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  01x18 - Identity Crisis
 Posted: 04/01/12 13:08
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system--

A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you.

Crimes the government considered irrelevant.

They wouldn't act, so I decided I would.

But I needed a partner--

Someone with the skills to intervene.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

Good morning, Mr. Reese.

If you say so.

Any croquillants in there?

If that's a doughnut, then yes.

So what do we got?

Nothing much, unfortunately.

The machine kicked out a number that has one of the smallest digital footprints I've ever seen.

No photos?

Not everyone in New York has a driver's license, Mr. Reese.

First three digits of the social suggest that Jordan Hester was born in Georgia.

I'm supposed to recognize him by his accent?

Or her. I can't even verify the gender.

Hester's living off the grid--

No photos online and nothing on the social networking sites.

Never understood why people put all their information on those sites.

Used to make our job a lot easier in the CIA.

Of course. That's why I created them.

You're telling me you invented online social networking, Finch?

The machine needed more information.

People's social graph, their associations--

Business wound up being quite profitable too.

Unfortunately, Jordan Hester seems to be more cautious than most.

But I was able to run a credit check.

According to this, Hester's got two of everything.

Two bank accounts, two apartments, two phone bills.

If I had to guess, which, as you know, I hate doing, I'd say we're looking at a person leading a double life.

Can't cover them both.

Time for you to get some fresh air.

I'll call Carter, see if our guy-- or girl-- has a criminal record.

Is that a good idea?

[Phone ringing]

Detective Carter's not exactly your number one fan right now.

[Phone ringing, sirens wailing] - Morning.

Morning, Detective.

Lo and behold, Detective Carter at an actual homicide investigation.

What, are you tired of chasing around your mystery man?

What do we got?

Eh, African-American male, 17 years old.

DOA, thanks to this genius over here.

They got into an argument over a girl.


But this is open and closed.

The kid already confessed.

Did he say why he did it?

He said, and I quote, "what was I supposed to do?"

And then he said it was our fault.

Yeah, how does that follow?

Said we weren't here to stop him.

[Phone trilling]

Hmm, one second.


[Crying] I tried to stop it.

There was nothing I could do.

I'm at the apartment in The Village, Mr. Reese.

Are you at the one in Brooklyn?


Any sign of Hester at your location?

It would help if I knew what I was looking for.

[Pained grunting]


Thank you. Thank you so much.

Last one in pays for lunch.

I'm in the mood for Indian.

Any response from Detective Carter?

Still not answering my calls.

Maybe you should try her.

You know, Carter's issue isn't with you, Mr. Reese, it's with your methods...

[Electronic chirping]

Our methods.

Not to mention the fact that you gave up a witness under her protection and nearly got a cop killed in the process.

Nobody's perfect, Finch.

This is very bohemian.

Maybe Hester's an artist writer.

No photos though.

What are you seeing?

Well... It's very spartan.

Just a desk, mattress, some free weights. Not much else.

Maybe it's Hester's office.

In a different apartment building?

Found a money roll marked with Hester's initials.

Mostly small bills though.

Just going through his garbage. I got some receipts.

The hammer and nail.

That pub is just around the corner from here.

Receipt shows an employee discount.

Money could be from a tip pool.

Finch, I'm going to check it out.

If he lives and works in Brooklyn, what's this place for?

[Rock music]

♪ ♪

What can I get ya?

Whatever's on tap.

Hester, what's taking you so long?

They were under a bunch of other boxes.

Finch, got eyes on Hester.

He's working as a barback.


How can he afford to keep up the rent on both places?

Thanks for all the help.

Yeah, well--

[Conversation continues indistinctly]

It's much warmer than yesterday.

I know, I know. Okay.

So anything else I can do for you, miss Hester?

No, and for the last time, ray, please call me Jordan.

[Both chuckle]

Um, Mr. Reese...

You have eyes on Hester, but I have ears on her.


Jordan Hester.

She's here in her apartment.

This isn't one person leading a double life.

It's two people living one.

[Footsteps squelching wetly]

Welcome back.

I suppose I should thank you for making them evacuate the building.

Thank the automatic sprinkler system.

So we still have no idea who Jordan Hester is.

Well, at least we narrowed it down.

Two people, one social security number, only one can be Hester, so someone is an imposter.

Good luck telling who's who.

We'd better decide quickly.

Usually when the machine gives us a number, we have only 24 to 48 hours before something happens.

Shouldn't we be able to track down a birth certificate for one of them?

Long-form birth certificates are hard to get a hold of.

Most medical records over 20 years old aren't digitized anywhere.

We're not dealing with a typical identity thief here, are we?


Normally they would steal your money and go on a shopping spree.

This one is stealing a whole life.

Did you get anything from the woman's laptop?

Emails and contact list--

Nothing that would indicate that she's not the real Jordan Hester.

I blue-jacked our guy's phone, went through his recent calls.

Seems he rented a van LA week.

Maybe he's finally going to buy some furniture.

We'll need to keep eyes on both of them till we figure this out.

We're still going to need an extra hand.

Will the real Jordan Hester please stand up?

Hello, Lionel.

Nice job handing Moretti over to Elias.

I had no choice.

Well, you got HR buzzing. Don't worry about it though.

I'm pretty close to finding out who the major players are.

I didn't ask you here to talk about HR.

I've got an assignment for you.

I need you to dig up everything you can on a Jordan Hester.

You got me doing undercover work for HR.

Now you want me to do above-the-board stuff too?

Make up your mind.

I didn't realize it was my job to make yours easier, Lionel.

Hey, good cop, bad cop, it's only my life we're playing with here.

It's not your life I'm focused on right now, is it?

Someone needs our help.

Which one?



I'll see what I can do.

Hey, Finch, what's your Hester up to?

Six hours and all she's done is run errands.

Probably go to the post office next.

My Hester's still at work.

So we're dealing with the two most ordinary people on the planet.

Except one of them is not what they seem.

I did some more digging on that credit report, found something interesting.

A luxury co-op on the upper West Side ordered a credit check six months ago.

Might be worth a look.

You're not telling me there's a third Jordan Hester, are you?

I don't think so.

One of our Hesters rented a large apartment there.

But the man at the front desk says he's never met him or her.

Well, my Hester's still in the middle of his shift.

I'll check it out.

You pull a double homicide?

I'm just doing a favor for a friend over at vice.

Did you ever work an identity theft case?

Every arrest I ever made.

They all say I got the wrong guy.


Must be nice, helping out people who are still alive.

Everything okay?

Detective Carter. I'm Special Agent Donnelly.

We worked together on the Delancey shooting last month.

Right, of course. What brings you back to the A?

You, actually.

What's this about?

You sent a set of fingerprints through AFIS a few months back.

I work homicide. That tends to happen.

Yeah, well, these got our attention.

In your reports, you refer to him as "the man in the suit."

We think this may be the same man who assaulted my team and kidnapped a suspect in our custody.

The way I remember it, the suspect was later cleared of all charges.

That's beside the point, Detective.

Now our agents believe that this man may be connected to dozens of unsolved homicides and assaults over the years, many of them here in New York in the last six months.

A series of bank robberies involving ex-military, killing of a Stasi operative, shootings of drug dealers, gangsters, even police officers.

Now, you speculated, based on your initial interview with this man, that he was former military, maybe Special Forces.

It's all in my reports.

No. No, it's not.

Not by a long shot.

When can you spare me an hour, Detective?

I've got something to show you.

Can I give you a hand with that?

Oh, thank you.

There you are.

I'm taking a look at this third apartment, Finch.

Look for anything that might point to which Hester it belongs to.

We're running out of time.

We need to find out where the threat's coming from.

Don't know which Hester it belongs to, but I got an idea what they're mixed up in.

I'm standing in the middle of an MDMA lab.

Ecstasy. Are you sure?

Well, it's either that or someone's really into chemistry.


Found a guy who can tell us what's going on.

But he's not really in a talking mood right now.

Looks like I'm going to have more company soon.


At least we know why our ID thief stole Hester's name.

MDMA can be made with legal chemicals, but they're monitored. Buy in bulk, and you draw the attention of the authorities.

But if you use someone else's name...

They wind up holding the bag.

Looks like your Hester's not the only one who's employed.

Jordan's emails indicate that she works in antiques, maybe as a buyer or a dealer.


Are you on a first name basis already?

No, I'm just... Tired of using pronouns.

Hey, Finch, our ecstasy cook just woke up.

What happened?

Some guy broke in.

Got the drop on me.

Well, he didn't take anything.

We got a bigger problem right now.

The boss wants to meet.


Four years and we've never even seen the boss.

Why are we meeting him now?

I don't know.

This can't be good.

Come on, meeting's in an hour.

Hester's name is on the lease for that co-op.

Odds are, either your Hester or mine is the boss.

We need to stay close, Finch.

Oh, dear. I think I just lost her.

Ah... Sometimes I wonder if he'd be published today.

I'd be first in line, but then, meandering exposition is kind of my thing.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.

Oh, no, that's--

I'm Harold.


[Phone ringing]

Excuse me a moment.

Why are you calling me?

Why are you talking to her?

Because I haven't your gift for avoiding people.

Besides, she seems nice, and she has excellent taste in literature.

Or she knows you're tailing her, and she circled back for a closer look.

Maggie, I'm taking off. I'll see you tomorrow.

Finch, Hester's on the move.

He could be meeting up with the cooks.

I've lost her again.

Mr. Reese, what did that drug cook look like?

Big, kind of... terrifying?

Not even close.

If we've mistaken this woman for a drug dealer, isn't it possible that someone else has too?

Anything's possible, Finch.

Did you bring a weapon?

I told you, Mr. Reese. I don't like weapons.

Well, you'd better be prepared to talk them to death, and you'd better do it fast, because I think I know which one of them is the imposter, which means your Hester is in trouble.


You forgot your jacket.

You're in danger. Come with me.

Who were those guys?

Don't look back. Just keep walking.

So you're the boss?

Yeah, that's right.

Don't take this the wrong way, but why are we meeting in person?

Someone's onto us.

We need to finish this batch and relocate.

We're low on safrole.

Already got it covered.

Looks like we know who's who.

My guy's the drug dealer.

And your drug dealer has placed the real Jordan Hester in danger.

All right, come on. Hurry up. Let's go.

[Phone ringing]

Hello, Lionel.

Hey, I think your guy might be cooking ecstasy.

Is that so?

He got arrested six months ago when one of his distributors got popped.

Narcotics found evidence that he was buying chemicals, but the distributor couldn't pick him out of a lineup, so they had to cut Hester loose.

All the distributor knew was a name.

He had actually never met the boss.

So if that's it, then maybe I can just go back to doing one job for you, huh?

Not just yet.

Hester-- or whatever his name is-- is very serious about protecting his identity.

Maybe serious enough to kill.

You think he'd go after the girl?

That's what I need to know, which means you need to find out how he stole her identity.

But who were those guys?

I'm afraid they may be in the drug trade, and they think you are too.


That's who stole my identity? A drug dealer?

So you know about the ID theft.

I've known for a few weeks, but I think it's been going on for months.

I kept calling my credit card company, my bank.

They kept telling me to call the police.

The cops just kept telling me to fill out more reports and call the bank.

White collar crime is at the bottom of every police department's to-do list.

Well, I take it you're not a cop.

Not quite.

Private investigator?

It's very Raymond Chandler, isn't it?

The reality is a little bit more mundane, I'm afraid, mostly following people around and taking pictures.

Why were you following me?

I've been hired by another victim.

The police didn't do anything for him either.

So what do I do now?

Right now?

Breathe deep. Have a cup of tea.

I have someone keeping an eye on the man that stole your identity.

As soon as we have enough proof to arrest him, we'll get the police involved.

You Franklin?

You must be Fusco.

Detective Dez Franklin, ID Theft Squad.

How can I help?

Jordan Hester, she's our vic.

A man stealing a woman's identity-- That's a new one.

Yeah, apparently, it's been going on for about a year now.

A year? So we're not talking about a shopping spree at Best Buy.

He's using her ID as a cover for criminal activity, right?

We think he's cooking E.


Why do you find that so strange?

This case last year.

Suspect claimed he was innocent all the way through trial, said somebody stole his identity.

No one believed him?

My unit catches upwards of 100 new complaints every day.

Can't bring us in every time somebody says he didn't do it.

What was the charge?

Manufacture with intent.

Making ecstasy.

Kyle Morrison.

I'm pretty sure he's still locked up.

I'll take this.

That's my cue.

I'm Detective Franklin.

I'd like to talk to you about a string of credit card thefts.

We already know about the scanner you keep under your apron.

[Phone rings]

NYPD Homicide.

Yes, it's Detective Fusco.

I'm looking for an inmate by the name of Kyle Morrison.

Can you tell me where he's being held?

Hope you're enjoying your tea, Finch.

I'm going to take a closer look at Hester's van.

Oh, the guy takes his computer with him everywhere.

He's even more careful than you are, Finch.

I might need a little help cracking his--

Never mind.

Laptop's not password-protected.

Guess he's not as careful as I thought, Finch.

Okay, not seeing any secret accounts full of drug profits or messages about business.

To give you more leverage and control--

And since when do seasoned drug dealers need how-to tips from the Internet?

[Phone beeps]


Oh, I missed a client meeting.

What do you do for a living?

Oh, well, technically I'm a freelance buyer, but no one really knows what that means.

Buyer of what?


You know, I love old stuff.

Like books.

Especially books.

I can't really afford to buy the stuff I like, so people hire me and I buy old stuff for them.

Kind of like a interior decorator with cobwebs.

[Chuckles] Sounds like fun.

Well, it's an embarrassing use of an arts degree, but it's my dream.

You know, someday I'd love to own my own shop.

That is, if this whole ID thing hasn't permanently ruined my credit, or I don't wind up dead.

Any idea when I can go home?

I think it's too dangerous right now.

What if these guys figured out where you live?

We should get you a hotel room.

Can I at least pack a bag?

I'm not sure that's wise.

Even if you came with me?

So this is our entire next shipment?

Where'd you get this stuff? It smells a little different.

That's because it's even more pure.

Now let's start the cook.

So this batch will be ready in, what?

24 hours or so?


If my nana was cooking it.

You're homicide?

You guys think I killed someone too?

That's not why I'm here.

What, so you just want to rub it in?

Well, congratulations. You got me.

I thought you didn't do it.

I'm not a drug dealer.

I've been saying that for a year.

Nobody's believed me yet.

Once a suspect, always a suspect.

Isn't that the official NYPD motto?

When did you know your identity was first stolen?

When the cops knocked down my door, put a shotgun to my head.

And that was what? A year ago?

[Sighs] You know what?

The more I talked to you guys, the more you twisted my words around, so, you know, maybe today I'm not in the mood.

We think what happened to you may have happened to someone else.

Sit down.

Look, I know you got no reason to trust me.

I know exactly how you feel.

Everyone's got you wrong.

Everyone thinks you're something that you're not, and you got no way to change their mind.

You help me catch this guy, and I'll see about getting you out of here.

You believe me?

Until you give me reason not to.

When it-- When it started, it was just the money.

I'd call the bank, and then they'd close the account, but then another one would pop right back up.

Before long, my credit was shot, my savings were gone.

Couldn't pay my mortgage. I couldn't support my family.

And then the cops came rolling up.

You got kids?

My boy's nine.

Missed my daughter's second birthday last month.

Her mother doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.

Look, you help me catch this guy, and I'll do my best to get you home and see your little girl.

I give you my word.

Something's not right here.

Damn it, we're out of time.

The cops are on their way here right now.

What? How?

Who cares? We've gotta get this merch out of here fast.

What about the cook?

Forget it, this lab is burned.

Wipe everything down for prints. I'm gonna pack this stuff up.

It's okay.

[Sighs] Oh, okay.

Why are there towels everywhere?

Oh, yeah, sprinkler system went off yesterday.

Some idiot pulled the alarm.

How odd.

I've arranged a hotel room for you, if you want to collect your things.

Uh, in a minute.

We really shouldn't linger.

I know, but after the day I've had, I could use something a little stronger than tea.

Here's the victim's accounts.

You recognize any of these charges?

Hardware stores.

There were a lot of those on my accounts too.

And bulk purchases of chemicals.

That's what the cops used as evidence against me.

Supplies for the labs.

I guess.

Recognize anything else?


These are the bank statements.

You recognize anything here?


Why do you have a picture of her?

That's Jordan Hester. She's the victim.

No, no, no, that's Mary.

She was the receptionist at my accountant's office.


Excuse me a minute.

When you're done with the wipe-down, get the hell out, and I'll be in touch when I find a new lab.

Get one with skylights like the last one.

It's better ventilation for when we heat the phosphorous.

Yeah, sure, whatever you want.

Let's move!

Phosphorous is used to make meth, "boss."

And the last place didn't have any skylights.

Who the hell are you?

I think we may have gotten this backwards, Finch.

My Hester's not the identity thief, which means yours is.

[Phone chirping]

I know.

Something wrong, Harold?

I don't know who you are, but you're not the boss.

Don't be an idiot. Put the gun down.

Boss, boss, the cops are outside.

Everybody grab what they can.

That's the guy who knocked me out.


[Safety clicking]

We don't have time for this.

I know you're the real Jordan Hester.

Then you know I'm not going anywhere.

I don't think I feel very well.

In fact, I'm certain of it.


I feel quite discombobu-- bobu-- bobu--

It'll pass, Harold.

Don't worry. Pretty soon, you'll feel much better.

Tell me who you are.

Who I am doesn't matter right now.

What matters is, I know who you are.

Who am I, then? Stay back.

I will shoot you.


The safety's still on.

No offense, but I'm surprised you fooled these guys as long as you did.

Is that really how you think a drug dealer dresses?

I know you're the real Jordan Hester.

I know your life was stolen.

Here. I even know who stole it.

Do the other one.

Well, who stole it?

First things first.

What exactly was your plan?

You were accused of being a drug dealer, so then you decided to become one?

No one would believe me.

And I was always a bit of an introvert, you know, a private person.

Yeah, I know the type.

I never thought that I would be punished for it.

My old boss, police--

People hear you're a drug dealer, they stop listening to you.

I mean, have you ever hit bottom?

I never realized how far down I could go.

After a while, I figured, if people keep thinking I'm this bad guy, why do I keep trying to convince them that I'm not?

Someone stole your identity, so you decided to steal theirs.

Well, yeah, but only long enough to destroy this lab.

That's nitric acid, not safrole.

It'll melt all this into mush, destroy this equipment.

And then I was going to take the rest of this supply, about $1/2 million worth, to lure that bastard out into the open.

And then what? Kill him?

I don't want to kill anybody.

I just want my identity back.


It's a terrible plan.

But I like it, so let's do it.

Oh, first thing you need to know, the bastard isn't a he. She's a she.

Finch, are you there?

I most certainly am.

You need to get out of there.

He wasn't planning to kill her, so she must still be planning to kill him.

Why, I never...


You all right?

I believe you've drugged me.


I told you you'd feel better.

My dopamine and norepinephrine levels are...


But if I understand this process, I can counter the ef--

Oh, wow.

Well, hello there.

Well, it was either this or shoot you.

I find chemistry...

So much more efficient.

Finch, I've got this end under control.

We're preparing a surprise for our mutual friend.

Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens, published... 1864, '65.

The plot turns on a case of concealed identity!

How ironic.

Hey, do you have a copy?



Finch, are you all right?

Never been all right-er.

But I might have been outfoxed.

Finch outfoxed.

Finch, what's going on?


Wow, wow.

What the hell are you doing?




Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, that is my very good friend.

Who was it?

Who is he? Where is he?

Nowhere that matters, and not in the lab.

Oh, no.

Joseph, it's me.

You need to get to the lab. No, now.

We've got bigger problems than I thought.

I'm taking care of things here.

I'll meet you there.

I like your face sideways.

I'm sorry, Harold.


Fast as you can, Fusco.

851 12th street, The Village. Finch is in trouble.

All right, I'm on it.

[Siren wailing]

You've still got your security clearance from your time in the army, Detective, so I can show you this.

The FBI doesn't run classified ops unless there's issues of... national security.

Used to be the CIA worked closely with us.

Then they stopped.

Extreme action became the norm.

Kidnappings, renditions, assassinations, and worse, we think they did some of these things right here in the U.S.

And to run these ops, they needed dangerous, often sociopathic men...

Like the one you've been chasing.

But at some point, we think this man left the agency.

Initially, the pattern was chaotic, but now a trend has emerged.

We think we know what he's doing here in New York.

And what is that?

We think he's selling his services to the highest bidder.

We've seen it before, Mexican Special Forces taking over the drug trade in Juarez, ex-British SAS selling blood diamonds in Liberia...

Men like that, they're done fighting.

There's no place for them in society, which makes them very dangerous.

We believe he's been working with one of the organized crime syndicates, specifically a man named Elias.

You think he's working for Elias?

One of our contacts in the Russian mob told us he took out a team they sent to kill Elias.

Now the CIA is already trying to clean up this mess.

We know that you've been contacted by this man, Agent Snow.

We believe that he's the man the agency uses to sweep these domestic ops under the rug.

Tell me...

What's the Bureau's interest in this?

What's your interest?

You want to put one over on the CIA?

Yes, I want to expose the CIA for what it's become, but... mainly, I want to catch him.

We can't have rogue government hit men operating on domestic soil.

Obviously you feel the same.

That's why you've been so vigilant in pursuing him.

Oh, without much luck.

So far.

But you've been working alone.

Now you'll have the Bureau's support.

We're going back to all the old cases, reinterviewing witnesses, looking at physical evidence, so beyond your report, is there anything else you can share with us?

Nothing comes to mind.

But, um, I'll keep you informed.

Rest assured, Detective, we'll find him.

You alone?


Hello, Detective, just in time for dinner.

Have a seat. Almost ready.

Fast food.

Very bad.

What is that?

She made it for me.

It's some kind of flambe.

Wait, wait, wait, it's not quite ready.

Come on, let's get you out of here.


This way, this way.

I got him.

Good. Thanks, Lionel.

I'll call you as soon as we're clear.

Let's go.

[Safeties clicking]

Don't move!

Drop the bags. Drop the bags.

Hello, Mr. Hester.

Did you really think you could take over my operation?

Well, you're here, aren't you?


I'm thinking of keeping your name a little longer.

After all...

I'm a better Jordan Hester than you've ever been.

Get rid of them.

More than enough chemicals in here to deal with the bodies.

[Gun clicks]

Wait, wait, wait.

I've got something important to show you.

Yeah, yeah, what's that?

Hydrochloric acid.

You don't want me to drop this.

You're lying.


[Pained groaning]



It's just water.



Time to finish this, don't you think?


[Siren wailing]

Hey, knock it off.

Where are we going?

I'm gonna take down some bad guys.

You're gonna stay in the car.

[Paper crackling] Here.

What am I supposed to do with this?

I found what connects the two Jordan Hesters, a discount tax prep chain, same accountant.

You're going to help me track him down.

Here. Know how to work this?

[Gasps] Oh.

You wanna hack the Pentagon?

We had to meet here?

Relax, Richard.

Dinners with clients are a write-off.

You should know that.

I can't keep doing this, Mary.

I could lose my job.

You give me what I want, or you're going to lose a lot more than your job.

Now, who do I get to be next?

You said a woman this time, right?

Well, men tend to hold a grudge.

Try this one instead.

Your name's not Mary either.

It's Tara.

You can run along.

Nice mug shot.

Impressive rap sheet too.

Arrests for shoplifting, forging checks, insurance fraud.

Torched your own name by the time you were 23.

What now?

[Scoffs] You gonna kill me?

For a while, I thought I might have it in me.

But then, I was just playing you, wasn't I?

[Sirens wailing in the distance]

For the record, you make a terrible Jordan Hester.

There she is.

Tara Verlander.

You're under arrest.

We'll get to the charges later.

Gonna take some time to sort this out.

Thank you... for giving me my life back.

You're welcome.

[Polica's Amongster]

♪ My hands are red, I have been bleeding ♪

[Indistinct radio chatter]

♪ What will happen, what will happen ♪
♪ when I seduce you, teacher ♪

How did you track down her old mug shot?

Watch your head.

Police work. Even I do it on occasion.

I'm surprised you didn't want the collar.

Too high-profile.

Plus I think HR's taking a cut of her operation.

Which do you like better, good cop or bad cop?

You tell me.

Am I under with HR, or am I working cases with you?

I'll let you know.

♪ Fire burning down a monastery ♪
♪ why'd you do it ♪

[Phone ringing]

♪ How I begged him to take other women on ♪
♪ but he don't know where to turn ♪
♪ he don't know who to call on ♪

On the gate.


Releasing prisoner.

♪ Tears in my eyes ♪
♪ everyone's asking ♪
♪ everyone's asking ♪

You're a free man.

Thank you.

Now get home to your little girl.

♪ Apologies like the birds in the sky ♪
♪ and even they are falling ♪
♪ like the tears in my eyes ♪
♪ everyone's asking, "where's your child in this plan?" ♪

Whoa, why didn't you tell me I had so many books?

It'll be out of your system in a few hours.

But you should really drink this, so you don't get dehydrated.

You're leaving?

No, I'll stick around, keep an eye on you.

You should really get some sleep.

You don't want to talk?

You might regret it in the morning.

You're a very private person, remember?

Come on. Ask me anything.

Good night, Harold.

Good night, Nathan.

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