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So nice to finally meet you, Harold.

You can call me Root.

When she took Finch, Root killed a former intelligence operative named Alicia Corwin.

You should be trying to figure out what I want and where we're going.

Where are we going?

The future, Harold.

I've got a lead on Finch.

You know where our mystery woman's headed?

No, but I think I found out where she's from.

Pack your bags, Carter, we're going to Texas.

911. What is your emergency?

Hello, who is this?

It's about Hanna, the girl who's gone missing.

So what's this all about?

What do you mean?

I promised you guys that round of drinks.

It's 8:00 AM.

Which means Finch has already been gone 24 hours, but we're gonna get him back.

This have a raw egg in it?

The alcohol will kill the salmonella.

You find out anything on the girl, Carter?


1991, 14-year-old Hanna Frey walks out of the public library in Bishop, Texas, never to be seen again.

She'd be 35 today. Seems about right.

That girl became Root, and now she's got Finch.

Nothing else about her in any national law enforcement database since, John.

Look, I need to know where you're getting your information.

I can't tell you that.

But we find out what happened to her, we find Finch.

This girl...

Been gone 20 years without a trace.

How long you been drinking?

We're going to Bishop, Texas, to find out what happened to Hanna Frey.

What about me?

I need you to stay here, Lionel. and find out who's messing with the case.

Maybe this'll help.

[Cell phone vibrating]


Did you just jack my phone?

It's a malware app.

Little tip-- someone offers you a great deal on any sort of male-enhancement pill, don't click on it.

Oh, another thing.

I need you to look after a friend of mine.

[Whistles] [Dog barks]

[Dog whimpers]

Bear, remember Lionel?

[Cell phone ringing]

Where are we on the Corwin mess?

A few loose ends to clean up, but I wouldn't worry about the evidence trail.

Consider the chain of custody broken.

We need to find out what brought her to New York.

I think I have a lead on where she was staying in the city.

Just make sure you get there first.

No telling what kind of smoking gun that nut job left lying around.

A dead nut job.

Used to work for Denton Weeks.

Let me worry about Weeks.

What do we know about the assigned working the case?

[Speaks Dutch]

I wouldn't sweat that too much.

Not exactly New York's finest working on this one.

[Speaks Dutch] Okay.

[Rock music]

♪ ♪

Lucky you called when you did.

Deer season just started. Booked up solid for the week.


Oh, I don't think so.

We're gonna need another room.

Afraid I can't help you there.

I've got three RVs backed up in the lot looking for a room with running water.

Thanks. This won't be a problem.

So what exactly are the sleeping arrangements?

I don't plan on sleeping much.

And if I do, the bathtub will-- the floor will be fine.

Let's go down to the police station and get ahold of that case file on Hanna Frey.

Okay. Wait.

Let's set up some ground rules here.

You keep a low profile and let me deal with the local law enforcement, all right?

That's why you're here.

It's regarding the Hanna Frey case back in '91.

Oh, yes, ma'am, I remember it well.

What's your interest in the case, Detective, uh...


I may have a missing persons case in the Bronx that matches the MO.

A young girl went missing from a public library, like Hanna Frey, and one of my suspects used to live in Texas.

Really? What's the suspect's name?

Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share names.

Still a developing case.

Sheriff, I'd really just like to have a look at Hanna's case file.

Yeah, well, I'd really like to have the name of this suspect, seeing as how it might help break a case that's haunted this department some 20 years.

Right. Unfortunately, my loo hasn't signed off on a joint investigation.

I don't see why not.

He sent you all the way down here, didn't he?

Sign here, please.

Well, hello.

What happened to Dan today?

He got rerouted.

Well, that is too bad.

Mind if I use your restroom?

Oh, help yourself. It's just down the hall and to the left.

All right, I'll tell you what.

Why don't you give me the name and number of your loo, and I'll call him myself.

No? Well, that's too bad.

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay here in Bishop.

Hunting and fishing, second to none.


[Sighs]What the--

Is that what I think it is?

Plenty of leads to follow up on.


I don't know what you just did, but this is not the way--

There was even a 911 call from someone claiming they saw Hanna get into the car that night.

They gave a plate number too, but it didn't check out.

What do you think?

I think we start from the beginning.

We need to talk to whoever saw Hanna last.

She's still out there, Carter.

I'm telling you, that girl became Root.

Amazing. We've managed to perfect the apple-- a genetically modified version that never goes brown.

And yet, we still haven't upgraded human beings.

The human race has stalled out, Harold.

And from what I've seen, most of it is rotten to the core.

Oh, Harold, generous to a fault.

Always letting someone else take credit for your work.

I'd recognize your code anywhere.

It's so... elegant.

Then let it be.

I told you, I don't want to control your machine.

Then why are we here?

We're here to observe another kind of code.

The bad code.

Clearly, we differ in our views of humanity.

Do we? Then why are you the father of a seismic shift in intelligence, forced to live in fear and anonymity?

You don't know anything about me.

Oh, but I do, Harold.

You're the man who sold the world.

Just to the wrong people.

I will get access to the machine, Harold.

And either you can show me how to do that, or this sad specimen will.

Denton Weeks-- the man you sold the machine to.

One of you will walk out of here onto the next stage of our adventure.

I do hope it's you, Harold.

Of course I remember.

I only wish I could forget.

Hanna was a bright girl. Mostly kept to herself.

Did you notice anything off about her that night?

Not really.

She was at the computers over there.

Like she was almost every night.

We didn't have internet back then, just a couple of PCs and a few games.

Educational, of course.

[Computer melody playing]

♪ ♪

[Typing on keyboard]

You gave the police a list of everyone who was in the library that night?

Yes. Thank you.

The library was about to close.

Everyone was leaving.

I see you found the new Stephen King.

I really enjoyed the last one.

Thanks, Barbara.

[Computer melody plays]

Damn it.

Death by dysentery again.

That game's so dumb, Hanna.

I don't see why you play it.

Because I'm gonna get to Oregon.

The library will be closing in ten minutes.

Bring any books you'd like to check out to the counter.

See ya.



Hanna checked out a couple of books.

Thank you.

Good night, Hanna.

And then she was gone.

That's the last time anyone ever saw her?

I had no idea there was something to worry about until I got a call from Sheriff Landry in the middle of the night saying Hanna never made it home.

Her parents still live here?

Her mother passed a few years ago.

I still see her father every once in a while.


Thank you.

You don't believe Hanna could still be alive.

That was my wife's curse.

Refused to believe Hanna was gone.

Thought she was still out there somewhere.

Do you have any idea what happened?

Of course I do.

Everyone in town knows what happened.

The cops interrogated that son of a bitch for over two days.

Cody Grayson?

It wasn't the first time he followed her home, but they can't prove a damn thing without a body.

Then one night, me and my brother paid Cody a visit.

Did you get the truth?

The smirking son of a bitch said he never touched her.

Said she probably ran to escape her jerk of a father.

What ever happened to Cody?

Most nights I hear he's rotting his guts out at The Razorback.

Thank you.

Anyone ever reach out to you after Hanna was gone?

Any correspondence or information that might help us?

Nothing except some credit card junk mail a couple times a year.

But they were in Hanna's name?

Did she have a credit card or a bank account?

No, she was still a minor.

You got one of those letters?

I threw out another one a couple of days ago.

Probably still in the trash.

Hey, you think it's odd that Alicia Corwin didn't have her hotel key on her person?

Maybe she left it at the hotel.

Maybe she left everything at the hotel.

Because that's not the only discrepancy between what's listed in evidence and what's actually here.

Yeah, ballistics report was corrupted too.

Someone really wants this to go away.

You find that person, maybe you'll get some answers.

And, Fusco, be careful who you read in on the case.

Yeah. All right. I'll talk with you later.


[Country rock music playing]

[Laughs] Look at the guy in the suit.

Cody Grayson.

Hey, Wall Street.

You lost?

End of the bar.

Look at this guy.

Who's that?

♪ ♪

Hello, Cody.

I know you?

You knew someone I'm looking for.

Hanna Frey.

You a journalist or a fed?



Get off of him!

I asked you nicely.

[Shouting, grunting]

Let's try that again.


What did you do with Hanna Frey?

What do you want me to say, man, that I cut her up, dumped her in the swamp?

Ain't nothing you can do this town hasn't already done worse.

What happened to Hanna? Where is she?

If I knew, maybe I'd still be able to see out of this eye.

Let me guess--

Cody Grayson.

I thought I'd buy him a round.

[Chuckles] Making friends, huh?

Yeah, you'll never get the truth out of anybody like that.

I already did. He didn't do it.

I could have told you that.

Looks like you might be right about Hanna Frey.

Junk mail with her name on it.

Ran a credit check.

Discovered a bank account opened in her name back in '93, two years after she disappeared.

So either Hanna's communicating from beyond the grave, or...

She's still alive.



Can you please make this stop?

Another hour in that hood, and he'll believe anything I say.

Amazing how easily the human brain can be manipulated.


But you know that, don't you, Denton?


A top-secret DOD memo authorizing enhanced interrogation techniques, including "Palestinian hanging," which you are currently enjoying.

Whose signature is at the end?

Why, it's yours.

Please... water.

Sorry, not allowed.

Unless you tell me what I want to know.

Lady, I have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm a White House lawyer.

I sign documents. I don't read 'em.

Please, for the love of God, let me down.

If you tell me where the machine is.

What machine?

The machine he built.

The machine Nathan Ingram sold you for one US dollar.

You know where it is.

I don't know anything. I swear.

Really, Harold, why do men always seek to delay the inevitable?

What happened to you?


You think I was damaged? Some childhood trauma?

[Chuckles] That is so sweet.

Let him down.


Well, you did say please.


Water, please.


Oh, we need to get this show on the road.

And since you just drank half a pint of sodium pentothal, that gives me time to go gas up the car.

By the time I get back, you'll be ready to spill everything in your little head.


I know you.

You work with Nathan Ingram.

You have to help me get free.

We have a major problem.

She cannot get access to the machine.

Assuming Hanna runs away, a couple years later, she winds up in Lafayette, Louisiana, opens an account, 100 grand is paid in, withdrawn in cash over the next three weeks until the account is closed.

100 grand.

Where does a 16-year-old runaway get all that money?

Jose Barilla, currently serving 17 life sentences for drug trafficking and murder.

The money was electronically transferred out of his account.

You did say this Root woman was good with computers.

Yes, I did.

But where does the account lead us?

Right back here.

There was a co-signatory on the account.

A guy named Trent Russell.

Local address, right here in Bishop.

Name sounds familiar.

Yeah, he was on the witness list, in the library that night she disappeared.

You still got that address?

Who is it?

Mrs. Russell, it's Detective Carter.

Is your husband at home?

Mrs. Russell?

Uh, yes.

Trent Russell is your husband?

Can we talk to him?

Trent passed away almost 15 years ago.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Can we come in?

Oh, come in.

We were only married a few years.

We met at the library.

Trent was a member of the monthly book club.

I miss him so much.

How did he die?

It was awful.

He was attacked.

[Tires screech]

Shot to death.

They know who did it?

Police said it looked like a drug killing, some trash from over the border, but never caught them.

Trent was a bank loan officer.

Is it possible he got caught up in money laundering?

No, he was a good man.

It was just a mistake.

How long did he know Hanna Frey?

Hanna? He didn't.

Then how do you explain this?

He signed for a bank account in her name two years after she disappeared.

This must be some kind of mistake.

Yeah, just like his murder.

You mind if we look around the place?

Yes, I do. You need to leave now.


That 911 call.

The witness who saw Hanna get into the car-- there was a license plate.

Oh, hold on.

"Caller. It's about Hanna, the girl who's gone missing."

I think I saw her get into a car outside the library.

"The operator asked about the make of car, but the only thing the caller can remember is the license plate--

925 ESK".

925 EFK.

The caller got one digit wrong.

Or the operator did.

Are we saying this is the car?

Trent Russell kidnapped Hanna Frey?

Maybe-- maybe Russell took her, but she escaped.

She got her revenge.

How can say that?

Because of the bank account in Russell's name.

It's how Root works. She set him up.

She stole 100 grand from a drug dealer.

When he found out it was missing, the person he went after was Russell.

Russell denies it, but it's useless.

His name is on the account.

The only other name is that of a girl who's been dead for two years.

He has to be lying.

Please, please!

So the man who kidnapped Hanna gets gunned down in a parking lot.

And his victim is in the wind, 100 grand the richer.

It's Root. It has to be Root.

We need to search that house.

We need to call the Sheriff.

We need to handle this the right way, John.

She'll come back soon.

I know you're reluctant to trust me-- you don't know me--

Oh, I do know who you are, Mr. Weeks.

You tried to hack the machine.

I certainly tried. It was my job.

I had to test its limits, see if it was safe.

But in all of our crisis scenarios, we never envisioned this.

That someone would get to one of us.

She won't get to the machine through me.

But you must see that if you don't help me get free, we will lose the machine.

What can I do?

The knife.

Try to push it to me.

[Door unlocks, opens]


Stop it!

Don't worry!

Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill her.

At least not until I've found out what she knows.

So... Ingram's little IT guy.

We always suspected the idiot in the tux couldn't have done it on his own.

What do you want?

I want to know what you know.


Flowers For Algernon.

The book Hanna checked out that night at the library.

16 copies hidden in your bedroom.

Where'd you get 'em?

They just come... every year.

Every year on the same date.

What date?

April 15th.

The day Hanna disappeared.

They just arrive from all over the country.

No note, no sender.

Like someone just wants to be cruel.


The most recent book did have something.

I'm gonna find out who bought it.

You stay here.

She's not done yet.

She really sent me over the edge.

So what's your plan, Mr. Weeks?

Tidy this up, get some real experts to question this bitch.

But since anonymity means a lot to you, and because you helped me, I'm gonna let you go wherever you want.

Just one more question.

Can she get to it?

I need to know if it's safe.

You are the one man who can tell me.


It cannot be altered remotely.

If anyone wanted to change anything, they'd have to have physical access to the servers?

That's right.

So if the location is hidden, the machine is safe.

That's all I need.

It's been an honor to meet you... at last.

[Gun clicks, doesn't fire]

[Taser crackles] Aah!

[Pained cries]

What did I say, Harold?

Bad code.

Hey, here he comes.

Heard you were staying here, buddy.

Not now, fellas.

Think it's time for a rematch.

Don't think you're gonna sucker punch me again. Oh!

This is Detective Stills, NYPD Homicide.

I'm calling about a book you sold at the beginning of April, Flowers For Algernon.

I need to trace the buyer.

911, what is your emergency?

It's about Hanna, the girl who's gone missing.

I think I saw her get into a car outside the library.

What sort of car?

I don't know. It was a dark car.

Do you remember anything else?

Yes, the license plate.

925 EFK.

It goes on. The girl was asked but wouldn't give her name.

Then she hung up.

Barb knows who it is... don't you?

Oh, it's Sam Groves.

She was in the library that night with Hanna.

She was friends with Hanna?

Hanna looked out for her.

♪ ♪

Flowers For Algernon.

You should read it.

It's awesome.

[Computer makes failure tone]

Damn it. Death by dysentery again.

That game's so dumb, Hanna.

I don't see why you play it.

'Cause I'm gonna get to Oregon.

The library will be closing in ten minutes.

Bring any books you'd like to check out to the counter.

See ya.


Sam was 12. Funny kid.

Lived with her mom outside town.

Mom wasn't well.

I guess that's why she always hung around the library.

Why are you sure it was Sam made the call?

There were other girls there.

It was Sam.

How do you know?

Because she told me the same thing.

She said she saw Hanna get into a car.

Barb, why didn't you tell me?

Because Sam saw who was in the car.

And she told you, didn't she?

She said... she thought it was Mr. Russell.

Why in the hell didn't you say anything?

I did. I did say something... to her.

I told her she was a nasty, attention-seeking brat, and I couldn't believe she'd think such a terrible thing about somebody like Mr. Russell, who'd done so much for this town and the library and all the children.

And then I told her to keep her lying little mouth shut.


Because I was in love with Trent Russell, and I couldn't believe he'd do such a thing.

What do you believe now?

The patio?

He redid it, two weeks after Hanna disappeared.

Yes, this is Detective Stills, NYPD, calling in connection to a missing-child case.

A transfer was made from an account at your bank to a bookstore in Seattle.

[Knock on door]

Account name was Von Neumann.

Last four digits, 4253.

[Knock on door]

Hey, buddy, uh, no trouble.

We just need to get our stuff, you hear?

Police business.

Whoa, whoa. We're good.

Yes, I'm here.

Found something.

Same book.

Yes, I need to check for recent activity on a credit card in the name of Dyson.

Gas station in Relton, Maryland?

Just after 4:00 AM.

About three hours ago.


You knew I'd help him, didn't you?

You let him beat you up, take your gun-- you planned the whole thing.

That's who you gave your machine to.

Violent and predictable people.

But you must see I'm on your side.

I'm not on any side.

You know what I mean.

I am the best friend, the best support, the best partner you will ever have.

And definitely the most fun.


You're worse than Weeks. You're worse than all of them.

I'd rather die than give you the machine, so please kill me now.

At least I won't have to listen to you anymore.

You're tired... and I'm bloody.

I'm gonna go clean up.

Carter, you can keep the rental.

Guys are lending me a truck.

Why is there a crossbow on the bed?

Long story, but we're friends now.

Gotta go. Got a line on a private jet in Galveston.

Where are you going?

Back East. Look... this book led us to a bookstore, to a bank, to a bank, to a bank, to a credit card, which was used in Maryland about three hours ago.

It's Root. Hanna is Root.

She's alive, and I know where she is.

She's not Hanna.


Hanna's in the ground, John.

She's dead.

She never did get away from Russell.

Then who'd do this?

Who sent the books, got Russell killed?

Hanna's father gave it to me.

Her name's Sam Groves. She was Hanna's friend.

She saw Hanna get into Russell's car that night.

She told Barb, called 911, but nobody would listen.

Where is she now?

Only child.

Her mother died about ten years ago.

So Sam left town, was never heard from again.

If anybody's Root, it's gotta be her.

Then she's the one who took Finch.

I know where she is. I'm going after her.

[Computer melody playing]

♪ ♪

[Suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

Who is this guy?

[Cell phone vibrates]

Looks like I found Corwin's hideaway.

Hey, it worked. How do you say that in Dutch?

Nothing here.

'Cause they beat you to it, smart guy.

Forget it, we got a bigger problem.

Denton Weeks-- he's disappeared.

He's not answering any of his phones.

You got any leads?

It seems weeks had a woman on the side.

Get down.

Julie Davenport.

Apparently, they used to sneak off to her love shack outside of DC.

Just find it.

Sorry I took so long.

A mild sedative.

I apologize, but I need you to be a little more...

[Groans] amenable.

[Cell phone beeps]

Well, well, it seems I underestimated your knuckle-dragging friend.

How he got there I do not know.


Did the machine help him, do you think?

Something for us to discuss on our journey.

I hope you like trains.

Come on, Harold.


One more question, and then I'll leave you alone.

Where's the machine?

This time, it is loaded.

[Cocks pistol]

Now, where did you move the machine?

I'm telling you, I don't know.

Wait. July 12, 2009, it was boxed up and put on a train.

With that amount of servers, of course it was a train.

But a train to where?

It started in Des Moines.

Then it was transferred to Union Pacific railway, bound for Salt Lake City.

And that's all I know.

That's a start.

You have no idea what you're getting into.



Harold... did you think I'd forget to disconnect the phones?

Off we go.

I just landed in Maryland. I'm at a gas station.

She was here this morning.

I've been trying to reach you for hours.

Have you got something, Fusco?

I think the broad who took your friend is also going after a guy by the name of Denton Weeks, who's in the same type of government business as Corwin was, and he's missing.

The feds are flying around trying to find him.

You know where they're looking?

Apparently, he's got a girlfriend who's got a cottage outside of DC.

All I got is a name--

Julie Davenport.

Search property records in Relton, Maryland, for a Julie Davenport.


I just want to see if the train's on time, Harold.

Can I remind you of our deal?

Try anything, innocent people get hurt.

[Indistinct chatter]

The express train with direct service to Washington, DC.

Will be now departing from track 12.

[Disconnected phone line tone]

Tap code. Finch... Really?

Train station.

The outbound train with direct service from Baltimore to Salt Lake City will be departing from track seven.

You'll like the West, Harold.

Fewer people, bigger skies.

More space to think.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Dramatic music]

How did he find us?

Because you're wrong. He proves you're wrong.

Not all humans are bad code.

You helped him.

I told you what would happen if you tried to get away.

Excuse me, sir.

♪ ♪

Can I help you, ma'am?

[Gunshot, screams] Help!


[Overlapping shouts]


[Indistinct shouting]

Don't move. Don't move.

Am I hit?

I don't think so.

Sorry it took so long.

I really didn't intend for you to come and find me, Mr. Reese.

There are other people that need your help.

Well, you saved my life once or twice, Harold.

Seemed only fair I return the favor.


Hey, yourself. Where's the dog?

Wonderboy came and took him.


So we got our friend with the glasses back, huh?

Yeah, we did.

Buy you a drink?

Long as it don't have egg in it.


Harold, meet Bear.

Unfortunately, my apartment has a strict policy regarding dogs.

I have a strict policy regarding rare first editions.

Namely, don't eat them.

Bear, laat vallen.


He has expensive taste.

I'm sure we'll get along.

Mr. Reese.

I owe you a debt.

[Cell phone rings]

Is this a bad time, John?

I wanted to thank you... for finding my friend Hanna... giving her a proper burial.

I won't forget it.

Come near us again, and you will be sorry.

I don't think so.

Tell Harold I'll be in touch when I'm ready.

[Cell phone beeps]

Easy, easy.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Indistinct chatter]

It's Denton Weeks.

Somebody got to him.

[Camera shutter clicks]


[Computer beeping]

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