?

Well, I just thought of a way.

What do you want, Maxine?

What do you know about the HR investigation?

I just got a tip that Christopher Zambrano is the boss of the whole operation.

[Sighs] Okay, this is deep, deep background.

But, uh, yeah, I know they're looking at him in connection with HR.

And when Donnelly was putting in paperwork for the indictments, I heard him talking about Zambrano a lot.

Okay. Well, thanks, Willis.

I'll keep your name out of this story too.

Sounds like she's really onto something.

We definitely need to check out Zambrano.

I think Maxine might beat me to it.

Mr. Zambrano.

Maxine Angelis, New York Journal.

Nice to meet you. Get off my property.

Why? Do you have something to hide from a reporter?

Got eyes and ears on Zambrano, Finch.

Search all you want.

All you're gonna find is imported furniture, parts of a kiddie carousel, which I bought for charity.

Does that make it into the papers? No.

Because my last name is Zambrano, you guys all think I'm a wise guy.

No, I think you're the head of HR.

What the hell are you talking about? Who told you that?

I think you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Did you get a visit recently from Agent Donnelly?

Never seen him before.

Funny, 'cause the guard at the gate has seen him here, arguing with you.

Son of a mafia don, owner of an import-export business, getting grilled by the FBI agent hunting HR.

So if you're not involved, then how would you explain that?

Shut your mouth.

I don't know anything about that, okay?

And if you keep on asking questions like this, somebody's gonna get hurt.

I don't like this, Finch. I'm going in.

Reese, you can't. Maxine has another pet story.

She's been scouring through police records, talking to witnesses, hunting for a man in a suit... meaning you.

We're fugitives getting illegal information from a secret government machine.

John, the last thing we need is publicity.

You must protect Ms. Angelis, but you have to do it without giving her any more proof that the man in the suit exists.

Do you expect me to believe you're gonna lay a finger on me at your legitimate business?

You don't print that.

Mr. Zambrano.

You don't write that.

"Suspected HR boss assaults reporter."

Do you think that headline makes you look less guilty?

Hey, Teddy, escort this bitch off my property.

Okay, Finch.

How am I supposed to save a woman who wants to put me on the front page?

Despite this complication, we must focus on keeping Maxine safe.

I can't find anything in Zambrano's digital footprint to suggest that he's the head of HR, but brilliant criminals have fooled us before.

I do wish you wouldn't do that here.

When I do it in the park, people look at me funny.

Okay, let's assume that Zambrano is the head of HR.

He might want to have Maxine killed before she can reveal his true identity in the paper.

It would be damn hard to stop them if I can't let Maxine see me work.

And when you step out of the shadows to help her out, she's going to know you're the man in the suit.

Until we can figure out a way to hide you in plain sight, perhaps you should enlist some backup.

Maxine Angelis. Yeah, I've heard of her.

That woman leaves no stone unturned.

How do you expect to work your magic with her around?

Aren't you and your friend obsessed with staying out of the paper?

I'll keep my distance.

The other photo I sent you is Chris Zambrano.

Maxine thinks he's HR's big boss.

So he's crooked like his dad, huh?

Everything okay, Fusco?


It's, uh... something I ate probably.

Yeah, well, you don't become head of HR by being sloppy.

So if Zambrano wants your reporter dead, he'll do it in a way that's practically invisible with no strings leading back to him.

Fusco, when's the last time you saw your pal Simmons?

Um... we haven't talked since I shot at him, covering your ass.

Find him. Tail him.

And if he gives you any trouble, I've got your back.

I'll talk to Donnelly, see who else is on HR's payroll that hasn't been arrested yet.

And if your reporter friend gets into trouble before we find the shooter--

Guess I'll have to call the police.

And though I'm unaware of any wrong-doing, the funds in question will be donated to charity.

That's Ed Griffin issuing a statement about allegations in the New York Journal.

Landon Walker is in our studio. Mr. Walker, your response.

You see, Bob, hiding the evidence doesn't erase the crime.

This is what my opponent doesn't get.

Look at what she started.

If I'm elected, I'll bring honesty and integrity back to the city.

Turning our attention from politics to the weather--

I got him, Glen. The head of HR.

Christopher Zambrano.

The mafia don's kid? Based on what?

Four sources, anonymous tip, guard at the docks, an FBI agent familiar with the case, and Zambrano himself.

He admitted it to you?

I don't think he was yelling at me 'cause he's innocent.

I hear Donnelly's already filed the indictment.

We'll run it on the website... and back-edit it once the feds pick him up.

Well, the cat's out of the bag, but Ms. Angelis is not out of danger yet.

Zambrano may order her execution for simple revenge.

She's not safe until he's behind bars.

Finch, I can't protect her like this.

I've got to get close to her.

Oh, you're about to.

It seems that Maxine's job doesn't afford her opportunities to meet nice men, so she somewhat reluctantly signed up with a popular online dating site.

I took the liberty of back-engineering the matching algorithm to create the profile of her ideal man.

She really likes that you love dogs.


You're trying to get me a date with her?

Already have. Tonight at 8:00.

You've been flirting all day.

Finch? What did I just say to her?

New cufflinks I could understand, but buying a $100,000 sports car-- was that really necessary?

Relax, Finch. The car's stolen.

Nice car.

Let's hope you're not compensating for something.

Remember, your name is John Anderson...

[Toy squeaks]

VP at Jenson Actuarial.

You like walking your dog, kayaking, and Hitchcock movies.

Oh, and Maxine's fondness for intellectuals presents us with a graceful way to help cover up your identity.

Are you wearing those glasses I got you?

Here you are.



I, uh--

I called ahead and ordered us a bottle.

Hope you like champagne.

I don't.

Don't you remember joking about this online?

Sorry, um, can I get a Boulevardier, please?

Did you not review the notes I sent you?

So, John...

I've always wondered.

What does an actuarial actually do?

Most days, just try to stay awake.

Mr. Reese. Wrong answer!

Maxine is passionate about her career, and she wants a partner who feels the same way.

Okay, time for reinforcements.


How are you?


You trying to make me jealous?

Finch have you on standby?

Social psychology.

Women are more attracted to men who receive the approval of other attractive women.

Uh, Maxine, this is Zoe.

She's a friend.

So how do you two know each other?

Oh, we spent two very long nights together last year.

It was great seeing you again, John.


You dated Zoe Morgan?


There's not a reporter in town who wouldn't kill to interview that woman.


The tenets of social psychology are firmly rooted in an unders--

So tell me about your job.

What's the most exciting story you're working on right now?

Oh, you'll just think I'm weird.

Okay, well, there's a rumor about this guy.

The police just call him the man in a suit.

No one's seen his face, no one knows his name.

I'm not even sure he exists.

But he's like something out of a comic book.

When people are in trouble, he comes out of nowhere.

He always seems to be there just in time.

And whoever he is, he saves a lot of lives.

And he shoots a lot of kneecaps.

Sounds like a great guy.

And an urban legend.

Yeah, well, maybe. But if he's real...

I'm going to put that man on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in this country.

What about Christopher Zambrano?

I read your website.

Ever worry that writing about a man like that might put you in harm's way?

Occupational hazard.

Still couldn't hurt to skip town for the weekend, let this blow over.

Oh, thanks for your concern, John.

And for that very slick offer to whisk me away.

But, you know, this is what I do.

I find out what people need to know, what those in power don't want them to know, and I make sure everyone hears about it.

To me, that's worth a little risk.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

George Orwell.

[Phone vibrating] Oh.

You know what, I'm sorry.

I have to take this. Sorry.

[Phone ringing] Yeah.

Glen. Okay, Glen, Glen, Glen.

Slow down, slow down!

Kind of busy, Carter.

We have a problem.

I just got off the phone with Donnelly, and...

Maxine's story about Zambrano being the big boss of HR-- it's not true.

Oh, my God. Oka-- oh, my God.

Zambrano's not the boss?

He isn't even a suspect.

But then she wrote that thing, she put a bull's-eye on his chest.

Every crook HR screwed, every cartel they worked with, everyone wants him dead.

Maxine's not in danger, Zambrano is.

We need to find him before it's too late.

You're wrong, Max. The FBI's on their way.

They wanna talk to you.

Okay, all right.

Forget about me. Where is Zambrano?

And is he okay?

He's not answering his cell.

No one knows where he is.

Work emergency. I'll call you.

Okay, well, I don't know what your work emergency is, but I bet mine's worse.

I just put Zambrano's life in danger, so I need you to give me a ride.

Okay, wait in the car.

You're close, Mr. Reese.

Zambrano is 300 meters west northwest of you.

[Tires screech]

Guess the FBI doesn't have him bluejacked.

Mr. Zambrano!

Mr. Zambrano!



Where's Zambrano?




We didn't get here in time.

Okay, Ms. Angelis. And Mr. Anderson, was it?

Uh, you can call me John.

I just need to get a statement.

You found Mr. Zambrano, right?

He was shot, and he wasn't breathing.

It was all my fault.

I'm sorry, can I--

I just need a minute.

Yeah, sure.

You're dating her?

That's how you're keeping your distance?

It's, um... complicated.

Your killers are knocked out at the scene.

My guess is they're Toreros cartel.

Just one of many organizations that wanted HR's boss dead.

Just got the wrong guy.

Look, this isn't the best place for me to be, but I'm not leaving her.

Can I get her out of here?


Come on. She said we could go.

Some first date, huh?

Maxine Angelis.

Special Agent Donnelly, FBI.

You're gonna answer some questions.

[Quietly] Go, go.

The gate guard told me that you'd been arguing with Zambrano and an agent I spoke to--

Agent Clark didn't know anything, but I am really not interested in hearing you try to justify what you did.

All I want is the name of the person who first told you that Chris Zambrano was the head of HR.

I got a call. It was an anonymous tip.

It was a man. Blocked number.

11:41. That's it.

But if he wasn't the boss, then why were you even--

Do you have any idea how... colossally you just screwed up?

Zambrano wasn't HR's boss.

He was the witness that could bring the boss down.

Zambrano's father was the mob's point man with HR.

And he kept records-- a ledger-- with names and dollar amounts for everyone on HR's payroll, including the boss.

And when the don died, Chris Zambrano found that ledger.

But unlike his dad, Chris was a good man.

Totally clean.

When he realized what he was holding, he called the FBI.

Why didn't you protect him?

What do you think we were arguing about?

I tried to convince him.

But because of people like you calling him a criminal all his life, Zambrano was afraid that we would think he was dirty too.

He'd only turn over the ledger once he'd sign an immunity deal, and the paperwork came through tonight.

And if you print one word of this, I will lock your ass up for obstruction.

Well, your tip came from a disposable cell, the first choice of criminals and virtually impossible to trace.

So congratulations, Ms. Angelis, you just got played, probably by the real head of HR.

So Maxine wasn't the victim. She was the perpetrator.

Unwitting, involuntary, but a perpetrator all the same.

With one stroke, the boss wipes out the only witness who could bring him down and destroys the career of a troublesome reporter to boot.

And we're gonna find out who that bastard is and bring him down.

And I'll search Zambrano's digital footprint, see if I can find out where he hid the ledger with the boss' name in it.

And I'll see what our undercover can dig up.

Fusco, you and Simmons need to have a little talk.

See if he knows who the real head of HR is.

Nah, if Simmons knew that, I would have brought down the boss when we took down HR.

Well, ask anyway, and let me know if you find anything out.

Will do, boss.

All right, Zambrano, where did you hide that ledger?

[Indistinct chatter]

[Phone ringing]

Maxine Angelis.

Max? Quinn. How are you?

Guess I was due for a tough day.

Yeah, look, we're gonna have use this thing to discredit you, everything you wrote about Griffin.

We're throwing you under the bus, Max.


You're a true friend, Quinn.


What can I do?

I think we've got it handled.

We're moving the election off A1 to make room for our retraction on Zambrano.

I can write the retraction.

I'm afraid you won't be writing anything until we sit down with legal.

Ms. Angelis' future as a journalist may be in doubt, but she's not done investigating.

She's calling that disposable cell.

You have reached a voice mail box that has not been set up yet.


I don't know who you are, but I know what you did, and I know where to find your name.

And when I do, I will put a picture of you in handcuffs on the front page of this paper.

She's looking for that HR ledger.

Then I need to get her to stop before she gets herself in trouble.

[Phone vibrating]


Maxine, it's John.

I thought maybe you could use a drink.

I was surprised to hear from you.

There's generally no second date when the first one ends in homicide.

Well, I was, um... thinking about you, and I wanted to see if I could help.

Well, now that you mention it, I could use your accounting skills to just go through these records.

Here's everything I've got on Zambrano.

We're looking for anywhere Zambrano might've--

I think maybe we should just leave that for the proper authorities.

I put getting the scoop before getting the truth.

And my arrogance cost a good man his life.

Now I can't-- I can't do anything to fix that.

But I sure as hell can catch the bastard behind all of this.

Thanks for the beer.

Maxine. Maxine!

I know how it feels to do things you can never take back.

I can't stop you from hurting or wanting to fix this.

But I just don't want you to think you're alone.

Get down!


Finch, I think the boss got Maxine's message.

Give me your keys.

Finch, we're heading to my place.

[Toy squeaks]

Oh, shoot! I've got your dog.

[Toy squeaks]

Bear's even cuter than his picture.

He really likes that closet, huh?

His, uh, treats are in there.

So... that was interesting.

Maybe we should call the cops.

Which ones?

If HR's boss is still out there, I don't know who to trust.

Any idea who was shooting at us?

No, but if they're trying to kill me, I must be doing something right.

Wow! Guess your boring job pays all right.

I'm calling in sick tomorrow.

I won't leave your side until this is over.

You're a good man, John Anderson.

I'll sleep on the couch.

Like I said, a good man.

And if I wanna take my contacts out?

Oh, uh... that way.

When were you ever going to need all those?

You shouldn't have brought her back here, Mr. Reese.

Even the best cover just goes so deep.

The longer she stays, the more questions she'll have.

Imagine how many questions she'll have if she comes out and sees you here.

Did you get a good look at the men that were shooting at you?

I tried, but they were shooting at me.

I'll get into the pub's security system and see what I can find.

I've got a lead, Mr. Reese.

I got images of the shooters from the pub's security.

Then I found a photo sharing site that had a facial recognition app that was shut down by a lawsuit last year.

I hacked in, turned the app back on, and identified our gunmen.

[Sighs] They're FBI.


Agents Bogle and Pitt.

They took early retirement last year.

But if they've still got contacts at the Bureau, I'd guess that they're the ones that told HR's boss about Zambrano's ledger.

Finch, I know you want me to keep my cover, but Maxine needs to know what she's dealing with, and I need to be able to protect her.

Calm down, John.

I sent your girlfriend a text with the same information, anonymously of course.

I need to talk to a friend of yours.

Leonard Pitt and Craig Bogle, forced out for harassment and malicious prosecution.

Word is that they were in someone's pocket.

They were using those badges to do favors for their real boss.

The man who got Zambrano killed with one call from a disposable cell, the head of HR-- who is he?

There's some secrets that even I don't know.

But you know who buys disposables by the case-- criminals, sure.

But also political campaigns.

They're cheap, untraceable, anonymous.

And if they get caught playing dirty tricks, it can save their ass.

Is this the kind of experience we want running our city?

Landon Walker is the responsible, reliable choice for mayor.

Zambrano gets killed for knowing the name of HR's boss five days before an election.

Are you telling me the boss is running for mayor?

I'm rendering an opinion.

Personally, I avoid politicians.

They so rarely have any real power.

You know, it's a pleasure meeting you.

But it's a shame we never met.

Be good, John.

Yes. Okay, perfect. Thank you so much.

One of Griffin's old opponents just confirmed being harassed by Bogle and Pitt during their campaign.

If Griffin's hired them before, they're probably still working for him.

Do you have enough to unmask him on the front page?

I will never make that mistake again.

I am not going to press until I have that ledger in my hands.

We just need to find where Zambrano hid it.

Pretty smooth conning me into a third date, by the way.

I like to think of it as a third attempt at a first date.

Wait. Wait.

Zambrano said that everybody thought he was a wise guy, and nobody ever looked at the good things he did.

If he were looking for a place to hide that ledger, maybe he would put it where he thought no one would go looking.

Does that fancy car of yours have a crowbar?

Here. It's unlocked.

Start with the horses.

They were still being delivered yesterday.

Found something.

Zambrano's ledger.

Wanna find out who's running HR?

Thanks, Maxine.

My boss has been looking all over for that.

I've called Detective Carter, and help is on the way, Mr. Reese.

I know it goes against your nature, but you can't take action without Maxine learning who you really are.

If at all possible, wait for rescue.

I'll try to keep that in mind.

I gotta tell you, Maxine, you've been a huge help.

First Zambrano, then the ledger, and now you're kind enough to bring your boyfriend.

I'm just gonna dump the two of you at your place.

We'll make it look like a lover's spat turned murder-suicide.

When I wind up dead, you think the police won't find your names in my notes, Agent Bogle?

Or is it Mr. Bogle now?

And now you're doing a double homicide to shut me up.

But when you get caught, will your boss even think twice before killing you to cover his tracks?

Who is your boss, by the way?

Should we open that ledger and find out?

Guess that's a "no comment."

NYPD! Drop your weapon!

FBI! We're here on official business.

Ms. Angelis is a witness in a homicide investigation.

Drop your guns!

You hear sirens, Pitt?

Two NYPD detectives just took a hot door without calling for backup.

You're not here on official business either.

[Circus music]

♪ ♪

Where's Griffin? Where's Griffin?

Where's Griffin?

♪ ♪

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪



Dispatch, I need a bus.

Got a suspect in custody with a GSW to his shoulder.

What did I miss?

Nothing you can't read in tomorrow's paper.

Excuse me, ma'am.

We're gonna need that as evidence.

Thank you.

[DJ Shadow's Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt]

♪ ♪

So after that, we've got the fundraiser in midtown, and then we have to get there by 3:00.

Can we do that? Yeah?

[Sirens wail]

Landon Walker!

You're under arrest for receiving bribes, enterprise corruption, and conspiracy.

You have the right to remain silent.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

So... you're off the hook. The boss is locked up.

Are we done here?


Once you're in, you're never out.

You want anything else from me... never mention my kid again.

I'm not a threat to your son, Lionel.

You are.

No bodies, no bullets.

So this is what a normal date with you is like.

Nice, isn't it?

And I'm afraid it has to be our last.

I like you, John.

Quite a bit actually.

But I'm married to my work.

And honestly, I still think you're a little hung up on Zoe Morgan.

See ya.

So you're off to chase your man in the suit?

No, you were right. Urban legend.

And with the week I just had, if there really was a man like that, I think I'd have met him by now.

Mr. Reese, this may not be over.

You're paranoid, Finch.

Be that as it may...

[Toy squeaks] don't think we got the right guy.

Walker was on HR's payroll.

He'd have motive to want Zambrano dead.

Yes, yes, and he definitely hired Pitt and Bogle to hunt down Maxine, but that's what troubles me.

The head of HR is brilliant, not the type to hire a pair of washed up feds to gun down a reporter.

And Walker-- I'm not convinced he has the cunning or the connections to mastermind something this complicated.

All right.

If Walker isn't the real head of HR, who is?

The people of New York have spoken, and I'm proud to be your next mayor.

So you had Walker on the payroll too, huh?

Hedging your bets.


Remind me never to cross you, boss.

That's why I never put my name on the payroll.

Who needs money when you have real power?

The politicians come and go, but we'll be here forever.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

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