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  02x10 - Demons and the Dogstar
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[rap music playing]

[Roman] Now what?

I don't know.

They're not gonna get any deader.

[Roman] Fine.


[body thuds]

[scoffs] Damn, we're out of bleach.

Come on, Miranda.

Last mile. You can do it.


[Anna sobbing]

Where's Nadia?

In Roman's room.

Her room is freezing.

She stared at him.

Who did?


And then he just dropped dead.

You said you whacked the guy with a snow globe. Right?

Died of a brain hemorrhage, probably.

I hate you.

I hate all of you.

We'll be lucky if we don't spend the rest of our lives in jail.

Why don't we take a moment and be grateful... that we're all alive?

[soft sobs]

Well, most of us.

He was a good Christian man.

He deserves a proper burial.

Of course.

You lied to me!

Both of you!

I watched you turn into a wild animal.

And you... I don't even know what you are.

You're both monsters.

[stammers] And this...

What happened, happened, Miranda.

The world that you thought only existed in bad dreams is the one that you're living in now.

And it's never gonna go back to the way it was.

OK, it's all over. You're OK.

Wh... what if they come back?

They won't. They're dead. All of them.

I wanna go home.


We need you.

Nadia needs you.

Let's just... sit down and relax... a second.

[Peter] Here, why don't you lie down?

Everything's gonna be all right.

They were after the baby the whole time?

All the other murders were for nothing? Why?

They thought they were making the world a better place.

We need to carry on like nothing happened. OK?

Go home, get some sleep. Be sure to show up late for work, otherwise Templar will know something's screwy.

What about the bodies?

[Roman] I'll handle it.


I'll figure something out.

I'll head to 7-Eleven, get some more bleach, finish up here.

And then head to the diner.

Don't... don't leave me here alone.

You won't be alone.

Anna's here.

[Destiny] Here. Drink this.

One of your secret potions, handed down through the mists of time?

Vicodin and orange juice.

Sometimes Big Pharma gets the job done just fine.

What you did last night... saving him...

He would have done the same for me.

Well, I guess I was wrong about you.

How could anyone ever wanna hurt you?

Anna, um, if there's anything that I can do for you...



[eerie, melancholic theme music plays]

[Olivia singing indistinctly in shower]

[Pryce] Ding-dong, the witch is dead.

Born Alyona Ivanovna Potyomkina-Zosimova, whom the Iraqis referred to as al-Akhbar al-Saiyya' fi al-Ah 'thia Ma 'aqoula, Which, loosely translated, "bad news in sensible shoes."

Now, your formidable acting skills not withstanding, I know you killed her.

[scoffs] I have no idea what you're...

Not to worry.

She was becoming a liability.

Actually... [sighs] you did me a favor.

Uh... Well, about the matter at hand...

What am I to do with you, Roman?

You bully and browbeat me, then ask me to save your human soul.

But this time, you've really outdone yourself.

Roll up with a truckload of corpses and expect me to make them disappear?

Can you just f*cking take care of it?

That's no way for a man in your position to ask for a favor.

Who were they?

I have no idea.

They attacked my house, tried to kill me, my kid.

Why would they do such a thing?

You'd have to ask them.

But I'm guessing even you don't have the technology to do that.

Well, not yet.

Let me hazard a guess, that their weapon of choice was a bow of some sort.

How do you know that?

The bishop was found murdered with more arrows in him than Saint Sebastian.

Which means that his shares in the company...

[Roman] Are you gonna help me or not?

I will clean up your mess.

But there will be certain conditions, to be named later.

But first and foremost, you must stop meddling in my work.

Do I have your word?

Yes. Of course.

I wanna see my sister.

She's... in treatment at the moment.


Where on earth have you been? It doesn't matter, I need a hug.

What's the matter?

Can't say I blame you giving me a time-out after all that's gone on.

I learned a new word today, from Pryce, of all people. "Solipsism," it means...

One's self is the only existent thing.

Johann was right. I haven't just been a bad girlfriend.

I've been living my life all wrong.

I love you with all my heart, Norman. I know that now.

All the time lost.

I need to make it up to you. Teach me, so I can be your perfect woman.

I'm ready to change. Look, I even sing love songs now.

[Olivia singing up-beat melody on TV]

Turn it off.

[remote clatters]

Methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, carboplatin and etoposide.

Wow. They've thrown the whole Spanish Armada at you.

Stage IV lymphoma, by the looks of it.

At least I don't have to... stand in front of the mirror practicing how to tell you.

I'm not giving up, no matter how long the odds. I'm gonna beat this.

I've been a failure as a mother.

This is an opportunity to... regain the respect of my children by standing tall.

And if I'm not to be, I'm going to live out my life with love, compassion, and you as my North Star.

[chuckles] You really are something, Olivia.

Aspiring to become an obedient mate.

Within reason.

A chanteuse, valiant survivor.

If fate allows. [Sighs]

Do you know that Saint Paul was a loathsome, murderous cocksucker, but history regards him favorably because he turned his legacy around.

You will not be afforded that opportunity.

This one makes your bones so brittle that you could break an arm getting dressed in the morning.

This one is for the purple lesions that will cover your face and neck, but your hair, fingernails and teeth will fall out and it will turn your eyes the color of mustard.

Why are you talking like this?

Oooh... the miracle drug.

Absorbs through the kidneys, but yours will become so necrotic and gangrenous as the cancer spreads, they'll have to be removed.

So you're out of luck there.

[crying] Please stop.

You will smell dead months before you actually are.

Like rancid dogfish.

It'll hurt you just to breathe, to swallow, and... and... you'll lose your taste for blood.

I didn't tell you... in order to protect you. Protect us. I... [sniffles]

I was afraid this would happen. That you wouldn't understand.

I wouldn't understand that you feast on human suffering?

It's not like that, not anymore, because of Johann's work.

Jesus, is he one, too?

Of course not.

You know... I came here to kill you.

I know how much I've hurt you...

But to alleviate your suffering...

Please forgive me.

... with a swift death...

We can be a family.

... would not only be wrong...

The two of us.

... that would be wrong...

With Shelley! Our son!

... it would be deeply unsatisfying!

We could be together for the little time I have left!

No. No!

I'm gonna watch you die horribly.

It's the least that I can do for Marie.

I owe it to her memory.

I didn't have a choice.

She tried to kill me to punish you. [sniffles]

That's how much Marie hated you.

Norman, I had to defend myself. You have to believe me. Norman!

Please, you have to believe me!

[door opens, closes]

F*ck me.

F*ck you.

Good morning, Pearl.

You're looking beautific, as always.

Ah, morning, Doctor.

What's on today's menu of disease and contagion?

Oh, Mrs. Blakelock called again.

She thinks she has malaria and is dying.

We should be so lucky. [Sighs]

This is damn fine coffee, by the way.

Miranda Cates called. She sounded upset.


She wouldn't say.

She's on her way over here now.

I need her chart, if you'd be so kind.

And would you, uh, pop over to the medical supplier?

We're running low on tongue depressors and latex gloves.

I'm pretty sure there's a box of gloves in the closet.

No, checked last night. Nada.

You want me to go right this second?

Yeah. Before it gets hectic.

But the phones...

I come from a long line of multitaskers.

Oh, and some cotton swabs, too.

Can't have too many cotton swabs.

[clicks teeth] You're a pearl of a girl.

[Pearl] Alrighty.

Thank you, Pearl.

[monitors beeping steadily]

[Prycilla] It's time?

[Pryce] It is.

I'll stay here with you. Nothing to worry about ever again.

Just one last thing.

If the people in town find my body, I'm worried about what they'll d... do with it.

I will make sure the police will find it first.

After the inquest, it will rest in your family plot.

Please, not there.

[Pryce] Is there someplace else?

The river.

The old cemetery looks over it.

I used to go there...

After school, to sit, to read.

It was the only place I could be alone.

[Shelley and Prycilla] It's beautiful.

It's perfect.

[Pryce] Then that is where you will be.

Among the hemlocks, overlooking the river.

One more thing.

[Shelley and Prycilla] Jason.

He's been placed in foster care with a good family.

He'll be protected, I will make sure of it.

I'm ready.

[Bach's "Prelude in C Major" playing]


[Shelley and Prycilla] The first concert you took me to, Uncle.

[Shelley] The Philadelphia Orchestra.

I was hoping you'd have fond memories of it.


[bed whirring]

Sleep now.

Darling Shelley.

How long till...

About 25 minutes.

[Prycilla] I don't know if I can do this. I'm sorry.

I wanna stay...

You were here when she needed you.

[door opens, closes]

[soft piano music continues]

[Destiny] Hello?

I'm back.




[Miranda] I just fed her two hours ago and everything was normal.

I mean, if you can call any of this normal. Then, I just started bleeding!

[Spivak] Shh. It's OK, it's OK. The baby's fine.

Yeah, but what if...

What if an asteroid slammed into planet Earth and sent us all careening into the sun?

Living in the land of "what ifs" will make you crazy as a loon.

[makes bird-like call]

That's a loon call, in case you thought I was baying at the moon.

All right. Let's have a look at Mom.

Not biological Mom, but de facto Mom.

But Mom nonetheless, as far as she's concerned.

Well, what if... uh, suppose... Nadia swallowed some of my blood?

Um, to put it in human terms, palindromic discharge is a precursor to zygote matrix expansion, but doesn't usually present itself quite this early, so...

What does any of that even mean?

You under a lot of stress these days?

[Miranda] Hm.

[elevator dings]

[indistinct chatter]

Pryce. What the hell's going on?

I tried to visit Shelley just now, but security wouldn't let me near her room.

Have a seat.

I don't wanna sit. I want answers.

It was your niece's wish that you be informed as soon as the procedure is complete.

So now I'm at liberty to explain what has taken place in broad strokes.

[Pryce] Norman, Shelley Godfrey is not her physical persona.

Shelley Godfrey is the spirit inside the girl.

[Pryce's voice echoes] My breakthrough in extrauterine fetal incubation...

[Pryce] We've managed to preserve that and create a situation where she's allowed to succeed and be happy in every possible way.

Project Ouroboros was the creation originally of a host body, which I realized, upon her return, could serve as a home for the new Shelley.

[Pryce's voice echoes]

... conducting atmospheric oxygen and fluorocarbon mixture through the...

[Pryce] We created an amniotic tank with simulated zero gravity.

We uploaded the real Shelley's consciousness to the server, then re-downloaded it into the new body, creating a woman without physical ailments, able to enjoy her life.

[Pryce's voice echoes indistinctly]

You wretched little cunt!

I ought to smack the shit out of you!

I am aware our relationship is strained at best, however, there's no occasion for threats.

Or your less pleasant characterizations of me.

Preying on a little girl who'd do anything for the slightest shred of approval from Olivia, who's only too happy to victimize her physically imperfect daughter for vanity's sake.

And you, so you can add to your resume of scientific achievements, however freakish.

This was all Shelley's idea.

As far as public recognition, I've agreed to her condition for absolute secrecy to protect her anonymity.

I've sacrificed 20 years of research and my place in history to give your niece a shot at a better life.

Happily so.

Saint Johann.

I will light a f*cking candle.

You don't seriously expect me to believe that Olivia wasn't behind this sick and twisted extreme makeover.

Not only did Olivia have nothing to do with it, she was acting against her own best interest in the matter.

Olivia's only interest is Olivia. But I don't need to tell you.

I mean, as her personal physician, I'm sure you know everything there is to know about Olivia.

There is a theory, not wholly without merit, that this host anatomy, the pretty one, if you will, can be repurposed, broken down into component parts to cure her cancer.

You are aware she has terminal cancer?

Among her other pathologies.

Yet, she insisted that Shelley have the body, even though it could cost Olivia her life.

I've known this woman for 20 years. You don't seriously believe that she's gonna go out in a sudden flourish of generosity.

Well, apparently, we have you to thank for her breathtaking transformation.

Oh, really, me?

She loves you.


Deeply, Norman.

She would sacrifice anything, even her own life, if it would earn your love and respect.

I heard her use those very words...

[Norman chuckles]

... without the slightest shred of irony or misgiving.

Remarkable what people will do for love.

Even Olivia.

If Olivia were to change her mind and use this anatomy for spare parts, after all, where would that leave Shelley?

As of three minutes ago, dead.

[flatliner tone]

[nurse] No vital signs. Doctor, it's...

Give her an amp of epi!


Hello, dear.

Where's the paddles?

Give me the paddles! Give me the paddles!

[paddles charging]

Come on!

OK, clear!

[flatliner tone continues]


Going again. Clear!

Going again. Clear!


Doctor, you'll do permanent damage...

She's already dead.



[nurses yelling]





W... why? [Sobbing]



Thanks, Johann. I needed that.

Now, I'm going to find my granddaughter.

[rap music playing quietly]

[Spivak] So I got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is there is no bad news.

I have blood leaking out of my nipples, for God's sake.

Yeah, it's caused by an amino acid cocktail you're taking to supercharge your mother's milk. I mean, I'd dial back on the dosage, but it's the telekinetic valence inhibitor I'm using as a, uh... I don't know, psychic camouflage, I guess the best way to explain it.

Yes, you are the cutest baby ever! Yes, you are!

I don't know what you're talking about right now.

None of this would have happened without you, Miranda.

Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord.


You are the proverbial needle in the... DNA haystack.

Please give her to me...

Thank God you walked into that blood bank in Bangor, or the whole project would have been up shit creek!

Just have to forget about populating the gravity shelf, yeah!


You're, uh... you're scaring me.

Come on, those other people were scary. Those religiosos? Ay-yi-yi.

The heck was that all about?

Heaven help us if they had harmed the cutest baby ever.

Yeah, you are...

Give her to me!

Yeah, you are! [Laughs]

Look at that. I ask you, does that face look like it belongs to the Queen of the Damned?

Whatever nonsense those idiots were carrying on about? Huh?

Who are you? What do you want?

Well, most people can't answer either of those questions.

Who I am requires a longer explanation than we have time for right now.

What I want... is right here.

In this room. You.

With your florid, abundant milk production, my Lord.

[laughs] Which has allowed us to triple her ovum output, by the way. Yes!

You got more eggs inside of you than you know what to do with.

Yeah, you do!


Yeah, you do. You know my one regret, though, I gotta tell you, is the chicanery it took to waylay you here in Hemlock Grove.

But know this. Never once were you in any danger on the road that night.

On my honor, as your exo-morphic interface.

That was you?

[clicks tongue]

Slow down now! I'll stick you in the bum with Thorazine!

Huh? We'll be flying out of here soon. I can't have you all wiggy.

And what is all this then?

Olivia, you're looking well.

How are you?

Dying of cancer.

But otherwise no complaints.

Oh! You are nothing if not a survivor.

I'll hold a good thought.

Hm. Thank you.

I understand you're treating my granddaughter.

Routine checkup.

I'm surprised my son's letting you into his confidence.

He's been poisoning...

You're done playing mommy.

I'm here to collect the baby.

I'm sorry, I'm not at liberty to release her to your care.

Oh, come off it, Arnold.

I'm her blood relative, for f*ck's sake.

Well, some things are thicker than blood.

[Olivia growls]


[techno music playing]




[Olivia groans]

Mrs. Godfrey just made it very clear.

You're not leaving with that child.

Give her to me.

No f*cking way!

[Nadia crying]

All the unhappiness started since you arrived!

Mr. Conway is dead because of you.

Let go of her!

Everything bad happened because of you!

I will f*cking hit you, you old bitch!


[Olivia screams]

No, no, no! Don't hurt her!

Give her to me!

Don't hurt her!

[high-pitched tone reverberating]




Physician, heal thyself, or whatever you are.

[rap music continues playing softly]

Who the f*ck are you?

An unsatisfied customer.

Now, although good for an upset stomach, your Sebzilla didn't live up to the sales pitch.

I... I can get you your money.

No, I'm tired of empty promises.

Take off your clothes.

Take your f*cking clothes off.

[whimpering sobs]

I want Section G sealed. No one in or out.

Anyone without Yankee 12 clearance should be dismissed and sent home for the rest of the day.

This begins and ends with your mother.

[cell phone ringtone plays]

[Miranda] He has scales under his skin. And he's using me to control the baby, which is why my tits are bleeding. And your mother...

Oh, God, your mother's after her, too.

Where are you? Where's Nadia?

She killed Anna.

She killed her, just like she killed the other guy.

Anna's dead?

She's probably making us have those dreams, you, me and Peter.

And I'm... why I'm lactating.

And the doc... He's not a doctor.

He used me, and... he has scales under his skin.

Listen, I want you to come to the White Tower, OK?

They're coming after us.

They can't get you here.

I promise, I'll take care of you both, OK?


[Shelley sobs quietly]

Olivia's after the baby.

Dr. Spivak!

[phone dialing]

[line ringing]

[woman] 911, what is your emergency?

Dr. Spivak!

Oh... Oh, my God!

[soft cracking sounds]


[rock music plays softly]

Testes die within minutes.

Eventually, they wither, turn black, and fall off, like grapes from a vine.

You sure seem to know a lot about men's balls.

How's that working out for you?

Put these on before I lose my temper and decide to take the whole package.

[both grunting]

Peter, we gotta... [gasps]

[Destiny whimpers]

You're gonna wanna put that down.

You know, the last guy who laid hands on me got a shank in the dick. So...

Sweetheart, I'm guessing sweet-talking isn't what your mouth does best.

Stop. Your beef is with me, not with her.

Put the gun down, and kick it over here.

[Destiny whimpers]

Cuff him, sweet dam.

Let her go.

Oh, I will. See, I always wondered how my gear would work on lady parts.

Add to my collection.

No, Peter, don't.

Please, I already lost you once.

You're gonna have to kill me after.

What? No.

It's the only way you'll be safe.

Promise me.


Ride or die.


Cuff him.


[silenced gunshot]

[Destiny gasps]

You OK, Creamsicle?

What the f*ck?

[Peter] Andreas, why do you have a silencer on your gun?

Why do you have a gun?

That, my friends, is a conversation for another time.

You should go, now. Place will be all tidy when you get back.

Let me help you.

No, no, no, no.

Hurry up, there's no time. We have to get to the White Tower.

[Miranda] This is all my fault.


What Nadia's turning into.

Because of my breast milk.

Dr. Spivak said that none of this could have happened without me.

He called me a needle in a haystack of DNA...

Look, look... You've been through a lot. I get it.

You probably have PTSD or whatever. I'll talk to Dr. Pryce, I'm sure...

No, no! No more doctors. Please, promise me.


I just feel so bad for her.

She would be completely lost without you.

So would I.

So would all of us.

[cell phone ringtone plays]

Sorry. What?

[man] There are two people here to see you, Mr. Godfrey.

They say they know you and it's urgent.

Uh, Peter and Destiny Romantic.

It's Rumancek, you twat.

[Roman] Send them to level SB. I'll, uh... I'll meet them at the elevators.

[man] I can't do that, sir. They don't have clearance.

I'm giving them clearance.

I need written authorization from Dr. Pryce.

[Roman] See the name on top of this building, yeah?

That's my name. You stay right there, so I can fire your f*cktard ass in person.

Peter and Destiny are upstairs. Uh... Wait here, I'll be right back.

No, don't leave me!

No one can get to you here. OK?

You'll be fine.

Yeah, but what if...

OK, um... go take a look at the monkey.

Through those doors.

He's a hoot. Better than television. I'll be right back. OK?

[door opens, closes]

[sobbing, screaming]

[struggling grunts]

[somber guitar song playing]

Take her down to the behavioral unit! Four-point tie-down!

Nurse, 50 cc's of Haldol IM.

I want her monitored round the clock to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

[sobs, sounds fade]

[somber guitar song continues]

[monkey chittering]

[chittering, screeching]

[high-pitched tone reverberating]

[screeching intensifies]

[loud screeching]


[gasps, whimpers]


[Roman] Whatever bad mojo you saw in your dream, nobody's coming down here.


State-of-the-art building with a security apparatus more sophisticated than the embassy in f*cking Baghdad and you have no idea where she is?

She wasn't issued a badge with a locator chip.

Neither were your friends.

You're out of excuses! Find her!

[elevator dings]

[both grunting]

[bones cracking]


It took me 20 years to realize how much I wanted your heart.

Now it's mine.

[cell phone chimes]

[Nadia babbling]

[Nadia babbling]

Clearing level six.

Hey, coz, you OK?

That dream, when we got back to your place.

The roof.

[Nadia cooing]

[Nadia babbles]

[Miranda sings "Dream Angus" softly]

[Nadia continues babbling]

[continues singing]

[door opens]


Miranda! Miranda, wait.

[Destiny] You don't wanna do this.

[Nadia babbling]

Don't hurt the baby!

All I ever did was love you.

[sniffles] They should have killed me instead.

Give her to me.


You were born an angel and I... I turned you into a monster.

Miranda, get back here.

I never meant to hurt you.

Everything's gonna be OK.

Listen to me. Listen to me, get back here.

You'll see your real mom soon. I'm sorry.

[high-pitched tone reverberating]



[sound fades]

[slow guitar song plays]

[creature roaring]


[creature roaring]

[up-beat melody plays]

[Olivia] ♪ Green of your eyes ♪
♪ In the morning, when you rise ♪
♪ Don't you be afraid to lie ♪
♪ By me, my love ♪
♪ Your father will not know ♪
♪ Hmm ♪
♪ Love can be broken ♪
♪ Though no words are spoken ♪
♪ Don't you be afraid to lie ♪
♪ By me, my love ♪
♪ Your father will not know ♪
♪ Love don't cry ♪
♪ And I'll not try ♪
♪ Don't you be afraid to lie ♪
♪ By me, my love ♪
♪ Your father will not know ♪
♪ Oooh ♪

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