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  01x03 - Mission Creep
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You are being watched.

The government has a secret system.

A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

I know because I built it.

I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but, it sees everything.

Violent crimes involving ordinary people.

People like you.

Crimes that the government considered irrelevant.

They wouldn't act, so I decided I would.

But I needed a partner.

Someone with the skills to intervene.

Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.

You'll never find us.

But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.

[Digital blips and whirs]

[Soft snoring]

Good morning, Finch.


Don't you knock?

Not if I can help it.

I felt bad about blowing your cover identity.

Been looking for a new job for you.

Dog walker, maybe. Or concert pianist?

I have a job, Mr. Reese, and so do you.

The machine has sent us a new number.


His name's Joey Durban, a soldier in the 107th infantry, just back from Afghanistan.

Army commendation medal, purple heart--

Guy was a fighter.

Just like you.

I fought beside the 107th in Iraq.

Most of them were just kids.

Joined up because they lost family or friends when the towers came down.

Well, at least Joey came home alive.

And now you can help him stay that way.

He works as a doorman at a building in midtown.

I'm on it.

Standard operating procedure--

I'll clone his phone for voice and texts.

I'll start following him.

And, uh, Finch...

If you're going to work all night, you should try getting some exercise.


You look fabulous, Mrs. J.

I'd ask you out myself, but I'd have to fight off Larry Segel.

[Laughs] Thank you.


[Phone beeps]

Robbie, I got to take off early.

Joey's engaged to a girl named Pia Moresco.

She waited six years for him while he was deployed.

Yeah, come here.

I love you, Joey.

Hey, Finch.

Finch, are you there?


Yes. Is there a problem?


What are you doing?


Thought you said you'd never lie to me.

What's the problem, Mr. Reese?

Our guy, Joe Durban...

I've been on him for eight hours, and all he's done is open doors for old ladies, and now he's going window shopping.

If the machine's given us his number, he must be caught up in something.

He got a text, it's a bit garbled.

Sending it over.

[Keys click]

"Anchor D-0."

This supposed to mean something?

I don't know.

You're the genius.


[Gun shots and screaming]

Get down, get down. You, open the door now!

Go! Go!

Get down!

Get on the ground!

Down, down to the ground! You, open the door. Now.

I said, "get down."

Head down.

50 seconds!

Head down. Don't look at me.

[Detector whirs]

40 seconds!

Not a good idea, pal.

30 seconds!

Wrap it up!

10 seconds, Sierra. Move!

Sierra, move!


[Door slams]

I'm back, Mr. Reese.

I've deciphered that text--

It's a street address...

For a bank.

No kidding, Finch.

What I said about our guy being boring--

I take it back.

[Digital blips and whirs]

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not leave bags unattended.

Unattended bags will be...



I didn't know you were back from over there.


I'm not. I'm just...

Heading back, actually.

Where's your uniform?


I got a new job.

One of those jobs you can't talk about?

So our friend Joey's a bank robber.

Is that why the machine gave us Joey's number?

I built the machine to look for lethal intent.

Armed robbery wouldn't normally make the cut.

Either way, I say we gift wrap him and give him to the NYPD before someone winds up dead.

Finch, the guy was a good soldier.

Let me at least find out how he got into this mess.

Okay, but don't let your personal feelings warp your judgment.

No one forced him to go robbing banks.

Hang on, hang on. He's meeting someone.

He's giving her something.

Looks like money--

A lot of money.

[Camera clicks]


So... Who's the other woman?

I don't know her name yet.

Bank robber and a cheet.

Unlikely to have a happy ending.

Do you think he's targeting one of the women? - Could be.

Only way I'm going to find out is to get closer to Joey, and that won't be easy.

These guys are organized and ultra-cautious.

No unnecessary contact.


Hang on.

That cabbie was at the bank.

Just made their courier.

Finch, run a check on cab medallion number 5-Victor-80.

Driver's name is Willis, also an ex-soldier in the 107th infantry.

Same unit as Joey.

And also a bank robber.

I hacked the taxi company website.

Before he dropped the cash off with Joey, Willis stopped at a bar in Coney Island called the Green Zone.

Bar's owned by former master Sergeant Sam Latimer, veteran of the First Gulf War.

I think you just found the gang's ringleader.

I want to get close to Latimer.

And I'll need a cover story.

I'll get on that.

And I need you to create a vacancy for me...

With the gang.

I'll get on that too.

Anything else?

No, that'll do for now.

You Sam Latimer?

Name's Tony Miller.

Marine buddy down in San Diego, told me a while back, if I was ever in New York, I should look you up.

What's your buddy's name?

Hector Muñoz.

Muñoz, yeah, I remember him from Mogadishu.

Good shooter. How's he doing?

Not good.

Ran over an IED in Hellmans.

Lasted a whole week before he hit room temperature.

Rest in peace.

Tough son of a bitch.


What kind of work are you looking for? Security?

I'm not looking for wages.

I'm only interested in lump sums.

You in trouble?

That's my business.

You're making it mine.

I was working freelance in Tijuana.

Job went South. People's feelings got hurt.

I need to put some distance between me and them.

I've got some experience you could use-- Skills.

What kind of skills?

You have a .45 under the counter, a shotgun next to the register, and I can get to them both before you.

So if you're such a hotshot, what do you need me for?

I prefer to work with people who know the area.

I heard you're good at what you do--

You make a lot of money... You're still alive.

And that's because I prefer not to work with a man whose only reference is a dead marine.


There's no job openings at the moment.

But I'll call around.

Thanks. You won't regret it.

I know.

Hey, uh, keep the change.

Let me get my case out of the trunk.

[Police siren wails, sharp whistle blasts]

[Siren stops]

Yellow cab driver, get out of your vehicle!

Get out of your vehicle! Now!

We got weapons here--

Shotgun, submachine guns.

I don't know anything about those.

Those are not mine!

You Carter?


Molina-- Robbery.

I hear you're chasing after some mysterious special forces guy.

Yeah, what is it to you?

Come here. I may have something for you.

His prints showed up on a bank job yesterday.

On a bank job?

Yeah. Four armed guys knocked over a bank on Houston.

See that guard there?

Tries to be a hero. Someone stops him from getting his head blown off.

When CSU did elimination prints they printed the guard's holster.

It was your mystery man.

Well, did they stop him? Interview him?

No, he slipped away before the first units got there.

Of course.

See the way these guys are moving?

Yeah, and I'm pretty sure that's a milspec radio.

They're soldiers.

So your special forces guy fits right in.

I mean, he--

He could be their inside man.

Mind if I keep this?

Looks like your taxi ride paid off, Finch.

Latimer just called me.

He wants me to meet the team...Tonight.

[Overlapping chatter]

Come on. Move, move.

[Slam] What we got, Straub?

ID checks out. Pay-as-you-go cell phone bought two days ago.

Ran the calls--

Mainly take-out, couple to some jarheads in San Diego.

Last call's from Latimer.


What the hell is this about?

I thought Latimer wanted you to meet me.

He also told us to put a bullet in your head if we didn't like you. And right now, we don't.

I'm just an ex-soldier, needs some money fast.

You don't trust me? Fine.

But the 107 trusted me back in '05, in Tikrit, and I trusted them.

How the hell do you know our unit?

Big fella's got it tattooed all over his arm.

You don't call us.

We call you.

When we do...

You lose that phone.

[Van door slams]

Killing in battle, in combat, is one thing.

Killing someone up close...

Someone who can't fight back, that takes a different sort of killer.

And Joey's not one of them.

So you think Joey's the target.

Then who's gunning for him?

One of the gang? One of the women?

Do we even know why he's such a mess?

He's got a job, pretty girlfriend, good service record--

He's throwing it all away.

He's going to end up in prison.

Or dead.

You're right, but, not every ex-soldier meets a reclusive billionaire.


But if Joey's bad choices mean he's about to walk into a bullet, we have to find out who's firing it.

Excuse me.


I'm looking for my girlfriend.

What are you doing here?

Just wanted to say hello to the most beautiful girl in the world.

You're gonna get me in trouble.

Good tips today?

Not bad.

Julie's out sick, so I got her tables.

It's been busy.

You better get back to your shift.

Okay. Oh, before you go, Realtor says she can shome some apartments tonight.

I'd really like it if you can see them with me.

Things are kind of difficult at work right now.

I know, baby, but this is important too.

I just want us to do stuff together again.

Like have fun. Remember that?

I'm trying, P. I really am.

John, I didn't know you were back from over there.

Where's your uniform?


I got a new job.

One of those jobs you can't talk about?

Oh, yeah, I got engaged.

I'm-- I'm moving back east next month.

His name's Peter.

Peter. He's a lucky guy.

I waited for you.

I didn't ask you to.


No, you didn't.

You just...Left.

Because you thought you'd get killed over there, and that that would hurt me.

But I think the truth is that it was easier for you to be alone.

That's one of the things you learn over there--

In the end, we're all alone.

And no one's coming to save you.

Be happy with Peter.

Oh, Molina, I want to know more about this gang.

They pulled about a dozen robberies.

They hit banks, jewelry stores, money exchanges, casinos.

It's always four armed men.

They haven't killed anyone.

They haven't even hurt anyone.

In and out in 60 seconds, every time.

Dozen robberies. They're good.

Oh, yeah.

A gang like this, they usually implode after four or five.

You know how they start dropping money, they have a falling out with each other?

Not these guys.

Maybe this will help.

It's a 148 radio--

Painted black, aerial cut down to look more like a phone.

It uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum.

Which means zero chance of interception.

You know this how?

I used them...

In Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where do I get one of these?

You can't.

Got to steal them from the military.

I checked with every base on the east coast.

Fort drum reported the theft of a radio package six months ago.

Do they got any idea who stole them?

Army CID investigated--

No joy.

I'll tell you what you can do.

Cross-check guys resident in New York, who left the service out of Fort Drum in the last six months.

12 robberies--

Must have some physical descriptions.

[Children laughing]

How was school?

[Girl laughs]


Hi, sweetie.

Hey, Finch. I'm sending you a photo.

Looks like Joey's other woman's got a little girl.

Think she's Joey's?

Sure looks like that.

You should be able to find the girl's name, if Sunny Days Kindergarten's firewalls aren't too tough for you.

And why don't you arrange a little face-time with Joey, Mr. Reese?

I thought you said no contact.

What are you doing? Following me?

I live here, pal. What's your excuse?

I'm staying in a fleapit on Colby.

This one's on me...

But I'm, uh, running a little low on funds.

How long before we get some action?

That's up to Latimer.

We just follow orders.

Orders-- Don't you ever get sick of them?

Maybe. But they make life simple.

Told to go down that road, you go down that road.

Yeah, you're told to go into that bank, you go into that bank, right?

I don't know, man.

Six years, all I thought about--

Dreamed about-- was coming home.

Finally I come home and there's nothing.

There's no money, no jobs--

Bankers gone and lost it all.

Robbed the country blind. I mean, it's like, what the hell are we fighting for, you know?

Joke's on us.


You guys were soldiers, right?

What like Iraq, Afghanistan?

Some serious stuff.

Yeah, but you volunteered.

Nobody asked you to go.

It's not like the country owes you a living.

We got it, pal.


You don't "got it"--

Talking about bankers, like you know anything.

It's not been easy for us either.

Really sorry about that, but we're talking here.

Hey, so are we.

Guys like you got to adapt.

It's the knowledge economy now.

Time to use this, my friend.




All right, come on. Let's go.

Sorry, Bill.

What made you start on the banks?

Realized the job that I had wasn't going to allow me to do the things that I wanted.

I had a debt to pay.


More like an obligation.


You got kids?


Why do you say that?

I was just asking.

What about the rest of the guys?

They got debts too?

Straub does.


Is that why Straub's so jumpy?

You'd be jumpy too, you got blown up twice.

Listen, man, I got to get to work.

Wait for the call.

Any luck ID'ing that woman?

Kindergarten records say the girl is Amy Myles, daughter of Stacey Myles.

Father's name not given.

I'm checking hospital records. What about you?

I'm going to check on someone else--

A guy named Straub.

Strauby, what gives?

We made you nearly 80 grand last job.

I got five--

It's not enough.

Well, you know how it is. I had to clean the money.

That's a big, heavy discount right there.

Now, you guys made 20 grand--

I made less than than that.

People I owe, they're going to take away my mom's apartment.

They said one of the paper's I signed, it gives them the right.

Man, I told you to stay away from the sharks.

Yeah, well, I didn't have much choice then, did I?

I need more money.

Listen, I got a job for you...


Now, if you do this right, there's a big score coming down--

400 grand big.

You're kidding.

Big client, big job.

200 for me and 200 for you.

Yeah, 200 divided four ways.

Come here. Come on.

My friend, how you divvy up is your business.

With this job, you can pay off all your debt...

Join Manny and Danny in the land of tequila and grateful señoritas.

You remember Danny Platt?

Manny Santos? Guys worked hard--

Did what they were told.

And now they're enjoying their retirement.

Say we don't make it out of one of these jobs.

Say we take casualties.

Still the same split, right?

50/50 with you?


But you guys are going to make it out.

You're a unit--


[Camera clicks]

Hey, Carter. I followed up on your radio lead.

Teddy Dalloway--

6'2", 220 pounds, discharged from the army five months ago.

A big guy, but that's not what gave him away.

He's left-handed.

Yep, we've got a GPS lock on his phone.

See if he leads us to the rest of the gang.

Uh, look, if, uh, Teddy makes a move, you call me. I don't care what time.

Hey, Finch, just got the call.

Gang's picking me up.

Get told the target en route.

You're not going in with them?

Got to watch Joey's back.

Don't trust his friend Straub one bit.

I did not understand "infiltrate the gang" to mean join them in their robberies.

No choice.

I'll keep the line open.

Monitor the police band for me.


[Weapon clacks]

Why the heavy artillery?

Target's a mob gambling joint, 445 Mulvaney.

People inside guaranteed to be packing.

ETA, 60 seconds. Phones off, batteries out, radio comms only.


Tracked Teddy Dalloway's GPS.

He left Brooklyn 20 minutes ago, in some kind of vehicle.

He did three pick-ups.

It's the gang. Know where they're heading?

Somewhere around here.

[Muffled chatter]

[Explosion, crowd screams]


Get back against the wall!

Against the wall! Put the money down!

Back against the wall!

Back! Back! Go! Go!

Gonna call back up.

Do that.

Back! Back! Back! Back!

Put it down!

Put the money down! Down!

Reese, NYPD dispatch.

Just received a back up call for that address.

John, NYPD is on route.

Do you hear me?

We got to move out!

Cops are coming!

How the hell do you know?

Police band. They have our address.

We gotta move. Leave the money.

I'm not going.

Leave the money, we gotta move!

No way! I'm not leaving.

That's it. Move! Now!


Move! Move!

Everyone over!

Move across!

I don't hear any damn cops!

We left like 100 grand up there!

[Police siren wails]

Hear 'em now, Straub?

Damn lucky for us he was listening in.

Come on, let's go. This way.

[Gun clacks] Let's move.

Nobody move!

I don't know what happened--

We hardly got in there before the cops were on us.

Joey and the new guy, they said to leave the money.

Yeah, how thoughtful of them.

You guys let me down, Straub.

Well, I'll make it up to you.

You got to give us another chance, all right?

Okay, one more--

The big one.

Can you tell me what it is?

In good time.

And keep an eye on the new guy.

You might need him going in--

Not sure you're going to need him coming out.

Now how can we wrap this up?

It can't go on, John.

Somebody's going to get killed.

Let me talk to Joey first.

To what end?

I want to find out what his guilt trip is.

Try to cure him of it.

Might be more complicated than you think.

I got into Joey's bank accounts--

Last four months, he's paid nearly $10,000 into a 529 savings plan for the little girl, Amy Myles.

It'll pay for her to go to college.

Amy has to be Joey's kid.

But she's not.

Hospital records show that her daddy was called Frank Stephens.


Killed in Afghanistan.

He was a soldier in the 107th.

Same unit as Joey.

We're going to meet in five hours.

It's a new job.

You're going to risk it all again?

You know Straub's going off the rails.

Well, yeah. That's why I gotta have his back.

He needs the money.

Uh, Straub might. But you don't.

Yeah, I do.

That's right...

Your "obligation."

What is that?

You leave someone behind?

Who was it, Joey?

A friend.

Took my place on patrol.

Got killed.

Why'd he take your place?

LT puts me on honor guard for this visiting politician...

So I'm scrubbing my boots, and Frank-- That was his name-- Frank goes out.

His wife had just had a baby.

This little girl called Amy.

[Laughs] He was so happy, he said nothing could hurt him.

IED rips him to pieces in the seat I should have been sitting in.

So that's your debt?

Yeah. He used to show me her picture, you know?

He was going to lay the world at her feet, man.

Was going to give her money for college, everything.

And he would have done that too.

He would have done it.

And that's what you're going to do.

You tell anyone else?

No, not even my girlfriend.

So you're still fighting the war.

She's still waiting.

When this is done...

I'm with her completely.

Be with her now.

Don't do the job.

My friend got killed.

Got to take care of his kid.

It's Pia, right?


You're even prettier than Joey said.

You're a friend of Joey's?

Army. Just in New York for a few days.

He's crazy about you, you know that?

It's funny how his friends know more about what he's feeling than I do.

Well, you know, Joey's a...

Bit of a closed book.

You're telling me.

Starting to wonder if he's ever going to let me in.

Waited six years for him to come home, and it's like he's still over there.


Shouldn't go crying all over the customers.

No, no, no, no, no, no. It's all right.

Look, you're a beautiful woman.

If Joey doesn't come to his senses, plenty more fish in the sea.

No, I'm stuck with him.

Loved him since I was so high.

That's the way it is.

Are you there, Mr. Reese?

Get anywhere with your friend, Joey?

No. Can't cure someone of guilt.

Soon as I find out what the next job is, go ahead and call the cops.

They can pull the whole gang in.

You did what you could.


I got something for you.


Manny Santos, Danny Platt.

Both murdered. Shot in the head.

This is from three months ago.

What made you look at it?

I cross-checked CSU reports for the last six months-- military hardware items.

And look what came up--

148 radio. Serial number still legible.

One of the radios stolen from Fort Drum.

It means Santos and Platt were robbers too.

It explains why your gang keeps going, why they don't fall out.

Once they've done four or five jobs, someone bumps them off, recruits some new suckers.

Yeah, but who?

They have the target, sir.

Long-term evidence lockup under Centre Street.

Police headquarters.

[Keys clicking]

They have the cage number, precise orders to recover the item.

Security's light--

Four semi-retired cops.

Bad news--

It's right on Centre Street.

It's crawling with cops and feds.

What are we stealing?

One item only.

Easily concealed, so even you boy scouts won't make me leave it behind.

Yeah, but what is it? Bonds? Jewelry?

Don't know, don't care, but it's worth 400 grand.


What about exit strategy?

Uh, that's in hand, sir.

Boss says no loose ends.



The team was cracking up anyway. It's time to refresh.

Latimer gave us clean weapons.

I want cell phones, pagers, in here.

[Phone splashes] Come on.

[Digital trilling, dialing]

Yeah, even your sneaky little earwig.

Hey, it's not a problem, is it?

[Phone clacks]



Get up! Get up!

Right now! Get up! Put your hands behind your back! Move! Move! Move!

[Zipper rasps] Move.

I called from Marmostein Ribner--

Some probate issues on the Ulman Estate.

Have you got a case number?

Hands in the air! This is a robbery!

Get out here, now!

Move! Move it! You too.

Go! Move!

Move! Move!

Move! Get on the ground!

Watch the entrance. Watch the door.



[Guns cocks]

[Something clanks to floor]

You... stop staring at me.

Leave him.

[Gun cocks] Not a problem.

I said stop looking at me.

[Softly] Latimer set you up. It's a trap.

Sit down. Wait here.

7, 5-7-5.

8-2-5-7-7-3, this is it.

All right, pull it.

Pull it. Pull it.

Latimer screwed us.

We got to get out of here.

Won't let you pull that crap again.

Got it!


Now move. This is a trap.

How do you know, maybe you're the trap.

Point that thing at me again, and I'll shoot you with it.

Let's move.

We got it. Let's move.

Let's go.


Keep moving Teddy, I got you.

Carter, I just got a call of a shooting at Centre Street, evidence lock.

Who called it in?

Street cleaners saw four guys go into the lockup, five minutes later, shooting started.

Same four guys came running out.

Getting you to the van, Teddy.

Come on.

Take him in the van. I'll cover you.

There you go.

Did you get it?

You're a good soldier, Strauby.




[Trigger clicks]

Damn weapon won't fire.

[Rapid gun fire]

Why didn't my weapon fire?

Latimer must have ground down the firing pins.

[Tire screeching]

Come on. Let's go.

[Sirens wail]

The lockup's secured.

As soon as the police ID Straub or Teddy, they'll be on to you.

You got to get out of the city.

Go South or west.

Here's a couple of grand to keep you going.

With your skills, you'll find work.

But go now.

And don't look back.

I can't.

I can't, man.

I have someone here.

You stay here, and you'll be looking at her from behind bars for 20 years.

Call her and ask her to go with you.

She loves you, Joey.

Just tell her it's gonna be you and her now.

Just you and her.

[Over radio] Can you hear me?

I think you can.

Guess you're out there, hiding in plain sight.

I keep looking for you.

I keep finding myself in some bad situations.

You could always stop looking for me.

Not an option.

Now I've got two more bodies.

I don't think you killed those guys.

But I think you know who did.

I'll take care of it.

Playing a dangerous game.

And I'm not sure I understand why.

I've got my reasons.

Maybe you do.

But every killer I locked up thought they had a good reason.

And that is how this ends.

Sooner or later, I'll lock you up.

Or find you bleeding out somewhere.

I will take my chances.

I think I've told you everything that I can remember.

Detective, over here.

Looks like this is all they took.

So you let our bank robber get away.

He paid his dues, deserved a second chance.

Then are we done?

Not quite.

I hope that's what you wanted.

So we better talk money.

Someone got here first.

He's dead.

Any idea who did it?

The name on the evidence box was Elias.

That mean anything to you?


I'd better look into it.


The truth is that, it was easier for you to be alone.

That's one of the things you learn over there.

In the end, we're all alone.

And no one's coming to save you.

Be happy with Peter.

You don't believe that.

Not really.

You wanna be brave?

Take a risk.

Tell me to wait for you and...

Say those words and I will.

It would take real courage, wouldn't it?

Wait for me.


Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

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