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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system--

A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you, crimes the government considered irrelevant.

They wouldn't act, so I decided I would.

But I needed a partner--

Someone with the skills to intervene.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You will never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

Did you hear? Moretti's getting out of the slammer.

Moretti? Do you think Elias knows?

Kidding me? I think Elias arranged it.

Wants him out in the open.

Where the hell did you come from?


Felt like a walk.

50 miles from Manhattan?

[Alarm buzzes]

Open the gate.

Don't tell me you're here for Moretti.

How did you know he was being released?

Should have guessed.

Whenever you show up, trouble's right around the corner.

What's your plan, Carter?

I got authority to offer Moretti protection.

In exchange, he tells us how to get New York's public enemy number one.

His own son.

His own son Elias.

You there, Finch?

Not for long. Have you seen Moretti?

Enjoying his first breath of freedom.

You going somewhere?

Got another number Either a new citizen or a case of identity fraud.

All I could find was a work address.

We're working Moretti's number, Finch.

I need you at HQ.

The numbers don't wait in line, Mr. Reese.

Be in touch.

[Tires screech]


Carter, NYPD. Remember me?

Cops all look the same.

You know Elias is looking for you.

I don't see him.

Not yet.

But I could put you somewhere safe, try to keep you alive.

Now I remember you now.

You're the one Elias wanted to kill.

The cop who's on her own.

Looks like nothing's changed.

[Keyboard clicking]

[Computer beeping]

You don't work here, Leila.

You're a patient.

Any idea where he's going?

He used to own a house out here.

[Elevator bell dings]

Hello, I'm Dr. Tillman, here to see Leila Smith.

Dr. Adalian asked me to check the status of her bronchitis.

She's pretty well over that by now.

Nonetheless. Do you have her chart for me?

[Key card system beeps]

Here she is.

Our own little angel.


No parents listed.

Oh, Leila's a safe-haven baby.

Dr. Adalian himself found her outside the clinic.

So who applied for her social security number?

That was me.

I wanted to be sure the state knew who Leila was, even if her own parents didn't care.

Normally she'd be given up for adoption by now, but she had medical issues like her bronchitis.

She'll find a home soon.

Thank you, nurse.


Hello, Leila.

Now who in the world would want to hurt you?


We're here for Leila Smith.

Here to transfer her to another clinic.

[Cell phone rings]

Mr. Reese, I think I have a situation.

Me too. I have to get back to you.

This way.

Looks like an accident.

Go around them.

Please, can you help us?

Keep going.

[Engine revs up]

[Tires screech]



[Grunts] [Tires screech]

Get out!

Police! Drop your weon.






[Gunshots, woman grunts]

Come on, let's go.



I heard what happened.


You're very lucky she was there, Mr. Moretti.

Yeah. Who are you?

Detective Szymanski.

Another cop.

Do I have to stay here?

You're a free man, Gianni.

You can walk out of here and into a bullet anytime, or you can stay and help us get Elias before he gets you.


A mafia don in hiding.

You plan on clearing this with your bosses?

It's already cleared.

Elias doesn't own the whole department--

Not yet.

Still a few good cops like Szymanski in there, who want Elias taken down and think Moretti is the best way to do it.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

Stay out of trouble.

Hey, Finch. How's it going?


It's going.

What about Moretti?

Elias had a getting-out-of-jail party planned.

We crashed it.

What happened with the other number, Finch?

Cat got your tongue?

I'm afraid I may have done something rather rash.

What do you mean by "rash"?


Is this one of your ties, Finch?

I hope you gave her some food and not just your hand-me-downs.

Chicken and prunes is her favorite.

Sounds, um, disgusting.

But why on earth would anyone want to kill her?


Somehow I don't see anyone planning a murder here.

My guess is that, if they were successful in kidnapping her, they'd smuggle her out of the country and dump her in an orphanage.

Somewhere where babies are plentiful and birth records aren't.

But why do they want to get rid of her?

She might be evidence of an affair, or she might be an obstacle to someone getting a big, fat legacy.

As for who they are, I have no idea.

But since she kept me up all night, I looked into the clinic's finances.

They received a big gift.

$50,000 just about the time Leila was born and $10,000 every month since then.

Who's the donor?


I sent the clinic a sternly worded email from the IRS demanding the donor's tax ID number and threatening to review their charitable status if they didn't answer quickly. We'll see how that works.

[Computer beeps]

Uh-oh. Amber alert.

"Baby kidnapped from St. Raymond's clinic last night.

Suspect is a short man with mousy hair and thick glasses."

It's not very flattering, Finch, but better than the picture.

It's no wonder they never catch anybody with these things.

You think Carter can piggyback the police investigation?

I'll ask her.

You can spend some quality time with Leila.


Has Mr. Moretti given you anything on Elias?

Not yet, but, um, we're working on him.

Who you buying that stuff for?

That's why I wanted to talk to you.

A baby went missing from a clinic in Washington Heights last night.

[Scoffs] Missing? It was stolen...

By some weird-looki--


You didn't.

She was in imminent danger of kidnap.

So you kidnapped her?

You know there's an amber alert out on you.

Yes, and that's why we need your help.

Help? I should arrest you.

Where's the baby anyway?

Leila's safe. She's with John.

John? John? You trust him with a baby?

I realize it's not ideal.

So the sooner we can resolve this, the better.

What do you want me to do?

Apart from not arresting you.

Go to the clinic.

See what you can find out about Leila's parents.

I heard she was a safe-haven baby.

Clinic's not going to have that information.

I think they know more than they claim.

Talk to a nurse Abbot.

She seemed especially fond of Leila.


Is it your first?

[Phone rings]

That how you keep your boyish figure?

Bite me.

Did you hear Gianni Moretti got out of prison yesterday then vanished?

All state police found was five dead goombas.

Mobsters killing each other--

How tragic.

Except it wasn't just mobsters.

Your partner was there too.


Looks like she and a couple of cowboys got some kind of rinky-dink off-book operation.

They've hidden Moretti.

We want to find out where.

HR can't find out?

Thought you guys had your fingers in all the pies.

You are one of the pies, Fusco.

Find out where she's got Moretti stashed.

[Sighs] Like I told the other detectives, we don't know about the parents.

Leila was just left outside the clinic.

Was there anything found on Leila?

I'm Dr. Adalian. Who are you?

Detective Carter, SVU.


As I'm sure nurse Abbot explained, we don't know where Leila came from.

You must have kept something.

Like, what about her clothes, her blankets?


The, uh, safe-haven law was designed to protect newborns, not prosecute their parents.

It's not our job to hunt people down.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

All I care about is Leila.

If you can think of anything, call me.



This flap here, that flap there, see?

Neat and simple.

I see your time at MIT wasn't wasted.

[Giggles] [Computer beeps]

Oh, excellent. The accountants at the clinic have coughed up the tax ID numbers of their donor.

Nothing like a fear of the IRS to produce results.

Tax ID belongs to Petrosian Construction.

Company owned by...

Adnan Petrosian.

And if we dive into that swamp of indiscretion known as social media, we will learn that...

Adnan Petrosian has been married to Nicola for more than 20 years.

They have one son Bradley, who's taking a master's in finance at NYU.


Or dadda?

Be serious, Mr. Reese.

I need you to get close to this family.


[Camera shutter snaps]

Hey, Finch.

Got eyes on the Petrosians, getting ears.

These guys have serious money, Finch.

You probably go to the same country club.

Be that as it may, do they seem like a family that's lost a baby?

Behavior has damaged this family's good name, and I've already spent a fortune getting you out of trouble.

[Camera shutter snaps]

Oh, I'm so sorry I embarrassed you, dad.

Bradley, I want to know, is this it, or are there more unpleasant surprises?

It's been taken care of, okay?

Looks like mommy and daddy are covering up for the son.

How about a delicious bottle?

Finch, are you listening?


Oh, there you go.

[Phone rings]

Detective Carter's phone.

Can I have Detective Carter, SVU?

Carter works Homicide, sweetheart, not SVU.

This is Carter. How can I help you?

It's Mary Abbot.

The man on the phone said you worked Homicide.

Oh, don't worry about him. He's new here.

How could I help you, Mary?

Leila did have something on her when she arrived--

A bracelet.

Do you still have it?

I gave it to the director, Dr. Adalian.

I asked him, but he said he didn't remember.

What did it look like?

It was silver with two initials carved on it. CC.

Okay, thank you, Mary.

I'll talk to you soon.

All right, Detective.

I've found one CC. Working in the Petrosian home, Carrie Crosswell.

But she's 58--

A little old for a fling.

Now I'm checking employee files at Petrosian Construction.

You hacked into his company?

"Hacked" is such an ugly word.

And we have two more CCs.

Chad Colombo, 40, a welder, unlikely to bear a child.

And Claudia Cruz, 20, receptionist in the head office.

Claudia Cruz. Checking.

Employment with Petrosian ended eight months ago, just when her pregnancy would have started to show.

Get me an address. I'll go and talk to her.

No, you won't. She's dead.

Name showed up on a crime scene report.

Died in her apartment from a fire four days ago.

ME ruled it as an accident.

Aw, cute. Can we say hi?

Oh, she's so adorable.


Hi, honey.

Look at that smile.

Thanks. Bye.

You brought her with you?

Every cop in the city is looking for that kid.

I'm teaching her to go undercover.

She's a natural.

She's a little angel.

Something happens to her, John, so help me, God--

We're trying to stop anything from happening.

We know she was in a clinic funded by the Petrosians, and we know her mother worked for the Petrosians.

So it's probable that the father is one of the Petrosians.

But why does mom end up dead?

Maybe she agreed to give her up for adoption, then changed her mind, said she wanted to keep it.

Well, that would expose the whole thing.

DNA would prove who the father was.

He'd have to provide for the baby.

The family would lose out.

It's motive.

Bump off the mom, make the baby disappear, problem solved.

We need to find out if Claudia's death really was an accident.

I already pulled the autopsy and crime scene reports.

I want to look through them with a mentor of mine.

Works for the Fire Department.


I'll see if Claudia's parents know anything.

John will follow Bradley Petrosian.

After I've fed Leila.



Mrs. Cruz. Lucas Bennet.

Department of Family Services.

He says he's here about Claudia.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Why are you here?

We had a report, um...

From a neighbor of Claudia's--

An anonymous report--

That she was pregnant.

She was not. Tell me who said that.

Please, Mr. Cruz, the source is anonymous.

We have to investigate.

[Sighs] Okay.


Claudia wasn't pregnant.

I'm her mother. We talked about everything.

When did Claudia move into her apartment?

About nine months ago. Why?

About the same time that she stopped working at Petrosian Construction?

Did you see her during that period?

Not for a few months, no.

She was kind of funny about us coming around.

Did Claudia have a silver bracelet?

Yes, with her initials on it.

My mother gave it to her when she was a baby.

Please, just tell us.

Was she pregnant? Did she have a baby?

We believe it's possible.

Then where is it? Can we see it?

I can try to arrange a meeting on neutral ground, but it would have to be kept confidential.

Oh, of course.

What else can you tell me about Claudia?

Was she in a relationship, for example?

She left some papers here about a month before she died.

We found this.

I think he's Mr. Petrosian's son Bradley.

Any luck, Mr. Reese?

Bradley Petrosian has been a good student.

Hasn't phoned anyone, hasn't spoken to any suspicious characters.

So are we barking up the wrong tree?


Hang on.

He's meeting someone.


You were right about the wrong tree.


I don't think Bradley Petrosian was sleeping with Claudia Cruz.


His tastes run in the other direction.

So we should look at the father, Adnan.

I'll get eyes on him.

How's their baby doing?

Oh, she's--

Reese, you better get back here.

Makes sense. Lots of candles.

One catches the drapes.

Do we know why Claudia didn't run?

Blood screen showed traces of alcohol.

So she was drinking. She fell asleep.

Faulty smoke alarm.

Fire Marshal said the battery was dead.

Battery isn't the problem. Wiring is.

The hot wire is just plastic coating.

The wire itself was removed.

No connection, no alarm.

Dead battery could be an accident, but this--

You got the autopsy photos?


ME said heat caused the cracks, not trauma.

High temperatures can cause the skull to fissure.

Cracks all along the plate lines of the skull.

There is no natural plate line there, but--

It was caused by a blow.


She was unconscious when the fire was set.

But a blow with what?

Bone was cracked.

Wasn't pierced or shattered.

Something round.

Like this?

Could be.

You wash the soot off that, you might get lucky.

Heat can etch fingerprints into the metal.

Could give you your killer.

But how could you let her go?

I didn't.

She just knocked down the books and walked off.

She can't walk, Finch.

Oh, God.

I'll never forgive myself.



Give it to me now, Leila.

Please just give it to me.

You got her?

Oh, my God, that's a grenade.

Please just--

Just a tear gas grenade.

It's still a grenade.

You're okay. You're okay, sweetie.

Come on. It's okay.

I told you to move your arsenal.

I was going to.


After the whole place is blown up?

You know how I feel about guns.

This really isn't working, one of us always being here, minding the baby.

Well, you're the one who stole her.

Thanks for reminding me of that.

I'm gonna take her to her grandparents.

They can keep an eye on her until we neutralize the threat.

Finch, the bad guys got to Claudia.

Here we go.

They could be after Sammy and Veda too.

That's why I've already moved them to a safe house.

What, are you working a case without me?

Just an accidental death, which might turn out to be a homicide.

Who is it?

A girl named Claudia Cruz.

Just left the crime scene.

Might have found the murder weapon.

[Cell phone rings]


I am so sorry. I got caught up.

I'll be there as soon as possible.

Anything I can do to help?

Think you could take these down to the crime lab for me, ask them to put a rush on it?

Yeah, sure.


But is that it?


Isn't he Organized Crime?

Carter, you know I got your back, right?


Szymanski asked me out on a date.

Can you not spread it around, please?

I'll try not to.

Look, why don't you go ahead and I'll run this down to the lab, all right?

Thanks, Lionel.

I owe you.

I'll check if it's clear.

[Shouting in a foreign language]

[Gunshots, screaming]



What did you get?

There was a GPS tracker on their car.

It's not your fault.

I'm sorry you're still in danger.

We have to move you again. Can you get your things?

If we don't recover Leila tonight, she'll be out of the country.

Gone for good.

Any idea who those men were?

They're Albanians or croats.

Probably one of the eastern European crime groups.

What are you gonna do?

Whatever I have to.

How come I only ever see you or Szymanski?

If this Elias is such a big deal, where's the rest of the NYPD?

You got a bad memory, Gianni.

Elias just tried to kill you.

The more cops know you're here, the more chance of him finding you.

So for your own sake, help us find him first.

[Cell phone rings]


Hey, Carter, yeah, I was in the crime lab.

They said they had a rush job for you on some murder weapon in a Claudia Cruz case.

They get anything?

Yep, they got a match. Your killer was in the system, thanks to a road rage incident about ten years ago.

What's the name?


Who are you? What do you--



Where is she?

What? Who?



The owner of this kidnapped Leila.

Tell me where he's taken her.

I don't know. I swear to God I don't.

You had an affair with Claudia Cruz, didn't you?

Okay. Yes.

You had Claudia killed and the baby kidnapped.


I would never do anything like that.

What are you gonna do, torture him?

[Cell phone rings]

You've tripped the silent alarm.

The police are gonna be here in five minutes.

I'm not gonna torture him because your fingerprints are on the weapon that killed Claudia.

Nicola, what did you do?

Shut up.

Did you hire the men that took Leila? Did you?


Call them.

I can't.

The number doesn't work anymore.

Where'd you get it?

Family in Europe.

I called it. A man answered.

I told him the problem.

Once I paid him, he said the number would be dead.

And I couldn't contact him, not even to stop the job.

And the job was to make Claudia's death look like an accident, get rid of the baby.

How could you do such a thing?

Somebody had to clean up your mess.

And there's nothing you can do. They're gone.

I want the man that owns this.


He has kidnapped a child, a baby.

I want to know where he is.


[Glass shattering, grunts, and thuds]

One more time.

How do I find him?

I don't know.

[Gun cocks]

I will kill you.

So kill me, but I still don't know.

Your baby's gone.

Whoever he was just handed him over.

Even he couldn't tell you.

So go ahead.


So no one knows where she is.

Not no one.

There is someone who knows the underworld, the soldiers, the gangs, the syndicates.

Come on, you're not serious.

You still have that burner phone?

No, we can't use it.

Leila is in the hands of men who won't hesitate to kill her if things go bad.

It's still too risky.

I'm all out of moves, Finch.

Risk is all I've got left.

I have to make the call.

Why would he even agree to meet with you?

Because he'll be curious.

John, it's good to see you again.

So tell me, did you fall out with your boss?

Are you looking for a job?

I'm looking for help.

From me?

Why would I help you?

I saved your life.

You did, didn't you?

But you also broke up a little family reunion that I had planned.

That was you, wasn't it?

Honest to a fault.

What's this about?

Someone kidnapped a child, murdered her mother.

Just like Moretti murdered your mother, stole your childhood.

I survived.

This child won't.

She's six months old, a baby.

I know you're aiming to take over this city, but to control it, you need rules.

People start targeting children, there are no rules.

No winners.

Who's behind the kidnapping?

Eastern Europeans.

They've been paid to get the baby out of the country.

And they're moving her tonight.

Their remit doesn't extend south of Jersey.

They'll hand it off to the Mexicans.

They're the people smugglers.

A hand-off like that--

You can find out where it's happening, and you can get me there.

Hand-over's at 1637 Camden.

You might get there in time.

I would have just shot you, but the boss has got a soft spot for you.

[Leila whimpers]

There's no one in it.

Over there!




[Leila crying]

Last chance. Put your weapons down and walk away.


Okay. All right. Whatever you say, man.

Come on. Go.

Stop, I have the baby. I said, "stop."

Put the bag down.


[Car engine starts]

You'd just shoot me.

You're right.

[Leila crying]

It's okay, Leila. You're okay.

I got you.

Finch, I've got Leila.

I'm bringing her back.

She's okay.

Won't be long, huh?


[Gun cocks]

Sorry. Boss had a change of heart.


What have you done with the baby?

She's right here, John.

We had an agreement.

But then I realized there is something you can do for me.

Tell me where Moretti is.

I don't know.


This is a refrigerated truck, John.

[Engine whirring]

It will get very cold in there very quickly.

You'll be able to hold off for a few hours, I imagine.

But this little one, on the other hand--


Just shout if you change your mind.

Don't do this.


Elias. Elias!

Anything on Carter yet?

I followed her.

Learned something.


What'd you learn?


She had a pizza.

She got a thing for pepperoni.

And I got a dead body with your name on it.

Don't think I won't use it.

Find out where she's got Moretti.

[Leila crying]

Just hold on, Leila.




Hey, Fusco.


Crime lab came through.

Wanna go harass Claudia Cruz's murderer?

Yeah, sure, why not?

[Cell phone rings]

One second. I got to take this.



John recovered the baby, but then I lost him.

Lost him? And the baby?

Last-known location, 1637 Camden in Brooklyn.

Anything you can do, Detective, please.


Sorry, Lionel, something's come up.

Nicola Petrosian. She's all yours.


Come here. Come on.

Come on, baby.

Come on.

[Bangs head]

Elias. Elias.

Yes, John?

All right.

You win.

We both win, John.

Where's Moretti?

What guarantee do I have?

You don't.

1465 Jefferson...


Thank you, John.

You were right. I would never harm a child.

But then I knew you wouldn't either.

Good-bye, John.

Elias! Elias!

Come on. Come on, baby.

Come on, baby.

Cry. Cry.

Leila's in the truck. I got to take your car.

What on earth happened?

Elias happened.


[Cell phone rings]


Elias knows where Moretti is.

How does he know?

I'm on my way. Just get over there.

[Cell phone dialing]

Szymanski, Carter, we've been blown.

Get Moretti out of there now.

Gianni! It's Szymanski.


Just in time for a drink.

Afraid not. Carter says we got to move.

Quick. Get your stuff.

Are you there, Mr. Reese?

I'm here. So is Carter.

Oh, no.

I need a bus.

1465 Jefferson, Queens.

Officer down with a gunshot to the abdomen.

I repeat, officer down.

[Police radio chatter]


They got him.

How did Elias know?

I told him.

I had to give up the safe house to save the baby.

John, why were you even talking to Elias?

I had no choice.

We lost the kid.

You say there was no choice, but there was, John.

It's called the police.

It's what we do.

I can't do this anymore.

I can't.

You and your friend.

I'm sorry.

[Ambulance siren wails]

Go on.

This place will be swarming.



Bye, Leila.

You be a good girl.

Thank you so much.

Be nice to have a child.

[Door shuts]


Think that'll ever happen?

Probably not.

Our line of work.

The trouble with children--

You never know how they're gonna turn out.

Hello, dad.

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