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  11x23 - The Admiral's Daughter
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The authorities are combing the city today, looking for an American national, wanted for the murder of a Marseille police officer.

All right, I'm really sorry about this.

He is to be considered armed and dangerous.

What do we do now, Tony?

We run.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 23 The Admiral's Daughter

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

I want to get in front of this whole fender-bender thing.

Despite what the lady from the insurance says, I totally had the right of way.

Excuse me?

This isn't about the van I totaled?

It is now.

We'll circle back.

This is Admiral Kendall.

He replaced Admiral Chase at the Joint Chiefs.

NCIS Marseille is overdue for a refresher seminar on Internet security.

I want you to go and run that seminar.

Am I being punk'd?

I see.

So why am I really going?

To get my daughter. In Marseille.

Agents from the NCIS office there are bringing her in.

You'll pick her up there.

Your plane leaves in two hours. Any questions?

Just one.


I've been asking myself that for years.

Amanda was valedictorian in high school.

Straight A's in college... Georgetown.

And then she just suddenly flunked out.

She has spent the last two years wasting her life, jet-setting across Europe with a group of international trust fund brats, partying in every capitol on the continent.

Well, maybe she just needed to find herself, sir.

Well, now it's gone too far.

This is the daughter of Vladimir Dunchenko, the Russian arms dealer.

He's the son of an Iranian cabinet member.

And the girl in red is Amanda.

I'm Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

I can't have my daughter out partying with gun dealers, Iranians or else.

But worse, I don't think Amanda appreciates just how vulnerable she is.

There are too many national security implications.

Your official cover legitimizes your assignment but not a word to anybody.

Gibbs already knows.

But nobody else.


Copy that.

I'll bring her back safe.

Thank you.

An Internet security seminar? You?

Am I being punk'd?

No. Think about it.

Who do you know that surfs more questionable Web sites than yours truly?

Not something to be proud of.

You have a good point. That's what you get for being a misogynist.

What do you get if you kick a dog? A trip to Hawaii?

Death by Abby.

Timothy, I need your computer expertise again.

The luminosity is too feeble for my visual cortex.

So you want me to turn the brightness up?

Be a dear.

Got a new phone there?

Yes. Against my will.

Mr. Palmer has me addicted to a game called Symbolese.

It wouldn't work on my old phone. It's a bit like charades.

But with symbols. You create phrases and other players try to decipher them.

This one is... killing me.

Angry hat...

Mad Hatter tea party.

And don't you have a plane to catch?

It doesn't leave for another two hours. I've got everything I need in my go bag.

You keep a packed bag in your desk?

Who does that?


So where are you going?

Tony's going to France.

Oui, oui, monsieur. Je suis,

Very Special Agent DiNozzo.

The French do see arrogance as a virtue, so you'll be welcome there.

But remember, in France, only tip six percent.

Got a body in Norfolk.

That's perfect. You guys can drop me off on the way, at the airport.

I need to practice a few of these French phrases.

I keep getting 'em wrong.

Six percent.

Not a centime more.

Hold that door!

Calling to gloat? - Oh, no.

Tim, I have a very serious question.

What is six percent of 19?

You're gloating, I'm busy.

What are you doing?

Still on crime scene.

A plumber discovered a body inside of a septic tank by some off-base housing.

Who's the victim? - Don't know yet.

He's really wedged in there, and Ducky didn't want to risk cutting the tank,
so we flipped a coin to see who's gonna go in there and pull him out manually.

You used my trick coin, didn't you?

With you gone, I had a 50-50 shot and I could not risk losing it. The smell is horrible.

Yeah. I hear you. It's kind of like how the flight was overbooked on the way out, and, uh,

I got bumped up to first class... Wait, no, it's not.

Brag all you want. I'm just happy I'm not going in the tank.

Put it on. You're going in the tank.

Boss, no, we-we had an arrangement.


Bonjour. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. I brought pastries.

Sometimes I love my job.

And sometimes...

I have to crawl inside a giant septic tank.

Well, it could be worse.


I could have to... climb in there with you.

You get the I.D. on the victim yet?

Mr. Mush Fingers?

The body was too waterlogged to pull a print and, sadly, he left home without his American Express card or his wallet.

But the body was weighted down with rocks.

Probably to keep it from clogging the exit drain.

Yeah, but the rocks had to come from somewhere, so they could tell us something.

Hey, DiNozzo. What's up?

Is this Inspector Gibbs?

Special Agent Gibbs.

Where is Special Agent DiNozzo?

Don't worry. He's fine.

However, I cannot say the same for everyone else in your office here.

Why is Agent DiNozzo in cuffs?


Because they are dead and he is not.

Wait, wait. Who is dead?

Release him. Now.

Brief your superior. Then we talk.

Gibbs, this is DiNozzo.

They're all dead. I came into the NCIS office, everyone was dead.

Gunned down. Looks like close range.

Smells recent.

You said everyone?

What about Amanda?

All five NCIS employees.

Understood. You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. I got a lot of... people here keeping me safe.

Understood. I got to brief Vance.

You get someplace private and you call me back.

It's a date.

Did you know them?

No. Not personally. But, uh...

No, I-I understand.

My condolences.

Gerard tells me you were here for...

What is it called again?

Internet security seminar.


Usually computer experts are not so... so.

Are you flirting with me at a crime scene, Inspector?

No. Maybe. I don't know. Does it matter?

Your timing could be better.

Maybe you're only uncomfortable because you're not used to being a witness.

Speaking of which, do you know this person?

She entered through the front door, but... a witness saw her crawl out a back window, so at the moment, she's our only suspect.

Or a lucky victim who got away.

You sure you do not know her?

I never forget a pretty face.

Which means I'm gonna have yours stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

That's all for now.

But would it be possible for you to stay in Marseille for a few days while I finish my investigation?

I would be happy to show you the sights, if you become bored.

I'm sure that would be lovely.


Perhaps after we probe your gun.


Your gun.

We need to examine it to make sure it's not been recently fired.

Like Gerard says, they are dead, you are not.

Just being thorough.


Of course.

My gun.

Yes, Madame Secretary, we want answers, too.

We already have one of our best agents on the ground.

You'll know when we know.

And we still don't know anything, do we?

I talked to DiNozzo again.

Two of the victims were NCIS agents.

The other three were local hires.

Was he able to get their I.D.?

McGee's running background.

We leave?

Working on it.

State's negotiating with the French for a joint investigation.

Gibbs... Admiral Kendall's daughter... you sure she got away?

Could she be the shooter?

No, but she might know who was.

Then Agent DiNozzo's first priority is to find her.

And when he does...

Straight to the airport and home. I got it.

Well, at least the media hasn't picked up on this yet.

It gives me some time.

Time for what?

To prepare for my next phone call... to the admiral.

Unless you'd like to make that call.

I would rather get in that septic tank.

You should stick to English.

And, yes, I've seen Amanda.

She's over there.

But be careful. She bites.

I'm gonna get this, Amanda!

That's great!

And the grand finale!

Where is Amir?

I don't know where he is!

Amanda, look at this!

Oh, Instagram that. Show him what he's missing.

Hi, Amanda.

Nice haircut.

How'd you find me?


And the thousand Tweets you've sent from every nightclub you've ever been to.

We need to talk.

No, you don't.

Khan and I don't care how many goons her father sends after her.

She's staying with us.

Don't you have a timecard to punch or something?

You don't know.

Know what?

All of them?

They're all dead?

And you didn't see anything?


Then why'd you crawl out a window?

My dad sent an NCIS agent to pick me up at my hotel.

There was no point in arguing, so, after he brought me back to his office, I went to the bathroom, climbed out the window and checked into a new hotel.

Thanksgiving must be fun at your house.

Did the police catch the killer?


And right now, Amanda, you're their only suspect.

But I'm... I'm just...

Shallow and vacuous, but no killer.

You have to tell them that.

Right now, I'm more concerned about you being a target.


You're the only witness, and the killers don't know what you saw.

You're safe with me.

But we need to get out of here right now, and we need to go straight to the airport.

I'm not gonna have to follow you into the restroom every time you have to take a leak, am I?

Are we good?

Yeah, we're good.

Let's blow.

Hey, I have to leave.

If you see Amir, have him call me?

It's important.

Okay. I will.

Who's Amir?

Nobody. A boy.

What's he gonna inherit when his parents croak?

Nothing. He doesn't come from money.

All right, his father's an Iranian politician.

And that means my father doesn't like him.

Shut up.

I had a feeling you were not being completely honest with me, so I had you followed.

I didn't shoot anybody!

I hope that's true, but you still need to come with me to the station to be questioned.

If it's all the same to you, how about we handle this at the U.S. Consulate?

You would never allow such a thing, Agent DiNozzo.

And you know, neither can I.

Come to the station.

Your gun... it's been analyzed.

You can pick it up, and... maybe we can go see some of the sights I spoke about.

Gee, that sounds nice.

But I think I should call my boss first.

Ah, wait.

I have your gun right here.

Let's get out of here!

Your prognosis?

It's not good.

Ah, I hate to lose a patient.

Wait. I think I found the problem.

Looks like the system drive is full.

How many apps did you install, Doctor?

There's a limit?

TriviaMania, TriviaGod, Encyclopedia of Everything.

And I see you beat my high score in Symbolese?

Don't confuse age with rust, Mr. Palmer.

Any word on Marseille?

Just spoke to their coroner.

Should be getting the bodies back soon. Until then, what do you got, Duck?

As usual, more than meets the eye.

I understand that Abby was able to make an I.D. from our dental records.

Matched to a missing person. A Zach Martin?

Runs an employment office?

Really? Well, given what we found, I was expecting something sexier.

Sexier, Ducky?

Yeah, cause of death was blood loss due to multiple puncture wounds.

He's also missing several fingernails, and suffered extreme periodontal trauma, reminiscent of the movie Marathon Man.

Been tortured?

Hardly an occupational hazard for a paper-pusher.

Is Agent DiNozzo returning soon?

Yeah, he texted me last night. He should be on the plane now.

Hold on...

Come on.

Can we stop for a second?

We need to keep moving.

No, we need to call the police.

What, so they can, uh, try to kill us again?

No. The other police. The good ones.

They don't exactly come with labels, Amanda.

I am hungry, all right?

My feet are killing me. Please, please, please.

So, what's the plan?

Well, it depends what Inspector Cheblis wants with you.

I have no idea.

Six people are dead. Think.

I've been thinking.

It's not one of my strengths, okay?

You think.

I think we can't go to the consulate. They'll be watching.

I need to call NCIS.

You doing it telepathically, or...?

They had my cell phone, which means they have my contacts.

Calling's a risk.

Inspector Cheblis probably has her own Bizarro World McGee monitoring cell towers.

They could be tracking your cell right now!

Like in a spy movie?

Except I took the battery out five hours ago.

Now we're even?

No. Now we don't even have a cell phone.

This is what happens when I don't sleep or eat, or get chased all night by killer cops.

Sit up. We will make a little pit stop to satisfy your... hunger.

And then we need to get out of Marseille.

You know, this city has over 1, 800 police surveillance cameras.

It's just a matter of time before they catch us.

So, what's the plan?

Well, we're gonna rent a car, and we're gonna drive to the satellite NCIS office in Rota, Spain.

It's only about a 15-hour drive.

Stop it.

I know. Bonjour.

An American national wanted for the murder of a Marseille police officer.

The suspect... Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo

... a Federal agent from the United States...

What do we do now, Tony?

We run.

Renting a car is out.

So is public transportation.

I have an idea.

Will I like it?

Depends on how you feel about progressive trance.

Here they come!

Oh, Amanda Panda!

Natasha Kasha!


Whole grain buckwheat cereal. You should try it.

Maybe try smiling, too?

Let's go!

Can't believe I'm putting my life in the hands of the cast from Less Than Zero.


Never mind.

What if they've seen me on TV?

Don't worry. These guys don't exactly watch the news.

Dear God, give me strength.

Where's Amir?

He's with Lila.

They were thinking about maybe going to Switzerland.

We were gonna join them, but since you needed a ride to Rota we're gonna hit the beaches at Marbella instead.

This is a bad idea. We should stay in Marseille.

Let me guess: catch Amir before he heads to Switzerland?

Listen, we're going to Rota. Sounds like everybody else wants to go.

I just need to call my boss.

I thought you said it was too risky to call.

It is.

I have a better idea.

I just think it's quite a coincidence.

Every time we flip a coin, I end up on the losing side.

Well, conditional probability suggests...

I wrote my senior thesis on conditional probability, Tim.

Be honest. You were using a trick coin.

I am not using a trick coin, I swear.

You lying little bitch.

Excuse me, we're agents Bishop and McGee from NCIS.

Need to have a word with you about your boss.

Those are my goldfish. Who are you kidding?

I'm sorry, Mr. Martin is busy at the moment.

Busy? You mean... in his office?

Yes. And he only sees people by appointment.

No, that's the reason you're still single, honey.

Sure gets around a lot for a dead guy.

Oh, wait! You can't go in there.

So where's Mr. Martin?

He must have stepped out when I wasn't looking.

When was that?

Last week?

Oh, my God.

More than a week. This place is covered in dust.

When was the last time your boss was here?

I don't know.

Okay, your goldfish can wait.

Your desk is right beside his office... how do you not know?

I've... I've never met him.

He hired me through an agency and he conducts all of his business by phone.

Okay, well, we're gonna need a list of his clients.

I can do that.



He doesn't have any.

He told me he's a headhunter, but I've never met anyone he's headhunted.

So what the hell has he been doing?

Well, he wasn't using his computer.

Or his stylish fountain pen.

Or his stapler. None of this stuff has been used, Gibbs.

This Zach guy set up an office and pretended to work there for years.

I pulled some old prints. Probably from when the office was set up.

But I didn't get any hits on AFIS.

Tell me what's up?

A giant septic tank.

And it's full of... you know, and the smell, it's just stuck in my...

I mean, blood... Blood, I can handle.

You know. And brains, I like brains.

But just a septic tank, it's... it's a lot harder.

Thank you.

I have this for you. A mug from the Georgetown Hoyas.

On a whim, I checked Georgetown's enrollment records, and I did not find Zach Martin.

So, on a double whim, I ran facial recognition against the school's yearbooks.

And you got a hit.

I did.

Zach Martin is an alias.

His real name is Zakaria Hassan.

He was on the debate team and was enrolled in the engineering school...

Blow that up, right there.

Amanda Kendall.

She went to school with our victim.

You know, I knew Tony would never be picked for an Internet security seminar.

Errand boy makes much more sense.

You've reached very special agent Anthony DiNozzo...

Still going straight to voice mail.

Tony's plane came into Dulles ten minutes ago. He wasn't on it.

Why would he go off the grid?

He wouldn't.

Unless he had a reason.

Or it wasn't his choice.

He's got a reason.

What's he wanted for?

Murdering a French cop.

Well, we should go.

No, we should wait for Tony to contact us.

We work the case. That's how we help DiNozzo.

Zakaria Hassan.

All we know for sure is that he went to college with Amanda Kendall.

His murder could be a coincidence.


Rule 39, Bishop.

Right. No such thing as a coincidence. I knew that one.

Hassan lived under an alias, ran a dummy corporation and then was tortured to death days before Amanda Kendall escaped the massacre at NCIS Marseille.

What was he into?

We searched his home in Norfolk.

It was clean. Abby's got his laptop.

You guys, you got to check this out.

We don't have time for picture games.

It's not about the game, well, technically, it is about the game.

I was in the middle of a round-robin and a new user invited me to play.


It's Tony, it's a message from Tony.

According to the screen name, it's from Khantempt111.

No. It's Tony. It's Tony. I'm confident.

Explain how.

Start with the first image. It's a stick figure with X's for the eyes.

Now, historically, cartoonists have used this imagery to illustrate death because...


Explain faster.


Autopsy. Gremlin.

Autopsy gremlin. That's me.

Okay. Is there more?

Yeah, but the second one's a little harder.

You got a bus and a road.

Now, is the bus on the road?

Is the bus avoiding the road? Is bus the name of the road?



NCIS has a satellite office there. Tony must be on his way.

That would explain the map of Spain he sent next.

Can you send a message back?

I'm not drinking that.

What do you think's in it?

Rohypnol, GHB, whatever roofie your buddy Khan is on.

You don't care for my friends.

Listen, sweetheart, I went to school with a version of each one of these clowns, and you know what?

Like most people, I find clowns unfunny and a little frightening.

If it weren't for them, we'd still be stranded in Parc du Centenaire.

They disturb me. What can I tell you?

I am a continent. I contain multitudes.

Bro, you got a message back.

Thank God, I knew I could rely on Jimmy.

I think it's saying behind the badge... there's nothingness.

I think it's saying agents will meet us at the border.

All right, we're going home.

My home's in Marseille.

No, your boyfriend's in Marseille, with the "Persian Hilton".

And you're welcome, by the way.

For what?

For saving your boney ass, Princess Leia.

Hold that thought. Just got another message from NCIS.

A little complicated, it might take a second.

You smell that?

It's a party bus, they're partying.

Stop the bus.


Fire started in the bathroom, ruined the exhaust system.

Got to wait for the fire brigade.

Need my cell to call Dad. He's gonna be pissed.

This bus was my sister's graduation gift.

I mean, if this isn't a sign that we should head back to Marseille, We're not. Let's go.

We're gonna walk to Spain?

We can't stay here, Amanda Panda.

Why not?

What did the message say?

That's gonna be the fire brigade. Followed by the police.

Look, there's gonna be a town up ahead. Let's go.

Yes, I would appreciate a call back from the chief, as soon as he can.

I understand.

Thank you.

No. Thank you.

Making friends with the Marseille police?

Have to return my calls first.

The ambassador's giving me the runaround.

Please tell me DiNozzo made it to the border.

Never showed.

Damn it.

In one of his last messages, he said something about a dirty cop.

If that cop caught up with him...

We could've an international incident.

We passed "incident" five dead bodies ago.

If it were up to Admiral Kendall, he'd authorize SEAL Team Six to exfil his daughter.

Well, one way to go.

I'm warming to the idea.

Why are you here?

Abby found hidden files on Zakaria Hassan's laptop.

I have to call Admiral Kendall and talk him off a ledge.

Unless those files contain something about his daughter, it's gonna have to wait.

I wouldn't make that call.

They have to do with his daughter?

It's complicated.

What'd you find?

Classified intelligence documents.

Defense Intelligence login procedures, protocols, ciphers...

Hassan was a spy. For who?

So far, we've only been able to decode a single message.

It came from a DoD proprietary server.


Message was from one of our own.

And that's where it gets complicated.

Two of your agents are dead, another is wanted for murder.

My daughter is missing, in God knows what kind of danger, and somehow I'm the one in the hot seat?

Yeah, that's how it looks.

Just have some questions, Admiral.

Does it have to do with finding my daughter?

It has to do with Zakaria Hassan.

I have no idea who this is.

An encrypted message from your DoD log-in was found on his laptop.

That's not possible.

You're looking at it.

And I assure you I didn't send it.

I told you, I have no idea who your victim is.

He went to college with your daughter.

So did 15, 000 other people.

He's the only one murdered last week with classified intelligence documents on his laptop.

You're accusing me of espionage.

Security protocols.

DoD ciphers.

Everything you need to infiltrate our intelligence systems.

I am the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This guy's murder is connected to your daughter and our two dead NCIS agents. Why?

I told you I have no idea.

And, clearly, neither do you.

My daughter is missing and you are on a fishing expedition.

Someone is peddling classified materials.

Someone was involved in espionage.

It's your log-in.

If you didn't send the e-mail, who did?

All right.

I don't see any televisions or newspapers, so that's good.

It's a quiet place for us to grab a quick bite.

Can we talk about Marseille?

What's there to talk about?

We're wanted for murder.

Technically, you're wanted for murder.

They haven't mentioned me on the news.

Yeah, I noticed that. I wonder why.

How 'bout I go back? No, hear me out.

I'll get some transportation, a safe phone, then I'll come back and get you.

We're going to Spain.

That's the plan.

Order me some eggs and coffee. I got to hit the head.

God, I was just going outside.

Why are you gunning, no, to go back to Marseille?

I was just going...


Deux petits déjeuners, s'il vous plaît.

Avec un café. Merci beaucoup.

Get off of me.

What are you doing?

What do we have here?

And matches are missing. I didn't know you smoked.

I don't...

You started the fire on the bus.

I know.

Why are you so hell-bent on not getting out of France?

I swear to you...

Don't swear!

Don't pretend and don't promise.

Tell me the truth.

What is going on? What are you into?


I'm a federal agent, Amanda.

I know when people are lying to me.

And that's all you've been doing.

Okay. Let's try another one.

That's what the message from NCIS was about.

You went to college with him.

And now he's dead.

Everywhere you go, people die.

I've been framed for murder and now we're running for our lives, but all you care about is finding Amir, who happens to be the son of an Iranian cabinet minister.

No. You know what I think?

I think you're not some brain-dead little party girl.

I think that all of this is an act, and I think you are some kind of spy working for Amir and the Iranian government.

Am I crazy?

Half-crazy, Tony.

I am a spy.

But Amir works for me.

And I work for the same people you do.

I've been a member of the Defense Clandestine Service since I was in college.

Zakaria Hassan recruited me.

He was my handler.

And "Navy brat party girl" was your cover.

Hassan's idea.

What about Amir?

I met him 18 months ago.


Took some time but I turned him.

He's not a fan of his nation's politics.

What was he feeding you?

Diplomatic cables from his job at the Iranian consulate. Low-grade intel, mostly.

Low-grade intel doesn't get seven people killed.

A couple of weeks ago, he came across something different.

Coded files regarding their WMD program.

Amir was worried that he would be seen copying these files.

But he did it anyway.

For me.

So I sent them to Hassan and then lost contact.

And I tried every communication channel I could think of.

The Iranians probably tracked the files, found Hassan, killed him, and now they're on to you.

Now you understand?


It's Three Days of the Condor, except...

I'm Faye Dunaway.

Amir risked his life for me.

I'm not leaving him behind.

I need to get him out of Marseille.

Just let DCS get him out.

The mission went south, okay? And I'm on my own.

Amanda, you're not on your own, you have me.


We'll get Amir out.


Hey, Boss.

Don't have long to talk.

DiNozzo. Where are you?

We're safe. We need your help.

Where? I'll have you picked up.

That's not the help we need.

OK. Go.

Amir Askari. Iranian national.

Works at their consulate. Son of a cabinet minister.

He's somewhere in Marseille.

Yeah, and?

I need you to find him.


Funny thing. Can't tell you.

Are you serious?

It's compartmented, but we need an NSA Alpha Team to pinpoint Amir's exact location ASAP.

I can't authorize an Alpha Team.

But Admiral Kendall can.

All right.

I'll make the call. Where can I reach you?

It's better if I reach you.

Stay safe, Tony.

You, too.

Hey, you get all that?

We were monitoring the call.

And we weren't the only ones. You and Tony were right.


Someone was listening to the call from inside Marseille police headquarters.

From a cell phone that belongs to...

Inspector Isabel Cheblis.

The one who framed DiNozzo for murder.

And Cheblis's on the move.

Track her.

With luck, she'll lead us right to Amir.

Let DiNozzo know.

I'll contact him through Symbolese.

I got another call to make.

Stop kicking me.

Well, I hope you're comfortable up there, miss, because, I'm super cozy back here.

Cheblis's been in there a while.

Amir has to be inside.

Be patient.

Listen, just, can you move your chair up an inch?

Wait a minute.

Half an inch.

Okay, she just left.


What's the play? Follow?


Abby's tracking her. We go in.

Come on, let's go.

What? My foot fell asleep. Stupid car.

Over there.

Oh, my God, Amir.

Amanda, thank God. They've been holding us here since yesterday.

Is he okay?

He's in and out, but I think so.

How many are there?


The policewoman and someone else. Can you help us?

That's the plan. Let's get out of here.

It's all right. It's gonna be all right.

Get up!

Get up.


Who's paying you?

That would be me.

Let me guess.

The Iranians discovered that Amir was trading secrets, so they hired you to kill everybody?

Good guess.

How'd you find out Zakaria Hassan was Amanda's handler?

Does it matter? Now drop the gun.

Right now there are 12 of the most highly trained marksmen in the world just waiting to blow you to pieces.

All they need is my signal.

I'm debating: do I want to see you blown all over the wall?

Or do I want to find out a little bit more first?

Your call.

You're bluffing.

Am I?

When did you call them?

I didn't.

But this has Leroy Jethro Gibbs written all over it.

I just want to thank you for what you and NCIS have done for me and my family. I cannot tell you...


I'm okay.


We have a lot to discuss.

I wanted to tell you, Dad. They just wouldn't let me.

I know.

I know. I should have trusted you.

Don't be so hard on yourself, sir.

My father and I have had similar troubles. It reminds me of this one winter in Jamaica, fraught with problems.

I'm sure you have admiral-daughter stuff to take care of.

She's terrific.

They let you out of France?

Only if I promised not to come back.

Thanks, by the way.

I bet State was pissed off you went behind their back, bringing in Interpol.

You do what you got to do.


Nice job.

I'm complimenting you. Pay attention. It doesn't happen too often.

Yeah, sorry.

Breena keeps sending me this message on Symbolese. I don't think she understands how the game works.

I think she's saying that... she's got something baking for you, Jim.

No, no. Breena's more of a cook than a baker.

And, plus, I'm not doing gluten right now...

That's a bun.

That's an oven.

Do the math.

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